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Full text of "The Lowell directory, 1870, containing the city record, names of the citizens"

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SJTt «i:, HO CK.^TKAr K'rKKK'l' 




VA]WPS0^1, DAVENPGTr"^ A CO., /? Congrr^s' :,i.^ Tostci. 

i , 

MUSEUM iiVlLT^' ~ 

I ANS, EiEVATIONS,.;'%.\, a 

arrens Firean^' Wa'-; r- Proof Fielt, Or^'^-** 




' 1 ft 
.tTc.fear, ai»l e< < '".oiuical, Tt iias '*? 

\n a pecimJm fioirt of vJ'w, 




\-l)ilAM AN 

:i»^a»e iv^fin Pips or ^' ^v^|S^ 

I1KJ£ ma™ 

.a, oy which unv clai^ 
1CS give u s(«drty angj 
' twc clollar'' 

" ■■, Hint- 1 ' * '* 

i ' 


V nal Board .jp^^.V' vf? j,' T*J| • :,^;tJ*";Vft^/ ^l"''*iC ^Bg ^, 

I coal gttb li ^ -■«•'■••' ^ XAb 'SESK *C 3t "*Ra *rlc*- ' 

ojni>fr V a:id Charles (5".'^'.: » J*iP ^faTv; , j|SW^- ^ .' -^ ^W^' *" 
with tb; i .Machine. '-^',«^^."- '?i,« '* **»*«" 

Works, 62 and (*4 Unia' 




t « 

o5 *=^ ■■= 

o J «■ 

05 ■■ W 







•: * 



"^. s 




- -T >• N 




Hs* - 

















» H- a 











"^ ="' 



ft ; "5 



■ "• It- 


od ;» 































^ £5 









•C 3 






"-55 ' 
















Believing that great improve- 
ments coulfl be made in tlie con- 
f^tnietiou and workmanship of 
Cooking Stoves, and tliat sucli im- 
provements would be api>reciated 
by fl,e public, and feeling con- 
vinced fliat a long pnictical ex- 
peiience in the niHnuCaciure of 
Moves would enable the subscri- 
ber to be successlul in the under- 
taking, he has devoted himself 
energeticallv tor two vears to this 
object; and, as a result, is now 
prepared to show, he is happy to 
say, the most important improve- 
ments ever made in Cooking 
Stoves in the United States. This 
stat<-ment is fullv confirmed bv the 
. ^ , liirge number of Te^timonia^s re- 

ceived from those who have used these Stoves the past season, and five minutes' 
examination of Uie Stove itself will further prove all that is claimed for it. 

Sizes suited to all 
practical purposes, 
from that of the 
smallest family to the 
largest class of Ho- 
tels, with or without 
AVatii: Fuoxts, Ex- 
TKNsioN Tops, Hot 

C I. <) S K T S, liKSER. 

voii!s, &c., and fitted 
for either Coal or 

A large supply of 
these Stoves, loj^ether 
with the COXE I'Ult- 
NACIC lor Urick work 
or 1*oi:t.\ui.k, Cas- 
inos: COOKING 
TOKS, &c., &c., con- 
Btautly ou baud, and 







Patented in the United States, England, and France. 

A Goi.n JlEDAL was awarded tins celebrated Fiirnuee at a recent Fair of tlie 
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics' Association. It also received another GOLU 
Medal, Fikst I'ltEMiuai, at the recent Lowell Industrial Exhibition of 1867. 


This Furnace is now in such general use, and its reputation being so well and 
favorably established, renders it needless to particularize its many superior advan- 
tages for Warming Buildingn over any other known pbin. Sizes suitiible lor Warming 
all classes of I'rivate or Public Buildings, and for setting either in lirick Work or 
as Portables. 

Chilsoii's Patent Elevated Ifoiihlc Oven Cooking Range, 


This celebrated Kange has become 


in all well-regulated Kitchens. It 
is truly the 


As Clin be proved by the many thou- 
sands of testimonial* received. 

Sizes in vari<'ty, for Dwelling s 
Hotels, &c., with or without 


and other washing purposes; also 
Dot riostts and Uol-Air I'iiturcs 

For heating additional rooms, when 

No Housek eper will long use any 

other jilan of Cooking Jluuge after 

an exaniination of this. 

For sale at the Subscriber's Foun- 

P dry, in Mansfield, Mass.; or at his 

^'^8toro, 99 and lOl Blackstoiie 

'(Z^ street, Boston. ,_-> 

Gardner Chilson. 

^ — u 

J. AV. N^SH & CO., 



Cooking, Parlor, and Office 

S T O V^ E S , 



Kitchen Furniture. 

No. 126 CENTRAL STREET, Lowell, Mass. 


Stewart's Parlor Stoves, and A. C. Barstow's Castings, 


J" E3 TTU^ E3 Xj Ij E! I=t S , 


Silver-Ware, Forks, Spoons, Knives, Ladles, &c. 

Importers of 


And Agents for the American "Watches, for 

The largest assortment of .Tewelry and Sllver- 
Flated 'Ware to be touud in New Enjjland, out of 



Manufactured to order, and at very low prices. 

Fine Wafches and Jewelry neatly repaired, and warranted. Engraving of every 
variety executed in the very best style. 

The only j>lnce in L,oweH tvhere Sllvor Spoons and Silver-Ware are 

No. 25 Central, cor. Middle Street, Lowell, Mass. 


n^ ^00^5''^ 








IsTO. 25. 







Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1870, by Sampson, 

Davknpobt, & Co., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court 

of the District of Massachusetts. 



Associations 326 

Banks 353-358 

Business Directory 293 

Business Directory of advertisers outside of Lowell 8 

City Government, 1870 317 

Churches and Ministers 324, 298 

Corporations 20 

Counsellors (see lawyers), 305 

Court Sessions 333 

Fire Department 323 

Halls, Buildings, &c 81 

Hotels 304 

Index to Advertising 6 

Insurance Companies 374-380 

Justices of the Peace 335 

Lawyers 305 

Lowell Gas-Light Company 359 

Lowell Horse-Railroad Company 332 

Manufacturing Companies 361-372, 333 

Masonic 330 

Middlesex County Officers 333 

Military 331 

Newspapers 384-386 

Notaries Public 334 

Odd Fellows 330 

Physicians 308 

Police Court 334 

Population of Principal Cities 336 

Post Office 332 

Railroads 382, 383 

Savings Banks 353-356 

Schools and Teachers 321 

Sheriffs and Deputies 333 

Streets, Courts, and Places 9 

Telegraph Offices 313 

Temperance Societies 329 

United States Internal Revenue 332 

Ward Boundaries 20 

Names in Directory of 1868 11,855 

Names erased in preparing Directory of 1870 3,414 

Names added in preparing names of 1870 3,735 

Names in Directory of 1870 12,176 


The public are cautioned against ever paying money in advance to 
any persons claiming to be connected tvith us or our publications, as 
our A.gents never take any sums, however small, in advance, 

SAMPSON, DAVENPORT, & CO., 47 Congress St., Boston. 




Furniture^ Garpetings^ 




The best in the world. 

Corner of Button and Lowell Streets, - - Lowell, Mass. 











































































































, , 

, . 

, . 

. , 











































































































































































































































































































































28 29 1 













ookselkrs anb Statiomrs, 










3>r. J. 

37 Merrimack Street, Lowell. 


Counting-House Stationery. 


ClX^Sr GO'^EI?,3>q-Iv3:E3SrT BTJIIL.IDl3SrC3-, 

Continues to Tiiake to order, ruled to any pattern, all 
hinds of Blanh Boohs required hy Manufacturing Com- 
panies, Banhs, Railroads, Insurance Companies, or pri- 
vate individuals. 

Particular attention paid to Rehinding Old Boohs, 
Pamphlets, Periodicals, Music, ^c, ^c. 

All ivorh done Promptly, and in the most substantial 

A full assortment of Blanh Boohs constantly onhand, 
and for sale at the lowest marhet price. 

Also for sale, a cornplete assortment of School Books 
and Stationery, including every article desired. 

Letter Paper, Jfote Paper, Envelopes, ^c, are bought 
directly from the mamtfacturers, and will he sold at the 
very lowest cash prices. 

An examination of his stock is respectfully solicited. 

LOWELL, 1870, 



CThe figures opposite the names designate the page on which the advertisements may he found.) 

Adams Brothers, 45 Merrimack 387 

Adams Smith, Walker, n. Middlesex. .399 

Aldrich Milton, Mechanic's Mills 411 

Allen Ethan & Co., of Worcester 

front colored 
Amy Wm., Button, n. Wamesit Mills. .393 

Andren Alban, 61 Water, Boston 413 

Appleton Company, Jackson street, . . .367 
Appleton Nat. Batik, Appleton block. ..353 

Ashworth S. & Co. 2 Fletcher 406 

Ayer .T. C. & Co. 103 and 105 >Iarket. .418 
Bachelder A. & Co., Mt. "Vernon, near 

Broadway 410 and 411 

Bacheller, Dumas, & Co. 49 Central 402 

Barker H. R. & Co. 8 Central, .front cover 
Barton & Butterfield, 256 iVIerrimack ... 394 
Bennett J. W., Middlesex, corner Grand 

front cover 
Bennett & Rodliff, Moody, c. Tremont. .408 

Billings Samuel D. 109 Central 402 

Boott Cotton Mills, Amory, foot of .John, 362 
Boston and Lowell Railroad. . .3S2 and 383 
Boston and Lowell Railroad Co., parcel 

department 403 

Bradt G. J. & D., Whicing street 389 

Brooks J. D. F. 20 Wash., Boston 424 

Brophy J. & M., Lowell c. Dummer. . .396 

Brown D. C. 87 Church 373 

Brown Hiram, Chelmsford, n. Hale. . . .401 

Brown W. A. 88 Market 410 

Bryant Daniel, 110 Middlesex 391 

Buckley M., Gorham, cor. Union 394 

Butler F. H. & Co., Central, c. Jackson. .398 

Callahan Daniel, 82 Suffolk 396 

Carey & Harris, Broadway, c. Mt. Ver- 
non 381 

Chamberlin & Jockow,285 Merrimack, .395 
Chandler F. H. & Co. 201 Middlesex. . .389 
Chase, Sargent, & Shattuck,5 Central. .388 

Church H. C. 23 Central 376 and 409 

City Institution for Savings, Appleton 

block 353 

Clapp David & Son, 334 Wash. Boston, 422 

Clark Jeremiah, 96 Middle 414 and 415 

Cleworth Wm. & Son, 84 Middle 404 

Coburn C. B. & Co. Mechanic's build- 
ing 403 

Codman & Shurtleff, 13 and 15 Tremont, 

Boston 425 

Colby Amos, 25 Howe 395 

Connecticut Life Ins. Co 378 

Cook James, 49 Central 379 

Cook James M., Boston, .inside back cover 

Cosgrove J. 272 Merrimack 397 

Crosby Furniture Co. Mechanic's Mills.. 405 

Crowe M. 129 Lawrence 393 

Cummiskey P. 87 and 89 Market 396 

Currier John, Lenton court 401 

Gushing Daniel & Co. 130 Middlesex.. .406 
Davis B., 302 School 400 

Dearborn Nath'l S. 24 School, Boston. .420 
Dighton Furnace Co. 96 and 98 North, 

Boston 423 

Dobbins Wm., Dutton, n. Mechanics' 

Mills 407 

Dodge, Sherburne, & Co., 39 Market. . .404 

Downing E. T. 98 Middlesex 401 

Dugdale James, Willie, c. Broadway. . .406 

Eacott Matthew, Bridge, n. Second 398 

Eaton Samuel C. 107 Howard 393 

Elliott Ephraim, First, near Read 414 

Farson & Crooker, 151 Middlesex 392 

Favor N. B. & Son,Wamesit Steam Mills,405 
Fielding J. B. & Co. 101 and 103 Central, 

back cover 
First Nat. Bank, Central, cor. Middle. . .357 

Fiske William, 3 Gushing 413 

Fletcher H. 84 Central 398 

Folsora Jeremiah, S. 21 Central 380 

French & Puffer, 113 and 115 Central, 

back cover 
Frost & Adams, 33 and 35 Cornhill, Bos- 
ton 421 

Frve & Moore, 49 Central back cover 

Gardner A. B. 15 Middle 393 

Gates Josiah & Sons, 4 and 6 Dutton, 

front colored 
Gerrish Thomas G., Museum building, 

front cover 

Gibson Brothers, Bridge, cor. Paige 387 

Gilson L. G. 75 Market 394 

Glover Thomas P. 75 Market 393 

Green & Lyman, 285 Merrimack 402 

Gregory & Robinson, 225 Wash., Boston, 424 

Griliin & Stevens, 61 Cusliing 395 

Grover A. 134 Middlesex 400 

Hale B. S. & Son, Whipple's Mills 404 

Hamer John W. 235 and 237 Middlesex, 410 

Hamilton Manuf. Co., Jackson 366 

Harris George W., Broadway, corner Mt. 

Vernon Street 381 

Hart J. W. & Co., Mt. Vernon, n. Broad- 
way 412 

Hauver Levi, 11 Middle 391 

Hebert Lewis, 190 Middlesex 394 

Henderson S. F. & Son, 289 Merrimack, 401 
Herrick & Peabodv, First, Centralville, 392 

Hills Eiiphalet, Mechanic's Mill? 401 

Hodgman B., 30 Central front cover 

Horn Samuel & Co. Middlesex, corner 

School 390 

Home D. W., Fletcher, cor. Western 

avenue 409 

Howe John, 283 Merrimack 392 

Howe & Goodhue, 90 and 92 Market, 

back colored 

Howes & Burnham, Dutton street 403 

Hunt & Elliott, 28 Central, foot lines and 

374 and 375 
Jaques J. S. & Co. Whipple's Mills 408 


John Hancock Slut. Life Ins. Co. of Bos. 

ton first back colored 

Kelty James F., 41 Lowell 401 

Kendall Jonathan, 1 Savings Rank build- 
ing last white page 

Kimball C. E., Merrimack, c. Central. .403 

Kimball Moses F. 92 Market 411 

Kitsou R., Dutton street back colored 

Knapp & Moray, 44 Central 385 

Lane David, Fletcher, cor. Cashing. . . .416 
Lawrence A. & G. \V. 9 John., .back cover 

Lawrence Benjamin, Harris Mills 407 

Lawrence Mannf. Co. north end Suffolk, 363 

Leavitt E. D. jr. 136 Merrimack 358 

Leimon .John, 6 Lowell 397 

Leonard A. \V., .lackson street 387 

Libbv M. V. B. 75 Market 393 

Litchfield, Edwards, & Co. 127 Market. 399 
Livingston, Carter, & Co. 7 Thorndike, .388 
Livingstone William E. 9 Fhonidike. . .410 
Lovejoy Daniel, Rock, cor. Cu^^hiiig. . . .4li 
Lowell Bleachery, Bleacherv street. .. .370 

Lowell Card Co."96 Middle.! 413 

Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank, 26 

Central 354 

Lowell Gas Light Co., ^liddle, cor. Shat- 

tuck 359 

Lowell Hosiery Co., Mt. Vernon, near 

Broadway 372 

Lowell Institution for Savings, Savings 

Bank building 355 

Lowell Machine Shop, Dutton street. . .371 

Lowell Manuf. Co. Market street 365 

Lowell Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 49 

Central 379 

Lvnch P., 41 Market 396 

Mack S. G. 123 and 125 Market 417 

Mauahan C, Coburi], near River 397 

Manning Wm., Broadway, cor. School. .405 
Mardeii & Rowell, Museum Building.. .384 

Marren James, 34 Lowell 397 

Massachusetts Cotton Mills, between 

Bridge and Merrimack streets 368 

McAloon A., Pleasant st. Centralville. .397 

McCoy E. P., rear 200 Dutton 392 

Mc'Donald J., 10 Hale 388 

McFarlin W. & L., 94 Pawtucket 398 

McKearney P., 96 Charles 396 

Mechanics' Saving Bank, Carleton Block 356 
Merchants' National Bank, 43J Merri- 
mack 358 

Merrill Joshua & Son, 37 Merrimack, 4 & 380 
Merrimack JIanuf. Co. north end Dutton 361 

Middlesex Co., Warren 369 

Morris Martin, 34 Paige, c. .John 391 

Mudge Alfred & Son, 34 School, Boston420 

Murkland W. & J. W., 82 Middle 405 

Murphy Daniel, 50 Dutton 396 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co 380 

Nash J. W. & Co., 126 Central, front colored 

Nashua & Lowell Railroad 382 

New England Mutual Life Ins. Co., 136 

Merrimack 379 

Nichols Jacob, Dutton, c. Lowell, top of 

calendar page 

Nichols & Fletcher, 144 & 146 Central. .390 

Nichols & Hutchins,37 Central 399 

Old Lowell National Bank, Shattuck, c. 

Middle 355 

Page D. L., 37i Merrimack 404 

Patch E. B. &"Co. 1 & 2 Coml. square, 

front cover 

Pease G. W., 2 Appleton block 400 

Penhallow B. H., \\ vman's Exchange. .386 

Prescott D. M. & Co., 19 Middle 389 

Pres 'Ott National Bank, 26 & 28 Cen- 
tral 354 

Proctor S. N., 183 Central 391 

Props, of Locks & Canals, Mechanic st. 360 

Raeicot H. A., 201 Dutton 394 

Railroad National Bank, Carleton block 366 

Rice, Kendall, & Co., of Boston 420 

Richardson D. L., 175 Middlesex 398 

Richardson & Cutter, 66 Central 399 

Richmond C. B., 80 Lawrence 407 

Robinson Wm.& Co., Mechanics' Mills 415 

Rugg C. W., 77 Merrimack 406 

Saint Cyr E. I'r., 327 Merrimack 402 

Sanborn Amos & Co., 25 Central, front 

Sanborn N. C, 50 Merrimack, front cover 

Sargeant B. C 5 

Sargeut Cluis. G., of Graniteville, back 

Sargent E. D. & Son, Gorham, c. Apple- 
ton 395 

Sargent F. G., of Graniteville. . .426 & 427 

Sawtell S. L., 68 Dutton 395 

Scott Alfred, 202 Middlesex 390 

Scripture S. A., 22- Central 398 

Sheahan E , 28 Gorham 395 

Sherman E. F., 27 Central 377 

Silver & Gay, of North Chelmsford 411 

Smith George, 222 .Merrimack, back 


Stearns A. T., 22 State, Boston 419 

Stearns N. C, 16 Bromfield, Boston 422 

Stiles, Rogers, & Co., 23 Market 890 

Stone & llnse, 21 Central 386 

Sturges B. R., 41 Green, Boston 421 

Talbot C. P. & Co. Market-house Build- 
ing 409 

Taylor & Barker, Whipple's Mills 413 

Thiery C. L., 151 Washington, Boston. 424 
Traders & Mechanics' Ins. Co. 27 Cen- 
tral 377 

Trask 0. P., School, c. Nashua & Lowell 

R.n 391 

Tremont Mills, north endof Sulfolk. . . .364 
Trowbridge & Kimball, Wamesit Jlills 408 

Wamesit National Bank, Middlesex 357 

Watson E F., Mechanics' Mills 413 

Wheeler F. W., Merchants' Bank Build- 
ing 378 

Whiting & Co., .Middle, c. Shattuck . . .412 
Whitney H. & A., Western Avenue. . . .412 
Wilder H. H., 8 Jackson, inside back cover 
Wood Robert, High-st. sq. c. Bartlett. . .389 

Woodward Henry M., of Dracut 400 

Wright S. H., 214 Merrimack 394 




Artists' Materials. 

Frost & Adams 421 

Cards and Stationery. 

Dearborn N. S 420 

Civil Engineer. 

Andrei! Alban 413 


Dearborn N. S 420 

Fire Arms. 

Allen Ethan & Co. of Worcester, 

front colored 

Furnaces, Stoves, &c. 

Chilson Gardner front colored 

Dighton Furnace Co 423 

Gas Governors. 

Sturges B. R 421 

Glass Cutter and Stainer. 

Cook James M back colored 

Gold and Silver Platers. 

Thiery C. L 424 

Ground and Cut Glass. 

Cook James M back colored 

Guns and Ammunition. 

Allen Ethan & Co. of Worcester, 

front colored 

Gutters and Conductors. 

Stearns A. T 419 

House-Furnishing Goods. 

Stearns Nathaniel C 422 

Instruments (mathematical). 

Frost & Adaaas 421 

Instruments (Surgical and 

Godman & Shurtleff 425 


John Hancock Mutual Life., .back colored 



Stearns A. T 419 

Mechanical Engineer. 

Andren Alban 413 

Paper Hangings. 

Gregory & Robinson 424 

Paper-Manufacturers' Mate- 

Rice, Kendall, & Co 420 

Paper Warehouse. 

Rice, Kendall, & Co 420 

Patents (Solicitor of). 

Andrei Alban 413 


Clapp David & Son 422 

Dearborn N. S. (card) .420 

Mudge Alfred & Son 420 


Brooks J. D. F 424 

Clapp David & Son 422 

Rifles and Pistols. 

.\llen Ethan & Co., Worcester, front colored 

Stained and Cut Glass. 

Cook James M back colored 

Steam, "Water, and Gas Pipes. 

Dighton Furnace Co 423 

Stoves, &c. 

Dighton Furnace Co 423 

Chilson Gardner front colored 

Surgical and Dental Instru- 

Codman & Shurtleff. 425 


Codman & Shurtlelf. 425 

Watch Cases. 

Thiery C. L 424 


Abbott, from 292 Central to Lawrence [villa 

Abbott place, from River, near foot of Pleasant, Central- 
Adams, from end of Lowell to Fletcher, Liberty square 
Adams square, from Middlesex, near Walker 
Albion, from Bridge, opposite Fifth, Centralville 
Alder, from 136 East Merrimack, nearly opposite Nes- 

mith, to 2 Stackpole 
Ames, from 260 Central to 80 Lawrence 
Amory, from Bridge, by the Boott canal, to Kirk, Boott 
corporation [bury line 

Andover, from Concord River, South bridge, to Tewks- 
Angle, from Lincoln, near the river Meadovv Brook 
Anne, from Merrimack, at St. Anne's church, to French 
Appleton, from Gorham, at St. Peter's church, to 28 

Arch, from Howard to Middlesex, near Northern depot 
Ash, from 127 East Merrimack to 22 Chestnut 
Auburn, from 150 Gorham to 45 Chapel 
Austin, from 851 Merrimack to Ford 
Ayer's City, south-west part of the city 
Babcock, from Chambers to Livingston 
Baldwin's court, from 21 Fayette 
Bartlett, from High-street square to Alder 
Bay-State avenue, from 187 Central 
Beacon, from opposite 39 Pawtucket to Bowers [ville 
Beacon, from Mount Vernon to Mount Pleasant, Central- 
Belvidere, east of Concord River 
Bennett, from Mount Vernon to Beacon, Centralville 
Blanchard place, from 120 East Merrimack [Moor& 

Bleachery, from the Lowell Bleachery, southerly, across 
Bleekman, from Bridge, nearly opposite Fourth, Cen- 
Blossom, from Gorham, near fair grounds, west 
Boott, from Gardner to the canal, Lowell corporation 
Bow, from Coburn, near River, to Pleasant, Centralville 
Bowditcb, from Jackson to Middlesex, Hamilton corpo- 
ration [School at 300 
Bowers, from Fletcher, opposite Whiting, and crossing 
Bradley, continuation of First [sex, near Wilder 
Branch, from 301 Middlesex, crossing School, to Middle- 
Brewery court, from 11 Thorndike, near Northern depot 



Bridge, from Merrimack, over Central bridge, through 
Centralville [tucket, near R. R. crossing 

Broadway, from Suffolk, opposite Mechanic, to Paw- 
Brook, from Watson, near Lawrence, to flale's brook 
Brown, from East Merrimack to Stackpole 
Brown's court, from River, Centralville 
Burns, from Madison, near Gorliam, to South Highland 
Butterfield, from 136 Fletcher to 229 School 
Cabot, from north-west corner of the Lawrence corpora- 
tion to Lowell 
Cady, from 252 Central to 63 Lawrence 
Cambridge, from Hale, near Chelmsford 
Canada, from Tanner to Quebec, Ayer's City 
Canal, from Merrimack to Bridge^ Massaclmsetts corporar 

Carlton, from 278 Middlesex to Marshall 
Carpenter's court, from 138 Lawrence to the river 
Carpet lane, from Gardner, rear 110 Market, Lowell cor- 
Carter, from Gorham, to Lowell Bleachery 
Cedar, from Keene, near Gorham, to 337 Central 
Central, from Merrimack to 230 Gorham 
Centralville, north of Merrimack River 
Centre, from 227 Central to Chapel [mills 

Chambers, from Gorham, near Hale's brook, to Whipple's 
Chapel, from 76 Charles, southerly, to Central 
Charles, from 35 Lawrence to 84 Gorham 
Chase, from Swift to Whipple [ford line 

Chelmsford, from Thorndike, near Middlesex, to Chelms- 
Chestnut, from Fayette to Park 

Christian, from Mount Pleasant, Centralville [bridge 
Church, from Central, at Washington House, to Stone 
City avenue, from 9 Middle to City-hall avenue 
City-liall avenue, from Merrimack, near City Hall, to 77 

Clark, from Common, near Salem, to Fletcher 
Clay, from 51 Andover, east of High, to Oak 
Coburn, from 67 River, to Hiidreth, Centralville 
Coburn lane, from Chelmsford, south of Forrest, to 
Stevens [mack corporation 

Colburn, from 237 Merrimack to Merrimack yard, Merri- 
Commercial square, on Central, opposite Market 
Common, from 14 Salem to Cross, east side of North 

Common avenue, from Lowell to Clark 
iConautville, off Methuen, near Dracut line 


Concord, from Merrimack, near Concord River, to Massa- 
chusetts mills 
Congress, from Thorndike to Gorliam 
Cottage, from 237 Central to Chapel 
Court, from Linden to Gorham, north of court-house 
Court avenue, from 11 Chapel to Linden 
Crosby, from 344 Central to Whipple's mills 
Crosby's court, from 230 Central 
Cross, from Suffolk, westerly, to 215 School 
Cummiskey's alley, from 103 Lowell 
Cushing, from Willie, south of Rock, easterly, to Fletcher 
Dane, from 96 Salem, near Pawtucket, to Fletcher 
Dane-street court, from Dane 
Davidson, from 17 East Merrimack to Howe 
Davidson's lane, north side of Davidson 
Davis, from 25 Summer to 32 Appleton 
Davis court, from 9 Davis 

Dearborn's court, from Andover, west of Water 
Decatur, from 388 Merrimack to Salem 
Decatur-street alley, from Decatur, westerly 
Dempsey's yard, from 44 Salem 
Dodge, from Race to 170 Suffolk 

Donohoe's yard, from Marion to Suffolk [Mechanic 

Dummer, from Lowell* west of Worthen, southerly, to 
Durant, from Third to Beacon, Centralville 
Dutton, from Merrimack corporation to Willie 
East Merrimack, from Merrimack, at Concord River, 

through Belvidere 
East Pine, from Carlton to Nichols 
Eaton, from Lincoln to Plain, Ayer's City 
Edgerley's court, from 28 Charles 

Eighth, from 71 Bridge to Methuen, Centralville [sex 
Elliott, from Appleton, opposite stone church, to Middle- 
Elm, from 245 Central to Gorham 
Elm, from Third to Tenth, Centralville 
Everett, from Fayette, south of Chestnut, to 49 High 
Fairmount, from Mansur to the reservoir 
Farson's court, from 133 Middlesex 

Favor, from 100 Appleton to 81 Summer [rimack 

Fayette, from 20 Andover, opposite Water, to East Mer- 
Feilows' court, from 14 High-street square 
Fenwick, from 132 Lowell to Suffolk 
Fifth, from 51 Bridge to 16 Myrtle, Centralville 
First, from Bridge, near the bridge, east, Centralville 
Fletcher, from Thorndike, near Middlesex, to Pawtucket, 
near stone house 


Floyd, from opposite 309 Central to Kinsman 

Ford, from 174 Suffolk to Pawtucket 

Forrest, from Chelmsford, south of Parker, to Stevens 

Fourth, from 47 Bridge to 10 Myrtle, Centralville 

Franklin, from 45 Willie, easterly, to opposite 55 Fletcher 

Franklin square, between Suffolk, Adams, and Lagrange 

Fremont, from Third to Sixth, Centralville 
French, from Kirk to Bridge [ville 

Front, from River, along the banks of the river, Central- 
Fulton, from West to near River, Centralville [poration 
Grardner, from 110 Market to counting-room Lowell cor- 
Garnet, from 106 Middlesex to 81 Appleton 
Gates, from Westford to Chelmsford, west of Grand 
George, from Tyler to Warren 
Gold, from 255 School, easterly 
Gore, from Race to Cabot, on Suffolk corporation 
Gorham, from 123 Central, by Hale's mills, to Chelms- 
ford line 
Goward place, from 84 Appleton 
Grand, from Middlesex to Hale 
Gray place, from 16 Church to Tyler 
Green, from 146 Central to George 
Grove, from Lawrence, near Whipple, to Chase Mills 
Hale, from Thorndike, near jail, to Chelmsford, near 
the pound [corporation 

Hall, from the north end of Tilden to Cabot, on Suffolk 
Hampshire, from Bow to Bridge, Centralville 
Hancock, from Merrimack, opposite Prescott counting- 
room, Massachusetts corporation 
Hancock avenue, from 26 Salem to Clark [Moody 

Hanover, from Lowell, crossing 279 Merrimack and 
Harrison, from 63 Andover, south, to Oak 
Hastings, from Liberty to Westford 
High, from 113 East Merrimack to Nesmith 
High-street square, from north side of East Merrimack, 
near the church [opposite jail 

Highland, from South, by South Common, to Thorndike, 
Hildreth, from Bridge to Dracut line, Centralville 
Holbrook's court, from Andover to Water 
Hollis, from Bridge, Centralville 
Horn, from Smith to Lane 

Hosford square, between Central, Elm, and Wamesit 
Howard, from Middlesex, west of depot, to Tanner 
Howard's avenue, from 10 Davidson [mills 

Howe, from 63 East Merrimack, southerly, to the Flannel 


Hudson, from 298 Central to Lawrence 
Hurd, from 106 Central to Warren, near St. Paul's church 
Jackson, from 89 Central to 145 Middlesex 
James, from Ford to 177 Moody 
Jefierson, from 68 Lowell to 38 Lewis 
Jefferson square, between Jefferson, Lewis, and Little 
John, from 61 Merrimack, northerly, to the Boott count- 
John-street avenue, from west side of John to Kirk 
Joiner, from 138 Lawrence to the river 
Keene, from 168 Gorham to Chapel 
Kemp, from Walker to Wilder, near railroad crossing 
Kidder, from 242 Gorham to Crosby 
King, from Middlesex to Jackson, near round house 
Kinsman, from Chambers to Whipple, opposite Swift 
Kirk, from French to Merrimack, east of St. Anne's 

Kirk avenue, from 27 Kirk, between Merrimack and Lee 
Knowles place, from the south-west corner of Davidson 
Korner's court, from 80 Middlesex to 15 Spring 
Lagrange, from Suffolk, near stone-arch bridge, to 
Fletcher [and Fletcher 

Lagrange court, from Lagrange street, between Adams 
Lane, from Liberty to Westford 
Lane court, from 125 Middlesex 
Lawrence, from 68 Church to Tewksbur}' line 
Lawrence-street court, from 61 Lawrence 
Lawson, from School, south of Branch, to Queen 
Lee, from 11 John, westerly, to 17 Kirk 
Lenton court, from 36 Charles 

Lewis, from Lowell, east side western canal, to Mechanic 
Liberty, from Chelmsford, at the pound, to Pine, near 

Liberty square, junction Fletcher and Adams 
Lincoln, from Chelmsford, through Ayer's City, to Gorham 
Lincoln place, from 224 Central 
Lincoln square, junction of Chelmsford, Hale, Lincoln 

and Liberty 
Linden, from Union to Auburn 
Little, from Dummer to Lewis 
Livermore, from 22 Bartlett to 20 Stackpole 
Livingston, from Carter, northerly [ville 

Llewellyn, from Mount Pleasant, across Sixth, Central- 
Locke, from Gorham to South, south of West Union 
London, from Tanner, Ayer's City, to Gorham, near fair 


Loring, from Branch, near School, to Westford 
Loudon court, from 183 Central [Cabot 

Lowell, from Button, opposite Market, to Salem, corner 
Lowell place, from 147 Lowell 
Luther's court, from 177 Central 

Lyman, from Race to Cabot, on the Suffolk corporation 
Lyons, from 338 Central to Kinsman [near Hale 

Madison, from 183 Gorham to opposite 85 Thorndike, 
Maiden lane, from 214 Merrimack to 35 Lowell 
Main, from Canada to Plain, Ayer's City 
Manchester, from Gorham to Tanner 
Mansur, from Nesmith to Fairmount 
Manufacturers, from Short to Plain 
Maple, from Gorham, near railroad bridge, west 
March, from Bridge, east, near Dracut line, Centralville 
Marion, from Cross, between Suffolk and Adams, to La- 
Market, from 47 Central to Button, opposite Lowell 
Marshall, from Grand to Westford 
Mason's court, from 201 Central 
May, from August to Bracut line, Centralville 
McCarry's court, from Cross, opposite Marion 
McFarlin avenue, from opposite 94 Pawtucket 
Mclntire, from 268 Middlesex to 29 Marshall [Suffolk 
Mechanic, from Button, opposite machine shop, C. R., to 
Merriam's court, from 29 High 

Merrill, from 182 Lawrence, across Taylor, near Concord 
Merrill's court, from 15 Chapel to Linden 
Merrimack, from Concord River, North bridge, west, to 

Merrimack square, from Merrimack to Tremont [River 
Methuen, from Seventh to Bracut line, Centralville 
Middle, from 23 Central to Shattuck [line 

Middlesex, from Gorham, corner Central, to Chelmsford 
Middlesex place, from 209 to 225 Middlesex 
Mill, from 105 Lawrence to Central 
Mitchell's court, from 12 Mill 
Molloy's court, from 26 Summer 
Montreal, from Quebec to Tanner, Ayer's City 
Monument square, junction of Merrimack, Moody, and 

Worth en 
Moody, from Merrimack, opposite Merrimack house, to 
Pawtucket [rence 

Moore, from Gorham, near railroad bridge, east to Law- 
Morris court, from Cross to St. Patrick's church 
Mount Pleasant, continuation of Tenth, from Beacon, 


Mount Vernon, from 26 Pawtucket to Rock 
Mount Yernon, from Beacon to Sixth, Centralville 
Mount Vernon sq. at junction of Third and Mount Ver- 
non, Centralville 
Mount Washington, from 26 Pawtucket to Varne}r 
Myrtle, from 49 Third to Tenth, Centralville 
Nesmith, from East Merrimack, opposite Alder, to Tewks- 

bury line 
New, from 38 Crosby to Lyons 
Newhall, from Whipple to Chambers 
Nichols, from 16 Branch to Westford 
Ninth, from Webster avenue, to Hampshire, Centralville 
North, from 49 Lawrence to 236 Central 
North Chapel, from the end of Chapel to Charles 
North Common, abutting on Fletcher, Cross, Clark, and 

North Franklin court, from north side Franklin street 
Oak, from 102 High to Nesmith [line 

Old Middlesex Road, from Ayer's City to Chelmsford 
Oliver, from 250 School to Wanalancit 
Orange, from Chambers to Crosby 

Paige, from Bridge, east of Merrimack, westerly, to Kirk 
Park, from Andover, northerly to East Merrimack 
Park Garden, abutting on Cliestnut, Park, Andover, and 

Parker, from Chelmsford to Chelmsford line [li'ie 

Pawtucket, from Austin to Middlesex, near Chelmsford 
Pearl, from 100 Middlesex to 75 Appleton 
Pearl, from Bow to Bridge, near city line, Centralville 
Perkins, from Suffolk, near Lawrence, C. R., to beyond 

Perrin, from School, opposite gas Avorks 
Pine, from Westford to Chelmsford line 
Plain, from Parker to burial ground, Ayer's City 
Plains, north end of River, Centralville 
Pleasant, from 30 Andover [ville 

Pleasant, on the Plains from 109 River to West, Central- 
Pleasant court, from 18 Winter 
Pollard's avenue, from 24 John 
Pond, from Pleasant, westerly, to Concord river 
Poplar, from 156 School, near the gas works 
Porter, from Pine to Middlesex, near Chelmsford line 
Powell, from Liberty, southerly, to Chelmsford 
Prescott, from 2 Merrimack to Central 
Prince, from Merrimack Print-works to Moody 
Prospect, from 7 Kidder to Kinsman 


Putney's court, from 68 Gorham 

Quebec, from Canada to Plain, Ayer's City [ford 

Queen, from Middlesex, by old burying ground, to West- 

Quigley's alley, from 78 Lowell 

Race, from 319 Merrimack to Hall, on Suffolk corporation 

Railroad, from Hale side of the railroad, to 88 Howard 

Railroad alley, from Shattuck, bet. Middle and Market 

Read, from First to Seventh, Centralville 

Reed's court, from 18 Charles 

Richardson, from Mount Vernon to Beacon, Centralville 

River, from Bridge, near the bridge, west to Dracut 

line, Centralville 
Robinson, from Congress to the railroad 
Rock, from opposite 31 Fletcher to School, at gas works 
Rolfe, from Broadway to opposite 103 Pawtucket 
Salem, from Cabot and Adams to Pawtucket 
Sawtell place, from 136 School 
School, from Liberty to Pawtucket bridge 
Second, from Bridge to Read, Centralville 
Seventh, from 67 Bridge to Varnum, Centralville 
Shattuck, from 164 Merrimack to Market 
Short, from Chelmsford, above Liberty, to Lincoln 
Simpson, from First to Third, Centralville 
Sixth, from Bridge to Christian, Centralville 
Smith, from 24 Branch, southerly, to Powell 
Smith's court, from 29 Hanover 
Somerset, from School to Queen 

South, from 56 Middlesex, by South Common, to Gorham 
opposite Walnut [and Thorndike 

South Common, abutting on Summer, South, Highland, 
South Franklin court, from south side Franklin street 
South Highland, from Thorndike, opposite Hale, to Burns 
Spring, from 19 South, westerly, to 6 Pearl 
Stackpole, from Alder to 8 East Merrimack 
Stevens, Irom Parker to Chelmsford, near city line 
Suffolk, from Lawrence counting-room, across 281 Mer- 
rimack, to Adams, Franklin square 
Suffolk court, irom 332 Merrimack to 139 Lowell 
Sullivan's yard, from 48 Fenwick I common 

Summer, from 81 Gorham to Thorndike, by the south 
Swan, from Gorham, below the cemetery, west 
Swift, from 181 Lawrence to Whipple 
Tanner, from the railroad to Plain, Ayer's City 
Taylor, from 154 Lawrence to the Concord river 
Tenth, from opposite 80 Bridge, to Beacon, Centralville 
Third, from 37 Bridge, east to Beacon, Centralville 


Thorndike, from Dutton, near Mechanics mills, to Gor- 

ham, corner Central 
Tilden, from 241 Merrimack to Hall 
Tilden court, from 10 Tilden 
Tremont, from 251 Merrimack to Hall 
Tremont Mall, between Tilden and Tremont [rence 

Tyler, from Central, next south of church, to 13 Law- 
Union, from 205 Central to 98 Gorham 
Union Court, from 133 Lowell 
Varney, from School, near Butterfield, to Fletcher 
Yarnum, from Sixth to Tenth, Centralville 
Varnum's alley, from Fulton to Pleasant, near River, 

Walker, from Westford, west of School, to Pawtucket 
Wall, from Davidson to Concord River, thence to David- 
son again 
Walnut, from 162 Gorham to 287 Central [rence 

Wamesit, from Central, Chapel Hill, south-east to Law- 
Wamesit court, from opposite 35 Cushing to Dutton, 

near Wamesit mills 
Wanalancit, from opposite 53 Pawtucket to Oliver 
Warren, from 90 Central, across 89 Church 
Warren court, from Church [House 

Washington square. Central street, opposite Washington 
Water, from Andover, opposite Fayette 
Watson, from Lawrence, near Hale's brook, to Whipple 
Webster, from Jackson to Middlesex 
Webster avenue, from Eighth to Tenth, Centralville 
West on the Plains, from Coburn, Centralville 
West Sixth, from Bridge, opposite Sixth, to Hampshire, 

West Union, from 97 Gorham to 78 South 
West's court, from 248 Middlesex 

Western avenue, from Fletcher, near the bridge, west- 
erly, to School 
Westford, from Chelmsford, near Thorndike, westerly, 

to Chelmsford line 
Whipple, from 308 Central to Wamesit Power Co. 
Whipple, from Lawrence near Chase mills, to Moore 
Whiting, from 86 Salem to Fletcher 
Wilder, from Pawtucket, south to Pine 
William, from 134 Central to George 
Willie, from Fletcher, opposite Clark, south, to Dutton 
Willie avenue, from 20 Salem to Clark 
Willow, from 143 East Merrimack to 58 Andover 
Willow place, from 354 Merrimack 


Wilson's lane, from Chelmsford to Grand, near Hale 

Winter, from 61 Gorham to Davis 

Worthen, from Merrimack corporation, crossing 190 

Merrimack, to Dutton 
Wyman, from Nesmith, opposite Oak, to Tewksbury line 


Adams Block, Adams, corner Salem 

Albro's Block, Gushing 

Aldrich's Block, Appleton, opposite Garnet 

Allen's Mills, 285 and 237 Middlesex 

American House Block, Central, adjoining American 

Appleton Block, Central, between Warren and Hurd 
Bangs's Block, Railroad street 

Barristers' Hall,. Central, corner Merrimack [Dutton 

Boston and Lowell Railroad Depot, Merrimack, corner 
Cabot Block, Cabot, near Moody 

Canal Block, Central, nearly opposite American House 
Carleton Block, 136 Merrimack 
Carolin's Block, 27 Fayette 
Castle's Block, Lowell, near Lewis 

City Government Building, Merrimack, corner Shattuck 
City Hay Scales, rear City Market building 
Classic Hall, 112 Merrimack 
Concert Hall, 82 Merrimack 
Con vers Hall, 56 Gorham 
Court House, Gorham, corner Elm 
Eagle Block, 293 Middlesex 
Evans Block, Railroad street 

Farson's Block, rear 125 Middlesex [mill 

Faulkner's Block, rear of Grove, opposite Faulkner's 
French's Hall, 35 Central 
Gas Works, School, near Poplar 
Hale's Mills, Gorham, near junction Thorndike 
Hamilton Block, Gorham, corner Middlesex 
Harris Mills, Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon 
Huntington Hall, over Boston and Lowell railroad depot 
Industrial Hall, 25 Frescott 

Jackson Hall, over Boston and Lowell railroad depot 
Jail, Thorndike, southwest corner of south common 


Livingston's Block, 119 Appleton 

Lynch's Block, Adams 

Mansur's Block, Central, corner Market 

Market-house Building, Market, near Central 

Masonic Hall, Nesmith's Building, John ^ 

Mechanics' Building, Dutton, near Merrimack 

Mechanics' Hall, in Mechanics' Building 

Mechanics' Mills, Dutton, corner Fletcher [Central 

Merchants' Bank Building, Merrimack, nearly opposite 

Moore's Block, Central, corner Charles 

Morrison's Block, Williams 

Museum Building, Merrimack, opposite Central 

Music Hall, Dutton, near Merrimack 

Nesmith's Block, Merrimack, corner John 

Northern Railroad Depot, Middlesex, near Thorndike 

Odd Fellows' Hall, Tyler's Block, Central, corner Market 

Parker's Block, corner Bridge and River, Centralville 

Police Court, rooms in County Court House, Gorham 

Police Station, west end of Market-house building 

Post-office Building, Merrimack, nearly opposite Central 

Prescott Block, Merrimack, bet. Prescott and the canal 

Reading-Room, Mechanics' Hall 

Reservoir, on Belvidere heights 

Round House, oflf Thorndike, near Middlesex 

Savings-bank Building, Shattuck, corner Middle 

Shaw's Block, East Pine, near Nichols 

Simpson's Block, Merrimack, corner Bridge 

Suffolk Hall, Suffolk, near Lowell 

Templar's Hall, Museum Building 

Theatre Block, Lowell 

Tyler's Block, Central, corner Market 

Tyler's Block, Front, Centralville 

Wamesit Bank Building, Middlesex, corner Thorndike 

Wamesit Block, near Wamesit Power Company 

Wamesit Power Company, Lawrence, near Whipple 

Wamesit Steam Mills, Dutton, corner Willie 

Welles' Block, Merrimack, corner Kirk 

Welles' Hall, in Welles' Block 

Wentworth's Building, 170 Merrimack, corner Shattuck 

Wheelock's Blocks, Charles, corner Chapel 

Whipple's Block, Whipple, bet. Lawrence and Moore 

Whipple's Mills, now Wamesit Power Company 

Williams Block, on Canal Bridge, Central 

Wood Market, rear Market-house building, Market 

Wyman's Exchange, Merrimack, corner Central [Hall 

Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, Barristers' 



Appleton Company, Jackson street 
Boott Cotton Mills, Amory, foot of John-street 
Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Jackson street 
Lawrence Manufacturing Co., North end Suffolk street 
Locks and Canals (proprietors of). Mechanic street 
Lowell Bleachery, Bleachery street, south part of the city 
Lowell Hosiery Company, Mt. Vernon, near Broadway 
Lowell Machine Shop, Button street, near Mechanic 
Lowell Manufacturing Company, Market street 
Massachusetts Cotton Mills, between Bridge and Merri- 
mack streets 
Merrimack Manufacturing Co. north end Button street 
Middlesex Company, Warren street 
Prescott Mills, Merrimack street, near Concord river 
Suffolk Manufacturing Co., Suffolk street, below Moody 
Tremont Mills, Suffolk street, below Moody 
Wamesit Power Co., Lawrence street, near Whipple 


Ward 1. Beginning at a point in Merrimack River on a line with the mid- 
dle of the Merrimack Canal; thence southerly, along the middle of said canal, 
to the Pawtucket Canal: thence westerly, along said Fawtucket Canal, to the 
mouth of the Western Canal; thence northwardly, along the middle of said 
Western Canal to the Merrimack River; thence easterly, down said river to the 
point of beginning. 

Ward 2. Beginning on Merrimack River, on a line with the middle of the 
Merrimack Canal; thence southerly, along the middle of said canal, to the 
middle of Pawtucket Canal; thence easterly, along the middle of said canal, 
to the middle of Concord River; thence northwardly, along the middle of said 
Concord River, to Mer^-imack River; also all that territory lying on the north- 
easterly side of Merrimack River, annexed to the city of Lowell from the town 
of Dracut. 

Ward 3. Beginning in Central Street, at the bridge over Pawtucket Canal; 
thence running southerly, along the middle of said street, to Gorhara Street; 
thence along the middle of said street, to Davis's Corner (so called); thence, 
along the middle of the county highway from Lowell to Billerica, to the 
boundary-line of the city, to Lowell; thence east, following said boundary-line, 
to Concord River; thence, down the middle of said river, to the Pawtucket 
Canal; thence, up the middle of said canal, to the point of beginning. 

Ward 4. Beginning at the bridge on Central Street, over the Pawtucket 
Canal; thence westerly, following the middle of said canal, to the bridge of 
Nashua and Lowell Railroad over said canal; thence westerly, along said rail- 
road, to the boundarj'-line between Lowell and Chelmsford ; thence, along said 
line southerly and easterly, to the county-road from Lowell to Billerica; thence 
northerly, along the middle of said road, Gorham and Central Streets, to the 
place of beginning. 

Ward 5. Beginning at a point in Merriitiack River, on a line with the mid- 
dle of the Western Canal; thence southerly, along the middle of said canal, to 
Pawtucket Canal; thence westerly, along the middle of said Pawtucket Canal, 
to the Nashua and Lowell Railroad bridge; thence, along said railroad, to the 
boundary-line between Lowell and Chelmsford; thence northerly, on said 
boundary-line, to Merrimack River; thence easterly, on said river, to the point 
of beginning. 

Ward 6. All that part of the city of Lowell lying eaiterly of the thread of 
Concord River. 



B. & L. R. R., Boston & Lowell Railroad; Cent., Centr<.lville; A. C, Ayer's 
City; C R.. Counting Room; Corp. or C, Corporation; F. S., Franklin .Sijuare; 
Ham., Hamilton; L. SI. S., Lowell Machine Shop; L. & L. R. R., Lowell & 
Lawrence Railroad; Mass., Massachusetts; Merr., Merrimack; N. & L. K. K., 
Nashua & Lowell Uailroad; R. R., Railroad; S. B. R. K., Stony Brook Railroad; 
S. & L. K. K., Salem & Lowell Railroad; b. or bds., boards; c, corner; ct., court; 
h., house; n., near; opp., opposite; r., rear: sq., square. After the name of the 
street, the word street is usually omitted; the name of a corporation, occurring 
after the name of a person, signities the place of business of tliat person. 

AARONS CORNELIA, widow, second-hand clothing, 121 Mid- 
dlesex, house do. 
Abare John, weaver, boards 26 Suffolk corporation 
Abare Julius, carder, boards 26 Suffi)lk corporation 
Abare Louis, laborer, house 203 Middle:^ex 
Abare Newell, weaver, house 3 Lawrence corporation 
Abare Wilbur A. weaver, house 5 Lawrence coiporation 
Abbot Julian, counsellor, 81 Central, boards 14 Kurd 
Abbott Albert H. & James H. carriage mauufs. '192 Middlesex, 

corner Branch, house Branch, near School 
Abbott Catharine, house 24 Cady 

Abbott (Charles H.) &, Eames (L. J.), dry goods, 132 Mer- 
rimack, house 407 do. 
Abbott Charles W. machinist, Merrimack corp., house 59 do. 
Abbott v^Qarlotte, widow, house 9 Race 
Abbott Cyrus, carpenter, boards 59 Merrimack corporation 
Abbott Dorcas C. Mrs. boarding-house, 17 Hamilton corporation 
Abbott Frank A. boards 54 x\ndover 
Abbott Frank F. salesman, house 111 Appleton 
Abbott George, painter, house rear 120 3Iiddlesex 
Abbott George W. undertaker, 19 Prescott, b. 17 Hamilton corp. 
Abbott Hannah, seamstress, house 24 Cady 
Abbott Hannah F. widow, house 24 Cady 
Abbott Henry, carpenter, house Lincoln, near Gorham 
Abbott Henry F. clerk, 41 Merrimack, boards 54 Andover 
Abbott Henry H. M. engineer, 96 Middle, house 12 Lee 
Abbott Herman, second hand, Lawrence corporation, house 42 do. 
Abbott James C, counsellor, 43^2 Central, house Fairmont 
Abbott James H. (A. H. ^ J. H. Abbott), 292 Middlesex, house 

Westford, near Walker 
Abbott Joel A. auctioneer, 172 Merrimack, house 54 Andover 
Abbott John, carpenter, house Engine House, Middle 

HUNT <fc ELLIOTT, Fire & Life Ins. Agency, rep'g over $50,000,000 
Assets, 38 Central St., Prescott Aiat. Bank Bld'g. (See pages 3/4, 375.) 


Abbott John, carpenter, boards 15 Central 

Abbott Samuel Mrs. house 27 Church 

Abbott Soliraan A. tinsmith, 12 Merrimack, house 29 High 

Abbott Thomas R. agent Magic Comb Co. boards 41 Tyler 

Abbott Ziba, house 241 Central 

Abell Charles E, 9 Central, boards 13 do. 

Abels Charles, house 3 Nesraith 

Abels S. gloves, hosiery, &c. 3 Welles block, house 3 Nesraith 

Adams Abby A. widow, house 2 Branch 

Adams Abner S. 7 Central, boards 49 Tyler 

Adams Alexis, operative, boards 258 Merrimack 

Adams Ann M. widow, house 88 East Merrimack 

Adaius Anson, carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 16 Church 

Adams Augustus (J^oston), house 164 Moody [rimack 

Adams Brothers (Geo. D. 8^ Darius), boots and shoes, 45 Mer- 

Adams Caroline, boarding-house, 2 Suffolk corporation 

Adams Charles A. Mrs. house 8 Alder 

Adams (diaries E. hardware, 173 Middlesex, house 2 Walker 

Adams Charles E. beltmaker, house 82 Cross 

Adams Darius {Adams Bros.), boots and shoes, 45 Merrimack, 

hou^e 52 Andover 
Adams Enos H. boot and shoe manufacturer, Prescott, corner Mer- 
rimack, house 134 East Merrimack 
Adams Ezra B. {Adams, North, ^- Co.), 7 Central, h. 23 Bartlett 
Adams George D. {Adams Bros), boots and shoes, 45 Merrimack, 

boards o Fifth, Centralville 
Adams George S. at Smith Adams's, house Adams square 
Adams George W. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, b. 65 French 
Adams George W. painter, 35 E. Merrimack, house at Dracut 
Adams George W. S. carpenter, house 47 Cushing 
Adams Hannah, widow, boards Westford, corner School 
Adams Hannah S. dressmaker, 5-^ Merrimack, house do. 
Adams {Horace J.). North {Wm. L.), & Co. {E. B. Adams), 

furniture, &c. 28 lAlerriraack and 7 Central, house 49 Tyler 
Adams Ira 0. sashmaker, house 18 North Franklin court 
Adams James, foreman at Carey & Harris's, house 21 North Frank- 
lin court 
Adams James, carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Adams James Mrs. house 1 Meclianic 
Adams James R laborer, house 21 Moody 
Adams John, mason, house 378 Merrimack 
Adams John, shuttle maker, boards 52|^ Merrimack 
Adams John G. Rev. hou.«e First, thhd above Read, Centralville 
Adams John H. painter, house 11 Third, Centralville 
Adams John Q. butcher, boards Walker, near Middlesex 
Adams Jooaihan, overseer, Merr. I'rint-works, bds. 30 Merr. corp. 
Adams Judith jMiss, house 52 Paige 
Adams Julius T. bedstead-maker, house 271 Middlesex 

SECURITY (FIRE) INS. C0.,lX?JtTst'r?seeJ^3^.! 


Adams Landon, clerk, Lowell corporation, boards 36 Cabot 

Adams JMary S. Miss, house 52 Paige 

Adams M. W, Mrs. fancy goods, 61 Merrimack, house 65 French 

Adams Rlioda E. Mrs. house 36 Cabot 

Adams Richard B. cabinetmaker, boards 76 Middlesex 

Adams Rufus 0. wood, 15 Prescott, h. 12 Hamilton corporation 

Adams Samuel E. R. carder, house 10 Union 

Adams Smith, tripe-dealer, Walker, near Middlesex, house do. 

Adams Theodore, overseer, at J. C. Ayer k, Co.'s, h. 17 Grand 

Adams William H. machinist, house 21 Massachusetts corporation 

Adle George, operative, boards 44 Boott corporaiion 

Ainsworth William L. house 18 Church 

Airton John, dresser, house head of Prospect 

Akers Beiijimin 31. foreman atNorcross & Saunders, h. 138 School 

Alcott Albert, variety store, 290 Merrimack, bds. 26 Tremont corp. 

Alcott Gilraan Mrs. house 26 Tieniont corporation 

Alden Richard, house 2 Hale 

Aldrich E. B. physician and surgeon. Merrimack, cor. John 

Aldrich E. True, wood-screw maker, boards Branch, near School 

Aldrich George, dresser, Mass., boards 26 do. corporation 

Aldrich Hiram H-. carpenter, house 1;J7 School 

Aldrich Levi M. machinist, 223-2 Cabot 

Aldrich Milton, wood-screw manufacturer. Mechanics Mills, Dutton, 

house Branch, near School 
Aldrich Wan en, machinist, 93 Appleton 
Aldrich William K. wood- screw maker. Mechanics Mills, boards 

Branch, near School [rimack 

Alex Peter, shoemaker, Dutton, near Fletcher, house 33 East Mer- 
Alexander Edward, house Decatur-street alley 
Alexander George, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house Branch, 

near Loring 
Alexander George, machinist, boards 113 Gorhain 
Alexander Milo F. carpenter, house 12 Race 
Alexander William C. carpenter, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 

Alexander , carpenter, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 

Alger Edwin A. (Brown S^ Alger), counsellor, 55 Central, house 

106 High 
Alger E. Augustus, boards 106 High 
Allain Charles, sawyer, house lear 51 Middle 
Allard Helen, widow, house 3 Parson's block, rear 125 Middlesex 
Allard Isaac, .second hand, Hamilton, house 16 3Iarshall 
Allard John, blacksmith, house Decatur-street alley 
Allard Joseph, laborer, house Morrison's Block, William 
Allen Charles, harnessmaker, boards 111 Central 
Allen Charles H. harne.ssmaker, 46 Central, boards 54 Hio-h 
Allen Charles H. boards 373 Middlesex 
Allen Chester, overseer, Hamilton, house 18 do. corporation 
Allen David 0. ( Cowley ^ A.)1b Central, house 27 Kirk 

PAPTFTP TAT'^; fTl Assets CGol.l) Sil,600.00i». Hunt & 

lilLll lU lilO. CU.j Elliott, Agts. (See page .374.) 


Allen Edward, house 2 Fayette 

Allen Eugene, watchman, Lawrence corporation, boards 46 do. 

Allen George, tanner, boards 278 jMiddlesex 

Allen Geo. B. cashier 1st National Bank, boards 1 Myrtle, Cent. 

Allen George F. harnessmaker, 46 Central, boards 54 High 

Allen George W. variety store, 1 Tilden, house do. 

Allen Hanson W. house 8 Hamilton corporation 

Allen Hervey W. & Co. {Geo. G. Osgood), apothecaries, Merr. 

corner Suffilk, house 140 Fletcher 
Allen James, luborer, house 32 William 
Allen James M. machinist and boarding, house 109 Appleton 
Allen John G. harness and trunk maker, 46 Central, h. 54 High 
Allen Nathan, pljysician, 12 Hurd, house do. 
Allen Nathaniel, harnessmaker, house Westford, n. Chelmsford lino 
Allen Nathaniel, laborer, house 50 Cushing 
Allen Nicholas, Middlesex corporation, house 12 William 
Allen Norris, macliine printer, house 153 Merrimack corporation 
Allen Otis {T. F. Burgess 4- Co.), 235 Middlesex, h. 373 do. 
Allen Otis L. Mrs. house 1 Myrtle, Centralville 
Allen Patrick, laborer, house 5 McCarry's court 
Allen P. P. hairdresser, 112 Merrimack, boards 20 Stackpole 
Allen Rufus, machinist, house 131 Merrimack corporation 
Allen Susan, widow, house 1)4 Suffolk 
Allen Thomas, dyer, Hamilton, boards 10 William 
Allen Thomas, luburer, boards 19 William 
Allen Thomas O. lumber, boards 159 Central 
Allen William Rev. boards 14 Hurd 

Allen William, at, Print Works, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 
Allen Wdliam D. fireman, Lawrence corporation, house 30 do. 
Allen William H watchman at Norcross & Saunders', house Canada, 

near tannery, A. C. 
Allison Sarah .J. widow, boards 74 Lawrence 
Allyn Rachel H. physician, 34 Church, house do. 
Ambrose Adam, machinist, house 119 Market [house do. 

Ambrose Adam Mrs. millinery, 107 JMerrimack and 119 Market, 
Ambrose Charles, machinist, boards 76 Button 
Ambrose John, laborer, house 73 Adams 
Ambrose Joseph, moulder, boards 73 Adams 
Ambrose Michael, laborer, house 73 Adams 
Ambrose William, laborer, boards 73 Adams 

American Bolt Co., bolts, nuts, washers, &c., manuf. 210 Lawrence 
Ames Eben H. shoemaker, house 11 Cedar 
Ames George, screw cutter, boards Broadway, corner School 
Ames Horace IMrs. house rear 214 Central 
Ames Jacob, machinist, house 10 Fifth, Centralville 
Ames John E. Mrs. widow, house 10 Market 
Ames Moses B. carriage trimmer, house 4 Linden 
Ames Nelson E. insurance agent, boards 19 Kirk 

GERMANIA FIRE INS. CO., ^Al^tfltv':^^^^^^^^, 


Amy Abraham, house 6 Wamesit court [court 

Amy William, wood, Dutton, near Wamesit Mills, h. 6 Wamesit 
Anders James, operative, house 8 Coburn, near Bow, Centralville 
Anderson Alexander, house 19 Treiiiont corporation 
Anderson Charles L. iMrs. boards Beacon, Centralville 
Anderson James, machinist, house 5 High 
Anderson Jane D. widow, house 8 Favor 
Anderson John, operative, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Anderson M. J. Mrs. house Beacon, near Richardson, Centralville 
Anderson Peter, agent and treasurer, Baldwin M. Co., h. 31 Anne 
Anderson William H. {Stevens Sf A.), counsellor, 1 Barristers 

Hall, house 8 Favor 
Andrew James, operative, boards 10 Boott corporation 
Andrews Aaron, machinist, house 8 Tremont corporation 
Andrews Benjamin F. weaver, Merrimack corporation, h. 50 do. 
Andrews Charles H. marble worker, 181 Central, bds. 10 Cady 
Andrews Greorge H. machinist, boards 36 L. M. S. corporation 
Andrews John, machinist, house 36 L. M. S. corporation 
Andrews John, Middlesex corporation, house 18 Mill 
Andrews John, Stott's Mill, house 2 Water 
Andrews Luther M. chamber-set painter, 37 Market, h. 66 High 
Andrews Otis, machinist, boards Hale, corner Grand 
Andrews Stephen, hostler, American House, boards do. 
Andrews Sasan M. teacher Colburn School, boards 18 Mill 
Andrews William, marble works, 181 Central, house Moore 
Andruss Theodore, peddler, house 5 Middlesex place 
Angell Andrew J machinist, house 38 Charles 
Annis Anna, widow, house 17 Hanover 
Annis Charles, operative, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Annis Rocell C. Mrs. house 2 Merrill's court 
Ansart Abel, laborer, house River road, Dracut 
Ansart Atis, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Ansart George W. laborer, boards River road, Dracut 
Ansart James JM. sashmaker, house 150 Middlesex 
Anthony George T. carpenter, house 32 Tremont corporation 
Anthony Isaac Mrs. house 96 Fletcher 
Appleby George, carpet weaver, house 2 Swift 
Appleton Company, Jackson st. 

Appleton Frank P. agent Lowell Bleachery, house Moore 
Appleton Nathaniel W. chemical manuf., Lawrence, foot of Moore, 

boards Moore 
Appleyard Richard, dyer and bleacher, house 19 Lawrence corp. 
Archambeau John, machinist, boards 4 Parson's court 
Archambeault Honoie, machinist, boards 26 Davidson 
Archer George, machinist, house 16 Massachusetts corporation 
Archer John, machinist, Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon 
Archer Richard, weaver, boards 16 Green 
Ardill William, moulder, house 15 Union 

liiJjJli a LiiiAliiLKiJNk5. (jU.jHuiit<fc"Eiiiott,Agt8. (seep.374 


Arlen Abigail W. Mrs. house 3 Ford, corner Austin 
Arlen Betsey, widow, house Maiden hme 
Arlen Charles H. gasfitter, at gas works, house 3 Perrin 
Arlin John F. saloon, 82 Merrimack, house 3 Third, Centralville 
Arlin Stephen N. painter, house 18 Nesmith 
Armstrong Andrew, operative, house 57 East Merrimack 
- Armstrong James, liquors, 93 Market, house 91 do. 

Armstrong , Mrs. house Front, Centralville 

Aruda Frank D. hairdresser, American House, house 171 Gorham 

Ash Betsey, widow, house lOli Suffolk 

Ash John, stonecutter, house Hale, near Railroad 

Ashton Emanuel, scalemaker, boards 9 Lagrange court 

Ashton John, laborer, house rear 38 Appleton 

Ashton Joseph D. boilermaker, house 353o Gushing 

Ashworth Charles, filecutter, boards 14 Franklin 

Ashworth George (S. Ashworth Sf Co.), house 14 Franklin 

Ashworth George L. house 23 Rock 

Ashworth James, section hand, house Broadway, near Adams 

Ashworth James, machinist, boards Clark's court 

Ashworth Michael, spinner, boards G2 Suffolk 

Ashworth Sager & Co. (G. Ashworth), filecutters, 2 Fletcher, near 

Dutton, house 23 Rock 
Ashworth Thomas, spinner, boards 62 Suffolk 
Ashworth William, spinner, house Swift 
Ashworth William, operative, house Clark's court 
Aspinall William, loom-fiser, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 
Atherton (Abel T.) & Turner {Joseph), machinists, 23 Howe, house 

27 Clay 
Atherton John, second hand, Mass., boards Appleton Bank build'g 
Atkins Jere. B. log driver, house 1 West's court 
Atkinson Bedelia, widow, house 55 Lawrence corporation 
Atkinson Ira, machinist, boards 17 Hurd 

Atwell Andrew J. overseer weaver, Lawrence corp. house 11 do. 
Atwood Almira S. widow, boarding-house, 14 Hamilton corporation 
Atwood Charles C. carpenter, house 110 Cross 
Atwood Daniel, carder, house 55 Boott corporation 
Atwood David, farmer, house 2 Methuen, Centralville 
Atwood Mary, nurse, house 47 Hanover 
Auger Onezime, carpenter, house Chapel, near Charles 
Aulette George, operative, house 20 Green 
Austin Azro, house 13 Grand 
Austin Frank, cardmaker, 96 Middle 

Austin George W. engineer, Merrimack, h. 132 Merrimack corp. 
Austin Harris, turnkey at jail, house do. 

Austin Loring H. clerk, Post-office, boards 29 Wentworth's building 
Austin William W. broker {Boston), house 48 Howard 
Averill Lorenzo, overseer, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 65 High 
Avery Clark, dyer, house Fayette, near Andover 


Boston. Assets $3^5,000. Hunt 
A, Klliott,Agts. (See p. 374.) 


Avery Ebenezer C. dyer, house 70 Fayette 

Avery Eleazar, macbinist, house 130 Suffolk 

Avery Frankhn S. mason, house Bridge, corner Tenth, CentralVille 

Avery F. S. Mrs. physician. Bridge, corner Tenth, Centralville 

Avery WilHam C. supt. Middlesex Company, house 8 Warren 

Ayer Ann E. Miss, house 5 Ash 

Ayer David N. house 118 East Merrimack 

Ayer Frederick {J. C. Ayer 4" GoS), house Pawtucket, cor. School 

Ayer George, harnessmaker, boards 27 Church 

Ayer James C. & Co. {F. Ayer, A. G. Cook, and Joseph H. Ely), 

cherry pectoral and cathartic pills, 103 and 105 Market, house 

Pawtucket, opposite Fletcher 
Ayer Russell I. boards 2 jMerrill's court 
Ayers E. C. assistant engineer, house 14 Lowell corporation 
Ayers Rebecca Mrs. house Central, corner Lyons 
Aylwood William W. carpenter, boards 14 Marshall 
Ayotte Pierre, laborer, boards rear 318 Merrimack 
Ayotte P. Victor, salesman, 2 Welles block, bds. S Parson's court 

BABB JOHN W. clerk, 107 Central, boards 33 Hamilton corp. 
Babbitt Wilbur F. painter, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Babcock Frank, mason, boards 55 Lawrence corporation 
Babcock William, waiter, American House, boards do. 
Bachard John, laborer, house 6 East Pine 

Bachelder Abram & Co. {J. G. Bachelder), bung manufacturers, 
also moulding and planing mills, Mt. Vernon, near Broadway, 
house East Merrimack, corner Alder 
Bachelder Joseph C. {Abram Bachelder (S; (7o.), bung manufac- 
turer, also moulding and planing mills, Mt. Vernon, n. Broad- 
way, h. Mt. Vernon, corner Cross 
Bacheller Charles M. printer, 9 Savings Bank building, boards 36 

Bacheller David S. beltmaker, house 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Bacheller {Nathaniel J. N.), Dumas {Levi), & Co., blank-book 
manufacturers, 49 Central, and printer, " Vox Populi " 
office, house 41 Branch 
Bacon George, machinist, boards 22 Lowell corporation 
Bacon Horace B. {A. Sanborn Sf Co.), watchmaker, 25 Central, 

boards S. P. Sargent's, Middlesex 
Bacon Regis, painter, boards 7 Middlesex place 
Badger Emeline H. boarding-house, 7 Prescott corporation 
Badger George W. overseer, Middlesex, house 34 Walnut 
Badger Samuel E. machinist, 96 Middle, house 60 Appleton 
Bagley Charles, carpenter, house First, corner Read, Centralville 
Bagley Ellen, widow, house rear 16 Dummer 
Bagley Joanna, widow, house 138 Lowell 
Bagley 3Iargaret, widow, house 42 Adams 
Bagley Martin, laborer at Gas House, house 4 Dummer 

EEPUBLIC FIEE INS. CO. ^^nfoufSs^seers"' "^ 


Bagshaw Mary, widow, house 6 Abbott 

Bagshaw Walter H. machinist, house 6 Abbott [Centralville 

Bailey Alvah W. wood. Bridge, opposite Seventh, h. 67 Bridge, 

Bailey Anson {Rice Sf B.), provisions, 131 Central, h. 32 Chapel 

Bailey Benjamin, house 86 Cross 

Bailey Charles A. 69 East Merrimack, house 43 Bartlett 

Bailey Curtis {Buwman 8f Bailey), provisions, 3 Gorham, house 

71 Summer 
Bailey Daniel E. overseer, Chase Mills, house opp. 9 Waraesit 
Bailey Edward (F. ^ E. Bailey), apothecary, Merrimack, corner 

John, boards 17 Third, Centralville 
Bailey Elijah B. machinist, house 48 Merrimack corporation 
Bailey Frederick G. provisions, 69 East Merrhnack, house 58 
Andover [Third, Centralville 

Bailey F. & E. apothecaries, Merrimack, corner John, boards 17 
Bailey Gardner Mrs. house 58 Andover 
Bailey George E. carder, house 45 Massachusetts corporation 
Bailey George E. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mdls, boards 72 

Bailey George E. boards 122 Central [Third, Centralville 

Bailey Gustavus A. overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 26 
Bailey Henry B. yard master, B. & L. R. B. house 80 Cross 
Bailey Ira J. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 122 Central 
Bailey James, house 17 Third, Centralville 
Bailey James H., Appleton corporation, house 15 South 
Bailey John, mason, house 1 Hill's block. Dodge 
Bailey John C. carder, boards 15 South 
Bailey Joshua H. shoemaker, house 67 Warren 
Bailey Manasseh, shoemaker, 6 Warren, house 46 High 
Bailey Priscilla, widow, house 26 Church 
Bailey Sarah E. teacher, Moody School, boards 46 High 
Bailey Squire L. police, house 32 Church 
Bailey S. G. teacher, boards 51 Hanover 

Bailey Tliomas D. mason and shoemaker's head block manufac- 
turer, house 51 Hanover 
Bairstow Abraham, machinist, house 67 Fayette 
Baker Andrew K. clerk, 4 Canal block, house 3 do. 
Baker C. E. Mrs. cap manufacturer, 3 Canal block, house do. 
Baker Elisha, wheelwright, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Baker Francis, carpenter, boards 229 Middlesex [Centralville 

Baker Frederick W. machinist, house Sixth, near Mount Vernon, 
Baker George W. house Sixth, near Mount Vernon, Centralville 
Baker James, fireman, B. & L. R. R. boards 149 Middlesex 
Baker Joseph H. overseer, Lowell corporation, house 12 Adams, 

Frankhn square 
Baker Josephine, clerk, 97 Central, boards 5 South Highland 
Baker Maria, widow, house 66 Church 
Baker Morris, watchman, Lawrence corporation 

ATT AATTTf T?TT>T? TATQ fH J*ssets $575,000. Hunt <&; 

AiliiiiNliU XillJli llMlJ. Lu.j KHiott, Agts. (See page 374.) 


Baker Eiebard W. civil engineer, City Gov. building, li. 34 Hurd 
Baker Samuel H. overseer, house 81 Lawrence corporation 
Baker Sarah H. Mrs. house 34 Hurd [South Highland 

Baker Stephen, carpenter, Mechanics Mills, Button, house 5 
Baker Storrs A. carpenter, house 18 Smith [Centralville 

Baker Walter L. clerk, 20 Market, bds. Sixth, n. Mount Vernon, 
Balch Eliza A. widow, house 125 East Merrimack 
Balch Harlan P. salesman, 8 Prescott, bds. 35 Fifth, Centralville 
Balch I. D. & Co. (A. Lawrence), auctioneers and commission 

merchants, 8 Prescott, house 35 Fifth, Centralville 
Balch Mary A. teacher, Edson School, boards 42 Chapel 
Balch Perley, principal, Edson School, house 42 Chapel 
Balcora Alonzo, at freight depot, boards 44 Lagrange 
Balcom Oliver W. concrete paving, house 4 West's court 
Baldwin Benjamin C. weaver, house 46 Willie 
Baldwin Catharine, house rear 17 Union 
Baldwin Freeman F. spinner, boards 7 Appleton corporation 
Baldwin .John D. S. moulder, house 46 Willie 
Baldwin John F. lumber, house 95 Appleton 
Baldwin William, weaver, boards 13 Lawrence corporation 
Baldwin William H. farmer, house Gorham, near London 
Balfe Michael, carpenter, house 182 Gorhim 
Ball Charles C. machinist, house 252 Central 
Ball James, laborer, house 89 Gorham 
Ballanger Charles, operative, boards Lawrence, near Mills 
Ballantyne Henry, machinist, house 1 North 
Ballantyne James L. spinner, house 2 Merrill 
Ballantyne Jane, widow, house 1 North 
Bambrick Thomas, laborer, 125 Market, house 32 Adams 
Bamford Henry, boards 1 Lincoln place 

Bancroft George, loom- fixer, h. foot of Ninth, Centralville [ville 
Bancroft George A. carpenter, house Coburn, cor. River, Central- 
Bancroft .Jefferson, dep. sheriff, 9 Barristers Hall, h. 22 Appleton 
Bancroft John J. bookkeeper, 1 and 2 Commercial sq. h. 6 Alder 
Bancroft Selwin, grocer, 2 Merrimack, house 48 Andover 
Banfill Joel, variety store, 119 Middlesex, house do. 
Baras James, machinist, boards 45 Charles 
Barbour Mary S. widow of Charles H. house Sixth, nearly opp. 

Varnum, Centralville [Somerset 

Barclay Cyrus P. carpenter, 224 Middlesex, house Queen, opposite 
Barclay Edgar P. carpenter, boards Queen, opposite Somerset 
Barden John J. piper, house 15 xVppIeton corporation 
Bariteau Antoine, laborer, house Dempsey's yard 
Barker Alfred D. carpenter, house 41^ Tremont 
Barker Alfred Y. student, boards 41 i Tremont 
Barker Annie E. widow, boards 11 Lee 
Barker Annie M. widow, boards 11 Lee 
Barker Edwin L. printer, house 53 Church 


Fire and Tjife Insurance Agents, 38 
Central Street. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Barker Frank, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 

Barker Horace R. & Co. {A. W. Sherman), steam and gas pipe 

fittings and fixtures, 8 Central and 84 Middle, house 163 

Barker Ira, chiropodist, 18 Museum building 
Barker James E. teamster, freight depot 
Barker Moses D. house Sixth, opp. A^arnum 
Barker Otis W. operative, house 55 Lawrence corporation 
Barker Rebecca, widow, house 69 Fletcher 
Barker Stephen jr. house 282 School 
Barker Thomas C. (^Taylor S,- Barker), Lawrence, boards 63 East 

Barnard Benjamin P. patternmaker, boards 45 Summer 
Barnard Charles H. Mrs. house 43 Massachusetts corporation 
Barnard David B. billiard saloon, 18 Merrimack, boards do. 
Barnard George W. hackraan, 84 Central, house 62 Appleton 
Barnard John, boards 44 Massachusetts corporation 
Barnard John, driver ice cart, house 2 McFarlin avenue 
Barnard John Q. operative, boards 22 Massachusetts corporation 
Barnard Jonathan, boards 50 Massachusetts corporation 
Barnard Mariah Miss, house Merrimack, corner Worthen 
Barnard Tristam, boarding house, 22 Massachusetts corporation 
Barnard Virgil G. insurance agent, Merchants Bank building, bds. 

13 Third, Centralville 
Barnard William, machinist, house 122 Merrimack corporation 
Barnard William F. clerk, Merrimack, corner Prescott, boards 43 

Massachusetts corporation 
Barnes Asa Mrs. boards 5 Bangs block [Fellows court 

Barnes Charles C. & Co. fur-dealers, 102 Merrimack, house 1 
Barnes Charles E. house 72 Appleton 
Barnes Daniel Mrs. house 34 Middlesex 
Barnes Emily R. Mrs. tailoress, 40 Central, house do. 
Barnes George, operative, boards Taylor 

Barnes Henry H. woollen goods, 5 Canal blk. h. 174 E. Menimack 
Barnes Henry W. clerk, 5 Canal block, house 174 E. Merrimack 
Barnes Horace B. painter, 241 Merrimack, house 13 Common ave. 
Barnes John, Middlesex, boards 1 George 
Barnes Joseph H. teamster, boards 13 Franklin square 
Barnes Richard, laborer, house 80 River, Centralville 
Barnes Sarah J. fancy goods, 66 Merrimack 
Barnes Thomas, finisher, house 25 Floyd 
Barnes William A. machinist, boards 5 Bangs block 
Barnet George, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Barney Alfred, wooden ware, 247 Merrimack, house 109 Howard 
Baron Christopher, engineer, house Middlesex, at Chelmsford line 
Baron George, patternmaker, house 286 Middlesex 
Barr Daniel A. machinist, Lowell Corp., b. Appleton Bank building 
Barr Isaac, blacksmith, house Elm, near Sixth, Centralville 

HUNT <fc EliLIOTT have facilities for placing the largest amount 
of insurance at short notice. Office, ii8 Central St. (See pp. Sri, 375). 


Barrett Edward, weaver, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 
Barrett Edward E. house 53 Salem 
BaiTett James, laborer, house 3 Andover 
Barrett Joseph, laborer, house Morrison's block, William 
Barrett Marcellus, operative, boards Lawrence, near mills 
Barrett Michael, variety store, Morrison's block, William, house do. 
Barrett Oliver W. watchman, Boott, boards 7 Marshall 
Barrett Patrick, spinner, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 
Barrett Sarah Mrs. house 7 Marshall 
Barrito Antoine, carder, house rear 43 Salem 
Barrow Gregory, sawyer, house 291 Middlesex 
Barrows William E. machinist, boards 102 Appleton 
Barry Daniel, laborer, house 114 Suffolk 
Barry Edward, grocer, 88 Lowell, house do. 
Barry James, mason, boards 70 L. M. S. corporation 
Barry Joanna, widow, house 58 West Union 
Barry John, laborer, house 130 Lowell 
Barry John J. laborer, house 3 Quigley's alley 
Barry John M. copper-plate printer, 21 Central, h. 62 Charles 
Barry Mary, widow, house 6 Lewis 
Barry Maurice, laborer, house rear 30 Fayette 
Barry Michael, moulder, house Broadway, corner Suffolk 
Barry IMichael, carpetweaver, house 5 Kidder 
Barry Michael, operative, house 2 Cummiskey's alley 
Barry Patrick, blacksmith, house 108 Lowell 
Barry Richard, currier, house Canada, n. tannery, A. C. 
Barry Richard, spinner, house 76 River, Centralville 
Barry Robert, tinsmith, 126 Central, boards 76 River, Cent. 
Barry William, spinner, house River, near Coburn, Centralville 
Barstow Stephen H. machinist, house ] City Hall ave. 
Bartelle Albion, carpenter, boards 252 Central 
-Bartelle Caroline A. variety store, 189 Central, h. 252 do. 
Barth Daniel W. hairdresser, 70 Central, house 67 Lawrence 
Bartlett Artemas P. carpenter, house 14 Third, Centralville 
Bartlett Charles, fireman, boards 28 Appleton corporation 
Bartlett Charles E. at bleachery, house 12 Kidder 
Bartlett Charles E. A. cashier, house 8 Willow 
Bartlett Daniel B. H. machinist, house 10 Tremont corporation 
Bartlett D. Bradford, paymaster, Lowell Gas Light Co , Middle, 

corner Shattuck, house 149 East Merrimack 
Bartlett Edward, painter, house 11 Bleachery 
Bartlett Edward, machinist, boards 50 Moody 
Bartlett Edwin W. carpenter, boards 10 Tremont corporation 
Bartlett Elizabeth A. widow, house 104 Moody 
Bartlett Erastus A., Broadway, cor. School, house at Chelmsford 
Bartlett George H. {Fielding ^ B.), hardware and agricultural 

implements, 136 Central, house 21 Lawrence 
Bartlett George L. boards 5 Jackson 

Farm Wouses, Barns, and Personal Property therein, insured for 
one or five years, by HUNT &, ELiIilOTT, 38 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Bartlett Helen J. fancy goods, 118 Merrimack, h. Methuen, cor. 

Tenth, Centralville 
Bartlett Horace E. Mrs. widow, bouse 156 Suffolk 
Bartlett Orrin, weaver, Lawrence corporation, house 14 do. 
Bartlett Robert G. produce, bouse Middlesex, near city line 
Bartlett Stephen, carpenter, boards 10 Tremont corp. 
Bartlett Stephen E. carpenter, boards 10 Tremont corp. 
Bartlett (Si/lvanus) & Munn {F. D.), mineral water, 52 Middlesex, 

house 57 Summer 
Bartlett Sylvanus, watchman, house 4 Middlesex place 
Bartlett Thomas, house roar 69 Lowell 
Bartlett Willington, carder, house 63 Lawrence corporation 
Bartlett Wise, carpenter, house Methuen, cor. Tenth, Centralville 
Barton Herbert W. currier, boards Lincoln, cor. Clielmsford 
Barton {Morton A.) &i Butterfield {George), grocers, 256 Merri- 
mack, house rear 1 Tilden 
Bartraud Joseph, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 1 Green 
Bascom William, furdealer, 162 ]\Ierrimack, house 2 Kirk 
Bascom William jr. boards 2 Kirk 
Bass William, physician, 129^ Central, house 29 Tyler 
Bass William, laborer, house rear 57 River, Centralville 
Bassett Charles H. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Bassett Cyrus, blacksmith, house 59 East Merrimack 
Bassett Frederick, carpenter, house 9 Tremont corporation 
Bassett Gershom C. carpenter, house 1 Merrill 
Bassett James Mrs. house Adams, corner Lowell 
Bassett Jesse N. carpenter, house Whipple 
Bassett Joanna, widow, house rear 21 North 
Bassett John E. clerk, 158 Merrimack, boards 33 Walnut 
Bassett John S. agricultural tools, bouse 33 Walnut 
Bassett Martin L. machine-tender, house 1 Merrill 
Bassett Moses, house rear 320 Merrimack 
Bassett Patrick, spinner, house rear 21 North 
Bastine' Antoine, woodsawyer, house East Pine, near Carlton 
Batchelder Amos B. blacksmith, Arch, near Northern depot, house 

104 Middlesex 
Batchelder Asahel G. hardware raanuf. 94 Howard, bouse 92 do. 
Batchelder Benjamin F. house 30 Tyler 
Batchelder I. P. farmer, boards 149 Middle 
Batchelder Joseph C. carpenter, house Cross, cor. Mt. Vernon 
Batchelder Wm., B. & L. R. R. house Robinson, n. R. R. bridge 
Bates Adelaide, Mrs. boards 7 Chapel 

Bates Dermis P. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 43 do. 
Bates Phoebe Mrs. boarding-house, 119 Central 
Bates Wilbur L. cutter, 106 Central, house 125 East Merrimack 
Bates William H. machinist, boards 5 Prescott corporation 
Bates William W. teamster, house 158 School 
Battle Uriah H. machinist, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

HUNT &, ELdilOTT will insure your Furniture, Wearing Apparel, 
Books, Pictures, Silver Ware, &,c, Hooins 28 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Battles Charles F. agent Tremont Mills, h. 357 Merrimack 

Battles Frank F. agent Massachusetts Mills, house 3 Kirk 

Battles Timothy, house 15 Willie avenue 

Battye Miles H. overseer, Hamilton corp., house 3 Goward place 

Baxter Andrew, laborer, house 4 Cedar 

Baxter Annie Miss, house 6 Parker's block, Centralville 

Baxter Ellen Louisa, house 6 Parker's block, Centralville 

Baxter George P. clerk, American liolt Company, h. 206 Central 

Baxter Margaret Miss, house 12 William 

Beal Daniel W. spinner, L:iwrence corporation, boards 30 Cabot 

Beaman A. tinplate worker, boards 55 Lawrence corporation 

Beaman Rachel W. Mrs. bouse 19 South 

Bean Alvah Rev. house 123 Moody 

Bean Alvira C. Mrs. house 14 IMarshall 

Bean Caleb M. stonecutter, house Perkins, corner Austin 

Bean Charles E. lather, house Perkins, corner Austin 

Bean Cyrus B. distributing agent, Mass. Bible Society, 158 

Bean Edward, carpenter, Lawrence corp., house 15 do. 
Bean E. A. Mrs. house 86 Lawrence corporation 
Bean George, spinner, boards 46 Lawrence corporation 
Bean Jacob W. bobbinmaker, Kirk-street avenue 
Bean James H. stonemason, house 309 School 
Bean James W. boards 10 Queen 
Bean John W. carpenter, house 19 Cady 
Bean Leroy T. peddler, house 242 Gorham 
Bean Margaret A. 3Irs. house 10 Queen 
Bean Moses, laborer, house 53 Salem 
Bean OUve ^V. teacher, Edson School, boards 10 Queen 
Bean Sanford A. bobbinmaker, boards Kirk-street avenue 
Bean Sylvester, painter, 22 Middle, house rear 13 Charles 
Beane Andrew J. clerk, 113 East Merrimack, h. 35 Mass. corp. 
Beane George, blacksmith, boards 35 Mass. corporation 
Beard Alfred, grocer, house 6 Read, Centralville 
Beard x^lvin, machinist, house Hale, near Cambridge 
Beard Henry, operative, boards 4 Mass. corporation 
Beard Ithamar A. house 11 Sixth, Centralville 
Beard Ithamar W^. register of deeds. Court House, h. 39 Nesmith 
Beard Ithamar W. Mrs. house 39 Nesmith [Merrimack corp. 

Beard Mary A. Mrs. teacher. No. 36 Primary School, house 141 
Beard Samuel, spinner, house 135 Lawrence 
Beauregard Charles, sawyer, house 13 Middlesex place 
Beck Charles 0. tinsmith, 265 Merrimack, b. 37 Lawrence corp. 
Beck Samuel, tinsmith at 265 Merrimack, and boarding-house, 

37 Lawrence corporation 
Beckett Alexander, woolcolorer, house 165 Broadway 
Beekwith Emeline S. boarding-house, 13 Boott corporation 
Bedee Moses V. stonecutter, house Lane, near Westford 

If j-ou Avaiit a Arst-class Fire, Liife, or Accident Insurance Policy, 
call at HVIVT & ElLLIOTT'Si Insurance Kooms, ^8 Central St. 


Bedell Adam, house 17 Merrimack corporation 

Bedell Adam Mrs. boarding-house, 17 Merrimack corporation 

Bedlow Arte mas, house 94 Gorham 

Bedlow George W. paymaster, Boott corporation, house 8 Ash 

Bedlow Joseph, house 10 Ash 

Beebe Charles L. spinner, house 58 Boott corporation 

Beekman Robert, operative, house rear 17 Summer 

Beggs Maurice, carpenter, house 46 Common 

Behan Edward, peddler, house 28 River, Centralville 

Behan John, operative, house 7 Lowell place 

Belcher Charles, engineer, house First, near Bridge 

Belden Charles F. overseer Suffolk, house 6 Cabot block 

Belgarde Julien, marble-worker, bds. 7 Suffolk court 

Bell Charles A. machinist, house 56 Merrimack corporation 

Bell Granville, machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 56 do. 

Bell Jacob, designer, house 280 Middlesex 

Bell Mary P. Mrs. house 77 High 

Bell Samuel M. house 77 High [h. 28 Walnut 

Bellamy (^Matthew) & Murphy (/. ZT ), provisions, 68 Middlesex, 

Belleisle Oliver J. fancy goods, 288 Merrimack, house do. 

Bellows Samuel M. clerk, post-ofl&ce, house 16 Cabot 

Bement Samuel, principal Bartlett School, house 428 Merrimack 

Bemis Arzina Mrs. house 203 Middlesex 

Benard Hermine, widow, house 20 Green 

Benden Frederick, tailor, Hale, near Chelmsford, house do. 

Benner Arthur H. clerk, 3 and 5 Prescott, boards 57 Howard 

Benner Bros. {M. A. ^ E. J.'), furniture, 3 and 5 Prescott 

Benner Burnham C. {Boston), house ofFMethuen, Conantville 

Benner B. Roswell, clerk, 3 and 5 Prescott, boards Conantville 

Benner Edward A. boards Conantville 

Benner Edwin J. (Benner Bros.), 3 and 5 Prescott, h. 2 Ash 

Benner Frank T. student, boards Conantville 

Benner Myrick A. {Benner Bros.), 3 and 5 Prescott, h. 57 Howard 

Bennett Carlos A. Mechanics Mdls, house 4 High-street square 

Bennett Edward, Merrimack, house 6 Cady 

Bennett (Frank E.) and Rodliff {H. H.), wood and coal. Moody, 

corner Tremont, house 26 Appleton 
Bennett George A. roofer, house Nichols, corner Westford 
Bennett George H. hairdresser, 191 Middlesex, h. 64 River, Cent. 
Bennett Henry H. clerk, boards 28 Hurd 
Bennett Horace W., Merrimack corporation, house 121 do. 
Bennett James, operative, boards 38 Boott corporation 
Bennett James W. carpenter and gravel-roofer, 240 Middlesex, 

corner Grand, house 9 Marshall 
Bennett John A. job printer, City-Hall ave. house 133 Moody 
Bennett John C. carpenter, 200 Dutton, house 18 Lagrange 
Bennett Joseph, operative, boards 38 Boott Corporation 
Bennett Mary Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Merrimack corporation 

stocks of Goods and Klercliandise insured at cnrrent rates, in lib- 
eral dividend paying 3Iutual Fire Go's., by HUJVT <& fiLLIOrX. 


Bennett Sarab, widow, house London, near Gorham 

Bennett Seth C. 113 East Merrimack, house 20 Hurd 

Bennett Wilder, superintendent of H. E,. R., Museum Building, 

boards 111 Central 
Bennett William, confectionery, &c., 139 Middlesex, house do. 
Bennett Wm. S. merchant tailor, 11 Central, house 44 Chestnut 
Benoitt Maguire, laborer, house 2 Green 
Benson C. groceries, 58 Lawrence, house do. 
Benson Daniel, fuller, house 58 Lawrence 
Benson James W. shoemaker, 82 Central, house Pleasant 
Benson Samuel W. hairdresser, 2 Prescott blk. boards 15 Fayette 
Benson Thomas, operative, house 134 Lawrence 
Benson William, carpenter, house Merrill 
Benson William, operative, boards 134 Lawrence 
Bent Israel, house 1 Middlesex place 

Bent William H. counsellor, 56 Central, boards 18 Hurd [shall 
Bentley Samuel, file raanufacture"r, 132 Middlesex, house 10 Mar- 
Bergeron Charles, at saw-mill, house 8 Middlesex place [Cabot 
Bergeron Louis (Lee ^ Bergeron), Button, near Fletcher, house 8 
Bergeron Louis N. grocer, 8 Cabot, boards do. 
Bergeron Noel, salesman, 96 Central, boards 137 Middlesex 
Bernard Alphonse, laborer, boards 16 Appleton corporation 
Bernard John, carpenter, boards 69 L. M. S. corporation 
Bernier Antoine, moulder, house rear 43 Salem 
Berrard Francis, laborei', house 281 Middlesex 
Berrard Gragoier, laborer, house 4 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Berrard Gregoire, carpenter, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Berrard Joseph, mason, boards Morrison's block, William 
Berrard Theophile, mason, house 4 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Berrian Ellen, widow, house rear 25 Middle 
BeiTian Patrick, laborer, house rear 20 Winter 
Berrigan William, blacksmith, house 12 Cross [Middle 
Berry Charles C. sashmaker, Wamesit Mills, house Engine House, 
Berry Charles H. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 16 Market 
Berry Charles R. shoemaker, 339 Merrimack, house 383 do. 
Berry Frank S. house 28 Walnut 
Berry George N. P. spinner, boards 383 Merrimack 
Berry James, miller, Livingston's, house 44 Rock [do. 
Berry John Beaman, carpenter, and variety store, 70 Middlesex, h. 
Berry Joseph W. fancy goods, 81 East Merrimack 
Berry Michael, spinner, house rear 101 Lowell [do. 
Berry Theophilus D. carpenter, Stevens, near Chelmsford line, h. 
Berry Thomas, house Prospect, near Kidder 
Besse Joseph V. variety store, 15 Tilden, house do. 
Besset Edward, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 
Besset Moise, laborer, house 318 Merrimack 
Bestian Antoine, laborer, house East Pine 
Bethel Joseph, Hamilton corporation, house 17 Cedar 

D-wellins Houses, and Personal Property tlierein, insured for one 
or five yeai-8, by HUNT &, EI<I,IOTT, 28 Central St. (See p. 374.) 



Bethune Ann, widow, house 57 East Merrimack 
Betty Thomas, butcher, 253 Merrimack, h. Mammoth road, Dracut 
Betty William, laborer, boards Mammoth road, Dracut 
Bevan Daniel, laborer, house Front, near River, Centralvllle 
Bews Daniel Mrs. boarding-house, 59 Lawrence corporation 
Bickford Abby C. boarding-house, 13 Merrimack corporation 
Bickford Adeline K. widow, house Merrimack, corner Worthen 
Bickford Allen P. police, house 4 Mason's court 
Bickford Edward, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Bickford Edwin S. dyer, house 299 Middlesex 
Bickford Eugene, operative, boards 13 Central 
Bickford George H. carpenter, house 86 High 
Bickford Henrietta Mrs. boards 43 L. M. S. corporation 
Bickford Henry, carpenter, house 52 Stackpole 
Bickford Joseph, machinist, house 6 Pleasant 
Bickford Plummer C. clerk, 255 Merrimack, house 14 Pawtucket 
Bickford Thomas C. currier, house 12 Pawtucket 
Bickford William H. Mrs. house 4 Bangs block. Railroad 
Bicknell John, farmer, house 19 Prescott corporation 
Biggs James, mason, house 12 Howard 
Biggs James, jr. stonecutter, Thorndike, boards 12 Howard 
Biggs John, carpenter, 66 Middle, boards 12 Howard 
Billings Abby, widow, house 12 Austin [ville 

Billings Frank D. clerk. 3:^ Merrimack, boards 9 Third, Central- 
Billings Fred M. clerk, 109 Central, boards 9 Third, Centralville 
Billings George E. clerk, Appleton Bank, boards 12 Austin 
Billings James A. clerk, 326 Merrimack, bds. 138 Merrimack corp. 
Billings John T. ink manufacturer. Bridge, corner River, Central- 
ville, boards IQi Fifth [ville 
Billings Samuel D. fruit, &c. 109 Central, house 9 Third, Central- 
Billings William F. clerk, 68 Button, boards 138 Colburn 
BilUngsley Alexander, variety store, 23 Andover, house do. 
Bingham Robert, machinist, house 1 Cummiskey's alley 
Binus Henry, overseer, Lowell, house Pond, corner Pleasant 
Binns Sarah, widow, house 8 North 

Bird Charles, carriage-maker, 163 Central, boards 113 Gorham 
Bird Robert P. hostler, house 9 Abbott 
Birkenhead Thomas, laborer, house 41 Willow 
Birmingham Bridget, widow, house 19 High 
Birnbaura Robert, tailor, 155 Middlesex, house 153 do. 
Bisbee Ira Mrs. widow, house 19 Prescott corporation 
Bisbee I. Warren, operative, boards 19 Prescott corporation 
Bishaw John, laborer, house East Pine 
Bishop Ellen, widow, house 55 West Union 
Bishop Henry, second hand, boards 61 West Union 
Bishop Nathaniel, jr. spooling, Boott corporation, house 73 do. 
Bishop Stewart, Middlesex corporation, boards 68 Warren 
Bishop William, boards 68 Warren 

Mercliaiit.s it. Fanners Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Worcester, HUNT & 
EiLLIOTT, Agents for Lowell and vicinity, 28 Central St. 


Bissell Archibald, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 49 do. corp. 
Bissell Daniel, machinist, house 28 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Bissell George W. teamster, house 46 L. M. S. corporation 
Bissonnette Eustace, painter, L. M. S. boards 22 Grand 
Bissonnette Hubert, laborer, house 82 Middlesex 
Bissonnette Hubert jr. painter, boards 82 Middlesex 
Bissonnette Isaiah, wireworker, 10 Central, bds. 2 Farson's court 
Bissonnette Isaiah, jr. wireworker, 10 Central, b. 6 Farson's court 
Bissonnette John, wireworker, house 2 Farson's court 
Bissonnette Louis, painter, boards 82 Middlesex 
Bixby Charles H. clerk, 132 Merrimack, boards 4 Austin 
Bixby Daniel Mrs. house 4 Austin 
Bixby Joseph, farmer, house 50 Paige 

Bixljy , machinist, boards Jackson, cor. Middlesex 

Black Abner B. painter, boards 148 Suftblk 

Black Abner M. painter, house 148 Suffljlk 

Black John, stonecutter, boards 61 L. M. S. corporation 

Black Patrick, moulder, house Court avenue 

Black William, at hosiery mill, house 58 Lawrence corporation 

Blackburn Ann, widow, house 16 Summer 

Blackburn James, machinist, boards 111 Central 

Blackington Daniel, blacksmith, house 2 S. Franklin court 

Blackmer Warren A. painter, house 195 School 

Blair Enoch R. grocer, Broadway, cor. School, house 215 School 

Blais Louis, cabinetmaker, house Morrison's block, William 

Blaisdell Adeline S. Mrs. house 43 Fayette 

Blaisdell Charles E. carder, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 

Blaisdell Charles R. counsellor and claim agent, 3 Canal block, 

house 17 Hurd 
Blaisdell David, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Blaisdell Hiram W. salesman (Boston), house 92 South 
Blaisdell J. Harrison, dre.'-ser, boards 42 Lawrence corporation 
Blaisdell Theo. moulder, boards 52 Chapel 
Blaisdell Theophilus C. police, house b:i Chapel 
Blaisdell William F. carder, house 36 Merrimack corporation 
Blake Alivn, driver ice cart, house McFarlin avenue 
Blake Charles G. laborer, locks and canals, boards 42 Dumraer 
Blake C. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 10 Nesmith's block, house do. 
Blake Edward F. milkman, house Walker, corner Broadway 
Blake E. Otis, agent, house 21 Kirk 

Blake George P. bookkeeper at M. C. Pratt & Co. b. 31 Fletcher 
Blake Henry, bookkeeper, boards 16 Willie avenue 
Blake Ira S. japanner, Tanner, house London, A. C. 
Blake James, laborer, boards 19 Cross 
Blake Jesse {Hubbard & B.), Tanner, corner Manchester, Ayer's 

City, house Lincoln, near Main [bds. 5 Chelmsford 

Blake John H. reed and harness maker, Fletcher, cor. Western ave. 
Blake Lyman, laborer, house 12 North Franklin court 

Merchants &, Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Incorp. 1846, has al- 
ways paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See page 374.) 


Blake Margaret Mrs. house 16 Willie avenue 

Blake Mary, boards 38 Wentworth's building 

Blake Patrick Mrs. grocer, 11 River, Centralville, house do. 

Blake Stephen F. second hand, Boott corporation, house 75 do. 

Blake Thomas C. Mrs. house 42 Durauier 

Blake W. B. S. head cook, American House, boards do. 

Blake , mechanic, boards 120 Merrimack 

Blakeslee George C. pumpmaker, boards 7 Prescott corporation 
Blanchard Aaron, timekeeper, L. M. S. house 10 Lagrange 
Blanchard Abel, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 82 

Appleton [house 8 Kirk 

Blanchard Amos Bev. pastor Kirk-street Congregational Church, 
Blanchard Amos A. paymaster Lowell Manufacturing Company, 

house 1 34 Market 
Blanchard A. M. Mrs. millinery, 99 Merrimack, house 15 Cabot 
Blanchard Charles F. clerk, 1 Central, boards 36 Pawtucket 
Blanchard Clarissa H. widow, house Blanchard's Place 
Blanchard C. F. Mrs. house 18 Kirk 
Blanchard Elbridge A. carpenter, house 49 Bartlett 
Blanchard George F. second hand, house 3 Appleton corporation 
Blanchard John, agent, house 15 Cabot 
Blanchard Roswell, weaver, house 31 Tremont corporation 
Blanchard Walter S. clerk, 5 Prescott block, b. 127 East Merrimack 
Blanchard William D. contractor, L. M. S. house 7 Westford 
Bland Jonas, overseer, Hamilton, house 170 Gorham 
Blessington Ann Mrs. house 64 Charles 
Blodgett Amos, machinist, boards 40 Cabot 
Blodgett Orlando, butcher, house Chelmsford, near Parker 
Blodgett Sylvester, shoemaker, house 10 Massachusetts corporation 
Blodgett Walter M. spinner, house 29 Appleton corporation 
Blood Andrew, policeman, house 21 John 
Blood Benjamin, engineer, house River road, Dracut 
Blood (Cyrus) & Mitchell (Z)a?z/e? i^.), provisions, Liberty sq. 

Adams, corner Suffolk, house 15 Adams, Franklin square 
Blood Frank A. salesman, 96 Central, house 14 High 
Blood John C. conductor, B. & L. R. R. h. 69 Third, Centralville 
Blood Joseph, teamster, 7 Central, house 63 High 
Blood Martin L. machinist, boards 56 L. M. S. corporation 
Blood Orford R. forwarder, J. C. Ayer's, h. River road, Dracut 
Blood Sarah Mrs. hoop-skirts, 78 Merrimack, boards 13 Cabot 
Blouflfe Antoine, laborer, house 22 Winter 
Bluteau Cerille, laborer, house rear 102 Moody 
Boardman George H. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 120 do. 
Boardman Henry W. counsellor, 5 Barristers Hall, and ( Goburn 

Shuttle Co.), First, h. Mt. Vernon, cor. Third, Centralville 
Boardman John E. carpenter, house 41 Salem 
Boardman Langley H. boots and shoes, 34 Central, house 7 Willow 
Boardman Leonard, spinner, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Middlesex niutnal Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass., Incor. 1836, pays 
50 per ct. dividends on five year policies, and 40 per ct. on one year. 


Boardman S. M. bookkeeper, 24 Prescott, house Sixth, n. Myrtle 

Boardman Thomas W. clerk, 60 Middlesex, house 283 Central 

Bodge William, policeman, house 23 Walnut 

Boggan Ann Miss, house Front, Centralville 

Bogue James, jr. boltmaker, Am. Bolt Co., bds. Ill Market 

Bogue James Mrs. house 111 Market 

Bogue William, dj^er, boards 111 Market 

Bohonan Carlos E. hack-driver, house 145 Fletcher 

Bohonan John, laborer, house 13 Fayette 

Bohonan Martin, laborer, house 3 Carolin's Block, Fayette 

Bohonan (Morrill 31.) & Fletcher (I. A.), grocers, 189 Middle- 
sex, house 43 Chestnut 

Boice Jane Miss, boards Grand, near Hale 

Boisclerc Alexis, laborer, house 24 Davidson 

Boisclerc Mederic, blacksmith, house 24 Davidson 

Boissent Pierre, blacksmith, bds. IMorrison's block, William 

Boisvert Jacques, laborer, house rear 43 Salem 

Boisvert Jean Baptiste, laborer, house 3 West's court 

Boivin IMoise, blacksmith, house Decatur-street alley 

Boland Edward, laborer, boards 102 Lowell 

Boland Michael, laborer, house 252 Middlesex 

Boland Patrick, operative, house 17 Lowell 

Bolton Isaiah, carpenter, house 49 Cushing 

Bolton Michael, harnessmaker, 163 Central, house rear 16 Paige 

Bolton Thomas, folder, house 63 Hamilton Block 

Bolton Thomas M. harnessmaker, 163 Central, bds. rear 16 Paige 

Bond Charlotte J. widow, boards Central, corner Middlesex 

Bond C. H. Mrs. boards Central, corner Middlesex 

Boner John, machinist, boards 58 L. M. S. corporation 

Bonner John H. house 21 High 

Bonner L. H. hairdresser, 12 Central, boards do. 

Bonney Arthur P. counsellor, Tyler's block, 43^ Central, and 
President First National Bank 

Boodry William A. engineer, house 99 Howard 

Boomhower Jolm, photographer, 112 3Ierrimack, b. 12 Tremontcorp. 

Boorn Edward T. machinist, boards 16 Warren 

Boorn Samuel, house 16 Warren 

Booth Ellen widow, house 54 Lawrence 

Booth Henry, dyer, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Booth John, operative, house 7 Faulkner's block 

Bootli Joseph, machinist, boards 5 Crosby 

Booth Robert, currier, at J. Gates & Sons, house 22 Smith 

Boott Cotton IMills, Aniory, foot of John 

Bosca Anadore, picker, boards 16 Tremont corporation 

Boucher Thomas, Middlesex, boards 1 Mill 

Bouchier Samuel, painter, 7 Central, house 157 Lawrence 

Boudrean John, laborer, house rear 17 Union 

Bourasses James, helper, C. H. Weston's, Arch 

HUNT & ELLIOTT, Aj^eiits for Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
Kooms, Prescott Matibual Bank Bld'g, 38 Central St. (tjee p. 374.) 


Bourbon David, spinner, house rear 394 Merrimack 

Bourbon Palagy, widow, house rear 392 Merrimack 

Bourdeau Antoine, jr. boards Chapel, near Charles 

Bourdeau Jean Baptiste, laborer, house Chapel, near Charles 

Bouree David, laborer, boards 129 Middlesex 

Bourgahelt Peter, boxmaker, house 3 Mclntyre 

Bourgard Henry, laborer, house 46 Common 

Bourra Moise, laborer, house 16 Appleton corporation 

Boutillier William, bobbinmaker, house 4 Farson's court 

Boutwell Charles W. weaver, house 21 Prescott corporation 

Bouve Hermann, cabinetmaker, 262 Middlesex, house 5 Water 

Bouve William, cabinetmaker, house 5 Water 

Bow Alesander, machinist, house 11 Salem 

Bowden Emerentiana, Sister Superior, St. Peter's School and 

Orphan Asylum 
Bowden Ernest, spinner, house Lawrence-street court 
Bowden Frank, Prescott, boards 65 Mass. corporation 
Bowden George, jackspinner, h. ofFGorham, opp. cemetery 
Bowden George N. watchman, Boott corp. boards 54 do. 
Bowden James E. spinner, house 20 Lee 

Bowen George F. second hand, Lawrence corporation, house 29 do. 
Bowen J. Willard, knitter, boards 29 Jjawrence corporation 
Bowers Alpheus, clerk, 48 Merrimack, boards 30 Chestnut 
Bowers Arthur E. clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 33 Central, 

house 22 Hurd 
Bowers Charles H. blacksmith, Middlesex corp., h. 282 Middlesex 
Bowers Edwin S., Hamilton, house 34 Westford 
Bowers James, house 26 Pawtucket 
Bowers James L. Mrs. house 24 Third, Centralville 
Bowers Jonathan, pleasure resort, house 70 Pawtucket 
Bowers .Fonathan Mrs. house 70 Pawtucket 
Bowers Lucinda, widow, house 282 Middlesex 
Bowers Martha A. Mrs. house 67 High 
Bowker George, carder, boards 52 Mass. corporation 
Bowker M. A. Mrs. clairvoyant, 33 Marion, house do. 
Bowker Sted, house 33 Marion 

Bowles Charles P. deputy marshal, boards American House 
Bowles James, boltmaker, boards 79 Church 
Bowles John, carpenter, house 33 High 
Bowles William, boards 68 Gorham 
Bowman Frank, laborer, house 41 Adams 
Bowman William, Middlesex corp., house 76 Church 
Bowman (W. P.) & Bailey ( CWifw) , provisions, 3 Gorham, house 

Westford, near line 
Boyd Henry, operative, boards Taylor 
Boyd James, carpenter, house 26 Fayette 
Boyd John, shoemaker, Howe, house 8 Water 
Boyd John, operative, house Taylor 

HUNT &, ELLIOTT, 28 Central St., Lowell, are Agents for the CUl- 
zeua Mutual (Fire) Iiis. Co., of Brigliton. (See page 374.) 


Boyd Ruth, widow, house 12 South Highland 
Boyden Erastus, superintendent Prescott Mills, house 4 Kirk 
Boyle Catharine, widow, house 1 Adams 
Boyle Duke, laborer, house Robinson, near Tanner 
Boyle James, carder, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 
Boyle James, blacksmith, at Norcross & Saunders', house Middle- 
sex, opposite Melntyre 
Boyle John, fireman, house 24 South 
Boyle John, carriagemaker, 163 Central 
Boyle John, laborer, house River, Centralville 
Boyle John, carpenter, boards 148 Central 
Boyle John Mrs. house 78 Lowell 

Boyle John F. grocer, River, n. Front, h. Bow, n. Pearl, Centralville 
Boyle Michael, Middlesex, boards 148 Central 
Boyle Michael, laborer, house 35 Summer 
Boyle Michael, laborer, house 5 Carolin's Block, Fayette 
Boyle Michael, operative, house River, beyond Coburn, Centralville 
Boyle Michael, laborer, house 8 Abbott place, Centralville 
Boyle Patrick, marbleworker, house Fletcher, near Broadway 
Boyle Patrick, saloon, 10 and 14 Gorham, house 12 do. 
Boynton Benjamin F. overseer, Lowell, h. School, near Bowers 
Boynton Frank F. {Boston), house School, near Bowers 
Boynton Herbert A. {Clough ^ Boynton), 80 Merrimack, house 

11 Harrison 
Boynton James, hostler, house rear 16 Church 
Boynton James M. provisions, Middlesex, cor. Howard, h. 228 do. 
Boynton J. W. Mrs. house 63 Bartlett 
Boynton Mark C. city lamplighter, house 85 Thorndike 
Boynton Samuel, machinist, boards 25 L. M. S. corporation 
Boynton Warren R. house 11 High-street square 
Brabrook Joseph A. harnessmaker, 45 Market, house 27 Tyler 
Brackett Charles E. machinist. Arch, house 42 Lagrange 
Brackett Harry, Am. Bolt Co. house Crosby, near Kidder 
Brackett L. S. fruit, &c. Wl\ Central, house do. 
Brackett Shadracb R. worsted yarn manufacturer, Whipple's Mills, 

house 152 East Merrimack 
Brackett Thomas, laborer, house 7 Wall 

Bradbury Emery W. carpenter, bds. 43 Massachusetts corporation 
Bradbury Josiah P. carpenter, house 11 Alder 
Bradbury Thankful, widow, house 11 Alder 
Bradford George, operative, boards Taylor 

Bradfoid James W. painter, rear 285 Merrimack, house 1 Tremont 
Bradford Ruth, widow, house 215 Middlesex 
Bradford William M. machinist, boards 215 Middlesex 

Bradford , machinist, boards 1 Garnet 

Bradish Stillman, watchman, Boott corporation, boards 44 do. 
Bradley Ambrose E. shoemaker, house 15 Alder 
Bradley Catharine Mrs. house 27 River, Centralville, 

citizen.^ Mutual (Fire) Ins. Co., Brighton, pays 50 per cent divi- 
dends on one, tliree, and five year policies. Office 38 Central St. 



Bradley Daniel, laborer, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 

Bradley Daniel P. Mrs. house 11 Third, Centralville 

Bradley Elizabeth, widow, house 17 Fayette 

Bradley Felix, operative, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 

Bradley Haniet, teacher Varnuui School, house 26 Fourth, Cent. 

Bradley James, calico printer, house 15 Dummer 

Bradley James A. woolsorter, boards 17 Fayette 

Bradley Louisa Miss, house 26 Fourth, Centralville 

Bradley Mary, widow, house 94 East Merrimack 

Bradley Mary, widow, house Bleachery, near the depot 

Bradley Miranda W. teacher No. 47 Primary School, house 26 

Fourth, Centralville 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, house 38 William [Centralvill* 

Bradley Sarah A. teacher, Varnum School, boards 11 Third, 
Bradley Thomas, laborer, house 10 Wall 
Bradley Thomas T. {Boston), house 21 Union 
Bradley William T. (Puffer ^ Bradley), furniture, &c. 13 

Market, house 14 Elm 
Bradshaw J. A. patent agent, Wilson's lane, between Chelmsford 

and Hale, house do. 
Bradt David {G. J. ^ D. Bradt), bakers, Whiting, house do. 
Bradt D. H. driver, boards Whiting 
Bradt Gerrit J. & D. bakers, Whiting, house Whiting 
Bradt G. J. 2d, bookkeeper, boards Whiting 
Bradt James G. Mrs. boards 31 Tyler 
Brady Ann, widow, house 27 Keene 
Brady Ann, widow, house 83 Lowell 
Brady Bernard A. laborer, house 1 Summer 
Brady Bridget Mrs. house 21 Keene 

Brady Frank, shoemaker, 304 Merrimack, house 83 Lowell 
Brady James, dyer, house 26 High 
Brady James, operative, boards 80 Market 
Brady James, laborer, house 7 Davidson 
Brady John, blacksmith, house River, cor. Front, Centralville 
Brady John, laborer, house 11 Winter 
Brady John, laborer, boards 107 Lowell 
Brady John F. at print works, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 
Brady Margaret, widow, house 19 Adams 
Brady Michael, laborer, house 13 Green 
Brady Peter, job wagon, house 309 Central 
Brady Rebecca, widow, house 19 Keene 

Brady William G. letter carrier, Post-Ofl&ce, house at Tewksbury 
Bragdon George, house 33 Anne 

Bragdon William, carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Bragg Maynard Mrs. house 76 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Brainard Thomas, hairdresser, house rear 49 Charles 
Bramhall John, weaver, house 17 Abbott 
Brann A. C. Mrs. house 57 Andover 

Central JUutvial Fire Ins. Co, Worcester, Mass., HUNT <& ELLIOTT, 
Agents, Office ^8 Central St., liOwell. (See page 374.) 


Brannon Simon, bleachery, house rear 13 Summer 

Brassor Octable, operative, house rear 5 Hancock Avenue 

Brawn Chesley, carpenter, 241 Merrimack, house at Dracut 

Brawn John, laborer, house 8 Pearl 

Bray Eben, driver, 330| Merrimack, boards 11 Tremont corporation 

Bray Margaret, house 29 North 

Bray Patrick, spinuer, house 76 Church 

Brazer William P. hats, caps, and furnishing goods, 47 Central, 

corner Market, house 136 East Merrimack 
Breason Andrew, laborer, house 17 Cross 
Breason Philip, moulder, house 17 Cross 
Breault Eli, operative, house 6 Davidson's lane 
Breed Henry K. Mrs. house 52 Church 
Breed John H, hairdresser, boards 52 Church 
Breen Bridget, widow, house 52 Middle 
Breen Catharine, widow, house 56 Middle 
Breen Ellen, widow, house 52 Middle 
Breen John, hackdriver, house 16 Green 
Breen John, laborer, house 45 Middle 
Breen John, clerk, 41 Central, boards near 42 Charles 
Breen John, operative, house 17 River, Centralville 
Breen Owen, picker, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 
Breen Patrick, laborer, house 34 Crosby 
Breen Patrick, operative, boards 46 South 
Breen Thomas, soapmaker, house rear 42 Charles 
Brennan James, hostler, house 58 River, Centralville 
Brennan James, laborer, house 3 Fayette 
Brennan John, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 
Brennan Michael & Co. {M.^ E. FUzsimmons) , dry goods, 56 

Merrimack, house 1 Read, Centralville 
Brennan Michael, laborer, house 97 Lowell 
Brennan Owen, laborer, house 18 Davidson 
Brennan Patrick Mrs. house 9 Mill 

Brennan Patrick, mulespinner, house rear 15 River, Centralville 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, house 3 Railroad Alley 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, house 21 Pond 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, house 1 Carpet Lane 
Brett Theodore, millwright, house 331 Merrimack 
Brew William, carder, boards 59 Massachusetts corporation 
Brewster John L. variety store, 13 Tilden, house do. 
Brick Catharine, widow, house 51 Fenwick 
Brickett Henry W. telegraph and western ticket agent, Merrimack- 

street depot, house 422 Merrimack 
Bridge Ellen A. teacher. No. 24 Primary School, bds. 54 Howard 
Bridge William, machinist, 84 Middle, boards 22 Varney 
Bridges Charles, carpenter, house 3 Lagrange 
Bridges Joseph W. laborer, house 23 Cedar 
Bridges Laura J. widow, house 2 Tremont 

How to provide for tlie comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is tbe earnest thought of every man. (See page 375.) 


Brierley Charles E. teamster, boards 153 Middlesex 

Brierley Margaret, widow, boards 153 Middlesex 

Brierley William H. carder, boards 153 Middlesex 

Brierton Edward, provisions, 99 Lowell, house do. 

Briggs Addie Mrs. boards 4 Tyler 

Briggs Ansel S. weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 73 do. 

Briggs Franklin W. weaver, house 158 Merrimack corporation 

Briggs George Mrs. house 45 Hamilton corporation 

Briggs Sumner, carpenter, house 215 School 

Brigham Charles W. clerk, 12 Tilden, house 22 Wentworth's block 

Brigham George A. machinist, house 39 Fifth, Centralville 

Brigham Oramel A. conductor, Boston and Lowell Railroad, boards 

Third, corner Mt. Vernon, Centralville 
Brigham Warren, machinist, boards 72 Appleton 
Brigham William F. overseer Massachusetts corporation repair 

shop, house 4 Prescott corporation 
Bright Joseph W. carpenter, house 59 Boott corporation 
Brin Boniface, laborer, house Morrison's block, William 
Brin Francois, laborer, house Morrison's block, William 
Briscoe Michael, laborer, house 32 Lewis 
Britton Preston H., L. M. S. Foundry, house 273 Middlesex 
Britton Ruel F. {Smith 8^ Britton) , 135 Middlesex, boards 273 do. 
Britton William, laborer, house rear 15 Biver, Centralville 
Brock John H. job wagon, house 2 Merrill 
Brock Sarah Miss, boards 7 Chapel 
Brodceur Isadore, laborer, boards 82 Middlesex 
Brodceur Louis, laborer, house 9 Davidson 
Broderick James, fireman, house 25 North 
Broderick Thomas, spinner, house 26 North 
Brody Simon, laborer, house 26 Front, Centralville 
Brogan Bridget, boarding-house, 48 Lawrence corporation 
Brogan Martin, laborer, boards 49 Lawrence corporation 
Brogan Michael, mason, boards 48 Lawrence corporation 
Brooks Artemas L. lumber dealer and boxes, Mechanics' Mills, 

house 90 Fletcher 
Brooks Daniel, keeper Guard Locks, h. School, near Pawtucket 
Brooks Daniel M. operative, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Brooks Ellis L. photographer. 89 Merrimack, boards 113 do. 
Brooks Frank E. operative, boards 66 Lawrence corporation 
Brooks Henry C. second hand, house 15 Boott corporation 
Brooks Henry D. musician, house 45 Bartlett 
Brooks James W. coffin warehouse, 19 Prescott, house 12 Fourth, 

Brooks Sager, filecutter, house 30 Rock 
Brooks Sarah J. Mrs. house 24 Water 
Brooks Stillman, machinist, house 66 Lawrence corporation 
Brooks William F. B. hairdresser, 276 Merrimack, h. rear 245 do. 
Broomhead George, grinder, house 26 Walnut 

state Mutual Life Assurance Co., AVorcester, Mass. A safe aud eco- 
nomical Company to insui-e iu. HUJVT <& CLLIOTT, Agts. (See p. 375.) 


Brophy Catharine Mrs. boarding-house, 51i- Lowell 
-Brophy James & M. B. provisions and groceries, Lowell, cor. Dum- 

mer, boards 51^ Lowell 
Brophy IMary, widow, boards 42 Middle [51|- Lowell 

Brophy Michael B. (/. Sf M. Brophy), Lowell, cor. Dummer, boards 
Brothers Charles, Middlesex corporation, boards rear 53 Charles 
Brothers Geo. W. clerk at Gas Company's office, boards 33 Charles 
Brothers Henry C. clerk, Wamesit Bank Building, boards 33 

Brothers Joseph, machinist, house 33 Charles 
Brothers Norman, laborer, house 29 Howard's ave. 
Brothers Rhoda, widow, house 2(3 Clay 

Brouillett Olivier, bricklayer, house Parker's block, Centralville 
Brown Aaron, overseer yard Mass. corporation, house 57 do. 
Brown Alfred, carpenter, house 59 Church 
Brown Alfred, carpenter, boards River road, Dracut 
Brown Alice, variety store, 97 Central, boards 243 do. 
Brown Allen H. house 13 Adams, Franklin square 
Brown {Alpheus H.) & Alger {Edwin A.), counsellors, 55 Cen- 
tal, house 9 Kirk 
Brown Animi, water-gauger, house 31 Suffolk, Franklin square 
Brown Amos F. building mover, house 117 Middlesex 
Brown Amos S. teamster, house 12 Smith 
Brown Benjamin G. teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Brown Bradbury D. farmer, house Stevens, n. Parker 
Brown Charles, waiter, American House, boards do. 
Brown Charles E. woodworker, house 22 Varney 
Brown Charles H, carpenter, boards 52 Charles 
Brown Charles J. shoemaker, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Brown Charles W. clerk, Merrimack, cor. John, bds. 65 Andover 
Brown C. blacksmith, boards 2 Middlesex place 
Brown Daniel, operative, house rear 56 Moody 
Brown Daniel W. cabinet-maker, house 35 High 
Brown Darius C. manuf. wire heddles, loom harnesses, and reeds, 

Warren, corner Church, house 89 Church 
Brown Deliverance P. boarding-house, 3 Lowell Corporation 
Brown Edward L. machinist, house 41 Merrimack corporation 
Brown Edwin R. oiler, boards 45 L. M. S. corporation 
Brown Emma Mrs. house 9 Massachusetts corporation [Chestnut 
Brown Ephraim, pres. Howard Fire Ins. Co. (Boston), house 35 
Brown Eugene M. teamster, boards 12 Smith 
Brown {Francis) & Carter {H. P.) painters and paper-hangers, 

200 Middlesex, house 106 Howard 
Brown Francis, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 105 High 
Brown Frank, clerk, Warren, corner Church, boards 89 Church 
Brown Frank, wood-chopper, house Morrison's block 
Brown Frank J. scale maker, house 120 Moody 
Brown Frederick, stonecutter, boards 54 Rock 

Insure your life in the State Mut. Life A. Co. All policies are non- 
forfeitable by State law. HUKT <fc ELLIOTT, Agts. (See page 375.) 


Brown George H. teamster, boards 12 Smith 
•^ Brown Harrison, fruit, &c. 145 Central, house do. 
Brown Henry A. carpenter, Thorndike, near Madison, h. 87 do. 
Brown Hiram, wood, Chelmsford, near Lincoln square, house Hale, 

near Lincoln 
Brown Hiram J. machinist, house 54 Middlesex 
Brown James, carpenter, boards 45 Appleton 
Brown James, gardener, house 84 Gorham 

Brown James, at Print Works, bds. 115 Merrimack corp. [Fletcher 
Brown Jerome B. woodworker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 37 
Brown Joel, mason and whitewasher, house 87 Moody 
Brown John, shoemaker, boards 340 Merrimack 
Brown John A. bleachery, house Moore, near Bleachery 
Brown John S. weaver, boards '2d Boott corporation 
Brown Jonas E. hairdresser, 181 Middlesex, boards 68 Bartlett 
Brown Joseph F. pressman, boards 119 Central 
Brown Joseph S. dry goods, 54 Merrimack, house 18 Stackpole 
Brown Josiah W. machinist, house 56 Rock 
Brown J. Barnard, foreman Lowell Machine Shop yard, house 3 

Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Brown J. Barnard jr. machinist, boards 3 L. M. S. corporation 
Brown Leonard, house 154 East Merrimack 
Brown Levi, captain police, house 265 Central 
Brown Louisa E,. boarding-house, 29 Boott corporation 
Brown Mary, widow, house 340 Merrimack 
Brown Mary Mrs. house Front, near River, Centralville 
Brown Michael, laborer, at Gas Works, house 11 Winter 
Brown Myron C. carpenter, rear 55 Gorham, house do. 
Brown Nellie M. teacher, No. 26 Primary school, b. 31 Suffolk 
Brown Nelson, Warren, c. Church, boards 89 Church 
Brown Nicholas P. laborer, house 118 Lowell 
Brown Otis J. carpenter, house 1 Suffolk corporation 
Brown Patrick, laborer, house 340 Merrimack 
Brown Patrick, laborer, house 269 Merrimack 
Brown Patrick J. laborer, house rear 19 Dummer 
Brown Robert E. soapmaker, boards 12 Branch 
Brown Ruel A. clerk, house Smith 
Brown Samuel A. Mrs. house 426 Merrimack 
Brown Samuel R. bobbinmaker, boards 29 Boott corporation 
Brown Samuel T. house 67 Third, Centralville 
Brown Sarah, widow, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Brown Sarah J. boarding-house, 3 Lowell corporation 
Brown Stephen, carpenter, house 165 Broadway 
Brown Stephen, painter, 22 Middle, boards Appleton block 
Brown Thomas, machinist, boards 12 Keene 
Brown Thomas machinist, house 83 Broadway 
Brown Walker C. watchman, Massachusetts corp. h, 7 Pleasant 
Brown Walter H. carpenter, boards 87 Thorndike 

NAEEA6ANSETT INS. CO. "^iS^T^^u.^'^Z^^ 


Brown "Willard, house 65 Fayette [Merrimack 

Brown Willard A. leather and findings, 88 Market, house 390 

Brown William, house 65 Andover [Linden 

Brown William, provisions, Gorham, near Congress, h. Union, cor. 

Brown Wm. D. clerk, local sup. office Northern depot, b. 67 Third 

Brown William H. machinist, boards Wilson lane 

Brown Wm. H. operative, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Brown Wm. J. engineer, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Brown William M. peddler, house 229 Middlesex 

Brown William 0. carpenter, L. M S. house 20 Franklin square 

Brown William P. carpenter, house 46 Howard 

Brown Woodward, house 5 Merrill's court 

Brownell George, house 51 Church 

Brownell Hiram, machinist, boards 70 L. M. S. corporation 

Bruce George, laborer, house 34 William 

Bruce William G. Mrs. house 32 Rock 

Brunette John, printer, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 12 Winter 

Bryant Charles, carpenter, boards Railroad, near Hale 

Bryant Charles, bridge builder, boards 109 Appleton 

Bryant Cyrus, cabinetmaker, house Jackson, corner Middlesex 

Bryant Daniel, grocer, 110 Middlesex, house 55 Summer 

Bryant Elisha, laborer, house 3 Knowles place [ville, Centralville, 

Bryant Frank, entry clerk, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards Conant- 

Bryant George E. cabinetmaker, house 57 Appleton 

Bryant Hosea B. millwright, house 41 South 

Bryant' James H. machinist, house 4 Goward place 

Bryant Jenny M. Mrs. saloon, 133 Middlesex, house do. 

Bryant J. Hervey, overseer, Appleton corporation, house 21 do. 

Bryant Lyman P. blacksmith, house 5 Appleton corporation 

Bryant Mertoun C. Mrs. house 14 Kirk 

Bryant Otis H. machinist, boards 41 South 

Bryant Solon, spinner, house 19 Appleton corporation 

Bryant Theron A. boards 21 Appleton corporation 

Buce Henry, mat-weaver, boards 2 Hale 

Buchanan James W. laborer, house 94 High 

Buchanan John, jr. stonemason, house 6 Cady 

Buck Benjamin, laborer, house 1 Swift 

Buckland Henry, machinist, house Livingston's block, Appleton 

Buckland John, overseer, Appleton corporation, house 10 do. 

Buckley Edward, blacksmith, house 7 Knowles place 

Buckley Henry, machinist, boards 33 Lagrange 

Buckley Jeremiah, laborer, house 1 Howe 

Buckley John F. clerk, 179 Middlesex, h. Smith, near Liberty 

Buckley Michael, wood dealer, Gorham, c. Union, house 42 South 

Buckman Peter, carpenter, house Ninth, below Bridge, Centralville 

Buckmaster John, cardstripper, house rear 16 Dummer 

Buckminster , machinist, boards 13 Franklin sq. 

Buel A. L. engineer at Norcross & Saunders', b. 278 Middlesex 

fTl^Vl^^T AATR TATQ ffi Assets $560,000. HUNT 



Buel Frank, engineer, boards 278 Middlesex 
BufFum Joshua, house 27 Chestnut 
Bugbee Charles H. painter, boards 31 Cushing 
Bugbee Clara, widow, boards 37 Tremont corporation 
Bugbee Worcester, carpenter and boarding, h. 40 L. M. S. corp. 
Bugby J) Webster, carder, Lawrence, boards 26 Suffolk corp. 
Bulger Christopher, coachman, house 23 George 
Bulger jMary, widow, house Davidson, corner Howe 
Bullard Otis, police, house 32 Cabot 

Bullens Frank M. machinist, boards 10 L. M. S. corporation 
Bullens Joseph M. contractor, L. M. S. house 10 L. M. S. corp. 
Bullens Stephen A. machinist, boards 10 L. M. S. corporation 
Bullock Elisha C. cabinet-maker, boards 76 Dutton 
Buhner George, laborer, house Seventh, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Bulmer Sarah J. Mrs. house 21 Spring 

Bunker William, building mover, h. Seventh, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Burbank Andrew J. carpenter, house 68 Appleton 
Burbank ( Charles H.) & Winnek ( William G.), tailors, 53 Cen- 
tral, house 21 Anne 
Burbank Daniel W. foreman at Dexter Chase's, boards 46 Willie 
Burbank John J. spinner, house 288 Middlesex 
Burbank Leonard, boards Mammoth load, Dracut 
Burbank Levi S. teacher High School, house 403 Merrimack 
Burbank Samuel Mrs. house 35 Anne 

Burbank Thomas W. dresser, house 163 Merrimack corporation 
Burbeck Hattie L. ]Miss, dressmaker, 121 Central, boards do-. 
Burch John, locksmith, 324 Merrimack, house 43 Hanover 
Burger Henry, hairdresser, 276 Merrimack 
Burgess Alfred, hairdresser, 22 Central, bds. River, Centralville 
Burgess Augustus D. blacksmith, house 43 South 
Burgess Charles W. machinist, boards 24 Central 
Burgess Dwelley W. blacksmith. Mechanics Mills, h. 88 Howard 
Burgess Ebenezer, trunks, &e. 38 Central, house 22 Bartlett 
Burgess Frank, clerk, boards Liberty, opposite Hastings 
Burgess George, carpenter, house 35 East Merrimack 
Burgess George, machinist, boards 13 Franklin square 
Burgess George, wireworker, bds. First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Burgess George F. carpenter, boards 22 Bartlett 
Burgess Henry E. hairdresser, 276 Merrimack, boards 37 Central 
Burgess Horatio, draughtsman, boards 21 Kirk 
Burgess J. A. hairdresser, 22 Central, boards Biver, Centralville 
—Burgess Rufas H. piper and variety store, 24 Liberty sq. h. do. 
Burgess Thomas F. & Co. (Otis Allen), machinists, 235 Middle- 
sex, house Liberty, opposite Hastings 
Burgin John, machinist, Hamilton corporation, house 38 do. 
Burgin William, machinist, boards 38 Hamilton corporation 
Burgoynp Patrick, spinner, Middlesex corp. house 83 Church 
Burlie Daniel, laborer, house 41 Adams 

N.AMEEICAN FIKE INS.CO.,"hu*iJt^^ ^L^feir^'t^: 


Burke George Eev house 8 Higli-street square 

Burke George, rag gatherer, house 8 Davidson 

Burke John, Laborer, house 5 Cross 

Burke John, operative, boards 36 Boott corporation 

Burke Mary, widow, house opposite 40 Adams 

Burke Michael, picker, Boott, boards 1 John-street avenue 

Burke Patrick, laborer, house rear 25 Middle 

Burke Patrick, laborer, boards 1 John-street avenue 

Burke Patrick, operative, boai'ds 30 Hamilton corporation 

Burke Patrick, machinist, house 70 Gorham 

Burke Thomas, laborer, house rear 28 Fayette 

Burke William A. treasurer, Suffolk and Tremont corporations, 

house Nesmith, beyond Mansur 
Burkley Levi, blacksmith, William, n. Central, h. 24 Davidson 
Burleigh Ann M. widow, boarding-house, 15 Merrimack corporation 
Burley Joseph S. plasterer, house Linden 
Burley Stewart, mason, boards 226 Central 
Burnap Ethan, house 17 Tyler 

Burnett Robert, carpenter, boaids 114 Merrimack corporation 
Burnett Samuel, laborer, boards 35 iNIassachusetts corporation 
Burnham Aaron C, Boston & Lowell Railroad, house Hale, near 

Burnham Albert W. (S. L. 4- W. G. Ward S^ A. W. Burnham), 

dentist, 5 Savings Bank building, h. Varney, c. Mt. Wash. 
Burnham Charles, teamster, house 154 Gorham 
Burnham Crawford (^Howes & Burnham), lumber. Button, near 

Wamesit Steam Mills, house do. 
Burnham Emma F. Miss, clerk, 60 Merrimack, boards 5 Hale 
Burnham George N. clerk freight depot, boards 16 Westford 
Burnham Norman, B. & L. freight depot, house 16 Westford 
Burnham Philetus, paymaster Prescott Mills, h. 22 Prescott corp. 
Burnham Walter, physician, Middlesex, cor. Central, h. 31 Tyler 
Burnham Walter, operative, boards 6 Jackson 
Burnham Willie G. ins. agent (B), boards 16 Westford 
Burns Chastina H. house School, corner Liberty 
Burns David, spinner, house 11 Davidson 
Burns Edward, carpenter, house 6 East Merrimack 
Burns Elias, overseer Prescott Mills, house 7 Massachusetts corp. 
Burns Elizabeth, widow, house 5 T)4er's block, Centralville 
Burns James, laborer, house 22 George 
Bums James, slater, house 18 Dummer 
Burns James, laborer, house 13 Somerset 
Burns James, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corp. 
Burns John, laborer, house Brewery court 
Burns John, laborer, house 20 Adams 
Burns John, machinist, house 2 Auburn 
Burns John, woolsorter, house rear 1 Green 
Burns John, spinner, boards 54 Lawrence 


Assets $3.50,000. HUNT <fc ELLIOTT, 
Agts., 38 Central St. (See page 374.) 


Burns John H. carpenter, house 10 River, Centralville 

Burns Lawrence H. 130 Merrimack, boards City-Hall avenue 

Burns Mary, widow, house 17 Union 

Burns Mary, widow, house 49 West Union 

Burns Michael, cabinet-maker, houf^e 250 Middlesex 

Burns Michael, spinner, house 37 North 

Burns Owen, Middlesex, boards 1 George 

Burns Patrick, teamster, house 22 Spring 

Burns Patrick, laborer, boards 23 Georo-e 

Burns Patrick, teamster, boards Pearl 

Burns Patrick, Middlesex corporation, house 18 Market 

Burns Patrick, oiler, house 4 Varnum's alley, Centralville 

Burns Richard, cabinet-maker, house 8 Mclntire 

Burns Thomas, engineer, at Smith Adams's, house Adams square 

Burns Timothy, laborer, house 2 Garnet 

Burns William, shoemaker, 116 Central, h. Llewellyn, Centralville 

Burns, see Byrne, 0' Beirne, and 0' Byrne 

Burpee Achsa Mrs. house Pearl, near Bow, Centralville 

Burpee Sardenia Miss, house 10 Third, Centralville 

Burrage Hamilton, clerk, Bleachery, house 280 Gorham 

Burrill Augustus, laborer, boards 96 Middlesex 

Burrill Ellen S. teacher, Green School, boards 57 Merrimack corp. 

Burrows Henry, superintendent Merrimack Print Works, house 

Worthen, corner Merrimack 
Burrows Henry A. printer, boards 144 Merrimack corporation 
Burrows Horace N. painter, boards 3 High 
Burrows Isaac, painter, boards 96 Middlesex 
Burrows James, stonecutter, boards 3 Middlesex place 
Burrows Valentine, grocer, 49 Gorham, house do. 
Burrows WilUam, operative, boards Swift 
Burt Charles H. carpenter, boards 43 Massachusetts corporation 
Burton Alexander P. hairdresser, 22 Central, house 13 Auburn 
Burton Frank, Boott corp. boards 54 do. 
Burton Henry W. carpenter, house Engine-house, Middle 
Burton Mary, widow, house 19 Union 

Burtt George N. provisions, 31 Middlesex, house 29 Church 
Burtt J. Albert, provisions, 31 Middlesex, house 20 Church 
Bush Betsey, widow, house 35 Fayette 
Bush Francis J. carder, house 309 Central 
Bushee Stillman, agent, house 9 Cabot block 
Buss W. D. clerk, 45 Merrimack, boards 134 East Merrimack 
Buswell Albert, physician, 16 Central, boards do. 
Butcher Aaron W. clerk, 17 Middle, boards 92 Appleton 
Butcher John, iron and steel, 17 Middle, h. Broadway, cor. Wilder 
Butcher John, laborer, boards 144 Merrimack corporation 
Butcher Robert, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 37 do. 
Butcher Robert H. {Am. Bolt Go.), boards Broadway, n. Wilder 
Butcher William, laborer, house 144 Merrimack corporation 

FIRST NAT'L FIRE INS.C0.,^rNTl^^i:E«TV!Tsrn«t2: 


Butler {Benjamin jP.) & Webster {William F.), counsellors, 4 

and 6 Museum Building, house Andover, n. Tewksbury line 
Butler Charles W. {Butterfeld & Butler), grocer, Dracut, Dear 

Pawtucket bridge, house do. 
Butler Charlotte Mrs. house 119 Merrimack 
Butler Ellen Mrs. house 22 Broadway 

Butler Freeman H. & Co. {John H. Buttrick), apothecaries, Cen- 
tral, corner Jack.son, house 72 High 
Butler George D. clerk, Bridge, cor. Paige, boards 16 Hurd 
Butler John, laborer, house 2 Lowell place 
Butler John, coffin-maker, 21 Gorham, house 41 "West Union 
Butler Josiah, clerk, house 1 Tyler 

Butler S. B. shoemaker, Simpson's block, house at Nashua, N.H. 
Butler William, laborer, house 35 Fen wick 
Butler William, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Butler WiUiam D. {Shorey ^ Butler,) Howe, house Mammoth 

road, Dracut 
Butman Elizabeth Mrs. house 69 School [corner School 

Butman Samuel L. harnessmaker, 196 Middlesex, house Lawson, 
Buttei-field A. Howard, driver for Conant & Co. 
Buttei-field Charles, section hand, boards 7 Appleton corporation 
Butterfield Frank 0. clerk at C. A. F. Swan's, Barristers' Hall, 
house at Tyngsboro' [9 Tremont 

Butterfield George {Barton Sf Butterjield,) 256 Merrimack, house 
Butterfield {Henry C.) & Butler {Chas. W.) grocers, Dracut, near 

Pawtucket bridge, house do. 
Butterfield Lucius, wire worker, house 2 Bangs block 
Butterfield Luther H. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 

1 South Franklin court 
Butterfield Stephen S. teamster, 9 Thorndike, h. 10 Brewery ct. 
Butterfield Stillman A. teamster, house 1 Lincoln place 
Butterfield Theodore Mrs. house 33 Howard 

Butterfield , job wagon, house 1 Lincoln place 

Butters George H. carpenter, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Butters G. S. livery and sale stable, 19 Church, h. at Tewksbury 
Butterworth Benjamin S. bolt-maker, house 202 Lawrence 
Butterworth George, operative, house 14 Tremont corporation' 
Butterworth Hugh, overseer, Middlesex Co., house fi)0t of Pleasant 
Butterworth John, shoemaker, 300 Central, house 298 do. 
Butterworth Samuel D. ( D. M. Prescott ^ Co.), 19 Middle 
Button Joel, machinist, house Austin, corner Moody 
Buttrick Abner W. Mrs. boards 384 Merrimack 
Buttrick Alden B. {Buttrick ^ Co.), 20 Market, b. 239 Central 
Buttrick Fred A. clerk, City Inst, for Savings, boards 8 Highland 
Buttrick James G. deputy U. S. Collector, house 9 Grand 
Buttrick John Mrs. house 9 Grand 

Buttrick John A. treasurer City Institution for Savings, Appleton 
block, house 3 Highland 

■RT^DFQTTTDl? TT1?T? TMQ fH Assets $1,000,000. hunt*. 

JJiLlijiollllilJ Lil JCi UN ij. UUi ELLIOTT, Agents. (See p. 374.) 


Buttrick John H. {F. H. Butler Sf Co.) , and casbier Wamesit 
National Bank, Middlesex, corner Thorndike, boards 9 Grand 

Buttrick Nathan ]Mrs. house Westford, corner School 

Buttrick & Co. (A. B. Buttrick, B. N. Webber, 0. T. Goddard, 
and P. P. Stiles), grocers, 20 Market 

Buzzell Eleazer B. teamster, 201 Central, house 3 Bay State ave. 

Byram Henry S. cabinet-maker, boards 7 Pearl 

Byram Stillman, machinist, house 7 Pearl 

Byram Sumner A. clerk, 51 Central, boards 9 do. 

Byrne James, nailer, house 4 Railroad alley 

Byrne John, clerk, 47 Lowell, house 8 rear 44 Salem 

Byrne John, teamster, house 5 Dempsey's yard 

Byrne Thomas, laborer, house 23 Green 

Byron Edward, laborer, house 14 Davidson 

Byron John, Hamilton, house 22 Davidson 

Byron Michael, laborer, house 14 Davidson 

Byron Michael, tanner, housa off Short 

Byron Thomas, laborer, house off Short 

CADMAN PATRICK, spinner, bouse High, corner Chestnut 

Cadwell Adin, machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 52 do. 

Cadwell Linus M. carpenter, house 39 Fletcher 

Cady Frances Miss, dressmaker, Carleton block, boards 22 Tyler 

Cady Frederic, stonecutter, house 86 Howard 

Cady George L. wire goods, and machinists' tools, 237 Middlesex, 

house 248 do. 
Cady Lyman, mason, bouse 12 Cady 
Cady Samuel, mason, boards 86 Howard 
Cady William R. patent medicines, 242 Central, house do. 
Caffrey Bernard, Bleachery, house Crosby 
Caffrey Michael, machinist, boards Crosby 
Caffrey Terrence, operative, house Lewis, corner Jefferson 
Cahill Abbie M. Mrs. clerk, 60 Merrimack, boards 46 Bartlett 
Cahill Bernard, spinner, boards 167 Merrimack corporation 
Cahill Catharine, widow, house 22 Fenwick 
Cahill Charles S. cigarmaker, 22 Prescott, house 46 Bartlett 
Cahill James, cardstripper, house 4 Quigley's alley 
Cahill John, spinner, house 33 Middle 
Cahill John, tailor, boards 65 Hamilton block, Middlesex 
Cahill Mary, widow, house 41 East Merrimack 
Cahill Mrs. house Thorndike, corner Hale 
Cahill Nancy, widow, boards 12 Cross 
Cahill Owen, horseshoer, 56 Gorham, house 52 Union 
Cahill Peter, laborer, house 13 Jefferson 
Cahill S. H. Miss, clerk, 107 Merrimack, boards 119 Market 
Cahill Thomas, grinder, house 7 Mill 
Cain John, carder, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 
Cain John, house 172 Suffolk 

Conuectlcut Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Hartford, Conn., HUNT A 
ElililOTT, Agents, 88 Central St. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Cain John, laborer, house Gorham, near Congress 

Cain, see Kain and Kane 

Cairn Barney, laborer, 125 Market, boards 36 Adams 

Calder John H. machinist, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 

Calderwood William, clerk, 25 Merrimack, hbuse 47 Appleton 

Caldwell Clarissa B. widow, house 67 Pawtucket 

Caldwell Edwin B. glasscutter, house -48 School 

Caldwell Lewis H. beltmaker, house 67 Pawtucket 

Caldwell Nellie Miss, boards 40 Wentworth's building 

Caldwell Pliny W. tinsmith, 8 Jackson, h. Mt. Vernon, n. Butterfield 

Calef Andrew J. {Merrill^ Galef), carpenter, 26 Middlesex, h. 

First, corner Simpson, Centralville 
Calef Susan Miss, boarding-house, 36 Boott corporation 
Call Alvin F. machinist, house 62 L. M. S. corporation 
Call Henry E. foreign coir. J. C. Ayer & Co. bds. American House 
Call JereC. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h 13 Railroad 
Callahan Bernaid, operative, h. Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan Bernard, junk-dealer, house River, Centralville 
Callahan Charles, carder, house 2 Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan Charles, carpenter, h. 6 Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan Charles, grocer, River, above Front, h. do. Centralville 
Callahan Cornelius F. clerk, boards 3 Fenwick 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, house Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan Daniel, grocer, 82 Suffolk, house 3 Fenwick 
Callahan George, machinist, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 
Callahan Hannah, widow, house 106 Suffolk 
Callahan Hugh, blacksmith, h. Richaixlson, cor. Beacon 
Callahan Jamts, saloon, 5 River, Centralville, house do. 
Callahan John, laborer, house 13 Winter 
Callahan John, carder, house 4 Brown's court, Centralville 
Callahan Michael, laborer, house 1 Davis court 
Callahan Michael, laborer, house 109 Lowell 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 5 River. Centralville 
Callahan Rose Mrs. widow, h. 1. Brown's ct., River, Centralville 
Callahan Thomas, carder, house 10 William 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, hoiise 18 Green 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 5 Spring 
Callahan Thomas, fish peddler, house 36 North 
Callahan William, bleachery, boards 5 Abbott 
Callahan William F. clerk, 82 Suffolk, boards 3 Fenwick 
Callary Peter, tanner, h. Short, c. Chelmsford 
Callen Thomas, dyer, boards 61 Lawrence corp. 
Calnan Dennis, fireman at Gas House, house rear 10 Dummer 
Calvert Anastasia Mrs., Commercial Exchange, 14 Lowell, h. do. 
Calvert Charles, machinist, boards Fletcher, c. Dutton 
Calvert Frank, machinist, boards 47 Andover 
Calvert George, machinist, boards Fletcher, c. Dutton 
Calvert John, machinist, boards 14 Lowell 

Mutnal Benefit liife Ins. Co., Ne-warlc. Assets over $18,000,000. 
HVJVT & CIiLiIOTT, Agents, ^8 Central St. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Calvert Thomas, mariner, house 14 Lowell 
Cambridge Fletcher H. carpenter, boards 100 Salem 
Cambridge Joseph L. selling agent, house 100 Salem 
Cameron Roger, machinist, boards 292 Central 
Campbell Abel M. at bleaehcry, house 23 Bleachery 
Campbell Bernard, operative, house 45 Gorham 
Campbell Bridge*, widow, house 26 Fenwick 
Campbell Charles E. fireman, house 124 School 
Campbell Fanny, widow, hi)use 6 Dempsey's yard 
Campbell Francis, at bleachery, house Crosby, near Kidder 
Campbell George, laborer, boards 26 Fenwick 
Campbell Hannah and Rose, widows, house 42 Gorham 
Campbell Hugh, machinist, house 21 Lee 
Campbell Hugh, jr. machinist, boards 21 Lee 
Campbell James P. carpenter, boards 2 ' Lee 
Campbell John, Middlesex corporation, house 38 William 
Campbell John, niachinist, boards 167 Merrimack corp. 
Campbell John, operative, house 53 Charles 
Campbell Joseph, carpenter, boards 21 Lee 
Campbell Matthew R. sashmaker, Wamesit Mills 
Campbell Robert R. designer, boards 53 Charles 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, house 4 John-street avenue 
Cancannon Patrick, carder, house 5 Brown's court 
Canfield Martin, spinner, house 92 Charles 
Canneday B. L sash-maker, boards 113 Gorham 
Canning Wm. P, machinist, boards 420 Merrimack 
Cannon Luke, laborer, house rear 26 William 
Cannon Michael, laborer, house Jefferson, n. Lowell 
Canty Eugene, Middlesex corporation, house 7 Andover 
Canty Kate, widow, house 1 Chapel 
Canty Patrick, currier, boards 1 Chapel 
Capen Charles F., Middlesex corporation, house 39 Church 
Carey Daniel, laborer, house 137 Lowell 
Carey Ellen, widow, boards 47 Chapel 
Carey John, laborer, boards 8 Hurd 
Carey Michael, laborer, house 10 Kidder 
Carey Michael, laliorer, house r. 45 River, Centralville 
Carey Michael, laborer, house 4 Kidder 
Carey Michael, laborer, house 8 Hurd 
Carey William, bleachery, house 47 Chapel 

Carey (Wilson W.) & Harris (George W.), wood-working ma- 
chinery, Broadway, corner Mt. Vernon, bouse 57 Butterfield 
Carey, see Gary 

Carkill John, farmer, house 21 High 
Carkin Dexter, city teamster, house 29 Rock 
Carkin Martha, widow, boards River road, Dracut 
Carle Asa B. carpenter, house 252 Merrimack 
Carleton AXxgq, house 25 Anne 

Business tliat can't afford Insurance is too poor to folloiv. "Wis- 
dom, prudence, experience, all say, Insure at once. (See page 371.) 


Carleton Amos, carpenter, house 2 Tilclen 

Carleton Amos Mrs. variety store, 2 Tilclen, h. do. 

Carleton E. Wyman, llou^!e 250 School, cor. Oliver 

Carleton George H Mrs. house 25 Anne 

Carleton George W. physician, house 25 Anne 

Carleton Lucy F. teacher, No. 4 Primary School, hds. 18 Chapel 

Carleton Mary F. teacher, Edson School, hds. 18 Chapel 

Carleton Nettie E. teacher, Green School, bds. 18 Chapel 

Carleton Sarah IMrs. house 18 Chapel 

Carleton & Hovey ( Charles Hovey and T. G. Tiveed) , apotheca- 
ries, 164 ^Merrimack 

Carley John D. watchman, Lowell Corp., house 69 Market 

Carley James M. machini.'^t, liMuse 19 Bleachery 

Carlton Eli B. clerk, 77 Merrimack, house Fiemont, Centralville 

Carlton Frank, mac 'inist, hou>^e 35 Central 

Carlton George, at Herrick & Peabody's, 6 First, h. Fii-st, Cent. 

Carlton Lydia A. Mrs. house 54 Rock 

Carlton Oram, carpenter, bds. First, Centralville 

Carlton William, mason, house 276 Middlesex 

Carlton, see Carleton 

Carmichael James, machinist, house Common, corner Cross 

Carmichael Jane, widow, house 75 Adams 

Carmichael Lawrence, woolsorter, hous^e 33 Salem 

Carmody Daniel, black.smith, house 88 Charles 

Games 3Iary, widow, boards 78 Middle 

Carney Catharine, widow, house McCarry's court 

Carney George .J. treasurer Lowell Institution for Savings, house 
385 Merrimack 

Carney John, laborer, house head of Merrill 

Carney John, house 16 Green 

Carney John, laborer, house 13 River, Centralville 

Carney S. H. physician, 10 Kirk, house do. 

Carolin Thomas, grocer, 8 Howe, house 89 East Merrimack 

Carpenter Anthony, operative, house rear Front. Centralville 

Carpenter Benedict 0. overseer, Mass., house 25 Prescott corp. 

Carpenter Joseph F., Prescott corporarion, house 42 do. 

Carpentier Joseph, laborer, house 2 Davidson lane 

Carpentier Joseph, laborer, house 7 Knowles place 

Carr Charles F. clerk, house 25 Massachusetts corporation 

Carr Daniel, bleacher, house 1 1 Congress 

Carr David, cabinetmaker, 20 Smith 

Carr Frank, laborer, boards 17 Green 

Carr Frank, spinner, boards 26 Hamilton corporation 

Carr Gilbert C. machinist, house 25 Massachusetts corporation 

Carr James, laborer, boards Adams, corner Cross 

Carr James M. team.ster, house 13 Smith 

Carr John, laborer, house 17 Green 

Carr Mary A. Miss, house 10 William 

HUNT & EL.L.IOTT, Fire aiid liife !iisuraii< e A^^ents. Rooms. Pres- 
cott JVat. Bauk. Building, US Central St., Low^ell. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Carr Patrick, carpet-weaver, bouse 20 Cedar 

Carr Richard, Boott corporation, house River, n. Coburn, Cent. 

Carr Sarah, widow, house 40 Boott corporation 

Carrick Ann, widow, house 10 Water 

Carrick Patrick, laborer, boards 10 Water 

Carrigan Nancy, widow, house 24 Lowell 

Carroll Andrew, tailor, house 69 Adams 

Carroll Ann Miss, house rear 52 Fenwick 

Carroll Catharine, widow, house 19 Summer 

Carroll David, operdtive, house Lynch's block, Adams 

Carroll Francis, machinist, boards 76 Lowell 

Carroll George Mrs. house 48 Middle 

Carroll Henry L. boards 68 Warren 

Carroll James, starcher, house 34 Crosby 

Carroll James, loom-fixer, house Lynch's block 

Carroll John, dyer, house 18 Howe 

Carroll John, blacksmith, house rear 23 Cedar 

Carroll John, l.iborer, house rear 25 Middle 

Carroll John, laborer, boards 29 Cross 

Carroll Mary, widow, house 24 Worthen 

Carroll Oweu Mrs. house 66 Grorham 

Carroll Sylvester, laborer, house 4 Railroad avenue 

Carroll Thomas, lal)orer, house Fenwick, near the church 

Carroll Thomas, woolsorter, boards 19 Suunner 

Carroll Thomas, engineer, house 1.'3 Ctdar 
Carroll, see Carle and Caryll 

Carson Gectrge, moulder, boards head of Worthen 

Carson Joseph I^L's. house head of Wortlien 

Carter Albert D. wool-scouring, Whipple's Mills, house 50 High 

Carter Charles B. stable, Paige, opp. Baptist Church, house do. 

Carter Charles E. clerk, Central, cor. Jackson, bds. 26 Thorndike 

Carter Daoiid, farmer, housa 304 Gorhatn 

Carter Eliza E. W. boarding-house, 4 Boott corporation [Railroad 

Carter Enoch B. watchmaker, 83 Central, house 6 Bangs block. 

Carter Henry P. {Brown S^ Carter), 200 Middlesex, boards 59 

Carter Horace A. carpenter, house 300 School 
Carter John Townsend, carver, boards 304 Gorham 
Carter John W. cabinetmaker, house Oliver, cor. Wanalancit 
Carter Joseph, house 101 East Merrimack [road, Dracut 

Carter Nathaniel C. sewing-machines, 109 Merrimack, house River 
Carter Stanley, machinist, boards 76 Button 
Carter Win. C. & Co. (P. S. Coburn), wool-sorting and wasting, 

Whipple's Mills, house Orange 
Carter Wm. F. machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 64 do. 
Carter Wm. H. {Livingsfon, Garter, Sf Co.), 7 Thorndike, house 

Walker, near Pawtucket 
Cartmell Isaac, sash and blind maker, h. Pine, near Liberty 

Boot anil ?Uoe Factories, Machinery and Stock therein, insured by 
HUJVT &, KbLiIOTT, Insurance Agents, 38 Central Street. 


Cartwright Geovgo P. maebiaist, boards 4 Suffolk corporation 

Carty Lucy Miss, house IG George 

Caruther Thomas, stamper, house 31 Bleachery 

Carvell Ahuon, carpenter, boards 188 Merrunack corporation 

Gary Thomas, at J. C. Ayer's, house First, near Bridge, Cent. 

Gary, see Garey 

Caryl Eilwia F. weaver, house 27 Appleton corporation 

Gary 11 Charles, carpenter, boards 89 Howard 

Caryll Henry, carpenter, 244 Middlesex, house 89 Howard 

Caryll, see Carle and Carroll 

Casey Cornelius, laborer, boards 13 Winter 

Casey Daniel, laborer, house rear 15 Dummer 

Casey Daniel, laborer, house 20 Lewis 

Casey Daniel, mariner, house 24 Hurd 

Casey Hugh, baker, house 5 Jefferson 

Casey James, laborer, house 74 Lowell 

Casey Joseph, stonemason, boards Montgomery House 

Casey iMichael, house 72 Lowell 

Casey William J. hairdresser, 4 Central, bds. 28 Mass. corporation 

Gashman Eilen, widow, house 26 North 

Gash worth Bartholomew, carpenter, house 12 Chapel 

Caskin Dennis, house Front, Centralville 

Caskin James, jack-spinner, house 19 Winter 

Cass Elsie, widow, house 59 Eist Merrimack 

Cassey Joseph, machinist, boards 137 Middlesex 

Cassey Thomas, laborer, house 85 Moody 

Gassidy Catharine Mrs. widow, house rear 40 Appleton 

Cassidy Charles, laborer, house 172 Groi-ham [ville- 

Gassidy Jaiues, cigarmaker, 19 Merrimack, boards Front, Central- 

Cassidy John, carpenter, house 86 Suffjlk 

Cassidy John, second hand. Chase Mills, bds. Montgomery House: 

Cassidy John, plasterer, boards 172 Gorham 

Gassidy M try, widow, boards 66 Gorham 

Gassidy Michael, carder, house 2 Davis court 

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, boards 23 Wamesit 

Gassidy Patrick J. at U. Kitson's, hou-se Front, Centralville 

Cassidy Peter, carpenter, house rear 83 Lowell 

Cassidy ilobert, painter, house 172 Gorham 

Castles Heury, operative, house 1 Hancock avenue 

Castles Hanry, carder, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Castles Joseph, Suffolk corporation, boards 156 Lowell 

Castles Step'ien, laborer, house Castles' block, Jefferson 

Caswell Aiden Y. tick-et agent, B & L. R. R. house 103 Cross 

Caswell Aloiizo, machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 174 do. 

Caswell Clark R. conductor L. & L. R. R. house 38 Cabot 

Caswell Henry, watchman, Hamilton 

Caswell Michael B. fireman, house 6 Dodge 

Caswell O^car, engineer, L. & R. R. house 42 Rook 

Cotton au'.l WooleM Mills, Macliiiiery and Stoclc therein, insured 

by UiJiV '£" «Sfc KLiLiIUTT, Insurance Agents, 38 Central Street. 


Caswell Sarah A. widow, boards 45 Boott corporation 
Gates John A. weaver, bouse 39 Prescott corporation 
Cates William H. weaver, bouse 39 Prescott corporation 
Caton James, porter, Merrimack, c. Jobn, bds. 3 Nesmitb's blk. 
CaulSeld Jobn, machinist, house Hampshire, Centralville 
Cavanaugh Augustine, laborer, boards 12 Cabot [ville 

Cavauaugh Bartholomew, farmer, h. Sixth, n. Christian, Central- 
Cavanaugh Bridget, widow, house 15 Elver, Centralville 
Cavanaugh Joseph, carder, house 12 Cabot 
Cavanaugh Margaret, widow, house 5 Hancock avenue 
Cavanaugh Michael, laborer, house 13 Green 
Cavanaugh IMichael, at bleachery, house 36 Bleachery 
Cavanaugh Patrick, shoemaker, house 22 Howe 
-"Cavanaugh Terrence, laborer, boards 2 John-st. avenue 
"Cavanaugh Thomas, variety store, 173 Gorham, house do. 
Cavanaugh William Joseph, cabinet-maker, boards 12 Cabot 
Cavanaugh, see Kavanagh 
Cavendish Hannah J. widow, house 6 Floyd 
Caverly Amos T. cloth room Mass. corporation, bouse 37 do. 
Caverly Charles H. carpenter, boards 106 Merrimack 
Caverly Daniel D. house 37 Branch 
Caverly Ira, carpenter, house Elm, Centralville 
Caverly John H. clerk, Merrimack Manuf. Co. b. Elm, Centralville 
Caverly {Robert. B.) & Gove {Dana B.), counsellors, 27 Merri- 
mack, house Third, corner Fremont, Centralville 
Cawley John, boards 46 West Union 
Cawsey John, Stott's Mill, house 7 Chestnut 
Cawsey William, Stott's Mill, house 24 High 
Chabot John, teamster, house 322 Merrimack 
Chadwick Charles Henry, weaver, boards 1 Hamilton corporation 
Chadwick Charles H. weaver, house 4 Pond 
Chalifoux J. L. salesman, 20 Merrimack, boards 11 Worthen 
Chalk Clarissa Mrs. boarding-house, 29 Suffolk corporation 
Chalmers Albert B. cigars, &c., 9 Merrimack, bds. 14 Salem 
Chalmers James B. cigars, &c., 9 Merrimack, bds. 14 Salem 
Chamberlain Calvin T. undertaker, 23 Prescott, h. 394 Merrimack 
Chamberlain Etienne, laborer, house rear 92 Moody 
Chamberlain John R. Middlesex corp. house 6 Prescott corp. 
Chamberlain Lysander, carpenter, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Chamberlain Sarah Mrs. dressmaker, 280 Merrimack, bouse do. 
Chamberlin Burleigh T. machinist, Appleton corp. house 28 do. 
Chamberlin (Charles) & Jockow (J. G.) blacksmiths, 285 Merri- 
mack, house 3 Willie 
Chamberlin Chester L. clerk, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, b. 27 Church 
Chamberlin Cornelius W. machinist, Arch, house rear 3 Dodge 
Chamberlin Joseph {Geo. E. Mitchell ^ Co.), Elm, house 145 

Chamberlin Joseph A. wood dealer, h. Chelmsford, opp. Forrest 

Chnrclies, School Houses, and otlier PubHc Buildiiij^s, iusured for 
one or five years, by HUNT «fc EliLrlOTT, 28 Central Street. 


Cliamberlin Richard H. clerk {Boston), boards 27 Church 
Chambers Cyrus, silk-dyer, 252 Gorham, house 276 do. 
Champagne Pierre, laborer, house 4 Salem 
Champeau Charles, laborer, boards 3 Farson's court 
Champeau Clovis, laborer, boards 11 Middlesex place 
Champeau Sophia, widow, house 4 Salem 
Champlin George W. painter, house rear 18 Grand 
Chandler Alfred D. contractor L. M. S. h. Westford, n. Grand 
Chandler Charlotte Mrs. house 128 Merrimack corporation 
Chandler Elizabeth Mrs. house 134 Suffolk 

Chandler Ezra, house 28 Merrimack corporation [ford, near Grand 
' Chandler Francis H. & Co. grocers, 201 Middlesex, house West- 
Chandler George H. assistant superintendent Merrimack Manufac- 
turing Company, house 28 Merrimack corporation 
Chandler Hermon, physician, GJ Hurd, house do 
Chandler James, laborer, house 42 Dummer 
Chandler Luther, house 92 Merrimack 

Chandler Lysander, physician, 62 Central and 271 Essex, Law- 
rence, house 62 Central 
Chandler Mary C. Mrs. house rear 20 Winter 
Chandler M. E. Mrs. dressmaker, 92 IMerrimack, house do. 
Chandler Roscoe, hosiery mill, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Chandler Simeon, weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 62 do. 
Chandler Susan, widow, house 40 Fayette 

Chandler Wm. R. at hosiery mill, boards 71 Lawrence corporation 
Chapin Arthur, operative, house 11 Race 
Chapin Samuel, carder, Merrimack corporation, house 58 do. 
Chaplin Silas T. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 15 Thorndike 
ChapHn Wiseman W. carpenter, house 119 Moody 
Chapman Christopher, bleachery, boards Montgomery House 
Chapman Clifton, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
Chapman John, house rear 30 Summer 
Chapman John, carpenter, house 101 Merrimack corporation 
Chapman Olive M. widow, house Crosby 
Chapman Stephen L. at patent-leather foctory, b. Lincoln, n. Main 

Chapman , machinist, boards Liberty square 

Charette Alexander, laborer, house 9 Middlesex place 

Charles Patrick, laborer, house 13 River, Centralville 

Charlesworth Thomas, spinner, house 183 Lawrence 

Charlton James, laborer, house 13 William 

Charlton William, dyer, house 49 ]\Iarket 

Charnley Richard, machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 13 do. 

Charters Ward, carpenter, house Bridge, c. Seventh, Centralville 

Charters William, blacksmith, house 45 Fayette 

Charters Willie A. boards 45 Fayette 

Chase Aaron B. finisher, house 7 OUver 

Chase Abel C. house 30 Church 

Chase Alfred H. woollen manufacturer, Lawrence, h. 49 Nesmith 

Is your Real Estate and Personal Property insured in reliable 
offices T If not, call on HUNT &. ELLIOTT, 88 Central Street. 


Chase Celestia P. teacher, Mann School, boards 7 Tilden 

Chase Charles, lather, house 3 Spring 

Chase Charles, lather, boards 111 Central 

Chase Charles A. clerk, 253 Merrimack, house rear 255 do. 

Chase Charles A. boards 9 Nesmith 

Chase Charles C. principal High School, house 9 Nesmith 

Chase David, bookkeeper, C. B. Coburn's, bouse 11 Fourth, Cent. 

Chase Dexter, spring-bed manuf. Broadway, corner Mount Vernon, 

house at Boston 
Chase Frank N. clerk at Old Lowell Nat. Bank, bds. 9 Nesmith 
Chase George, machinist, boards 29 Marshall 
Chase George F. physician, 118 Middlesex, house do. 
Chase George W. clerk, boards 5 Chelmsford 
Chase Harvey B. superintendent Chase's Mill, b. 386 Merrimack 
Chase Herbert G. spring bed-bottom maker, house 7 Oliver 
Chase Ira M. provisions, 253 Merrimack, h. Mammoth road, Dracut 
Chase Jacob K. carpenter, house 24 Suftblk corporation 
Chase {JohnK.), Sargent {F. W.), k Shattuck {H. B.), bard- 
ware, cloths, and clothing, 5 Central, house 31 Nesmith 
Chase Joseph, beltmaker, Mei'rimack corporation, house 20 do. 
Chase Lorenzo, shoe dealer, 7 Tildeu, house do. 
Chase Lucian H., Hamilton, house 52 Tyler 
Chase Mills, Lawrence, below Whipple's Mills 
Chase Moses B. shoemaker, house Middlesex, corner Howard 
Chase Nellie A. Miss, dressmaker, 2 Appleton block, house do. 
Chase Nelson, blind and sash maker, house 12 Chestnut 
Chase Olive Mrs. house 29 Marshall 
Chase Olive, widow, house 85 Salem 
Chase Philander H. finisher, house 8 Cady 
Chase Samuel A. principal Mann Scliool, house 50 Bartlett 
Chase {Samuel M.) & Hildreth {Fred A.), printers, 9 Savings- 

Bank building, house 22 Oak 
Chase Sarah E. Mrs. boarding-house, 124 Middlesex 
Chase Warren E. peddler, boards 35 South 
Chase William K. clerk, 47 Central, boards 31 Nesmith 
Chase William W. machinist, JMerrimack corporation, h. 143 do. 
Chatel Onezime, carpenter, house Chapel, near Charles 
Chatland John, laborer, house rear 43 Salem 
Chatterton Robert, spinner, house 133 Lawrence 
Cheever Appleton F. machinist, house Adams, c. Lagrange 
Cheever Benjamin, boards 14 Franklin square 
Cheever Elbridge, farmer, house 9 Pleasant, Centralville 
Cheever Ezekiel B. machinist, boards 76 L. M. S.. corporation 
Cheever Henry, machinist, house 151 Broadway 
Cheever James P. blacksmith, house 246 Middlesex 
Cheever Joel B. teamster, house 31 Lagrange 
Cheever Kirk, at J. C. Ayer's, house 81 Appleton 
Cheever JMary h.. Mrs. house 5 Varnum's alley, Centralville 

HUNT &> ElililOTT will iusure your Stock, Machinery, Tools, 
Utensils, Apparatus and Fixtures, 38 Ceutral Street. (See page 374.) 


Cheever Oliver, laborer, house May, near March, Centralville 

Cheever Warren, painter, boards 14 Franklin square 

Chefreau Eugene, bleachery, house 48 Gorham 

Chenery Loring W. engineer, house 10 Bleachery 

Cheney Charles, clerk, 187 Middlesex, boards do. 

Cheney Charles W. fancy groceries, 5 Middle, boards 2 Branch 

Cheney Cleveland J. overseer. Locks and Canals, house Worihen, 

near Blechanic 
Cheney Cleveland J. jr. clerk, 46 Merrimack, boards Worthen, 

near Mechanic 
Cheney Daniel P. bobbinmaker, house Chelmsford, near Grand 
Cheney David J. ."Merrimack corporation, house 116 do. 
Cheney Elias, carpenter, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Cheney Franklin, house Liberty, near Smith 
Cheney George S. & Co. grocers, 149 Central, house 177 Moody 
Cheney John E. draughtsman, boards 2 Read, Centralville 
Cheney John L. (^Parker ^ Cheney), bobbin manuf. Wamesit 

Steam Mills, house 2 Read, Centralville 
Cheney Luther S. Mrs. house 4 Branch 

Cheney Sarah A. widow, house Quebec, corner Manchester, A. C. 
Cheney Walter A. moulder, boards 4 Branch 
Cheney Warren, clerk, 5 Middle, boards 72 Church 
Cheney William Mrs. hoop-skirts, &c. 168 Merrimack 
Cheney William F. student, boards Liberty, near Smith 
Chesley Albert, Tremont corporation, boards 4 Tilden court 
Chesley Harrison W. carpenter, house 156 Middlesex 
Chesley Isaac Mrs. house 2 Tilden court 
Chesley John T. house 258 Merrimack 
Chesley Levi W. hairdresser, 4 Central, boards 9 do. 

Chesley , hairdresser, boards 358 Merrimack 

Chick Isaac, machinist, boards 61 L. M. S. corporation 

Chick R. H. widow, house 28 Suffolk corporation 

Chickering John, carder, house 5 Harrison 

Chickering Sally, widow, house 5 Harrison 

Childs George W, overseer Walker's, house 2 Lawrence 

Chilou Aiken, laborer, house 1 Eagle block, Middlesex 

Chiloa Francis, laborer, house 2 Eagle block, Middlesex 

Chiperfield Thomas, dyefj boards 14 Warren 

Chisholm George, machinist, Lawrence corp. boards 43 do, 

Choate Asa, stonemason, house 174 Merrimack corporation 

Choate George, house 46 Andover 

Choate George W. clerk, 5 Central, boards 46 Andover 

Choate George W. sashmaker, house 8 Wamesit 

Choate James A. clerk, boards 46 Andover 

Choate James F. sawyer, house 8 Albro block, Cushing 

Choate William H. clerk, boards 46 Andover 

Christeen Charles, polisher, house 85 Merrimack corporation 

Christie Catharine, widow, house rear 75 Charles 

Christie James, machinist, house 78 Chui'ch 

Hofvard Fire Iiisurauce Co.'s Lio-ivell Office is at No. %% Central St., 
-vvitli HUNT &, ELL.IOTT, Agents. (See page 374.) 


Christie Robert, weaver, house Front, Centralville 

Christie William, weaver, house 78 Church 

Church Charles R. painter, house Paige, near Bridge 

Church Henry C. insurance, also paper, batting, and wadding, 23 
Central, cor. Middle, house 90 South 

Church Henry W. clerk. 23 Central, boards 90 South 

Church Joseph ( G. Ripley Sf Co.), Congress, h, at Hartford, Conn. 

Church Lemuel, moulder, house 122 Cross [Conn. 

Church Leonard {G. Ripley 4" Co.), Congress, house at Hartford, 

Church Waldo B. machinist, boards 122 Cross 

Churchill Addison, house 266 Merrimack 

Churchill Charles Mrs. house 420 Merrimack 

Churchill Daniel & Co. (-ff. L. Read and C. M. Gilman), suspen- 
der manuf., First, opposite Read, Cent., h. Hale, cor. Grand 

Churchill Frank, machinist, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Churchill Mary J. boards 52 Paige 

Churchill Moses, stonecutter, School, corner Boston and Lowell 
Railroad crossing, boards 54 Rock 

Churchill Nathaniel, agent, house 98 East Merrimack [block 

Churchill Richard F. overseer, Faulkner's Mill, h. 6 Faulkner's 

Churchill Samuel P. 59 Dutton, house 74 Market [Chelmsford 

Churchill Sheldon W. grocer, 58 Middlesex, house Lincoln, near 

Cilley George E. carpenter, house 15 Hurd . 

Cilley , machinist, boards 19 South 

Claflin James, woolsorter, house 152 Lowell 

Claflin James H. mason, boards 152 Lowell [Washington, D.C. 

Clancy M. A. secretary, 4 and 6 Museum building, house at 

Clapp Lewis, machinist, house 18 Tremont corporation 

Clapp Richard M. marble-worker, boards 358 Merrimack 

Clapp Zebulon, cabinetmaker, house foot of Abbott 

Clapper Richard, machinist, house 16 Central 

Clark Asa D. deputy State constable, 21 Central, h. Horn, c. Lane 

Clark Asa P. painter, boards 120 Merrimack 

Clark Benjamin F. {Boston), house 20 Chapel 

Clark Betsey Mrs. variety store, 9 Tilden, house do. 

Clark Charles, painter, house 25 Market 

Clark Charles 1). operative, house 1 Albro's block, Cushing 

Clark C. Martin, machinist, house 156 Merrimack corporation 

Clark David, carpenter, house 297 Middlesex 

Clark Dustin, boarding-house, 29 Hamilton corporation 

Clark Edward D. moulder, house 153 IMiddlesex 

Clark Edwin A carpenter, house 93 Howard 

Clark Edwin R. (U. S. A.), house 93 Howard 

Clark Elias, hack-driver, 170 Central, boards 166 do. 

Clark Ezra, Merrimack corporation, house 36 do. 

Clark Frank, bleachery, boards 113 Gorham 

Clark Franklin, sashmaker, boards 23 Willie 

Clark Geo. shoemaker, house 56 Moody 

HUNT «fc EliHOTT, 28 Central St., are Aj^ents for several of the 
best Stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Co.'s. (Seepages 374, 375.) 


Clark George, cabinetmaker, boards Westford, corner School 

Clark George W. tinsmith, boards 52 Massachusetts corporation 

Clark Hannah M. P. Mrs. house 252 Central 

Clark Henry A. at bleachery, boards Luther's court 

Clark Hiram E. teamster, house 54 Lawrence corporation 

Clark Hiram F. shoemaker, house 35 Tremont 

Clark Jacob, variety store, 140 Central, house do. 

Clark James G. bailer, boards 9 Tilden 

Clark Jane Mrs. variety store, Broadway, cor. ]Mt. Vernon, h. do. 

Clark Jeremiah, agent Lowell Card Company, and manuf . of loom 

harness, twine, and knitting yarns, 96 i^Iiddle, h. 36 Suffolk, 

corner Lagrange 
Clark John, carpenter, house 160 Gorham 
Clark John, laborer, house 39 Middle 
Clark John, painter, house W. Union, corner Gorham 
Clark John, laborer, house 5 Coburn, Centralville 
Clark John, jr. Hamilton, boards 160 Gorham 
Clark John H. clerk, 140 Central, house 34 Middlesex 
Clark Joseph, section hand, house Crosby 
Clark Julia Miss, dressmaker, 6 Tilden 
Clark Lydia, widow, boards 24 Bianch 
Clark Matthew, house 79 Cbarles 
Clark Michael, laborer, house 25 Winter 
Clark Michael, laborer, house 24 Lowell 
Clark Michael C. gi'ocer, 19 East Merrimack, house do. 
Clark Nathan W. wheelwright, at Joel Jenkins's, house 8 Race 
Clark Oliver, second hand, Lawrence corporation, house 74 do. 
Clark Orrin N. moulder, house 37 L. M. S. corporation 
Clark Ozro C. machinist, house 2 Goward place 
Clark Peter, carder, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Clark Samuel S. machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 
Clark Thomas, blacksmith, 163 Central, house rear 68 Charles 
Clark William, painter, house rear 50 Tyler 
Clark William, patternmaker, house 5 Franklin square 
Clark William B. boards 35 Wentworth's building 
Clark William H. variety store, 147 Central, boards 69 Charles 
Clark William J. stonecutter, house 33 South 
Clark William L. policeman, house 25 Mount Vernon, Centralville 
Clark William W. weaver, house 40 Prescott corporation 
Clary James, laborer, boards 45 Chapel 
Clary Michael, fireman, bleachery, house 164 Lawrence 
Clary Micliael, harness-painter, house 59 Middle 
Clary, see Cleary 

Claskey William H. weaver, house 3 Boott corporation 
Clay Frank, l)oards 2 Suffolk corporation 

Clay Henry, clerk, 320 Merrimack, boards Tremont corporation 
Clay John, mason, boards 2 Suffolk corporation 
Clay John H. house Suffolk, corner Broadway 

state Mutual Life Assurance Co., "Worcester. Mass., Issue every 
desirable^orra of Life lus. and Enclo-vrmeut Policy. (See p. 374.) 


Cleabes Willard G. carpenter, boards 19 South 

Cleary Bridget, widow, house Carter, n. Gorham 

Cleary Dennis, laborer, house Merrill, near Taylor 

Cleary Michael jr., bricklayer, boards 164 Lawrence 

Cleary Patrick, finisher, house 3 Livingston 

Cleary, see Clary 

Cleaves William G. carpenter, boards Appleton Bank building 

Clegg James, machinist, boards 13 Salem 

Clegg Joseph, foundry, house 13 Salem [Summer 

Clemence Wm. H. deputy sheriff, 10 Barristers' Hall, house 75 

Clement Alpha, engineer, B. & L. R. B. house 82 Howard 

Clement Daniel W. house 22 Rock [Dracut line 

Clement Eaekiel A. grocer, 273 Merrimack, house Hildreth, near 

Clement Nathan, carpenter, boards 54 Rock 

Clements Albert M. stonecutter. School, corner Railroad crossing, 

boards Lane, near Westford 
Clements Frank, boards 8 Tremont corporation 
Clements George A. (Cal.) house 146 Jackson 
Clements Robert J. second hand, boards 10 Union 
Clements Thomas, machinist, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 
Cleworth John ( William Cleworth& Son), reedmaker, 84 Middle, 

boards 56 Church [Walnut 

Cleworth Walter, foreman, " Courier " office, house Chapel, cor. 
Cleworth William & Son (John), reedmakers. Barker's building, 

84 Middle, house 50 Church 
Clifford Alden, carpenter, Lawrence corporation, boards 13 do. 
Cliff'oid Arthur I. clerk freight depot, boards 28 Howard 
Clifford Arthur L. contractor, L. M. S. house 28 Howard 
Clifford Charles T. hairdresser, 112 Merrimack, boards 154 Suffolk 
Clifford Frederick, beltmaker, Lawrence corporation, boards 75 do. 
Clifford George W. asst. foreman at H. & A. Whitney's, bouse 8 

Lagrange court 
Clifford Raeburn G. billiards, over Post-Office, house 61 Bartlett 
Clifford Thomas, house 10 Adams block 
Clifford Warren, clyer, Weare Clifford's, house 56 High 
Clifford Weare, silk dyer, 2 and 4 Andover, house 72 Fayette 
Clogston Daniel F. Massachusetts corp. house 21 Prescott eorp. 
Clogston John, machinist, boards 7 Appleton corporation 
Clough Henry H., Merrimack corporation, house 39 do. 
Clough Henry P. farmer, house 82 Bridge, Centralville 
Clough Herschel P. G. clerk, 4 Merrimack, boards 82 Bridge 
Clough Horatio B. brass finisher, 84 Middle, boards 9 Central 
Clough H. Byron, at hosiery mill, boards 75 Lawrence corporation 
Clough Ira, clerk, 80 IMerrimack, house 162 Moody 
Clough {Ira ^.) & Boynton {H A.), crockery, glassware, &c. 

80 IMerrimack, boards 162 Moody 
Clough Jlarshall H. city librarian. City Government Building, 

house Seventh, opposite Read, Centralville 

Life and Kudo^viiient Assurance. Be sure and get tlie terms in the 
State Mutual Life A. €o. before insuring elsewhere. (See page 375.) 


Clayton Edwin L. carder, boards 65 Lawrence corporation 
Clayton L. woolsorter, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 
Clough Natlian, house -43 Third, Centralville 
Clough Rosanna F. Mrs. house 6 Race 

Clough Stilhnan {Himels, Chug//, Sf Co.), granite yard, Thorn- 
dike, near the jail, house 77 Appleton 
Clough Thomas H. driver, L. H. R. R. boards 52 Chapel 
Clough Walter S. grocer, 8 Tilden, house do. 
Clune Peter, tailor, 74 Market, house 86 Charles 
Clune Peter, bleachery, house .8 Livingston 

Clynes John, furnaceman, Willie, corner Datton, house 48 Lewis 
Coakley James, cutter, 156 jMerrimack, boards 14 Cabot 
Coates Christopher, house Varnum, Centralville 
Cobb Anna Mrs. house 64 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Cobb Frank B. machinist, boards 64 L. M. S. corporation 
Cobb John Mrs. house 26 Suffolk, Franklin square 
Cobb Joshua S. farmer, h. Swan, near City line 
Coburn Abel, milkman, house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Alonzo A. teller, Prescott National Bank, boards 14 Cabot 
Coburn Alonzo L. beltmaker, house First, Centralville 
Coburn Andrew J. weaver, Boott corporation, house 18 do. 
Coburn Anfort (^Cambridge) , house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Charles, freightman, house 91 Appleton 
Coburn Charles A. cabinetmaker, boards 91 Appleton 
Coburn Charles B. & Co. (^Charles H. Coburn), paints, oils, &c. 

1 and 2 Mechanics' building, Dutton, house Colbnrn, near 

Coburn Charles C. carpenter, house 18 Third, Centralville 
Coburn Charles H. (^Charles B. Coburn S)- Co.), paints, oils, &e. 

Mechanics building, house 393 Merrimack [Grand 

Coburn Clarence G. clerk, 201 Middlesex, boards Westford, corner 
Coburn Daniel, millwright, house 35 Walnut 
Coburn Edward C. carpenter, house 1 Garnet 
Coburn Edward F. clerk, at C. B. Coburn & Co.'s, boards Colburn, 

near Merrimack 
Coburn Fordyce, overseer of repairs, at bleachery, house 18 

Coburn Franklin,' clerk, C. B. Coburn & Co. house 375 Merrimack 
Coburn Frederick V. shoemaker, 14 Middle, house 18 Church 
Coburn George F. clerk, 58 Middlesex, boards 18 Church 
Coburn Geo;-ge W., United States assistant assessor, 2 Nesmith 

block, house at Dracut 
Coburn Harriet S. widow, boards 42 Branch 
Coburn Henry, jeweller, 143 Central, boards 35 Walnut 
Coburn Henry Adams, former, house Stevens, near Chelmsford 
Coburn Henry Albert, farmer, house Chelmsford, near city line 
Coburn Henry R. mason, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Coburn Horace B. house Andover, near Park 

Parties desiring- Fire or Iiife Policies in 31ass. or other Co.'s, can 
procure tliem through HUNT & ELLIOTT, at lowest rates, (pp.374,375) 


Coburn James M. clerk, Piailroad National Bank 

Coburn James V. Mrs. house 50 Appleton 

Coburn John, Middlesex, boards 26 5lassachusetts corporation 

Coburn John H. shuttle manufacturer, h. First, n. Bridge, Centralv. 

Coburn John M. farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Coburn Joseph B. V. Mrs. house Mount Pleasant, Centralville 

Coburn Joseph B. V. farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Coburn Joseph B. V. jr. carpenter, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Coburn Lyman M. mason, boards 9 Fifth, Centralville 

Coburn Monroe, Lawrence corporation, bds. 26 Mass. corporation 

Coburn Nathaniel B. farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Coburn Newton, carpenter, Merrimack corp. h. Coburn, n. Hildreth 

Coburn Orville D. photographist, 19 Central, house 263 Central 

Coburn Oscar, farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Coburn Otis A. painter, house 141 Merrimack corporation 

Coburn Peter S. _( W. C. Carter ^ Co.), Whipple's Mills, house 

Pawtucket bridge, Dracut 
Coburn Prescott, boards Gates, near Westford 
Coburn Samuel, machinist, house 11 Hancock avenue 
Coburn Samuel A. grocer (Boston), house Tenth, opposite Myrtle 
Coburn Shuttle Co. First, near Read, Centralville 
Coburn Stephen A. farmer, house Chelmsford, near city line 
Coburn Susan Mrs. house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Thomas J. house Tenth, opposite Myrtle, Centralville 
Coburn Timothy, ftirmer, house River road, Dracut 
Coburn Walter, at Chase Mills, boards 286 Central 
Coburn Walter, boards Colburn, near Merrimack 
Coburn (Willard) & Park {Robert), masons. River road, above 

Pawtucket bridge, Dracut, house do. 
Cochran Dennis, laborer, house 16 Jefferson [Lagrange 

Cochran George, saloon, Dutton, cor. Wamesit court, boards 44 
Cochran Henry H. machinist, house Crosby 
Cochran James, laborer, house 26 William 
Cochran James, laborer, house 86 Middlesex 
Cochran John, carder, house 27 River, Centralville 
Cochran John, dyer, house 15 Walnut 
Cochran John, jr. woolsorter, boards 15 Walnut 
Cochran John C. weaver, house 24 Wamesit 
Cochran Josiah, painter, house 39 Willow 
Cochran Julia A. boarding-house, 12 Boott corporation 
Cochran Michael, laborer, house 90 Charles 
Cochran Samuel, umbrella-repairer, house 18 Cross 
Cocklin Michael, laborer, house 57 Feuwick 
Cody Michael, laborer, house 23 Tremont 
Cody William, machinist, boards 23 Tremont 
Coe Stanley S. teamster, house 93 Howard 
CofF James, teamster, Willie, corner Dutton 
Coff" Martin, watchman, Willie, corner Dutton 

Surveys and Estimates made for Insurance on Mills, Manufac- 
tories, and otiier property, at short notice, by HUNT &> EIiLIOTT* 


Coffey Bridget, ■widow, house 92 Suffolk 

Coffey James J. clerk, Lowell, cor. Hanover, boards 92 Suffolk 
Cogan Peter, Jliddlesex, house 5 Water [house 12 Ash 

Coggeshall Frederick P. bookseller and stationer, 51 Merrimack, 
Coggeshall George M. clerk, 51 Merrimack, boards 12 Ash 
Coggin Jacob {Page, Kidder, Sf Co.), Thorndike, cor. Dutton, h. 

at Tewksbury 
Coggins John, spinner, house John-street avenue 
Coggins Michael, laborer, house Railroad alley 
Coggins Patrick, laborer, 84 Middle 

Cogswell Lorenzo D. patternmaker, house 12 Fifth, Centralville 
Coholan Thomas, moulder, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 
Colbath John 0. cabinetmaker, boards Howard House 
Colbui'n A. A. Mrs. millinery,! Welles blk. h. Pine, near Westford 
Colburn Elias H. carpenter, house Pine, near Westford 
Colby Amos, pump and block maker, Howe, h. Blanchard place 
Colby Amos W. hackman, 21 IMerrimack, bds. Washington House 
Colby Charles A. stone worker, house 11 Cedar 
Colby Charles C. farmer, boards Stevens, near Forrest 
Colby Daniel B., Appleton corporation, boards 7 Decatur 
Colby Daniel S. teamster, house 339 Middlesex 
Colby Enoch, boards 7 Decatur 

Colby John, picker, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Colby John, shuttlemaker, boards 52 Charles 
Colby John W. house 166 Moody 
Colby Mary Mrs. boarding-house, 20 Boott corporation 
Cole Asa, laborer, house 2 Pollard's avenue 
Cole Augustus, moulder, boards 113 Grorham 
Cole {Danville) & Nichols (Albert F.), iron and brass founders, 

Dutton, corner Willie, house Mt. Vernon, between Varney 

and Bowers 
Cole David Mrs. house 66 South 

Cole Francis, picker, Massachusetts corporation, house 62 do. 
Cole Harriet, widow, house 39 Bridge, Centralville 
Cole John, stockcutter, house foot of Congress 
Cole Richard, stonecutter, boards Howard House 
Cole Thomas, gigger, house 23 North 

Cole William H. confectioner, 37 Central, boards 25 Market 
Coleman Dorainiek, pickertender, house 47 West Union 
Coleman James, mulespinner, house rear 55 Middle 
Coleman Jeremiah, laborer, house 104 Lowell 
Coleman John, police, house 81 Church 
Coleman John B. conductor, H. R. R. house 47 West Union 
Coleman Martha, widow, house 13 Union 
Coleman Patrick, laborer, house Swift, near Whipple 
Coleman Patrick, laborer, house rear 18 William 
Coleman Walter, Boott corporation, house 9 Lee 
Colgan Richard, laborer, house 56 Middle 

Increasing Annual Cash Dividends in tlie State Mutnal Liife A. Co., 
Woi-cester. Books aud circulars free. HUI^'T &, ELLIOTT, Agents. 


Colgrove Peter, laborer, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Colkins J. Thomas, boards 19 Tremont corporation 
CoUinge Sarah Mrs. house 346 Central 
Collins Barney, farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Collins Benjamin F. dry goods, 84 Merrimack, h. Beacon, n. Paw- 
Collins Charles H. machinist, house 43 L. M. S. corp. 
Collins Daniel B. bookkeeper at H. & A. Whitney's, boards 139 

Collins David M. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 23 do. 
Collins Dennis, laborer, house High, corner Chestnut 
Collins Dennison D. spinner, house 2 Lawrence corporation 
Collins Edward B. moulder, house 73 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Collins Ellen, widow, house Donahoe's yard 

Collins Ellen, widow, house McCarry's court 
Collins Enos, currier, boards 260 Merrimack 
Collins George, Middlesex, boards 26 Hurd 

Collins George F. engineer, house 31 Fletcher 

Collins Hannah, widow, house Marion, near Cross 

Collins James, grocer, 68 Lowell, house do. 

Collins James H. minister at large. Free Chapel, boards 34 Hurd 

Collins John, flagman, house 150 School 

ColHns John, laborer, house 106 Suffolk 

Collins John, helper, house 8 Broadway 

Collins John, machinist, boards 18 Dummer 

Collins Lucy B. boarding-house, 5 Merrimack corporation 

Collins Mary, widow, house 3 Sullivan's yard 

Collins Michael, at Print Works, bds. 115 Merrimack corporation 

Collins Michael, helper, boards 8 Broadway 
•Collins Patrick, boltmaker, house 2 Clark's court 

Collins Patrick, machinist, house Fletcher, corner Cross 

Collins Susan, house 34 Rock 

Collins Thomas, overseer, house 254 Central 

Collins Thomas, laborer, house rear 26 William 

Collins Thomas, overseer, Lowell corporation 

Collins Timothy, operative, boards McCarry's court 

ColHns Timothy Mrs. house 18 Dummer 

ColHns William' Mrs. house 49 West Union 

Colliton John, laborer, house 72 River, Centralville 

Collomb Antoine, laborer, house 1 Adams 

Colson Charles D. clerk, Hamilton, boards 134 Merrimack corp. 

Colson Delia, boarding-house, 134 Merrimack corporation 

Colson George H. carver, house 39 South 

Colwell Philip, grocer, 68 Gorham, house 164 Central 

Combs Asher, stonecutter, boards 278 Middlesex 

Combs Elizabeth and Mary Misses, boarding-house, 6 Mass. corp. 

Comerford Garrett, house 30 Lowell 

Comerford James, printer, house 89 Merrimack corporation 

liife Insurance for $35,000, $50,000, and $100,000, is not rare now- 
a-days. Slirevvd men invest in it. (See State M. Life A. Co. adv. p. 375.) 


Comerford Richard, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 145 

Merrimack corporation 
Comins Thomas B. jr. clerk (Boston), hoards 1 Salem 
Comstock Miles, maclnnist, boards rear 31 Cushing 
Conant Abel, house 9 Lagrange [Smith 

Conant Abel E., U.S. and Canada express. Northern depot, h. 9 
Conant {Ahel E.) & Co. {Geo.E. Slanley and J. M. Sprague), 

teamsters, freight depot 
Conant Andrew, farmer, house near Dracut line, Conantville 
Conant George W. moulder, boards 9 Smith 
Conant Henry A. cigars and tobacco, 194 Merrimack, house do. 
Conant Horace J. janitor and carpenter, house 52 i iMerrimack 
Conant John, overseer Lowell Hosiery Company, house 74 Cross 
Conant John H. spinner, Lawrence corporation, house 4 do. 
Conant Julius E. livery stable, 170 Central, house 13 Elm 
Conant Noah, house rear 1 Tilden 

Concannon Michael, laborer, house rear Castle's block, Jefferson 
Condon Ellen, widow, house 21 Adams 
Condon James, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Condon Joanna, widow, house Lowell, cor. Jefferson 
Condon Kate, widow, house 21 Adams 
Condon Mary, widow, house 23 Adams 
Condon Mary Mrs. house 51 Adams 
Condon Patrick, laborer, house r. 75 Lowell 
Condon Patrick, laborer, house 3 Adams 
Conert George, foundry, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Coney John, laborer, house 49 West Union 
Congdon Barnabas, second hand, boards 7 Warren 
Conger Alzina, house 1 Boott corpoi-ation 
Conihe William, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 19 do. 
Conklin Daniel, watchman, house 1 Boott corporation 
Conlan Patrick, laborer, boards 46 West Union 
Conlan Thomas, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Conley Frank, laborer, house 3 Hancock avenue 
Conley Frank, shoemaker, boards First, near Bridge, Centralvllle 
Conley James, laborer, house 5 Knowles place 
Conley Mai-garet, widow, house 6 Jefferson 
Conley Michael, laborer, house 40 Lowell 
Conley Nancy, widow, house Cross, near Adams 
Conley Owen, house 15 Salem 
Conley Patrick, machinist, house rear 30 Lewis 
Conley Peter, masontender, house 5 Hancock avenue 
Conley Thomas, laborer, boards 6 Jefferson 
Conley Thomas, laborer, boards 1 Madison 
Conley Thomas, spinner, house 15 William 
Connell George, laborer, house 3 Baldwin's court 
Connell John, pressman, 222 Merrimack, h. 3 Weir's blk. Merr. 
Connell John, laborer, house 7 Dempsey's yard 

HUNT & ELLIOTT, Fire & Life Ins, Agency, rep'g over 850,000,000 
Assets, 38 «.eutral St., Prescott Aat. Bank Bld-g. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Conn ell John W. sawyer, house Lane, near Westford 

Connell Mary, widow, house rear 16 Dummer 

Connell Maurice, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 

Conner James A. machinist, boards 41 Fletcher 

Conners Philip, teamster, house 2 Short 

Connerton Patrick, spinner, house 118 Suffolk 

Conniton Bridget, widow, house rear 20 Summer 

Conniton JMartin, laborer, boards Front, near River, Centralville 

Connolly John, laborer, house 28 Bleachery 

Connolly William Mrs. house 7 Franklin square, Adams 

Connor Patrick, pressman, 5 Central, h. Coburn, n. River, Cent. 

Connors Dennis, laborer, house 74 Oorham 

Connors Elizabeth, widow, house rear 15 Hancock avenue 

Connors George W. weaver, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 

Connors Hannah, widow, house 34 Cedar 

Connors James Mrs. house 57 River, Centralville 

Connors Michael, house 17 Adams 

Connors Michael, laborer, house 55 Common 

Connors Patrick, laborer, house 1 A2)pleton 

Connors Patrick, laborer, house 9 Carolin's block 

Connors William, carder, house River, Centralville 

Connors , laborer, house 8 Tyler's block, Centralville 

Conran Arthur, operative, house 156 Lowell 

Conroy B. Mrs. house 12 North 

Conroy James, weaver, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Conroy John, boards 12 Charles 

Constantinople Ambrose, laborer, house 94 Moody 

Constantinople David, laborer, house 87 Moody 

Constantinople Henry, carpenter, house 30 Salem 

Convers George H. clerk, 163 Central, boards 7 Tyler 

Convers Samuel, carriage-manufacturer, 163 Central, h. 7 Tyler 

Convers Samuel E. 163 Central, house 7 Tyler 

Con very Patrick, screwmaker, house 6 Broadway 

Conway Bartholomew, operative, boards 38 Boott corporation 

Conway Bernard, laborer, house 8 Cross 

Conway Edward, operative, house 44 Lowell 

Conway Elizabeth, widow, house head of Front, Centralville 

Conway George, moulder, boai'ds 61 We^t Union 

Conway James, at Print Works, boards 134 JMerrimack corporation 

Conway John, tanner, house 79 Charles 

Conway Joseph, engraver, Hamilton, house 61 West Union . 

Conway 3Iargaret, widow, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Conway iMary, boards 13 Anne 

Conway iMichael, at bleachery, house rear 22 Winter 

Conway Michael, machinist, boards Jefferson, near Lowell 

Conway IMichael, stonemason, house 18 Davidson 

Conway Michael, operative, house 13 Hanover 

Conway Michael, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 


6^ BUiott, Agt's. (See p. 374.) 


Conway Patrick, laborer, liouse 15 William 
Conway Patrick, laborer, R. R. boards rear 68 Charles 
Conway Thomas, currier, house Congress, near Hale's Mills 
Conway Thomas, laborer, house rear 68 Charles 
Coogan William, spinner, boards 79 Church 
Cook Albert C. glovemaker, boards 35 High 
Cook Albert G. (/. G. Ayer S^ Co.), house 142 Fletcher 
Cook Benjamin L. lather, house 21 Spring 
Cook Charles M. watchman, house Robinson, near Congress 
Cook Charles S. lather, house 6 Garnet fat Milford, Mass. 

Cook Elbridge G. currier and tanner, Lincoln, Ayer's City, house 
Cook Frank, bungmaker, boards 330 Merrimack 
Cook {Gilman G.) & Taylor (Albion C), dry goods, 48 Merri- 
mack and 107 Central, boards American House 
Cook Haven P. tailor, 11 Central, house 14 Willow 
Cook Henry, spinner, house 76 Lawrence corporation 
Cook James, laborer, boards 103 Lowell 
Cook James, secretary Lowell Mutual Insurance Company, 49 

Central, house 180 East Merrimack 
Cook John, at P. Lynch's, 41 3Iarket 
Cook John L. laborer, house 23 Union 

Cook Mark H. shoe cutter, house Bridge, c. Third. Centralville 
Cook Maurice, watchman, boards Robinson, near Congress 
Cook Peter A. house 27 Howard 
Cook Rebecca, widow, house 330 Jlerrimack 
Cook Revilo, currier, boards Lincoln, corner Chelmsford 
Cook Thomas, carder, house 5 Pleasant 
Cook William, painter, house 7 River, Centralville 
Cook William, section hand, house River, near Front, Centralville 
Cook William G. Mrs. variety store, 325 Merrimack, house do. 
Cooke Edwin H. clerk, Post-Office, boards 8 Read, Centralvdle 
Cooke Homer A. editor, house 8 Read, Centralville 
Cookson James, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 
Cookson William, carpenter, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 
Cooledge Franklin S. spinner, Merrimack corporation, house 57 do. 
Cooledge Jacob S. machinist, house 55|- Merrimack corporation 
Coolidge Catharine, widow, house 4 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Coolidge George, painter, house Gorham, corner Manchester 
Coolidge Martin, laboi-er, boards 4 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Coolidge Michael, laborer, house rear 102 Lowell 
Cooney John, laborer, house 49 West Union 
Cooney Simon, teamster, house 22 Winter 
Cooney Simon jr. machinist, boards 22 Winter 
Cooney William J. shoemaker, 138 Lawrence, house do. 
Cooper Alexander, painter, boards 140 Meriimack corporation 
Cooper Aurora C widow, boards 35 Adams 
Coojier Charles F. driver steamer No. 3, house do. 
Cooper Henry, boards 52 Andover 

T> A PTPTf TATQ nr\ Assets CGold) §1,600 000. Hmiit & 
lAuiliu liNk?. \J\J> Eiliott, Agt's. (see page 74.) 


Cooper Henry C. clerk, 7 Central, boards 1 Lawrence corporation 

Cooper Isaac, overseer weaver, Lawrence corporation, house 1 do. 

Cooper Samuel Gr. starnpmaker, boards 14 High st. sq. 

Cooper William H. expressman, Merr. st. depot, h. 28 Howard 

Cope Abraham, weaver, boards 72 L. M. S. corporation 

Cope Edwin, loom fixer, house 69 Charles 

Copeland Charles C clerk Howard House, boards do. 

Copeland Edward W. teamster, boards Howard House 

Copeland Thomas, machinist, boards 63 L. M. S. corporation 

Copp John, carder, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

Corbeille Georges, painter, house 3 Farson's court 

Corbett Charles L. milkman, house 103 Pawtucket 

Corbett John G.(Marshall Sf Corbett,) 103 Pawtucket, house do. 

Corbett Josiah L. teamster, house 4 Lagrange ct. 

Corbett Michael Mrs. house Water, corner Pond 

Corbett Michael, provisions, 65 Gorhara, house do. 

Corbett Catharine, widow, house 2 Pleasant 

Corcoran Joremiah, watchman, house 50 Common 

Corcoran John, picker-tender, house 45 West Union 

Corcoran, see Cochran 

Corey Alvin, fireman, house 53 Merrimack corporatioQ 

Corey Charles, watchman, boards 49 Cushing 

Corey, sec Cory 

Corfield Mary, widow, house 7 Spring 

Corlis Florella, nurse, house 340 Central 

Corliss Elijah, trader, house School, near Liberty [tucket 

Corhss Horatio G. F. counsellor. Museum building, bds. 53 Paw- 
Corliss John, laborer, house 52 Fenwick 

Corliss John L. farmer, house 53 Pawtucket 

Cormier Joseph, carder, house 10 Howe [house 158 Moody 

Corner John & Co. (^AJfred Dozois), grocers, 306 Merrimack, 

Corner Josiah, house 4 Willow place 

Corner Josiah T. clerk, house 6 Willow place 

Cornock Frederick H. baker, boards 261 Merrimack 

Cornock James, shoemaker, house 5 Water 

Cornock James Mrs. baker, 261 Merrimack, house do. 

Cornwell Betsey Mrs. widow, house Chelmsford, near Grand 

Corr Daniel, laborer, house 11 Congress 

Corr John, at bleacheiy, houi?e 4 Cro by 

Corr John jr. at bleachery, house Crosby, near New 

Corr Patrick, Stott's Mills, house 34 Cedar 

Corr Peter, saloon, boards 4 Crosby 

Corr Thomas, bhicksmith, boaids 4 Crosby 

Corrigan Anthony, bleachery, house 29 Cedar 

Corrigan Patrick, laborer, house 24 Hurd 

Corson Frank VV. carder, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 

Cory William M. overseer yard, Lawrence corporation, h. 28 do. 

Cosgrave Henry, painter, boards 47 Charles 

GEEMANIA TIRE INS. CO., ^^k£^!:'^e^i^t: 


Cosgrove John, grocer, 272 Merrimack, house 274 do. 

Cosgrove Peter, laborer, house rear 120 JMiddlesex 

Cosgrove Sarah, widow, house River, above Front, Centralville 

Costello Edward, spiimer, house 24 Gorham 

Costello Edward, clerk, 55 Dutton, house rear 10 Howe 

Costello Ellen, widow, hou"<e 31 Fenwick 

Costello James (7'. Costello & Co.), stoves and tinware, 118 Cen- 
tral, boards 70 Gorham 

Costello James, Middlesex, house 31 North 

Costello Michael, tailor, 164 Central, house do. 

Costello ]-*atrick, at bleachery, house 5 Livingston 

Costello Patrick, laborer, house 12 Summer 

Costello Robert Mrs. house 70 Gorham [tral, house 42 Elm 

Costello Thomas & Co. {J. Costello), stoves and tinware, 118 Cen- 

Cote John, carpenter, house 7 Middlesex place 

Cote Joseph, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 

Cote Joseph, laborer, boards 7 Cabot 

Cote Paul, carpenter, house rear 120 Middlesex 

Cote Pecer, mechanic, house 7 Middlesex place 

Cottin<^ham Michael, laborer, house 22 Dummer 

Cottiugham Patrick, laborer, house 2 Quigley's court 

Cotton (Mai) & Moore (Ckas.), fish, 11 Prescott, h. 51 Bartlett 

Cotton Warren B. boards 51 Bartlett 

Cottrell Richard, laborer, boards rear 90 Appleton 

Cotwell Charles, tinpeddler, boards 104 Middlesex 

Coucher Mary, widow, house 9 Middlesex place 

Coughlau Bridget, variety store, 338 Merrimack 

Coughlaa Ellen F. teacher. No. 32 Primary School 

Coughlan Hannah, widow, house 17 Hanover 

Coughlan Hannah, widow, house 6 Adams 

Coughlan James, driver, H. R. R. house 23 Andover 

Coughlan Jeremiah, laborer, house 50 Common 

Coughlan Mary, widow, house 17 Duinmer 

Coughlan Michael, machinist, house 121 Lowell 

Coughlan Thomas, carpanter, house rear 20 Summer 

Coughlin Catharine, widow, house 37 Fenwick 

Couilliard Horace W. printer, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 

Couilliard Joseph, blacksmith. Arch, near Northern depot, house 

43 Fletcher 
Couloaibe Antoine, laborer, house Adams, corner Salem 
Coulorabe Antoine jr., laborer, house Adams, corner Salem 
Coulson Catharine Miss, boards 60 Gorham 
Coulson Rosanna, widow, boards 60 Gorham 
Coulson Samuel, grocer, 60 Gorham, house do. 
Coupal Antoine, laborer, house 322 Merrimack • 
Coupe William, section hand, house 14 River, Centralville 
Courchaine Joseph, painter, house 9 Cabot 
Coursay Darby, laborer, house rear 56 Dutton 


Boston. Assets $400,000. 
Hunt <& Elliott, Agts. (See p.374. 


Coursay John, spinner, house 7 Chestnut 
Coursay William, spinner, house 26 High 
Courser David, painter, house 12 Pleasant 
Courser William H. teamster, house 72 Lowell 
Courtemanches Peter, hairdresser, 72 Middlesex, house do. 
Courtney Daniel, laborer, house rear 10-4 Suffolk 
Courtney Dennis, laborer, house 49 Fenwick 
Courtney Francis, salesman, 49 River, boards do. Centralville 
— >Courtney John {P. Sf J. Courtney)^ grocer, 104 SutFolk, house do. 
Courtney Patrick & John, grocers, 104 Suffolk, house 88 do. 
Courtney William, provisions, 49 River, house do. Centralville 
Courtois Moise, laborer, -house 282 Merrimack 
Coveny John, Lawrence corporation, boards 24 do. 
Cowan William, Middlesex, boards 2 Reed's Court 
Coward Jacob B. blacksmith, Whipple's Mills, house 39 Charles 
Cowdrey Burnham, overseer planing, Norcross & Co., h. 16 Queen 
Cowdery Silas, brassfinisher, 84i Middle, house 62 Church 
Cowell James, boards 11 Kidder 
Cowell William, carpet-printer, house 11 Kidder 
Cowen Daniel Mrs. house Water, near Pond 
Cowen David, laborer, house 158 Lawrence 
Cowen William, boards Water, near Pond 
Cowen William, machinist, house 57 Market 
Cow leg E. G. Mrs. house 37 Willow 
Cowies H. L. Gr. phrenologist, house 37 Willow 
Cowley {Oharles) & Allen (^David ), counsellors, 75 Central, 

house 154 Lawrence 
Cowley Eliza, teacher. No. 18 Primary School, boards 154 Lawrence 
Cowley John, boards 154 Lawrence 

Cowley Sarah, widow, boards 21 Church [59 Butterfield 

Cox Fayette, machinist, Broadway, corner Mount Vernon, house 
Cax James, dyer, house 48 East Merrimack 
Cox James, gardener, house 51 Charles 
Cox James, shoemaker, house 43 Davidson 
Cox John, watchman, L. M. S. boards 148 Central 
Cox John, Hamilton, boards 148 Central 
Cox John S., Middlesex corporation, house 12 Water 
Cox Nelson, farmer, house near Navy Yard, River road, Dracut 
Cox Owen W. machinist, boards 48 East Merrimack 
Cox Patrick, house 56 Hamilton block, Gorhara 
Cox Patrick, machinist, boards 21 Summer 

Cox Simon, shoemaker, 224 Merrimack, house 56 Hamilton block 
Cox William, laborer, boards rear 120 Middlesex 
Crabbe Joel, machinist, boards 113 Glorham 
Crafts Henry C. weaver, house 111 East Merrimack 
Craig John, laborer, house 1 Merrill 
Craig Patrick, helper, boards 78 River, Centralville 
Craio; Patrick, laborer, boards 1 Merrill 

HOWARD FIRE INS. CO., ^""T^h^l^^W^t^r" 


Craig Robert, clerk, 139 Lowell, boards 7 Suffolk court 

Cram Jobu L. teamster, boards 13 Smith 

Cramer William, boots and shoes, 12 Tilden, house do. 

Crandall S. B. T. clerk, 39 Market, house 29 do. 

Crane Ebenezer, house Quebec, n. Lincoln, A. C. 

Crane Edward B. ( G. Crane 8^ Son), boots and shoes, 120 Central 
boards School, opposite Gold 

Crane George & Son {Edward B.), boots and shoes, 120 Cen- 
tral, house School, opposite Gold 

Crane John, laborer, house 55 Common 

Crane John E. pattern and model maker, 20 Middle, house 70 
Third, Centralville 

Crane John J. laborer, house 203 Middlesex 

Crane Owen, operative, house 214 Central 

Crane Seth, cabinetmaker, boards rear 90 Appleton 

Crane William, boxmaker, boards rear 90 Appleton 

Crane William R. boards 70 Third, Centralville 

Craven James L. overseer, Lowell, house 160 Moody 

Crawford George, shoemaker, house 154 Suffolk 

Crawford John J. house 408 Merrimack 

Crehin John, laborer, house 98 Adams 

Creighton John, laborer, boards 7 Lowell place 

Creighton Peter, carpenter, house Lowell, corner Worthen 

Cressey Samuel G. bookkeeper, house 5 Oak 

Cresswell Charles H. stonecutter, house Robinson, near Congress 

Crimmins Johanna, widow, house 4 Sullivan's yard 

Crimmins John, laborer, house Cross, near Suffolk [Charles 

Critchett Hattie C. Miss, teacher, Colburn- School, boards 37 

Critchett James, stonelayer, house Bow, Centralville [N.H. 

Critchett M. B. ( CM. Kimhall S)- Co.), 2^Canal blk., h. at Concord, 

Critchett Nathaniel Mrs. house 37 Charles 

Critton Eliza, house Parker's block, Centralville 

Crockett John, mason, boards 2 Suffolk corporation 

Crockett John G. machinist, house 45 Hamilton corporation 

Crockett Leander F. machinist, house Maple, near Gorham 

Crockett Selden L., machinist, house 107 Moody 

CrofFord Julia, widow, house 80 Gorham 

Crombie William, house 33 Lagrange 

Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Swift » 

Cronan Mrs. widow, house 26 Keene 

Cronan Timothy, laborer, house 8 Jefferson. 

Crocker Abel F. (Farson Sr Crooker), 151 Middlesex, house 9 
Franklin square, Adams 

Crooker Calvin B. bleachery, house 304 Gorham 

Crooker Orin, teamster, house 93 Lawrence 

Crosby B. Frank, mason, boards Blanchard place 

Crosby Caleb Mrs. house 133 Gorham 

Crosby Charles, laborer, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 

EEPUBLIC EIRE INS. CO. '^lilLtTIiir%eeT^h'' 


Crosby Charles T. (^Marshall ^ Crosby^, cabinetmaker, rear 2 39 

Jliddlesex, house 35 Branch 
Crosby Edwin L. watchman, Hamilton 
Crosby Elizabeth Mrs. house 45 Chestnut 

Crosby Ephraim, cabinetmaker, Mechanics' Mills, house 56 Tyler 
Crosby Furniture Co. {Daniel S. Kimball ^ Wm. Taylor), iurm- 

ture manufacturers, Mechanics' Mills 
Crosby George Mrs. house 110 Appleton 
Crosby Harriet Mrs. house 65 Bartlett 
Crosby Jason, machinist, boards Wilson's lane 
Crosby Nathan, justice Police court, Court House, Corham, house 

Nesmith, near Tewksbury line 
Crosby Sylvester, bobbinmaker, house Wilson's lane 
Crosby Warren C. drain-pipe manuf., Gorham, near Madison, 

house Madison 
Cross Andrew, carpet-weaver, house 11 Lawrence [Lawrence 

Cross And^-ew B. & Geo. W. photographers, 27 Central, boards 11 
Cross Charles A. overseer Lowell corporation, house 17 do. 
Cross Charles E. marbleworker, house 123 Middlesex 
Cross Francis W. cabinetmaker, house 78 Middlesex [Lawrence 
Cross George W. {A. B. & Geo. W. Cross), 27 Central, bds. 11 
Cross Gershom R. finisher, house 3 Bleacliery 
Cross John, overseer, Naylor's carpet manufactory, h. 268 Central 
Cross Lydia M. Mrs. boards 166 Moody 
Cross William, bobbinmaker, house 3 Burns 
Crossley Robert, independent missionary, house 6 Clark's court 
Crowe Cornelius, dyer, house rear 119 Market 
Crowe John, laborer, house Joiner 

Crowe Melville, painter, 129 Lawrence, house 5 Clark's court 
Crowe Pati'ick, laborer, house 156 Lowell 
Crowe Patrick, bleachery, house 178 Lawrence 
Crowell Roscoe G. carpenter, 66 Middle, house 87 Church 
Crowell Zenas A. machinist, house 162 Merrimack corporation 
Crowfoot Elizabeth, widow, house 3 Bay-State avenue 
Crowley Ann, widow, house 83 Gorham 
Crowley Bartholomew, house rear 30 Lewis 
Crowley Bartholomew, house 3 Green 
Crowley Bridget, widow, house 13 Summer 
Crowley Cornelius, lal^prer, house 118 Lowell 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, house 35 Fenwick 

Crowley Daniel, millinery, 108 Merrimack, h. Wilder, n. Broadway 
Crowley Dennis, fireman, house 14 Salem ' 
Crowley Dennis Mrs. house 10 Broadway 
Crowley Ellen Miss, house 27 Marion 

Crowley James, machinist, boards 10 Broadway [Lagrange 

Crowley Jeremiah, counsellor, 75 Central, house 20 Adams, near 
Crowley Jeremiah Mrs. millinery, 122 Merrimack, house 20 Adams 
Crowley John, laborer, house River road, Dracut 


Assets $57'5,000. Hunt &, 
Elliott, Agts. (See pag^e 374.) 


Crowley John, laborer, bouse rear 37 Fenwick 

Crowley Lawrence, laborer, bouse 12 Cross 

Crowley Michael, laborer, house 90 Grorham 

Crowley Michael, laborer, bouse rear 13 Summer 

Crowley Michael, dressertender, house 1 56 Lawrence 

Crowley Peter, Merrimack, boards Donahoe's yard 

Crowley Robert E. machinist, boards 156 Lawrence 

Crowley Thomas F. machinist, boards 156 Lawrence 

Crowley Timothy, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 

Crown George W. machinist, house 1 Tmreont corporation 

Crowther Charles H. dyer and finisher, Lawrence, near Whipple's 
Mills, house at Middlesex village 

Crowther Isaac, woolsorter, house Lawrence, near Chase mills 

Crowther Thomas, blacksmith, house 11 Prescott corporation 

Crudden Peter Rev. house 17 Appleton 

Cuddihe John, bleachery, boards 45 Chapel 

Cuff Anthony, Lawrence corporation, boards 3 Fenwick 

CufF James, laborer, house 4 McCarry's court 

Cuff Martin, foundry, house rear 10 Little 

Cuff Richard, spinner, house 62 Church 

Cull Edmund, laborer, house 26 Winter 

Cull Thomas, marble-polisher, house 6 Whipple 

Cullen James, dyer, house 21 Chestnut 

CuUey Charles, laborer, house 1 Tilden court 

Culver J. Hatch, machinist, boards 40 L. M._ S. corporation 
Cumings George W. clerk, 175 Middlesex, boards 22 Kirk 
Cumliff James, mule-spinner, house 38 Middle 

Cummings Andrew J. weaver, house 175 Merrimack corporation 
Cummings Benjamin C. laborer, 163 Central, h. 8 Mason's court 
Cummings Calvin T. laborer, house 181 Gorham 
Cummings George F. operative, boards 270 Merrimack 
Cummings John, laborer, house 17 Cross 
Cummings John, house rear 90 Appleton 
Cummings Joseph, operative, house rear 137 Lowell 
Cummings Melville B. C. shoemaker, house 382 Middlesex 
Cummings Nicholas, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, house 35 Worthen 
Cummings Phebe M. Mrs. house 270 Merrimack 
Cummings Philip, butcher, house rear 7 Queen [Lowell 

Cummings William, cigarmaker, 128 Suffolk, boards Jefferson, near 
Cummings William H. boards 3 Mason's court 
Cummiskey Ann, widow, house 286 Merrimack 
Cummiskey Hugh, house 8 Adams, near Broadway 
Cummiskey James W. cigars, &c., 286 Merrimack, house do. 
Cummiskey Patrick, liquors, 87 and 89 Market, house do. 
Cumnock Alexander G. agent Boott Mills, house 27 Anne 
Cunningham Adam, cabinetmaker, house 31 North 
Cunningham Edward, piper, bds. 65 Mass. corporation 


Fire and Ijife Insurance Aleuts, 38 
Central Street. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Cunningbam John, laborer, house 132 Central 

Cunningham John, Lowell coi'p. house Thorndike, n. Madison 

Cunningham Joseph, spinner, house rear 10 Little 

Cunningham Patrick, teamster, Middlesex, house 21 Green 

Cunningham Patrick, peddler, boards dl}4 Lowell 

Cunningham Patrick, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Cunningham Thomas, spinner, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 

Curley Thomas, laborer, house Hampshire, Centralville 

Curran Ann, widow, house 18 Adams, near Lagrange 

Curran Barney, laborer, house 19 Winter 

Curran Bernard, laborer, house 36 Adams 

Curran Catharine, widow, house 152 Lowell [Lagrange 

Curran Edward J. harnessmaker, 163 Central, h. 18 Adams, near 

Curran F. B. stonecutter, boards 105 Central 

Curran James, operative, house 86 Middlesex 

Curran Jolm, laborer, house 43 Gorham 

Curran Miles, weaver, house Lowell, corner Maiden Lane 

Currier Ann Mrs. dressmaker, 21 John, house do. 

Currier Edwin M. wireworker, boards 35 Willow 

Carrier Jacob B. (Gordon Sf Currier^, coffin warehouse and pic- 
ture-frames, 23 Prescott, house 35 Willow 

Currier James H. laborer, house 16 Ash 

Currier Joel Mrs. house 207 Central [Wilder 

Currier John, soap-manufacturer, Lenton court, h. Broadway, near 

Currier Mary D. and Lydia Misses, house 158 Suffolk 

Currier Rhoda L. and Frances D. Misses, house 28 Race 

Currier William, Mass. Yard, boards 56 Mass. corporation 

Curry Bridget, widow, house 1 Quigley's alley 

Curry John, bleachery, house foot of Joiner 

Curry Michael, printer, house rear 140 Lowell 

Curry Patrick, laborer, house 13 Cedar '^ 

Curry Thomas, farmer, house Lane, near Liberty 

Curry Thomas, printer. City Hall ave., boards rear 140 Lowell 

Curtin John, laborer, house 10 Green 

Cur tin Patrick, laborer, house 10 Green 

Curtin William, blacksmith, house 8 Carolin block, Fayette 

Curtis Michael, moulder, house 1 Pearl 

Curtis Thomas H. lock.smith, 129 Central, house 197 do. 

Curtis William W. Mrs. house 197 Central 

Cusack John, provisions and Montgomery House, 344 Central, 
house do. 

Cashing Daniel & Co. {Geo. W. S^ Franklin Smith), cornices, 
window-caps, &c. 130 Middlesex, house 28 Pawtucket 

Gushing Daniel W. (Boston), house 28 Pawtucket 

Gushing Edward, .sawyer, 233 Middlesex, house 254 do. 

Gushing George S. (Boston), house 9 Tyler 

Gushing Joseph, house 29 Anne 

Gushing Joseph L. clerk, 130 Middlesex, boards 28 Pawtucket 

HUNT &. ELIjIOTT have facilities for placing the largest amount 
of insurance at short notice. Office, 38 Central St. (See pp. 374, 375.) 



Gushing Oliver E. agent, Lowell Gas Light Company, Middle, co,. 

ner Sbattuck, house 179 School 
Gushing Stephen, house 29 Anne 
Gushing Thomas, boards 1 Lawrence corporation 
Gusty Ann, widow, house 6 Edgerley court 
Gusty George, baker, house 68 Gorham 
Gusty Joseph H. Mrs. house 33 South 
Gusty Patrick, laborer, boards 33 South 

Gutler David M. G. Mrs. house 9 Ames [Smith 

Gutter Abijah {Richardson 4" C*.), gunsmith, 66 Gentral, h. 23 
Gutter {Stephen) & Walker {G. IF.), shoulder-braces, 48 Central, 

house 85 Summer 
Gyne Terrence, spinner, house 2 John-st. ave. 
Cyr Aubain, carpenter, house 25 Suffolk, Franklin square 
Gyr Aubain jr. laborer, house 4 Shaw's block, E. Pme 
Cyr Edelemer St., physician, 327 Merrimack, house do. 

DAGEY DANIEL, laborer, house 2 Morris court 

Dacey James, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

Dacey John, laborer, house 24 Fayette 

Dacey Timothy, gate-tender, house 57 L. M. S. corporation 

Dadmun Gerard P. clerk, 101 Central, boards 48 Church 

Daggett Harry C. carpenter, house 32 JMassachusetts corporation 

Daigle John, laborer, house 318 Merrimack 

Daily Bartholomew, spinner, house 29 North 

Daily Bridget, house 72 Lowell 

Daily. Catharine, widow, house rear 8 North 

Daily Charles, machinist, house 53 Lowell 

Daily Cornelius, moulder, house rear 13 Summer. 

Daily Dennis, jack-spinner, boards rear 8 North 

Daily George, boards 52 Middle 

Daily Hugh, blacksmith, house 17 North 

Daily Isabella, widow, bouse 52 Middle 

Daily James, blacksmith, house 14 Charles 

Daily James, weaver, house 10 William 

Daily James, laborer, boards 52 Dutton 

Daily Jerome, currier, boards 6 Whipple's block 

Daily John, laliorer, house 11 Dummer 

Daily John, laborer, house 4 Jefferson square 

Dai-y John, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 

Daily John, jack-spinner, boards rear 8 North 

Daily John, laborer, house 24 George 

Daily John, machinist, house rear 8 William 

Daily Margaret, widow, house 131 Lowell 

Daily Mary, widow, house 12 Green 

Daily Maurice, operative, house 131 Lowell 

Daily Michael, currier, bds. 6 Whipple's block 

Daily 3Iichael, laborer, h. 72 River, Centralville 

Farm Houses, Baiiis, and Personal Property therein, insured for 
one or five years, by HUKT & EliLIOTT, 28 Central St. (See p. 374). 


Daily Michael, carder, house rear 30 Fajette 

Daily Owen, laborer, house 21 Adams 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 14 Winter 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house 26 Adams 

Daily Patrick, laborer, house Little, near Lewis 

Daily Peter, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Daily Timothy, laborer, house Little, cor. Dummer 

Daily William, laborer, boards 16 North 

Daily ■ , machinist, bds. 36 Charles 

Daily, see Daly 

Dale James H. lather, boards 111 Central 

Dallagher James, operative, house Tyler's block, Centralville 

Dallagher James, carder, h. 3 John-st. ave. 

Dalton Charles C. spinner, Boott corporation, bds. 44 do. 

Dalton Charles H. shuttlemaker, house 71 High 

Dalton Charles M. clerk, Mass. Mills, boards 71 High 

Dalton John, operative, bds. 33 Hamilton corporation 

Dalton Michael, shoemaker, 46 Gorham, house do. 

Dalton Michael Mrs. house 3 Tremont 

Daly Elwood S. machinist, boards 38 Fletcher [Merrimack 

Daly Frank W. S. cutter, Prescott, c. Merrimack, boards 134 E. 

Daly Isaac S. shoemaker, house bds. 10 Mclntire 

Daly Isaac S. jr. photographer, 100 IMerrimack, bds. 10 Mclntire 

Daly Zebedce S. provisions, 38 Fletcher, house do. 

Daly, see Daily. 

Dam Andre, machinist, boards rear 87 East Merrimack 

Dam Charles A. machinist, house 28 Lagrange [corporation 

Dam John C. machinist, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 19 L. M. S, 

Dam Melvin E. machinist, house 90 Appleton 

Dam Michael, tailor, house 2 Carpet lane 

Dame Emery, house 9 Wamesit 

Dame Samuel, mason, house 100 East Merrimack 

Damon Alexander M. overseer, Hamilton corporation, h. 35 do. 

Damon Charles, clerk, 5 Prescott block, bds. 12 Willow 

Dana Andrew J. painter, house 77 Merrimack corporation 

Dana Augustus, 2d overseer, house 108 Merrimack corporation 

Dana David Mrs. boards 63 East Merrimack 

Dana Mary F. teacher, Ed son School, bds. 63 East Merrimack 

Dana Samuel L. Mrs. house Wanalancit 

Danahy Catharine, house 12 Adams 

Danahy Daniel, laborer, house 38 Adams 

Dane Charles F. peddler, boards 98 Salem 

Dane George, blacksmith, house 98 Salem 

Dane Henry J. boards 98 Salem 

Dane Herman, bobbinmaker, h. 26 Walnut 

Danforth Albert W. student, bds. 23 Appleton corporation 

Danforth James, laborer, house 33 AVorthen 

Danforth Levi, bobbinmaker, Mech's Mills, h. 5 Goward pi. 

HUNT «& ELI.IOTT will insure your Furniture, W^earing Apparel, 
Books, Ficiures, Silver Ware, &.c. Rooms 28 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Danforth Sarah H. boarding-house, 23 and 24 Appleton corp. 

Danforth Sisters, Sarah T., Rachel C, and Carolena F., fancy- 
goods, 22 John, house at Tyngshorough 

Daniel Alfred, shoemaker, hoards 137 Middlesex 

Daniels Ann, widow, house 47 Market 

Darling William, teamster, bds. 51 Lawrence corp. 

Darth Sarah Miss, boards 17 Charles 

Davenport Esther Mrs. house 43 Hanover 

David Duport, butcher, house 252 School 

David Louis, laborer, bds. 4 Davidson 

David Pbilias, painter, h. 46 Common 

David Stanislas, painter, boards 17 Appleton corporation 

Davidson John {McKissock S)- Davidson), Bridge, cor. River, bds. 
37 First, Centralville 

Davin Michael, tailor, 55 Central, house 2 Cai'pet lane 

Davis Albert, Appleton corporation, house 9 do. 

Davis Albert M. watchman, Boott corp. 

Davis Asahel, machinery and fancy wood-box manufr., Mechanics 
Mills, h. 88 Church 

Davis Bartlett, carpenter, 302 School, house 300 do. 

Davis Benjamin, carpenter, h. 81 Howard 

Davis Benjamin F. fancy goods, 70 Merrimack, house 92 Appleton 

Davis B. F. stabler, Middlesex, n. Northern depot, h. 92 Appleton 

Davis Caleb, carpenter, boards 17 Marshall 

Davis Catharine, widow, h. Grreen, corner George 

Davis Charles, carpenter, boards 117 Middlesex 

Davis Charles F. boards Carleton, opposite E. Pine 

Davis ( Charles H.) k, Larkin (IF! F.), hats and furnishing goods, 
99 Central [Lagrange 

Davis Charles P. blindmaker, at William Kelley's, boards 26 

Davis Charles W. boards 35 Tremont corporation 

Davis Cyrus, carder, Merrimack corporation, boards 61 do. 

Davis Daniel N. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house do. 

Davis Eben L. machinist, house 63 Butterfield 

Davis Edmund S. machinist, boards 47 Charles 

Davis Ehsha, farmer, house 230 Grorhara 

Davis Elisha L. 21 Central, house 89 Moody- 
Davis Eliza A. widow, house 47 Charles 

Da-vis Emerson, carpenter, house 19 Branch 

Davis Emma F. fancy goods, 47 East Merrimack 

Davis Eugene, machinist, bds. 63 Fletcher 

Davis Francis, operative, house 17 Appleton corporation 

Davis Frank, stonecutter, boards Wamesit Bank building 

Davis George, boards 7 Appleton corporation 

Davis Greorge E., Lowell Riding Park, boards 230 Grorham 

Davis Hannah JMiss, house 37 George 

Da-vis Harriet Mrs. house 52 j Merrimack 

Davis Henry, Middlesex, boards 71 Warren 

If you "ivaiit a first-class Fire, liife, or Accident Insurance Policy, 
call at HU]VT «& ELLIOTT'S Insurance Kcoms, 38 Central St. 


Davis Henry J. teamster, Merrimack corporation, hous3 61 do. 
Davis Jairies, carder, house 7 Treraont corporation 
Davis John, counsellor, 49 Central, b. Chelmsford, cor. Westford 
Davis John, laborer, house 31 High 
Davis Joseph, carpenter, house 11 Charles 
Davis Joseph, overseer, Lowell corporation, house 49 Fletcher 
Davis Joseph B. Rev. & Son (/. G), insurance agts. 27 Merri- 
mack, house 47 Bridge, Centralville 
Davis Joseph C. (J. B. Davis 4" Son), insurance agent, 27 Merri- 
mack, bds. 47 Bridge, Centralville 
Davis Leland F. spinner, boards 26 Hamilton corporation 
Davis Lois, widow, house Mammoth road, cor. River road, Dracut 
Davis Lydia, widow, house 21 Tremont corporation 
Davis Marcellus F. boards 3 Bleachery [boards 124 Cross 

Davis Martha P. (^Taylor ^ Davis), dressmaking, &c., 16 John, 
Davis Mary Mrs. house Carlton, opposite East Pine 
Davis Nat C. student, boards 54 Howard 

Davis Nathaniel, {Runels, Glough, S^ Co.), granite yard, Thorn- 
dike, house 54 Howard 
Davis Newell J. machinist, boards 47 Charles 
Davis Orrin D. spinner, boards 26 Hamilton corporation 
Davis Oliver T. musician, house 100 East Merrimack 
Davis Paul S. foreman, 170 Central, house 78 High 
Davis Reuben P. slater, house Westford, near Grand 
Davis Riley, carpenter, boards 17 INIarshall 
Davis Royal L. watchman, boards 40 Walnut 
Davis Samuel G. house 36 Hurd 
Davis {Stephen C.) & Melendy (77iomas), lumber and boxes, 259 

Middlesex, house 20 Marshall 
Davis Sunmer H. carder, Merrimack corp. boards 61 do. 
Davis Sydney, superintendent city scales, house 58 Chapel 
Davis Thomas J. printer, 21 Central, house 11 Willow 
Davis William H. agent, house 58 East Merrimack 
Davis William P. overseer Tremont. house 35 do. .corp. 

Davis , laborer, house 130 Suffolk 

Davy Martin, laborer, house 35 Worthen 

Davy Margaret, widow, house 82 Market 

Dawson Edward, wireworker, boards 27 Massachusetts corp. 

Dawson Robert, teamster, 41 Market, house Kirk avenue 

Day Alfred, police, house 111 Central 

Day Amanda W. dressmaker, 105 Central, house do. 

Day A. H. sashmaker, boards 4 Appleton corporation 

Day Charles, teamster, house 25 Willie 

Day Charles G. boards 34 Willow 

Day Charles J. tinsmith, boards 15 Auburn 

Day David, boards 26 Suffolk corporation 

Day Frank L. clerk, 60 Merrimack, bds. 246 Central 

Day Henry J. clerk, boards 16 Lee 

stocks of Goods and MercHaiidise insured at cnrrent rates, in lib- 
eral dividend paying Mutual Fire Co's., by HUNT <fc ELLIOTT. 


Day John, laborer, house 48 Gorham 

Day Lucretia A. teacher, No. 37 Primary School, b. 246 Central 

Day Mico, carder, boards 5 Brown's court, Centralville 

Day Norris P. boards 34 Willow 

Day Orrin, tinsmith, 8 Jackson, house 15 Auburn 

Day Silas, job-wagon, house 5 Hudson 

Day Thomas J. physician, house 34 Willow 

Day William D. expressman, boards 246 Central 

Day William L. jMrs. house 246 Central 

Dayon Felix, house 1 Smith's court 

Dean Daniel H. Mrs. house 172 East Merrimack 

Dean Horace C. house 6 Ash 

Dean James, operative, boards 48 Chapel 

Dearborn Alphonso D. B. painter, house 41 Fayette 

Dearborn {Elhridge) & McMaster {T. A.), boots and shoes, 98 

Merrimack, house 176 Moody, opposite James 
Dearborn George Frank {H. H. Dearborn 8f Co.), 28 Central, 

boards 22 4ndover [tral, boards 21 Andover 

Dearborn H. H. & Co. {G. F. Dearborn), govt, brokers, 28 Cen- 
Dearborn Leonard, house 22 Andover 
Dearborn Maria, widow, house 343 IMerrimack 
Dearborn Sarah, widow, house 123 Moody 
Deary Joseph, laborer, house 8 Middlesex place 
Deary Susan, widow, house 99 Adams 
Decatur Alonzo, painter, house 2 Tremont corporation 
Decelles Alphonse, salesman, 138 Merrimack, bds. 21 Kirk 
Decker Sarah H. Mrs. house 160 Suffolk 
Deering Edward, bootfitter, 25 Fayette, house do. 
Deering James, spinner, house 4 Baldwin's court 
Deering James, machinist, bds. 74 Middlesex 
Deering William, house 25 Fayette 
Degnan Dominick, laborer, huuse 36 Appleton 
Delair Frank, butcher, boards Hildreth, corner Bridge 
Delauey Bernard, tailor, 13 East jMerrimack, house do. 
Delaney Derby, tailor, 74 Market, house 65 do. 
Delaney Michael, laborer, house 3 Front, Centralville 
Delaney Stephen, laborer, boards 74 Market [Centralville 

Delaney Thomas, tailor, 74 ^Market, house River, opposite Coburn, 
Delano 0. Granville, painter, house lower end Water 
de Lara Etienne Stephen, supt. engraving dept. Merrimack Print 

Works, house 32 do. corporation 
Delk Willis, waiter, house 5 Abbott place, Centralville 
Delmore Catharine, widow, house 133 Lowell 
Delorne James, miller, bds. Howard House 
Demack Edwin, spinner, house 12 Suffolk corp. 
Demack Robert, spinner, house 12 Suffolk corp. 
Demarra Louis, laborer, house Tilden court 
Demers John, laborer, house 330 Merrimack 

DYFelling- Houses, and Personal Property therein, insured for one 
or five years, toy HCKT &, ELLIOTT, 28 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Detning Charles, boards 40 Tremont corporation 
Dealing Isaac, overseer spinner, house 40 Tremont corp. 
Demorres Nelson, at J. C. Ayer's, boards 32 Salem 
Dempsey Ann, widow, house 88 Lowell 
DemjDsey Arthur, laborer, house 33 Common 
Dempsey Daniel, gatekeeper Market-st. crossing, h. 22 Dumraer 
Dempsey James, .laborer, house 98 Adams 
Dempsey Patrick, grocer, 47 Lowell, house 88 Salem 
Denby John, overseer, house 3 East Merrimack 
Deneau Jean Baptiste, laborer, house Decatur-street alley 
Dennett Hiram, tailor, 5 Central, house 37 Adams 
Dennigan Mrs. widow, house 17 Cross 
Dennis Edward P. machinist, boards 59 Appleton 
Dennis James, machinist, boards 39 Appleton 
Dennis James Mrs. house 420 Merrimack 
Dennis John, patternmaker, Arch, house 248 Middlesex 
Dennis Richard Mrs. house 59 Appleton 

Dennison James, operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 43 do. 
Dennison Mary, widow, house rear 43 River, Centralvilie 
Densmore Horace, machinist, house 34 Church 
Densmore Ira, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 36 Church 
Denton John A. brass-moulder, H. H. Wilder & Co.'s, house 295 

Derby John, shoemaker, house 71 Fletcher 

Derbyshire Sarah, widow, house rear 242 Central 

Derning John, operative, house 51 Market 

Derosier Henrietta, widow, house 92 Moody 

Derrick Thomas, peddler, house rear 15 Union 

Desmazes Eliza A. Mrs. house 2 Evans Block, Railroad 

Desmazes Geo. M. painter, boards 2 Evans Block, Railroad 

Desmazes William F. finisher, boards 2 Evans Block, Railroad 

Desmond Daniel, Merrimack, house 5 Dummer 

Desmond Dennis, laborer at Gras Works, house 58 Adams 

Desmond Ellen, widow, house 56 Adams 

Desmond Ellen, widow, house 55 Common 

Desmond James, helper, house 6 McCarry's court 

Desmoud John, laborer, house 100 Suffolk 

Desmond John, laborer, house 53 Fenwick 

Desmoud William, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 

Desoriers Alexis, laborer, boards 118 Middlesex 

Devany Bryan, mulespinner, house River, Centralvilie 

Devany Edward, mulespinner, house River, Centralvilie 

Devany John, mulespinner, house River, Centralvilie 

Devine David, operative, house rear 100 Lowell 

Devine Dennis, laborer, house 5 Putney's court 

Devine Dennis, shoemaker, house 64 Gorham 

Devine James, laborer, house rear 55 Market 

Devine John, spinner, houfee 79 Church 

Mercliaiits' At Farmers' Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Worcester, HUNT &, 
E:iiIiIOTT, Agents for liovrcll and vicinity, US Central St. 


Deviue John, laborei", house 30 Lewis 
Devine Mary, widow, house 60 River, Centralville 
Devine Patrick J. grocer, Andover, corner Water, house 2 Water 
Devine Philip, laborer, house 64 Gorham 
Devlin Catharine, widow, house 7 Carpet lane 
Devhn Ellen, widow, house 18 William 
Devlin James, variety store, -4 Gorham, house do. 
Devlin James, mariner, boards 7 Parker's block, Ceutralville 
Devlin John, Faulkner's 3Iill, house 119 Lawrence 
Devlin John, laborer, house 7 Parker's Block, River, Centralville 
Devlin John S. insurance agent, 49 Central, house 19 Walnut 
Devlin Michael, spinner, boards 24 Gorham 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, house rear 18 William 
Devlin Peter, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 44 William 
Devney Hugh, laborer, boards 19 Cross 
Devuo Peter, carpenter, house 141 Lawrence 
DevoU Andrew J. ink manufacturer. Bridge, corner Bivei", Central- 
ville, house 10} Fifth 
Dewhurst Amelia Mrs. house 12 Hale 
Dewhurst James K. Mrs. house o40 Central 

Dexter Avelyu I. clerk, 113 Thorndike, b. Robinson, c. Congress 
Dexter Edwin S. carpenter, house Nichols, corner Westford 
Dexter Horace, dresser-tender, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Dexter James, machinitt, boards 69 L. M. S. corporation 
Dexter Solomon K. groceries and produce, 113 Thorndike, house 

Auburn, corner Linden 
Dick Peter, dry goods, 19 Market, house do. 
Dickerman Alphonso T. bookkeeper, 27 Central, bds. 286 do. 
Dickerman George M. machinist, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Dickey Benjamin iM. weaver, house 43 Prescott corporation 
Dickey Hanover, physician, 15 Hurd, house do. 
Dickey Robert M. carpenter, house 12 S. Highland 
Dickinson Daniel, lampblack-maker, Ayer's City, house do. 
Dike Morrill H. machinist, house 2 Oak 
Dillea John, laborer, house 11 Adams 
Dillingham Artemas, millwright, house Bridge, near Fifth 
Dillingbam Paul Mrs. house Elm, near Sixth, Centralville 
Dillon David, laborer, house 179 Lawrence 
Dillon Thouias, at Lowell Machine Shop, house 27 Keene 
Dimock Dwigbt L. clerk, 88 Market, boards 28 Mass. corp. 
Dinel Isaiah, laborer, house 3Iorrison's block, William | 
Dingly William T. overseer, Tremont corporation, house 36 do. 
DinneenJohn, laborer, house rear 29 Fenwick 
Dinneen Margaret, widow, house 55 Counnon 
Dinneen Patrick, laborer, house 51 Adams 
Dinsmore Francis H. printer, 21 Central, boards 65 Charles 
Dinsmore John, laborer, boards Broadway, near School 
Dinsmore Robinr, editor, house 65 Charles, near corner Central 

Merchauts & Farmers Alutual Fire Ins. Co., IiicoriJ. 1846, has al- 
Avays paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See page 374.) 


Dlnsmore, see Densmore 

Direl Isaac, laborer, A. L. Brooks', house Morrison's block 

Diskin Joha, machinist, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 

Ditson Reuben H. clerk, 13 Market, boards 16 do. 

Dix Daniel, carder, Merrimack corp., house 49 do. [Gushing 

Dobbins George R. boilermaker, Lowell Boiler Works, h. rear 35 

Dobbins Michael, scissors-sharpener, house 4 Merrill 

Dobbins William, boiler manufacturer, Datton, house Hampshire, 

corner West Sixth, Centralville 
Dobson Thomas, weaver, house 14 Suffolk corporation 
Dockerty Arthur, turner, boards 18 Green 
Dockham Lucian G. overseer Chase Mills, house 49 Churcli 
Dodd Martin, at A. L. Brooks's, boards 4 Massachu'ts corporation 
DoJd William, operative, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation] 
Dodge Charles W. Mrs. house 27 Chapel 
Dodge Edward P. carpenter, house 54 Stackpole 
Dodge Eliza Mrs. house 33 Boott corporation 
Dodge Eveline Miss, house li' Nesmlth 

Dodge Fidelia 0. Mrs. principal Colburn School, house 18 Tyler 
Dodge Henry S. painter, house 17 Suffijlk corporation 
Dodge {James S.), Sherburne {J. G.), & Co. (K F. Stone), 

tiour, meal, &c., 39 Market, h. Dracut, n. Pawtucket bridge 
Dodge John, carpenter, house 7 Railroad 
Dodge Luke C. junkdealer, 55 Dutton, house 52 High 
Dodge Mary, house at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Dodge Newton C. tanner, house 35 Adams, near Lagrange 

Dodge -, cabinetmaker, boards 16 Adams, near Lagrange 

Doe K. carpenter, house IGG Merrimack corporation 

Doherty Andrew, house Front, Centralville 

Doherty Charles, laborer, house 45 Gorham 

Doheny James, bobbintnaker, house 8 Theatre block, Lowell 

Doherty James, carder, boards 54 Boott corporation 

Doherty John, laborer, boards rear 85 East Merrimack 

Doherty John, laborer, house Water, near Andover 

Dolierty John, laborer, house 2 Green 

Doherty John, laborer, house 21 William 

Dohei-ty John, at print-yard, boards Front , Centralville 

Doherty John, laborer, house 49 Middle 

Doharty Martin, boards Front, Ceatralville 

Doherty Mary, widow, house 12 William 

Doherty Michael, laborer, house 5 Varuuni's alley, Centralville 

Doherty Patrick, currier, house 15 Winter 

Doherty Stephen, laborer, house 33 Worthen 

Doherty, see Dougherty 

Dolan David, laborer, house 237 Gorham 

Dolan Edward, laborer, house 14 Waiter 

Dolan Hui>;h, at Montoomery House, boards do. 

Dolan James, grocer, 79 East Merrimack, house 15 High 

Middlesex mutual Pii-e Ins. Co., Concord, Mass., Iiicor, 18'36, pays 
50 per ct. dividends on five yeai- palicies, and 40 perct. on one year. 


Dolan Jobn, laborer, house 22 Green 
Dolan Jobn, laborer, house 16 Davidson 
Dolan jNIichael, laborer, house 20 Green 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house 85 East Merrimack 
Dolan Peter, carpet-weaver, boards Montgomery House 
Dolan Sarah A. widow, boards 41 Fletcher 
Dolan Terrenee, bleachery, house 5 Livingston 
Dolan Thomas, milkman, house 18 Lewis 
Dolan Thomas, marbleworker, house 15 Keene 
Dolan Thomas, dyer, house 56 River, Centralville 
Dolan Timothy, bleachery, house 237 Goiham 
Dolan William, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 
Dolby Sullivan, overseer, house 44 Prescott corporation 
Dole Thonias, wheelwright, house 46 Grand 
Dole William T. clerk, 214 Menimack, boards 46 Grand 
Dollard James, peddler, house 13 Davis 
Dolle Pvichard, laboi'cr, house 48 East Merrimack 
Dolloff John H. clerk, 193 Central, house 66 Lawrence 
Dolloff Orrin, driver, H. R. R. boards 33 High 
Dolloff William P. carpenter, house 33 Hi^h 
Donaghue Charles A. operative, house 20 Broadway 
Donahoe Bartholomew, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 
Donahoe Daniel, laborer, house 53 West Union 
Donahoe George, shoemaker, house 5 Putney's court 
--^ontihoe James, grocer, 66 Gorham, house 44 West Union 
Donahoe James, spinner, boards 2 Reed's court 
Donahoe James, hostler, boards 8 Theatre block, Lowell 
Donahoe Jeremiah, macliinist, boards 16 Green 
Donahoe John, boltmaker, house Merrill 
Donahoe fTohn, colorer, house 326 Central 
Donahoe John, loomfixer, house 73 River, Centralville 
Donahoe John, laborer, house 14 Keene 
Donahoe John, laborer, house 1 Theatie block, Lowell 
Donahoe John, house 92 Suffolk 
Donahoe Michael, operative, house 132 Lawrence 
Donahoe Michael, laborer. Gas Works, house 35 Common 
Donahoe Michael, farmer, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Donahoe M. A. Mrs. variety store, Parker's block, Centralville 
Donahoe Patiick, at American Bolt Co.'s, house 350 Central 
Donahoe Patrick, laborer. Gas W^orks, house 55 ('ommon 
Donahoe Patrick, machinist, house 35 Franklin squaie, Suffolk 
Donahoe Patrick, hostler, house 146 Suffolk 
Donahoe Patrick, laborer, house 3 Theatre block, Lowell 
Donahoe Philip, machinist, house 4 Parker's block. Bridge, Cent. 
Donahoe Richard, laborer, house 86 Charles 
Donahoe Thomas, laborer, house Watson 
Donahoe Thomas, spinner, house Watson 
Donahoe Timothy, laborer, house 8 Theatre block, Lowell 

HU^T &. EL,I.IOTT, Agents for Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
RooniLS, Prescott IVatioual BanU Bld'g, 38 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Donlan IMartin, ^liddlesex, boards 45 Chapel 

Donnelly Ann, widow, house 4 Chapel 

Donnelly David, clerk, 48 Merrimack, boards American House 

Donnelly E iward, laborer, house 21 Winter 

Donnelly Edward, laborer, house 10 William 

Donnelly Fraak, moulder, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 

Donnelly James, laborer, house 49 Fenwick 

Donnelly Jauies P. laboier, house 11*2 Merrimack corporation 

Donnelly John, boots and shoes, 7 Canal block, bds. 81 Summer 

Donnelly John, Hamilton, boards 25 do. corporation 

Donnelly John J. blacksmith, 285 Merrimack, house 18 Davis 

Donnelly Joseph, painter, house 63 River, Centralville 

Donnelly Jo-cnh, operative, boards Lawrence, near Mills 

Donnelly M;irQ;:iret Mrs. house 26 Winter 

Donnelly Mi'^hael, fireman, house 103 Merrimack corporation 

Donnelly Michael, weaver, house 34 South 

Donnelly Owc'u, weigher, house 18 Summer 

Donnelly Palrick, laborer, house 38 Crosby 

Donnelly Patrick, laborer, boai'ds 18 Summer 

Donnelly Terry, at Print Works, boards 115 Merriuiack corp. 

Donovan Bridgwt, widow, house 97 Adams 

Donovan Daniel, Merrimack corporation, house 1 Dummer 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, house 22 Lewis 

Donovan l>an'el, carder, boards 134 Merriinacli corporation 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, boards 88 Lowell 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, house 50 Fenwick 

Donovan Eile'i Miss, house rear 17 Dummer 

Donovan Jeiemiab, laborer, at Gas Works 

Donovan Jer*.'miah J. cardmaker, 96 Middle 

Donovan Job;), laborer, house 3 Cummiskey's alley 

Donovan John, laborer, house rear 99 Lowell 

Donovan Jolui, laborer, house 3 McCarry's court 

Donovan {John J.) k Co. grocers, 227 Central, bds. 17 Market 

Donovan Mary, widow, house Donahoo's 3'ard 

Donovan Maiy A. millinery, 17 Market, house do. 

Donovan ^lathow, military exchange, 14 Merrimack, h. 289 Central 

Donovan Patrick, operative, house 30 Lewis 

Donovan Patrick, operative, boards Donahoe's yard 

Donovan Patrick, laborer, house foot of Joiner 

Donovan Richard, laborer, bouse Donahoe's yard 

Donovan Timothy, laborer, freight depot, house 50 Fenwick 

Donovan Tiniothy, moulder, house 24 Broadway 

Donovan Tauothy, hairdres.'5er, 10 xldams, bds. 12 Tremont corp. 

Donovan Wiiiiam, teamster, house Fletcher, corner l^roadway 

Dooley Edwud, boots and shoes, 337 Central, house do. 

Dooley Robert, blockprinter, house Crosby 

Doonan , Mrs, house 22 Broadway 

Doran Joseph, machinist, boards 70 L. M. S. corporation 

HUNT & Ef^LIIiTT, 28 Ceiitral St., Lowell, ave Agents for the Citi- 
zens M'ttnal CS'ii'e> Ins. Co., of Brigliton. "(Seep ;ige374.) 


Doris William Mrs. house 20 Adams, near Lagrange 

Dorr Oren, moulder, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 

Dorr William H. macliiuist, house Branch, above School 

Dougherty John, police, house 49 West Union 

Dougherty John, soapmaker, house Kemp, corner Wilder 

Dougherty John, mariner, boards 40 West Union 

Dougherty Stephen, laborer, house 33 Worthen 

Dougherty William, Middlesex, boards 49 West Union 

Douglas Robert, paper cop tube manuf., Arch, house 22 North 

Douglass Albert A. patternmaker, house 36 Cabot 

Douglass Francis, laborer, house 16 Winter 

Douglass John, second hand, house 23 Boott corporation 

Douglass Michael, Hamilton, boards 16 Winter . 

Douglass Robert A. machinist, boards 72 L. M. S. corporation 

Douglass Samuel, carpenter, boards 252 School 

Douglass Thomas Gr. mason, house 33 Lagrange 

Douglass , Hamilton corporation, house rear 214 Central 

Doulan Thomas, house rear 76 Middlesex 

Dow Albert F. painter, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Dow Charles, moulder, bouse 83 Lowell 

Dow Charles, overseer, Lowell, house 301 Middlesex 

Dow Charles E. boilermaker, Dobbins & Crawford's, house 265 

Dow David, carpenter, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 
Dow Fr.-mk B. clerk, 136 Central, boards 49 Charles 
Dow Goodrich Q. clerk, 134 Merrimack, boards 343 do. 
Dow John D. carpenter, 75 Market, house 49 Charles 
Dow Myron E. knife-sharpener manuf., house 85 School 
Dow Ttio.iias E. carpenter, house 12 Third, Centralville 
Dowd Andrew, laborer, house rear 10 Howe 
Dowd Jo'ra, laborer, house Maiden Lane 
Dowd Jo'm, stonecutter, boards 5 Pearl 
Dowd Patrick, laborer at Gas Works, house rear 61 Middle 
Dowd Wiliiara, driver H. R,.R., boards Taylor 
Dowling Eilen, widow, house 185 Gorham 
Dowlin;, Ji''h), card-gi'inder, house 185 Gorham 
Dowliu;^- J'hoinas S. Mrs. house 13 Massachusetts corporation 
Downey D-.rnd, at R. Kitson's, house 42 Dummer 
Downey Hannah, widow, house 16 Keene 
Downing Va\w. painter, house Pine, near Liberty 
Downing Edwin T. provisions, 98 Middlesex, corner Pearl, boards 

Br,<advvay, near Adams 
Downing Jolin, stonecutter, boards Wamesit House 
Downing -Julia, widow, house 53 Lowell 
Downing Moses G. carpenter, honse Broadway, corner Willie 
Downing; Thomas, carpenter, house Broadway, corner Adams 
Downs .v-ib^rt, carpenter, boards 26 Appleton corporation 
Downs Ai iiira Miss, boarding-house, 26 Appleton corporation. 

Citizens '^iii'iial (S^ii-e) Ins. Co., Brighton, pays 50 per cent divi~ 
deuds oij one, tiiree, and five year policies. Office 38 Central St. 



Downs Horatio B. carpenter, Hamilton corporation, house 47 do. 

Downs John E. supt. Lawrence Manuf. Co., house 87 do. corp. 

Downs Michael, operative, house Maiden lane 

Dows Amos W. apothecary and botanic druggist, 185 Central, 
house do. 

Dows Benjamin W. clerk, boards 69 Mechanic 

Dows Betsey, widow, house 29 Bleachery 

Dows John Mrs. house 69 L. M. S. corporation 

Dowzer Charles H. machinist, house 99 East Merrimack 

Dowzer William Mrs. house 99 E. Merrimack 

Doyle Joljn, blacljsmith, house 78 Gorham 

Doyle John, laborer, house 25 Summer 

Doyle John, laborer, house Willie avenue 

Doyle John, shoemaker, house 5 Pleasant 

Doyle Lawrence, laborer, house 23 Union 

Doyle Margaret, variety store, 300 Merrimack, house do. 

Doyle Michael, teamster, house 62 South 

Doyle Moses, tailor, house 58 South 

Doyle Patrick, slater, house 4 Pearl 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, house rear 49 Fen nick ^ 

Doyle Thomas, laborer, boards 55 Gorham 

Doyle Thomas F. grocer, 10 Adams, house Willie avenue 

Doyle William, spinner, boards 14 Church 

Doyon Felix, laborer, house rear 59 Hanover 

Dozois Alfred {John Corner S^ Co.), 306 Merrimack, b. 24 Cabot 

Dozois Charles, operative, house 9 Cabot 

Dozois Hilaire, operative, house 8 Cabot 

Dozois John B. house 24 Cabot 

Drach Joseph, blacksmith, house 8 Spring 

Drake Alfred, machine wool-comb and hackle and gill pins manu- 
facturer, Whipple's Mills, boards 254 Central 

Drake Harriet, widow, house 22 Cabot 

Drake Samuel, spinner, house rear 117 Market 

Draper Joshua L. carpenter, house 112 Middlesex 

Dresser Samuel F. Mrs. boards Wamesit House 

Dresser Samuel T. proprietor Wamesit House, 187 Middlesex 

Drew Caroline, widow, house 63 High 

Drew Charles E. blacksmith, boards lliver road, Dracut 

Drew {Charles W.), Taft {Nelson F.), & Welch {Ezra B.), 
dry goods, 126 Merrimack, house 5 Willow 

Drew C. S. Mrs. house 149 Moody 

Drew C. Weston, wood-turner, boards 109 Appleton 

Drew Eliza Mrs. dressmaker, 166 Central, house do. 

Drew George, machinist, boards 20 Appleton corporation 

Drew Henry C. dry goods. Central, near William, house Walker, 
corner Kemp [Central 

Drew Holman H. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 166 

Drew John, horseshoer, Charles, house at Dracut 

Central Mutual Fire Ins. Co, Worcester, Mass., HUNT «fc ELLIOTT, 
Agents, Office 'ZH Central St., liowell. (See page 374.) 


Drew John V. confectioner, 330^ Merrimack, h. 139 Moody 
Drew {Jesse II.) & Gilnian {H. M.), blacksmiths, Pawtucket 

bridge, Dracut 
Drew Oliver P. blacksmith, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Drew Pamelia S. widow, house rear 11 Cady 
Drew Silas S. boards 74 Appleton 

Driscoll Catharine, widow, house Marion, corner Lagrange 
DriscoU Cornelius, at Gras House, house 16 Dummer 
Driscoll Daniel, laborer, house 111 Lowell 
Driscoll Daniel, woodsawyer, house 100 Lowell 
Driscoll Daniel D. carver, house Cross, near Adams 
Driscoll Dennis, carpet-weaver, house 7 Kidder 
Driscoll James, at bleachery, house 39 Cedar 
Driscoll Jeremiah, laborer, house Marion, corner Broadway 
Driscoll John, at J. C. Ayer's, boards Adams, corner Cross 
Driscoll Timothy, laborer, house 5 Sullivan's yard 
Driver James, spinner, house 28 Water 
Driver IMitchell, dresser, boards 3 Crosby 
Drown John, wheelwright, 163 Central, house 298 do. 
Drown Joseph, at American Bolt Co.'s, boards 298 Central 
Drum James, fireman, Boott, house 3 Brown's court, Centralvill© 
Drum Patrick, mulespinner, house River, n. Front, Centralville 
Drumm Francis, jackspinner, house 6 Pearl 
Drnry Patrick, helper, Lowell Boiler Works, h. 48 Gorham 
Diniry Thomas, variety store, 77 Charles, house do. 
Drury Thomas, Middlesex, house 42 William 
Ducharrae Francis, laborer, house Salem, corner Willie avenue 
Duchen Mary, widow, house 22 Grand 

Duckies Thomas, carpenter, h. 17 Fourth, Centralville [corp. 

Duckworth James, asst. supt. Merrimack P. W, h. 31 Merrimack 
Duckworth Richard, machinist, house 81 East Merrimack 
Duclos Patrick, carpenter, house rear 140 Lowell 
DuCrowe M. professor of gymnastics, 129 Lawrence 
Ducy James, machinist, boards 69 L. M. S. corporation 
Ducy Patrick, mason, house Fletcher, near Cross 
Ducy Thomas, laborer, house Broadway, near Suffolk 
Ducy Thomas, laborer, house 6 Wall 

Dudley Albion J. at Belvidere Flannel Mills, house 7 Everett 
Dudley Charles E. clerk, A. L. Waite & Co.'s, b. 192 Central 
Dudley Dennison, travelling agent, house 192 Central 
Dudley Edward W. machinist, boards Liecoln, near Chelmsford 
Dudley George, wii-e-worker, boards 8 Massachusetts corporation 
Dudley George W. carpenter, house 62 Broadway 
Dudley Josiah P. carpenter, house Lincoln, corner Chelmsford 
Dudley Ward S. carpenter, house 7 South Franklin court 
Dudley William C. engineer, Mechanics Mills, house 20 Franklin 
Duesbury Frederick, designer, boards 40 Worthen 
Duff James, mulespinner, house Front, Centralville 

Ho-iv to pro-^-ide for tUe comfort and support of our faniilies after 
our decease is the earnest tliouglit of every man. (See page 375.) 


Duff John, house 64 Adams 

Duff Stennis, blacksmith, house 8 Davidson 

Duffeaus Edward, laborer, house 118 Middlesex 

Duffy Catharine, widow, house 3 Crosby 

Duffy Domiuick, laborer, house 28 Davidson 

Duffy Domiuick, Middlesex, house 30 William 

Duffy Ellen, widow, house rear 40 Lowell 

Duffy James, fireman, house 167 Merrimack corporation 

Duffy James, machinist, house 9 MoUoy's court 

Duffy James, carj3enter, house 10 Cross 

Duffy James, laborer, house 6 Pearl 

Duffy John, laborer, house rear 30 Fayette 

Duffy John, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

Duffy John, machinist, boards 160 Lawrence 

Duffy John, operative, house 21 Tremont 

Duffy Mary, widow, boards 30 William 

Duffy Mary, widow, house 39 River, Centralville 

Duffy Michael, at Print Works, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 

Duffy Michael Mrs. house 160 Lawrence 

Duffy Patrick, laborer, house 74 Wheelock's block, Charles 

Duffy Thomas, house 9 MoUoy's court 

Duffy William, house rear 39 Fayette 

Duffy William, picker, house 11 Winter 

Dufresne Joseph, laborer, house 129 Middlesex 

Dufresne Joseph, painter, house 129 Middlesex 

Dugan Patrick, laborer, house 30 Davidson 

Dugan Peter, dresser, house 19 Union 

Dugdale Edward, overseer, house Lawrence, near Chase's Mills 

Dugdale James, worsted and braid manufacturer, Willie, corner 

Broadway, house 74 Lawrence 
Dugdale John T. woolsorter, house Luther's court 
Dugdale Robert, woolsorter, house 33 Willie 
Dugdale Sajuuel, at James Dugdale's, boards 56 Fletcher 
Dagdale William, machinist, house 63 Boott corporation 
Dulagan Charles, laborer, house Central, corner Cedar 
Duley Wilmot W. painter, boards Grand, near Marshall 
Dumas Levi (BacheUer, Dumas, S^ Co.), bookbinders, 49 Central, 

house 13 Ash 
Dunbar John, weaver, boards 1 Hamilton corporation 
Dunbar John, weaver, house 4 Pond 
Duncan John Gr. Mrs. house 94 Merrimack corporation 
Duncan William W. apothecary, Wamesit Bank building, house 

Grrand, near Chelmsford 
Dunigan John, currier, house 34 Common 
Dunlap Andrew, cabinetmaker, house 6 Ford 
Dunlap Ira W. finisher, house 15 Bleachery 
Dunlap Frank, clerk, 115 Central, boards 15 Bleachery 
Dunlap John, carpenter, house 136 School 

state MMt«ial Iiife Assurance Co., 'Worcester, Mass. A safe and eco- 
nomical Company to insure in. HUNT & lEIililOTT, Agts. (Seep. 375. ) 


Dunlavy George, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corp. 
Dunlavy Greorge, laborer, house 36 Adams 
Dunlavy James, moulder, house 35 Common 
Dunlavy Nancy, widow, house 114 Suffolk 
Dunn Bernard, carpenter, house Adams, opp. the church 
Dunn Francis, shoemaker, house 53 River, Ceutralville 
Dunn Jeremiah, blacksmith, house rear 14 Little 
Dunn John, insurance agent, 11 Barrister's Hall, house Wamesitct. 
Dunn John, currier, house 4 Wamesit court 
Dunn Julia Miss, house 23 Green 
Dunn Mathew, moulder, house 53 Lowell 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, house rear 28 Fayette 
Dunn Sarah, widow, house 18 Railroad alley 
Dunn William, machinist, house 14 Little 
Dunn William, mason, boards 14 Winter 
Dunphy Bridget Mrs. house 206 Central 
Dunphy James, laborer, house 62 Dutton 

Dupee Geo. H. sashmaker, Wamesit Mills, boards 8 Mass. corp. 
Dupee Job W. machinist, Suffolk, house 38 Marion 
Dupont Exzeas, carpenter, boards 2 Farson's court 
Duprey Israel, cabinetmaker, house Broadway, near Adams 
Duprey Joseph, laborer, house 293 Middlesex 
Dupuis Edward, laborer, R. R. house 7 Garnet 
Dupuis Edward jr. painter, boards 7 Garnet 
Dupuis Joseph, laborer, house 7 Cabot 
Duquet Michael, laborer, boards rear 51 Middle 
Duquoign Melvin, operative, boards 43 Lawi'ence corporation 
Durant A. M. clerk, 442 Merrimack, h. 21 Fourth, Ceutralville 
Durant Ann M. Mrs. boarding-house, 50 Moody 
Durant Charles W. jr. engraver, 25 Central, bds. 314 School 
Durant Charlotte Miss, variety store, 5 East Merrimack, h. do. 
Durant (^George) & Simonds (^TTiomas), wood and coal, 6 Mid- 
dlesex, house 41 Chapel 
Durant John, sawyer, boards rear 91 Appleton 
Dure .John, carpet-weaver, house 6 Clark's court 
Durell Edwin, machinist, boards 33 Mass. corporation 
Durell John, Middlesex, house 1 Merrill 
Durgin Cyrus W. house 75 Bridge, Ceutralville 
Dm-gin Henry, M. Pijnt Works, bds. 37 Wentworth's building 
Durgin Horace T. foreman at E. F. Watson's, h. 34 Middle,=;ex 
Durgin John H. jr. machineprinter, house 149 Merrimack corp. 
Durgin Marshall A. cabinetmaker, house 30 Branch 
Durgin Mary, widow, boards rear 74 Middlesex 
Durham Michael, laborer, house 15 East Merrimack 
Durham Solford, machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 
Durning Elizabeth, widow, house 99 Gorham 
Durrell Stillman R. teamster, house 2 Albro block, Cushing 
Dusham Nelson, boxmaker, house 3 Middlesex 

Insure yonr life iu the State Mnt. Liife 4. Co. All policies are uou- 
forfeitalile l>y State law. IIUMT &. ELLIOTT, Agts. (See page 375.) 


Duston Harlow, tinworker, 12 Merrimack, house 1 Higla-st. sq. 

Dutton George W. carpenter, Merrimack corporation, house 54 do. 

Dutton Philena, boarding-house, 27 Boott corporation 

Dutton Samuel S. 55 Appleton, house rear 90 do. 

Dwinell Charles S. house Linden, corner Auburn 

Dwyar Michael, wire-polisher, house 71 Church 

Dwyer Patrick, sttuecutter, boards 278 Middlesex 

Dwyer William Mrs, house 12 Floyd 

Dwyer, see O'Dioijer 

Dyer Alphonzo, operative, boards 66 South 

Dyer Roscoe, carpenter, boards 66 South 

Dyke Elijah J. Mass. corp. house Alder, near Stackpole 

Dyson George, spinner, boards 2 Lawrence-st. court 

EACOTT BENJAMIN C. clerk, Bridge, n. Second, boards 6 

Third, Centraville 
Eacott Henry J. clerk. Bridge, n. Second, bds. 6 Third, Cent. 
Eacott Matthew, provisions. Bridge, near Second, Centralville, 

house 6 Third, do. 
Eacott William, grocer, 28 Water, house 30 do. 
Eagan James, teamster, boards 5 Pearl 
Eagan Patrick, bleachery, house 45 Chapel 

Eames Luther Mrs. house 105 Thornkike [422 do. 

Eames Luther J. (Abbott ^ E.'), dry goods, 132 Merrimack, house 
Earl William, currier, house 3 Hudson 
Earl William D. {Bosto)i), boards 53 Pawtueket 
Earle James, laborer, house rear 6 South 
Earle J. P. Miss, house 3 Read, Centralville 
Earle Sarah Miss, house 3 Read, Centralville 
Early James, operative, house 14 Mill 
Early Martin, laborer, house 11 Fen wick 
Eastman Alice, widow, house 10 Market 
Eastman Alphonso, machinist, boaids rear 124 School 
Eastman Asa B. M. carpenter, house 112 Middlesex 
Eastman Benjamin, carpenter, house 9 Race 
Eastman Chandler, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Eastman Charles J. painter, house 32 Preseott corporation 
Eastman Charles W. L. contractor Lowell M. S., house 47 do. cor. 
Eastman Daniel, variety store, 11 Merrimack, h. Paige, n. Bridge 
Eastman Edmund, machinist, house rear 124 School [Liberty 

Eastman Enoch, watchman at A. L Brooks's, house School, corner 
Eastman George F. painter, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Eastman George M. carpenter, h. 27 Suffolk corporation [Cent. 
Eastman George W. clerk, 28 Central, bds. Second, near Bridge, 
Eastman Isaac C. house 28 Appleton 

Eastman James D. stone-layer, boards Liberty, near Chelmsford 
Eastman L. C. Mrs. house Second, near Bridge, Centralville 
Eastman Nelson Q. sashmaker, house 15 Cady 

NAERAGANSETT INS. CO. 'SiS^TdSru."lg^,%^r 


Eastman Sarah, widow, bouse 23 Common 

Eastman Sarah Ann, house 23 Common 

Eastman Susan F. boarding-house, 27 Suffolk corporation 

Eastman William A. machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 

Easton James, boards 19 Tremont corporation 

Easton Samuel, operative, boards 29 Appleton corporation 

Eastwood Abraham, operative, boards 22 Boott corporation 

Eastwood Samuel, machinist, boards 35 Cushing 

Eaton Abial, upholsterer, 3 Prescott, house at Dracut 

Eaton Alvin, patternmaker, house 125 Cross 

Eaton Asa B. photographer, 15 Barristers' Hall 

Eaton Charles, painter, boards IG Market 

Eaton Charles H. machinist, boards 125 Cross 

Eaton Daniel A. bookkeeper, 23 Central, house 37 Bartlett 

Eaton Fanny Mrs. house 383 Merrimack 

Eaton Frank, upholsterer, 3 Prescott, boards at Dracut 

Eaton George, shoemaker, house 8 Chestnut [16 Butterfield 

Eaton Geo. W. tanner and currier, Willie, corner Broadway, house 

Eaton H. A. bobbinmaker, boards 278 Middlesex 

Eaton Jeremiah B. carriage-manufacturer, house 74 Appleton 

Eaton Job S. grocer, 255 Merrimack, house 24 Common 

Eaton Samuel C pop-corn dealer, house 107 Howard 

Eaton Sarah B. Mrs. house 136 East Merrimack 

Eaton Simeon, painter, 3 Prescott, boards 51 Massachusetts corp. 

Eaton Willis G. foreman paper department, Lowell Machine Shop, 

house 7 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Eaton Worcester, provisions, 364 JMerrimack, house 81 Salem 
Edgcomb Elisha, teamster, house 1 Wamesit court 
Edgell Levi {Lowell Card Co.), 96 Middle, b. 41 Prescott corp. 
Edgell William, machinist, house 41 Prescott corporation 
Edgerley Jonathan, house 4 Edgerley's court 
Edson Charles M. E. house 58 Broadway [cor. Kirk 

Edson Theodore Rev. rector St. Anne's Church, house JMerrimack 
Edwards Benjamin {Litchjield, Edwards, ^ Co.), 127 Market, 

house Hale, corner Cambridge 
Edwards George C. stationery, 40 Merrimack, boards 111 Gorham 
Edwards Jabez, overseer, MeiTimack corporation, house 27 do. 
Edwards William P. moulder, Willie, corner Dutton 
Egan James, Middlesex, house 4 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Egan Joanna, widow, house 4 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Egan John, laborer, house Broadway, near R.R. crossing 
Egan Patrick, laborer, boards 48 Lawrence corporation 
Egan Thomas, gardener, house 44 Adams 

Egan Thomas, turner, house Broadway, near School [96 Gorham 
Ela Horace (A. D. Puffer^ Ob.), grocer, 32 Middlesex, house 
Elder Fi'cderick E. carpenter, house 86 Church 
Elder John, machinist, boards 119 Central 
Eldridge Joshua S. painter, house 2 Tyler 

LLIjVIjLAJND 1.Nui CO. J El!L,IOTT%gts. '(Seep. 374.) 


Elkins James N. clerk at A. L. Brooks's, boards 90 Fletcher 

Eilenwood Gayton P. blacksmith, house 108 East Merrimack 

EUenwood George B. machinist, boards 108 East Merrimack 

EUery Thomas, bootmaker, house 1 Pollard avenue 

Elliott Charles E. blacksmith, boards G7 Lawrence corporation 

Elliott Daniel, brassfinisher, house 19 Franklin square 

Elliott Edmund, variety store, 29 Bridge, house do. Centralville 

Elliott Elmira, widow, house 123 East Merrimack 

Elliott Ephraim, machinist. First, opp. Read, b. 59 Merr. corp. 

Elliott Esther Mrs. house Broadway, near Guard Locks 

Elliott George M. {Hunt Sj- Elliott) "msuYnnce agent, 28 Central, 

house 23 Bridge, Centralville 
Elliott Hannah M. boardiug-house, 4 Appleton corporation 
Elliott R. A. Mrs. millinery, 61 Merrimack, house Methuen, Cent. 
Elliott James, dresser, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Elliott John P. bleachery, house 29 Chapel 

Elliott Richard A. clerk, 46 Merrimack, b. Methuen, Centralville 
Elliotts. G. Mrs. dressmaker, 29 Bridge, house do. Centralville 
Elliott Thomas H. carpenter, boards Broadway, near Guard Locks 
Ellis James W. carpenter, boards 16 Central 
Ellis John, dyer, boards Montgomery House 
EUis John F. clerk {Boston), boards 108 Howard 
Ellison James A. machinist, boards 107 Appleton 
Ells Hannah E. widow, house 341 Merrimack 
Elmer Owen, at bleachery, house 37 Bleachery 

Elmworth , bleachery, house 26 Hurd 

Elsworth Andrew B. teamster, boards 12 Smith 

Elvin Charles, weaver, house 4 Parker's block, Centralville 

Elwell Alonzo P. sashmaker, boards 54 Rock 

Elwell Mary E. boarding-house, 26 Massachusetts corporation 

Ely Joseph H. {J.C. Ayer S)- Co.), medicines, &c. 103 Market, 

house 10 Stackpole 
Emerson Alvin, overseer bleachery, house Gorham, opp. F. Ground 
Emerson Archibald, carpenter, house rear 37 Cedar 
Emerson Charles F. clerk, 32 ^Middlesex, b. 7 Myrtle, Centralville 
Emerson Charles L. boards 64 Andover [38 Cabot 

Emerson Cyrus B. baggage-master, Merrimack-street depot, house 
Emerson Daniel, mason, house 32 Fayette 
Emerson David, jr. overseer Lawrence corporation, house 82 do. 
Emerson David G cigar-manufacturer, 128 Suffolk, h. 8 Decatur 
Emerson Edgar A. bleachery, house 8 Bleachery 
Emerson George, moulder, boards 278 Middlesex 
Emerson James, boards ]\Ierrimack House 
Emerson John D. painter, house 64 High 
Emerson (/. W.) & Co. (Charles K Wood), cigars, &c. 143 

Middlesex, house 52 Butterfield 
Emerson Luther, grocer, 8 East Merrimack, house 64 Andover 
Emerson Mary, widow, boards Gorham, opposite Fair Ground 

N.AMEEICAN FIRE INS.CO.,"H^u*^rk i^Hlhrt'iT^: 


Emerson Moses W. photographist, S9 Merrimack, h. at Billeirica 

Emerson Moses W. Mrs. house 219 Central 

Emerson Nathan, painter, 43 East Merrimack, hou^e 18 Clay 

Emerson Philip H. thread store, 69 Merrimack, house 67 do. 

Emerson Samuel, watchman, boards 8 Grand 

Emerson Warren, boarding-house, 5 Hamilton corporation 

Emerson William R. cigar mauuf., 157 Middlesex, h. 144 Jackson 

Emery Almoran H. carpenter, Fletcher, near Whiting, house 1 

Morse's lane 
Emery Greorge, foreman, 32 Prescott, house 24 Chestnut 
Emery Henry, proprietor Merrimack House, Merrimack, c. Dutton 
Emery Lewis F. conductor S. & L. R. Ft. house 37 Appleton 
Emery Lendal B. (^Piper S^ Emery), grocer, Pawtucket bridge, 

Dracut, house River road, do. 
Emery Lewis R. boards 37 Appleton 
Emery Stillman S. carpenter, house 64 Moody 
Emery William H. boards Merrimack House 
Emmons Benjamin, bootmaker, at 14 IMiddle, house 26 John 
Emmons D. T. stonecutter, house 82 South 
Emmott George J. tinsmith, 118 Central, b. Hale, n. Railroad 
Emmott James, engraver, Hamilton, house 190 Central 
Emmott Mary Mrs. house Hale, near Railroad 
Emmott Theodore W. second hand, house 13 Lowell corporation 
Emmott Thomas R., Merrimack, boards Hale, near Railroad 
Emory Justin T. bobbiumaker, house 5 Evans block. Railroad 
Engel George, farmer, house Quebec, near Lincoln, A. C. 
Engel John, machinist, house Quebec, near Lincoln, A. C. 
England James P. machinist, house Lawrence, n. Chase's Mills 
Eno Joseph, laborer, house 'IQQ Middlesex 
Eno Peter, lumberman, house 266 Middlesex 
Eno Teddy, laborer, house 266 Middlesex 
Eno William F. overseer, Massachusetts Mills, boards 19 Kirk 
Enright (James F.) & Fleck (P. T.), carpenters, 77 Market, bds. 

18 Willie avenue 
Enright Margaret Mrs. house 18 Willie avenue 
Enright Michael, laborer, house 87 Charles 
Enright Thomas, laborer, house Cross, near Suffolk 
Enright William, clerk, boards 18 Willie avenue 
Enright, see Henright 
Erdis James, carder, house rear 119 Market 
Ernshaw Robert, loomfixer, house 20 Elm 
Erskine David M. Mrs. house 62 Andover 
Erskine Hannah, widow, house 408 Merrimack 
Estes George, overseer carder, house 1 Appleton corporation 
Estabrook William H. mason, house 165 Moody 
Esty Asa Frank, policeman, house 99 Howard 
Ethier Pierre, doormaker, hou^e 3 E igle blk. Middlesex 
Evans AUura W. Mrs. h. 2 Lincoln place 

fOATAT PTPT? TATQ fA Assets «3.->o,ooo. hunt & ei^liott, 

\J\JlS \S , I iilllJ iiN O. IjU.j Agts., 38 Central St. (See page 37i.) 


Evans Frederic, marble-worker, 181 Central, bds. 291 Merrimack 

Evans George C. clerk, 43 Market, bds. 1 Carpet corp. 

Evans George E. civil engineer, boards Westford, corner Grand 

Evans H. C. billiards, 24 Central, h. do. 

Evans James, maebinLst, bouse Clielmsford, cor. Wilson's lane 

Evans John, raacbinist, boards 22 Lowell 

Evans Jobn W. weaver, boards 7 Appleton corporation 

Evans Joseph, foreman at Wm. Kelley's, house Westford, c. Grand 

Evans Mary M. boarding-house, 1 Lowell corporation 

Evans William, variety store, 290 Merrimack, house do. 

Everett Josiah, shuttleinaker, bds. 35 Mass. corp. 

Everett ■, boards 23 Bridge, Centralville 

Evison William, engraver, house 21 Chapel 

Ewan Robert, laborer, Boston & Lowell Railroad, house 46 South 

Ewing John, house 7 Fifth, Centralville 

Ewing Luke, boards 111 Central 

Ewing Samuel 3Irs. house Water, corner Pond 

FAGAN JOHN, spinner, house 58^ Fayette 
Fagan Michael, laborer, house 60 Fayette 
Fahey Andrew, laborer, house Howe, corner Davidson 
Fahey Edward, operative, boards Montgomery House 
Fahey Frank, laborer, boards Howe, corner Davidson 
Fahey Henry, laborer, boards Howe, corner Davidson 
Fahey John, American Bolt Company, house 10 Mill 
Fahey Patrick, laborer, h. 87 Fenwick 
Fairbank Woodbary Mrs. house 16 Fourth, Centralville 
Fairbrother Elhanan W. cabinetmaker, h. 8 Branch 
Fairfield L M. Mrs. machine sewing, 105 Central, bds. 73 High 
Fairgrleve George, section hand, Lowell corporation, h. 1 Lagrange 
Fairgrieve George W. {Offutt 8^ Fairyrieve), furniture, 39 Mar- 
ket, boards 1 Lagrange 
Falcon Littleton, lumberman, house Quebec, cor. Manchester, A. CJ 
Fall John, bleachery, house 5 Livingston 
Fallon Andrew, painter, house 64 Church 
Fallon Michael, laborer, house rear 49 Charles 
Fallon Micbael, laborer, house 19 Dummer 
Fallon Michael jr. laborer, house rear 19 Dummer 
Fallon Owen, gardener, house 195 School 

Falls Alonzo, draughtsman, house 14 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Faneuf Napoleon, moulder, house rear 92 Moody [son sq. 

Farley Bernard, laborer, at Gas Company's shop, house 4 JefFer- 
Farley Charles H. express messenger, boards 24 Chestnut 
Farley H. B. messenger, Boston Express, house 24 Chestnut 
Farley James, washer, boards 23 Lowell 
Farley James, laborer, house 45 Adams 
Farley James, operative, boards 73 East Merrimack 
Farley James H. tinsmith, Dutton cor. Lowell, h. Hancock ave. 

FIRST NAT'L FIRE IN^XO. Jiu^rrE^lTo^^Vf A^^eX. 


Farley John, macliinist, boards rear 347 Merrimack 
Farley Lawrence, dyer, house 73 East Merrimack 
Farley Lawrence, clerk, 89 Market, boards do. 
Farley Michael, fireman, house rear 52 Fenwick 
Farley Michael, fireman, house 7 Wall 
Farley Owen, grocer, 74 Gorham, house, do. 
Farley Patrick, laborer, house rear 347 Merrimack 
Farley Patrick, operative, house 5 Cummiskey's alley 
Ffirley Terrence, laborer, house 1 Howe 
Farley Terrence, laborer, house rear 54 West Union 
Farley Thomas, finisher, house 40 Fayette 
Farley Thomas, spinner, house rear 25 Middle 
Farmer Charles K. at U. S. Cartridge Co., h. at Tewksbury 
Farmer Charles 0. at U. S. Cartridge Co., bds. 1 North 
Farmer David P. teamster, house 1 Livingston block, Appleton 
Farnett Nazaire, carpenter, house 282 Merrimack [Butterfield 
Farnham George B. carpenter, 242 Middlesex, cor. Grand, h. 16 
Farnhani George W. at Gas Works, house 154 School 
Farnham John, house 184 Central 

Farnham William L. carpenter, house Robinson, near the E. R. 
Farnsworth David W. overseer carder, Lawrence corp. h. 9 do. 
Farnum Clarissa, widow, boards 12 Branch 
Farr Alpha B., Custom House (^Boston), house 24 Stackpole 
Farr Edward H. salesman, 30 Central, boards 49 Bartlett 
Farrar Cyrus S. physician, house 227 Middlesex 
Farrar George, painter, bds. 134 Merrimack corp. 
Farrar George W. bobbinmaker, boards 14 High st. square 
FaiTell Alice, widow, house Crosby 
Farrell Ann, widow, house 10 Hurd 
Farrell Catharine, widow, house 2 Fulton, Centralville 
Farrell Henry, grocer, 49 Dutton, house do. 
Farrell John, laborer, city, house 26 Adams 
Farrell Mary, widow, house 51 Market 
Farrell Michael, laborer, house Ilolbrook's court 
Farrell Owen, peddler, house 121 Lowell 
Farrell Patrick Mrs. house 152 Lowell 
Farrell Patrick, shoemaker, house 8 Davis 
Farrell Peter, stonecutter, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Farrell Peter 2d, stonecutter, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Farrell Rose, widow, house 8 Davis 
Farrell Thomas, operative, house 13 North 
Farrell Thomas, teamster, boards 2 Fulton, Centralville 
Farrell Thomas, hostler, bds. 4 Sixth, Centralville 
Farrell William, woolsorter, house 271 Merrimack 
Farrington Amos W. clerk, 94 Central, house 5 Tyler 
Farrington Daniel, carpenter, house 10 Ford 
Farrington DeWitt C. agent U. S. Bunting Company, Whipple's 
Mills, house Andover, near Tewksbury line 

"RT^PITQIITDF TTl?]? TATQ CH Assets si,ooo,ooo. hukta, 

J3JlljXlV.0Jliri£l Lil h iiN O. \j\J, ELLIOTT, Agents. (See p. 374.) 


Farrington Ebenezer {McQoy S,- Farrington), Liberty sq. house 
6 Fletcher 

Farrington Henry, Industrial Hall, house 66 Fayette 

Farrington Isaac, propr'r Eagle Mills ( West Chelmsford) h. 12 

Farrington John, watchman, btls. 54 Boott corp. 

Farrington Mrs. widow, h. 58 River, Centralville 

Farrington Southwell, Boston and Lowell Railroad, h. 7 Tremont 

Farrington William P. police, boards 122 Moody 

Farrington Willis, boards Andover, n. Tewksbury line 

Farson Frank E. painter, 151 Middlesex, bds. Jackson, cor. Mid- 

Farson (Samuel) & Crocker (A. F.), painters, 151 Middlesex, 
house 52 Appleton 

Farwell J, R shoemaker, 5 Warren, house 13 Charles 

Farwell Samuel W. clerk, 185 Central, house 77 High 

Faulkner Frederick (^Luther W. Faulkner Sf Son), boards 1 Faulk- 
ner's block 

Faulkner Luther W. & Son (Frederick), woollen-manufacturers, 
Grove, near Lawrence, house at Billerica 

Faunce Ansel B. mason, and variety store, h. 362 JMerrimack 

Faunce Emma Mrs. nurse, house 6 Favor 

Faunce Thomas, machinist, house rear 31 Lagrange 

Fausell George F. cigarmaker, 2 Cady, boards 115 Gorham 

Favor Jacob G. police, house 7 South Highland 

Favor Joseph B. shoemaker, 108 Cent'-al, house do. 

Favor Nathaniel B. & Son (A^. P. Favor), door, sash, and blind 
mariufacturers, Wamesit, Mills, house 9 Favor 

Favor Nathaniel P. (K B. Favor 8; Son), Wamesit Mills, house 
81 Summer 

Favreau Joseph, laborer, house rear 90 Moody 

Fay Bernard, teamster, house 196 Gorham 

Fay Frederick T. clerk, 101 Merrimack, h. 146 Merrimack corp. 

Fay Henry J. clerk, 144 Central, boards 146 Merrimack corp. 

Fay James L. engraver, house 146 Merrimack corporation 

Fay Patrick, laborer, house 6 Wall 

Fay Peter, laborer, house 17 High 

Fay Roxanna Mrs. house Beacon, near Bowers 

Fay Samuel, superintendent Lowell Manufacturing Company, house 
Moody, corner Pawtueket 

Fay Thomas F. horseshoer, 201 Button 

Fecteau Alexis L. clerk, 167 Middlesex, boards 94 do. 

Fee Thomas, laborer, house 63 Hamilton block 

Feeney John, cook, Merrimack House, house 16 Dumnier 

Felch Stephen A. grocer, 93 Broadway, house 290 Middlesex 

Fellon James, laborer, house 21 Jefferson 

Fellows James K., President Lowell Mutual Insurance Company, 
49 Central, house Andover, near Park 

Connecticut Miitwal Life Ins. Co., of Hartford, Coiiii.. HUKT & 

JBijIiiOi'T, Ag«nts, aS Central St. (8ee pages 371, 3?5.) 


Fellows Samuel, bouse 106 East Menimack 

Fendersou Charles H. machinist, hoards 15 South 

Feneuf Napoleou, moulder, house rear 92 Moody 

Feulej Michael, operativ^e, house 20 Adams 

Fenton William, Middlesex, house 12 Green 

Ferguson x\ddie E. Mrs. boards 52 Merrimack corporation 

Ferguson Augustus, machinist, boaids 172 Suffolk 

Ferguson Henry, weaver, house rear 101 Gorhara 

Ferguson James, laborer, house 8 Water 

Ferguson John Q., J. C. Ayer's, house 21 Charles 

Ferguson Keziah. widow, boards 44 Lagrange 

Ferguson Levi, overseer, Lowell Manufacturing Company, house 
20 Stack pole 

Ferguson Sanmel, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 

Fernald Mark, painter, house Westford, opposite- Queen 

Fernald, see Furncdd 

Fernley Thomas, spinner, house 15 Cady 

Ferns Francis, operative, boards Lawrence, near mills 

Ferrin Silas, boxmaker, house Smith, opp. Home 

Ferrin Sumner C. operative, house 24 Tremont corporation 

Ferrin , tailor, boards 120 Merrimack 

Ferris Ruel L. operative, boards 44 Boott corporation 

Ferson Ciarentine E. blacksmith, boards Robinson, near Railroad 

Ferson Levi Mrs. house Robinson, near Railroad 

Ferson Levi O. bleacher, boards Robinson, near Railroad 

Feslor — .— , Mrs. dressmaker, 24 Mid llesex, house do. 

Fessenden Samuel F. currier, house Lincoln, near Main 

Field Charles E. house 94 East Merrimack 

Field David C. G. house Chelmsford, near Gates's tannery 

Field David S. contractor, L. M. S. house 23 L. M. S. corp. 

Field George W. machinist, hoitse 281 Central 

Field John, woodworker, boards 1 Garnet 

Field Joseph, engineer, house Robinsoi., corner Congress 

Field Simon C carpenter, house 122 Moody 

Field, see Fields 

Fielding George, machinist, boards 41 Fletcher 

Fielding (^Henry A.) & Bartlett (^George H), hardware and agri- 
cultural warehouse, 136 Central, house 31 Lawrence 

Fielding Joseph, spinner, house 20 Abbott 

Fielding Josiah B. & Co. ( TF. H. Spalding'), paper-hangings and 
painting, 101 and 103 Central, and 1, 3, and 4 Jackson, house 
3 Highland 

Fielding Stephen K. 101 Central, house 7 Elm 
'Fields John, soda and mineral water, 15 Lowell, bds. 15 High 

Fields Margaret, widow, house 15 High 

Fields Tliomas, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 8 Wall 

Fields, see Field 

Fife Elmore R. carpenter, house 1 Oliver 

Mutual Eeneflt Life Ins. Co., Nfwaik. Assets over $18,000,000. 
HU?iT &. ELLIOTT, Agents, ^8 Central St. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Fife Hugh, boltraaker, house 33 Keene 

Fife James, operative, bounls 20 Lowell corporation 

Fife John, laborer, house 23 East Merrimack 

Fife Michael, operative, house 48 Gorham 

Filleld Edward, house Wilson's lane, near Chelmsford 

Fifield Stephen, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 

Filield William A. carpenter, house 15 Clark 

Files Allen, watchman Lowell corp. house 9 Fourth, Centralville 

Fillmore Albert, at Cutter & Walker's, house 3 Union 

Fillmore Amos B., L. M. S. yard, boards 2 Goward place 

Fillmore Theodore, carpenter, house 4 Franklin square 

Finley George, section hand, house 3 Lagrange 

Finley Michael, laborer, house 45 Adams 

Finn (^atharine S. Mrs. house 15 Lee 

Finn James B. machinist, house 15 Lee 

Finn Margaret, widow, house 50 East Merrimack 

Finnan Patrick, at "Vox Populi " office, house rear 74 Gorham 

Finnegan Ann, house 13 Lee 

Finnegan Bridget, widow, house 17 George 

Finnegan James, Jaborer, boards 64 Charles 

Finnegan James, operative, boards 7 Lowell place 

Finnegan Joseph, dyer, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Finnegan Mary, widow, house Lowell place 

Finnigan Michael, laborer, house 81 Chuich 

Finnegan Peter E. hairdresser, American House, bds. 17 George 

Finnegan Thomas, overseer dyer, Merrimack Print Works, house 

90 Merrimack corporation 
Finnerty Michael, laborer, boards 147 Lowell 
Finnick Thomas, laborer, house 17 Davidson 
Finton Patrick, laborer, house 29 Fenwick 
Finton William, spinner, house 12 Green 
Firth Thomas, blacksmith, house 74 High 
Fish Carrie A. Mrs. house 28 Treinont corp. 
Fisher A. W. Mrs. house 98 Gorham 
Fisher Franklin, carpenter, boards 7 Prescott corp. 
Fisher John, spinner, h. 5 Lawrence 

Fisher Martha Mrs. variety store, 219 Middlesex, house 217 do. 
Fisher Mary,, widow, house 10 Broadway 
Fisher Samuel S. machinist, house Suifolk, corner Broadway 
Fisher Sumner, shoemaker, 138 Central, house 17 Floyd 
Fisher Thomas, juckspinner, h. 51 Middle 

Fisher William, spinner, house 76 Wan-en [lett 

Fisk Albert L. chemist, Merrimack Print Works, boards 34 Bart- 
Fisk Levi Mrs. boarding-house, 79 Merrimack corp. 
Fiske Amos, overseer, house 34 Cabot 
Fiske Charles H. machinist, house 152 Gorham 
Fiske Edward A. (^Laxorence) boards 39 Adams 
Fiske George Mrs. house 27 Chapel 

Business tliat can't aflford Insurance is too poor to folloAV. 'Wis- 
dom, i»rudence, experience, ail say, Insure at once. (See page 374.) 


Fiske George W. turner, house 100 Appleton 

Fiske Henry B. teller {Howard Bank, Boston), b. 100 Appleton 

Fiske Sarah C. teacher, No. 17 Primary School, b. 100 Appleton 

Fiske William, comfortable manuf. 3 Gushing, house 39 Adams 

Fiske William 0. office 1 Jackson, boards 3'J Adams 

Fitch A. P. flannel manufacturer, boards 16 Nesmith 

Fitts Frank E. bookkeeper {Boston^, boards 7 Willie 

Fitts Isaac N. raillwriglit, house 7 Willie 

Fitzgerald Ann, Mary, Lizzie, and Catharine, house Parker's block, 

Fitzgerald Catharine, widow, house 8 Auburn 
Fitzgerald David, laborer, house 2 Water 
Fitzgerald Edward, operative, bds. Lawrence, n. mills 
Fitzgerald Edward, tanner, h. jMancliester, c. Main, A. C. 
Fitzgerald Garrett, laborer, house 1 Fenwick 
Fitzgerald Hannah, widow, house 132 Lowell 
Fitzgerald Jeanette, widow, boards Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Fitzgerald Jeremiah, laborer, house 1 Fenwick 
Fitzgerald John, painter, boards Cross, near Adams 
Fitzjierald Mary, widow,, house Cross, near Adams 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, house 60 Fenwick 
Fitzgerald Maurice, currier, house Sliort 

Fitzgerald Patrick, currier, house Lincoln, n. tannery, Ayer's City 
Fitzgerald Patrick, sawyer, house Brewery court 
Fitzgerald Richard, dyer, boards 95 Menimack corporation 
Fitzgerald Bichard, bleachery, bds. 13 Davis 
Fitzgerald Terrence, laborer, house 96 Adams 
Fitzgerald Thomas, saw-filer, house 269 Middlesex 
Fitzgerald William, laborer, bds. 13 Mass. corp. 
Fitzhenry Mary, widow, house 55 Gorham 
Firzpatrick Bridget, .widow, h. 64 Charles 
Fitzpatrick D. L. carriage-maker, bds. 28 Central 
Fitzpatriek John, moulder, bds. 4 Appleton corp. 
Fitzpatrick Owen, teamster, hous^e Chapel, corner Central 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, boards Chapel, corner Central 
Fitzpatriek Peter, laborer, house 294 Central 
Fitzpatrick Peter, machinist, house 2 Theatre block, Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Peter F. engraver, h. 6 Parker's block, Centralville 
Fitzpatrick Simon, dyer, boards 93 Merrimack corp. 
Fitzpatrick Susan, widow, h. Broadway, near Adams 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, laborer, bds. rear 68 Charles 
Fitzpatrick William Mrs. house 19 Winter [Cabot 

Fitzsimuions Ellen (J/. Brennan iSfCo.), 56 Merrimack, board.s 10 
Fitzsimmons John, moulder, hou^e 22 Lewis [Cabot 

Fitz.siinmons Mary (J/. Brennan ^ Co.), 56 Merrimack, boards 10 
Fitzsimmons Mary, widow, house 55 River, Centralville 
Fitzsimmons JMary, widow, house 1 Cabot 
Fitzsimmons Michael, at S. G. Mack's, house 10 Cabot 

HUIVT <fc ELLIOTT, Fire and Life Insurance Agents. Rooms, Pres- 
cott Nat. Bank Building, 38 Central St., Lowell. (.See pages 374, 375 ) 


Flagg Hannah, widow, operative, bcls. 105 Central 
Flagg Jerry, second hand, Hamilton, bds. 6 Boott corp. 
Flagg William H. overseer, Boott corp. house 72 do. 
Flagg William M. carpenter, bds. 72 Boott corp. 
Flahavan Michael, tinsmith, 125 Market, boards 49 Middle 
Flaherty Eilen, widow, house 12 Adams 
Flaherty Hannah, widow, house 28 Salem 
Flaherty James laborer, house 7 Carpet lane 
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, bds. 147 Lowell 
Flaherty Thoaias, mulespinner, house Kirk st. ave. 
Flanagan Harry, ojterative, boards Swift 
Flanao-an John, laborer, boards 1 George 
Flanagan Micliael, farmer, house 33 Floyd 
Flanagan Patricl?:, pressman, boards 1 George 
Flanagan Patiick, laborer, bouse 4 Parker's block, Centralville 
Flanagan Patrick, lal)orer, house 184 Gorham 
Flanagan Patrick, operative, boards 53 Market 
Flanagan Thomas, laborer, boards 19 High 
.'Flanders Charles R. bonnet bleachery, 96 Merrimack, house do. 
Flanders Daniel, watchman, boards 7 Warren 
Flinders George A. dj'^er, boards 233 Gorham [court 

Flanders Henry H. boots and shoes, 302 Merrimack, h. 4 Tilden 
Flanders Lyman L. carpenter, house 2 Tilden court 
Flanders Mo-ics T. oiler, house 49 Hamilton corporation 
Flanders Peter (Boston), house 386 Merrimack 
Flanders Piianuol, farmer, house 233 Gorham 
Flanders Samuel B. overseer carder, Hamilton corp. house 11 do. 
Flanders William G. overseer, Massachusetts coi'poration, h. 19 do. 
Flaudeis Wi liaui S. machmist, Merrimack corporation, h. 122|- do. 
Flavin .John, c ird-stripper, house rear 15 Dummer 
Fleck P.iM-ick {Knrigh 4' FlccJc), 77 Market, house 79 do. 
Fleming John, 31i Idlesex corporation, house 70 Warren 
Fleming Josejjh W. watchman, Lawrence corporation 
Fleming Julia, widow, house McCarry's court 
Fleming Mlchjcl, la borer, .boards 118 Lowell 
Fleming Patrick, laborer, boards McCarry's court 
Fleming Patrici;, laborer, house 117 Lowell 
Fleming Rich.>rd, laborer, house 2 Cummiskey's alley 
Fletcher Arthur, moulder, boards 121 Cross 
Fletcher Benjamin, sash and blind maker, hou-se 45 Charles 
Fletcher Ediimiid Mrs. Louse 210 Central 
Fletcher Kduiainl D. {Nichols ^ Fletcher), grocer, 144 and 146 

Central, house 210 do. 
Fletcher Henry H. (Boston), boards 30 Race 
Fletcher Hiiruiio, intelligence office, 84 Central, house 56 Bartlett 
Fletcher Horatio E,. bookkeeper (Boston), h. Bleachery, c. Moore 
F.eLcher Is^ac V. (Bohonan <^ Fletcher), 189 Middlesex, house 
288 Ce,)tval 

Boot au^T; "^lini-! Factories, Maclllnery and Stock tliereiii, insured toy 
HtiVT J'-i, Et,L.IOTT, Insura«»c« Agents, 28 CeJitral Street. 


Fletcher James, supt. Dagdale's Factory, house 33 Willie 

Fletcher Jaiues H. furniture manuf. house I'lS Cross 

Fletcher Lewis N. weaver, Lawrence corporation 

Fletcher >Jiles J. clerk, 13 Market, boards 57 Andover 

Fletcher Nellie E. widow, board ■< 112 Merrimack corporation 

Fletcher Oliver, overseer, Lowell, house 3 High 

Fletcher Orra A. weaver, house 129 Merrimack corporation 

Fletcher Richard, B. & L. R. R. house 18 Marshall 

Fletcher Sarah, widow, boards 1 Evans block 

Fletcher Shuah H. widow, boards Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Fletcher Simon T. clothing, 263 Central, house do. 

Fletcher Stephen R. house 3 Harrison [Cushing 

Fletcher Warren, janitor, Huntington Hall, house 1 Albro's block, 

Fletcher William, farmer, house Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Fletcher William, boards 7 Appleton corporation 

Flint Albert Gr. overseer spinner, Lawrence corp. house 22 do. 

Flint Almy J. clerk, Wamesit Nat. Bank, boards Liberty, near 

Flint Charles L. house 380 Merrimack 
Flint Edwin H. machinist, boards 56 L. M. S. corporation 
Flint George, milkman, house Railroad, near Hale 
Flint George W. hackman, 112 Moody, boards 26 Cabot 
Flint John, machinist, boards 29 Appleton corporation 
Flint Joseph K. patternmaker, Mechanic's Mills, house Liberty, 

near School 
Flint Oliver S. 112 Moody, house 179 do. 
Flint Oliver W. livery stable, 112 Moody, house 177 do. 
Flint Omar A. foreman at A. Bachelder & Co.'s, boards 46 Willie 
Flood Ann, widow, house 2 Fayette 
Flood Barney H. trader, boards 70 L. M. S. corporation 
Flood Edward, carder, house 4 Dodge 

Flood Edward, machinist, boards 53 Massachusetts corporation 
Flood Elizabeth, widow, house 16 George 
Flood Henry F. painter, house 5 Lowell place 
Flood John, machinist, house rear 148 Lowell 
"Flood .John C. restaurant, 65 Market, boards 18 do. 
Flood Joseph, gigger, boards 16 George 
Flood Nancy, widow, house 2 Howe 
Flood Peter, cigarmaker, 19 Merrimack 
Flood Peter H. cigar manuf. 19 Merrimack 
Flood Wilham, o;is;2:er, boards 16 George 
Florian William, machinist, boards 4 Parson's court 
Flynn Catharine, widow, house 5 Dummer 
Flynn Catharine, widow, house 3 Cummiskey's alley 
Flynn Christopher, operative, boards 104 Market 
Flynn Dennis, laborer, boards 88 Lowell 
Flynn (^Dennis A.) k, Wilson ( George IT.), blacksmiths, Fletcher, 

corner Rock, house 2 Dummer 

Cotton and AVoolen Mills, Maeliiiiery and Stock therein, insured 
by HUNT «fc ELiLIOTT, Insurance Agents, 38 Central Street. 


Flynn Ellen, widow, house 102 Suffolk 

Flynn Hannah Mrs. house 40 Appleton 

Flynn James, currier, boards 5 Molloy's court 

Flynn James, marble-polisher, house 8 Cedar 

Flynn James H. clerk, 10 Merrimack, b. 34 Franklin sq* Suffolk 

Flynn John, laborer, boards 3 Cummiskey's alley 

Flynn John, provisions, 3 Dummer, house do. 

Flynn John, chair-bottomer, 352 Central, house do. 

Flynn John, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 38 Paige 

Flynn John, currier, house Short, near Chelmsford 

Flynn John Mrs. house 8 Cedar 

Flynn Julia, widow, house rear 25 Middle 

Flynn Margaret, widow, house 17 Salem 

Flynn JMichael, house 15 East Merrimack 

Flynn Michael X. machinist, boards 34 Frankiia square 

Flyna Miles, laborer, house 5 Molloy's court . 

Flynn Patrick (^O'Connor 4' Fhjim), 66^ Charles, house 50 

West Union 
Flynn Patrick, Merrimack corporation, boards 88 Paige 
Flynn Patrick, laborer, boards 36 Applelon 
Flynn Patrick Mrs. house 38 Paige 
Flynn Philip, laborer, house 9 Broadway 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, house Whipple, near Central 
Flynn Thomas, blacksmith, house 20 North 
Flynn Thomas, moulder, boards 3 Cummi.'^key's alley 
Flynn William, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 5 Molloy's court 
Fogg A. C. Miss, dressmaker, 3 Canal, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
Fogg Charles A. machinist, house G9 Church 
Fogg jNlary S. widow, house 8 Grand 

Fogg Nancy IMiss, boarding-house, 31 Hamilton corporation 
Foley Bartholomew, spinner, house Water, near Andover 
Foley Catharine, 43 Adams 
Foley James Mrs. house 6 Lewis 
Foley John, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 
Foley Malachi, house rear 71 Adams 
Foley Michael, operative, house Crosby 
Foley Patrick, laborer, house rear 18 Dummer 
Foley Peter, laborer, house rear 55 Market 
Follansbee John, carder, boards 7 Hamilton corjDoration 
Follen Patrick, engineer, house 25 Congress 
Folsom Alansou, mason, house Cambridge, 5th from Hale 
Folsom Catharine B. Mrs. millinery, 73 Merrimack, house do. 
Folsom Henry, machinist, house 42 Lagrange 
Folsom Ira N. machinist, house 5 Chelmsford 
Folsom Jeremiah S. insurance agent, 21 Central, house 22 Chapel 
Folsom ./olui A. druggist {Boston), boards 5 Chelmsford 
Folsom Jonathan P. dry goods, 44^ Merrimack, house 42 High 
Folsom Lorenzo A. agent, house 113 Appleton 

Cliiirclies, Soliool Houses, ami other Public Buildings, insured for 
oue or five years, by JdUNT «fc ELLIOTT, aS Central Street. 


Folsom Mary ]Mrs. widow, bouse 152 Gorham 

Folsoin Mary F. teacher, private school, 73 Merrimack, house do. 

Fontaine Sullivan, blacksmith, bouse 30 Salem 

Foody William, laborer, house 3 Treiiiont 

Foote Charles C. machinist, 84 Middle, house IGO Suffolk 

Foote Charles H. at Middlesex Co.'s office, boards 160 Suffolk 

Foote George L. tinsmith, house Broadway, near Walker 

Foote Irvin A.. pianoforte tuner, 275 Merrimack (also W. S. Foote 

S^ Co.), house Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Foote James D. {J.L. Foote S^ Co.), house Pine, near Wilder 
Foote James L. & Co. {James D. Foote), stoves and tinware, 277 

and 279 Merrimack, house Liberty, near Pine 
Foote Sanford J. produce, house 83 Salem 

Foote Warren S. & Co. {Irvin A. i^oo/'e), piano-fortes, 275 Merri- 
mack, house 7 Butterfield 
Forbes Abner, stencil plates, boards 10 Suffolk corporation 
Forbush Charles {Parker 4' F.), Middlesex, corner Jackson, house 

80 South 
Forbush G. W. clerk, 149 Central, boards 41 Appleton 
Ford David A. clerk, 251 IMerrimack, boards 5 Butterfield 
Ford Esther, widow, house 6 Howard's avenue 
Ford James E. carpenter, house 4 Lincoln place 
Ford James AV. boards 5 Butterfield 
Ford John, laborer, house 12 Church 
Ford Lydia N. Mrs. house 5 Butterfield 
Ford Michael, laborer, house Middlesex, opp. Mclntire 
Ford Patrick, laborer, house 8 Carpet lane 
Ford Sarah A. widow, house 210 INlerrimack 
Forrest William, fireman, Prescott, boards 11 Mass. corp. 
Forristall William J. cloth-finisher, house 10 Davidson 
Forsaith John, house Chehnsford, cor. Howard 
Forsberg Oscar A. clerk, 319 Merrimack, boards 22 Varney 
Forthi-up James, operative, house 15 Ames 
Fortier Z. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Worthen, h. 330? Merrimac 
Fortin Louis, laborer, house 5 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Fosdick John F. carpenter, house 3 High-street square [Fletcher 
Fosdick Lucian G. provisions, Cabot, cor. Salem, h. Varney, near 
Foss Augustus B. policeman, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Foss George W., Lowell Machine Shop, house G Middlesex place 
Fi .=s George W. laborer, house 158 Central 
Fo.>-: Jacob, carpenter, Merrimack, boards rear 242 Central 
Foss Justin E. napper, Hamilton corporation, house 76 Church 
Foss I.uther B. locksmith, 129 Central, boards 6 Middlesex place 
Foss Mary, at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 

Foster Abigail Mrs. house 28 Church [Franklin square 

Foster Albert M. foreman job-room " Citizen and News," house 3 
Foster Anna A. widow, boards 11 Auburn 
Foster Charles F. teamster, boards 64 Church 

Is your Keal E^state and Personal Property' insured in relialjle 
offices : If not, call on. HUJXT & ELLIOTT, JiS Central Street. 


Foster Eden B. Rev. house 32 Fifth, Centralville 
Foster Ellen, widow, house Parker's block, Centralville 
Foster Edward, uiachinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 
Foster Ezra, carpenter, boards 6 Farson's court 
Foster George Gr. bleacher, house Bleachery, near the railroad 
Foster Henry S. fish and oysters, 310 Merrimack, house 11 Dodge 
Foster Herbert A. printer, boards 64 Church 
Foster James, overseer carder, Lawrence corp. house 84 do. 
Foster Jesse, carpenter, 18 Salem, house 15 Common avenne 
Foster J. F. boards 28 Wentworth's building 
Foster Lemuel R. weaver, house 67 Warren 
Foster Loring, carder, Tremont corporation, house 32 do. 
Foster Lydia, widow, house Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Foster Merrill C. upholsterer, Tremont corporation, boards 32 do. 
Foster Obadiah 11. house 64 Churcli 

Foster Samuel W. overseer, Lowell corporation, house 9 do. 
Foster William H. saloon, 159 Middlesex, house 7 Worthen 
Foudy Margaret, house 16 Davis 
Fountain Louis, laborer, house 7 Knowles place 
Fountain Solomon, cabinetmaker, house 30 Salem 
Fowler Albert C. mason, house 33 Fourth, Centralville 
Fowler Edwin S. clerk, 130 Merrimack, bds. 22 Fifth, Cent. 
Fowler Ezra M. carpenter, house 18 Grreen 
Fowler George L. carpenter, rear 55 Dutton, house 127 Cross 
Fowler John, Middlesex, boards 11 Green 
Fowler John, laborer, house 68 Wheelock's block 
Fowler John E. driver, house 22 Fifth, Centralville 
Fowler John E. jr. mason, house 24 Fifth, Centralville 
Fowler Joseph M. blacksmith, boards 18 Green 
Fowler Joseph R. shoemaker, house 13 Charles 
Fowler Samuel H. spinner, boards 31 Lawrence corporation 
Fowler Thomas, machinist, boards 26 Gorham 
Fox Adeline, widow, house 59 Merrimack corporation 
Fox Amanda M. Mrs. boarding-house, 45 Boott corporation 
Fox Bridget, widow, house 68 River, Centralville 
Fox Franklin M. shoemaker, house 49 Andover 
Fox Gustavus V. agent Middlesex Company, house 355 Merrimack 
Fox Jesse Dr. house 49 Third, Centralville 
Fox Lorenzo S. physician, 2 Welles' block, house 10 Nesmith 
Fox Patrick, bleachery, house foot of Livingston 
Fox Patrick, laborer, boards 36 Appleton 
Fox Peter, painter, house 68 River, Centralville 
Fox Thomas, bleachery, house 8 Congress [house 43 Summer 

Fox Warren & Co. (A. B. Richardson), clothing, 57 Central, 
Francis Charles, spinner, boards 52 Dutton 

Francis James, civil engineer. Locks and Canals, boards Andover, 

near Park [Park 

Francis James B. agent, Locks and Canals, house Andover, near 

HUNT &, EtiIilOTT will insure your Stock, Macliiiiery, Tools, 
Ultnsils, Apparatus and Fixtures, 38 Central Street. (See page 374.) 


Francis Joseph, student, boards Andover, near Park 

Francis Levi, harnessmaker, house 14 Chapel 

Franklin Edgar H. clerk, 126 Merrimack, house 70 High 

Franklin Martha A. teacher, No. 8 Piimary School, boards IMount 

Vernon, corner Sixth, Centralville 
FrankHn William B. house Mount Vernon, cor. Sixth, Centralville 
Frappier Louis, laborer, house 36 Davidson 
Frawley John, operative, house Gorhani, near Moore 
Frawley Peter O'C. grocer, Gorham, cor. Moore, h. 1 Moore 
Fraser Daniel, cabinetmaker, house 12 Willie 
Frazer Alexander jMrs. house 11 IMarion 
Frederick Ellen, widow, house 94 Adams 
Freeman Abigail, widow, boards 33 Branch 
Freeman Benjamin S. machinist, house 5 Water 
Freeman Charles W. & S. grocers, 22 and 23 Suffolk, Franklin sq. 

house 21 Franklin square 
Freeman Henry, bleachery, house 3 Livingston 
Freeman .John, bleachery, house 3 Livingston 
Freeman John P. jr. student, boards Coburn, near Hildreth, Cent. 
Freeman Lyman, carpenter, house 154 Broadway 
Freeman jMary J. widow, house 10 Third, Centralville 
Freeman Samuel J. carriage-painter, house 33 Branch 
Freeman Samuel K. carriage-painter, Arch, near Northern depot, 

boards 33 Branch 
Freeman Stephen (C.W. cb S. Freeman'), boards 21 Franklin sq. 
Freeman Thomas, bleachery, house Prospect, corner Kidder 
Freeman William, dyer, house 17 Clay 
French Amos, machinist, house 12 Cabot 
French {Amos B.) & Putter {F. IF.), crockery and glass ware, 115 

Central, house Bridge, near Dracut line, Centralville 
French Amos B. receiviui; clerk, freight depot, house Branch 
French Benjamin F. dresser, house 142 Merrimack corporation 
French Benjamin F. Mrs. house 13 Anne 
French Charles Mrs. boards 18 Lagrange 
French Charles A. carpenter, boards 37 Church 
French Cyril Mrs. house Chapel 
French Everett W. carder, house 2 Linden 
French Franklin, clerk, house Varnum, Centralville 
French Henry, operative, house 40 Clarion 
French Henry P. clerk, 12 Tilden, boards 50 Moody 
French Henry P. second hand, boards 29 Appleton corporation 
French .Joseph, harnessmaker, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
French .Josiah B. house Chelmsford, near railroad bridge 
French Lizzie Mrs. dressmaker, 3 Canal block, house do. 
French ]\Iary Mrs. house 3 Luther's court 
French William, machinist, house Varnum, Centralville 
French WiUiam C. clerk (Boston), h. Mt. Washington, n. Varney 
French Wdliara H. apothecary, 2 Central, h. Adams, n. Libarty sq. 

Howard. Fire Insurance Co.'s Ijowell Office is at IVo. 28 Central St., 
with HUNT &. ELliIOTT, Agents. (See page 374.) 


French William H. stonecutter, house School, near Bowers 

Frichette Charles, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 

Frost Charles, machinist, boards 4 Appleton corporation 

Frost Charles H. spinner, house 5 Fourth, Centralville 

Frost C. H. salesman, 92 Central, boards 49 do. 

Frost Elizabeth W. teacher Colburn School, boards 48 Andover 

Frost George W. cabinetmaker, house 1 1 Lagrange court 

Frost Lyman J. 14 Market, house 48 Church 

Fryatt Thomas, machinist, house 5 Chestnut 

Frye Abbj Mrs. house 257 Central 

Frye Daniel W. operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 

Frye E. Elsworth, house 11 Clay 

Frye Frederick, mason, house Pawtucket, corner Fletcher 

Frye George, mason, house 23 Kirk 

Frye Helen C. teacher Primary 89, boards 259 Central 

Frye {John F.) & Moore {Albert M.), counsellors, 49 Central, 

boards 257 do. 
Frye Laura Mrs. house 191 Gorham 
Frye Marshall, currier, house 11 Railroad 

Frye Nathan W. supt. Cook's tannery, A. C, h. Tanner, c. Howard 
Frye Reuben, mason, house 128 Merrimack 
Fuller Charles A. W. machinist, house 7 Ford 
Fuller Charles H. boards 54 P^ast Merrimack 
Fuller Charles J. operative, boards 7 Ford 
Fuller Darius S. engineer, house Elm, near Third, Centralville 
Fuller Edward R. 175 Middlesex, house 5 Burns 
Fuller Edwin A. lather, boards 54 East Merrimack 
Fuller Ensign C. house Grand, corner Marshall 
Fuller Eugene F. carpenter, boards 53 Massachusetts corporation 
Fuller Frances Miss, boards 9 Marshall 
Fuller Harrison H. police, house 54 East Merrimack 
Fuller Homer, sashmaker, boards 25 Willie 
Fuller Jason, grocer, 65 East Merrimack, house 127 do. 
Fuller John B. cabinetmaker, Mechs. Mills, house 25 Willie 
Fuller Julia C. widow, house 25 Charles 

Fuller Margaret, widow of James, house r. 73 River, Centralville 
Fuller Samuel S. overseer, Middlesex corporation, house 32 Suffolk, 

Franklin square 
Fuller William T. carpenter, house Walker, near Westford 

Fuller , machinist, boards 104 East Merrimack 

Fullerton George W. engineer, house 5 Massachusetts corporation 
FuUerton Mary, widow, boards 5 Massachusetts corporation 
Fullerton Sarah Jane, boarding-house, 15 Hamilton corporation 
FuUington Mary A. Mrs. house 30 Franklin square, Adams 
Fulton James R. second hand, house 47 Boott corporation 
Furber George D., Industrial Hall, house 42 Grand 
Furber George W. boards 42 Grand [cor. Pleasant, h. 52 Charles 
Furbish {Joshua J) & Sanborn {F.), carriagemakers, Andover, 

HUNT &; ELLIOTT, 28 Central St., are Agents for several of tlie 
best stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Co.'s (See pages 374, 375.) 


Furbish (Anna A.) & Home (E. A.), mlllineiy, 83 Merrimack, 

house 11 Willow 
Furbish John M. photographer, house 11 Willow 
Furbish Joshua J. carriage manuf. house 5*2 Charles 
Furloug James W. laborer, 29 Tremont 

Furlong John C, Navy Yard {Charlestoion), house 38 Paige 
Furnald Nathaniel G. carpenter and builder, 23 Middle, house 

A'^arney, corner School 
Furnald, see Fernald 
Fury Thomas, laborer, house 5 Railroad alley 

GADBOIS THEOPHILUS, clerk, house 2 Farson's court 
GafFney Catharine Miss, house 2 Theatre block 
GafFney James, mason, house Adams, near Broadway 
GafFney John, laborer, house 107 Merrimack corporation 
GafFney Patrick, laborer, house 6 Theatre block, Lowell 
Gaffney Terrence, laborer, house 21 High 
Gage Daniel, cattledealer, house Bridge, c. Dover, Centralville 
Gage Daniel P. physician, 13 John, h. Bleekman, Centralville 
Gage {Edtoard A.) & Jewell {Geo. K.), clothing, 1 Canal block, 

.boards 110 Appleton 
Gage George B. clerk, 48 Merrimack, boards 44 Bartlett 
Gage Isaac T. overseer, house 129^ Merrimack corporation 
Gage James U. dry goods, 52 Merrimack, house 93 Salem 
Gage Lydia ^Irs. boarding-house, 29 Tremont corporation 
Gage Robert W. salesman, boards Hale, corner Grand 
Gage Seth, house Bridge, above Tenth, Centralville 
Gage William H. Mrs. millinery, Carleton block, house 13 Kirk 

Gage , stonecutter, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Gagnon Joseph, laborer, bouse 1 Eagle block, 3Iiddlesex 

Galbraith William, boards 148 Central 

Gale George M. painter, 244 Middlesex, h. at Middlesex Village 

Gallagher Charles, junk-dealer, house rear 59 Middle 

Gallagher Daniel, calico-printer, house 186 Gorhara 

Gallagher Edward, calico-printer, house 42 Paige 

Gallagher Ellen, widow, house 42 Paige 

Gallagher Ellen Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Race, house do. 

Gallagher James, blacksmith, house rear 90 Gorhani 

Gallagher .James, laborer, house rear 1 Summer 

Gallagher James, laborer, boards 42 Paige 

Gallagher James, laborer, house 121 Lowell 

Gallagher .John, laborer, house 6 Cedar 

Gallagher John, Hamilton, boards 42 Paige 

Gallagher John, operative, house 12 Charles 

Gallagher John, blacksmith, house rear 90 Gorham 

Gallagher Mary, widow, house 48 Howard's avenue 

Gallagher Mary and Jane, house Kirk-st. avenue 

Gallagher Owen, machinist, house 54 River, Centralville 

state Mutual Life Assurance Co., AVorcester, Mass., Issue every 
desiralile forni of Life Ins. and Eludo^vuient Policj'. (See p. 374.) 


Grallagber Patrick, laborer, bouse 109 Moody 

Gallagber Patrick, laborer, boards 32 Middle 

Gallagher Patrick, laborer, boards 48 Howard's avenue 

Gallagher Patrick, blacksmith, boards 90 Gorham 

Gallagher Patrick, operative, boards 35 Boott corp. 

Gallagher Robert, bartender, American House, h. 61 Hamilton blk. 

Gallagher Rose, widow, house 48 Howard's avenue 

GaUagher Thomas, bungmaker, boards Adams, cor. Cross 

Gallagher Thomas, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Gallagher Thomas, laborer, house rear 73 River, Centralville 

Galhin Sarah and Mary Misses, house 828 Central 

Gallivan Edward, laborer, house 20 Dummer 

Gallogloy James, laborer, house rear 69 Lowell 

Gallon Hugh, woolsorter, house 9 Carolin's block, Fayette [villa 

Ga'loupe Daniel P. principal, Varnum School, h. Methuen, Central- 

Galvin Ann, widow, house 28 Howard's lane 

Galvin Bridget, widow, house 6 Merrill 

Galvin Ellen, widow, house 24 Broadway 

Galvin Mark, tailor, house 22 North 

Galvin Mary, widow, house rear 26 William 

Galvin jMichael, boltmaker, boards 1 Green 

Galvin Patrick, operative, bouse rear 93 Gorham 

Gammon Robert, painter, boards 17 South 

Ganley Robert, laborer, house 26 Winter 

Gannon Bernard, spinner, house 26 Cedar 

Gannon Charles, laborer, house 20 Summer 

Gannon Dennis, spinner, house 4 Front, Centralville 

Gannon Dominick, laborer, house Common 

Gannon Edward, hostler, boards 300 Central 

Gannon James, bleachery, house 15 Cedar 

Gannon John, laborer, house 2 Cedar 

Gannon John, laborer, house 21 Pond 

Gannon John, operative, house 19 Spring 

Gannon Margaret Mrs. house rear 33 Worthen 

Ganlion Maurice, carder, house 68 Charles 

Gannon Michael, salesman, 96 Central, boards 37 do. 

Gannon Robert, carder, house 118 Lowell 

Gant William, spinner, boards 133 Lawrence 

Gara Bernard, picker, house 17 High 

Gard William, laborer, house 146 Suffolk 

Gardine Andrew, watchman, Lawrence corporation 

Gardine James, watchman, Lawrence corporation 

Gardner Almon B. carpenter, 15 Middle, house 51 Andover 

Gardner George, city auditor, City Government building, house 

Mt. Washington, near Varney 
Gardner Henry L. machinist, house Mt. Vernon, near Cross 
Gardaer James E. painter, house 10 Adams, Franklin Square 
Gardner John, loomfixer, boards 62 Church 

liife and Eiiclownieiit Assurance, Be sure and j?et the terms in the 
State Mutual Life A. Co, before insuring else-\viiere. (See page 375.) 


Gardner Josepb, laborer, boards 7 3Iiddlosox place 

Gardner 3Iary C. widow, bouse 25 Lowell 3Iaehine Sbop corp. 

Gardner Mary C. teacber Bartlett School, boards Mt. Washington, 

near Yarney 
Gardner Theodore F. teamster, 13 Market, house 25 Church 
Garin Andrew Rev. house 8 High-street square 
Garland Albert E. house 133 East Merrimack [East Merrimack 
Garland Carrie M. teacher, No. 16 Primary School, boards 127 
Gaz'land Frank, mariner, house 61 Gorham 
Garland Jeremiah Mrs. house 133 East iMerrimack 
Garland Joseph H. carpenter, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Garland Joseph P. milkman, house Wilder, near Middlesex 
Garland Natlianiel, house 5 Suffolk corporation 
Garland Owen, job-wagon, hou,se rear 17 Union 
Garland Samuel Mrs. house 127 East Merrimack 
Garland William, spinner, house 46 Davidson 
Garland William W., Merrimack corporation, house 118 do. 
Garmon Aaron, teamster, house 18 Massachusetts corporation 
Gavnett John H. clerk, 123 Central, house 64 High 

Gannett Joseph, house 14 River, Centralviile 

Garras;an ^Margaret, widow, house 2 William 

Garett Catharine, widow, house rear 29 Fenwick 

Gan-ett Henry L. Mrs. house 9 Lawrence corporation 

Garrett Robert J. overseer, Mass. corp. house Walker, cor. Kemp 

Garrigan Michael, spinner, house 13 Jefferson 

Garrigan Michael J. police, boards 16 High 

Garrigan Patrick, boards 16 High 

Garrigan Philip, blacksmith, house 16 High 

Garrigan Thomas J. grocer, boards 16 High 

Garrihan 31alachi, operative, house 12 Mill 

Garrison Henry, spinner, house 8 Water 

Garrity Alice, widow, house 39 Worthen 

Garrity Ann, widow, house 50 West Union 

Garrity Bridget, widow, boards 70 Sufiolk 

Garrity Daniel, print-yard, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Garrity Michael, carpenter, house 29 North 

Garrity Michael, operative, house 75 Lowell 

Garrity Peter, laborer, house 309 Central 

Garvey Margaret, widow, house rear 13 Jefferson 

Garvey Mary, widow, house 157 Lowell 

Garvey Michael, laborer, house 42 Adams 

Garvey Thomas, laborer, house 31 Fenwick 

Garvin Bridget, widow, house 27 Union 

Garvin James, laborer, house rear 13 Union 

Garvin Seth, farmer, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Gary Morgan, tanner, boards 17 Fayette 

Gassed Aquillo, spinner, boards 254 Central 

Gately John, laborer, house 8 Carpet lane 

Parties desiring Fire or liife Policies in Itlass. or otliei- Co.'s, can. 
procure tliem tlirough HUMT <fc ELLIOTT, at lowest rates. (pp.374,.3~5) 


Gately William, bleachery, house 6 Crosby 

Gates Abbie D. teacher, No. 31 Primary School, bds. 33 Howard 

Gates Clara L. Miss, teacher. Primary No. 41, bds. 30 Lawrence 

Gates Elihu Mrs. house 33 Sufiblk, Franklin square 

Gates George W. operative, boards 33 Suffolk, Franklin square 

Gates Josiah & Sons {J. Emery andPrescott C), belt and hose man- 

ufecturers, 4 and 6 Mechanics building, Dutton, h. Gates 
Gates J. Emery (Josiah Gates Sf Sons), belting manufacturer, 6 

Mechanics building, house 9 Elm 
Gates Prescott C. (Josiah Gates 4" Sons), belting manufacturer, 6 

Mechanics building, boards 178 East Merrimack 
Gates Sarah L. teacher. No. 21 Primary School, bds. 125 Gorham 
Gaudette Alexander, laborer, house 17 Paige 
Gaudette Anastase, cabinetmaker, boards 17 Paige 
Gauthier Gabriel, carpenter, house 279 Middlesex 
Gauthier Israel, laborer, boards 11 Middlesex place 
Gauthier John, laborer, boards 2 Garnet 
Gauthier Louis, laborer, house 2 Garnet 
Gauthier Louis jr. painter, boards 2 Garnet 
Gauthier Napoleon, laborer, boards 2 Garnet 
Gauvreau Napoleon, stonecutter, house rear 18 Davidson 
Gawler Charles, boot and shoe maker, 75 Central, house rear 57 

C harles 
Gay Nathaniel, watchman, Suffiilk corporation, house 32 Race 
Gaynor Thomas, tanner, house Chelmsford, corner Short 
Geary James, Merrimack corporation, house 4 Cummiskey's alley 
Geary John, operative, house 33 North 
Gee John, blacksmith, boards 72 L. M. S. corporation 
Gee Thomas, boards 154 Merrimack corporation 
Gee William, sketchmaker, house 154 Merrimack corporation 
Gee William Mrs. fancy goods, 280 Merrimack, house 154 Merri- 
mack corporation 
Geer Frederick S. clerk, J. & J. M. Pearson's, house 35 Marion 
Geer Noble S. boards 9 Boott corporation 
Gendron Clement, laborer, house 17 Paige 
Gendron Pierre, clerk, boards 17 Paige 
George Amos S. carpenter, house 346 Merrinaack 
George Edward C. carder, boards 112 Middlesex 
George Samuel, mulespinner, boards 17 Lawrence corporation 
Gerrish Thomas G. architect. Museum building, house Pawtucket, 
corner School [Central ville 

Gerry Gustavus A. dentist, Merrimack, corner John, h. 39 Third, 
Gerry John, spinner, house 33 North 
Gerry Robert, laborer, house rear 75 Charles 

Getchell J. L. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house at Billerica 
Getchell Otis J., Appleton corporation, house 3 Appleton 
Gibbons Elizabeth, widow, house 20 Fenwick 
Gibbons Thomas J. moulder, house 20 Fenwick 

Surveys and Estimates made for lusnraiice on Mills, Tllannfac- 
tories, and other property, at short notice, toy HUNT <fc ELliIOTT. 


Glbbs John, carder, house 11 Grand 

Gibbs Oscar F. weaver, house 77 Boott corporation 

Gibby Samuel J. {Parsons S)- Gihhy), copper stampcutlor, 3 

Fletcher, house 50 Hale 
Giblin James, laborer, hou,se 17 Summer 
Giblin James jr. painter, boards 17 Summer 
Giblin iMartin, provisions, CI Market, house do. 
Giblin Michael, peddler, house rear 65 Market 
Giblin jMichael, painter, house 3 Railroad alley 
Giblin Richard, printer, boards 206 Central 
Gibson Brothers (/. and 31.), grocers, Bridge, corner Paige 
Gibson Everett G. machinist, house 37 South 
Gibson George, gilder, boards 4 Parker's block, Centralville 
Gibson James (Gibson Brothers), house 49 Bridge, Centralville 
Gibson L. Worth, machinist, boards 37 South 
Gibson Moses (Gibson Brothers), house Bridge, above Tenth, 

Gibson Phiueas S. bobbinmaker, house 136 School 
Gibson Thomas, laborer, house Broadway, near School 
Gifford Alden I. master mechanic, B. & L, R. R., house King, 

corner Jackson 
Gifford Esther M. widow, house 282 Middlesex 
Gifford Frank A. blacksmith, B. & L. R. R. round house, house 

164 Middlesex [282 Middlesex 

Gifford Frederick F. machinist. Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house 
Gilbert Alfred H. moulder, boards 268 Middlesex 
Gilbert Alfred P. carpenter, house 28 Prescott corporation 
Gilbert Jerome B. mechanic, house 268 Middlesex 
Gilbert Orem N. (Spragiie S^ Gilbert), Dyer's hall, 13 Middle, 

boards 28 Mass. corporation 
Gilbert Oscar J. moulder, boards 268 Middlesex 
Gilbert William H. dresser, Lawrence corporation, house 40 do. 
Gilbert Wolford N. weaver, boards 2 Hamilton corporation 
Gilchrest David, carpenter, boards 10 Suffolk coiporation 
Gilchrest George, soapmaker, boards 124 School 
Gilchrest George C. photographist, 92 Merrimack, house 16 Myrtle, 

Gilchrest George E. photographist, 88 Merrimack, house 24 Willow 
Gilchrest JMargaret Mrs. house 55 Market 
Gilchrest Robert A. weaver, houscrear 31 Gushing 
Gilcreast Geoi'ge W. teamster, S. Horn & Co. 
Gilday Michael, machinist, 235 IMiddlesex, house rear 55 Market 
Gildea Michael, bleacher, house 35 Bleachery 
Gildee John, bleacher, house 25 Cedar 

Gildee Thomas, cloth-measurer, house Lawrence, n. Chase Mills 
Giles Edwin L. carpenter, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Giles Joseph B. Mrs. boarding-house, 63 East Merrimack 
Giles J. Albert, carpenter, bds. 138 Merrimack corp. 

Increasiug Annual Cash Dividends in the State Mutual Life A. Co., 
AVorcestcr. Books and circulars free. HUMT &, EliLIOTT, Agents. 


Giles Meldon S. carder, house 48 Merrimack corporation 

Oriles Thomas J. watchman, house 109 Merrimack corporation 

Giles William, city teamster, bds. 76 Dutton 

Gill Alexander, laborer, house 37 Salem 

Gill Ann, widow, house 22 Kirk-st. ave. 

Gill John, machinist, house 63 Dutton 

Gillen John, repairs, jMerriinack corporation, house 3 Tremont 

Gillespie Eliza J. boarding-house, 5 Lowell corporation 

Gillespie Patrick, operative, bds. 138 Lawrence [56 Bartlett 

Gillette Thomas C. forwarding clerk, at J. C. Ayer, & Co's., house 

Gillette W. H. salesman, at H. C. Drew's, bds/lOO Appleton 

Gilley Julia, widow, bds. Broadway, n. Marion 

Gilley IMichael, machinist, h. Broadway, n. IMarion 

Gillie Joseph, operative, house rear 13 Jefferson 

Gilligan Ellen, widow, house 53 Lowell 

Gillion John J. at Am. Bolt Co.'s, house 37 George 

Gillis Abby, widow, house 15 South 

Gill is Charles, machinist, boards 15 South 

Gillispie William W. watchman, Lawrence corporation 

GiUogley John, laborer, house 23 Cedar 

Gillogly Patrick, mason, house 29 Keene 

Gillotte John, spinner, boards 100 Market [East Pine 

Gilman Albert I. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 6 

Gilman Albion L. watchman, JMerrimack, bds. 140 do. corporation 

Gilman Alfred, tailor, 156 Merrimack, house 266 Central 

Gilman Alfred jr. clerk, 156 Merrimack, boards 266 Central 

Gilman A. H., B. & L. Pt. E. house 192 Middlesex 

Gilman Caleb M. {D. Churchill S^ Oo.), suspenders. First, opposite 

Read, Centralville, house East Pine, near Carlton 
Gilman Caroline M. widow, house 6 East Pine 
Gilman Charles E. boards Smith, near Branch 
Gilman Elizabeth, widow, h. rear Lincoln, n. Chelmsford 
Gilman Experience T. widow, house Smith, near Branch 
Gilman Frances A. widow, house rear 242 Central 
Gilman Gardner S. operative, house 119 Moody 
Gilman Hollis M. (Dreio S^ Gilman), Pawtucket bridge, Dra- 

cut, house 16 Pawtucket 
Gilman H. F. Mrs. house 404 Merrimack 

Gilman John, operative, boards 2 Tremont corporation [rimack 
Gilman John H. physician, 8 Welles block, bds. 63 East Mer- 
Gilman Peter, house 28 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Gilman Rufus H. Mrs. boarding-house, 3 Hamilton corporation 
Gilman Warren, carpenter, house 73 Fayette 
Gilman Willard E. bobbinmaker, house 63 Cashing 
Gilman Willie E. blacksurith, boards 16 Pawtucket 
Gilmore Gilbert, tanner, house Tanner, n. R. R. 
Gilmore Hannah, widow, house rear 99 East Merrimack 
Gilmore John, bds. 17 Wentworth's building 

[ a ( 

liife Insurance for $25,000, $.50,000, and $100,000, Is not rare now^- 
a-days. Shrewd men invest in it. (See State M. Life A. Co. adv. p. 375.) 


Gilmore John D. saloon, 17 ^lemmuck, bds. rear 99 East Mer- 
Gilpatrick Nathan, watchman, Merrimack corporation, house 123 do. 
Gilpatrick Nehemiah, macliiuist, house 9 Oliver 
Gihoy Bernard, laborer, h. 22 Fenwick 
Gilroy James, Mass. corp. boards 34 Boott eorp. 
Gihoy Jane, widow, house 12 William 
Gilroy Miebael, laborer, house 69 Lowell 
Gilson Catharine, widow, house 18 Davidson 
Gilson Ebenezer, house 21 Warren 
Gilson John, laborer, boards 18 Davidson 
Gilson Lewis G. carriage-maker, 75 Market, h. 61 High 
Gilson Lacy D. nurse, bouse 4 Walnut 
Gilson Patrick, laborer, boards 18 Davidson 
Ginty Catharine, widow, bouse 6 Pearl 

Girard Pierre, laborer, house rear 50 Fenwick [poration 

Giroud Mederic, hairdresser, 70 Central, bds. 17 Appleton cor- 
Gladhill Joseph, operative, boards IJ Union 
Gladwin Silas F. dentist, 128 Merrimack, house 397 do. 
Gladwin William W. dentist, 128 Merrimack, bds. 897 do. 
Glagby James, lafeorer, house 19 Winter 
Glancy Farrell, boards 80 Union 
Glancy Francis, laborer, house 26 Winter 
Glancy Patrick, laborer, house 80 Unif)n 
Glancy Patrick, laborer, house rear 20 Middle 
Glazier Janes, house 16 Appleton 

Gleason Augustus, overseer yard, Hamilton corp. house 19 do. • 
Gleason Clarissa, widow, house 16 Brown 
Gleason Frederick W. clerk, 44^ Merrimack, boards 67 High 
Gleason George R. cardmaker, 96 Middle, house 1 City Hall ave. 
Gleason Mary, widow, h. 68 Lawrence 
Gleason 31ichael. laborer, boards 68 Lawrence 
Gleason Patrick, laborer, boards 56 Middle 
Gleason Russell, cardaiaker, 96 Middle, house 1 City Hall ave. 
Gleason William, operative, hoiise rear 13 Union 
Glennon John, operative, boards rear 102 Moody 
Glidden Ada B. boarding-house, 139 Merrimack corporation 
Glidden Alva M. clerk, 256 Merrimack, boards 32 Lawrence corp. 
Glidden Charles, napper, Mass. corp. bds. 26 Mass. corp. 
Glidden Nathaniel A. variety store, 36 iMiddlesex, house do. 
Glidden Olive Mrs. boarding-house, 32 Lawrence corporation 
Glidden Seth, carpenter, boards 82 Lawrence corporation 
Glines Amos, blacksmith, 125 Market, hou,se at E. Chelmsford 
Glines George S. machinist, house 17 Smith 
Glines Nancy G. widow, house 28 Tremont corporation 
Glode William, spinner, house 23 High 

Glover Frederick \V. stairbuilder, house 54 L. M. S. corporation 
Glover Thomas P. blacksmith, 75 Market, house 71 Fayette 

HUr*T & ELLIOTT, Five «fc Life Ii»s. Agency, rtp'g over $.>0,000,000 
Assets, 38 central St., Prescott Aat. liank Bld'g. (See pages 37i, li7o.) 


Glover William B. stencil-cutter and engraver, 8 Merrill's court, 
house do. 

Gljnn John F. laborer, house 33 Tcemont 

Glynn William, spinner, h. 8 Faulkner's block 

Goddard Benjamin, United States assistant assessor, 2 Nesmith's 
block, house Liberty, corner Powell 

Goddard Benjamin F. (Boston), house Liberty, corner Powell 

Goddard Charles T. {Buttrick &; Co.), 20 Market, house 396 

Goddard Eliza A.. Mrs. house rear 16 Church 

Goddard Peter, laborer, house 9 iMiddlesex place 

Goddard Samuel B. machinist, house 80 Lawi'cnee corporation 

Godden Dorothea G. widow, house 84 South 

Goddu John, fruit, «&c. 298 Merrimack, h. do. 

Goddu Louis, inventor (Boston), house 98 Fletcher 

Godfrey Fannie Mrs. boards 9 Prescott corp. 

Godfrey George T. machinist, house 33 Bleachery 

Godfrey William, carpenter, house 98 Merrimack corp. 
Goding Betsey Mrs. nurse, house 39 Walnut 

Goding Elbridge, mariner, house 39 Walnut 

Goding William Mrs. house 25 Church 

Godsil Thomas, opci-ative, boards 3 Tremont corp. 

Goggin Edward, laborer, house 140 Lowell 

Goggin John, laborer, house 3 Cdmmon avenue 

Goijafin Thomas, laborer, house 3 Common avenue 

Goggin Julia, widow, house 131 Lowell 

Going Charles, proprietor American House, 80 Central 

Going Charles Frank, clerk, American House, boards do. 

Gokea Frederick, stonemason, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 

Gokea Gabriel, carpenter, house 279 Middlesex 

Gokea Peter, carpenter, house 279 Middlesex 

Golden Bernard, boards Montgomery House 

Golden Elizabeth, widow, boards 4 Parker's block, Centralville- 

Golden John, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Golden Luke, carder, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Golding Edward, laborer, house 10 Davidson 

Goldino; Henry, Middlesex, house rear 18 William 

Golding Hugh, napper, house rear 17 Union 

Golding James, laborer, house 6 Wall 

Golding James, carpenter, boards 41 River, Centralville 

Golding Patrick, laborer, house rear 43 Ptiver, Centralville 

Golding Patrick, Massachusetts corp. house rear 55 Middle 

Golding llebecca, widow, house 36 Davidson 

Golding Thomas, laborer, house 41 River, Centralville 

Golding, see Goulding 

Goldsmith Thomas, cutter, 5 Canal block, house 10 Charles 

Goodale Aaron, baker, house 41 Appleton 

Goodale Amos, golden ointment, 18 Alder, house do. 

SECURITY (FIEE) INS. C0.,iTxVJtT/t'17«ee??.?.5 


Goodale George B. wire worker, house 28 Bridge, Centralville 

Goodale Irving K. clerk, '281 Merrimack, boanls 3 Clark 

Goodale Oal, marble-letterer, 155 Central, boards 41 Appleton 

Goodale Proctor F. cloth-measurer, boards 41 Appleton 

Goodale William, tinsmith, 125 Market, house 3 Clark 

Goodale William H. printer, 21 Central, house at Chelmsford 

Goodale Williatn W. machinist, house 63 Lawrence [Highland 

Goodell Harlan P. clerk, 47 Central, boards at B. N. Webber's, 

Goodell Jotham, laborer, house 25 Cabot 

Goodhue Charles W. machinist, boards 4 Bang's block. Railroad 

Goodhue David H. police, house 26 Willow [Centralville 

Goodhue Jason {Howe S^- G.), 90 and 9:.^ Market, house 82 Third, 

Goodhue Ozias, carpenter, house 21 East Merrimack 

Goodhue Sarab, widow, house Abbott place, Centralville 

Goodnow Almira M. boarding-house, 20 Hamilton corporation 

Goodnow George E. fireman, L. & L. R.R. house Jlansur 

Goodrich Alson S. boarding-'iouse, 43 Lawrence corporation 

Goodroe Charles, laborer, house 17 Salem 

Goodspeed Calvin, B. L. & N. R.R. h. West Pine, cor. W^estford 

Goodspeed Sjlvanus P. Mrs. boards 43 Bridge, Ceatralville 

Goodwui Burt, sashmaker, house Railroad 

Goodwin Clarendon, carpenter, boards 31 Walnut 

Goodwin Edwin, 113 East Merrimack, house 31 Walnut 

Goodwin Frank, watchman, Hamilton corporation 

Goodwin George P. clerk, 54 Merrimack, house 129 E. Merrimack 

Goodwin Israel, dyer, house 59 Middle 

Goodwin John A. postmaster and treasurer Horse R.R., Museum 

Building, house 53 Chestnut 
Goodwin Joseph B. clerk, 138 Central, boards 1 Lawrence corp. 
Goodwin Oscar R. spinner, house 261 Gorham 
Goodwin Sarah Jane, widow, house 131 Middlesex 
Goodwin Susan Mrs. boards 198 Central 

Goodwin Timothy, clothroom, Boott, boards 38 do. corporation 
Goodwin Walter H. upholsterer, 13 Market, house 105 Central 
Googins Benjamin L. carpenter, house 12 South Highland 
Googins Charles H., Hamilton corp. bds. 12 South Highland 
Gorden Jeanette Miss, boarding-house, 120 Merrimack 
Gordon Alexander, machinist, house 12 Keene 
Gordon Allen D. machinist, house 9 Preseott corporation 
Gordon Betsey, widow, house 39 Walnut 
Gordon Charles A picker, boards 24 ^Massachusetts corporation 
Gordon {Daniel H.) h Currier {J. B.), coffin warehouse and 

picture frames, 23 Preseott, house 98 East Merrimack 
Gordon George A. at J. C. Ayer's, house 30 Fourth, Centralville 
Gordon James, overseer, Boott corporation, house 68 do. 
Gordon James W. telegraph operator, 4 Middle, b. 68 Boott corp. 
Gordon Margaret iMrs. house rear 63 Lowell 
Gordon Michael, laborer, house 26 Lowell 

T)z\CTrTP TM^ rn Assets C«old) $il,60O.00O. Hunt &- 

XAljilib ii>0. \J\J' ELliott, Agt's. (See page 374.) 


Gordon Sarah A. Mrs. variety store, 168 Suffolk, house do. 

Gordon Silas D. spinner, house 159 Merrimack corporation 

Gordon Stetson L. machinist, house 25 Fifth, Centralville 

Gordon True, in clothroom, boards 67 Lawrence corporation 

Gordon William, books and periodicals, 78 Central and 32 Merri- 
mack, house 9 John 

Gordon William, Lawrence corporation, boards 112 Merrimack 

Gordon William S. blacksmith, School, corner Railroad crossing, 
house Westford, corner School 

Gorman Bryan, tailor, house 23 Charles 

Gorman Catharine, widow, house 19 Davidson 

Gorman Daniel, fireman, B. & L. R. R. house 35 Summer 

Gorman Frank, spinner, house Johnt-st. ave. 

Gorman James, laborer, boards 51^ Lowell 

Gorman John, laborer, bds. John-st. avenue 

Gorman John, carder, boards River, Centralville 

Gorman Michael, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 

Gorman Neil, bootmaker, h. 13 River, Centralville 

Gormley Catharine, widow, house Davis court 

Gormley Catharine, house 26 North 

Gormley Edward, carder, boards Davis court 

Gormley John, laborer, house 48 Gorliam 

Gormley John, laborer, boards 5 Pearl 

Gormley Patrick, variety store, 15 Hancock avenue, house do. 

Gormley Patrick, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 

Gorton Daniel, house 4 Stackpole 

Goss William L. at L. & C. Co. house 40 Dammer 

Gosselin Joachim, laborer, house 26 Davidson 

Gotham Charles H. machinist, house 82 High 

Gotham Henry, millwright, house 69 High 
Gotham Nathan, carpenter, boai'ds r. 52 Stackpole 
Gouch Frederick, weaver, boards 140 Merrimack corp. 
Gould Andrew F., Merrimack, house 144 School 
Gould Charles, carpenter, boards 45 Appleton 
Gould Charlotte F. Miss, boards 73 Boott corporation 
Gould George E. watchman, N. & L. R. R. boards 110 Howard 
Gould Geo. H., Boston express, Merrimack depot, bds. 260 Merri- 
Gould George P. spinner, Lawrence corporation, house 4 do. 
Gould Henry C. carpenter, boards 69 Market 
Gould Jarel, overseer spinner, Lawrence corp., house 27 do. 
Gould John, laborer, house '2 Middlesex place 
Gould N. E. carpenter at A. L. Brooks's 

Gould Sumner S. machinist, L. M. S. corporation, house 71 do. 
Gould Warren F. machinist, boards 27 Lawrence corporation 
Goulding Robert, slater, 56 Button, house 81 Broadway 
Gourley Alexander, raulespiuner, boards 18 Green 
Gove Cliai'les H. clerk. Locks and Canals, house do. 

GERIANIA FIRE INS. CO., ^nroltflivr^L^^^t 


Gove Dana B. ( Caverly S)- Gove), counsellor, 27 Merrimack, house 

8 Merrimack corporation 
Gove Dana B. Mrs. boarding-house, 8 Merrimack corporation 
Gove David, house 237 Central 

Gove HiraTn G. second hand, Appleton, house rear 90 Appleton 
Gove Morrill C. foreman, H. R. 13arker & Go's, house at Sjiddlesex 

Gove Wintlirop, carpenter, house 22 Oak 
Gowan Sarah Miss, house 24 Common 
Goward Francis, real-estate agent, 71 Summer, house do. 
Goward Zephaniah, real-estate agent, house 116 Appleton 
Gowen Charles S. civil engineer, Locks and Canals, boards 63 E. 

Gower Frederick, watchman, Boott corporation 
Gowing Clara, matron Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Grady James, carpenter, house 41 Livingston 
Grady Joanna, widow, house 71 Adams 
Grady John, operative, house rear 114 Suflblk 
Grady John, carpenter, boards 217 Middlesex 
Grady Joseph, machinist, house rear 33 Worthen 
Grady Mrs. widow, house 130 Suffolk 
Grady Patrick, butcher, 148 Lowell, house do. 
Grady Robert, shoemaker, house rear 17 Union 
Grady Wm. H. machinist, boards 271 Bliddlesex 

Grady , rugmaker, bds. 113 Gorham 

Grafton Nancy, widow, house 358 Merrimack 
Graham Charles, carriage-painter, boards 14 Lowell 
Graham Frederick, moulder, house 68 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Graham George, machinist, house Broadway, cor. Adams 
Graham John, laborer, house 52 Button 

(jrraham Mary, dressmaker, house 12 South [ville 

Graham Patrick, laborer, house 7 Parker's block, River, Central- 
Graham Walter, stonecutter, house Powell, near Parker 
Granger George, Lawrence corp. bds. 3 Welles block 
Granger Geo. B. operative, boards 5 Perrin 
Granger Leon, operative, house Deeatur-street alley 
Grant Aaron R. overseer yard, Boott corporation, house 51 do. 
Grant Alexander, machinist, house 4 Mechanic 
Grant Elijah M., Boott corp. bds. 46 do. [Market 

Grant Eugene L. wheelwright, Arch, near Northern depot, b. 29 
Grant James R. oiler, Boott corp. boards 51 do. 
Grant John, laborer, house 46 West Union 
Grant John E. house 87 Howard 
Grant Patrick, laborer, house rear 69 Lowell 
Grant Thomas, machinist, house 10 Willie 
Grany 31rs. widow, house 20 New 
Graves Ciiarles S. conductor. Stony Brook R. R. house Westford 

op^i.isite Walker 

TTTTM? Cr T 1? A TTTT^D TMQ C^(\ Boston. Assets $400,000. 
JliUL a LJllAillJlillliNij. UU.jHuiit&EHiott,Agts.(Seep.3-4. 


Graves George, cabinetmaker, bcls. 7 Mclntire 

Graves John W. physician, Lowell Hospital, office Central, corner 
Jackson, house at hospital 

Graves Orville D. clerk, 4(3 Merrimack, house 11 Waraesit 

Gray Albert, agent, Am. Knife Co. house 19 Walnut 

Gray Albert M. clerk, boards Liberty, near Smith 

Gray Catharine, widow, house 3 Putney's ct. 

Gray Chas. G. watchman, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 

Gray Daniel S. provisions, 205 Central, house Liberty, near Smith 

Gray Ellen, widow, house rear 22 Winter 

Gray Frank, clerk, 205 Central, boards Liberty, near Smith 

Gray James, laborer, house 183 Lawrence , 

Gray James, currier, house 15 Summer 

Gray John W. laborer, house 52 Button 

Gray Mary, widow, house 42 William 

Gray Michael, woolwasher, house Whipple, cor. Kinsman 

Gray Patrick, laborer, house 57 River, Centralville 

Gray Patrick, wheelwright, house 83 Lowell 

Gray Peter, laborer, house 185 Lawrence 

Gray Peter, clerk, 8 Merrimack, boards 42 William 

Gray Wilder H. laborer, boards 150 Suffolk 

Gray William C house 6 Church 

Gray William D. stonecutter, house 31 Union 

Gray William H. painter, house 150 Suffolk 

Greathead Benjamin, machinist, bds. 2 Lawrence ct. 

Greeley James, spinner, house 52 West Union 

Greeley Martha, widow, house 85 Church 

Greeley Mary, widow, house 52 West Union 

Greeley Pell M. weaver, house 20 Massachusetts corporation 

Green Albert T. carder, house 34 Prescott corporation 

Greon Alfred, printer, boards 81 Market 

Green Amos, overseer, Merrimack, house Tenth, near Varnum, 

Green (Amos) & Lyman (Eussell), carriage manufs. 285 Merri- 
mack, house 17 Smith 

Green Andrew ]Mrs. house 75 Charles 

Green Ann, widow, house 55 Common 

Green Charles, operative, house last on New 

Green Charles, tin peddler, house Middlesex, near City lin6 

Green Charles, picker, house 54 Massachusetts corporation 

Green David, blacksmith, house 118 Suffolk 

Green Edward, carpet-weaver, house Tliorndike, near Madison 

Green Elizabeth IMrs. house 266 Merrimack 

Green Elizabeth IMrs. widow, house 51 West Union 

Green George, boltmaker, house rear 31 North 

Green George W. clothing manufacturer, Prescott, cor. Merrimack, 
house 400 Merrimack [rear 188 Middlesex 

Green Hartwell F. section master, Boston and Lowell Railroad, h. 


Boston. Assets $325,000. Hunt 
A, E^lliott, Agts. (See p. 374.) 


Green Hugh, laborer, house River, near City line, Centralville 

Green James, dyer, 8 Davis court 

Green James, carder, house 43 River, Centralville 

Green James H. Mrs. house 36 Prescott corporation 

Green Jane, widow, house 133 Lawrence 

Green Job W. overseer, Middlesex Company, boards 166 Central 

Green John, clerk, 42 Central, boards 80 South 

Green John, machinist, boards 78 Market 

Green John Mrs. house 34 Franklin square, Suffolk 

Green John J. clerk, 5 Appleton block, boards 34 Franklin sq. 

Green John 0. physician, Savings Bank block, h. 23 Pawtucket 

Green John 0. jr. physician, boards 23 Pawtucket 

Green John R. blacksmith, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Green Joseph, mats and rugs, 8 Hale, house do. 

Green Joseph H. painter, 43 East Merrimack, h. 49 Lawrence 

Green Joseph S. machinist, house 83 School 

Green Levi P., Industrial Hall, howse 11 Cady 

Green Lydia Mrs. house 266 Merrimack 

Green Mary Miss, boards 40 Carter 

Green Mary, widow, house River, near Coburn 

Green Mary, widow of Thomas, house rear 57 River, Centralville 

Green Michael, hostler, house 11 Union 

Greeni Michael, laborer, house 2 Green 

Green Moses B. operative, boards 44 Boott corporation 

Green Patrick, laborer, bouse Adams, near Broadway 

Green Peter, hostler, G. W. Norris's, house 6 Cross 

Green Richard, woolsorter, house 60 River, Centralville 

Green Robert, house 4 Cross 

Green Rufus K. finisher, house 7 Bleachery 

Green Samuel S. machinist and boarding-house, 45 Lawrence corp. 

Green Samuel J. machinist, house 11 Dodge 

Green Sylvia B. Miss, house 26 Fifth, Centralville 

Green Thomas, stonecutter, boards 109 Appleton 

Green Thomas, trader, house 40 Gorham 

Green Webster N. machinist, boards 45 Lawrence corporation 

Green William M. watchman, boards 140 Merrimack corp. 

Green William, woolsorter, house 5 Merrill 

Greenhalge Frederic T. (^Howe ^ GreenJialge) , counsellor, 49 

Central, boards 35 Merrimack corporation 
Greenhalge William Mrs. house 35 Merrimack corpoi-ation 
Greenleaf Daniel G. iconstable, 3 Canal block, Central, h. 34 High 
Greenleaf Jrihn, carpenter, house London, A. C. 
Greenleaf Nathan S. 48 Central, house 24 Read, Centralville 
Greenleaf Wellington T. carpenter, house London, A. C. 
Greenleaf William P. clerk, 52 Merrimackjjboards 113 do. 

Greenleaf ■, clerk, boards 43 Mass. corporation 

Greenwood Bros. (^Othello and Randolph), gvoQQv^, 208 Lawrence 
Greenwood John, laborer, house 53 Salem 

EEPUBLIC FIEE INS. CO. '^S^itli^?%.^i:^^ 


Greenwood John W. machhiist, boards 70 Middlesex 
Greenwood Joseph, laborer, house 22 Winter 
Greenwood IMacella. clerk, 208 Lawrence, bds. Hale, cor. Railroad 
Greenwood Othello (Greemoood Bros.), bds. Hale, cor. Railroad 
Greenwood Peter, laborer, house Back 

Greenwood Randolph ( Greenwood Bros.) , bds. Hale, cor. Railroad 
Greenwood Samuel, house Hale, cor. Railroad 
Greer John, laborer, house rear 21 North 
Gregg Thomas, laborer, house 47 Middle 
Gregson Benjamin, stonecutter, boards 13 Hamilton corporation 
Gregware John, cardgrinder, boards 2 Lawrence corpo^ ation 
Grener John B. machinist, house 21 South 
Grenier Oscar, musician, boards 12 Prescott corporation 
Griffin Addison, machinist, house 40 Merrimack corporation 
Griffin Albert J. cigarmaker, 2 Cady, boards 45 Summer 
Griffin Alvah J. house 399 Merrimack 
Griffin Arrick M. sashmaker, house 52 Rock 
Griffin Bridget, widow, house 59 River, Centralville 
Griffin Catharine, widow, house 18 Adams 
Griffin Catharine, widow, house rear 29 Fenwick 
Griffin Charles, engineer, S. & L. R. R. bds. 29 Marshall 
Griffin Charles A. shuttlemaker, boards 11 Prescott corporation 
Griffin Darwin, operative, boards 58 East Merrimack 
Griffin Edward, laborer, house 57 Dutton 

Griffin (George) & Stevens (Chas. B.), stair builders, 61 Gush- 
ing, house 113 Cross 
Griffin George A. counsellor, 55 Central, h. Bowers, n. Beacon 
Griffin James, laborer, liouse rear 11 Jeffiarson 
Griffin Jeremiah, woolsorter, house rear Fenwick, near Lowell 
Griffin John, laborer, house rear 20 Summer 
Griffin John D. machinist, house 2 Garnet 
Griffin Joseph, stone-mason, house 159 Broadway 
Griffin Joseph B. clerk, 18 John, house at Chelmsford 
Griffin Joseph W. boots and shoes, 18 John, house Bowers 
Griffin Josiah E. carpenter, 1 Howe, house 3 Union 
Griffin Patrick, sashmaker, boards 22 Lowell 
Griffin Samuel P. fancy goods, 110 Merrimack, h. 54 Chestnut ■] 
Griffin Stephen, currier, house 8 Molloy's court 
Griffin Stephen, woolsorter, house 158 Lowell 
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house rear 114 Suffolk 
Griffith John, house 9 Harrison 

Griffith Merrick, overseer, Prescott Mills, house 2 Prescott corp. 
Griffith Stephen, woolsorter, house 158 Lowell 
Grimes Andrew, provisions, 122 Lowell, house do. 
Grimes Frank, laboref^, house Water, cor. Pond 
Grimes John, foundry, house 22 Lewis 
Grimes William, dyer, house rear 7 Queen 
Grinlod Albert, weaver, bds. 31 Hamilton corporation 

A TT A IVTTTf* VJW TATQ fH Assets $575,000. Himt & 
AlLAiNlilj rilijl/ ii\Di UU.j Elliott, A gts. (See page 374.) 


Grinnell Eaocli N. carpenter, house 92 East Merrimack 

Grinnell Francis, laborer, house 37 Salem 

Griswolcl Edward R. spinner, boards 1 Common avenue 

Grriswold Henry D. C. Mrs. house 1 Common avenue 

Groom James, laborer, house Adams, near Broadway 

Groom John, laborer, boards 13 Tremont corporation 

Groom John, laborer, house 91 Adams 

Grophner Henry M. currier, boards 03 L. M. S. corporation 

Grosvenor Horace P. boards 5 Butterfield 

Grosvenor Jonathan P. patentee, house 5^ Butterfield 

Grover Ariston, steel-letter cutter, 134 Middlesex, house 12 Clay 

Grover (^Josiah) & Harvey (Charles If.), clothmg, 31 Merrimack, 

house 51 Third, Centralville 
Grover William R. letter-cutter, 132 Middlesex, boards 12 Clay • 
Groves George, ciojarmaker, 19 Merrimack, boards 28 Central 
Grash Joseph S. suspender manuf. house Hale, corner Howard 
Grush J. Granville, clerk, boards Hale 
Guertin Theophile, laborer, house 68 Church 
Guild Alonzo J. carder, bouse 35 Prescott corporation 
Guild Charles M. paymaster, U. S. Navy, house 6G Andover 
Guild Henry C. clerk, house 5 Austin 
Guillard Joseph Rev. house 8 High-street square 
Gumb Louis, stone cutter, boards 111 Central 
Gurdy William P. carpenter, boards 6 Dodge 
Gurney William, carder, boards 80 Merrimack corporation 
Gustin Franklin, at sawmill, boards 124 School 
Guthrie Bridget Miss, house 8 Summer 
Guthrie Mary, widow, boards 28 Gorham 
Guthrie Patrick, laborer, house 28 Gorham 
Guthrie Patrick, laborer, house 8 Summer 
Guy Juliette {S. Sf J. Guy), dressmaker, 21 John, house do. 
Guy Sarah & Juliette, dressmakers, 21 John, house do. 
Guyton Patrick, machinist, house 4 Dempsey's yard 
Guyton Patrick H. {JSIealey & Guyton), grocer, 308 Merrimack, 

boards 4 Dempsey's yard 

HADLEY ADDISON, wood-turning, h. Westford, cor. Loring 
Hadley Ambrose, painter, boards 2G0 Merrimack 
Hadley Edmund M. weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 73 do. 
Hadley Elias H. overseer Merrimack, house Wilder, near Broadway 
Hadley Emehne D. Mrs. boarding-house, 2G Suffolk corporation 
Hadley John, livery-stable, Worthen, near Merrimack, house 387 

Hadley John L. pop-corn and corn candy, house 5 Gushing 
Hadley Joshua M. carpenter, house 9 Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Hadley Mary, widow, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Hadley Samuel P. jr. counsellor and clerk Police Court, house at 


TITTATT JPt 1?T T TATT F""e »"* L.ife lusuvauce Agents, 38 
HUlNi (X HjJjljiuiij Central Street. (See pages 374, 3/5.) 


Hadlock Eliza, widow, house 45 Chapel 

Haeffely E. chemist, boards American House 

Halferly Frederick, helper, h. Quebec, c. Lincoln, A. C. 

Hagan Joseph, baggage-master, Northern depot, house Broadway, 

near Adams 
Haggerty Hannah, house Donahoe's yard 
Haggerty James, laborer, boards 29 Summer 
Haggerty Philip P. clerk, house 55 Chestnut 
Haggerty William Mrs. house 29 Summer 

Haggett Albert A. paymaster, Middlesex Company, house 28 Hurd 
Haofrett Allen Mrs. house 8 Hio;h 

Haggett Frank P. clerk. Railroad Nat. Bank, boards 19 Charles 
Haggett Helen A. teacher. Moody School, boards 8 High 
Haggett John, soapmaker, house 19 Charles 
Haggett John H. shuttlemaker, house 35 High 
Hague Joseph, file-grinder, house 28 Rock 
Haigh Sarah, widow, boards 81 Merrimack corporation 
Haines Lavina, dressmaker, house 5 High 
Halberstad Leonard, clothing, 54 Central, house 115 Middle 
Hale Bernice S. & Son {J. B. Hale), silk-covered wire and laid- 

line manufacturers, Whipple's Mills, house 27 Cady 
Hale Charles E. clerk, 1 Central 
Hale Frances W. Mrs. house 25 Front, Centralville 
Hale Isaac, paver, house 14 Adams, near Broadway 
Hale James B. {B. S. H. ^ Son), Whipple's Mills, h. 29 Cady 
-Hale Mary J. restaurant, Northern \lepot, boards 4 Marshall 
Hale Thomas J. foreman, Parker & Cheney, house 4 South 

Franklin court 
Haley Andrew, laborer, house 32 William 
Haley Edward, laborer, house 7 Water 
Haley Hugh, laborer, house 49 Gorham 

Haley M. M. fancy goods, 102 Merrimack, h. 106 E. Merrimack 
Haley Thomas, at R. Kitson's, house rear 60 Dutton 
Hall Albert B house 147 East Merrimack 
Hall Albert P. ( Calvin ^ A. P. Hall) , Andover, corner Fayette, 

and clerk, 146 Central, house 22 Clay 
Hall Alfi'ed J. carpenter, house 1 Goward place 
Hall Alonzo A. tailor, 222 Merrimack, h. Museum Building 
Hall Calvin & A. P. grocers, Andover, cor. Fayette, h. 41 Church 
Hall Carrie D. dressmaker, 88 Merrimack, house do. 
Hall Charles, painter, 30 Bridge, house do. Centralville 
Hall Charles W. Mrs. house 2 Wamesit court 
Hall Dyer, finisher, house 20 Bleachery 
Hall Ebenezer, second hand, Boott corporation, house 39 do. 
Hall Eh W. fruit, 52 Central, house 35 Bartlett 
Hall Elisha, overseer. Chase's Mills, house 143 Gorham 
Hall Gayton M. clerk at A. L. Waite & Co.'s, house at Dracut 
Hall George P. glove manufacturer, house rear 26 Bartlett 

HUNT ifc EIj1.IOTT Iiave facilities for placing the largest amount 
of in-inrance at sliort notice. Office, 38 Central St. (See pp. 37-1, 375.) 


Hall Hiram N. moulder, house Elliott, near Appleton 

Hall John, variety store, 22 South, house rear 20 Lee 

Hall John, spiudlemaker, house G Crosby 

Hall Johu S. 222 Merrimack, boards 175 Merrimack corporation 

Hall Lemuel W. clerk, 195 Middlesex, boards Howard Hoase 

Hall Levi B. butcher, house Bridge, corner Hildreth 

Hall Luther B. variety store, 114 Middlesex, house do. 

Hall Mary A. millinery, 5 Welles block, boards 19 Kirk 

Hall Mary A. physician, 27 Kirk, house do. 

Hall Robert L. cabinetmaker, house 309 School 

Hall Seth B. butcher, house Hildreth, corner Bridge 

Hall Thelles P. {E. G. Leslie ^Go.), tailor, 4 Merrimack House, 

boards 50 Moody 
Hall Wilbur, shoemaker, boards 13 Tremont corporation 
Hall Zachariah D. weaver, boards 24 Boott corporation 
Hallas Allen, loomfixer, house last on Prospect 
Halleran Jane, widow, house 51 Butterfield 
Halleran John, jackspinner, house 2 Derapsey's yard 
Hallett Marsena, clerk, house 222 Central 
Hallett Milo G. jeweller, 153 Central, boards 222 do. 
Hallett Sarah, variety store, boards 222 Central 
Hallinan Charles, finisher, house 5 Crosby 
Hallisy John, laborer, at Gas Works, house Cross 
Hallowell Albert {Hallowell Bros.), Allen's Mills, h. 47 Fayette 
Hallowell Brothers (Albert and William G.), steam, gas, and water 

fittings, Allen's Mills , 
Hallowell Charles E. machinist, Boott corporation, house 65 do. 
Hallowell Samuel Gr. 'farmer, house Bridge, near Dracut line, 

Centralville [Middlesex 

Hallowell William Gr. {Hallowell Bros.), Allen's Mills, house 54 
Halpin Alice, widow, house 9 Water 
Halpin Bartholomew, machinist, house 51 Dutton 
Halpin Bernard, dyer, house 3 Wall 
Halpin Bernard, woolsorter, boards Montgomery House 
Halpin Francis, laborer, boards 9 Water 
Halpin John, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 9 Water 
Haljjin Patrick, spinner, house rear 17 William 
Halpin Patrick, spinner, house 22 William 
Halpin Peter, woolsorter, boards Montgomery House 
Halpin William, laborer, house 5 Knowles place 
Halroyde Ben. cloth-presser, house 100 Market 
Halstead James W. boards 25 high 
Halstead Robert, block-printer, house 25 High 
Halstead William H. woolsorter, house 190 Central 
Halsted Henry, American Bolt Company, house Whipple's block 
Ham Everett, operative, boards 207 Lawrence 
Ham John G. mason, house Seventh, near Bridge, Centralville 
Hamblet Alfi-ed, mason, house 37 Fourth, Centralville 

Farm Houses, Bams, and Personal Property tlierein, insured for 
one or five years, by HUNT <fc ELLIOTT, 38 Central it. (See p. 374). 


Hamblet Arthur, mason, boards 37 Fourth, Centralville 

Hamblet Daniel V. carpenter, house River road, Dracut 

Hamblet Eugene, clerk, Merrimack, cor. John, boards ^6 Hurd 

Hamblet Gilbert, carpenter, 20 Middle, house 8 Ford 

Hamblet Jesse, boarding-house, 72 Lawrence corporation 

Hamblet Joseph, carpenter, boarding-house, 138 Merrimack corp. 

Hamblet Pvlary Miss, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Hamblet Peleg B. stone-layer, house M:iramoth road, Dracut 

Hamblet Theodore, farmer, bouse River road, Dracut 

Hamel Alexandre, carpenter, house 68 Wheelock's blocks, Chapel 

Hamer John W. machinist, 237 Middlesex, house 43 Willie 

Hamer Micah, spinner, boards 5 Prescott corporation 

Hamill James, operative, Lowell, house rear 111 Market 

Hamilton Edward, house 255 School 

Hamilton John Y. weaver, house 17 Clay 

Hamilton Joseph, operative, boards 1 George 

Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Jackson 

Hamilton Patrick, spinner, house 7 Thorndike 

Hamlin Jennie, boards 24 Read, Centralville 

Hanaford Clara A. teacher, Varnum School, bds. 46 Third, Cent. 

Hanaford George G. house 63 Bartlett 

Hanavor Terrence, undertaker, 24 Gorham, house 48 West Union 

Hanchett Joshua, tinworker, house 62 Moody 

Hancock Charles, boards First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Hancock Levi, produce dealer, 76 Dntton, h. First, n. Bridge, Cent. 

Hand George J. conductor S. & L. R.R. h. 14 N. Franklin court 

Hand George W. stone-mason, 105 Pawtucket 

Hand Henry M. V. B. engineer, B. & L. R.R. house 53 Fletcher 

Handlen Samuel, boilermaker, house 6 Chapel 

Handley John, laborer, boards 13 Massachusetts corporation 

Handley JIary, widow, house 72 Lowell 

Handley Patrick, laborer, house 87 Charles 

Handley Thomas, machinist, house 84 Suffi^lk 

Handley William E., Merrimack corporation, boards 84 Suffolk 

Handy Thomas, laborer, house 9 Andover 

Hanley Daniel, laborer, house rear 19 Summer 

Hanley Jeremiah, woolsorter, boards 23 Summer 

Hanley Michael, machinist, house Joiner 

Hanlon Francis, laborer, house rear 3 Cross 

Hannafin John, laborer, house 13 Adams 

Hannafin John, laborer, house 6 Adams 

Hanm.iiu William, operative, house 5 Fenwick 

Hannaford David F. spinner, house 64 Massachusetts corporation 

Hannaford George, machinist, 84 Middle 

Hannaford WiUiam, machinist, Suffolk corporation, house 1 do. 

Hannahan Thomas, shoemaker, house 29 Summer 

Hannigan Owen, farmer, h. below Ayer's City, near A. G. Swan's 

Hansbury James, blacksmith, house 17 William 

HUNT &. EliljIOTT will i»!$ure your Furuitiire, Wearing Apparel, 
Books, Pictures, Silver Ware, &.c. Rooms US Central St. (See p. :i;4.) 


Hansbury John, blacksmith, house rear 17 Dummer 

Hansbury Martin, laborer, house Worthen, corner Lowell 

Hansbury, see Hensbury 

Hansconi Alvin A. clerk, 2 Canal block, boards 57 Andover 

Hanscom Francis, telegraph operator, 4 Middle, h. 13 Austin 

Hanscom John, woodworker, boards 6 Tremont corporation 

Hanscom John E. sashmaker, AVaniesit Steam Mills 

Hanscom 3Iary, widow, house 13 Austin 

Hanscom Susan Mrs. boarding-house, 5 and 6 Tremont corporation 

Hansconi S. R. boards City Hotel 

Hanson Cliarles, teamster, house 2 Wamesit court 

Hanson Charles H. teamster, house 20 Adams, Franklin sq. 

Hanson Charles W. bookkeeper at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 
Sixth, above Myrtle, Centralville 

Hanson Enos A. operative, house 59 JMerrimack corporation 

Hanson Frederick K. spinner, boards 59 Massachusetts corporation 

Hanson George, stonecutter, house 203 Middlesex 

Hanson Henry G. watchman, Hamilton 

Hanson John A. house 69 Adams 

Hanson John S. teamster, freight depot, boards 19 Smith 

Hanson Joseph, laborer, house 17 Cedar 

Hanson Martha G. Mrs. house 281 Central 

Hanson Richard R. house 5 Dodge 

Hanson Wm. H. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 69 Adams 

Hanson William J. carpenter, house 109 Middlesex 
Hanson Wyman 0. carpenter, house 2 Lagrange court 

Hapgood Edgar (E. Hapgood S^ Son), 43 High, boards 49 do. 
Hapgood Edwin, tin peddler, house 49 High [49 do. 

Hapgood Ephraim & Son (^Edgar), junk dealers, 43 High, house 
Hapgood Frank W. machinist. Mechanics Mills 
Hapgood Harry, hairdresser, Central, corner Church, bds. 119 do. 
Hapgood James, house 57 Church 

Hapgood James, machinist, Fletcher, cor. Gushing, bds. 174 Suffolk 
Hapgood William E. S. painter, house 174 Suffolk 
Hard William H. moulder, house 51 L. M. S. corporation 
Harde Francois, laborer, boards 129 Middlesex 
Hardc Joseph, laborer, boards 129 Middlesex 
Harding Chas. C. weaver, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Harding David, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 124 do. 
Harding H. Wolftone, clerk, 69 Gorham, boards do. 
Harding Jas. Frederick, carpenter, house Coburn, corner River 
Harding Nathaniel, spinner, house 43 Prescott corporation 
Harding Oliver M. overseer, Boott corporation, house 76 do. 
Hardisty Thomas, laborer, house Lawrence, near Chase Mills 
Hardman Alice J. teacher. High School, boards 34 Merrimack cor- 
Hardman James, boards 8 Chapel [rimack corporation 

Hardman Mary E. teacher. No 30 Primary School, boards 34 Mer- 
it" you ivant a first-class Fire, liire, or Accident Insurance Policy, 
call at HUjVT &, ELiLIOTT'S Insurance Rooms, 38 Central St. 


Harclman William, paymaster, Merrimack Print Works, house 34 

Merrimack corporation 
Harden Charles Rev. house 53 Bartlett 
Hardy Andrew N. clerk, 21 Merrimack, boards do. 
Hardy Charles E. doormaker, house 22 North Franklin court 
Hardy Harvey C. sashmaker, boards 1 Wamesit court 
Hardy Henry P. machinist, house 8 Tildeu 
Hardy Joseph W. Wiitchraan, L. M. S. house 103 Howard 
Hardy Mrs bouse 67 Adams 
Hardy Relief Mrs. house 35 Fifth, Centralville 
Hardy ( William J.) & Poor {C. E.) grocers,195 Central, house do. 
Hare Patrick, stripper, boards 43 Lowell 
Harford Albion, yard hand, boards 73 Lawrence corporation 
Harford E. teamster, Hamilton, boards 5 do. corporation 
Harkins Bridget Elizabeth, widow, house 96 Lowell 
Harkins Hugh, boilermaker, house 52 Lewis 
Harkins Michael, laborer, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 

Harkins , widow, house 16 Keene 

Harley James, overseer, color shop, Hamilton, boards Washington 

House [turing Co. house 23 Clay 

Harley William, superintendent, Print Works, Hamilton Manufac- 
Harlow Lucy, widow, boards Liberty, corner Powell 
Harlow Noah R. paymaster. Locks and Canals, house Pawtucket, 

north of Moody [Thorndike 

Harman Henry A. civil engineer. Locks and Canals, boards 105 
Harmon Abram B. macliiuist, house 105 Moody 
Harmon Albion, blacksmith, boards 124 Middlesex 
Harmon Anson, operative, Lawrence corporation, house 54 do. 
Harmon Charles L. {Lowell Card Company'), 96 Middle, boards 

41 Prescott corporation 
Harmon George, watchman, Presoott corporation 
Harmon Ivory L. carpenter, 67 Middle, house 75 do. 
Harmon James, watchman, house 34 Fayette 
Harmon James M. physician, Welles block 
Harmon Moses, carpenter, 67 Middle, house 75 do. 
Harnden Charles, baker, boards 5 Chapel 
Harnden Daniel B. clerk. Liberty sq. boards 30 Cabot 
Harnden Edwin, hostler, house 71 Middle 
Harnden Mary Mrs. house 30 Cabot 

Harnden Samuel, expressman, Merrimack depot, house 50 Water 
Harnett Richard, carder, Prescott, boards 4 Mass. corporation 
Harney Catharine, widow, house 15 Cedar 
Harper Alexander W. 37 Central, house 20 Fifth, Centralville 
Harper Henry, painter, house rear 125 Middlesex 
Harper James, overseer, Massachusetts, h. Sixth, n. Read, Cent. 
Harper Margaret, widow, house 111 East Merrimack 
Harper Mary, widow, house 111 East Merrimack 
Harrigan Daniel, laborer, house rear 44 Lowell 

StocUs of Goods and Merchandise insnretl at current rates, in lib- 
eral dividend paying Mutual Fii-e Co's., by HUNT &. ELLIOTT. 


Harrigan John, salesman, 1 and 2 Commercial sn[. h. 9 Cbapel 
Harrigan Patrick, lal)orer, house 2G Lowell 
Harrigan Tliomas, laborer, house 52 River, Centralville 
Harrinian Charles A. ove.seer, 7 Thorndike, h. 254 School [lin sq. 
Harrington Chauncy F. planemaker, Mechanics' Mills, h. 16 Frank- 
Harrington Cornelius, laborer, boards 41 Davidson 
Harrington Cornelius, stonecutter, hoards Howard House 
Harrington Daniel G. wheelwright, house 18 Franklin sq., Adams 
Harrington Daniel J. tailor, house Parker's block, Centralville 
Harrington Dennis, laborer, house rear 86 Lowell . , .. j 

Harrington Frank, operative, house 20 New 
Harrington Henry, bobbinmaker, house 218 School 
Harrington James, laborer, house 17 Keene 
Harrington James, jNIiddlesex, house Pollard's ave. 
Harrington James Mrs. house rear 15 Paige 
Harrington Jeremiah, spinner, boards 6 Prescott corp. 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house 10 Kidder 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, house 237 Grorham 
Harrington John, laborer, boards 18 Howe 
Harrington John, laborer, house 41 Davidson 
Harrington IMargaret, widow, house 18 Howe 
Harrington Margaret, widow, house 64 South 
Harrington Margaret, widow, house 49 IMarket 
Harrington Mary, widow, house 10 Kidder 
Harrington Michael, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 
Harrington Michael, operative, boards 46 South 
Harrington Mrs. widow, house 6 Putney's court 
Harrington Murtaugh, teamster, house 9 Thorndike 

TT • . ^ ^ 

Harrmgton Patrick, bds. 10 Kidder 

Harrington Thomas, stonecutter, boards 64 South 

Harrington Thomas, currier, house 5 Spring 

Harrington Timothy, at dye-house 

Harrington Timothy, laborer, house 41 Davidson 

Harrington Timothy, laborer, house 12 Davidson 

Harrington Timothy, operative, boards 23 Jefferson 

Harrington William, rag gatherer, house 16 Winter 

Harris Abraham E. fancy goods, 105 Middlesex, house do. 

Harris Arthur W. clerk, bds. 7 Elm 

Harris Bridget Miss, bds. 148 Lowell 

Harris Carrie M. and Sarah H. house 4 Lincoln place 

Harris Enoch, stonecutter, boards 75 L. M. S. corp. 

Harris Eugene N. bleachery yard, bds. 29 Bleachery 

Harris George, Middlesex, house Blossom, n. Gorham 

Harris George E. clerk, boards 167 Moody 

Harris George L. overseer, Lawrence corp. house 175 Moody 

Harris George W. loom-harness, Lawrence corporation, also (^Garey 

4' Harris^, wood-working machinery, Broadway, corner Mt. 

Vernon, house 78 Lawrence corporation 

Dwelling' Houses, and Personal Property therein, insured for one 
or five years, Ijy HUNT &. ELUOTT, 38 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Harris Harriet, widow, house 4 Pond 

Harris Henry, woollen-spinner, house 2 Edgerley's court 

Harris John Mrs. house 27 Keene 

Harris Mary C. Mrs. boards First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Harris Romanzo A. planer, house 28 Chestnut 

Harris Sarah Ann Mrs. boards 9 Elm 

Harris Sarah F. widow, house 1G7 Moody 

Harris William, painter, h. 22 Pearl, n. Bow, Centralville 

Harris William H. provisions, 139 Lowell, h. 2 High-st sq. 

Harrison Bertram, teacher writing, house 37 Andover 

Harrison John S. clerk, 107 Central, house 11 Congress 

Harrison Joseph, overseer Stott's, h. Central, cor. Whipple 

Harrison Joseph, Prescott, house 46 Prescott corp. 

Harrisy Wilham, bleacher, h. Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Hart Adam, laborer, house 64 Church 

Hart Alfred A. cabinetmaker, house 7 High 

Hart Almira Mrs. boarding-house, 70 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Hart Andrew, Middlesex, house 21 Clay 

Hart Cornelius, laborer, house 1 Lowell place 

Hart Daniel, laborer, house rear 137 Lowell 

Hart Edward, fuller, house 81 Lawrence 

Hart Benry J., City Hotel, 51 East Merrimack 

Hart James Mrs. house 35 Franklin sq. Suffolk 

Hart James W. & Co. door, sash, and blind manufacturers, Mt. 

Vernon, near Broadway, house 8 South Franklin court 
Hart John, laborer, bds. 64 Fenwick, cor. Lowell 
Hart Patrick, laborer, house 10 Congress 
Hart Patrick, bricklayer, house 37 North 
Hart William, laborer, house 7 Sullivan's yard 
Hartford Daniel {Richardson ^ Hartford), stable, Warren, near 

Central, house at Billerica 
Hartford Dudley, stonecutter, house 21 Church 
Hartford Hiram E. carpenter, house Moody, corner Austin 
Hartford Mark, bobbinmaker, house 227 Middlesex 
Hartigan Thomas, laborer, house 36 Bleachery 
Hartley Henry, peddler, house 21 Warren 
Hartley Joseph, jackspinner, house rear 25 Middle 
Hartley William, laborer, house 60 Fenvrick 
Hartshorn Edward, clerk, 46 Merrimack, house 46 Tyler 
Hartwell Ira (/. D. Hartwell ^ Co.), 251 Merrimack, house 147 

Hartwell James A. operative, bds. 133 Merrimack corp. 
Hartwell James D. & Co. {Ira Hartwell) , grocers, 251 Merrimack, 

house 135 Moody 
Harvey Alice, widow, house rear 20 William 
Harvey Charles H. {Grover 8^ Harvey), clothing, 31 Merrimack, 

house 38 Worthen 
Harvey Eben A. boots and shoes, 35 Merrimack, house at Lynn 

Merchants' At Farimers' Mutual Fire lus. Co., Worcester, HUNT &, 
JSXililOVT, Agents for liowell and vicinity, ^8 Central St. 


Harvey Ira M. bouse Dracut, nenr Pawtucket bridge 

Harvey John F. clerk, Thorndike, corner Dutton, boards 12 Lee 

Harvey Margaret, widow, boards 6 Congress 

Harvey Susan ^Irs. house 61 Adams 

Harvey William Mrs. house 38 Worthen 

Harwood Clara W. bookkeeper, house 40 High 

Harwood Isaac, machinist, house 20 Race 

Harwood Rufus, teamster, house Pine, corner "Westford 

Haseltine George W. carpenter. Chapel, c. Central, house 88 South 

Haseltine John, spinner, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 

Hasey Edward W. teamster, house Smith, near Westford 

Hasey Henry P. job-wagon, house 1 Carlton 

Haskell Charles T. locksmith, 30 Prescott, boards 3 Union 

Haskell Eugene M. machinist, house 66 Fayette 

Haskell George A. operative, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Haskell Job H. locksmith, 30 Prescott, house 3 Union 

Haskell J. F. photographer, 103 Merrimack, boards 4 Mass. corp. 

Haskell Meigs, operative, boards 11 3Iassachusetts corporation 

Haskell Myron P]. section hand, house 12 Appleton corporation 

Haskell Theodore B. machinist, house 9 Lagrange 

Haskell William G. & Co. photographists, 103 Merrimack, boards 

20 Bartlett 
Hastings Alexander, carpenter, house Pearl, Centralville 
Hasty John, laborer, boards 149 Lowell 
Hatch Albert, watchman, house 166 Suffolk 
Hatch Caroline I. widow, house 11 Warren 

Hatch Charles F. clerk, 101 Central, boards 48 Church 

Hatch Edward C. operative, house 13 Warren 

Hatch Fred. A. upholsterer, 13 Market, boards 11 Warrea 

Hatch George S. harnessmaker, 8 Merrimack block. Music Hall 
buildinji;, Dutton, house 38 High 

Hatch George S. carpenter, house 15 Oak 

Hatch Mehitable A. widow, house 10 Warren 

Hatch IMoses M. blacksmith, house Livingston's block, Appleton 

Hatch Willard S. clerk:, 68 Merrimack, boards 14 Cabot 

Hatch William, operative, house 139 ^lerrimack corporation 

Hatfield David, machinist, boards 52 Dutton 

Hathaway De Elma, spinner, boards 26 Suffjlk corporation 

Hathaway George H. ( Walker 8f Hathaway) , Whipple's Mills 
house 124 Central 

Hathaway Solon A. clerk, 79 Central 

Hatton James, weaver, boards 33 Lagrange 

Hauver Levi, upholsterer, 11 Middle 

Havey Frank, spinner, house 20 North 

Haviland Edward, boards 11 Jefferson 

Haviland {Francis N. J.) & Brother (^Thomas P.), proyisions, 
348 Merrimack, house 11 Jefferson 

Haviland John, machinist, boards 11 Jefferson 

Merchaut^ &. Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Iiicorp. 1846, has al- 
tvays paid liberal divifteuds ou expiriug policies. (See page .374.) 


Haviland Thomas P. {Haviland 8^- B/-o.), provisions, h. 271 Merr. 

Hawkes Andrew N. shoemaker, 300 Central, house 5 Hudson 

Hawkes Mackerness N. shoemaker, house Manchester, cor. Quebec 

Haworth Thomas, weaver, house 8(J Merrimack corporation 

Hawthorn Thomas, painter, house 71 Mechanic 

Hay Nathaniel D. laborer, house 82 Moody 

Hay Wellington, loomfixer, Lawrence corporation, boards 82 Moody 

Hay William H. dyer, boards 28 Willie 

Haydeii Albert, yard hand, boards 2 Suffolk corporation 

Hayden Albert J. {Boston), boards Fletcher, corner Dane 

Hayden Charles F. stonecutter, house 56 Fletcher 

Hayden Ephraim F. baker, house Fletcher, corner Dane 

Hayden Hannah Mrs. house 19 Chestnut 

Hayden Margaret, widow of Peter A. house Front, Centralville 

Hayden Marshall ]M. artist, house Fletcher, corner Dane 

Hayden llufus N. house 50 Fletcher 

Hayden Thomas, picker, boards 54 Boott corporation 

Hayden , house 5 Lawrence 

Hayden , Lawrence, boards 358 Merrimack 

Hayes Bridget, widow, house 99 Suffolk 

Hayes Daniel, moulder, bouse 70 Suffolk 

Hayes James, watchman, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

Hayes Jeremiah, laborer, house 29 Fenwick 

Hayes Jeremiah, spinner, boards 56 Adams 

Hayes John, cardgrinder, boards 59 Massachusetts corporation 

Hayes John, laborer, house Maiden Lane 

Hayes John F. tinsmith, boards 70 High 

Hayes Joseph R. apothecary, 18 Central, house 12 Stackpole 

Hayes Lawrence, teamster, 43 Market, house 1 Abbott 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 292 Central ^ 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 91 Lowell 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 103 Gorham 

Hayes Mary, widow, house 56 Adams 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, house 7 Sullivan's yard 

Hayes Patrick, spinner, boards 56 Adams 

Hayes Roger, at P. McGrairk's, house rear do. Suffolk 

Hayes Solomon, blacksmith, L. M. S., boards 113 Merrimack 

Hayes Tliomas, laborer, boards 102 Lowell 

Hayes William, boards 1 Chapel 

Haynes Alvin F. machinist, house 30 Prescott corporation 

Haynes George, teamster, Merrimack corporation, house 61 do. 

Hayoes George H. dresser, Hamilton, boards 61 Merr. corporation 

Haynes Maria, widow, house 15 Marshall 

Haynes Phineas, machinist, house 66 Moody 

Haynes Thomas, currier, boards 6 Whipple's block 

Haynes William H. bobbinmaker, boards 15 Marshall 

Hayward Clark, painter, 16 Middle, house 81 Chestnut 

Mi.ldl csex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass., Incor. 1826, pays 
5 J per ct. dividends oi\ five year policies, and 40 per ct. on one year. 



Haywanl Greorge. teamster, house Chelmsford, near Hale 

Hayward Lydia W. Mrs. house 16 Appleton corporation 

Hay ward Mary S. house 133 East Merrimack 

Hayward Sarah Mrs. nurse, house 29 Walnut 

Hayward William, machinist, boards 4 Appleton corporation 

Haywood Ann M. widow, house 12 Tremont corporation 

Haywood L. M. watchman, Appleton eorp. boards 7 do. corp. 

Hazeu Carlos, clerk at S. G. Mack's, 125 Market, h. 39 Bartlett 

Hazen Whitemore D. woodworker, house 8 Willie 

Head Eugene, watchman, house Maiden lane 

Head ^lary, widow, house 80 Church 

Head Thomas, laborer, house 34 Water 

Heal Thomas, Meri'imack, house Tjincoln place 

Heald Ernest L. clerk, 1G7 Middlesex, boards 107 Appleton 

Heald Georg-e, sashmaker, boards (iS Warren 

Heald (jreorge, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards rear 91 Appleton 

Heald I. A. machinist, boards 207 Lawrence 

Heald John, confectionery, 17 Central, boards 46 Paige 

Heald Saniuel M. carpenter and boarding-house, 4 Hamilton corp. 

Healey David, house 19 Fourth, CentralviUe [corp. 

Healey David 2d, clerk, Prescott Nat. Bank, bds. 64 Merrimack 

Healey David jr. overseer repairs, Merrimack Print Works, house 

64 Merrimack corporation 
Healey Henry, engraver, jMerrimack P. W. h. 45 Merrimack corp. 
Healey James, hostler, house rear 39 LoweL 
Healey James, blockprinter, house 20 Fayette 
Healey James, printer, house Alibott, near Lawrence 
Healey Joseph C. carpenter, iMerrimack corporation, house 173 do. 
Heaphy Thomas, baker, boards Crosby 

Heath Augustus M. operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Heath Charles H. beltmaker, boards 79 Merrimack corporation 
Heath Daniel, laborer, boards 45 L. M. S. corporation 
Heath Edwin C. clerk, 31 ^Middlesex, house 3 Mass. corporation 
Heath Elbridge Gr, machinist, house 5 Mclntire 
Heath George, laborer, bds. Mt. Vernon, near Liberty 
Heath William P. hostler, American House, boards do. 
Heathwood Thomas, Lafayette House, Middlesex, n. Walker 
Hebberd DeWitt C. brass-finisher, house 66 Warren 
Hebert Anselme, clerk, 190 Middlesex, boards 141 do. 
Hebert Flavien, bobbinmaker, house 3 Shaw's blocks East Pine 
Hebert Lewis, grocer, 190 Middlesex, house 188 do. 
Hedge Levi, boards Washington House 

Hedlang George, watchman, house rear 10 Front, CentralviUe 
Hedrick George, United-States deputy collector, and piano-fortes, 

36 Central 
Heeps Christopher, dyer, house 21 Jefferson 
Heeren Patrick, laborer, house 46 West Union 
HefFernan Edward, machinist, boards 155 Lowell 

HUKT <fc ELUOTT, Agents for Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
Kooms, Prescott IVational BanU BUVg, 28 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Heffernan Mary, widow, house 155 Lowell 
'-Heland Hannah, grocer, 24 Adams, house do. 
Heland James, laborer, house rear 44 Lowell 
Hellewell Tempest, overseer, house 109 River, Centralville 
Helson George, shoemaker, 222 Middlesex, house do. 
Hemenway Fred, carpenter, boards 14 Warren 
Hemenway Marshall, grocer, 221 Central, house 125 Gorham 
Hemingway Jos. H. cigarraaker, 77 Central, boards at J. W. 

Mort's, Centralville 
Hemmenway Edson, carpenter, boards 18 Suffolk corporation 
Hemmenway Elizabeth W. Mrs. house 22 Moody 
Hemmenway Lorenzo F. shoemaker, bds. 22 Moody 
Henaghan Martin, laborer, house 26 Cabot 
Henbury IMartin, baker, house 4 Chapel 
Henehy Dennis, blcachery, house 350 Central 
Henehy John, laborer, house 23 Wamesit 
Henehy Martin, laborer, house 4 Winter 
Henderson Georgo W. {S. F. Henderson S^ Son), boards. 60 

Henderson Sarah J. boarding-house, 2 Lowell corporation 
Henderson Shepard F. & Son {George W.), wood-dealers, 289 

Merrimack, house 60 Moody 
Henderson William, laborer, house 2 South Highland 
Hendrick Lawrence, laborer, house rear 18 Winter 
Heneault Israel, carpenter, house Charles, cor. Chapel 
Henley Thomas, operative, house 134 Lawi'ence 
Hennessey Thomas, laborer, house 6 Molloy's court 
Hennessey William, moulder, boards 22 Lowell 
Hennessy Daniel, laborer, liou>e 22 Lowell 
Hennessy John, laborer, house opp. 27 Marion 
Hennessy John, laborer, house Lowell, cor. Jefferson 
Hennessy John, laborer, house 00 Adams 
Hennessy John, laborer, house 20 North 
Hennessy William, operative, bds. opp. 27 Marion 
Hennigin Margaret, house rear 30 Fayette 
Henotte Constant, physician, 298 Merrimack, bds. do. 
Henry Daniel E. Mrs. house 84 Church 
Henry John, laborer, house rear 43 River, Centralville 
Henry Michael, laborer, house 16 Little 
Honsbury Martin, laborer, house 24 Worthen 
Hensbury Patrick, laborer, house rear 14 Little 
Henwrigbt Michael, laborer, house 38 South 
Henwrigtit. see Em-ight 

Heon George, laborer, house 1 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Herbert Augustine, machinist, house 203 Middlesex 
Herbert Charles, machinist, bds. 33 Mass. corporation 
Herendeen Lizzie Mrs. boards 110 East Merrimack 
Herrick Edward S. variety store, 174 Suffolk, house do. 

HUNT ifc ELiIiIOTT, 28 Central St., liOwell, are A|;eiits for the Citi- 
zcas Mutual (Fire) Iais. Co., of Brigliton. (See page 374.) 


Herrick {Edwin ^.) & Peabody {Benjamin II.), wood, 6 Fir , 

near Read, Centralville, house at Dracut 
Herrick John A. clerk, 30 Merrimack, house 2 Willow place 
Herrick Sarah, seamstress, house 65 Worthen, L. M. S. corp, 
Hersey Amds J. machinist, boards 75 L. M. S. corporation 
Hersey Caroline T. widow, house 29 Mass. corporation 
Hersey Frank, carpenter, boards 27 Tremont corporation 
Hersey Frederic, telegraph-operator, bds. 32 Chestnut 
Hersey Hiram, cook, 37 Central, boards do. 
Hersey Hiram Mrs. house 32 Chestnut 
Hessian Mary, house Tyler's block, Centralville 
Heywood Amos B. principal Franklin School, boards 14 Hurd 
Heywood William, machinist, boaids 16 Appleton corporation 
Hibbard Greorge, carder, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
Hibbert Ciiarles, machinist, house 67 Gushing 
Hibbert George, blacksmiih, house 53 Howard 
Hibbert Samuel E. sashmaker, boards 67 Cushing 
Hibbert William Z. sashmaker, boards 67 Cushing 
Hickey James, blacksmith, house 53 Fenwick 
Hickey James, laborer, house 25 North 
Hickey James, machinist, boards Tliorndike, cor. Hale 
Hickey John, laborer, house Thnrndike. cor. Hale 
Hickey John, spindlemaker, bds. Thorndike, cor. Hale 
Hickey John 5Irs. house 92 Suffolk 
Hickey Margaret, widow, house 25 North 
Hickey Mary, widow, house 9 Water 

Hickey Michael, bootmaker, 98 Merrimack, h. Coinraon, c. Cross 
Hickey Thomas, spinner, house 29 North 
Hickey Tho:na3, helper, boards Thorndike, cor. Hale 
Hickey Walter, city teamster, house 51 Fenwick 
Hickey Waiter H. machinist, house 64 Fenwick, cor. Lowell 
Hicks Alfied T. boards 2 Lyons 
Hicks Benjaiiiin H. house 2 Lyons 
Hicks Frank E. ^Irs. boards 42 Merrimack corporation 
Higgius Archibald, steamfitter, house rear 90 Appleton 
Higi^ins D iM;«i, Merrimack corporation, bds. 106 Merrimack 
Higgins Edsou S. travelling agent, house 83 Appleton 
Higgins Fjaiicis, currier, house Chelmsford, cor. Short 
Higgins James, laborer, house 141 Lawrence 
Higgins Jeremiah, carpenter, boards 41 Church 
Higgins John, pressor, house 181 Lawrence 
Higi^ins Michael, laborer, house 4 Parker's block, Centralville 
Higgins Patrick, hostler, boards 153 Lowell 
Higgins Samuel, spinner, house 26 Boott corporation 
Higgins William, laborer, house 4 Green 
Higgius William, machinist, house Stackpole, near the end 
Higd William C. Rev. house 67 Bridge, Centralville 
Higham James E. mulespinner, boards 78 Market 

Citizens ^Iiitwa' (Pire) Ins. Co., Brighton, pays 50 per cent divia 
dends ou our, tiiree, and five year policies. Office 28 Central St. 



Higliam Samuel, operative, boards 38 Boot corporation 

Hight Hanson H. (Marin S,- Hight), 138 Merrimack, b. 50 Mood j 

Hight Randall S. fish, 326 Merrimack, house 8 Race 

Hiland John, teamster, woodyard, Jackson, house 94 Wheelock's 

block, Charles 
Hildreth Abigail, widow, house 192 Gorham 
Hildreth Albert G. bouse First, near Bi'idge 
Hildreth Charles L. foreman Lowell Machine .Shop, h. 5 do. corp. 
Hillreth Fisher A. house Sixth, corner Myrtle, Ceotralville 
Hildreth Fred. A. (Chase ^ Hildreth), printer, 9 Savings Bank 

building, house at Wesford 
Hildreth Henry A. wire-worker, 10 Central, house Bridge, opp. 

Third, Centralville 
Hildreth Lucy, widow, boards 07 Bridge, Centralville 
Hildreth Nancy A. widow, at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Hildreth Sherman F. confectioner, 47 Merrimack, house do. 
Hill Abel T. carpenter, house 152 Suffolk 
Hill Asa V. music teacher, house 25 Willow 
Hill Benjamin C. machinist, house 16 Suffolk corporation 
Hill Bros. {G F. S^ H.B.), carriage manufact's, 136 Middlesex 
Hill Catharine Mrs. house Jefferson, corner Lowell 
Hill Charles, brakeman, B. & L. R. R., boards 2 City Hall avenue 
Hill Cyrus F. overseer, Lowell corporation, house 11 do. 
Hill David L. machinist, house 158 Suffolk 
Hill Doicas and Lucy Misses, house rear 4 Dodge 
Hill Eliza Miss, house at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Hill Eliza Mrs. nurse, house 18 Bartlett 

Hill Emeline W. IMrs. variety store, 49 East Merrimack, house do. 
Hill Epaphras A. wood, 341 Middlesex, house 337 do. 
Hill Frank, weaver, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 
Hill George E. carpenter, house 10 Chestnut 
Hdl George F. (Hill Bros.), carriage manufacturer, 13G Middle- 
sex, house 106 do. 
Hill George W. machinist, house Montreal, near Main, A. C. 
Hill Harry, Lowell corporation, boards 31 Marion 
Hill Henry E. cabinet manufacturer, 239 Middlesex, house 398 do. 
Hill Hosea B. (Hill Bros.)., carriagemaker, -136 Middlesex, house 

48 Charles 
Hill James 'E. carpenter, house 14 Charles 
"Hill James R. machinist, 84 Middle, house 72 Church 
Hill John, overseer, house 20 Charles 
Hill Jolin B. machinist, house 25 Boott corporation 
Hill Joseph, Boott corporation, house 26 Bridge, Centralville 
Hill Joseph, tanner, boards rear Engine House No. 1, Central 
Hill Joseph, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 63 Merri- 
mack corporation 
Hill Margaret, widow, house Dempsey's yard 
Hill Maria Mrs. house 34 Fayette 

^Central Mutual Fire Iiis. Co, IVorcester, Mass., HUNT &, ELLIOTT, 
Agents, Office 38 Central St., IiOAvell. (See page 374.) 


Hill Marietta, teacher, boards 25 Willow 

Hill Mary Mrs. house rear Engine House No. 1, Central 

Hill ]Mary L. teacher. No. 44 Primary School, bds. 40 Worthen 

Hill Nathaniel, Locks and Canals, house 40 Worthen 

Hill Nathaniel jr. librarian, Middlesex Mechanics Association, house 
383 Merrimack 

Hill Nathaniel M. weaver, boards 31 Lawrence corporation 

Hill Nathaniel's, carpenter, 11 Middle 

Hill Paul, house 61 Andover 

Hill Rufus F. blacksmith, house 11 Smith 

Hill Sarah, widow, boaixls 70 Appleton 

Hill Susan Mrs. house 110 Central 

Hill Sylvester, laborer, boards 8 Grand 

Hill Sylvester, watchman, Prescott corporation 

Hill Thomas, woolsorter, house 19 Spring 

Hill Truman L. cabinetmaker, boards 92 High 

Hill Wright L. carriagesmith, 163 Central, house 92 Hio;h 

Hilliard Rufus, watchman, Prescott corporation 

Hilliker Minerva, widow, boards 16 Mill 

Hills Alfred M. machinist, Mechanics Mills, house 40 Marion 

Hills Charles A. brakeman, B. & L. R. R., bd^. 2 City Hall ave. 

Hills Eliphalet, woodturner and patternmaker, Mechanics Mills, 
house 29 Franklin square, Suffolk 

Hills Greorge A. {Boston), boards 20 Tyler 

Hills George D. head bookkeeper at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 36 

Hills George H. house 20 Tyler 

Hilt Joseph C. carpenter, house 9 Worthen 

Hilton Elbridge G. engineer, house 2 W^amesit block 

HQton Hoyt W. & Co. {John If'Quesfen), dry goods, 36 Merri- 
mack, house 43 Bridge, Centralville 

Hilton Lucius W. clerk, 36 3Ierrimack, house Read, between Fifth 
and Sixth, Centralville 

Hilton Orrin N. clerk, 36 Merrimack, boards 43 Bridge, Cent. 

Hilton Robert V. carpenter, house Seventh, n. Bridge, Centralville 

Hilton William C. cai-penter, 11 Ford, house 70 Moody 

Hinchcliffe Alfred, spinner, house 36 Water 

HinchclifFe George, mulespinner, house 66 Moody 

Hinchcliffe Jane, widow, boards 60 Massachusetts corporation 

Hinchcliffe Richard, spinner, house 71 Gorham 

Hinchcliffe William, spinner, house 60 Massachusetts corporation 

Hinckley Albert L. carpenter, 166 Broadway 

Hindle Richmond, dyer, house 4 Bay State avenue 

Hines Ann, widow, house 38 Appleton 

Hines Chester G. hat manufacturer, 170 Merrimack, house do. 

Hines Gerrish, cabinetmaker, boards Liberty square 

Hines Malachi, machinist, boards 38 Appleton 

Hines Richard, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Ho^v to provide for tlie comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is the earnest thouglit of every man. (See page 375.) 


Hinkley Mary, widow, bouse rear 38 Appleton 

Hinnegan Patrick, grinder, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Hird Francis, house 14 Abbott 

Hird Joseph, saloon and boarding-house, 78 Market 

Hird William, woolsorter, house rear 4 Mechanic 

Hirshfield Herman, clothing, 20 Central, house 65 Lawrence 

Hirshfield Philip, salesman, 20 Merrimack, h. 1 Tenth, Centralville 

Hiscox Andrew J. file manuf., 132 Middlesex, house at Worcester 

Hiscox Charles H. filecutter, 132 Middlesex, boards 12 Porter 

Histin Michael, bleachery, house 342 Central 

Hixon Lloyd W., M.D., Mt. Pleasant, above Beacon, Centralville 

Hoar Bridget, widow, house 36 Lewis 

Hoar Catharine, widow, house 14 Davis 

Hoar John, house 40 Gorham 

Ploar Maurice, laborer, house rear 100 Suffolk [Broadway 

Hoar Michael, grocer, Button, n. cor. Lowell, house Adams, cor. 

Hoar Patrick, boards 36 Lewis 

Hoar Samuel, machinist, house 85 Lawrence corporation 

Hoar Thomas, clerk, 50 Gorham, boards 148 Central 

Hobart Anna L. clairvoyant, 4 Middlesex, house do. 

Hcjbart Charles H. weaver, house 22 Hamilton corporation 

Hobart George W. house 4 Middlesex 

Hobart Peter, house 1 Pleasant 

Hobart William 1). carder, boards 22 Hamilton corporation 

Hobbs Charles P. painter, boards 37 Massachusetts corporation 

Hobbs John C. carpenter, house Smith, near Liberty 

Hobbs Louis, teamster, boards 5 Perrin 

Hobbs Morrill P. carpenter, house 13 Marshall [ville 

Hobbs Ruth A. variety store, 71 Merrimack, h. 40 Third, Central- 

Hobbs William L. fireman, B. L. & N. R. R. 

Hobson George, clerk, post-office, house 24 Linden 

Hodgdon Alvin, fireman, house 37 Preseott corporation 

Hodgdon Charles W. carpenter, house 63 Fletcher 

Hodgdon Daniel, at saw-mill, boards 124 School 

Hodgdon George C. carpenter, house 63 Fletcher 

Hodgdon Jane, widow, boards River road, Dracut 

Hodgdon Joseph M., B. & L. R. R. house 4 Railroad, near Hale 

Hodgdon Lucinda, dressmaker, house 48 Church 

'Hodgdon Samuel, H. R. R. station, Pawtucket, c. School, h. do. 
Hodgdon Samuel G. carpenter, house 45 Gushing 
Hodge Alvin N. operative, Lawrence corporation, house 8 do. 
Hodge Henry, teamster, house 14 Queen 
Hodge John Mrs. house 5 Dummer 

Hodge John M. shoemaker, house off River road, Dracut 

Hodge Joseph A. foreman, 96 Middle, h. Ill Merrimack corp. 
Hodge William, bleacher, house 32 Lowell 

Hodgkins George, machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 
Hodgkins Samuel S. weaver, house 5 Cabot block 

state Mutual Liife A^^s^lrallce Co., AVorcester, Mass. A safe aud eco- 
uoinical Company to insure iu. HUNT ■& ELLiIOTT, Agts. (Seep. 375.) 


Hodgman Abel Goodrich, wbeelwnght, 6 Decatur, house do. 

Hodgmaa Benjamin, hats, caps, &c. 30 Central, house 41 Bartlett 

Hodsdon Henry 31. boards 1:^3 Middlesex 

Hogau Dennis, laborer, house rear 10 Dunimer 

Hogan Ehza, widow, house 15 William 

Hogan James H. carpenter, house 16 Clark 

Hogan John, carder, house River, near city line, Centralville 

Hogan Keron, machinist, house 4 Quigley's alley 

Hogan Martin, jackspinner, house 2 Swift 

Hoo;an IMatthew, laborer, house 6 John-street avenue 

TT . 

Hogan Michael, house 4 Cummiskey's alley 

Hotran Michael, laborer, L. & L. R. R. house 237 Grorham 


Hogan Patrick, laborer, house rear 15 Dummer 

Hogan Philip, laborer, house 22 Spring 

Hogan Thomas, laborer, house 1 Ford 

Hogan Thomas, machinist, boards 58 L. M. S. corporation 

Hogan Thomas, currier, house Quebec, cor. Lincoln, A. C. 

Hogan AVilliam, Lowell Machine Shop, house 10 Cross 

Hogan William, currier, boards Adams, corner Cross 

Holbrook Sarah Mrs. house 21 Andover 

Holden Charles A. at bleachery, boards 32 Walnut 

Holden Frederick A. overseer. Locks and Canals, house 30 Race 

Holden Greorge S. (^Boston), house 2 James 

Holden Isaac, nurseryman, house River road, Dracut 

Holden Mary Mrs. house Blossom, near Gorham 

Holden Mary, widow, boards 44 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Holden Peter, operative, house 35 Salem 

Holden Richard, boards 2 Hale 

Holiau Michael, laborer, house 1 Sullivan's yard 

Holland Daniel, laborer, at Mrs. John Nesmith's 

Holland Henry, at print works, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 

Holland James B. carriage-trimmer, 163 Central, house 12 Cady 

Holland John, laborer, house 17 Adams 

Holland John W. house 80 Merrimack corporation 

Holland Lewis K. {Boston), boards 30 Massachusetts corporation 

Holland Margaret, widow, house 94 Lowell 

Holland Mary, widow, house 8 Cross 

Holland Michael, laborer, house rear 43 ]\Iiddle 

Holland Michael, tailor, 3 Prescott block, house do. 

Holland Patrick, laborer, house 3 Quigley's alley 

Holland Susan, widow, house 53 Lowell 

Holland Timothy, laborer, at Gas Works, house 96 Lowell 

Hollinger Daniel, trader, house 52 South 

Hollis James W. teamster, house 37 Plamilton corporation 

HolHs Zebediah S. teamster, at A. L. Brooks's, house Livingston 

block, Appleton 
Holman John C. machinist, house ISOJ Merrimack corporation 
Holmbeck William, machinist. Am. Bolt Co. bds. 207 Lawrence 

Insure your life in the State Mut. Iiife \. Co. All policies are non- 
forfeitable toy State law. HUNT &, ELLIOTT, Agts. (See page 375.) 



Holmes Betsey, widow, house 4 Water 
Holmes Churchill H. weaver, boards 7 Cabot block 
Holmes Gilman M. weaver, boards 5 Suffolk corp. 
Holmes Lucian, operative, bds. Lawrence, near Mills 
Holmes Mark, cabinetmaker, house Pine, near Liberty 
Holmes Mark jr. wood-turner, house 50 Adams 
Holmes Milton C. machinist, house 226 Central 
Holmes Sarah Mrs. boarding-house, 27 Massachusetts corp. 
Holmes Stillman B. painter, house 43 South 
Holmes William, wood-turner, house 255 School 
Holt Abiel P. sash and door maker, house 23 Willie 
Holt Abraham, Stott's Mill, house 19 Floyd 
Holt Alfred E. machinist and boarding-house, 1 George 
Holt Almira G. Mrs. house 250 jNIiddleses 
Holt Benjamin, tailor, house 5 Everett 

Holt Caroline E. teaclier, Bartlett School, boards 430 Merrimack 
Holt Daniel, millwright, Howe, house 20 Nesmith 
Holt Daniel, physician, 15 John, house Park, cor. E. Merrimack 
Holt Edward B. physician, boards Park, cor. E. Merrimack 
Holt Frank, machinist, bds. 278 Middlesex 

Holt Frank, watchman, Lawrence corp. [way 

Holt Frank P. clerk at Jas. Dugdale's, boards Wilder, n. Broad- 
Holt James G. second hand, house 31 Suffolk corporation 
Holt James 0. machinist, house 19 Floyd 
Holt John, flannel manufacturer, Howe, house 16 Nesmith 
Holt Joseph S. paj-master, Tremont Mills, house 430 Merrimack 
Holt J. Stevens, shoemaker, house 26 Chestnut 
Holt Lucinda, boarding-house, 37 Boott corp. 
Holt Lucy K. Mrs. boards 105 Gorhara 
Holt Luther, blacksmith, house 5 Dodge 
Holt Susan, widow, house 3 Massachusetts corporation 
Holt William H., American Bolt Co., bds 248 Gorham 
Holtham Joseph, carpenter, house 99 Merrimack corp. 
Helton Frederic {Boston), house 24 Pawtucket 
Homans Joseph H. boots and shoes, 63 Merrimack, h. 19 Third, 

Honey Alden, wood-worker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 76 Dutton 
Hood Abraham K. carpenter, Willie, near Rock, house 164 Broad- 
Hood Betsey, widow, house 40 Cabot 
Hood Charles H. machinist, house 17 North Franklin court 
Hood Elizabeth, widow, house 28 Charles 

Hood George A. carpenter, boards 164 Broadway [corp. 

Hood George W. E. machinist, house 33 Lowell Machine Shop 
Hood Gilman, painter, house rear 90 Appleton 
Hood John, machinist, house rear 53 Charles 
Hood Jenette, widow, house 61 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Hooke Henry M. physician, house 415 Merrimack 

NAERAGANSETTINS. CO. ""Ito^^Td^^^^^^^^^^Y 


Hoole Edward P. spinner, Merrimack corporation, house 126 do. 

Hoole John H. Merrimack corp. house 117 do. 

Hoole Sophia L. widow, hou-^e 230 Central 

Hoole William, Stott's, house 73 Warren 

Hooley Margaret, widow, house r. 148 Lowell 

Hooper James, Lawrence corp. bds. Appleton Bank building 

Hooper James T. dresser, bds. 53 Merrimack corp. 

Hooper John, tinsmith, 277 Merrimack 

Hooper Lois Mrs. house 53 Merrimack corp. 

Hope Catharine Mrs. house rear 2 Dodge 

Hope Jonathan, (American Bolt Company), house 291 Central 

Hope William C, American Bolt Company, house 248 Gorham 

Hope William F. tinsmith, 126 Central, bds. rear 2 Dodge 

Hopkins Eliza Mrs. boarding house, 25 Hamilton corp. 

Hopkins George W. boai'ds 59 Andover 

Hopkins James, deputy sheriff, 43| Central, house 59 Andover 

Hopkins James, shuttlemaker, bds. Robinson, near Congress 

Hopkins Seth E. machinist, house 7 Tremont corp. 

Hopper Alexander W. pastry-cook, house 20 Fifth, Centralville 

Horan Michael, spinner, house 43 Lowell 

Horn Alfred S. (♦S'. Horn ^ Co.), soap, &c. School, corner 
Middlesex, house 375 do. 

Horn Augustus P. operative, house 30 Chestnut 

Horn Benjamin, machinist, house rear 48 Charles 

Horn Charles C. C. Mrs. house 3 Lagrange court 

Horn Clara Miss, dressmaker, Nesmith's block, 43^ I^Ierrimack, h. 
52 Chestnut 

Horn Eben, wheelwright, house Pleasant, n. River, Centralville 

Horn Eben F. house r. Coburn, n. River 

Horn Samuel & Co. (^Alfred S. Horn), soap and candles, Middle- 
sex, cor. School, house 54 Smith 

Hornby Mary, widow, house 21 Summer 

Home Asa P. farmer, boards River Road, Dracut 

Home Daniel W. coal and wood, Fletcher, corner Western avenue, 
house 6 South Highland 

Home Emma A. (^Furbish ^ Home), millinery, 83 Merrimack, h. 
52 Chestnut 

Home George, machinist, house 31 East Merrimack 

Horner Isabella E. teacher. No. 19 Primary School, bds. 2 Abbott 

Homer Jane E. teacher, No. 29 Primary School, boards 2 Abbott 

Horner William, Middlesex corporation, house 2 Abbott . 

Horton Ellen, widow, house 84 High 

Horton John F. carpenter, 24 Prescott, house 87 Appleton 

Hosey James, shoemaker, bds. 58 Dutton 

Hosford Hocum & Co. (A. G. Pollard), dry goods, 46 Merrimack, 
house 260 Central 

Hoskins E. H. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, bds. 113 Merrimack 

Hosley Harlan P. overseer, Suffolk, house 4 Cabot block 

CLEVELAND INS. CO., *^iV&y^4'iiS:\,T-^S,.f 


Hosmer Edward S. cleik, house 2 Livermore 

Hosiner Edwin, mason, bds. 60 Merrimack corp. 

Hosmer Francis, stonecutter, bds. 60 Merrimack corp. 

Hosmer Isaac, stonecutter, bouse 60 Merrimack co p. 

Hosmer Mary E. widow, house 66 High 

Hosmer Samuel F. {Kidder 4" Hosiner), 196 Merrimack, house 9 

Hosmer Stephen, trader, house 1 Livermore 
Hough George W. machinist, house 16 Cabot 
Houghton Edward L. printer, " Courier," house 14 Chapel 
Houghton R. W. printer, " Courier," boards 14 Chapel 
Houle Peter, laborer, house 322 3Ierrimack 
Houston Nathaniel, section hand, house 10 First, Centralville 
Hovey Augustus, boarding-house, 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Hovey Augustus V. weaver, boards 14 Massachusetts corporation 
Hovey Burton E., Menimack, boards 34 Fourth, Centralvide 
Hove_y Charles {Oar'eton Sf Hovey), apothecary, 164 Menimack, 
house Park, opposite Chestnut [ti-alvi e 

Hovey Cyrus, silverplater, 86 IMerriraack, boards 34 Fourth, Cen- 
Hovey Edwin, machinist, boards 120 Merrimack 
Hovey George H. clerk, Middlesex corporation, boards at Dracut 
Hovey Harriet C. teacher, Edson School, boards 8 I*ourth, Cen- 
tralville [Centralville 
Hovey James S. teller, Railroad National Bank, house 24 Third. 
Hovey Joseph, salesman, 31 ^Market, h. 34 Fourth, Centralville 
Hovey Joshua, shoe manufacturer, Bridge, near R;ver, house 2 
Fiftli, Centralville [Centralville 
Hovey William, shoe manufacturer, Bridge, near River, h. 8 Fourth, 
Howard Allen, second hand, boards 29 Lawrence corporation 
Howard Charles, bleachery, house 4 Livingston 
Howard Charles E. brakeman, B. & S. R. R. b. 6 Middlesex place 
Howard Ebenezer, laborer, house rear 56 Moody 
Howard Elijah, patternmaker, house 2 Goward place 
Howard Frank, sashmaker, boards Nichols, corner East Pine 
Howard Henry C. oyster and dining rooms, 21 and 27 Merrimack, 

house do. 
Howard Henry E. painter, boards 23 Race 
Howard Horace jr. {Boston), boards Chelmsford, corner Liberty 
Howard Horace Mrs. house Chelmsford, corner Liberty 
Howard Janies, bookkeeper, Button, cor. Fletcher, h. 11 Walnut 
Howard James, gardener, house 31 Bleachery 
Howard James jr. folder, house roar 4 Livingston 
Howard James S. spinner, house 141 Merrimack corporation 
Howtiid John, laborer, boards 34 Bleachery [corp. 

Howard John F. patternmaker, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 11 do. 
Howard John H. boards Chelmsford, corner Liberty 
Howard J. S. Gilman, house Bowers, corner School 
Howaid Martin V. B. clerk, 43 Maiket, boards rear 56 Moody 


Hartford. Assets $5U0.000. 
HUNT & EL,L.10TT, Agts. 


Howard Michael, laborer, house Nesniith, at Tewkshury line 

Howard Michael, carder, boards 136 Meiriniack coiporatiou 

Howard Patrick, laborer, house rear 16 Winter 

Howard Peter, bleachery, house 4iJ Carter 

Howard Theresa T. widow, house 23 Race 

Howai'd Thomas, spinner, house 193 Gorhara 

Howard William, bootmaker, 22"2 Middlesex, house 87 Howard 

Howarth Abraham, woolsorter, boards 8 Prospect 

Howarth James, weaver, boards 81 Hamilton corporation 

Howarth Joseph, watchman, Stott's ]\Till, house 8 Prospect 

Howarth Tliomas, operative, house 7 Merrill 

Howe Anthony, laborer, house 4 Molloy's court 

Howe Augustus J. carpenter, house 17 Oak 

Howe Aurelia L. teacher No. 25 Primary School, boards 1 Oak 

Howe (^Charles J^.) k, Grreenhalge {Frederic J'.), counsellors, 
49 Centi'al, house 17 Charles 

Howe Edwin A. letter-carrier, boards 22 Oak 

Howe {Edward B.) & Goodhue (Jason), card manufacturers, 90 

and 92 Market, house 40 High 
Howe Eliza, widow, house 3 Maiden lane 
Howe Henry C. & J. F, carpenters, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 

91 Summer 
Howe Horace F. carpenter, Second, house 20 Third, Centralville 
Howe James, spinner, house Pleasant, coruer Pond 
Howe James M. carpenter, house First, n. Simpson, Centralville 
Howe Jane L. Mrs. house rear 10 Third, Centralville 
Howe Jeremiah, house 16 Lagrange 
Howe Jeroboam, farmer, house 22 Oak 
Howe Joanna, widow, house rear 21 Lee 
Howe John, carpenter, 283 Merrimack, house 16 Bartlett 
Howe John F. (IT. 0. Sf J. F. Howe), Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 

89 Summer 
Howe Joseph S. card-grinder, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 
Howe Katie and Laura Misses, bouse 39 George 
Howe Laura F. teacher, Mann School, boards 1 Oak 
Howe Levi B. blacksmith, house 5 Middlesex place 
Howe Lorenzo G. carpenter, house 22 Thii-d, Centralville 
Howe Martha W. house 1 Oak 
Howe Michael, laborer, house rear 3 Summer 
Howe Moses G. lawyer (Boston), boards Varnum, Centralville 
Howe Patrick, carder, house rear 18 Winter 
Howe Robert, Lowell corporation, boards 78 Market 
Howe Roxanna, widow, house 62 Middlesex 
Howe Ruby F. teacher, Green, Middle, boards 22 Third, Cent. 
Howe Sally, widow, house 40 High 
Howe William E. dresser, house 2 Boott corporation 
Howe William G. carpenter, ^lyrtle, house 10 Myrtle, Centralville 
Howell Franklin, blacksmith, boards 13 Central 

fHATAT 1?TT>T? TATQ PCi Assets $3.»o,ooo. hunt & elliott, 

Vjvi>li>l . IlJA/ilj liMlJi UUij Agts., 28 Central St. (See page 374.) 


Howell Mary S. dressmaker, house 94 Gorliam 

Howes George F. messenger, Merrimack corporation, house 86 do. 

Howes {Henry O. Sf John F. ) k Burnhara ( Craivford) , lumber, 

Datt'in, near Wamesit Steam Mills 
Howes Lucius, painter, house 29 Gushing [near railroad 

Howes Samuel P. portrait painter, 11'2 Merrimack, house Gorhara, 
Howes William, fireman, house 31 Gushing 
Howlanrl Jolin, moulder, boards Howard House 
Hoje Mary, house 2 .John-street avenue 
Hoyle Abraham, machinist, boards 23 Floyd 
Hoyle Emma, clerk, 107 Merrimack, boards 23 Floyd 
Hoyle Samuel, house 30 High 

Hoyt Gharles B. F. at Gas Company's shop, house 45 Hanove 
Hoyt Daniel S. mason, house 37 South 

Hoyt Eli W. apothecary. Central, c. Middlesex, h. 243 Central 
Hoyt Frank, cigarmaker, boards 3 Mass. corporation 
Hoyt Horace L. Mrs. boarding-house, 44 Boott coip. 
Hoyt James H. painter, house First, n. Read, Centralville 
Hoyt James S. Mrs. house 294 Central 
Hoyt Jane B. widow, house 30 Suffolk corporation 
Hoyt William, laborer, house lower end Water 
Hoyt William H. contractor, L. M. S. h. Marshall, c. Westford 
Hubbard Charles, foreman, Isaac Place's, h. 147 Broadway 
Hubbard C. Francis, carpenter, h. 19 Franklin square, A.dams 
Hubbard {John Q. A.) & Blake {Jesse), patent-leather manufac- 
turers. Tanner, c. Manchester, A. C. h. Lincoln, n. Chelmsford 
Hubbard Josiah, real-estate agent and constable, 3 Canal block, 

house 31 Bartlett 
Hubbard, see Hehhard [E. Pine 

Hubert Flavel, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Mills, h. 3 Shaw's block, 
Hubert Louis, laborer, h. 5 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Huckins William, laborer, house 5 Wamesit court 
Huddleston William, laborer, house 7 Spring 
Hudson Charles E. clerk, 54 Merrimack, bds. 7 Prescott corp. 
Hudson Hannah J. house Abbott place, Centralville 
Hudson Myron P. operative, bds. 4 Appleton corp. 
Huggins Nancy, widow, house 42 Bartlett 
Hughes Edward Mrs. house Blossom, near Gorham 
Hughes George, laborer, house River, near Front, Centralville 
Hughes George, operative, house Front, Centralville 
Hughes John, house 3 Luther's court 
Hughes John, tea-dealer, 51 Market, house do. 
Hughes John, bleachery, house 7 Livingston 
Hughes John, stripper, house rear 15 Bridge, Centralville 
Hughes IMartha L. widow, boards 3 Lowell corporation 
Hughes Patrick, laborer, house foot of Whipple 
Hull Henry, at G. W. Norris's, house 243 Central 
Hull William H. furniture {Boston), house River road, Dracut 


Worcester. Capital $300,000. 
aUJVT &, KLL.IOTT, Agents. 


Hulme James, 48 Central, house 16 Church 
Hulme James H. 48 Central, boards 16 Church 
Humphrey Clark E. overseer, house 30 Suffolk corporation 
Humphrey Horace W. farmer, at Seth Grage's, Bridge, Centralville 
Humphrey Patrick, machinist, house 7 Boott corporation 
Humphreys James C. laborer, h. Bow, c. Coburn, Centralville 
Hunt Ambrose S. weaver, house 39 Tremont corporation 
Hunt A. A. Mrs. house 17 Hurd 
Hunt Charles, house 12 Appleton 

Hunt Edward S. 96 Market, h. Fairmount, cor. Mansur 
Hunt Edwin, woolsorter, Middlesex 

Hunt Elihu S. wholesale provision dealer, 96 Market, house Fair- 
mount, corner Mansur 
Hunt George, second hand, boards 207 Lawrence 
Hunt George F. {JTimt 4' -Elliott), Insurance Agent, 28 Central, 

house First, cor. Simpson, Centralville 
Hunt Hebsibath Miss, house 8 Race 

Hunt John B. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 43 do. 
Hunt John W. clerk, Adams, c. Fletcher, bds. 43 Hamilton corp. 
Hunt Josepbine iMiss, music teacher, bds. 27 Marion 
Hunt J. Livingston, printer. Museum building, bds. 12 Appleton 
Hunt Lucian A. mason, house 12 North Franklin court 
Hunt 3Iary Mrs. house 23 Moody 
Hunt Michael, carder, house foot of Linden 
Hunt Myra J. boarding-house, 5 Boott corporation 
Hunt Nellie M. teacher, Moody School, bds. 39 Tremont corp. 
Hunt Roswell (Cat.), house 17 Hurd 
Hunt Sarah L. Mrs. house 12 Appleton 
Hunt Susan Mrs. boards 29 Tyler 

Hunt William H. printer. Museum building, bds. 12 Appleton 
Hunt & Elliott (Geo. F. Hunt 8f Geo. M. Elliott), Insurance 

Agents, 28 Central ' 

Hunter Lucina, widow, h. Gorham, opp. Fair Ground 
Hunter Sarah, widow, house 12 Walnut 
Huntington Heman, weaver, h. 46 Lawrence corporation 
Huntington James F. at J. C. Ayer's, house Moore, c. Whipple 
Huntington James T. Mrs. boarding-house, 136 Merrimack corp. 
Huntington Lucius W. reporter, " Courier," Museum building, 

boards 136 Merrimack corporation 
Huntley Curtis, house 19 Third, Centralville 
Huntley Curtis jMrs. millinery, 97 Merrimack, h. 19 Third, Cent. 
Huntley Ellen J. millinery, 90 Merrimack, house do. 
Huntley John, variety store, 93 JNIoody, house do. 
Huntley John H. paper-hanger, 101 Central, house 84 Church 
Hunton Caroline A. house 30 Massachusetts, corporation 
Hunton Granville J. boards 15 Appleton corporation 
Huntoon Adelbert M. clerk, 224 Merrimack, bds. 406 do. 
Huntoon Alpha Mrs. hou.-e 1 Madison 

BEEKSHIEE LIFE INS. CO. ^^r^^^^f^lf^tV. ,f^:r^t 


Huntoon Diana M. teacher, Moody School, bds. 12 Dodge 

Huntoon George L. house 13 Butterfield 

Huntoon {George IK) & Siraonds {Edwin), machinists, 92 

IMarket, house 287 Central 
Huntoon Moses C. boot and shoes, 224 Merrimack, h. 406 do. 
Huntoon Ortn, house 12 Dodge 

Huntoon Woodman C. salesman, house rear 13 Charles ' 

Huntress Ann, widow, house 135 Merrimack corporation 
Huntress EUi-:ha W. farmer, house 5 Jackson 
Huntress John S. machinist, house 52 Merrimack corporation 
Huntress Wilbur, operative, bds. 3 Tremont corj)oration 
Hurd Daniel, house 120 Moody 

Hurd Frank W. clerk, Merchants National Bank, bds. 48 High 
Hurd George W. house 48 High 

Hurd George W. S. ca&hier, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 48 High 
Hurd .Tames, messenger. Court House, house 135 Gorham 
Hurd John W. photographer, boards 135 Gorham 
Hurd Joseph W. jeweller, house Gorham, near London 
Hurd Marietta C. Mrs. house 31 Lawrence corporation 
Hurd Ransolier, weaver. Boott corporation, house 75 Central 
Hurd R. 11. Mrs. dressmaker, 75 Central, house do. 
Hurd, see Hird 

Hurlbutt John F. carpenter, house 119 Cross 
Hurley Cornelius, house Donahoe's yard 
Hurley Dennis, laborer, house rear 13 Jefferson 
Hurley John, foundry, boards Donahoe's yard 
Hurley Michael, at P. McGuirk's, house rear do. Suffolk 
Hurley Timothy, painter, boards Donahoe's yard 
Hurney Martin, house Paige, near Bridge 
Hurtubise John, printer, "Courier," boai'ds 14 Appleton corp. 
Husband William, cardstripper, house opposite 30 Adams 
Huse Ebenezer, farmer, house near Dracut line, Conantville 
Huse George, house 18 Austin [Conantville 

Huse Lliram E. clothing, 4 Canal block, house near Dracut line, 
Huse Jesse, truant officer, house 83 Cross 
Huse Nathan, banker, house 23 Third, Centralville 
Huse Orlando N. shoemaker, boards 83 Cross 
Huse Stephen W. {Stone ^ Huse), 21 Central, house 47 Andover 
Hussey AngeUne E. dressmaker, .52^ Merrimack, bds. 237 Central 
Hussey Daniel, agent Lawrence Manufact. Co., h. 361 Merrimack 
Hussey George R. machinist, house 21 Prescott corporation 
Hussey Hiram, house 32 Chestnut 
Hussey Levi, boards 38 Massachusetts corporation 
Hussey Luther G. machinist, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Hussey Susan, widow, house 32 Chestnut 
Hussey Walter, car inspector, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 

267 Middlesex 
Hutchins Charles, boards Appleton Bank building 

Connecticut Mutvial Life Ins. Co., of Hai-tford, Conn.. HUNT &, 
ELL.IOTT, Agents, 38 Central St. (See pages 374, -375.) 


Hutchhis Elvira R. fancy goods, 117 Central, house do. 
Hutchins Jacob N. conductor, horse railroad, house 117 Central 
Hutchins Mcdbourne F. {Nichols 3^- Hutchins), confectioner, 37 

Central, boards do. 
Hutchins Kojal W. overseer, Massachusetts corporation, h. 41 do. 

Hutehins , wireworktsr, boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 

Hutchinson Edward, boards 4 i2 Merrimack 

Hutchinson Edward M. bobbiniiiaker, house 51 Gushing 

Hutchinson Eibridge, moulder, boards 115 Gorhani 

Hutchinson Eugene 0. boxmaker, boards Chelmsford, cor. Liberty 

Hutchinson (leorge, weaver, boards 58 Lawrence corporation 

Hutchinson Henry C. carpenter, house 26 Bartletfc 

Hutchinson Mary J. house 56 L. M. S. corporation 

Hutchinson Orren, section-master, B. & L. K. R., h. Chelmsford, 

corner Liberty 
Hutchinson Reubeu, music-teacher, house River road, Dracut 
Hutchinson Reuben ^L fai-mer, house 432 Merrimack 
Hutchinson Rufus F. Mrs. house 110 Howaid 
Hutchinson Samu-;! K. builder, 21 NcsiiiiLh 
Hutchinson Susan, w dow, house 23 Audover 

Hutchin.son , weaver, corporation, bds. 21 Merr'.niack 

Hyatt Williiim, driver, S. F. E. iO, house 246 

Hyde David Mrs. house 89 Salem 

Hyde James, boards 65 Massachusetts corporation 

Hyde Samuel, machinist, house 33 Smith, comer Westfurd 

Hyde William, spinner, boards 42 Boott coiporution 

Hylan Eugene S. boards 21 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

Hylan Sumner, contractor, Lowell Machine Sliop corp. h. 21 do. 

Hynes Thomas, operative, boards 64 Charles 

ILSLEY Addison, mason, house 9 Queen 

Ingalls Charle?, painter, house Law.son, near Queen 

Ingalls Charles L. clerk, house 26 L-agrange , 

Ingalls Joseph, contractor, Lowell Machine ^hop corp. h. 15 do. 

Ingalls Mercy, widow, house at Old Ladies' Houie, 58 Moody 

Ingalls (,)liver W. eating-saloon, 130 Merriuiack, 54 Paio-e 

Ingalls Thomas, police, house 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Ingalls William W. carpenter, Lawrence corporation, house 18 do. 

Ingham John, currier, near Mt. Vernon, corner Broadway, house 

275 Middlesex • [house do. 

Ingham Richard & Son (^Richard jr.), variety store, 187 Central, 
Ingham Richard jr. (i?. Ingham ^' Son), 187 Central, house 2 

Bay-State avenue [house 107 A])pleton 

Ingham William A. & Co. {S. E. Scott), grocers, 167 Middlesex, 
Ireland Willard F. machinist, boards 104 Merrimack corp. 
Ireson Benjamin S. overseer, Merrimack corp. house 70 do. 
Irish Ann, widow, house 290 Central James, woolsorter, house 290 Central 

Mutual Beiiftfit Life Ins. Co., Ke-ivai-U. A.ssets over .$18,000,000. 
HUXT &. ELLIOTT, Agents, 38 Ceutral St. (.See pages -374, .375.; 


Ii'viii James, shoemaker, 75 Central, boards 30 Charles 

Irwin jMary, widow, house 85 Lowell 

Ivers Arthur, house 190 Gorham 

Ivei's George, moulder, house 190 Gorham 

Ivers James, laborer, house 18 Green 

Ivory Nicholas, carpenter, house 5 Andover 

JACK IRA T. teamster, house Beacon, near Bowers 

Jackson Andrew, machuiist, boards 3 Dodge 

Jackson Charles, operative, house 3 Dodge 

Jackson Charles W. machinist, house 96 Merrimack corporation 

Jackson James, laborer, house Wamesit, near Lawrence 

Jackson Nancy Mrs. house 3 Dodge 

Jackson William, physician, house 13 Andover 

Jaaohs Aaron, carpenter, house foot Congress 

Jacobs Amos, machinist, Lawrence corporation, hou^e 6 do. 

Jacobs David, tanner, house Canada, near the tannery, A. C. 

Jacobs Frank P. carpenter. Second, corner K^a;!, house 9 Fifth, 
Gentralville [Fran'din court 

James Charles E. salesman at A. L. Brooks's, house end North 

James Horace Rev. house 8 James 

Jameson Charles E. woodworker, boards 1 Garnet 

Jameson Fanny, widow, house 1 Garnet 

Jameson James, operative, boards 58 Middle 

Jannel Francis, laborer, house 37 Salera 

Jannery Ge )rge, boxmaker, house Howard, corner Middlesex 

Jaques Aaron 1\ clerk, 4S Merrimack, boards 36 Hnrd 

Jaques Frank T. (J. S. Jaqucs ^ Co.), boards 66 Boott Corp. 

Jaques Fred. P. clerk, 195 Middlesex, boards 7 Elliott 

Jaques Frederick P. house 7 Appleton corporation 

Jaques John, hostler, boards 16 Green 

Jaques John C. blacksmith, Lowell Machine Shop, house 1 Lowell 

Machine Shop corpoiation 
Jaques John L. shuttlemaker, boards 166 East IMerrimaclc 
Jaques John S. & Co. {Frank T. Jaques & Charles E. Smith), 
shuttle manufs. Wamesit Power Co. house 166 E. Merrimack 

Jaques , carpenter, boards 13 Cabot 

Jaquith Abigail Mrs. house 58 Bartlett 

Jarvis William, filecutter, boards Grand, corner Marshall 

JefFeries Thomas, baker, 346 Central, house do. 

JefFers James, laborer, house 142 Suffolk 

Jeffers James, saloon, 92 Lowell, house 142 Suffolk 

Jeffers Margaret, widow, house 75 Lowell 

Jeffery David F. machinist, house 16 Queen 

Jeffrey Frank, opeiative, boards 4 jMassachusetts corporation 

Jefts William H. moulder, house 10 Chestnut 

Jenkins Joel, carriage manuf Arch, n. Northern depot, house do. 

Jenkinson Noah, painter, 3 Prescott, h. Lincoln, corner Gorham 

Business tUat can't afford Insurance is too poor to follow. Wis- 
dom, prudence, experience, all say. Insure at once. (See page 374.) 


Jenness L. Wellman, physician, 55 Merrimack, house Chehnsford, 

near City Farm 
Jennings Tillotson L. fish peddler, house 109 Thorndike 
JepsoQ Thomas, house 11 Congress 
Jerry Isaiah, farmer, house 44 Lagrange 
Jessop John, porter, 1(54 IMerrimack, house 214 do. 
Jewell Charles L. spinner, boards 16 Boott corporation 
Jewell George K. (^Gage 4" Jewell), 1 Canal block, boards 110 

Apple ton 
Jewell Henry, bleachery, boards 11 Warren 
Jewell Leonard F. spinner, house IG Boott corporation 
Jewell W. A. blacksmith, house 40 L. M. S. corporation 
Jewess William, boards 12 Hamilton corporation 
Jewett Abner A. clerk, 138 Merrimack, boards Middlesex, near 

City line [mack, h. 21 Pawtncket 

Jewett Andrew F. (^Wentworth 8^ Jciveit), couu-ellor, 170 Merri- 
Jewett Benjamin W. peddler, h. Webster ave., cor. Ninth, Cent. 
Jewett Charles A. carriage-painter, 163 Central, house .i83 do. 
Jewett Drusilla, widow of Paul, h. Webster ave., c. Ninth, Cent. 
Jewett Francis, butcher, house Middlesex, near City line 
Jewett Frank E. {N. J. Wier S^ Co.), stoves, tinware, &c. 198 

Merrimack, house 5 Sixth, Centralville 
Jewett Frank H. tin peddler, bo.irds 2 Dane 
Jewett Jeremiah P. physician, 22 Kirk, bouse do. 
Jewett John, carpenter, house 5 Sixth. Centralville 
Jock John, machinist, boards 14 Appleton corporation 
Jock Peter, machinist, house 14 Appieton corporation 
Jockow Julius C. {Chambjrlin Sj- Jockow), 285 Merrimack, house 

60 Church 
Johnson Albert, michin'f-it, boards 18 Apple'^on corporatio i 
John.son Albert T. dentist, 12 W^entworth's building, house 143 

East Merrimack 
Johnson Andrew J. moulder, house 3 Garnet 
Johnson Andrew L. travelling agent, house 5 Third, Cent. 
Johnson Augustus J . Mrs. house 123 East Merrimack 
Johnson Charles, laborer, house 25 Davidson 
Johnson Charles W. machine printer, house 147 M.'rr'nnek corp. 
Johnson Coolidge R. coppersmith, 8 Jackson, boards 3 Oliver 
Johnson Cyrus P. gasfitter, house 14 High 
Johnson Daniel, farmer, house 66 Warren 
Johnson Eliza, widow, house 182 Lawrence 
Johnson Ellen, widow, house 69 Adams 
Johnson Frank, loomfiser, boards 182 Lawrence 
Johnson Henry H. carpen'er, house Somerset, corner Queen 
Johnson Jauies, laborer, house 7 McCarry's court 
Johnson Joanna, widow, house 88 Suffolk 
Johnson John, laborer, bouse 295 Middlesex 
Johnson John, laborer, house 11 Adams 

HUNT «fc ELlifOTT, Fire and Life ;ii!<iii-aiice Asrentsi. Rooms. Fi-ps- 
cott ]Vat. liauk Building, 38 Central St., Lowell. (See pages :J74, .375 ) 


Johnson John H. carpenter, house 3 Varnum's alley, Centralville 
Johnson Jonathan, watchmaker and optician, 1 Merrimack House, 

house 1 Aut-tin 
Johnson Joseph B. teas and coffee, 12 John, h. 39 Merr. corp. 
Johnson Joseph M. D. boarding-bouse, 67 Lawrence corporation 
Johnson Julius G. overseer, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house Beacon, 

near Pawtucket 
Johnson Margaret, widow, house rear 37 Fen wick 
=«^Johnson Mary Mrs. variety store, 21 Market, house do. 
Jotinson Moses A. agent Lowell Felting Mill, Pawtucket, house 11 

Johnson Nancy H. widow, boards 2 Jackson 
Johnson Richard, operative, house rear 19 Dummer 
Johnson Robert, laborer, house 90 Suffolk 
Johnson Robert, laborer, house 11 Adams 
Johnson Stephen, stonemason, house Holbrook's court 
Johnson Thomas, mariner, house 8 Davidson 
Johnson WiUiam A. agent, house 3 Oliver 
Johnstim Bi-ent, house 31 Adams 
Johnston Brent jr. clerk, house 31 Adams 
Johnston F. R. Mrs. house 58 Massachusetts corp. 
Johnston Michael Mrs. widow, house 25 Worthen 
Jones Arthur, bobbiamaker, boirds 35 S luth 
Jones Betsey, widow, boards 245 Central 
Jones Cecilia Mrs. li.)use 21 Rice 

Jones Charles F. machinist, house 2*1 Lo.vell M. S. corporation 
Jones Charles M. grocer, 88 Grorliani. house 8 5 Charles 
Jones Cliarle-; W. maehinist, boa'd-: 113 Grorham 
Junes Daniel. Sj.i(mer, house 5 Cidy 
Jones Eira, machin st, boards 5 Jaekson 
Jones Frances A. widow, house 62 Loacll 
Jones Joel C. boards 22 Pearl, n. Bow, Centralville 
Jones John, spinner, boards 54 Boott corporauon 
Jones John, watchman, house 79 Broadway 
Jones John, machinist, boards .69 L. M. S. corporation 
Jones Joseph L. fireman, house 71 Lawrence corporation 
Jones Lemuel H. macliinist, house 61 Boott corporation 
Jones Nathaniel, blacksmith, Bleachery, house 178 Gorham 
Jones Peter, mulespinner, house Bradley, Centralville 
Jones Phineas, overseer, Boott corporation, house Qid do. 
Jones Sylvester A. engineer, 7 Thorndike, h. Varney, n. School 
Jones Sylvester F. Rev. house 18 Tyler 
Jones S. Henry, machinist, boards 5 Jackson 
Jones Thomas, weaver, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Jones VVdliam, operative, house 18 Keene 
Jones William, house 35 South 
Jones William B. stonecutter, house 144 School 
Jones William F. machinist, house 4 Middlesex place 

Boot ami SUoe Ffaotoi-ie-s, Maoliiuery aj»«1 Stock therein, insured toy 
HUjVT & KLitifOrT, Insurance Agents, 28 Central Street. 


Jordan James, carder, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Jordan John Mrs. house 21 Fayette 

Jordan John, laborer, house rear 144 Middlesex 

Jordan Leonard, laborer, boards 124 School 

Jordan Mary, widow, house rear 66 Moody 

Jordan True P. overseer dresser, Lawrence corporation, h. 23 do. 

Jordan , Mrs. h. 64 Suffolk 

Joslin James, operative, h. 55 River, Centralville 

Joslin Teh^sphore, bds. 55 River, Centralville 

Joubert Joseph, laborer, boards 1 Parson's court 

Joule Jane, widow, boards London, n. Gorham 

Jowett WiUiam, warpdresser, house rear 12 Chapel 

Joyal William, laborer, house 6 Farson's court 

Joyce Ellen, widow, house 2 Quigley's alley 

Joyce James H. moulder, boards 119 Central 

Joyce John, laborer, house rear 69 Lowell 

Joyce John, dyer, boards 2 Quigley's alley 

Joyce Mary, groceries, Wamesit, cor. Abbott, h. do. 

Joyce Patrick, mason, house 24 Worthen 

Joyce William, carder, boards 63 L. M. S. corporation 

Jubb Jabez, woolsorter, bds. 7 Warren 

Judd Malvina A. widow, boards 276 Middlesex 

Judge Elizabeth, widow, house rear 342 Central 

Judge Henry, engraver, boards 39 Charles 

Judge Robert, operative, boards 71 Warren 

Judge Thomas, woolsorter, boards rear 342 Central 

Judkins Charles J. H. clerk, 251 Merrimack, house 345 do. 

Judkins Edgar H., Coml. Agt. 6 John, boards 37 Fifth 

Judkins J. Judson, bookseller, 6 John, h. 37 Fifth, Centralville 

Junkins John A. carpenter, boards 26 Lawrence corp. 

Junkins Leander, machinist, boards 5 Jackson 

KAIN PATRICK, bleachery, house 17 Union 

Kalaher ^lichael, at Naylor's carpet factory, bds. Montgomery Ho. 

Kalery Michael, laborer, house Crosby 

Kalery Michael, tailor, 4 Hurd, house do. 

Kane Gregory F. wines and liquors, 81 Market, house 18 Adams 

Kane Hannah, widow, house 18 Adams 

Kane Henry, Boott corp boards 38 Paige 

Kane Martin, operative, bds. 3 Tremont corporation 

Kane Patrick, boards 68 Gorham 

Kane Patrick, laborer, house 27 North 

Kane Richard, laborer, boards 148 Central 

Kane Timothy, machinist, boards 18 Adams 

Kane, see Cain 

Kappler Frank, weaver, house Lincoln, near Quebec, A. C. 

Karg Jacob, machinist, boards 36 Charles 

Kavanagh Joseph Mrs. house 5 Hancock ave. 

Cotton aii;l Woolen 3Iills, Macliinery anrt Stock tliercin, insured 
by IIC-VT <fc EtiLiI'JrT, insurance Agents, ^8 Central Street. 



Kavanagh, see Cavanaugh, 

Kearnes Bernard, operative, house 36 Adams 

Kearaes Peter Mrs. house rear 73 Kiver, Centralville 

Kearney Daniel, laborer, boards 19 Cross 

Kearney James, operative, house 82 Wheelock's block 

Kearnin James, carder, house Lowell, cor. Maiden lane 

Keating John, house 24 New 

Keats John, carpenter, boards rear 90 Appleton 

Keefe Daniel, bleachery, house 28 Bleachery 

Keefe Ellen, widow, house rear 21 North 

Keefe James, machinist, house 66 Suffolk 

Keefe John, carder, house 25 East Merrimack 

Keefe John, operative boards 3 Tremont corp. 

Keefe John, woolsorter, boards 83 Chestnut 

Keefe John, laborer, boarrls rear 21 North 

Keefe John jr. operative, boards 8 Tremont corp. 

Keefe Joseph, harness-maker, 8 Merrimack House blk., Dutton 

Keefe Martin, laborer, house 10 North 

Keefe Mary, widow, house Donahoe's yard 

Keefe Michael, blacksmith, house 64 Suflfolk 

Keefe Michael, switchman, house Broadway, n. Suffolk 

Keefe Michael, house 2 William 

Keefe Michael, print works, house 12 William 

Keefe Nicholas, laborer, house Common, cor. Cross 

Keefe Patrick, operative, house 87 Cedar 

Keefe, see 0' Keefe 

Keelan Roger, mason, bds. 109 Lowell 

Keeler George S. tinsmith, 118 Central, house 56 Summer 

Keeler Greorge W. plumber, boards 10 Summer 

Keely John, clerk, Merrimack, corner Wortheu, bds. do. 

Keenan B. widow, house 12 Summer 

Keenan James, laljorer, house 58 Middle 

Keenan John, laborer, house rear 37 Cedar 

Keenan John, Chase Mills, house 31 Cedar 

Keenan Mary, widow, house rear 17 Summer 

Keenan Patrick, grinder, house rear 15 Summer 

Keenan Timothy, operative, house 12 Summer 

Keene John, stonecutter, house 10 MoUoy's court 

Keene Lewis, watchman, boards 46 Lawrence corp. 

Keene Thomas Mrs. house Maiden lane 

Keese Levi, house Richardson, Centralville 

Keith Joseph, shoemaker, house 9 Dodge 

Keith Joseph H. watchmaker, 83 Central, boards 9 Dodge 

Kelleher Mary 3Irs. h. rear 100 Suffolk 

Kelleher Peter, laborer, house 36 WiUiam 

Ktrller Lora, weaver, Prescott, bds. Wentworth's building 

Kellert William, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 

Kelley Andrew, carpetweaver, house 20 Adams, near Lagrange 

Cliurt-lies, Soliool Houses, and other Public BuUclings, insured for 
one or five years, toy HtJIVT «fc ELLIOTT, 28 Central Street. 


Kelley Andrew, jr. sash and blind maker, b. 11 Fifth, Centralville 

Kelley Andrew K. book-agent, house rear 124 School 

Kelley Bernard, laborer, house rear 4"2 Appleton 

Kelley Bridget, widow, house 39 Davidson 

Kelley Catharine, widow, house 6 Little 

Kelley Catharine, widow, house 10 William 

Kelley Catharine, widow, house 80 Market 

Kelley Charles H. mason, house 239 i^chool 

Kelley Daniel, carpenter, 23 Middle, liouse Pleasant, corner Bow, 

Kelley Daniel, laborer, house rear 42 Gorham 
Kelley Daniel E. machinist, bds. Pleasant, cor. Bow, Centralville 
Kelley Edward, operative, house 10 Auburn 
Kelley Edward, operative, house 26 William 
Kelley Edwin E. tinsmith, house 55 Massachusetts corp. 
Kelley Francis, currier, house Short, corner Chelmsford 
Kelley Frank F. bookkeeper. Mechanics Mills, b. east side of Mt. 

Kelley George, surveyor, bds. 53 Fletcher 
Kelley George W. clerk, at D. W. Home's, bds. 55 Fletcher 
Kelley James, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house rear 276 Merrimack 
Kelley James, foundry, house rear 83 Lowell 
Kelley James, machinist, boards 94 Lowell 
Kelley James, currier, bds. 6 Whipple's block 
Kelley John, machinist, house 80 Church 
Kelley John, laborer, bds. 94 Lowell 
Kelley John, laborer, bds. rear 102 Moody 
Kelley John, spinner, house 10 Little 
Kelley John A. marbleworker, house 11 Cabot 
Kelley John A. (William & John Kelley), painter, 2 Salem, bds. 

IGO Lawrence 
Kelley J. T. Mrs. house 7 Kirk 
Kelley Margaret, widow, house 94 Lowell 
Kelley Mary, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
Kelley Michael, laborer, house 81 Market 
Kelley Michael, clerk, 67 Gorham, bds. 25 Cedar 
Kelley Michael, laborer, house rear 102 Moody 
Kelley Michael, machinist, house rear 74 Middlesex 
Kelley Michael, boltmaker, house 40 South 
Kelley Michael, laborer, house rear 10 North 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, bds. 47 Middle 
Kelley Patrick, porter, at C. P. Talbot & Co.'s, boards 22 Mass. 

Kelley Patrick, hostler, house 34 Lewis 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, boards 10 William 
Kelley Patrick, operative, boards 3 Tremont corp. 
Kelley Patrick, operative, house 11 Abbott 
Kelley Patrick, spinner, house rear 13 Summer 

Is your Keal E^state aiitl Personal Property insured in reliable 
offices ! If not, call on HUJXT & ELLIOTT, 38 Central Street. 


Kelley Patrick, at C. P. Talbot & Co.'s, bds. 22 Mass. corp. 

Kelley Patrick, laborer, house Railroad alley 

Kelley Peter, laborer, bds. 10 William 

Kelley Robert, spinner, house 28 Bleaehery 

Kelley Sarah J. widow, house 3 Adams 

Kelley Sewell P. beltmaker, house Coburn, near Bow 

Kelley Simon, provisions, 67 Gorham, bds. 25 Cedar 

Kelley Thomas, job- wagon, house 62 Suffolk 

Kelley Thomas, house 83 Lowell 

Kelley Thomas, weigher, house 23 Summer 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, bds. 14 Lowell 

Kelley Timothy, job-wagon, house 106 SufF>lk 

Kelley William, sash, door, and blind manufacturer, Mechanics 

Mills, house east side Mt. Washington 
Kelley William, spinner, house 30 Boott corporation 
Kelley William, laborer, house 14 Winter 
Kelley William & John, painters, 2 Salem, house 42 do. 
Kelley William, second hand, house 30 Boott corporation 
Kelley William, house 8 Appleton 

Kelley William A, gardener, house Lane, near Westford 
Kelsey Hugh, botanic medicines, 29 Elm, house do. 
lielsey Jeremiah A. painter, house 132 School 
Kelty James F. cooper, 41 Lowell, house do. 
Kelty Luke Mrs. house 41 Lowell 
Keminer Eugene, cabinetmaker, house 203 Middlesex 
Kemp Calvin A. conductor, H. R. R. h. Broadway, cor. Walker 
Kemp George, machinist, boards 58 L. M, S. corporation 
Kempton Orin, conductor, B. & L. R. R. house at Stoneham 
Kendall Charles A. clerk. Savings Bank building, b. 235 Central 
Kendall George M. clerk. Savings Bank building, b. 235 Central 
Kendall Jonathan, paints, oils, &c. Savings Bank building, Shat- 

tuck, house 235 Central, Chapel Hill 
Kendall Timothy T). boards 14 Central 
Kennedy Alexander, laborer, house Swift 
Kennedy Alfred D. woodmoulder, house 32 Rock 
Kennedy Ann, widow, house 4 Pearl 
Kennedy Cornelius, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 
Kennedy Hugh, clerk, boards 13 Lowell corporation 
Kennedy James, laborer, house 162 Gorham 
Kennedy James, teamster, house rear 69 Lowell 
Kennedy John, laborer, house 138 Lowell 
Kennedy John, laborer, house rear 3 Cross 
Kennedy John, house 2 Auburn 

Kennedy John, dyer, boards 93 Merrimack corporation . 
Kennedy John Edson, chemist, house 24 Austin 
Kennedy Margaret, house 3 Lowell place 
Kennedy Martin, blacksmith, house rear 148 Lowell 
Kennedy Michael, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 

HUNT <fc EI.L.IOTT will insure your Stock, Macliinery, Tools, 
Utensils, Apparatus and Fixtures, iiS Central i^treet. (See page 374.) 


Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house 15 Adams 

Kennedy Patrick, laborer, bouse 7 Cabot 

Kennedy Patrick, house 18 Jefterson 

Kennedy Tlioinas, spinner, bouse 87 Gorham 

Kennedy William, teamster, boards 31 Lawrence corporation 

Kenneson Frank M. card-grinder, boards 33 JMass. corporation 

Kenneson Melville J. fruit, &c. 80 Central, bouse 5 Tyler 

Kenneson Thomas, junk -dealer, bouse 3 Hudson 

Kenney Charles, farmer, house River, near City line, Centralville 

Kenney Costellow, dresser, Merrimack coi'poration, house 38 do. 

Kenney Mary, widow, house 5 Cabot 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, house Crosby 

Kenney Riah, engineer, house 13 Bleachery 

Kenney Tliomas, currier, house Tanner, corner Plain 

Kenniston Calvin, teamster, boards 67 Bridge, Centralville 

Kenniston Watson, teamster, house 3 East Merrimack 

Kenniston William H. teamster, house rear 67 Bridge, Centralville 

Kent James, boots and shoes, 214: Merrimack, house 428 do. 

Kent Marianna B. teacher, Bartlett I'^'chool, boards 428 Merrimack 

Kenworthy James, finisher, house 32 Howard 

Keogli Sarah, widow, house 15 East Merrimack 

Keran Patrick, spinner, house 168 Lawrence 

Kerns James, Hamilton, house 1 John-street avenue 

Kerr Joseph, cabinetmaker, boards 3 Appleton corporation 

Kerrigan Edward, operative, house 13 Spring 

Kerrigan William, operative, boards 13 Spring 

Kersbatv Abram, loom-harness maker, house 35 Cushing 

Kershaw Edwin S. sasbmaker, Wamesit Mills, boards 35 Cushing 

Kershaw Joseph, overseer, house 28 Hamilton corporation 

Kershaw , carpenter, house 1 Hurd 

Kerwin Thomas, saloon, 7 Hanover, house 9 do. 

Keyes Benjamin F. teamster, house 26 Cabot 

Keyes Catharine, widow, house 158 Lowell 

Keyes Henry F. clerk, Lowell, near Hanover, house 153 Lowell 

Keyes Joseph B. counsellor, 49 Central, U. S. deputy marshal 

{Bosto}i), house 121 Gorham 
Keyes (Julian V.) & Tucker ( G. F.), dry goods, 134 Merrimack, 

hoiise 50 Third, Centralville 
Keyes Mary A. widow, boards Seventh, n. Bridge, Centralville 
Keyes Patrick, grocer, Lowell, near Hanover, house 121 Lowell 
Keyes Thomas, 153 Lowell 
Keyes William, laborer, house 28 Davidson 
Keyser Frederick R. A. cabinetmaker, house 42 Fayette 
Keyser Le Gross, printer, over post-office, boards Seventh, near 

Bridge, Centralville 
Kibbee Charles H. machinist, house 33 Massachusetts corporation 
Kidder (John) & Hosmer (S.F.), provisions, 196 Merrimack, h. 

143 Moody 

Howard Fire Insurance Co.'s "Lo^vell Office is at Hfo. 38 Central St., 
with HUiVT &, ELLIOTT, Agents. (See page 37i.) 


Kidder John, machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 17 do. 
Kidder John H. machinist, house 11 Mclntire 
Kidder John W. moulder, boards 11 Mclntire 
Kidder Mary 0. teacher, No. 38 Primary School, b, 143 Moody 
Kidder Moses W. physician, and agent American Improved Gas- 
light Company, IG Hurd, house do. 
Kidder Rachel S. widow, boards 16 Hurd 
Kidder Samuel, house 49 Chestnut 
Kidder Samuel, jr. {Page, Kidder, Sf Co.), flour, &c. Thorndikc, 

corner Button, house 27 Nesmith 
Kidder William H. moulder, boards 11 Mclntire 
Kidney William, laborer, at Lowell Hospital 
Kiernan Thomas, laborer, house foot of Whipple 
Kilburn Elizabeth A. widow, house 24 Water 
Kilbarn John M. ( White Brothers 8f Kilburn), 67 E. Merrimack 
Kilday James, carder, Boott, boards 1 John-street avenue 
Kilday Tliomas, operative, boards 36 Boott corporation 
Kilday Thomas, blcachery, house Gorham, near Moore 
Kileski Henry, clothing, 20 Merrimack, house 27 Willow 
Kiley Desire, widow, house 39 Tremont 
Kiley Lawrence, grocer, Lowell, corner Lewis, house 6 Lewis 
Kiley Roger, grocer, 141 Lowell, house 139 do. 
Kilkenny John, laborer, house 26 Keene 

KilldufF John H. blacksmith, boards 33 JMassachusetts corporation 
Killeen Michael, card stripper, boards 1 Green 
Kiloy Patrick, laborer, house 23 Green 

Kilroy Thomas, laborer, at T. Wentworth's, 24 Lawrence, bds. do. 
Kimball Alonzo W. photographer, 245 Meiximack 
Kimball Betsey Mrs. house 6 Austin 

Kimball Charles, high sheriff and jailer, Thorndike, house do. 
Kimball Charles H. & Co. (31. B. Crichrtt) , chthmf^, 2 Canal 

block, and sewing-machines, 123 Central, house 73 High 
Kimball Charles R. apothecary, Merrimack, corner Central, house 

137 Gorham 
Kimball Charles W. engineer, house Chelmsford, near Parker 
Kimball Daniel S. (Crosby Furniture Co.), furniture manuf. 

Mechanics Mills, house 391 iNIerrimack 
Kimball David T. boarding-house, 22 Boott corporation 
Kimball David T. farmer, house Gorham, near Chelmsford line 
Kimball Dennison J. (Trowbridf/e S; Kimball), fuimtnre munu^. 

Wamesit Mills, house 406 Merrimack 
Kimball Durrell, Hamilton corporation, house 27 do. 
Kimball Edward W. clerk, 7 John, boards 47 Myrtle 
Kimball Elizabeth, widow, house at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Kimball Gilman, physician, Merrimack, corner W^orthen, house 

411 Merrimack 
Kimball Gustavus. shoecutter, 41 Merrimack, house at Dracut 
Kimball Horatio G. clerk, 27 Central, boards 47 Myrtle 

HriVT <fc ELLIOTT, 28 Central St.. are A|g:ejits for sevj-ral of tin- 
best stock and Hutual Fire Ins. Co.'s (See pages 374, 3^5.) 


Kimball Isaac, carpenter, house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Kimball Jacob E. spinner, boards Lawrence, near tha mills 
Kimball Jolm F. cashier, Appleton Bank, house 36 Pawtucket 
Kimball John H. house 411 Merrimack 

Kimball John S, steel letter-cutter, 134 Middlesex, h. 12 Clay 
Kimball Joseph D. clerk, 319 Merrimack, house 95 Salem 
Kimball Justin H. salesman, 132 Merrimack, boards 6 Austin 
Kimball J. Chellis, counsellor, 5 Barristers' Hall 
Kimball Leonard, produce, 47 Myrtle, Centralville, house do. 
Kimball Le Roy S. student,, boards 131 East Merrimack 
Kimball Louisa T. widow, house 92 Middlesex 
Kimball Mary, house 85 School 

Kimball Moses F. roU-coverer, 92 Market, h. 131 E. Merrimack 
Kimball Selden, carpenter, house East Pine, near Carlton 
Kimball Stephen, shoemaker, boards 61 Church 
Kimball William H. machinist, boards 22 Boott corporation 
Kimball Wilson, machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 76 do. 
Kine Edward, laborer, house 35 Salem 
Kine Patrick, laborer, house 53 Salem 
King Ann Mrs. house 15 William 
King Bridget, widow, house 110 Market 

King Gardner W. clerk, freight depot, b. 77 Coburn, Centralville 
King Godfrey B. engineer, house Richardson, Centralville 
■King Henry B. machinist, house 10 North Franklin court 
King Hugh, beltmaker, house 15 William 
King John, shoemaker, 29 East Merrimack, house 18 Fayette 
King Julian, carpenter, house 32 Salem 
King Lutheria, house 34 Fourth, Centralville 
King Mary, widow, house 36 Cedar 
King Nelson, laborer, house rear 1 Hancook avenue 
King Patrick, baker, boards 16 Summer 
King Patrick, mat-weaver, boards 36 Cedar 
King Peter E. carpenter, boards Austin, near Merrimack 
King Susan B. widow, house 33 Chestnut 
King Thomas, machinist, boards 15 William 
King Thomas E. printer, at Penhallosv's, boards 18 Fayette 
King William, shoemaker, house 10 Fayette 
King.sley Enos 0. overseer Lowell Hosiery Co. hoase 74 Cross 
Kingston George, boards 111 Central 

Kingston Samuel, machinist, boards 57 L. M. S. corporation 
Kinney Thomas, currier, house Tanner, corner Plain, A. C. 
Kinsley B. Frank (Boston), boards 6 Austin. 
Kirby Abraham, painter, house 52 Stackpole 
Kirby David B. Mrs. house 19 Boott corporation 
Kirby Stephen J. student, boards 19 Boott corporation 
Kirk Joseph A., Lawrence, 16 Adams 
Kirwin John, dresser-tender, house 131 Lawrence 
Kirwin John, weaver, boards 131 Lawrence 

state Mutual Life Assurauce Co.. "Worcester. '♦lass., Issue every 
desirable form of Liife Ins. and Endowment Policy . (See p. .374.) 


Kirwin John, picker, house 7 Wall 

Kirwin Patrick, woolsorter, boards 181 Lawrence [156 School 

Kitchen Charles B. gas-lirter, Glas Company's shop, Shattuck, h. 

Kitchen Herbert, wireworker, boards 166 Central 

Kitchen Mary, widow, boards 30 Willie 

Kitchen Stephen R., Lowell corporation, house 30 Willie 

Kitchman James, comb-maker, boards 170 Gorham 

Kitson Richard, cotton machinery and card-clothing manufactoiy, 

Worthen and Dutton, house 413 Merrimack 
Kitson William, superintendent, at Richard Kitson's, boards 413 

Kittredge Abner, painter, 10 Middle, house First, corner Bridge 
Kittredge Abner L. paints, oils, &c. 4 Appleton block, h. 32 Fourth 
Kittredge Daniel, boots and shoes, 14 Middle, house 80 Bridge, 

Kittredge Eli, machinist, boards 15 Hamilton corporation 
Kittredge Eliza, widow, boarding-house, 68 Warren 
Kittredge Francis W. counsellor (Boston), b. 178 E. Merrimack 
Kittredge Fred, laborer, boards 12 Smith 

Kittredge George S. hose-maker, house 30 Suffolk, Franklin sq. 
Kittredge Gilbert H. bookkeeper, 115 Central, house 14 Clay 
Kittredge Henry, stonemason, house 18 Pawtucket 
Kittredge Henry Addison, clerk, 14 Middle, boards 80 Bridge, 

Kittredge Henry A. Mrs. house 1 4 Clay 

Kittredge Henry A. clerk, 10 Middle, boards 1 First, Centralville 
Kittredge Jeduthan, roofer, rear 45 Chapel, house 50 Elm 
Kittredge Jeremiah, clerk, boards 80 Bridge, Centralville 
Kittredge Luther, stonemason, house 4 Butterfield 
Kittredge Luther F. stonemason, house 4 Butterfield 
Kittredge William, coal and wood, 32 Middle, h. 178 E. Merrimack 
Kittredge William N. clerk, 65 E. Merrimack, h. 68 Warren 
Knapp B. F. E. second hand, h. 130 Merrimack corp. 
Knapp Charles, machinist, boards 13 Franklin square 
Knapp Charles F. rheumatic liniment manufacturer, h. 4 Mechanic 
Knapp {Chauncey L.) & Morey (George F.), publishers " Citi- 
zen and News," 44 Central, bouse 153 Moody 
Knapp Daniel, overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 18 do. 
Knapp David, cigarmaker, Simpson's block, house do. 
Knapp Hiram, engineer, boards 130 Merrimack corp. 
Knapp Horace H. clerk, bleachery, boards 18 Lawrence corp. 
Knapp Joel, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, h. 52 Lowell Ma- 
chine Shop corp. 
Kneeland Jolni, laborer, house 20 Summer 
Kneeland William, laborer, house 8 Water 
Knight George, carpenter, bds. 43 Lawrenc^ corp. 
Knighting George, carder, bds. 4 Suffolk /orp. 
Knights John H. fish-market, 201 Central, house 50 Chapel 

Life and Gndotvinent AssHrance. Be sure and syet, the terms in the 
State Mutual Life A. Co. before insuring else^vUere. (See page 375.) 


Knodell Robert, yard hand, bds. 61 Lawrence corporation 
Knowles Brothers (Charles H. & Jefferson A.}, trunks and fancy 

goods, 114 Meiriuiack [Andover 

Knowles Charles H. (Kntwles Bros ), 114 Merrimack, boards 63 
Knowles Charles V. student, bds. 63 Andover 
Knowles Cyi-us B. cabinetmaker, h. 14 Lagrange court 
Knowles C. C. millinery, 101 Merrimack, h. 24 Dutton 
Knowles Edward F. at J. C. Palfrey's, 85 Andover 
Knowles Elbridge G. loom-harness maker, h. 41 Boott corp 
Knowles Emeline 31iss, house 31 Chapel 
Knowles Henry M. clerk, 21 Central, bds. 94 South 
Knowles James, machinist, house 8 Warren 
Knowles James, operative, boards 44 Boott corp. 
Knowles James Mrs. house 18 Davidson [Andover 

Knowles Jefferson A. {Knoivles Bros.), 114 Merrimack, h. 63 
Knowles John A. counsellor, 2 Appleton block, house 94 South 
Knowles John A. jr. scale manuf., Mech. Mills, h. 117 Gorham 
Knowles Manlius, blacksmith, Cushing, cor. Rock, house 41 Boott 

Knowles Marian and Marianna, house 133 Lawrence 
Knowles Samuel, dresser-tender, house 133 Lagrange 
Knowles Thomas, grocer, Wamesit, cor. Lawrence, house do. 
Knowles William, filecutter, house 133 Lawrence 
Knowlton George W. machinist, house 38 Lagrange 
Knowlton G. Winfield, clerk, Wamesit National Bank, Middlesex, 

house 39 Lagrange 
Knowlton Henry, machinist, boards 92 Middlesex 
Knox Sylvester, house 290 Middlesex 
Koch Axel, woolsorter, boards 54 Appleton 
Koch A. L. woolsorter, boards 54 Appleton 
Kogan Michael, operative, house 6 Little 
Kohawn Dennis, laborer, house 30 High 
Kurtz Fannie Mrs. clothing, 113 Middlesex, house 115 do. 
Kurtz Solomon, clothing, house 115 Middlesex 
Kyle Amos M. real-estate agent, house 16 Appleton 
Kyle Oscar N. real-estate agent, bds. 16 Appleton 

LABARGE JOHN, farmer, house rear 87 East Maverick 

Laberte Hycinthe, miller, house rear 6 East Pine 

Labounty Leonard J. overseer, Appleton corp. h. 71 Appleton 

Labonne Davis, doormaker, liouse 8 Middlesex place 

La Cherite David, carpenter, house 1 Parson's court 

La Cherite Henry, bobbinmaker, house 11 Middlesex place 

La Cherite Olivier, carpenter, house 1 Parson's court 

Lackey Daniel, carpenter, bds. 4 Appleton corp. 

Lackie David M. machinist, house 131 Middlesex 

Lacombe Henri, laborer, house Charles, cor. Chapel 

Lacouture Mitchell, laborer, house 282 Merrimack 

Parties desiring Fire or I.ifc Policies in Mass. or other Co.'s, can 
procure tliein tUroiigli HUJVT &, ELLIOTT, at lowest rates, (pp.374,375) 


Lacroix Charles, shoemaker, house 77 East Merrimack 

Ladd Frank J. clerk (31 India, Boston), h. 22 Stackpole 

Ladd (^Freeman W.) & Miller (Henry), grocers, Bridge, coraer 
Third, h. Hampshire, cor. Dover, Centralville 

Ladd Henry, boards 166 Suffolk 

Ladd Huldah, widow, house 4 Alder 

Ladd Jonathan, counsellor, house 132 East Merrimack 

Ladd Owen, house 2 Willie block 

Ladd Samuel G. house 31 Treraont corporation 

Ladd S. Greeley, overseer, Treraont corp. house 41 Tremont 

Ladd Solomon H. carpenter, house Varney, near School 

Laden Patrick, laborer, house 10 Summer 

Lafaille Moise, laborer, house rear o-?8 Merrimack 

Laflamme John, boxmaker, boards 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme John B. house 3 Mclntire 

Laflamme Joseph K. leather-cutter, 90 Market, h. 158 Lowell 

Laflamme Louis, stonecutter, h. 137 Middlesex 

Laflamme Peter, machinist, house 4 Shaw's block, E. Pine 

Laflin John, house 56 Fayette 

Lafond John, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 

La Fountain Seymour, cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, h. 293 do. 

Lahey Catharine, widow, house 30 Summer 

Lahey Timothy, machinist, boards 30 Summer 

Lahiff Margaret, widow, house 48 South 

Laighton, see Leighton [38 Worthen 

Lake Allen P {Mathews Sf Lake), grocer, Lowell, c. Worthen, b. 

Lake Amasa, boots and shoes, 3 Merrimack, and stairbuilder, h. 

31 Fletcher 
Lake George R. sashmaker, boards 31 Fletcher 
Lakin Abel Mrs. house Railroad, near Hale 
Lakin John H. cabinetmaker, house 44 Howard 
Lakin Joseph P. carpenter, h. 8 McCarry's court 
Laking Samuel, cotton-sorter, house 33 Fourth, Centralville 
Lalumiere Leon, teamster, house 3 Willie avenue 
Laluiniere Louis, laborer, house 3 Willie avenue 
Lamarke Joseph, blacksmith, boards 2 Parson's court 
Lamb James, laborer, boards 52 Button 
Lamb Thomas, car pet- weaver, bds. Montgomery House 
Lamb William Mrs. house 119 Gorham 
Lambert Charles, laboier, house Morrison's block, William 
Lambert Edward, boxmaker, bds. 12 Willie avenue 
Lambert Fiederick, house 12 Willie avenue 
Lambert Henriette, widow, house Morrison's block, William 
Lambert Henry, loom-harness maker, boards 114 Merrimack corp. 
Lambert Joseph, boxmaker, boards 12 Willie avenue 
Lambert Louisa, widow, house 4 Decatur 
Lamere Anson, variety store, 15 Merrimack, house do, 
Lamere John, laborer, house 2 Howe 

Surveys and E^stiinates marte for Iiisitrauce on 3tills, nianitfac- 
tories, and otlicr property, at sliort notice, l>y HL/MT &. EIjLiIOTT. 


Lamere John, variety stove, Parker's block, house do. Centralville 

Lameie Saville, laborer, house 4 Davidson's Lane 

Lanioroaux Alexander, carpenter, house 94 ]Moody 

Lamorcaux Isadore, carpenter, house 94 ]Moody 

Laninrcaux Joseph, laborer, house 3"22 Merrimack 

La Mountain John, carpenter, house 21 Market 

La Mountain Peter, teamster, freight depot, boards 19 Siuith 

Lamphere A. J. bootmaker, 222 Middlesex, house 87 Lloward 

Lamson Alfred G. law student, 55 Central, boards 66 Chestnut 

Lamson Daniel B. L. clerk. 20 Market, boards 6 Oliver 

Lamson Edwin (Coburn Shuttle Co.), First, Centralville, house 

Beacon, near Pawtucket 
Lamson Ira P. operative, house 20 Appleton corporation 
Lamson Nathaniel M. overseer, house 38 Treniont corporation 
Lamson Tobias L. P. paymaster, Lav^rence Manuf. Co. house 66 

Lamson William, watchman. Savings Bank building, h. 6 Oliver 
Lamson WiUiaui jr. Custom House (Boston), house 38 Chapel 
Lamson William H. Mrs. house 4 Oliver [Meirimack 

Lancaster Samuel T. tailor, 104 and 106 Central, house 114 East 
Lancey David, clothes cleaner, house Front, Centralville 
Tiancieux Ciprien, carpenter, house rear 92 Moody 
Lancienx IMedard, laborer, house Salem, corner Willie avenue 
Lander Wilham C. carpenter, hou>e 4 Simpson's block 
Landers Catharine, widow, house 3 Dempsey's yard 
Landers John, spinner, house 3 Dempsey's yard 
Landers Maurice, laborer, house 104 Suffolk 
Landers Thomas, moulder, boards 70 Lowell iMachine Shop corp. 
Landie Joseph, laborer, house 2 Buttrick block 
Landry Albert, laborer, house 8 Middlesex place 
Landry Eli, carpenter, boards 293 ^Middlesex 
Landry Godfred, painter, boards 2 Parson's court 
Landry Joseph, laborer, house 2 Shaw's block. East Pine 
Lane xllbert A. photographist, 50 Merrimack, h. r. 219 Central 
Lane Asa, machinist, house 72 Lowell Machine Shop co) poration 
Lane Benjamin C. machinist, boards 7 Dodge 
Lane David, machinist. Fletcher, corner Cushing, house Lane, 

near Liberty 
Lane David, painter, boards 63 L. M. S. corporation 
Lane Daniel W. clerk, 3 Gorham, boards 96 Middlesex 
Lane D. Henry, clerk at D. Lane's, boards Lane, near Liberty 
Lane John, carpenter, boards 124 Middlesex 
Lane Joseph D., Lowell Machine Shop, house 45 L. M. S. corp. 
Lane Louisa C. apothecary, 79 Merrimack, house do. 
Lane Martin, carder-grinder, house 23 Lowell 
Lane Martin Mrs. house 5 Curoliu's block, Fayette 
Lane Patrick, teamster, 43 Market, house Mitchell's court 
Lane Rebecca, boarding-house, 63 L. M. S. corporation 

Increasing Annual Cash Djvi<?ends in the State Mutual L.ife A. Co., 
W'orcester. Buoks and. circuXai-s free. HUNT & EHiIOTT, Agents. 


Lane Samuel, carpenter, house 7 Dodge 

Lane Sarah, boarding-house, 96 Middlesex 

Lane Stephen, spinner, house 21 North 

Lane Stephen H second hand, house 8 Dodge 

Lane William, painter, boards 63 L. M. S. corporation 

Lang Albert, chaplain and teacher, House of Reformation 

Lang Albert C. laborer, house 40 Dummer 

Lang Ann, widow, house 42 Lawrence 

Lang Benaiah, painter, house 36 Massachusetts corporation 

Lang Biekford, city marshal. Police-office, h. Forrest, n. Chelmsford 

Lang Edwai'd, machinist, house 107 Appleton 

Lang William A. teacher, Reform School [Union 

Langan Michael J. carriage-painter, 168 Central, house 46 West 

Langdell Chailes G. hack-driver, boards 17 Tremont corporation 

Langdell Clarence A. clerk, 7 John, boards 17 Tremont corp. 

Langdell James A. boards 17 Tremont corporation 

Langdell Mary, widow, house 17 Tremont corporation 

Langley Ansell Ft. bleacher, house 12 Bleachery 

Langley Daniel W. bleacher, house Moore, near Bleachery 

Langley Solomon & W. junk, 24 Middle, house 29 Cabot 

Langley S. C. painter, house 2 Albro block, Cushing 

Langley William (S. S)- W. Langley), 24 Middle, h. 47 Summer 

Lanigan James, spinner, house 6 Clark's court 

Lanigan Matthew, spinner, house 6 Clark's court 

Lanigan Patrick, operative, boards Lawrence, near Mills 

Lansing David M. clothes cleanina;, Prescott, house rear 10 Front, 

Central villc 
Lantagne Joseph, laborer, house 26 Davidson 
Lantague Louis, laborer, house 26 Davidson 
Lantagne Telesse jr. laborer, house 26 Davidson 
Lapham Edward E. wood-dealer, 55 Appleton, house 57 do. 
Lapierre Joseph, wireworker, house Broadway, corner Adams 
Laplant Charles H. spinner, boards 26 Massachusetts corporation 
La Point Frank, weaver, Suffolk corporation, boards 26 do. 
Lappen James, bleachery, boards 148 Central 
Lappen Thomas, provisions, 62 Gorham, boards 148 Central 
Larault Prosper, shoemaker, house 50 Lawrence corporation 
Larcum Frank, machinist, boards 29 Franklin 
Largess Moses, hairdresser, 2 Merrimack House, house 71 Middle 
Larkin John, second hand, house 64 Charles 
Larkin Margaret, widow, house 186 Middlesex 
Larkin Patrick, carpet factory, boards 64 Charles 
Larkin William F. {Bavis S^ Larkin), gents' furnishing goods, 

99 Central 
Larochelle Peter Dr. 116 Middlesex, house do. 
La Rock Joseph, laborer, house 822 Merrimack 
Larrabee John H. produce, house Branch, near School 
Lary Daniel, teamster, 9 Thorndike 

liife Insurance for $35,000, $.50,000, and $100,000, is not rare now- 
a-days. Shrewd nieu invest in it. (see Statu M. Life A. Co. .adv. p. 375.) 


Lary Lewis D. Mrs. hou-se 112 Middlesex 

Laiy, see Leary 

Latbum Cyrus, civil engineer, house 3G Fourth, Centralville 

Latham Cyrus H. (Wood, Sherwood, 4* Go.), Bridge, opposite 
Seventh, bouse 27 Third, Centralville 

Lathe Nathaniel, carpenter, house 16 Third, Centralville 

Lathrop lluth S. house 1 Oak 

Latombe , log-driver, bds. 22 Grand 

Latour Alfred, laborer, bds. 16 Salem 

Laughlin John, laborer, house Merrill, near Taylor 

Laughlin John, spinner, house rear 20 North 

Laughlin Mary, widow, house 8 North 

Laughlin Robert, spinner, house 2 Reed's court 

Laughlin William H. law-student, 43^ Central, boards 7 Lawrence 

Laughlin, see LoughJin [Chestnut 

Laughton Abel A. provisions, 113 East Merrimack, nouse 37 

Laurin Camille, laborer, bds. 328 Merrimack 

Lavell Cormick, Middlesex, house 135 Merrimack corp. 

Lavell James, Boott corporation, house 10 do. 

Lavelle Bernard, laborer, bds. rear 148 Lowell 

Lavelle Fabien, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 

Lavelle Gule, baker, house 282 Merrimack 

Lavelle Napoleon, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 

Lavalley Benjamin F. operative, house 23 Suffljlk corp. 

Lavarrier Pierre, laborer, house 16 William 

Lavigne x\lexandre, carpenter, house 21 Kirk-st avenue 

Lawler William, laborer, 8 Jackson, house 63 Church 

Lawn Hugh, laborer, bds. rear 268 Merrimack 

Lawrence Alden (/. A. Balch ^ Co.), 8 Preseott, house 11 Oak 

Lawrence Allen C. boarding-house, 19 and 20 Suffolk corp. 

Lawrence Alvin, engineer and watchmaker, 83 Central, house rear 
23 Charles 

Lawrence Ambrose and George W. dentists, 9 John, house do. 

Lawrence Benjamin, machinist, Harris Mills, Broadway, house 101 

Lawrence Charles, teamster, bds. 6 Lowell corp. 

Lawrence David, clerk, 127 Market 

Lawrence David, clerk, bds. 238 Central 

Lawrence David P. house in Agricultural Fair Grounds 

Lawrence George P. (under the style of E. B. Patch S^ Co.), fur- 
niture, 1 and 2 Commercial square, bds. 25 Lawrence 

Lawrence George T. carver, 3 Spring, house do, 

Lawrence George W. {^A. Sf G. W. Lawrence), dentist, house 38 
Third, Centralville 

Lawrence John, laborer, house Clark's court 

Lawrence John, operative, bds. 3 Tremont corp. 

Lawrence Jonathan G. overseer, Lowell, house 10 Lowell corp. 

Lawrence Manufacturing Company, north end Suffolk 

HUNT <fc ELLIOTT, Fire «fc Life Ins. Agency, rep'g over $.'50,000,000 
Assets, !48 «. entral St., Preseott J\at. Bank Bld'g. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Lawrence Marshall, watchman, Lawrence, bds. 43 Lawrence corp. 

Lawrence Pamuel, dentist, 32 Central, house do. 

Lawrence William F. farmer, house Parker, near Chelmsford 

Lawrence W. Frank, pat. leathei-^finisher, b. Parker, n. Chelmsford 

Lawson Francis, machinist, house 35 Franklin sq. Suffolk 

Lawson James W. farmer, house Grorham, near City line 

Lawson Joseph, carder, house 3G Appleton 

Lawson Lawrence A. clerk at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 58 High 

Lawson Mary Ann, widow, house 3 Baldwin's court 

Lawson Mitchell, wireworker, bds. First, near Bridge 

Lawson Peter, house 30 Pawtucket 

Lawson Thoinas B. artist, 8 Savings Bank building, house 58 High 

Lawson William J. machinist, house 12 Union 

Lawion George F. principal Green School, house 21 Prescott corp. 

Lawton James, superintendent, IMassachusetts, h. 24 Prescott corp. 

Lawton Patrick, house 58 West Union 

Lawton Reuben, machinist, house 41 Hamilton corporation 

Laycock Samuel, dyer, house 37 North 

Leach Alice Mrs. house 4 Parker's block, Centralville 

Leach Betsey Miss, house Bowers, corner Beacon 

Leach James, teamster, bds. rear 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Leach Isabella, widow, house rear 26 Bridge, Centralville 

Leach Lucian K., Mass. corp. boards 9 Fourth, Centralville 

Leach Mary, widow, house rear 76 Middlesex 

Leach Moses S. Middlesex-street depot-master, house 38 Grand 

Leach Robert, nut-maker, house First, near Bridge, Centralville 

Leach William, house 8 Prescott corp. 

Leadbeater Joseph, carpenter, house 162 G(5rham 

Leahy Daniel, watchman, boards 5 Suftblk corp. 

Leahy Daniel, machinist, house 4 Chapel 

Leahy James, laborer, boards rear 18 Dummer 

Leahy John, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 

Leahy John, laborer, house 132 Lowell 

Leahy Mary, widow, house 137 Lowell 

Leahy Mary, widow, house 126 Lowell 

Leahy Michael, laborer, bds. rear 1 8 Dummer 

Learned Daniel, teamster, house 13 Queen 

Learned John, engineer, 233 Middlesex, house 9 Howard 

Leary Daniel, teamster, house 3 Quigley's alley 

Leary Daniel, machinist, bds. 60 L. M. S. corporation 

Leary Dennis, operative, house 115 Lowell 

Leary James, peddler, house 9 Broadway 

Leary Jeremiah, operative, house 85 Lowell 

Leary Jeremiah, operative, house 115 Lowell 

Leary John, house 10 Lewis 

Leary John, house Adams, near Broadway 

Leary John, machinist, house 78 Cross 

Lary Richard, house rear Gorham, near Congress 

SECURITY (FIRE) INS. C0,,i''^!L^tlTJiir%4'f^:^ 


Leathers George N. moulder, house Hastings, near Liberty 
Leathers Mary F. Mrs. boards 111 Appleton 
Leathers Nathan, stone-mason, house Hastings, near Liberty 
Leavitt Daniel G. livery stable, 32 Prescott, house Gold, near 

Leavitt Edwin, teamster, house 63 Gushing 
Leavitt Erasmus D. house 9 High-street square 
Leavitt Erasmus D. jr. consulting engineer, Carleton block, 136 

Merrimack, bds. 9 Pligh-st square 
Leavitt E. Warren, brassfinisher, bds. 45 Summer 
Leavitt Aaron D. carpenter, house '238 Central 
Leavitt Hugh, carder, boards 10 Jefferson 

Leavitt John B. Mrs. boarding house, 41 and 42 L. M S. corp. 
Leavitt John E moulder, bds. 42 L. M. S. corp. 
Leavitt William B. shoemaker, 78 Moody, house 9 Tilden's court 
Leavitt Jane Mrs. house 10 JefFersen 
Le Bell Joseph, carder, house Cambridge 

Le Blanc Felix, laborer, house 3 Farson's block, r. 125 Middlesex 
Lebret Louis Rev. house 8 High-street square 
Leclair John, blacksmith, house 12 Davidson 
Leclair Peter, laborer, house 1 Shaw's block, E. Pine 
Lecuier Auguste, carpenter, house Chapel, near Charles 
Lederer B & Co. hats, caps, and furnishing goods, 5 Appleton 

block, house do. 
Lee Albert J. shuttlemaker, boards 248 Gorham 
Lee Bernard, operative, house 48 Common 
Lee Charles, carpenter, house 9 South Highland 
Lee Charles, Middlesex, house 1 Pond 
Lee Frank, painter, boards 64 t. M. S. corporation 
Lee George, dresser, house 9 Prospect 
Lee James, house 248 Gorham 
Lee James, laborer, boards 68 Goi-ham 
Lee James H. Mrs. house 5 Chestnut 
Lee James W. dresser, boards Lawrence-street court 
Lee {John T.) & Bergeron (Louis), blacksmiths. Button, near 

Fletcher, house Varney, near Fletcher 
Lee Michael, house 7 Union court 
Lee Michael, laborer, house 41 Salem 
Lee Michael Mrs. grocer, 110 Lawrence, house do. 
Lee Mrs. widow, house rear 22 Winter 
Lee Simeon, spinner, house Lawrence-street court 
Lee Stephen H. paiijter, house 2 Tremont 
Lee William M. policeman, house 16 Frankhn square, Adams 
Leedham John, loomfixer, house 36 Appleton 
Leeman Wilder, grainer, boards 122 Moody 
Lees Jobn 31. machinist, house 59 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Leferre Louis, carpenter, house 3 Pearl 
Lefevere Moise, farmer, house rear 43 Salem 

"D A fTrTf TATQ PC\ Assets CGolil> $1,600,000. Huwt «fc 

lilL'iriu IINO. VjU. Elliott, Agt's. (See page .S74.) 


Le Foy Julian, laborer, bouse Liberty, near Chelmsford 

Legg Charles H. painter, 101 Central, house 158 Gorham 

Legro Eben, roofer, house 6 Marshall 

Lebany Edward, clerk, house 73>2 Charles 

Lehill Mary, widow, bouse rear 57 River, Centralville 

Leighton Andrew, overseer, Bleach :!ry, house Central, cor. Lyons 

Leighton Gancelo, stationery, house 12 Walnut 

Leighton George, house Holbrook's court 

Leighton George K. printer, house 152 Merrimack corporation 

Leighton Newbury H. Mrs house 3 Bleachery 

Leighton Patrick, laljorer, house 10 Summer 

Leighton Walter H. physician, Merrimack, corner Worthen, bouse 
22 Fourth, Centralville 

Leighton, $ee Lalyhton 

Leland Thomas, embroidery stamping, 74 Central, house 48 Tyler 

Leland William, fancy gooils, 250 Gorham, house do. 

Lelere Pierre, laborer, house 120 Middlesex 

Lemay Gilbert, laborer, bouse 85 East Merrimack 

Lemieux Moise, laborer, boards Morrison's block, William 

Le Mountain Henry, house 26 Water 

Lcnahan Patrick, laborer, bouse 170 Gorham 

Leneux Moses, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s 

Lennon Catharine, widow, house 30 Lowell 

Lennon John, grocer and ale, 6 Lowell, bouse 22 Willie avenue 

Lennon Joseph G. music-teacher, boards 30 Lowell 

Lennon Michael B. machinist, boards 30 Lowell 

Leonard Abel W. wood, rear Jackson, near round house, house 25 

Leonard Catharine, widow, bouse 4(T Salem 

Leonard George, draughtsman, boards 49 Boott corporation 

Leonard George, carpenter, 288 Central, house do. 

Leonard Hugh, laborer, house Broadway, near Adams 

Leonard Ira, boards American House 

Leonard James, machinist, house 131)2 Merrimack corporation 

Leonard John, grocer, 85 East Merrimack, bouse do. 

Leonard ^lary, dry goods, 262 Merrimack, house Broadway, corner 

Leonard Owen, machinist, boards 40 Salem 
Leonard Sarah Mrs. house 106 Moody 
Leonard Susan F. Mrs. house 19 Wentworth's building 
Leonard Sylvester B. machinist, Merrimack corporation, h. 41 do. 
Leonard Terrance, laborer, bouse 6 Dempsey's yard 
Lepene Harriet H. widow, house Parker's block, Centralville 
Leslie Charles, painter, house 66 Church 

Leslie Edwin C. & Co. {T. P. Hall), merchant tailors, 4 Merri- 
mack House, house 13 Lawrence 
Leslie H. G. clerk, 4 Merrimack House, boards 13 Lawrence 
Leslie Norman J. painter, bouse 66 Church 

GER3IANIA FIRE INS. CO., ^lISJ.fli'STee p"""f, 


Leslie Peter P. weaver, house 9 Lawience 

Lester John, laborer, house 5 Coburn, Centralville 

Lesure Ansel P. carpenter, house 159 Central 

Letemdre Daniel, laborer, boaids 1 Farson's court 

Letemdre Paul, carpenter, boards 1 Farson's court 

Leuier Francois, laborer, house 17 Applet* )n cor]joration 

Leuier Josepli, laborer, boards 17 Appleton corporatioa 

Lever Oswell, machinist, boards L. M. S. corporatioa 

Levy John, hairdresser, 154 Middlesex, lliver, near City 

line, Centralville 
Levy John D. hairdresser, 32 Prescott, boards River, near City" 

line, Centralville 
Lew Adrastus, farmer, house off River road, Dracat 
Lewis Almoii, planer, house 1 West's court 
Lewis Elizabeth Mrs. house 9 Pleasant, Centralville 
Lewis Ephraim B. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 43 Cashing 
Lewis Franli A. hosiery mill, Lawrence corporation, boards 42 do. 
Lewis Freeman, watchman, boards 58 Lawrence corporation 
Lewis Henry W. driver, hook and ladder, Middle, bds. 94 do. 
Lewis Jeremiah, hairdresser, boards 48 Chapel 
Lewis John, at Kitson's, house 8 Broadway 
Lewis Johu A. cardgrinder, house '2d Prescott corporation 
Lewis John Edward, hairdresser, house River, Centralville 
Lewis Joseph, finisher, house 26 Bleachery 

Lewis Levi J. hairdresser, 276 Merrimack, bds. 9 Pleasant. Cent. 
Lewis Loring W. farmer, house rear River, near Pleasant, Cent. 
Lewis L. I. Mrs. house 62 River, Centralville 
Lewis Morgan Q. weaver, house 58 Lawrence corporation 
Lewis Nancy, widow, house Front, Centralville 
Lewis Samuel A. hairdresser, 184 Merrimack, h. 64 River, Cent. 
Lewis Theodore W. hairdresser, house 62 River, Centralville 
Lewis Walker Mrs. house 64 River, Centralville 
Lewis Walker, hairdresser, 2 Bridge, b. 64 River, Centralville 
Lewis ^Villiam E, machinist, house 25 Boott corpor.:.tion 
Lewis Winslow S. carpenter, house 5 Bangs' block 
Libbee Betsey, widow, boards Second, Centralville 
Libbee George F. clerk, 8 Jackson, house 14 Second, Centralville 
Libbey Adaline C. boarding-huuse, 11 Boott corporation 
Libbey Charles W. machinist, boards 11 Boott corp. 
Libbey Eliza Miss, boarding-house, 14 Hurd 
ijibbey Frank, boards 1 L Boott corporation 
Libbey Greo. F carpenter, L. M. i^liop, house 54 do. corp. 
Libbey Isaac, farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Libbey Isaac H. carpenter, house 27 Cabot 
Libbey Martin V. B. horseshoer, 75 Market, house 8 Wdlie 
Libbey Nathaniel, laborer, boards 18 Appleton corporation 
Libbey William E. carpenter, house 14 Tremont corporation 
Libby Albert E. house 11 Fayette 


Boston. Assets !j!400,O0 ». 
u.ut,..& Jb;iliutt,Agts. CSee p.a74. 



Libby Almira Mrs. dressmaker, 93 IMerriniack, h. 89 Appleton 

Libby Benjamin F. shoemaker, 98 IMerrimack, h. 30 Branch 

Libby Isaac L. police, house 88 Appleton 

Libby John F. scenic artist, boards 30 Branch 

Libby Nelson F. house Varney, near School 

Libby Eeuben, cartridge maker, boards Jackson, c. Middlesex 

Libby Seth, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

Libby William F. overseer, Merrimack corporation, h. 21 do. 

Liberty Jesse, woodsawyer, house East Pine, cor. Carlton 

Liddell Andrew, weaver, boards 16 Third, Centralville 

Liddell Catharme, widow, house 16 Thu-d, Centralville 

Light Lewis, laborer, house 3 off Willie avenue 

Lilley Charles, machinist, house 83 Lawrence corporation 

Lindrum Richard, shoemaker, house 7 Wamesit court 

Lindsay James, machinist, boards 45 Summer 

Lindsay ^Villiam, bleachery, house Kidder 

Lindsey Edward, operative, house 2 iMass. corporation 

Lines Thomas, Appleton corporation, boards 4 do. 

Lippincott Charles, currier, boards 96 Middlesex 

Lisbon E. nail manufacturer, 136 Middlesex, h. 67 Adams 

Litchfield (Paul F.), Edwards {_B.), & Co. {A. Scott), commis.sion 

merchants, 127 Market, house 221 Central 
Little Charles Mrs. house 82 Merrimack corporation 
Little Edward, clerk, boards American House 
Little Edwin, boards 82 Merrimack corporation 
Little Henry, woolsorter, boards 185 Lawrence 
Little Leonard P. carpenter, 66 Middle, house 45 Fayette 
Little Closes, clerk, 107 Central, boards American House 
Little Peter, operative, house Front, Centralville 
Littlefield Noah A. carpenter, boards 76 Middlesex 
Livermore Albert W. engineer, house Mount Pleasant, Central 

Livermore Elizabeth B. house 48 Bartlett 
Livermore Francis A. farmer, boards Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Livinsiston Alfred {Livingston, Carter, Sf Co.), and physician, 26 

Thorndike, house do. 
Livingston Alfred J. painter and lampblack manufacturer, 164 

Middlesex, house 5 Chelmsford 
Livingston Benjamin, teamster, house Carlton, cor. East Pine 
Livingston Caleb Mrs. house 7 Chelmsford 
Livingston Cornelius S. clerk, 36 Merrimack, bds. 34 Branch 
Livingston Daniel, clerk, 9 Thorndike, house 34 Branch 
Livingston Ephraim D. printer, 21 Central, bds. 34 Branch 
Livingston Fanny, widow, house Carlton, cor. East Pine 
Livingston Franklin E. clerk, 189 Middlesex, bds. 30 Howard 
Livingston James H. variety store, 105 East Merrimack, h. do. 
Livingston John 0. farmer, house 30 Howard 
Livingston William Mrs. house Thorndike, cor. Chelmsford 

UmV A DPi I7TD17 TATQ riA Boston. As«ets 8335.000. Hunt 

nUVV AliL' f lilJL ilNOiljUi, *. Emott,Asts. (Seep.3-4.) 


Livingston William E. grain, flour, wood, coal, lumber, &c. 9 

Thorudike, house off Middlesex, near City line 
Livingston {William E.), Carter {William !!.),& Co. {Alfred 

Livingston^ , blankets and flannels, 7 Thorndike 
Locke George E. comedian, house at Dracut 
Locke Jewett J. machinist, house 105 Central 
Locke Mary, widow, boards 5 Prescott corporation [414 do. 

Locke Samuel W. {E. B. WorthenS^ Co.), 216 Merrimack, house 
Locke William M. painter, Mass. coi-poration, house 42 do. 
Lockling John A. knitter, house 40 Lawrence corporation 
Logan David, machinist, boards 5 Jackson 
Logan James, teamster, house 34 William 

Logan ]\Iichael, operative, house 40 Paige [Hale 

Logue Barnabas, boots and shoes, 193 Middlesex, h. Grand, near 
Loker Loring, laborer, house 7 Chelmsford 
Loker William L. shoemaker, 156 jMiddlesex, boards do. 
Lombard Oliver D. weaver, house 1 Mass. corporation 
Long Charles L. clerk, 5 Central, boards 46 Merrimack corp. 
Long David W. blacksmith, Merrimack corp. house 46 do. 
Long Michael, laborer, house 23 Adams 
Long Patrick Mrs. house rear 30 Cedar 
Long Patrick, laborer, house rear 49 Fenwick 
Long Roxanna, boarding-house, 1 Merrimack corporation 
Longtin Antoine, laborer, house Morrison's block, William 
Loomis Abner, painter, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Loomis William A. house 131 Cross 
Looney Michael, laborer, house 95 Merrimack corporation 
Lord George W. teamster, boards 51 Lawrence corp. 
Lord Henry A. carpenter, house Middlesex, near City line 
Lord Hester M. millinery, 27 Market, house 25 do. 
Lord Jeremiah, machinist, boards 54 Rock 
Lord John, machinist, boards 122 Moody 
Lord John F. driver S. F. E. No. 1, h. 5 Lagrange ct. 
Lord Oliver, provisions, 193 Central, house 46 Charles 
Lord Randolph C. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam 3Iills, house 63 

Roott corporation 
Lord Robert, machinist, house 52 Stackpole 
Lord Samuel N. liarnessmaker, 161 Middlesex, bds. Merrimack, 

cor. Bridge 
Lord William C. machinist, house 32 L. M. S. corporation 
Lother S. A. dressmaker, Carleton block, house do. 
Lougee Sarah A. ]Mrs. boarding-house, 115 Gorham 
Loughlin John, L. M. S. yard, h. 10 Floyd 
Loughlin Michael, sp.nner, house 7 Lawrence 
Loughlin William H. law-student, Tyler's block, bds. 7 Lawrence 
Loughlin, see Laughlin 

Loughran James, counsellor, 3 Canal block, house 41 Charles 
Lovejoy Daniel, blacksmith. Gushing, cor. Rock, house 27 Franklin 

EEPUBLIC riEE INS. CO. ^^^^^^i;^?'^.^^,^ 


Lovejoy Edwin, produce, 134 Central, house 17 Andover 
Lovejoy Elwyn W. blacksmith, Pushing, cor. Rock. h. 27 Franklin 
Lovejoy Emery W. foreman, paint-shop Lowell Machine Shop, 

house 31 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Lovejoy Frederick, express, Merrimack-st. depot, house Marshall, 

near Westford 
Lovejoy George E. librarian, Y. M. C. A. boards 46 Howard 
Lovejoy Henry W. boarding-hou-iC, 113 Merrimack 
Lovejoy Ira A. confectioner, 37 -J Merrimack, house 92 East Mer- 
Lovejoy James A. fireman, B. & L. R. R. bds. 215 Middlesex 
Lovejoy John P. carpenter, house 254 Merrimack 
Lovejoy Joseph H. laborer, boartls 3 Goward place 
Lovejoy Minerva, widow, house 215 Middlesex 
Lovejoy William, shoemaker, 63 Merrimack, bds. do. 
Lovett George, machinist, house 43 Tremont 
Lovett Stephen, boots and shoes, 264 Merrimack, house 3 Ford, 

cor. Austin 
Lovett Tiiomas J. teamster, h. 29 Bleachery 
Lovrien Charles E. sash-maker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 10 

Lagrange court 
Low Charles F. machinist, bds. 19 Kirk 
Low Edward B. salesman, 96 Central, house 78 South 
Low George W. machinist, house 33 Union 
Low Hannah Mrs. house 78 South 
Low Lizzie S. teacher. No. 34 Primary School, bds. Nichols, 

near Branch 
Low John, machinist, house 44 William 
Low Nehemiah, moulder, house Nichols, near Branch 
Low Osmon Mrs. house rear 13 River 
Low William,, operative, bds. 58 Lawrence corp, 
Lowe James, spinner, house 183 Lawrence 
Lowe Joseph, stonemason, house 27 Fifth, Centralville 
Lowell Bleachery, TJleachery street 
Lowell Card Company {^Jeremiah Clark, Charles L. Harmon, and 

Levi Edgell) , machine card-clothing, 96 Middle 
Lowell Commercial College, 60 Merrimack 
Lowell Hosiery Company, Mt. Vernon, near Broadway 
Lowell Machine Shop, Button, near Mechanic 
Lowell Manufacturing Company, Market 
Lowell National bank, Savings Bank building, Shattuck 
Lowenthal Adolphus, peddler, house 17 Lee 
Lowney Bridget, widow, house 5 Jefferson 
Lowney Cornelius, planer, house 269 Middlesex 
Lowney Ellen, widow, house 168 Gorham 
Lowney Owen, operative, house rear 194 Gorham 
Lowney Patrick E. stampmaker, 111 Thorndike, bds. 168 Gorham 
Lowrey Emerson, shoemaker, bds. 13 Tremont corp. 

AiLAiNilO liKJCi liNb. (jUij Emott, Ist's. (See page 374.) 


Li;bey Jeremiah, machinist, boards b\^ Lowell 
Lubey John, cooper, house 97 Lowell 

Lucas William A. salesman, 109 Merrimack, bds. 38 Mass. corp. 
Luce David A. coppersmith, house 95 IMarket 
Lucius Richard C. currier, boards 139 Merrimack corp. 
Lugj; John S. machinist, h. 33 Fourth, Centralville 
Lugg William, house Varnej, near Fletcher 
Luke Daniel, machinist, house 104 Howaixl 
Lull Daniel C. overseer, 7 Thorndike, house 101 Howard 
Lund Ephraim, teamster, house Lane, near Westford 
Lund Xoah, teamster, 9 Thorndike, h. Wilder, near Broadway 
Lunn Thomas, spinner, house 3 Davidson's lane 
Lunt Ezekiel, laborer, house 13 Somerset 
Lunt Lewis H. freight clerk, B. & L. R. R. house 20 Adams 
Luscomb Cynis E. painter, house 29 Market 
Luscorab John W. 3Irs. house 22 Common 
Lussier Gilbert, blacksmith, house 24 Suffolk, Franklin sq. 
Lussier Israel, laborer, house 4 Shaw's blk. E. Pine 
Lussier Xoe, machinist, house 8 Lowell 
Luther Charles, carpenter, boards 144 Merrimack corp. 
Luther Thomas, machinist, house 40 Hamilton corporation 
Lyall Peter, stonecutter, house Bangs block, opposite Railroad 
Lyford Asa B. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 29 do. 
Lyford John B. produce dealer, house 37 Lagrange 
Lyford Simeon G. overseer, Hamilton corj). house 34 Appleton 
Lyken Patrick, Lowell corp. boards 5 Pearl 
Lyman Alfred P. watchmaker, 93 Central, house 9 Wamesit 
Lyman Jj. A. house Merrimack, corner Woilhen 
Lyman Roland, watchmaker, 93 Central, house 36 Chapel 
Lyman Russell {Green Sf Jbyrnan), 285 Merrimack 
Lynch Abbie S Mrs. variety store, 131 Middlesex, house do. 
Lynch Alonzo K. painter, 136 Middlesex, h. Elliot, n. Appleton 
Lynch Bryan, charcoal peddler, house Whipple 
Lynch Charles, laborer, boards 93 Merrimack corporation 
Lynch Edward, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 
Lynch Henry, operative, boards 11 Tremont corporation 
Lynch James, machinist, 235 Middlesex, house 60 Hamilton block 
Lynch James, card-grinder, house 77 Adams 
Lynch James, bleachery, house 174 Gorham 
Lynch Jamds, laborer, house 53 Market 
• Lynch Jeremiah, grocer, Suffijlk, near Broadway, house do. 
Lynch John, grocer, 1 Adams, house do. 
Lynch John, cook, 21 Merrimack, boards do. 
Lynch John, laborer, house 10 Adams 
Lynch John, house 101 Lowell 

Lynch John, laborer, boards Broadway, corner Adams 
Lynch Julia, widow, house 77 Adams 
Lynch Lawrence, blacksmith, house 40 Appleton 

TTTTATT iV 1?T T THTT ^'""^ ""'' ^'^« Insm-ance Asrents, 38 
LL UlMi (X JjLLiUii) Central street. (See pages .374, 3r5.) 


Lynch Martin, house 8 Carolin's block, Fayette 

Lynch IMary, widow, house 23 Glrcen 

Lynch Matthew, kiborer, boards 53 Market 

Lynch Michael, laborer, house 12 Kidder 

Lynch Michael, machinist, boards Button, corner Fletcher 

Lynch Michael J. clerk, 41 Market, boards 75 Cross 

Lynch Patrick (^Lynch Bros.), provisions, 97 Gorham, h. Tanner, 

corner Plain, A. C. 
Lynch Patrick, bleachery, boards 11 Congress 
Lynch Patrick, operative, boards 56 Adams 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house 77 Adams 
Lynch Patrick, liquors, 41 Market, house 75 Cross 
Lynch Patrick 31. operative, house 4 Lee 
Lynch Philip {Lynch Bros.), 97 Grorham, house 43 Summer 
Lynch Richard, print works, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 
Lynch liichard, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 
Lynch Thomas, laborer, house 56 Adams 
Lynch William, sashmaker, boards Dutton, cor. Fletc^.er 
Lyon James, laborer, house 146 Lowell 
Lyon J. A. Mrs. dressmaker, house 90 East Merrimack 
Lyons Bridget, widow, house 29 Marion 
Lyons Daniel, laborer, house 96 Adams 
Lyons Joanna, widow, house rear 18 Dummer 
Lyons Jolin, operative, boards rear 16 Dummer 
Lyons John, house 101 Lowell 
Lyons Mary, widow, house High, corner Chestnut 
Lyons Murtagh, laborer, house 58 Common 
Lyons Philip Mrs. house 31 Tremont 
Lyons Thomas, gardener, house 285 Middlesex 
Lyons Thomas J. clerk, 5 Welles block, boards 33 High 

MACDONxiLD MARIE, dressmaker, Savings Bank building, 

boards 30 Church 
Macfarlane Robert, machine printer, liouse 48 Hamilton corp. 
Mack Andrew, laborer, boards 10 Wdliam 
Mack Joseph, salesman, boards 32 Charles 
Mack Mary, widow, house 25 Walnut 
Mack Michael, laborer, house 18 Lowell 
Mack Michael, Middlesex, house 42 William 
Mack Sewall G. stoves, furnaces, ranges, &c., 123 and 125 Market, 

house 392 Merrimack 
Mackay Charles, machinist, boards 30 FrankUn 
Mackay David, machinist, house 30 Franklin 
Mackie Henry W. carpenter, house 11 North Franklin court 
Mackin James, machinist, house 19 George 
Mackin Patrick, laborer, house 78 Middle 
Macomber Mary A. boarding-house, 11 IMerrimack corporation 
Madden Cornelius, house 37 Fenwick 

HUNT & ELLIOTT have facilities for placiuar tlie largest amount 
of insurance at sliort notice. Oiiice, ^S Central St. (See pp. 37:1, 375.) 


Madden John Mrs. bouse rear 37 Fenwick 

Madden Martin, fireman, house 11 Chapel 

Madden Patrick, laborer, bouse 20 Howe [Church 

Maddocks George, machinist and engineer, Steamer 2, house 73 

IMaddocks William H. slater, house 38 Water 

Maddocks William J. clerk, boards 38 Water 

Madle William H. blacksmith, Gushing, c. Rock, house 5 Lagrange 

INIagee Deyea, machinist, house 229 School 

Magee WiUiam H. knitter, Lawrence corporation, boards 40 do. 

Magee , boards 22 Hurd 

jMagennis James, machinist, boards 113 Gorham 

Magoon Dennis, carpenter, house 76 Lowell 

Magoon Henry B. watchman, house 149 Moody 

Magoon James A. operative, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 

Magoon Patrick, Merrimack, house Lowell, corner Maiden lane 

Maguire Andrew, shoemaker, 43 Middle, house do. 

Maguire Bernard, machinist, house 230 Middlesex 

31aguire Cornelius, laborer, house rear 100 Lowell 

IMaguire Frank, laborer, house 22 Fenwick 

Maguire Hugh, whitewasher, boards 32 Lewis 

Maguire James, laborer, at Gas Works, house 8 Lewis 

Maguire James, bleachery, boards 35 Bleachery 

Maguire James, laborer, house 59 River, Centralville 

Maguire James, laborer, house Adams, opposite Catholic church 

jMaguire John, laborer, house 17 Hanover 

Maguire John, bleachery, house 12 Kidder 

Maguire John 0. clerk, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 15 Auburn 

Maguire Martin, bleachery, house 4 Livingston 

Maguire iMary and Kate, house 73 Church 

IMaguire Mary, widow, house 5 Cross 

Maguire Michael, Merrimack, house Christian, Centralville 

IMaguire Patrick, surveyor of lumber, house 8 Franklin square 

Maguire, see McGuire 

Mahan James, engineer, house 13 Cady 

Mahan Michael, mulespinner, boards 33 Middle 

Mahan Owen, laborer, house 47 Chapel 

Mahan Patrick, laborer, house 97 Lowell 

Mahan Thomas, mulespinner, boards 33 Middle 

Mahan Thomas, woolsorter, house 5 Edgerly's court 

IMahanan Timothy, bleaching, house rear 11 Congress 

Maher Michael, mason-tender, house 12 Green 

Maher Patrick, carder, house 43 River, Centralville 

Maher Patrick, laborer, boards 3 Summer 

jMaher Patrick J. fireman, B. & L. R. R. house 44 South 

Maher William, laborer, house 3 Summer 

Mahiggin Catharine, widow, house rear Fenwick, near Lowell 

Mahon Catharine, widow, house 27 Charles 

Mahon Patrick, woolsorter, boards 27 Charles 

Farm Houses, Bams, and Personal Property tlierein, insured for 
one or five years, Ity HUKT & ELLIOTT, J38 Central tt. (See p. 374). 


Mahoney Daniel, laborer, house 15 Davis 

Malioney Florence, laborer, house 37 Worthen 

Mahoney Honora, widow, house 5 Wall 

Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, boards 5 Wall 

Mahoney John, laborer, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 

Mahoney John, spinner, boards 83 Church 

Mahoney John, laborer, house Donahoe'syard 

Mahoney John, laborer, house 1 Morris court 

]Mahoney Kain Mrs house opposite 34 Adams 

Mahoney Michael, laborer, house 10 Cross 

Mahoney Michael J. laborer, house 130 Lowell 

Mahoney Patrick, fireman, house Donahoe's yard 

Mahoney Thomas, laborer, house 58 Adams 

Mahoney Timothy, laborer, house Congress 

Mahoney Timothy, laborer, house 64 Massachusetts corporation 

Maker George E. clerk, 52 Merrimack, boards 90 Midclle--ex 

3Ialey John J. block cutter, house 1 Reed's court 

Maley Michael, operative, house 4 Reed's court 

Mallon Michael, laborer, house rear 73 River, Centralville 

Malone Margaret, widow, house 64 Gorham 

Malone Thomas, machinist, boards 51-5- Lowell 

Maloney Catharine 3Iiss, house 2 Coburn, Centralville 

Maloney Charles, wireworker, boards 2 Coburn, Centralville 

Maloney James, blacksmith, house 86 Middlesex 

Maloney Michael, laborer, boards 5 Pearl 

Maloney Patrick Mrs. house rear 09 East Merrimack 

Maloney Patrick, teamster, house 67 Gorham 

Maloney Sarah, widow, house 313 Middlesex 

Maloy Thomas, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

Manahan Cornelius, fish, 3 Coburn, Ctntralvilie, house do. 

Manahan John F. real-estate agent, house Branch, cor. Loring 

Manahan Mark, carpenter, house 71 Bridge, Centralville 

Manahan Owen, laborer, house 18 Howe 

Manahan Samuel T. house 87 Salem 

Manchester Margaret, widow, house 12 Little 

Mangan Edward, bleachery, house 13 Cedar 

Mangan John, laborer, boards 80 Market 

Mangan Michael, operative, boards Lawrence, near Mills 

Mangan Patiick, machinist, house 149 Lowell 

Mangan Thomas, switchman, B. & L. R. R. house 182 Gorham 

Mangan Thomas, bleachery, boards Crosby 

Manley Emma Mrs. laundress, house 2 Pleasant 

3Ianley Frederick E. insurance agent, 87 Merrimack, h. at Billeiica 

Manley William, papermaker, boards 9 Pleasant 

Mann Patrick, spinner, house 4 Putney court 

Manning Daniel W. grocer, 30 Adams, house 32 do. 

Mannincr Georoje H. clerk, 7 Central, boards 9 do. 

Manning James, machinist, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

HUNT &, KI1L.IOTT will insure your Furniture, Wearing Apparel, 
Bv>oks, Pictures, Silver Ware, &c. Rooms 38 Central St. (See p. :{?4.) 


Manning James, maclnnist, boards 16 Summer 

Manning John, laborer, house rear 22 Winter 

Manning John, laborer, house 3 Molloy's court 

Manning John Mrs. house 34 Adams 

Manning John ]Mrs. house rear 38 Dummer 

Manning Lyman B. civil engineer, boards 105 Gorham 

Manning Michael, laboi'er, boards 252 Middlesex 

Manning Michael, laborer, house 40 South 

Manning Nancy Mrs. house 105 Gorham 

Manning Orrin P. operative, house 12 River, Centralville 

IManning Walter T. at freight depot, boards 31 Branch 

Manning William, manufocturer of corn-calce, Broadway, corner 

School, house at Chelmsford 
Mannion Thomas, spinner, house 106 Lowell 

Mansell Julia N. clothing manuf. 5 Simpson's block, house 4 High- 
street square 
Mansfield Albert F. machinist, house rear 103 Howard 
Mansfield Albert K. draughtsman, boards rear 103 Howard 
Mansfield Gardiner S. boarding-house, 61 Lawrence corporation 
Mansfield iMatthew, laborer, house 91 Merrimack corporation 
Mansfield Mrs. widow, house 5 Lagrange 
Mansur Aaron Mrs. house 39 Nesraith 
Mansur Benjamin K. clerk, 146 Central, boards 119 do. 
Mansur David, blacksmith, house 8 Third Centralville 
Jlansur George, asst. superintendent roads, h. 4 Wamesit court 
Mansur Horace, carpenter, house 36 North 
Mansur Jane, widow, house Putney's court 
Mansur William G. 146 Central, house 12 Nesmith 
Manuel Albert Mrs. house 48 Chapel 
Manuel James, moulder, house 9 xibbott 
- Marble Charles H. variety store, 330 Merrimack, house do. 
March Arthur B. boards 18 Wentworth's building 
Marchand Louis, shoemaker, boards 3 Farson's court 
Marcot Victor, dresser, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Marcy Larra, fancy goods, 332 Merrimack, house do. 
Marden ( (?eor^(? i[.) & Rowell {Edwin T.), proprietors Lowell 

" Courier," Museum building, boards 27 Chapel 
Marden Wendell P. at" Courier " office, boards 27 Chapel 
Mardin Joseph, carpenter, house 313 Middlesex 
Marin (Samuel P. ) & Hight (ZT. II.), dry goods, 138 Merrimack, 

house 59 Fletcher 
Marineau Craoiil, tinsmith, 125 Market 
Maritt William, laborer, house 8 Mill 
Mark George W. proprietor Central House, house do. 
Markman Helen, widow, house 57 Hamilton block 
Marks James, laborer, house 13 River, Centralville 
Marks Thurston, house 18 Suffolk corporation 
Marks William, painter, house 192 Gorham 

If you -ivaiit a fii'st-class Fire, L.ife. or Accifleiit Insurance Policy* 
call at HUJVT & EL.HOTT'.'i Insurance Kooing, 38 Central St. 


Marley Daniel, cloth-finisher, house 36 South 

Marley Patrick, laborer, house rear 102 Lowell 

Marr John, machinist, boards 44 South 

Marr Patrick J. fireman, Boston and Lowell Railroad, h, 44 South 

Marr William, moulder, boards 44 South 

Marr William, laborer, house 3 Summer 

Marren James, grocer, 34 Lowell, house 14 Clark 

Marren Patrick, boards 14 Clark 

Marriner Charles E. carpenter, boards 230 Central 

Marriott Charles W. carpenter, house 100 Middlesex 

Marriott John jr. trunkmaker, 58 and 60 Central, h. 19 Andover 

Mars Matthew, currier, house Chelmsford, n. Gates's Tannery 

Marsh George P. cloth-room, Boott corp. boards 38 do. ■ 

Marsh Izette S. dressmaker, 52|- Merrimack, house do. 

Marsh James R. cigarmaker, 34 Merrimack, boards 52 Bartlett 

Marsh James William, mason, house 11 Race 

Marsh John, produce dealer, house 226 School [CentralvlUe 

Marsh Joel C. hairdresser, 32 Prescott, b. Sixth, corner Llewellyn, 

Marshall Abner H. blacksmith, house River road, Dracut 

Marshall Albert, painter, boards 19 Clay 

Marshall Alonzo D. cabinetmaker, house 14 Queen 

Marshall (Alvm) & Crosby (Charles T.), cabinetmakers, 264 and 

rear 239 Middlesex, house at Tewksbury 
Marshall Andrew, Middlesex, house 72 Warren 
Marshall Avery, farmer, house Parker 
Marshall Bradley, machinist, house 13 Appleton corporation 
Marshall Charles, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall (Charles A.) & Corbett (J. C), soapmakers, 103 

Pawtucket, house 31 Branch 
Marshall Charlotte A. Miss, dressmaker, 15 Central, house do. 
Marshall Dorcas, widow, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall Ezra, carpenter, house 5 Decatur 
Marshall Flannah Mrs. house at Dr. Cleveland's, Chelmsford 
Marshall Henry, police, house 10 Church 
Marshall Herbert, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall Herman, house 19 Clay 
Marshall Hezekiah, farmer, house Parker 
Marshall Horace Gc. operative, boards 5 Decatur 
Marshall Horatio C. mason, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall Isaac N. clerk. Northern depot, house 31 Branch 
Marshall James G-. clerk, Boston and Lowell Railroad freight depot, 

boards 111 Central 
Marshall .Tesse, former, house River road, Dracut 
Marshall (Joshua JV.) k Rice (D. Ball), counsellors, 3 Barristers' 

Hall, house 388 Men-imack 
Marshall Josiah, laborer, house 19 Holbrook's court 
Marshall Luther H. (Boston), boards River road, Dracut 
Marshall Mary, widow, house rear 16 Dummer 

stocks of Goods and MerchandSse insured at current rates, ii» lib- 
eral dividend paying Mutual Fire Go's., by HUKT &, ELUO TT. 


Marshall IMcLane, house 49 Gushing 

]Marshall ]Moses, designer, at David Lane's, house 27 Willie 

Marshall Otis, teamster, boards 12 Smith 

IMarshall Rachel B. Miss, hoards 36 Wentworth's building 

IMarshall Eichaid, house 5 Decatur 

IMarshall Rufus W. farmer, boards 32 Bleaehery 

IMarshall Simeon M. {Boston), house River road, Dracut 

Marshall Thomas, jackspinner, house rear 36 Appleton 

IMarston Andrew B. grinder, Merrimack corp. house 562 do. 

Marston Arthur B. clerk. 164 Merrimack, bds. G3 E. Merrimack 

Marston Charles S. clerk, 159 Middlesex, bds. 23 Church 

Marston Frederick A. card-grinder, jNIerrimack corp. house 55 do. 

Marston J. M. Mrs. house 5 Ash 

IMarston Susan, dressmaker, 114 Central, house do. 

Martel John, laborer, house 41 Salem 

Martin Albert R. hostler, at J. Hadley's, house 6 Tilden 

IMartin x\lbert R. Mrs. variety store, 6 Tilden, house do. 

Martin Bernard, mason, house 18 Adams, near Lagrange 

IMartin Daniel, house 68 Suffolk 

Martin Edward, carpenter, house 27 North 

Martin Edward, mason, house Broadway, near Adams 

Martin Enoch M. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 42 Willie 

Martin Franklin {Smith ^ Jlariin), 128 Middlesex, house 2 

Martin George, napper, bds. 31 Hamilton corporation 
Martin George L. Mrs. house Second, near Bridge, Centralville 
Martin Hannah, fancy goods, 294 Merrimack, house do. 
Martin James, iron-moulder, bds. 21 North 
Martin James, laborer, house 53 Salem 
Martin James, slioemaker, bds. 67 L. M. S. corporation 
Martin James Mrs, house rear 17 Cross 
]Martin Laurin, clerk, Lowell Institution for Savings, bds. 63 East 

Martin Lawrence, mason, house 98 Adams 
Martin Margaret, widow, house 21 North 
Martin Mary, widow, house Donahoe's yard 
Martin Mary S. Mrs. boarding-house, 67 L. iM. S. corporation 
Martin Patrick, laborer, boards 19 Cross 
Mai tin Patrick, carder, house Maiden Lane 
Martin Robert, shoemaker, 1 Adams, house 20 do. 
Martin Thomas, clerk, Middlesex, cor. Jackson, house 94 Middlesex 
Martin William T. supt. hosiery mill, Lawrence corp. house 88 do. 
Martindale Chester W. clerk, 227 Central, house 226 do. 
Mai-vel Bradford, clerk, boards 54 Pawtucket 
Mai'vel Caleb M. city assessor, liouse 54 Pawtucket 
Mason Andrew A. spinner, Merrimack corp house 55 do. 
Mason Daniel W, bobbinmaker, house 87 Broadway 
Mason Edward H. clerk, 45 Merrimack, house 62 Middlesex 

D^velliiisf Houses, and Personal Property therein, insured for one 
or five years, by HUNT & ELlilOTT, 38 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Mason Gilbert, wireworker, 10 Central, bds. 4 Davidson 

Mason Hiram H. shoemaker, bds. 62 Middlesex 

Mason Louis, laborer, house "-'81 ^liddleses 

Mason Russell Z. dresser, bds. 37 Tremont corp. 

Mason R. E. fruit. &c. 79 Central, house 3 Wamesit 

Mason Thomas, watchman, liouse London, near Gorham 

Mason Thomas, supt , house First, near Read, Centralville 

Mason Thomas A. boards 45 Chestnut 

Mason William R. driver H. R. R., house 100 East Merrimack 

Massachusetts Cotton Mills, between Rridge and Merrimack 

Masta Joseph A., Iniliau physician, Varney, near School, house do. 

Masterson Ann, widow, house 341 Central 

Masterson Jane Mrs. house 2 Crosby 

Masterson John, laborer, house 95 Adams 

Masterson Thomas, laborer, house 13 Green 

Mather John, house 141 Gorham 

Mather Thomas, bds. 141 Gorham [Grand 

Mathews Abraham, carpenter, 13 Prescott, house Westford, near 

Mathews {Albert W.) & Lake (Allen P.), grocers, Lowell, cor. 

Worthen, house Westford, near Grand 
Mathews H. P. house Methuon, Centralville 
Matthews Catharine, widow, house 5 Andover 
Matthews J. E. machinist, bds. 278 Middlesex 
Matthews Sarah, widow, house rear 342 Central 
Masfield Jared P. payinnster, Suffijlk corporation, h 10 Cabot blk. 
Maxfield Rufus A. overseer spinner, Lawrence corp. house 21 do. 
Maxfield Stephen C. Mrs. boarding-house, 68 Lawrence corp. 
Maxwell John, operative, Boott corp. bds. 38 do. 
May William, laborer, bds. 19 Cross 
Mnyberry B. B. house 74 Middlesex 
Mayberry Eliza, variety store, 76 Middlesex, house 74 do. 
Maynard Caleb L W. lace and fancy goods, 76 Merrimack, house 

25 Kirk 
Maynard Eliza Miss, boarding-house, 16 Hamilton corp. 
Maynard John, painter, bds. 124 Middlesex 
Maynard John M. house Worthen, cor. Mechanics 
Maynard Joseph D. operative, house 17 Appleton corp. 
Maynard Sophia A. boarding-house, 14 Warren [Smith 

Maynard Stearns, sawfiler, at Noreross and Saunders's, house 32 
Maynes James, opsrative, house 20 Keene 
Mazuzan John, boards 105 Central 
McAdaras Bernard, watchman, Boott corp. bds. 38 do. 
McAleer Charles, cabmetmaker, h. rear 9 Summer 
McAleer John, laborer, house 71 Gorham 
McAleer Joseph, machinist, house 7 George 
McAloon Arthur, soap and chemical works, Pleasant, house 51 

River, Centralville 
McAloon Edward, laborer, house 47 West Union 

Merchants' At Fariiiei-.s' Mutual Pire Ins. ( o.. "Worci-ster, HUNT <& 
KLLiIOTT, Agents for Lowell and vicinity, '^S <L,entral St. 


McAloon James, machinist, bds. 51 River, Centralville 

McAloon Michael, laborer, house 51 lliver, Centralville 

McAloou William, grocer, 69 Gorhani, house do. 

31cAlpine John, machinist, boards 204 Central 

McAlpine Mary, widow, house 204 Central 

McAlvin Granville K. clerk, bds. 1 3Iethuen, Centralville 

McAlvin John Mrs. house 1 Methuen, Centralville 

jMcAlvin John B house 12 13utterfield 

3IcAlvin John H. city treasurer, and collector. City Government 

building, house 8 Methuen, near Tenth, Centralville 
McAnaney John, wire-worker, house Parker's block, Centralville 
McAnulty Bridget, widow, house 103 Gorhaiu 
McAnulty Charles, house rear 31 ^Middle 
McAnulty Isabella, widow, house 5 Hurd 

McAnulty Isabella V. teacher. No. 11 Primary School, b. 5 Hurd 
McAnulty James, operative, house rear 20 Summer 
McAnulty John, laborer, house 10 Water 
McAnulty John, laborer, house rear 17 William 
McAnulty John, dyer, house 60 Button 
McAnulty John J. driver, S. F E. No. 3, boards 5 Hurd 
McAnulty Mary, widow, house 89 Gorham 
McAnulty jMichael, woolsorter, boards 3 Edgerley's court 
McAnulty Patrick, operative, house 10 North 
McAnulty Peter, operative, Appleton corp. house 44 Gorham 
McArdell Edward, machinist, house 162 Lowell 
McArdell Edward, at Kitson's, house 9 Jeiferson 
McArthur Hector, machinist, boards 24 Fourth, Centralville 
McArthur Lizzie, bookkeeper. Woods, Sherwood, & Co. boards 24 

Fourth, Centralville 
McArthur Nancy P. widow, house 24 Fourth, Centralville 
McArthur William, moulder, house 30 Willie 
McAtee Patrick, dyer, boards Montgomery House 
McAvanue Patrick, blacksmith, house 11 Massachusetts corp. 
McAvinnue Mary, widow, house Coburn, near River, Ceutialville 
McAvoy Dominick, shoemaker, house 58 Button 
McAvoy James, laborer, boards 102 Lowell 
3IcAvoy Lucy, widow, house 53 Middle 
McAvoy 31ichael, laborer, house 3 Jefferson square 
3Ic Bride Cornelius, boilermaker, house 9 Jefferson 
McBride John, laborer, house 18 William 
McBride Patrick, at J. C. Ayer's, house 21 William 
3IcCabe Alexander, lalx)rer, house 3 Maiden lane 
McCabe Baniel, carder, house Jefferson, near Lowell 
3IcCabe Ellen, widow, house ^MeCarry's court 
McCabe Ellen, widow, house 42 3Iiddle 
McCabe Ellen, widow, house 123 Lowell 
McCabe George, machinist, boards 148 Central 
McCabe James, grocer, 1 Whipple, house do. 

Mei-chauts <fc Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co., lucoi-p. 1846, has al- 
^vaj-s paid liberal dividends on expiring policies. (See page 3?4.) 


McCabe Mary, widow, house 28 Winter 

McCafFerty James, overseer, house 61 Eiver, Centralville 

McCaffrey John, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 

McCaffrey John, " Courier," house 68 Middle 

McCaffrey John F. produce, house 67 Charles 

McCaffrey Patrick, at J. C Ayer's, boards Adams, corner Cross 

McCaffrey Patrick, laborer, house 54 Middle 

McCaffrey Patrick 2d, laborer, house 58 Middle 

McCaffrey Peter, laljorer, nouse 54 West Union 

McCaffrey Terrence, dyer, house 38 Lewis 

McCahey Jane, widow, house 32 Charles 

McCahev Joseph, laborer, boards 32 Charles 

McCallieut Catharine, widow, house 35 Summer 

McCann Bernard, tin-peddler, house River, n. City line. Cent. 

McCann Francis, laborer, house 25 Middle 

McCann John, grocer, 40 Grorham, h. Andover, n. Tewksbury line 

McCann Mark, laborer, house 49 River, Centralville 

McCann Michael, spinner, house 50 Middle 

McCann Michael, laborer, house 2 Knowles' place 

McCann Patrick, laborer, house 63 River 

McCann Robert, laborer, Lowell Machine Shop 

MeCann William, bleachery, boards 113 Grorham 

McCanna Patrick, hostler, boards 51 J Lowell 

McCanna Sarah, widow, house 58 Common 

McCanney John, laborer, house 42 Gorham 

McCanney Mary, house 5 Putney's court 

McCanney Nancy, boards 1 Huvd 

McCaunon J. T. machinist, boards 96 Middlesex 

McCarron Ellen, widow, house 62 Massachusetts corporation 

McCarron James, provisions, 167 Grorham, house do. 

McCarron William, operative, boards 62 Massachusetts corp. 

McCarter John, watchman, house 41 Summer 

McCarthy Dennis, laborer, house 1 Sullivan's yard 

McCarthy Hugh, mason, house rear 69 Lowell 

McCarthy Mary, widow, house 2 Sullivan's yard 

McCarty Catharine, widow, house 23 Broadway 

McCarty Charles, laborer, house 106 Suffolk 

McCarty Cornelius Mrs. house Broadway, near Adams 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, house rear 71 Adams 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, house Broadway, corner Marion 

McCarty David, laborer, house 12 Cross 

McCarty David, flagman, house Pawtucket, near Middlesex 

McCarty Dennis, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

McCarty Dennis, laboi'er, house 1 Morris court 

McCarty Eugene, laborer, house 109 Lowell 

McCarty Hannah, widow, house Lynch's block, Adams 

McCarty Honora, widow, house rear 93 Gorham 

McCarty Honora, widow, house 15 Dummer 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass., Incor. 1836, pays 
50 per ct. dividends on five year policies, and 40 per ct. on one year. 


McCarty James, laborer, boards 102 Lowell 

3IcCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 43 Adams 

McCarty Jeremiah, cloth-finisher, house 5 Pleasant 

McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, house 20 North 

McCarty John Mrs. house 58 Middle 

McCarty John, grocer, 12 Lowell, house do. 

McCarty John, shoemaker, house 74 Goibam 

McCarty John, stone-worker, house 99 Suffi jlk 

McCarty John, m-ason, liouse 4 Carpet lane 

McCarty John, moulder, house 2 Jefferson square 

McCarty John, operative, boards 72 Lowell 

McCarty John H. machinist, house 52 Dutton 

McCarty Mary, widow, house 71 Adams 

McCarty IMary Mrs. house 106 Lowell 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house 5 Suffi:)lk court 

McCarty 3Iichael, spinner, house 15 William 

McCarty Michael, laborer, boards 147 Lowoll 

JMcCarty Michael, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 

McCarty Michael, laborer, house 8 Union 

McCarty ^lichael, operative, house Railroad alley 

3IcCarty Patiick, operative, boards opposite 40 Adams 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 35 Lowell 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 22 Green 

McCarty Patrick, painter, house 43 Fenwick 

McCarty Patrick, laborer, house 27 Fenwick [corner Short 

McCarty Patrick H. currier, J. Gates & Sons, house Chelmsford, 

McCarty Susan, widow, boards 86 Charles 

McCarty Thomas, confectioner, house 68 Gorham 

McCarty Thomas, operative, house near 75 Lowell 

McCarty Thomas, spinner, house 9 North 

McCarty Thomas, laborer, house rear 42 Appleton 

McCarty Timothy, laborer, house 4 Cross 

McCarty Timothy, engineer, house 6 Sullivan's yard 

McCarty Wilham, job-wagon, house 150 Lowell 

McCarty William, carpenter, house 31 Keene 

McCauley James, filecutter, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 

McCauley John, moulder, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 

McCausland Joseph, laborer, house 39 River, Ceutralville 

McClary Daniel, laborer, house 5 Cummiskey's alley 

McClure Samuel, laborer, boards 42 Boott corporation 

McCluskey Barney, operative, house 60 River, Centralville 

McCluskey Cornelius, opei*ative, boards Lawrence, near mills 

3IcCluskey Dennis, operative, boards Lawrence, near mills 

McCluskey Francis, machinist, boards rear 20 Sumner 

McCluskey John, machinist, boards 19 Winter 

McCluskey John, clerk at C. Callahan's, house 61 River, Cent. 

McCluskey Joseph, mule spinner, 9 Lee 

McCluskey Michael, Mrs. house 19 Winter 

HUNT & El.t,IOTT, Agents for Middlesex Mutiial P8re Ins. Co. 
Rooms, Prescott National Bank Bld'g, as Central St. (See p. 374.) 


McCluskey Richard, house 61 River, Centralville 

McCoUum Nealy, machinist, boards 58 L. M. S. corporatioa 

McComb William, laborer, huuse 31 Eist Merrimack 

McConnon Mary, widow, house 11 Davis 

McCool John, clerk, 221 Central, boards 111 do. 

McCormick Catharine, widow, house Water, near Pond 

McCorraick James, laborer, house rear 25 Middle 

McCormick James, laborer, house rear 42 Charles 

McCoi-mick John (CaL), house 10 Summer 

McCormick John E. clerk, 138 Merrimack, bds. 148 do. corp. 

McCormick Michael, operative, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

McCormick Thomas, house rear 29 Middle 

McCormick Thomas, engraver, house 148 Merrimack corp. 

McCormick Thomas, plasterer, house 4 Wall 

JMcCourt Mary, Jlargaret, and Ellen, dressmakers, h. 68 South 

McCourt Michael, machinist, boards 68 South 

McCourt Sarab, widow, house 68 South 

McCowan Bethie, widow, boards 115 Market 

McCoy Ann, widow, house 38 Marion 

McCoy Edward P. carriagemaker, rear 200 Dutton, h. 76 Cross 

McCoy Heniy, operative, boards 38 Marion 

McCoy {James) & Farrington {^ ), provisions, Liberty square, 

house Lane, near Westford 
McCoy James E. turner, house 85 School 

McCoy James M., Business College, 60 Merrimack, h. 2 Stackpole 
McCoy John, moulder, boards 75 L M. S. corporation 
McCready John, harnessmaker, liouse Holbrook's court 
McCue Bridget, widow, house 94 Adams 
McCue Edward, machinist, boards 70 Dutton 
McCue Herbert, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
McCue Hugh Mrs. house 70 Dnttun 

McCue John, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 7 Garnet 
McCue Martin, operative, house 24 Lowell 
McCue Michael, boards 19 Summer 
McCue Michael, clerk, 272 Merrimack, boards 274 do. 
McCue Michael H. moulder, boards Donahoe's yard 
McCue Patrick Mrs. house Adams, near Broadway 
McCuen James, laborer, boards 19 William 
McCullough James, laborer, house 15 Green 

McCullough Mary, widow, house 15 Green [Lincoln 

McCullough Patrick, currier, at Cook's tannery, house Main, near 
McCuUougb Patrick, laborer, house 17 William 
McCullough Peter, house 15 Lincoln, A. C. 
McCurdy John T. G. carpenter, house 6 Fifth, Centralville 
Mc !urdy Willber G. receiving clerk, freight depot, house 16 Adams 
McCusker Charles, laborer, house 10 William 
McCusker Michael, laborer, house 19 WUliam 
McCusker Michael, laborer, house 2 S Highland 

HUHTT &, EIjLIOTT, 38 CcMtial St., Lowell, are \gents for the Citi- 
zens Mutual (Fire) liis. Co., of Bi-igiitoii. (.'iev piigc- 374.) 


McDaniels Epliraim, overseer, house 2 Appletoa corporation 

McDaniels John Mrs. house Gates, near Westford 

McDaniels Walter H. supt. United States Bunting Company, bds. 

Gates, near Westford 
McDerniott Andrew, laborer, house 78 Middle 
McDermott Ann, widow, house rear 140 Lowell 
McDerniott Bridget, widow, house 50 Middlesex 
McDermott Dominick, gardener, house rear DO Gorham 
McDermott Francis, laborer, at Gas Works, house 62 Lowell 
McDermott James, fireman, house 37 Bleachery 
McDermott James, boarcis 50 Middlesex 
McDermott James, bootmaker, 78 Middlesex, house do. 
McDermott John, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 
McDermott John, operative, house opp. 28 William 
McDermott .Alichael, gigger, house 6 Chapel 
McDermott Michael, boards 50 Middlesex 
McDermott Michael, laborer, boards 16 Little 
McDermott Owen Mrs. house 23 Davidson 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, house 37 Keene 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, boards 26 Hurd 
McDermott Peter, laborer, house 20 Adams 
McDermott Thomas, carder, house rear 11 Jefferson 
McDermott Thomas, laborer, house rear 51 Charles 
McDervine James, laborer, boards 52 Dutton 
McDonald Alexander, laborer, house 7 Davidson 
McDonald Ann, widow, house 7 Jefferson 
McDonald Elizabeth, widow, house 21 Davidson 
McDonald Ellen, widow, house rear 148 Lowell 
McDonald Hugh, teamster, house 4 Cross 
McDonald James, farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
McDonald James, machinist, boards 69 L. M. S. corporation 
McDonald James, laborer, house 2 Carolin's block, Fayette 
McDonald James, farmer, house 20 High 
McDonald James, operative, house 62 Suffolk 
McDonald James, sashmaker, boards 63 L. M. S. corporation 
McDonald James J. clerk, Merrimack P. W. boards 83 Merrimack 

McDonald Jane, widow, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
McDonald Jeremiah, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house rear 11 do. 
McDonald Jeremiah, laborer, house 26 Common 
McDonald John, engraver, house 83 Merrimack corporation 
McDonald John, mat manufacturer, 10 Hale, house do. 
McDonald Margaret, widow, house 22 Howe 
McDonald Mary, widow, house 34 Middle 
McDonald Michael, farmer, boards 2 J High 
McDonald Michael, house 63 River, Centralville 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, house rear 15 Summer 
McDonald Patrick, spinner, boards 10 Little 

Citizens 3Iu*,ual CFire) Ins. Co., Brighton, pays 50 per cent divi- 
dends on one, tliree, and five year policies. Office 38 Central St. 



McDonald Peter, stonemason, house -2 Knowles place 

McDonald Thomas, farmer, house 20 High 

McDonough Annie and Mary Misses, boards 44 Salem 

McDonough John H. cigars, &c. 73>2 Charles, house do. 

McDonough K. J. Miss, milliner (Lawrence^, house 44 Salem 

McDonough Martin, raulespinner, house 3 John-street avenue 

McDonough jMichael, laborer, house 14 George 

McDonough Thomas, laborer, house 6 South 

McDuff John, house 15 River 

McElhaney Joseph, spinner, house 34 Lawrence corporation 

McElhaney Margaret, widow, house 27 Worthen 

McElhaney Tliomas, comber, boards 27 Worthen 

McElhaney William Mrs. house 38 Appleton 

McElhaney William, cardstripper, boards 38 Appleton 

McElhoLn William, shoemaker, 28 Lowell, house do. 

IMcElfoy James, picker, house 9 Hanover 

McElroy John, laborer, house 75 Lowell 

McEnally Ann, widow, house 2 Baldwin's court 

McEnney Charles, tailor, house 74 Middle 

McEnroe James, hairdresser, 4 Central, boards 14 do. 

McEnroe Lawrence S. hairdresser, 4 Central, boards 14 do. 

McEvoy Bridget, widow, house 22 Spring 

McEvoy Hugh, house Tenth, IMt. Pleasant, Centralville 

McEvoy John F. counsellor, 43j-< Central, boards Tenth, Mount 

Pleasant, Centralville 
McEvoy John W. machinist, house 19 Davidson 
McEvoy Patrick H. carpenter, boards Mount Pleasant, Cent. 
McFadden Andrew, carder, boards Adams, cor. Cross 
McFarland Bradford, laborer, 96 Market, house 24 Andover 
McFarland elohn, yard hand, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
McFarlin Luke {w. 3)- L. 3fcFarH7i), ice, 94 Pawtucket, h. do. 
McFarlin Wm. & Luke, ice-dealers, 94 Pawtucket, house do. 
McFayden Arthur, loomfixer, boards 61 Lowell M. S. corporation 
McGann Thomas, spinner, house 3 North 
McGarey John, laborer, house Adams, near- Broadway 
McGarey Patrick, laborer, house 2 Varnum's alley, Centralville 
McGarr Edward, operative, boards 80 Middle 
McGarrity John, carpet- weaver, house 1 Crosby 
McGarvey Katie Miss, variety store, 63 Dutton 
McGarvin John, hostler, boards Wamesit House 
McGee John, carpenter, house 37 North 
McGee Thomas, laborer, house 2 Davidson's lane 
McGee William H. clerk, 33 Central, boards 22 Hurd 
McGill James, fancy goods, 62 and 64 Merrimack, h. 16 Kirk 
McGillian Catharine, widow, house rear 20 William 
McGillian James, operative, boards 148 Central 
McGirr John, picture store, 284 Merrimack, house do. 
McGivney Charles, laborer, boards Montgomery House 

• Central Mutual Fire Ins. Co, Worcester, Mass., HUNT <fc ELLIOTT, 
Agewts, Office ^8 Ceutral St., Lowell. (See page 374.) 


McGlinebey James, laborer, house 174 Gorhara 

McGlinn Michael; laborer, house Christian, cor. Sixth, Cent. 

McGlone Thomas F. provisions, Church, cor. Lawrence, boards 62 

McGoverin Ann, widow, house 482 William 
McGoverin Francis Mrs. fancy goods, 1 East Merrimack, house do. 
McGoverin Patrick, laborer, house 482 William 
McGovern Edward, laborer, house 6 Little 
McGovern John, laborer, house Somerset 
McGovern Mary, widow, house 36 William 

McGovern Peter, teamster, at Howes & Burnham's, house 2 Garnet 
McGovern Philip, Gas Works, house Broadway, near Adams 
McGovern William, laborer, house 28 William 
McGowan Dennis, laborer, house 76 Lowell 
McGowan Felix, shoemaker, house 4 Mill 
McGowan Felix jr., Chase Mills, bds. 4 Mill 
McGowan J. H., L. M. S. bds. 16 Summer 
McGowan William, bottler, house rear 17 William 
McGrade Ellen, widow, house 26 Hurd 
McGrade James, laborer, bds. 26 Hurd 
McGrade James, moulder, house 1 Summer 
McGrady Michael, dyer, bds. 36 Appleton 
McGrath Henry, laborer, house 40 Appleton 
MeGrath Lawrence, laborer, house 8 Livingston 
McGrath Patrick, laborer, house 21 Chestnut 
McGrath WiUiam N., B. & L. Railroad, house 10 E. Pine 
McGraw Bridget, widow, house Cross, near Adams 
McGrew James, shoemaker, 304 Merrimack, house 39 Cross 
McGuane James, laborer, bds. 4 Winter 
McGuane John, laborer, house 61 Gorhara 
McGuane Michael, carder, house rear 18 Winter 
McGuane Thomas, Hamilton, house 1 Green 
McGuinness James W. bookkeeper, bds. 115 Gorham 
McGuinness John, laborer, bds. 8 Davis 
McGuinness Patrick, laborer, house 19 High 
McGuire Ann, widow, house 22 Fen wick 
McGuire Bridget Miss, house 5 Pearl 
McGuire Cornelius, variety store, 25 Summer, house do. 
McGuire Francis, laborer, house 10 Koene 
McGuire Francis, laborer, house 22 Fenwick 
McGuire Hugh, laborer, house rear 61 Middle 
McGuire Henry, spinner, bds. 46 Lawrence corp. 
McGuire James, machinist, bds. 25 Worthen 
McGuire James, laborer, house 7 Queen 
McGuire John, laborer, house 17 Hanover 
McGuire John, teamster, house Brewery court 
McGuire Michael, hostler, bds. 7 Queen 
McGuire Patrick, laborer, house 34 Common 

How to provide for tlie comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is tlie earnest thought of every man. (See page 375.) 


McGuire Patrick, laborer, bouse Brewery court 

McGuire Pbilip, laborer, bds. 10 Lee • 

McGuire Rose, widow, house 23 Davidson 

McGuire Thomas, bleacber, bouse 17 Winter 

McGuire, see Moguire 

McGuirk James, laborer, bouse 35 Salem 

McGuirk Jobn, tinsmitb, 125 Market, bds. 35 Salem 

McGuirk Patrick, grocer, also coal and wood dealer, Suffolk, near 

Lagrange, bouse 32 Suffolk 
McGuirk Patrick, laborer, bouse rear 28 Fayette 
McGuirk Thomas, laborer, bds. 35 Salem 
McGurn Thomas, operative, bds. 80 Market 
McHugh Dennis, operative, bds. 38 Boott corp. 
McHugh James, clock repairer, 49 Market, house do. 
McHugh Patrick, woolsorter, house 10 Green 
Mclnroe James, laborer, house 9 Wall 

Mclntee McCormick, at Print Works, bds. 115 Merrimack corp. 
Mclntee Patrick, laborer, house 14 Fayette 
Mclntee Thomas, at Print Works, bds. 115 Merrimack corp. 
Mclntire Elbridge, butcher, house Wilder, near railroad crossing 
Mclntire Ellen, nurse, bds. Branch, near School 
Mcintosh Margaret and Mary, house 136 Suffolk 
McKearney Patrick, provisions, 96 Charles, house do. 
McKearney Peter, clerk, 96 Charles, house do. 
McKay Michael, laborer, house 6 Davidson 
McKay Michael, stonecutter, house 32 North 
McKee Alexander, laborer, house 2 Mechanic 

McKee David, harnessraaker, 161 Middlesex, house rear 52 River, 
Centralville [Cushing 

McKee John, boilermaker, Lowell Steam Boiler Works, house 35 

McKeever Edward, hostler, bds. 108 Market 

McKeever John, laborer, house 108 Market 
- — -JVIcKellar David, variety store, 115 Market, house do. 

McKenna James, picker, house rear 19 Winter 

McKenna James, porter, 1 and 2 Commercial sq. b. 132 Central 

McKenna Malcomb, yard band, bds. 61 Lawrence corp. 

McKenna Michael, laborer, house 2 Knowles place 

McKenna Owen, variety store, 7 Merrimack, house 4 Paige 

McKenna Patrick, laborer, house 7 Wall 

McKenna Thomas, carpet-weaver, bouse 10 Cedar 

McKenny John H. blacksmith, Lawrence corporation, b. 12 do. 

McKenzie Daniel, spinner, house Holbrook's court 

McKenzie John Mrs. bouse 63 Middle 

McKenzie William, currier, at J. Gates & Sons, bouse London, n. 

McKeon John, spinner, house 2 John-st. avenue 

McKeon John P. carpenter, bds. 33 Fayette 
McKeon Lawrence, house 33 Fayette 

StAte mutual lilfe AHsurance Co., "Worcester, Mass. A safe and eco- 
nomical Company to insure in. ITCKT & ELLIOTT, Agts. (See p. 375,) 


McKeown John, clerk, 34 Central 

McKeowu William, Middlesex, house 31 Willow 

McKiernan Edward, laborer, house 6 Davidson 

McKiernan John Mrs. house 21 South 

McKiernan John, spinner, house 42 William 

McKiernan Thomas, at Chase Mills, house 12 Kidder 

McKira John, laborer, house 7 Fayette 

McKinley John, laborer, house 24 Gorham 

McKinnon John, laborer, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 

McKissock Robert, job wagon, house 37 First, Centralville 

McKissock (William) & Davidson (John), provisions, Bridge, 

corner River, boards 37 First, Centralville 
McLane Rebecca, widow, house 63 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
McLane William, painter, boards 63 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
McLarney James, tinsmith, boards 3 North 
McLarney William, house 3 North 

McLaughlin Ann, widow, house 11 Union [Central 

McLaughlin Brothers (James and John), boots and shoes, 116 
McLaughlin Celia, widow, house 18 Green 
McLaughlin Charles Mrs. house 39 Adams, corner Cross 
McLaughlin Dennis, Middlesex, house rear 1 John-st. avenue 
McLaughlin Edward, house 57 Middle 
McLaughlin Edward, mason, house 15 Willie avenue 
McLaughlin Francis, tender, house 81 Merrimack corporation 
McLaughlin Frank, Merrimack, boards John-street avenue 
McLaughlin James, Print Works, and variety store, 58 Gorham, 

house do. 
McLaughlin James (3fcLaughlin Brothers), boots and shoes, 116 

Central, house 52 Stackpole 
McLaughlin James, slater, house Maiden Lane 
McLaughlin James, woolsorter, boards Montgomery House 
McLaughlin John, laborer, house 37 Lowell 
McLaughlin John (McLaughlin Brothers), boots and shoes, 116 

Central, boards 52 Stackpole 
McLaughlin John, machinist, boards 70 L. M. S. corporation 
McLaughlin John, laborer, boards 9 North 
McLaughlin John, laborer, house 23 Green 
McLaughlin John Mrs. house 12 Little 
McLaughlin Margaret, widow, house 52 Stackpole 
McLaughlin Margaret, widow, house 16 William 
McLaughlin Mary, widow, house rear 24 Lowell 
McLaughlin Mary, widow, house 9 North 
McLaughlin Michael, ^liddlesex, house 22 North 
McLaughlin Michael, shoemaker, house 24 Gorham 
McLaughlin Michael, saw filer, house 53 Gorham 
McLaughlin Michael, house 18 High 
McLaughlin Patrick, house 66 River, Centralville 
McLaughlin Philip, laborer, house 47 Gorham 

Insure your life in tlie State Mut. IJife 4. Co. All policies are non- 
forfeitable by State law. HUiVT & ELLIOTT, Agts. (See page 375.) 


McLaughlin Susan, house 18 John-street avenue 
McLaughlin Thomas, dyer, hoards John-street avenue 
McLaughlin Thomas, laborer, 23 Market, boards 52 Stackpole 
McLaughlin Timothy Mrs. house 68 SuflPolk 

McLaughlin , machinist, boards 85 Howard 

McLean Frank, painter, boards 120 Merrimack 

McLean James, laborer, house rear 16 Winter 

McLees Thomas, shoemaker, 145 Middlesex, h. Grand, n. Hale 

McLennan John C. overseer, Lowell, house School, corner Grold 

McLeod Benjamin, laborer, boards 164 Lowell 

McLeod William, laborer, house 164 Lowell 

McMahon Catharine, widow, house 13 Winter 

MeMahon Daniel, woolwasher, house Davidson, corner Howe 

McMahon Daniel, laborer, house High, corner Chestnut 

McMahon Dennis, Stott's Mills, house 7 Carolin's block, Fayette 

McMahon James, finisher, house 13 Winter 

McMahon James, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 

McMahon James, tin peddler, house River, near City line, Cent. 

McMahon John, bleacheiy, house 6 Prospect 

McMahon John, laborer, house 7 Carolin's block, Fayette 

McMahon John, operative, house 85 Charles 

McMahon Martin, laborer, house 12 Kidder 

McMahon Mary, widow, house 85 Charles 

McMahon Mary D. millinery, &c. 93 Merrimack, boards Carter, c. 

McMahon Patrick, woolsorter, boards 10 William 
McMahon Patrick, laborer, house 38 Lewis 
McMahon Thomas, house 19 Common 
McMahon Thomas, tailor, house 67 Church 
McManaman Bernard, laborer, house 19 Keene 
McManaman Bridget, widow, house 13 William 
McManaman James, laborer, boards 13 William 
McManaman Mary, widow, house 27 Middle 
McManus Catharine, grocer, 28 Davidson, house do. 
McManus Francis, laborer, boards 30 Davidson 
McManus James, laborer, house Pond, near River 
McManus James, carder, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 
McManus James, mason, house 42 River, Centralville 
McManus James, house rear 15 Union 
McManus John, laborer, house 3 Davidson's lane 
McManus John J. painter, boards 12 William 
McManus Margaret, widow, house 12 William 
McManus Michael, teamster, house rear 58 Market 
McManus Nancy Mrs. dressmaker, 13 William, boards do. 
McManus Neal, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 36 William 
McManus Patrick, laborer, house 30 Davidson 
McManus Patrick, carder, house 9 George 
McManus Thomas, carder, house rear 30 Fayette 

NAEEAGANSETT INS. CO. ''^io'4rTi!^ti''^e\%Sr 


McMaster John, carpenter, house 29 Walnut 

McMaster Lucas I. shoemaker, house 31 High 

McMaster Thomas A. {Dearborn ^ McMaster), 98 Merrimack, 

boards 120 do. 
McMaster Thomas J. machinist, boards 31 Walnut 
McMillan Kennett, fireman, house 67 Charles 
McMonagle Stephen, machinist, house Hampshire, Centralville 
McMorrow Michael, woolsorter, house 3 Faulkner's block 
McMulkin John, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 1 Hurd 
McMulkin Owen, painter, boards 1 Hurd 
McMuUen William, spinner, house Court avenue 
McMurphy Jlichael, machinist, boards 174 Gorham 
McNabb John, grocer, 8 Merrimack, house 20 Ash 
McNabb John, laborer, house 56 Middle 
McNabb John, machinist, house Broadway, corner Adams 
McNabb Patrick, operative, house 40 Gorham 
McNabb Robert, operative, house 6 Pleasant 
McNabb Sarah, widow, house 20 Ash 
McNabb Rosa, widow, house 165 Gorham 
McNaboe George, carder, house 23 Tremont corporation 
McNally Hannah, widow, house 19 George 
MeNamara Anthony, laborer, at Gas Works, house Maiden lane 
McNamara Daniel, machinist, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 
MeNamara James, laborer, house rear 31 Middle 
MeNamara James, laborer, house 52 Fenwick 
MeNamara John, laborer, boards 36 Bleachery 
MeNamara K. Mrs. groceries, 25 Wamesit, house do. 
MeNamara Owen, counsellor, Museum building, h. 25 Wamesit 
MeNamara Mary, widow, house IS Green 
MeNamara Mary, widow, house 3 Putney's court 
MeNamara Michael, gigger, house 42 William 
MeNamara Michael, boards 3 Putney's court 
MeNamara Patrick, laborer, house foot of Linden 
MeNamara Thomas, machinist, boards 42 William 
MeNamara Thomas, operative, boards 3 Putney's court 
McNamee Ann, widow, house rear 85 East Merrimack 
McNamee Charles, baker, house rear 85 East IMerrimack 
McNamee Frank, baker, 34 Paige, boards do. 
McNamee James, weaver, boards 207 Lawrence 
McNaughton John H. clerk, 36 Merrimack, boards 13 Chapel 
McNaughton Marion, widow, house 13 Chapel 
McNeese Michael, laborer, house 13 Fayette 
McNerny Thomas, laborer, boards 36 Bleachery 
McNulty, see McAnuJty 

McOsker Fergus, blindmaker, house 5 Summer 
McOwen Timothy, mason, house 48 South 
McPaden John, laborer, house 32 Middle 
McPeyton John, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corp. 


Assets $560,000. HUNT «fc 
ELLIOTT, Agts. (See p. 374.) 


McPlietres Betsey Mrs. house 53 Lawrence 

McPhetres Samuel A. city clerk, City Government Building, house 

53 Lawrence 
McQuade Andrew, laborer, house 44 Gorham 
McQuade Ann, widow, house 19 Summer 
McQuade Ann, house 43 Gorbam 
McQuade Arthur, laborer, boards 14 George 
McQuade Bridget, widow, house 14 George 
McQuade Edward, stonecutter, house 32 Union 
McQuade Ellen, widow, house 55 Middle 
McQuade Francis, saloon, house 8 William 
McQuade Francis, machinist, house rear 29 Middle 
McQuade Francis, stonecutter, house 32 Union 
jMcQuade Hugh, moulder, house 56 West Union 
McQuade James, tanner, house Lincoln, near tannery, A. C. 
McQuade James, laborer, house 28 Gorham 
McQuade James, laborer, house 9 Summer 
McQuade James, dyer, house 1 William 
McQuade James Mrs. house Manchester, Ayer's City 
McQuade John, barkeeper, boards 8 Adams, near Broadway 
McQuade Joseph, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 9 Summer 
McQuade Mary, widow, boards Seventia, near Bridge 
McQuade Matthew, woolsorter, house 15 William 
McQuade Michael, carder, boards W. Union, corner Gorham 
McQuade Michael, carder, boards 14 George 
McQuade Michael, laborer, house 22 Green 
McQuade Michael Mrs. house 22 Winter 
McQuade Neil, Middlesex, boards 1 William 
McQuade Patrick, carpetmaker, boards 148 Central 
McQuade Patrick, laborer, house Davis court 
McQuaid Edward, moulder, boards 4 Garnet 
McQuaid James A. moulder, house 10 Willie 
McQuaid John, saloon, 22 Gorham, boards 8 Adams 
McQuaid Murty, laborer, house 4 Garnet 
McQucsten John {H. W. Hilton 4' Co.'), 36 Merrimack, house 

Pawtucket, north of Moody 
McQuillen Patrick, machinist,- boards 8 Grand 
IMcRae William, gardener, boards 19 Market 
IMcSbaffiey John, laborer, house 31 Summer 

McShea John, laborer, house Davis court _:\ 

McSiiea Owen, laborer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 
McSorley Alexander, grocer, 80 Middle, house do. 
McSoiley Charles, laborer, house rear 61 Middle 
McSorley Edward, laborer, boards 80 IMiddle 
McSorley John, currier, boards iVdams, corner Cross 
McSorley John Mrs. house 47 Stackpole 
McSorley Mary, widow, house 30 Paige 
McSorley Patrick, cigars, 3 Bridge, house 47 Stackpole 

nImEEICAN fire mS.CO.j^Hr^Tl^ ^L^IoI^^a^^: 


McSweeney Henry, bottler, house rear 44 Lowell 
McSwegan John, Middlesex, house 21 William 
McTeage Peter, operative, house 27 North 
McTee Margaret, widow, house Madison 
McTieruan Ambrose, house 6 Putney's court 
McVey Daniel, laborer, boards 83 Charles 
McYey John, butcher, 11 William, house do. 
McWade Melissa, boarding-bouse, 80 Merrimack corporation 
McWiggin Mary, widow, liouse 40 Paige 
Me Williams Jolm. house 15 Summer 
McWilliams Michael, house rear 18 William 
Mc Williams Thomas, finisher, boards Montgomery House 
McWilliams William, bleachery, house 342 Central 
Mead Anthony, laborer, house 15 Davis 
Mead Artemus, shoecutter, 41 Meri'imack, house 47 Bartlett 
Mead Asa W. machinist, boards 47 Bartlett 
Mead Francis, laborer, house 6 Kidder 
Mead George G. painter, house 74 Cliurch 
Mead John, marble-worker, 165 Middlesex 
Mead John, tailor, house 84 Lowell 

Mead John, watchman, Hamilton, house 21 do. corporation 
Mead John, stonecutter, boards Appleton Bank building 
Mead 31artha, widow, house 74 Church [house 16 Alder 

Mead Matthias, agent, stoves and tin ware, 87 East Merrimack, 
Mead Patrick, tailor, 175 Middlesex, house 14 Willie avenue- 
Mead Ransom L. tanner, house rear 99 Lowell 
Mead Thomas, yard hand, boards 73 Lawrence corporation 
Mead William, spinner, Merrimack eorp. boards 114 do. 
Meadoweroft James, house Moore, near Whipple 
IVIeadowcroft John L. boards Moore, near Whipple 
Meagher John, currier, house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Meagher Michael, laborer, house 76 Wheelock's block 
Mealey E. Mrs. house 1 Reed's court 
Mealey Frank, spinner, house 10 First, Centralville 
Mealey Jolm J. stampmaker, boards 1 Reed's court 
Mealey Michael, spinner, house 3 Reed's court 
Mealey Michael, laborer, boards 12 Winter 

-Mealey {Michael H.) & Guy ton {Patrick H.), grocers, 308 Mer- 
rimack, house 271 do. 
Meanen Honora, widow, house 8 Wall 
Meaney Edward, laborer, house 53 Market 
Meany Martin, laborer, house 28 Gorham 
Mears Charles H. wood-dealer, house 239 School 
Mears David, weaver, Merrimack eorp. house 60 do. 
Mears Porter, teamster, house 24 Bleachery 
Mecham Samuel, loom-harness maker, house 1 Morse's lane 
Medard Joseph, laborer, house 17 Appleton eorp. 
Medina Emanuel J. ornamental hair-work, 94 Merrimack, h. do. 

PnATAT T7TPT7 TATQ! /^A Assets $340,ooo. hunt & elliott, 

UUiM>li lillll; lINOi VjUij Agts., 38 Central St. (See page 374.) 


Medley John, spinner, house rear 36 Appleton 

Meehan B. F. cigars, &c. 17 j Merrimack, bcls. 64 Grorham 

Meehan James, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

Meere Bridget, boards 1 Green 

Mehan Daniel, laborer, house 184Gorham 

Mehan John & Brother (Owen), housekeeping goods, 24 Pres- 

cott, house Ninth, Centralville 
Mehan Mary, widow, house Hampshire, Centralville [Suffolk 

Mehan Owen {John Mehan 8^ Brother) , h. 34 Franklin square, 
Mehan Thomas, painter, 24 Prescott, h. Hampshire, Centralville 
Meigs Josiah V. inventor of fii'earms, U. S. Cartridge Co. house 

10 Walnut 
Melendy Henry H. lumber-dealer, house 25 Marshall 
Melendy Thomas {Davis ^ Melendy), lumber, &c. 259 Middle- 
sex, house at Nashua 
Mellen Charles B. cabinetmaker, house 5 Carlton 
Mellen C. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 124 Central, house do. 
Mellen James, shoemaker, Fletcher, n. Dutton, h. 124 Central 
Mellen John, spinner, house 27 Union 
Mellen John L. glovecutter, house 59 Third, Centralville 
Mellen Lawrence, laborer, house 3 Davidson's lane 
Mellen Patrick F. butcher, Andover, cor. Water, h. 56 Fayette 
Mellor Samuel, weaver, house 9 Chestnut 
Meloy Ann H. widow, house 39 Salem 
Meloy John A. driver, H. B. B. house 32 Chestnut 
Melvin Albert, carpenter, boards 7 Boott corp. 
Melvin Alonzo L. painter, boards 140 IMerrimack corp. 
Melvin Benjamin, machinist, house 38 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Melvin Benjamin F. bootmaker, 3 Prescott block, bouse 51 Co- 
burn, Centralville 
Melvin Charles F. boards 50 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Melvin Charles T. loom-harness maker, house 32 Race 
Melvin Dawes Mrs. house 50 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Melvin Dustin B. machinist, house 31 Marion [Bridge, Cent. 

Melvin Goodman B. shoemaker, 3 Prescott block, h. Seventh, near 
Melvin Harriet L. Mrs. house 381 Merrimack 
Melvin Joshua, plaster manuf. Elm, near Gorham, h. 65 Fletcher 
Melvin Marietta, teacher. High School, boards 381 Merrimack 
Melvin Rufus Mrs. house 76 Third, Centralville 
Mercer Richard P. Mrs. house 89 Appleton 

Merchant J. Gilman, machinist, b. 71 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Mereier Francois, laborer, boards 322 Merrimack 
Mercier John, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 
Blercier John jr. laborer, boards 322 Merrimack 
Meredith Edward, carriage-painter, 163 Central, h. 44 Fayette 
Merguire Hannah, widow, house 13 Summer 
Merriam Albert Mrs. house 16 Adams, n. Broadway 
Merriam Eliza, teacher. No. 12 Primary School, b. 125 Moody 



Merriam Jacob A. carpenter, house 10 Austin 

Men-iam jMary A. widow, house 125 Moody 

Merrill Alniira, widow, house 360 Merrioiack 

Merrill Alphonso, job-wagon, house 17 Fifth, Centralville 

Merrill Ambrose J. weaver, house 24 Massachusetts corp. 

Merrill Austin, carpenter, house 59 Boott corporation 

Merrill A. A. & Co. {George W. Merrill), boots and shoes, 6 

Central, house 39 Branch 
Merrill Bartlett C. (/. 3Ierrill ^ Son), bookseller and stationer, 

37 Merrimack, house 23 Chapel 
Merrill Benjamin, carpenter, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Merrill Benjamin Mrs. house 92 Bridge, Centralville 
Merrill Charles M. boarding-house, 4 Lowell corporation 
Merrill Charles M. farmer, house Forrest, near Stevens 
Merrill Charles 0. spinner, Lawrence corp, boards rear 4 Dodge 
Merrill Edwin, house 68 Bartlett 
Merrill Farnum, silk-peddler, house 48 Elm 
Merrill Frank M. clerk, 37 Merrimack, boards Mount Pleasant, 

near Beacon, Centralville 
Merrill Gardner B. wood-engraver, 37 Merrimack, house Mount 

Pleasant, near Beacon, Centralville 
Merrill George S. carpenter, boards 12 Chestnut 
Merrill George W. (A. A. 3IerriU Sf Co.), boots and shoes, 6 

Central, house 17 Alder 
Merrill Henry A. carpenter, boards 51 Boott corporation 
Merrill Horatio N. watchman, Merrimack corporation, house 50 do. 
Merrill John F. overseer, Lawrence corp. h. Coburn, Centralville 
Merrill Joshua & Son (Bartlett G.) booksellers and stationers, 37 

Merrimack, house Mount Pleasant, near Beacon, Centralville 
Merrill Otis, carpenter, house 127 Moody 
Merrill Rebecca Mrs. house 27 Kirk 

Merrill Samuel H. machinist, h. near Harris's shop, Lawrence corp. 
Merrill ( William P.) & Calef (A. J.), carpenters, 26 Middlesex, 

house First, near Simpson, Centralville 
Merrimack Manufacturing Company, north end Dutton 
Merritt Wesley M. Mrs. house 10 Dodge 

Meserve Eben, depot-master, Merrimack-st. depot, h. 24 Appleton 
Meserve Harry, express messenger, 4 Middle, house 73 Appleton 
Messenger Enoch, operative, house 71 Warren 
Messer Abiel, stonemason, house 72 Bartlett 
Messer Almira D. dressmaker, 52|- Merrimack, boards 72 Bartlett 

Messer , roll-coverer. house 53 Lawrence corporation 

Metcalf George E. operative, house Mount Vernon, near Sixth 
Middlemas Robert, carriagemaker, house rear 91 Appleton 
Middlesex Company, Warren, foot of Hurd 
Middleton Henry G. laborer, house Front, Centralville 
Middleton John, city teamster, boards 30 Hamilton corporation 
Midgeley John, operative, boards 24 Wamesit 

BiilllKoHIRE LIFE INS. CO. Elf£lOTT,' Agents' (.See p.374.) 


Midgeley Thomas Mrs. house 11 Ash 

Miles Alexander, butcher, house 13 Davidson 

Miles Frank N. teamster, house 83 Howard * 

Miles Freeman, currier, house 43 Appleton 

Miles James, provisions, 71 Market, house do. 

Miles Jesse, operative, boards 3 Tremout corporation 

Milieu James, carpenter, boards Luther's court 

Miller Alton, wood-worker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bd^. 39 Fletcher 

Miller Asa P. confectioner, boards 280 Merrimack 

Miller Elipbalet, policeman, house 30 Tremout corporation 

Miller Frank, operative, boards Lawrence, near Mdls 

Miller George W. boarding house, 10 Suttolk curporation 

Miller Henry (^Ladd S^ Miller), gi'ocer. Bridge, corner Third, h. 

do. Centralville 
Miller James R. bedsteadmaker, house 120 Cross 
Miller John, overseer white ro );u, Hamilton corporation, h. 41 do. 
Miller Joseph, carpenter, 10 Central, house 17 Willie avenue' 
Miller Joseph, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Miller Oliver, shoemaker, house 3 Hancock avenue 
Miller William, bobbinraaker, boards 51 Mass. corporation 
Millett Thomas, laborer, boards 278 Middlesex 
Milliken Frank J. clerk (Boston), 54 High 
MUliken John, upholsterer, house 1 Hurd 
Milliken Melvin J. driver ice-cart, boards 2 McFarlin avenue 
Mills Eli, mule-room, Hamilton corporation, boards 31 do. 
Mills Eliza, widow, house 218 School 

Mills Hiram B. machinist, house 4 Lincoln, near Chelmsford 
Mills Hugh, moulder, house 39 Lnwell Machine Shop corporation 
Mills James H. print works, Ha'nilton, house rear 46 Charles 
Mills Martin V. machinist, Lawrence corporation, house 2 do. 
Mills Moses, boards 116 Cross 
Milner Thomas Mrs. house 17 Marshall 
Mimner John, stonecutter, house 62 Hamilton block 
Miner Abram Mrs. house Westford, near Grates 
Miner Augusta Mrs. boarding-house, Liberty square 
Miner Rosa, widow, house 30 William 
Minogue Charles, boarding-house. Chase's Mills 
Minter James (American Bolt Gornpany), 210 Lawrence, house 

at Tewksbury 
Mitchell Daniel F. (Blood ^ Mitchell), provisions, Adams, corner 

Suffolk, house Varney, corner Mount Washington [corp. 

Mitchell Ezra, engineer, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. 24 Appleton 
Mitchell George B. operative, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Mitchell George E. house 35 Elm 

Mitchell Hannah Mrs. boarding-hou^e, 21 Lowell corporation 
Mitchell Henry W. driver, 23 Market, house 9 Oliver 
Mitchell James, operative, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Mitchell M. carpenter, boards 79 Church 

Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Hartford, Conn., HUNT &. 
ELLIOTT, Agents, 28 Central St. (See pages Z'Ti, 375.) 


Mitchell Peter, hoop-skirt manufactory, 168 Merrimack 

Mitchell Thomas, machinist, boards 61 Lowell 3Iacbine Shop corp. 

Mitchell William, operative, boards 10 William 

Mitchell William, watchman, Hamilton, h. 16 Central [block 

Mitchell , watchman, Faulkner's iMill, boards 7 Faulkner's 

Moar John E. carder, Merrimack corporation, boards *25 do. 
Moar Stephen, overseer, house 25 Merrimack corporation 
Mollahan Francis (P. Sf F. Mollahan), grocer, 64 Charles, bds. do. 
Mollahan Peter & Francis, grocers, 64 Charles, boards do. 
MoUeur Pascal, carpenter, house 32 Salem 
Molloy George, trunk maker and emigration agent, 15 Market, 

house 1 Molloy 's court [1 Molloy's court 

Molloy M. A. Miss, fancy goods and dressmaking, 72 Central, bds. 
Monaghan Henry, laborer, house rear 4 Lee 
Monaghan John, operative, house 14 Floyd 
Monahaii Ann, widow, house 28 High 
Monahan James, operative, house 1 Tyler's block 
Monuhim Mary, widow, house rear 272 Merrimack 
Monahan Patrick, laborer, boards 28 High 
Monahan Peter, blacksmith, boards 64 Charles 
Monahan Richard, laborer, boards rear 268 Merrimack 
Monahan Terrence, machinist, boards rear 268 Merrimack 
Mongan Mary, widow, house 10 Hurd 
Mongovan Mary, widow, house 7 Ford 
Mongovan Wdliam D. clerk, 46 Merrimack, boards 7 Ford 
Monroe Abby Mrs. house 9 Hamdton corporation 
Monroe Lang, carder, house 9 Hamilton corporation 
Monroe Margaret, widow, house 8 Lowell corporation 
Monroe William C. overseer, Lowell corporation, hoa?e 8 do. 
Monroe, see Munroe 
Montague James, boards Central House 
Monteith Robert, blacksmith, house rear 1 Morse's lane 
Montferrand L. T. dry and fancy goods, 2 Welles' block, boards 

19 Kirk 
Monty Albert W. leather dealer, house 13 Paige 
Moody Amos P. ]Mrs. house 82 Appleton 

Moody x\ndrew, superintendent Lowell Machine Shop, h. 1 Kirk 
Moody Betsey W. boarding-house, 16 Merrimack corporation 
Moody David, machinist, boards 75 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Moody Delana, widow, house 43 Tremont 
Moody Isaac, chemist, house Moore, near Whipple's 
Moody Job, teamster, house 248 Merrimack 
Moody Joseph D., Indian physician, 179 Central, house do. 
Moody Rufus, Lowell M. S. boards 33 Massachusetts corporation 
Moody Samuel S. machinist, house 75 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Moody Sally Mrs. house 133 Merrimack corporation 
Moody Theodore, boarding-house, 59 Massachusetts corporation 
Mooney Ann, widow, house 52 Button 

Mutual Benefit Life lus. Co., Ne%varU. Assets over $18,000,000. 

HUIVT & ELLIOTT, Aleuts, 38 Ceutral St. (See pages .374, 375.) 


Mooney Benjamin Gr. police, house 29 Willie 

Mooney Bridget, widow, house 5 Wall 

Mooney Christopher, grocer, 11 Davidson, house do. 

Mooney Henry, boarding-house, 33 Hamilton corporation 

Mooney John, teamster at S. Horn & Co.'s, house 84 Middlesex 

Mooney John C. carpenter. Putney's court, house 191 Central 

Mooney Lydia Mrs. house 25 Mt. Vernon, Centralville 

Mooney Patrick, bleacher, house 60 Fayette 

IMooney Peter, dresser-tender, house 59 Hamilton block 

Mooney Philip, operative, boards 3 Treraont corporation 

Mooney Thomas, laborer, house 1 1 Wall [30 Clay 

Moore Albert M. fyFrye Sf Moore), counsellor, 49 Central, house 

Moore Azubah, widow, house 61 West Union 

Moore Benjamin F. machinist, boards 6 Branch 

Moore Charles (^Cotton 4' Moore), 11 Preseott, boards 3 Tremont 

Moore Edwin, operative, boards 3 Treraont corporation 
Moore Ephraim 8. cabinetmaker, r. 239 Middlesex, h. at Middlesex 
Moore Frank (Boston), boards 121 Gorham 
Moore Frederic L. carriage-painter. Arch, near Northern depot, 

boards Moore 
Moore George, Middlesex Mills, house Water, near Andover 
Moore George E. blacksmith, boards 61 West Union 
Moore George E. jig sawyer, rear 239 Middlesex, h. at Middlesex 
Moore Henry 0. carpenter, house 5 Clark 
Moore James A. letter-carrier, P.O. boards 30 Clay 
Moore James M. overseer, Middlesex Co. house 30 Clay, c. Oak 
Moore Jesse Mrs. house Moore 

Moore John G. overseer, Middlesex corp. house 46 Tyler 
Moore John N. bootmaker, 63 Charles, house 191 Central 
Moore Joseph, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Moore Lucius B. cigars, house Moore, opposite stone house 
Moore Lucrotia H. widow, house 6 Tilden court 
Moore Mary G. Mrs. house 33 Hanover 
Moore Richard M. laborer, boards 111 Central 
Moore Salathiel, bootmaker, 68 Central, h. 14 High-street square 
Moore Sarah, widow, house 6 Branch 
Moore Susan, widow, house 72 Church 
Moore Thomas E. second hand, house 59 Massachusetts corp. 

Moore , hackdriver, boards 56 Massachusetts corporation 

Moors Albert, bleachery, house Moore, stone house 

Moors Simeon Mrs. house Moore, stone house 

Moquent Eugene, laborer, house Tilden court 

Moran Bernard, spinner, boards 73 Lawrence corporation 

Moran Catharine Mrs. house 35 Keene 

Moran James, laborer, house 9 Fenwick 

Moran James F. machinist, boards 35^ Gushing 

Moi-an John, operative, house 105 Merrimack corporation 

Business tliat can't afford Insurance is too poor to follow. AVls- 
doui, prudence, experience, all say, Insure at once. (See page 374.) 


Moran John, spinner, boards Castle's block, Jefferson 

Moraii John, laborer, house Plowe, corner Davidson' 

Moran John, operative, house Front, near River, Centralville 

Moran John, raule-spinner, house River, corner Front, Centralville 

Moran John F. carpenter, house 12 River, Centralville 

iMoran 3Iichael, laborer, house 1 Howe 

Moran Michael, Prescott corporation, liouse 15 East Merrimack 

Moran Michael, moulder, house 10 Jefferson 

Moran Michael Mrs. house Castle's block, Jefferson 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house 4 Knowles place 

Moran Patrick, laborer, house 55 Gorham 

Moran Patrick, cooper, house 12 River, Centralville 

Moran Patrick J. laborer, house 13 Fen wick 

Moran Thomas, laborer, house Lincoln 

Moran Thomas, wiredresser, \j. M. S. house Hoi'n, near Lane 

Moran Thomas E. marbleworker, house Jackson, cor. Middlesex 

Moran William, laborer, house 31 Floyd 

Moran William, laborer, boards 34 Connnon 

Morehouse D. A. Rev. house 50 Third, Centralville 

Morehouse Eliza Mrs. house 56 Third, Centralville 

Morey Clara T. Mrs. house 3 H'l^h 

Morey Dolly, widow, boards 3 J Rirtlett 

Morey Greorge F. {Knapp Sf Morey), publisher, 44 Central, h. 

380 Merrimack 
Morey Louey, widow, house 32 Bartlett 
Morey Mercy A. Mrs. boards 32 Bartlett 
Morey Sherman M. house 43 Branch 
Morey Stephen, bobbinmaker, Wainesit Mills 

Morey Thomas J. peddler, house 52 Tyler Bartlett 

Morey William, foreman primer, "Citizen" office, house 32 
Morgan Christopher, house 36 Lawrence coi'poration 
Morgan Christopher jr. spinner, house 73 Lawrence corporation 
Morgan Ebeuczer, real-estate agent and employment office, 314 

Merrimack, boards 36 Lawrence corporation 
Morgan John, bleaehery, house 3 Swift 
Morgans Morgan, machinist, house 6 Edgerly ct. 
Moriarty Joanna, widow, house 20 Adams 
Moriarty John, laborer, house 1 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Moriarty Thomas, laborer, boards 147 Lowell 
Morin Joseph, laborer, house 141 Middlesex 
Morisette Charles, yard hand, boards 46 Lawrence corp. 
Morrill Charles, superintendent public schools. City Government 

building, boards 428 Merrimack 
Morrill Elizabeth, widow, house Nesmith. cor. Aiidover 
Morrill Eugene N. painter, 31 Chapel 
Morrill Ezra, carpenter, house 99 Cross 
JMorrill James, spinner, boards 62 Church 
Morrill Joseph, operative, house rear 394 Merrimack 

HUBfT «fc ELLIOTT, Fire and Life Insurance Agents, Rooms, Pres- 
cott ]Vat, Bank Building, ^8 Central St,, Lowell. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Morrill Leonard, yard Boott corporation, house 39 do. 

Morrill Nathaniel W. painter, 197 Gorham, house 3 Burns 

Morrill Sarah, widow, house 1 Middlesex place 

Morris Ann Mrs. house 59 West Union 

Morris Frank, laborer, house 25 Union 

Morris Henry, machinist, boards 59 West Union 

Morris Hugh, moulder, house 6 Putney ct. 

Morris James, laborer, house 3 George 

Morris James, peddler, house 13 Broadway 

Morris John, spinner, boaids 83 Church 

Morris Martin, baker, 34 Paige, house do. 

Morris Mary Mrs. bouse '226 Central 

Morris Thomas F. baker, 34 Paige, h. rear 43 River, Centralville 

Morris , machinist, boards 2 Middlesex place 

Morrisey Patrick, machinist, boards 58 Hamdton block 

Morrison Dependence, roll-coverer, house 2 Morse's lane 

Morrison Hannah T. Mrs. boarding-house 4 Merrimack corp. 

Morrison Hugh, laborer, ho\ise 120 Middlesex 

Moriison James, laborer, house 31 Worthen 

Morrison James F. blacksmith, house lear 21 Dunimer 

Morrison James G. overseer, Middlesex Company, house 33 Elm 

Morrison James L. boards 30 Appleton corporation 

Morrison John, overseer, Appleton corporation, house 30 do. 

Morrison John F. music-teacher, boaids 30 Appleton corporation 

Morrison iMartha A. Miss, clerk, GO Merrimack, bds. 40 Worthen 

Morrit-on Richard, lalioror, house 1 Suffolk court 

Morrison Sarah L. Miss, clerk, 60 Merrimack, bds. 40 Worthen 

Morrison William D. Mrs. house 45 Summer 

Morrow Hugh, bleachery, house 34 South 

Morse Albert A. machinist, house 177 xMefrimack corporation 

Morse A. S. house 1 Suffolk corporation 

Morse Bela H., Middlesex, hrtuse 22 Warren 

Morse Charles, cloth-printer, boards 5 Prescott corp. 

Morse Charles H. shuttlemaker. First, h. Fifth, cor. Read, Cent. 

Morse Edgar H. clerk, 9 Middle, bds. 44 Mass. corporation 

Morse Edwin L., Mass. corporation, house 60 do. 

Morse Elizabeth A. widow, house 24 Austin 

Morse Ezekiel R. stabler, house 14 Church 

Morse Frances C. Miss, house 8 Fifth, Centralville 

Morse Frank R. Rev. house 176 Mo( dy, opp. James 

Morse Franklin G. gardener, house Webster Ave. n. Ninth, Cent. 

Morse Henry 0. livery stable, Monument sq. Merr. h. Worthen, 

cor. Mechanic 
Morse Horace E. counsellor {B.), boards 52 Elm 
Morse Horace W. clergyman, house 52 Elm 
Morse Isaiah, bds. River road Dracut 
Morse (James C.) & Turner {G. F.), fruit, periodicals, &c. 133 

Central and 6 Gorham, house 157 Central 

Boot and Slioe Factories, Macliiiiery and Stock tUerein, insured 1»Y 
HU]\T &, GLIilOTT, Insurance Agents, 38 Central Street. 


Morse James N. bookkeeper at Norcross & Saunders's, house 45 

Morse James W. contractor, L. M. S. house 46 Grand 
Morse Jonathan, bds. 6 Fifth, Cefitralville 
Morse Joshua B. clerk, Lawrence counting-room, house River 

road, Dracut 
Morse J. Decatur, weaver, house 15 Brown 
Morse IMaria M. dressmalier, house 24 Austin 
Morse iMary J. widow, house 1 Ford 
Morse Nathan H. teambtev, Boott, bds. 54 do. 
Morse Robert, carpenter, bds. 20 Appleton corp. 
Morse Thomas E. Mrs. house 8 Fifth, Centralville 
Morse Webster, caider, house 17 Brown 
Morse William, fuller, house Water, corner Pond 
Morse Willis Mrs. house 2 Middlesex place 
Mort James W. cigar manufacturer, 77 Central, house Methuen 

Morton riilbert P. watchman, L. M. S. bds. 3 Lowell corp. 
Morton Israel R. stonecutter, house 56 Moody 
Morton I'rue, machinist house 3 South Franklin court 
Moses Stephen T. provisions, 1-8 Bridge, Centralville, house do. 
Mosher Daniel W. ( Whitney S^ M.),7 East Merrimack, house 37 

Motley George, treasurer, Appleton corp. house 43 Nesmith 
Moulton A. W. Mrs. house 66 Howard 
Moulton Benning Mrs. house rear 91 Appleton 
Moulton Charles C, Hamilton, bds. 15 Hamilton corp. 
Moulton Charles H. instructor in telegraphy. Museum buildino^, 

bds. do. 
Moulton Edwin A. machinist, house 134 School [ave. 

Moulton Enoch I. express clerk, Northern Depot, bds. 2 Cify Hall 
Moulton Fannie R. dressmaker, 95 Central, bds. 38 Bartlett 
Moulton Ira Mrs. boarding-house, 2 City Hall ave. 
Moulton Jacob T. house 12 Ash 
Moulton James, carder, bds. 5 Hamilton corp. 
Moulton John H. bobbin manuf. Mechanics Mills, bds. Chelmsford, 

cor. Westford 
Moulton .John L. mason, house 57 First, Centralville 
Moulton Joseph P. loom-harness maker, bds. 61 Lawrence corp. 
Moulton OHver H. supt. Hamilton Manuf. Co. house Nesmith, cor. 


Moulton , machinist, bds. 19 South 

Mousseau Gilbert, wireworker, bds. 4 Davidson 

Mowe Daniel Mrs. house 94 Middle [5 Mill 

Mowe George S. manuf. Mowe's Cough Balsam, 94 Middle, house 

Moxley Philena C. embroidery stamping, 252 GoJiam, b. Congress 

Moxley Philena E. nurse, house Congress 

Mudgett William A. shoemaker, bds. 154 Suffolk 

Cotton and \^'oolew Mills, Macliinery and Stock therein, insured 
toy HCJIVT &, ELLIOTT, Insurance Agents, 28 Central Street. 



Muir Archibald, carpenter, bds. 46 Willie 

Mulcaliy Catharine Mrs. house 8 Lewis 

Mulcahy James P. painter, house 76 Lowell 

Mulcahy Michael, mulespinner, bds. River, Centralville 

Mulcahy Michael, operative, house rear 21 Dummer 

Muldoon John, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Muldoon Julia Miss, house Thorndike, corner Hale 

Muldoon Michael, laborer, house 45 Gorham 

Muldoon Thomas, carder, bds. 134 Merrimack corp. 

Mulhearn Bridget, widow, house 78 Gorham 

Mulherrin Catharine Miss, house 10 River, Centralville 

Mulherrin Mary, house 10 River, Centralville 

Mulholland John, painter, bds. 42 L. M. S. corp. 

Mullen Barney, currier, house Tanners, near Lincoln 

Mullen Bernard, operative, bds. 148 Central 

Mullen Charles, teamster, Howe & Burnham's, Dutton 

Mullen Dominick, flagman, Boston and Lowell Railroad, Northern 

depot, house rear 17 Winter 
Mullen Elizabeth, widow, house rear 17 Winter 
Mullen Elizabeth Mrs. bds. 2 William 
IMuUen Hugh, laborer, house 56 West Union 
Mullen James, finisher, bds. 134 Merrimack corp. 
Mullen -James, laborer, house 3 Korner's court 
Mullen James, bleachery, bds. Crosby 
Mullen John, strainermaker, house ll Fifth, Centralville 
Mullen Joseph, laborer, house rear 5 Hancock avenue 
Mullen Michael, painter, house 87 Merrimack corp. 
Muller John, blacksmith, house 3 Mclntire 
Mullett Sarah A. Mrs. house Bowers, corner Beacon 
MuUett Sarah E. Miss, bds. Bowers, corner Beacon 
]\Iulligan Patrick, laborer, house 18 Jefferson 
]^Iullino Robert, at U. S. Cartridge Co. house 3 Wamesit block 
MuUins Joanna, widow, house 118 Suffolk 
MuUowney Patrick, laborer, house 16 Jefferson 
MuUowuey IMrs. widow, house Lynch's block 
Mulloy John, Middlesex, house 4 Green 
Mulloy John, laborer, house rear 12 Little 
Mulray Patrick, laborer, at Gas Works, house 9 Broadway 
Mulready IMary, widow, house 8 Keene 
Mulready Thomas, teamster, house 1 Marion 
Mulvaney Matthew, woolsorter, bds. 16 High 
Mulvey Celia, house 98 Lowell 
Mulvey Michael, painter, bds. 44 Water 
Mulvey Patrick, operative, house 48 Adams 
Munday John, laborer, house 9 George 
Munn Charles H. Mrs. house 10 Read, Centralville 
Munn Francis D. {Bartlett ^ Munn), mineral-water, 52 Middlesex, 

house 69 Bridge, Centralville 

■ CliurcHes, School Houses, and other Public Buildings, insured for 
one or five years, by HUKT & ELLIOTT, 38 Central Street. 


Munn Francis D. jr. clerk, 134 Memmaek, bds. 69 Bridge, Cent. 

Munn Frederick, spinner, house 8 Massachusetts corp. 

Munn George M. machinist, Mechanics Mills, house 16 Lee 

Munroe Carlos, sashmaker, boards 69 Market 

Munroe Charles, carpenter, 1 Howe, house 32 High 

Munroe E. L. widow, bds. 19 Howard 

Munroe George L. clerk, 131 Central, house 19 Howard 

Munroe William H. painter, 244 Middlesex, house 45 Appleton 

Munroe, see Monroe 

Munsell John, boards 28 Wentworth's building 

Munsey Timothy, carpenter, house 5 Perrin 

Murkland Archibald, hose maker, at Josiah Gates & Sons', boards 

13 Hancock avenue 
Murkland George, printer, at Penhallow's, house rear 61 Salem 
Murkland George T. spinner, boards 14 Cady 
Murkland James, beltmaker, 6 Mechanics building, house 30 

Franklin square, Suffolk 
Murkland James, carpenter, boards ^ 5 Hancock avenue 
Murkland James H. mason, house 8 Lawrence 
Murkland John, section hand, house 14 Cady 
Murkland John W. {W. ^ J. W. Murkland), 82 Middle, house 

256 Central 
Murkland Sophia, widow, boards 248 Gorham 
Murkland William & J. W pattern-makers and machinists, 82 

Middle, house 15 Hancock avenue 
Murkland William jr. machinist, boards 15 Hancock avenue 
Murphy Bridget, widow, house 2 Howe 
Murphy Catharine, dressmaker, house 30 Lowell 
Murphy Cornelius, papermaker, house foot of Joiner 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, house 3 Jefferson 
Murphy Daniel, beer agent, 50 Dutton, house do. 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, boards 19 William 
Murphy Daniel, house 16 Dummer 

Murphy Daniel J. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 16 Dummer 
Murphy Dennis, marble-polisher, 155 Central, house 40 Appleton 
Murphy Edward, gardener, house 42 Salem 
Murphy Edward J. boards 172 Suffolk 
Murphy Elizabeth, widow, boards 10 Summer 
Murphy Florence, laborer, house 90 Suffolk 
Murphy George, Hamilton P. W. boards 34 North 
Murphy Hetty Mrs. house 20 Summer 
Murphy James, machinist, house 30 South 
Murphy James, machinist, boards 24 Hurd 
Murphy Jeremiah, carpet-weaver, house 2 Swift 
Murphy Jeremiah, gardener, house 7 Andover 
Murphy Jeremiah, operative, boards 1 George 
Murphy John, laborer, house 75 Lowell 
Murphy John, laborer, house 45 Adams 

Jsj-our Eeal Estate and Personal Property insured in reliable 
« filces ! If not, call on HUNT & ELLIOTT, 38 Central Street. 


Murphy Jolin, laborer, boards 1 George 

Murphy John, tailor, 47 Market, house do. 

Murphy John, weaver, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Murphy John, house 80 Wheelock's block, Chapel 

Murphy John, moulder, house 45 Fenwick 

Murphy John, picker-maker, 92 Maj-ket, boards 117 Middlesex 

Murphy John, carder, house 16 North 

Murphy John B. Mrs. house 6 Stackpole 

Muiphy John E. cloth-printer, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Murphy Joseph H. {Bellmmj Sf Murphy), 68 Middlesex, house 

45 Charles 
Murphy Julia, widow, boards 74 River, Centralville 
Murphy Margaret, widow, house 91 Lowell 
Muiphy Margaret, widow, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 
Murphy IMary, widow, house rear 86 Lowell 
Murphy Mary, widow, houf-e 90 Suffolk 
Murphy Michael, spinner, house 66 Church 
Murptiy Michael, laborer, house 1 Andover 
Murphy Michael, clerk, house 50 Lewis 
Murphy Owen, operative, house 74 River, Centralville 
Marphy Patrick, tailor, house 150 Lowell 
Murphy Patrick 2d, plasterer, boards 150 Lowell 
Murphy Patrick, harnessmaker, house 33 Salem 
Murphy Patrick, cardstripper, house 14 Little 
Murphy Patrick, spinner, house 11 North 
Murphy Stephen, laborer, boards 102 Suffolk 
Murpby Thomas, boilermaker, house 18 Lewis 
Murphy Thomas, laborer, house rear 69 Lowell 
IMurphy Timothy, laborer, house 22 Howe 
Murphy William, laborer, house rear 114 Suffolk 
Murphy William, laborer, house off Gorham, opp. cemetery 
Murphy William, laborer, house 23 Lowell 
Murphy William J. mariner, boards 13 Davis 

Murphy , Mrs. house Whipple, corner Kinsman 

Murphy , Mrs. house 3 Court avenue 

Murphy , Mrs. widow, house 43 Adams 

Murray Andrew, overseer, Lowell corporation, h. 7 Lagrange 

Murray Catharine, widow, house 53 West Union 

Murray Charles, doormaker, house Mt. Vernon, near Cross 

Murray Dennis, bleachery, house 181 Lawrence 

Murray James, house 3 Mechanic 

Murray James, laborer, house rear 178 Lawrence 

Murray James, laborer, house 181 Lawrence 

Murray James T. clock-repairer, rear 20 Winter, house do. 

Murray Jeremiah, laborer, house 181 Lawrence 

Murray John, dyer, house rear 23 High 

Murray John, carder, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Murray John, laborer, house 100 Lowell 

H€iVT <fc ELLIOTT will insure your Stock, Machinery, Tools, 
Utensils, Apparatus and Fixtures, iiS Central Street. (See page 3?4.) 


Murray John, carder, boards 136 Merrunack corporation 
Murray Michael, operative, house 103 Lowell 
Murray Patrick, junk, house 38 South 
Murray Patrick, laborer, house 29 Congress 
Murray Patrick, laborer, house 2 Suffolk court 
Murray Peter, laborer, house rear 29 Hanover 
Murray Richard, carder, boards Gl Lawrence corporation 
Murray Thomas, boards rear 23 High 

Murray , peddler, house 1 Cummiskey's alley 

Mursusan John, peddler, boards 111 Central 
Murtagh Patrick, finisher, house 27 Bleachery 
Muzzey Eugene S. clerk, 48 Merrimack, boards 14 Cabot 
Myatt William, machinist, boards 22 Boott corporation 
Myers Ann E. boarding-house, 14 Boott corporation 
Myers William, bleachery, boards Montgomery House 
Myron John, carpenter, house East Pme, near Carlton 

NADEAU WM. X. confectioner, 37^ Merrimack, b. 6 Merrill's ct. 
Nagle James, laborer, boards 8 Summer 
Nann John, at Print Works, house 7 North 

Napolski Francis X. tailor, house 67 Churcb ' [h. do. 

Narey Sarah A. Mrs. dressmaker, 1 Livingston's block, Appleton, 
Narney Owen, Merrimack Print yard, boards Wanalancit 
Nary Daniel, machinist, house 104 Middlesex 
Nary David Mrs. house 16 Davis 

Nash Albert, at Print Works, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 
Nash James W. & Co. stoves and kitchen furniture, 126 Central, 
house Branch, corner Walker [building 

Nash John C. harnessmaker, 196 Middlesex, boards Wamesit Bank 

Nash William, currier, house 22 Linden 

Nason Almira, widow, boards 22 Clay 

Nason Edwin F. {Boston), boards 3'2 Wentworth's building 

Nason Mary, Massachusetts corporation, house 15 do. 

Nason Mary Miss, house 148 Suffolk 

Nasson Cyrus F. painter, boards 109 Appleton 

Nawn John, laborer, house 97 Merrimack corporation 

Nawn John, operative, boards Lawrence, near Chase's Mills 

Nawn Richard, operative, house 6 Carolin's block, Fayette 

Naylor George, carpet manufacturer, Wamesit Power Company, 
house 17 Ames 

Naylor Joseph, woolen carder, house 1 Edgerley's court 

Naylor Walker, machinist, house 3 Carpet lane 

Neal Aurelia C. widow, house 12 Dodge 

Neal Charles H. operative, house 31 East Merrimack 

Neal Joseph Mrs. house 85 Howard 

Neal Martha A. teacher. No. 10 Primary School, boards 12 Dodge 

Neal Samuel, machinist, boards 13 Central 

Nealley Benjamin F. Mrs. house 383 Merrimack 

Hofvard Fire Insurance Co.'s Ijovvell Office is at ]Vo. 28 Central St., 
vvitli HUJST &, EUHOrr, Agents. (See page 374.) 


Nearney Patrick, machinist, boards 136 Merrimack corporation 

Necdham John, Lowell corporation, boards 1 Hurd 

Neilon Martin, bleachery, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Nelson Clarence, carpenter, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Nelson Francis, house 14 Howe 

Nelson Henry, carpenter, 26 Middlesex, bds. 4 Massachusetts corp. 

Nelson Jauies, operative, house Front, Centralville 

Nelson John S. clerk, 5 Canal block, boards 9 Tremont 

Nerney lloger, house 4 Coburn, Centralville 

Nesmith John Mrs. house 83 Andover 

Nesmhh Olive Mrs. house 136 School 

Nesraith Thomas, house Park, near Andover 

Nevens llobert B. travellino; ao-ent, house 8 Merrill's court 

Nevins Christopher, blacksmith, house rear 103 Gorham 

Nevins John R. carpenter, boards 42 Appleton 

Nevins Michael, house rear 101 Gorham 

Nevins Patrick, house rear 42 Appleton 

Newcomb , carpenter, boards 11 Warren 

Newell Edward, machinist, boards 120 Merrimack 
Newell Mary R. widow, house 14 Cabot 
Newell Mary ll. widow, house 24 Lowell 
Newhall Augustus, laborer, boards 278 Middlesex 
Newhall Augustus, machinist, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 
Newhall Henry L. clerk, house rear Navy Yard, Dracut 
Newhall Samuel, surveyor, house 387 Middlesex 
Newsome Jerry, operative, boards 9 Pleasant 
Newsome Jeremiah, operative, boards 48 Chapel 
Newton Angeline, widow, boards 1 Bay State avenue 
Newton Carlos, carpenter, house 121 Moody 
Newton Charles E. Mrs. house 66 Thorndike 
Newton Erastus, painter, house 1 Bay State avenue 
Newton Edwin, travelling agent, house 69 Charles 
Newton Henry L. C Mrs. house 10 Massachusetts corporation 
Newton William 0. machinist, boards 66 Thorndike 
Nicholas Rolla, watchman on railroad, house 38 Rock 
Nichols Alanson, bookkeeper, 9 Thorndike, house 16 Branch 
Nichols Albert, house 8 Church 

Nichols Albert F. {^Cole & Nichols), iron and brass foundry, But- 
ton, house 120 Appleton 
Nichols Almira C. Mrs. house 190 Central 

Nichols Cemantha R. teacher, Bartlett School, boards 38 Worthen 
Nichols Charles, clerk, 144 Central, house 49 do. 
Nichols Charles jr. agent New England Flour Co. 29 Middlesex, 

boards 34 Willow 
Nichols Charles C. carpenter, house 220 Central 
Nichols Clara J. teacher No. 13 Primary, boards 220 Central 
Nichols Converse, blacksmith, house 92 Appleton 
Nichols David, boards 63 East iMerrimack 

HUKT <fc EliLIOTT, 28 Ceiiitral St., are Agents for sev«-ral of the 
best stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Co.'s (See pages 374, 375.) 


Nichols Edward H. boards 47 Nesmitli [Tyler 

Nichols Edwin {G. N. ^ E. Nichols). 109 Market, boards 46 

Nichols Frank A. (Boston), boards 16 Branch 

Nichols Gilraan N. & E. produce, 109 Market, h. 31 Hanover 

Nichols Henry C. teamster, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Nichols Ira Edwin, clerk, J. Nichols, boards '208 Central 

Nichols Jacob, furniture, &c. Button, c. Lowell, h. 20S Central 

Nichols James, machinist, boards 8 Prescott corporation 

Nichols John H. clerk, 20 Market, house Third, corner Fremont, 

Nichols John Q. clerk, Duttou, cor. Lowell, bis. 208 Central 
Nichols (Levi) & Hutchins (31. F.), confectionery, 37 Central, 

boards do. 
Nichols Nathaniel, machinist, bo'ards 2 Franklin square 
Nichols S. E. Mrs. house 109 Gorham 
Nichols Thomas, gardener, 85 Summer, boards do. 
Nichols {William) & Fletcher {Edmund D.), grocers, 144 and 
146 Central, house 47 Nesmith [Gorham 

Nickerson Franklin, physician, 2 Savings Bank building, h. 105 
Nickerson Newton J. clerk, 80 Central, boards 5 Tyler 
Nixon James, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 

Nixon , laborer, house 7 Tyler's block, Centralville 

Nobblett Robert, woolsorter, boards 33 Lagrange [Intire 

Noble Charles 0. cabinetmaker, rear 239 Middlesex, house 7 Mc- 
Noble George H. contractor, L. M. S. house 14 Franklin square, 

Noble Henry, moulder, boards 1 Hurd 
Nolan Cornelius, laborer, house 12 Winter 
Nolan Richard, at S. A. Scripture's, boards Montgomery House 
Noonan Albert, laborer, house rear 8 Mill 
Noonan Dennis, starcher, boards 35 Bleachery 
Noonan James, Middlesex, house 4 Water 
Noonan John, gigger, house 9 George 
Noonan Mary, widow, house rear 21 North 
Noonan Michael, bleacheiy, house 200 Lawrence 
Noonan Patrick, laborer, house 50 Tjcwis 
Noonan Richard J. machinist, boards 50 Lewis 
Norcott Mary E. variety store, 344 Merrimack, house do. 
Norcross Albert G. dressing-room, Mass. coi-p. h. 38 Prescott corp. 
Norcross (/saac If!) & Saunders ( G^ar/es W.), agents, manufac- 
turers, and dealers in lumber, Middlesex, near Branch, house 
141 Fletcher [Centralville 

Norcross Nicholas W. insurance agent, 21 Central, h. 25 Thud, 
Norman Rufus, carpenter, house 160 Merrimack corporation 
Norris Alonzo S. weaver, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Norris Charles E. house 346 Merrimack 

Norris George B., Boott corp. h. Coburn, c. Hildreth, Centralville 
Norris George G. S. carpenter, house 92 Merrimack corp. 

state Slutual Life Assurance Co., Worcester, llass., Issue every 
desirable form of Life lus. and Kudownieut Policy . (See p. S?-!.) 


Norris George W. livery stable, Warren, n. Central, h. S2 Hurd 

Norris Henry, filecutter, 130 Middlesex, boards 198 Gurham 

Norris John, mason, house 198 Gorham 

Norris John jr. mason, house Madison, near Gorham 

Norris Proctor P. operative, Lawrence corporation, boards 40 do. 

Norris Thomas Rev. boards 17 Appleton 

North Frederick T. overseer, Middlesex Company, house 31 Elm 

North William, overseer, Middlesex Company, h. 35 Lawrence 

North William L. {Adams, North, ^ Co.),! Central, h. 47 Tyler 

Norton Ann, widow, house 13 Abbott 

Norton Eliza M. widow, house Fremont, Centralville 

Norton James F. gasfitter, 84 Middle, house 15 Marshall 

Norton John, laborer, at Gas House, house rear 26 Lowell 

Norton John, machinist, house 9 Middlesex place 

Norton Sophia Mrs. boarding-house, 72 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Norton Thomas, carpenter, house 141 Merrimack corp. 

Nourbourn Alfred {W. H' hinson ^ Co.), Mechanics Mills, house 

8 Adams, near Broadway 
Nourse Francis H. local supt. S. & L. E. R. and L. & L. R. R., 

]Middlesex-st. depot, house 105 Appleton 
Noval Joseph, laborer, house Charles, cor. Chapel 
Noyes Aaron, soapraaker, Lenton court, house at Tewksbury 
Noyes Amos B. machinist, 96 Middle, boards 36 Common 
Noyes Benjamin A. carpenter, house 36 Common 
Noyes Charles Mrs. house 47 Fayette [East Merrimack 

Noyes Cyrus S. trunkmaker, 58 and 60 Central, house rear 105 
Noyes Gilman C. painter, house 1 Fulton, Centralville 
Noyes Henry H. cigars, &c. 189 Central, boards 141 do. 
Noyes Huldah C. widow, house 87 Moody 
Noyes John F. carpenter, 137 Central, house 141 do. 
Noyes John W. machinist, boards 30 Common " 

Noyes Joseph L. house Wyman 
Noyes Person (^Bostoti), house 1 Auburn 
Noyes William jM. machinist, house 39 Carter 
Nudd David P. boards Wamesit Bank building 
Nudd George T. job-wagon, house 164 Middlesex 
Nugent Michael, junk dealer, 16 Goi'ham, house 24 George 
Nute Addison, clerk, Merrimack House, boards do. 
Nate Andrew T. scale manufacturer, house 14 Elm 
Nute Orin S. scale maker, Mechanics Mills, boards 14 Elm 
Nute Sewall T. teamster, house near Navy Yard, Dracut 
Nuttage Mary, widow, house 61 Adams 
Nuttall James, spinner, boards 42 Boott corporation 
Nutter Alfred, millwiight, hoTise 11 Ames 
Nutter Charles, machinist, boards 76 Button 
Nutter James R., Middlesex, house Plolbrook's court 
Nutter Lewis, painter, house 2 Franklin square 
Nutter Michael, spinner, boards Holbrook's court 

Life and Gndotvment Assurance. Be sure niid get tlie terms in the 
State Mutual Life A. Co. l>e<ore insuring else>v!iere. (See page 375.) 


Nutting Benjamin F. stonecutter, house 14 Catly 

Nutting Stephen Henry, machinist, house 23 Willie 

Nutting James, maibleworker, house High, corner Chestnut ^ 

Nutring 11. L. woodturner, boards 90 Middlesex 

Nutting William S. marbleworker, house 203 Middlesex 

Nye Fanny IMrs. house 53 Boott corporation 

Nye George A. teamster, house 37 Willow 

Nye JMilford, watchman, Boott corporation 

Nye Sarah, widow, house Hildreth, near Dracut line 

O'BEIRNE MICHAEL, Middlesex, house Green, cor. George 

Ober Oliver, overseer repairs, Merrimack corporation, h. 170 do. 

O'Brien Ann, widow, house 37 Lowell 

O'Brien Cornelius, laborer, house Suffolk,, near Lowell 

O'Brien Daniel, laborer, boards 21 Adams 

O'Brien David W. plasterer, boards 70 Lawrence 

O'Brien Hugh, Merrimack corporation, house 106 Merrimack 

O'Brien James, carpet-weaver, house 68 Charles 

O'Brien James, carpenter, house 81 Charles 

O'Brien James, operative, house 115 Lowell 

O'Brien James, laborer, at Gas Works, house 45 Adams 

O'Brien John Rev., house Suffolk, near Catholic Church 

O'Brien John, machinist, bds. 58 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 

O'Brien John, laborer, house 6 Abbott place, Centralville 

O'Brien Marcus, moulder, house 15 Broadway 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 21 Adams 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 4 Pearl 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 6 Lewis 

O'Brien Mary, widow, house 68 South 

O'Brien Michael Rev. house Suffolk, near the church 

O'Brien Michael, sexton St. Patrick's church, bds. Adams, c. Cross 

O'Brien Michael, laborer, house rear 19 Winter 

O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house rear 137 Lowell 

O'Brien Patrick, house 12 Gorham 

O'Brien Patrick, lalwrer, house rear 148 Lowell 

O'Brien Patrick, plumber, 8 Jackson, boards 106 Merrimack 

O'Brien Patrick Mrs. house 49 Adams 

O'Brien Terrance, bleachery, house rear 12 Mill 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house 70 Lawrence 

O'Brien Ttiomas, laborer, house Jefferson, corner Lowell 

O'Brien Timothy, laborer, house 25 East Merrimack 

O'Brien Timothy, laborer, house Common, near Cross 

'Byrne Thomas, laborer, house 38 William 

Ockington David, painter, house 56 Andover 

O'Connell Bernard, laborer, house 7 Coburn, Centralville 

O'Connell David, moulder, boards rear 347 Merrimack 

O'Connell Ellen, widow, house rear 347 Merrimack 

O'Connell James, machinist, house 2 Lee 

Parties desiring Fire or l.ife Policies in Mass. or other Co.'s, can 
procure tliem tlurongli HUNT &- ELLIOTT, at lowest rates. (pp..374,375) 


O'Connell Jobn, tailor, boards rear 347 Merrimack 

O'Connell John Mrs. house 194 Gorham 

O'Connell John, operative, house 6 Merrill 

O'Connell John, laborer, boards 8 Cedar 

O'Connell Luke, blacksmith, boards 194 Glorliam 

O'Connell Michael, laborer, house 25 Davidson 

O'Connell Michael, laborer, bouse 59 Gorham 

O'Connell Patrick, blacksmith, house 32 North 

O'Connell Richard, carpenter, house 24 Walnut 

O'Conner Andrew, laborer, house rear 22 Winter 

O'Conner John, fruit, &c., Dutton, cor. Fletcher, house do. 

O'Conner John, laborer, house 23 Wamesit 

O'Conner John M. machinist, boards Dutton, corner Fletcher 

O'Connor {Bernard) & Flynn (P.), provisions, 664 Charles, 

house 64 do. 
O'Connor Catharine, widow, house 25 Union 
O'Connor John, laborer, boards 6 Merrill 
O'Connor John, spinner, 7 Thorndike 
O'Connor Patrick, laborer, house 15 Union 
O'Connors Patrick, cardstripper, boards 1 Green 
O'Day Daniel, clerk, boards 22 Willie avenue 
O'Day Margaret, widow, house 148 Central 
O'Day Patrick, bleachery, boards Crosby 
Odet Michael, laborer, house 7 Suffolk court 
O'Donald James, laborer, 125 Market 
O'Donnell Edward, machinist, boards 252 Middlesex 
O'Donnell Ellen, widow, house 12 Lewis 
O'Donnell John, laborer, house 52 Lewis 
O'Donnell John, laborer, house 11 East Merrimack 
O'Donnell Mary, widow, house 83 Gorham 
O'Donnell Mary, widow, house Front, Centralville 
O'Donnell Patrick, carder, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
O'Donnell Patrick, Middlesex, house 83 Church 
O'Donnell Thomas, laborer, house Little, corner Dummer 
O'Dwyer Martin, cardstripper, house 28 Gorham 
O'Dwyer, see Dwyr 
Offatt Augusta, widow, house 68 Church 

Offutt David F. ( George Offutt ^ Son), 135 Central, house do. 
OfFutt George & Son (Z)a«'zc?ii^.), upholsterers, 135 Central, h. do. 
Offutt (George F.) & Fairgrieve {George W.), furniture, 39 

Market, 'house 29 do. 
O'Gara Bernard, laborer, house 17 High 
O'Gara Peter, laborer, house 10 Mill 
O'Gara Peter, laborer, house 86 Lowell 
Ogelvie Nancy Jane, fancy goods, 85 Merrimack, house do. 
Ogg Adell, house 11 Worthen 
Ogg Telles, moulder, boards 11 Worthen 
Ogle Isaac, tinsmith, house 72 Mechanic 

Surveys aucl E^stimates made for Insurance on Mills, Manufac- 
tories, and other property, at short notice, by HUNT <&- KLLIOTT. 


O'Grady John, liquors, 101 Gorham, house do. 

O'Halloran Daniel, coachraau, at Mis. John Nesmith's 

O'Halloran Thomas, laborer, boards 66 Caarles 

O'Hara Bridget, house 39 Davidson 

O'Hara Bridget, widow, house 9 Water 

O'Hara Dennis, laborer, boards 19 William 

O'Hara John, laborer, boards 19 William 

O'Hare Hannah, widow, house 78 Gorham 

O'Hare John, laborer, house 2 Coburn, Centralville 

O'Hare John, bleachery, house Prospect, corner Kidder 

O'Hare iMary, widow, house 62 Moody 

O'Hare Michael, laborer, house 65 Dutton 

O'Hare Peter, laborer, house 102 Lowell 

O'Hare Rosa, widow, house 12 Howe 

O'Hare Thomas, laborer, house 44 Water 

O'Hare Thomas, watchman, house 5 Livingston 

O'Hearn Cornelius, blacksmith, house 36 Marion 

O'Hearn Cornelius, peddler, boards 51 J Lowell 

O'Hearn Ellen, widow, house IMcCarry's coui-t 

O'Hearn James, laborer, house 54 Lewis 

O'Hearn James, clothing dealer, 50 Central, h. 162 Lawrence 

O'Hearn John, mason, house 84 Market 

O'Hearn John, at R. Kitson's, boards 57 L. M. S. corporation 

O'Hearn Martin, mason, boards 84 Market 

O'Hearn Michael, teamster, house 104 Suffolk 

O'Heain Michael, painter, boards 54 Lewis 

O'Hearn Patrick J. machinist, house 33 North 

O'Hearn Timothy, tanner, house Manchester, corner Main, A. C. 

O'Hearn , widow, house rear Cross, near Suffolk 

O'Helorin David, boltmaker, house 6 Appleton 
O'Keefe Dennis, laborer, house 1 Jefferson square 
O'Keefe John, laborer, house 42 Lowell 
O'Keefe Patrick, spinner, house 34 North 
O'Keefe, see Keefe 

O'Laughlan Colraan, clerk, 272 Merrimack, boards 274 do. 
O'Laughlin Bernard, laborer, house rear 18 Winter 
O'Laughlin Betsey, widow, house 83 Charles 
O'Laughlin Michael, laborer, boards 86 Charles 
O'Laughlin Michael, laborer, house 5 Abbott • 
O'Laughlin Murtagh, laborer, house 43 Gorham 
O'Laughlin Terrence, laborer, house 21 Davidson 
01(?royd Joseph, engraver, Merrimack Print Works, house 106 
Merrimack corporation [sex 

Olney Emery, bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 112 Middle- 
Olverson Charles, farmer, house Middlesex, near City line 
Olwell James, carpenter, house rear 10 Little 
O'Malley Austin, house 51 Charles 
O'Malley Edward, machinist, house 152 Suffolk 

Increasing Annual Cash Dividends in the State Mutual Iiife A. Co., 
Worcester. Books and circulars free. HUNT &, ELLIOTT, Agents. 


O'Neil Bernard, grocer, 81 Gorhara, boards 28 Summer 

O'Neil Bernard, laborer, boards 83 Church 

O'Neil Bridget, widow, house Howard's avenue 

O'Neil Catharine, widow, house 1 Hurd 

O'Neil Charles, student, boards 8 Dempsey's yard 

O'Neil Cornelius, laborer, house 38 Lewis 

O'Neil Cornelius, machinist, house 9 Fenwick 

O'Neil Daniel, spinner, house 16 Winter 

O'Neil Dennis, watchman, house 115 Lowell 

O'Neil Francis, laborer, house 28 Summer 

O'Neil Henry, helper, Lowell-street Boiler Works, h. 30 William 

O'Neil Honora, widow, house 8 Dempsey's yard 

O'Neil Hugh, tailor, 1 Hurd, house do. 

O'Neil Hugh, sawyer, house 311 Middlesex 

O'Neil Hugh S. tinsmith, boards 10 Jefferson 

O'Neil James, machinist, boards 80 Lowell 

O'Neil James, tanner, house Eaton, near Lincoln, Ayer's City 

O'Neil Jeremiah, farmer, house off Gorham, below Fair Grounds 

O'Neil John, operative, boards 5 Pearl 

O'Neil John, blacksmith, house rear 15 Summer 

O'Neil Margaret Mrs. house 29 Congress 

O'Neil Margaret, widow, house 80 Lowell 

O'Neil Margaret, widow, house rear Coburn, n. Biver, Centralville 

O'Neil Margaret, widow, house Lewis, corner Jefferson 

O'Neil Mary, dressmaker, house 28 Summer 

O'Neil Mary, widow, house rear 43 Middle 

O'Neil Michael, spinner, house 23 North 

O'Neil Michael, laborer, boards 1 Whipple 

O'Neil Patrick, washer, house 103 Gorham 

O'Neil Patrick, laborer, boards 38 Lewis 

O'Neil Patrick, dyer, boards Lewis, corner Jefferson 

O'Neil Thomas, bleachery, house Carter, near Gorham 

O'Neil Timothy, laborer, house 8 Lowell place 

O'Neil Timothy, laborer, boards 102 Lowell 

O'Neill Jeremiah, provisions, 18 opp. 40 Adams, boards 8 Lowell 

Orange (^Henry S.) & Powers (11.), grocers, 11 John, h. 13 do. 

Ordway Alonzo, policeman, house 57 Lawrence corporation 

Ordway George B., Lowell & Lawrence Railroad, h. 146 Jackson 

Ordway Henry M. watchmaker, 86 Merrimack, house 5 Nesmith 

Ordway Joseph E. overseer, at R. Kitson's, h. First, near Bridge, 

Ordway Mary, widow, house 129 Middlesex 
Ormrod James, operative, house 79 Market 

O'Rourke Farrell, white washer, house 169 Merrimack corporation 
O'Rourke John, helper, house rear 75 Lowell 
O'Rourke John, laborer, house 7 Molloy's court 
O'Rourke Miles, laborer, house 76 Middle 
O'Rourke Terrence, boards 51|- Lowell 

Life Insurance for $35,000, $50,000, and $100,000, is not rare now- 
a-days. tsilirevvd men invest in it> (See State M. Life A. Co. adv. p. 375.) 


Orrox James, laborer, boards 80 River, Centralville 

Orso Catharine, widow, house 29 Howard's avenue 

Ort Adam, blacksmith, house 34 Marion 

Osborn Edmund H. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 43 

Osborne Louisa Miss, at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Osgood Asa C. clerk, 46 3Ierriniack, boards American House 
Osgood Atis, machinist, 237 3Iiddlesex, house '^1 Queen 
Osgood Caleb Mrs. widow, house 50 Aridover 
Osgood Charles, former, house Gorhara, near Rnilrnad bridge 
Osgood Charles T. harnessmaker, boards 10 Suff)lk corporation 
Osgood George C. physician {and H. W. Alltn ^ Co.), jMerri- 

mack, cor. Suffolk, boards 14 Cabot 
Osgood George N. painter, house School, corner Liberty 
Osgood Isaac, carpenter, house 43 Church 

Osgood Maria, teacher. No. 33 Primary School, boards 237 Central 
Osgood Orin F. bookkeeper, 27 Central, boards 65 JJatterfield 
Osgood Samuel, machinist, house 36 Franklin 
Osgood Sarah S. widow, house 9 Merrill's court 
Osgood William F. surveyor, house 6t Buttei field 
O'Shea Pierce, laborer, house 45 Go;ham 
Osterhoudt Simeon D. machinist and boai ding-house, 38 Lawrence 

O'Sullivan James, shoemaker, 7 Canal block, boards 6 Kidder 
'Sullivan Patrick, machinist, house 19 Winter 
Otis Alice, widow, hou.^e 10 Hurd 
Otis Jane, widow, 328 Central 
Otis Patrick, operative, house 8 Hurd 
Otis Patrick, laborer, house 20 Summer 
Otis Silas D. overseer, house 16 Bleachery 
Otley William, clerk, 20 Market, house 29 Charles 
O'Toole Ann, widow, house 66 Charles 
'Toole John, laborer, house 66 Charles 
O'Toole Patrick, laborer, house 66 Charles 
Ouette Georges, laborer, house 20 Green 
Ouimet Isaac, carpenter, house rear 92 Moody 
Ousley John, bleachery, boards 35 Bleachery 
Ousley Thomas, operative, boards 113Gorham 
Owen Francis N. clerk, H. & A. Whitney, boards 52 E. Merrimack 
Owen George E. clerk, boards 52 East Merrimack 
Owen Walter E. musician, boards 52 East Merrimack 
Owen William N. provisions, 50 East Merrimack, house do. 
Owen W. Alonzo, musician, boai'ds 52 East Merrimack- 
Owens Francis, Middlesex, boards 1 48 Central 
Owens Hugh, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 151 Lowell 
— Owens James, grocer, 50 Gorham, house 148 Central 
Owens Patrick, hostler, house 10 Dummer 
Owens Richard, hack driver, H. 0. Morse's, boards 10 Dummer 

HTJIVT &- ELIiTOTT, Fire &, Life Ins. A«eiicy, rep'g over $.50,000,000 
Assets, 38 Central St., Prescott J^at. Bank Bld'g. (See pages 374, 375.) 


PACKARD AMOS, expressman, house 37 George 

Packard Josej)li, sasbmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 1 Lagrange 

Packard Lucius B. Mrs. house 73 Lawrence corporation 

Packard Sarah S. Miss, house 47 Tyler 

Packer E. H. homce. physician, 1 Wentworth's building, house do. 

Page Abram, oyster saloon, 112 Central, house 12 Ames 

Pag« Almira, tailoress, house 18 Austin 

Page Almira Mrs. house 85 Howard 

Page Alonzo, carpenter, house 44 Dummer 

Page Calvin, sasbmaker, boards 66 L. M. S. corporation 

Page Charles, operative, boards 271 Middlesex 

Page Charles, mason, bouse Fayette, corner Andover 

Page Charles A., Horse Railroad station, Gorham, corner Moore, 

boards 12 Ames 
Page Dudley L. confectioner, S7^ Merrimack, house 19 Warren 
Page Edward H. mason, house 13 Austin 
Page George W. carpenter, house 88 Appleton 
Page Hannah, widow, boards 12 Ames 
Page Henry J. 205 Merrimack, house 100 Salem 
Page Isaac, house 149 Broadway 

Page I. Henry, insurance agent, 49 Central, boards 149 Broadway 
Page Ira M. weaver, boards 39 Lawrence corporation 
Page James C, B. & L. R. R. house 188 Middlesex 
Page James Y. stoves and tinware, 265 and 267 Merrimack, house 

100 Salem 
Page Jesse, machinist, boards 66 L. M. S. corporation 
Page Jonathan & Co. {J. F. Page), carpenters, rear 34 Charles, 

house 194 Central 
Page J. Frank (/. Page S^ Co.), 34 Charles, boards 194 Central 
Page {Lemuel), Kidder {Samuel, jr.), & Co. (/. Coggin ^ E. 

M. Read), flour, Thorndike, corner Dutton, h. at Somerville 
Page Moses C. mason, house First, near Simpson 
Page Orange Mrs. house 29 Adams 

Page P. and E. A. Misses, boarding-house, 140 Merrimack corp. 
Page Samuel, mason, house 17 Austin 
Page Samuel S. mason, boards 17 Austin 
Page Sarah E. dressmaker, 5 Wentworth's building, house do. 
Paige Charles E. transportation agent, Boston and Lowell and 

Nashua and Lowell railroad, office Northern depot, house 14 

Paige Frank W. harnessmaker, boards 278 Middlesex 
Paignon Frank, doormaker, house 1 City Hall avenue 
Paine John, laborer, house 70 Wbeelock's block 
Palfrey Juhn C. superintendent Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 

house 85 Andover 
Palmer Albert, machinist, house 12 Prescott corporation 
Palmer Charles A. machinist, boards 156 Moody 
Palmer Daniel Mrs. house Bridge, near City line, Centralville 

SECURITY (FIEE) INS. GO.,iTAloiT.t«eep"^^.! 


Palmer Horace T. building-mover, house 35 Charles 

Palmer Isaac B. roll-maker, boards 238 Central 

Palmer Jacob, tailor, house Hampshire, Centralville 

Palmer James M. room agent, 120 Merrimack, boards do. 

Palmer John, machinist, house 156 Moody 

Palmer John F., Merrimack corporation, house 119 do. 

Palmer Levi, Boott corporation, house 31 do. 

Paradis Henry P. clerk, 36 Merrimack, house 17 Lee 

Pardee Isaac L. sawyer, boards 52 Merrimack corporation 

Pardee Mary E. and Sarah E. Misses, house 52 Merrimack corp. 

Park John, laborer, house Pine, near Westford 

Park John B. painter, house Hildreth, opposite Pearl 

Park Robert \Coburn <3r P-), masons and contractors, house 

River road, Dracut [Blanehard place 

Park Wallace M. physician and surgeon, Museum building, house 
Parker Aiken jMrs. boarding-house, 5 Jackson 
Parker Albert, horse-dealer, house 150 Middlesex 
Parker (Artemas) &, Forbush {C/ias.), grocers, Middlesex, comer 

Jackson, house at Dracut 
Parker Arthur W. laborer, boards 39 Appleton 
Parker Asel, carpenter, boards 258 Merrimack 
Parker Benjamin Mrs. house Pine, near Westford 
Parker Charles, marbleworker, house 68 Lawrence corporation 
Parker Charles A. painter, boards 5 Jackson 
Parker Daniel, physician, 7 Barristers' Hall, house at Billerica 
Parker Daniel B. cabinetmaker, house 271 Middlesex 
Parker Elbridge C wood-dealer, house Forrest, near Chelmsford 
Parker Eliza, boarding-house, 11 Tremont corporation 
Parker Ezra, engineer, house 53 Butterfield 
Parker Frank, moulder, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Parker Frank F. Mrs. house 6 Lagrange court 
Parker Fred K. clerk, 41 Merrimack, boards 51 Andover 
Parker Frederick C. moulder, boards 5 Jackson 
Parker George E. foreman, at Parker & Cheney's, boards Varney, 

corner Mount Ternon 
Parker George W. spinner, h. Hildreth, above Coburn, Centralville 
Parker Henry A. brakeman. Northern depot, boards 12 Queen 
Parker Henry E. farmer, boards Pine, near Westford 
Parker Hiram, physician, 17 John, house do. 
Parker Jephthah, farmer, house Liberty, near Pine 
Parker Jesse H. moulder, house 219 Central 
Parker John M. G. (iVew leans), house Tenth, Centralville 
Parker Lucy R. house 16 Appleton corporation 
Parker Mdan A. bleachery, house 5 Bleachery 
Parker Moses G. physician, First, near Bridge, Centralville, h. do. 
Parker Nancy L. boarding-house, 18 Appleton corporation 
Parker Nathan, jr. at A. L. Waite & Co. 'sf boards Chelmsford, 

near Parker 

PA fTirTn T\TQ fn Assets CGold) $1,600,00 . Hm 

AljlrlL/ IINO. UU. Elli»tt, Agt's. (See page 374.) 

Hnut & 


Parker Perley Mrs. house Tenth, Centralville 

Parker Samuel B. overseer, Livingston, Carter, & Co.'s Mill, h. 

12 Queen 
Parker Sarah Miss, house Pine, near Westford 
Parker Sarah Miss, house at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 
Parker Sarah E. widow, house 6 Third, Centralville 
Parker Theodore E. house 104 East Merrimack 
Parker Witlard, cabinetmaker, house 29 Howard 
Parker ( William II.) Si, Cheney {John L.), bobbin manufacturers, 

Waiiiesit Steam Mills, house Varney, cor. Mount Vernon 
Parker Wdiiaui S. machine priater, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Parker , machinist, boards 149 Middlesex [sex 

Parkhurst Alpheus C. carpet-weaver, h. 8 Parson's block, Middle- 
Parkhurst Ebenezer N. sashmaker, house 63 Butterfield 
Parkhurst George W. K. clerk, 96 Central, boards 159 do. 
Parkhurst Matthias, house 3 Chapel 

Parkhurst , weaver, boards 286 Central 

Parks George, painter, 173 Central, house 175 do. 

Parks Josephine Mrs. house 8 Wamosit 

Parmenter Addison, upholsterer, 7 Central, h G-orham, n. Moore 

Parmenter Charles H. overseer, Lawrence corporation, house 51 do. 

Parmenter Horace, overseer weaver, Lawrence corporation, h. 10 do. 

Parmenrer Horace VV stenographer, J. C. Ayer & Co. h. 169 Moody 

Parmenter Micah, laborer, house 6 Evans block. Railroad 

Parmenter Nancy, widow, house 51 Lawrence corporation 

Parr ( William) & Wilby (Thos.), leather-belting manufacturers, 

130 Middlesex, lioase Liwson, near School 
Parsons Frank D. driver, boards 3 Summer 
Parsons Harriet Mrs. house 90 East Merrimack 
Parsons {William) & Gibby {S. J.), copper stamp and block 

Cutters, 3 Fletcher, house Hale, near Cambridge 
Parsons Zachariah, overseer, Boott corporation, h. 3 Carpet lane 
Partlow Horatio N. house 55 Bartlett 
Partridge William, teamster, house 275 Middlesex 
Patch Benjamin, paymaster, Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 

house 68 Merrimack corporation 
Patch Ephraim B. auctioneer and commission rai^rchant, 1 and 2 
• Commercial square, house 25 Lawrence [Commercial Square 
Patch E. B. & Co. {George P. Lawrence), furniture, 1 and 2 
Patch William, laborer, house rear 13 River, Centralville 
Pateneaud Antoine, laborer, boards 1 Tilden court 
Pateneaud Joseph, farmer, house 1 Tilden court 
Pateneaud Joseph, grocer, 328 Merrimack, house do. 
Pateneaud Jule, farmer, boards 1 Tilden court 
Pateneaud Leon, wickmaker, house 46 Common 
Patrick Malcomb, mule-fixer, house Castle's block, Jefferson 
Patrick Samuel C. cigar manufacturer, 34 Merrimack, house 52 


GERIANIA FIRE INS. CO., ^^nll.r4v':T^^^t^^t 


Patten Davis B. machinist, house 125 IMerrimack corporation 

Patten Joseph A. overseer, Lowell, house 4G Third, Contralville 

Patten Marcella M. teacher Primary 49, bds. 46 Third, Centralville 

Patterson Charles J. musician, house 17 Walnut 

Patterson George W. overseer, Lawrence corp. h. opp. 77 Coburn 

Patterson James, carpetmaker, house Thorndike, near Hale 

Patterson Lewis, machinist, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 

Patterson Samuel M. dresser, Boott corporation, house 78 do. 

Patterson Wdliara, carpenter, house Common, opposite Clark 

Paul Charles, laborer, house 2 Korner"s court [Gates, n. Westford 

Paul Cornelius C, Boston Express, Merrimack-street depot, house 

Paul George K. gas fixtures {Boston), house Linden, cor. Aubura 

Paul Thomas, supt. Lowell Cemetery, house Lawrence, opp. do. 

Paul William, machinist, boards rear 53 Charles 

Paulint llozilla, widow, house 65 Charles 

Payne George A. painter, boards 63 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Payne James, operative, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

Payne Patrick B. spinner, boards 31 Hamilton coi-poration 

Payson James H. watchman, house 46 liock 

Payson James H. jr. sashmaker, boards 46 Rock 

Peabody Amasa, patternmaker, house 90 Appleton 

Peabody Asa M. teamster, boards 16 Marshall 

Peabody Asa T. lumberman, boards 30 Hamilton corporation 

Peabody Baldwin T. (Custom House, Boston), boards Wilder, 

corner Broadway 
Peabody Benjamin H. (Herrick Sf Peabody), wood, 6 First, Cen- 
tralville, house at Dracut [dlesex, n. Wilder 
Peabody Frank B. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house Mid- 
Peabody George, spinner, boards 26 Suff:)lk corporation 
Peabody Hartwell, machinist, Lowell jNIachine Co. bds. 10 Mclntire 
Peabody Isaac, dyer, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Peabody (James M.) & Co., bolt and screw manufs. Allen's Mills, 

house 30 Appleton 
Peabody John T. (Woodioard Sj- Peabody), rear Fletcher, Lib- 
erty square, house Madison, cor. Burns 
Peabody Joseph, principal. Moody School, boards 20 Hurd 
Peabody Josiah G. doors, sashes, and blinds, Wamesit 3Iills, house 

Wilder, corner Broadway 
Peabody Morton N. doormaker, house Mt. Vernon, c. Butterfield 
Peak Althea, house at Old Ladies' House, 58 Moody 
Pearl Franklin F. ( Washburn Sf Pearl), grocer, 81 Market, house 

42 Third, Centralville 
Pearl Isaac, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 26 Lowell Ma- 
chine Shop corporation 
Pearson Elizabeth B. dressmaker, 129^ Central, boards 111 do. 
Pearson Frank M. boards 32 Pawtucket 

Pearson George H. ( Custom House, Boston)^ house Sixth, opp. 
Elm, Centralville 


Boston. Assets $400,000. 
J Hunt <fc Elliott, A gts. (See p.374. 


Pearson George W. carpenter, house 51 Bridge, Centralville 
Pearson Hiram E. Mrs. house 208 Merrimack 
Pearson James M. (/. 4" J- M. Pearson), house 32 Pawtucket 
Pearson John & J. M. grocers, 3 Savings Bank building, house 

Lincoln, corner Hale 
Pearson John W. physician, 16 Hurd, house 36 High 
Pearson J. Prescott, weaver, house 12 Warren 
Pearson Louis E. laborer, house Blanchai-d place 
Pearson Mehitable Mrs. house 30 Bartlett 

Pearson Mercy, widow, house 76 Fourth, Centralville [ville 

Pearson Samuel, worsted manuf. Whipple's Mills, house Whipple- 
Pease George W. paper-boxmaker, 2 Appleton blk. h. 40 Lawrence 
Peasley Eben B. machinist, house 160 Merrimack corporation 
Peavey Jewett, machinist, house 166 Suffolk 
Peck George A. contractor, L. M. S. h. 20 L. M. S. corporation 
Pedrick John, carriage maker, boards 119 Central 
Peirce Edward B. machinist, Howe, near Davidson, b. 40 Bartlett 
Peirce George L. Middlesex, house Pond, corner Pleasant 
Peirce John N. machinist, Howe, near Davidson, house 40 Bartlett 
Peirce John N. jr. cashier. Merchant's National Bank, house 13 

Peirce Leonard, house 13 Harrison 
Peirce, see Pierce 

Pelerin Alexandre, machinist, boards 26 Davidson 
Pelledeau Peter, farmer, house 25 Austin 
Pelsue George W. machinist, boards 61 West Union 
Peltier John, peddler, house 265 Middlesex 
Peltier Tancrede, laborer, boards 5 Jackson 
Pender Ellen, widow, house 19 Cross 
Pender John, laborer, house 8 Broadway 
Pender Michael, laborer, house 72 Lowell 
Pender Michael F. helper, house Donahoe's yard 
Pender William, laborer, house 8 Broadway 
Pendergast Garrit, laborer, house 21 Dummer 
Pendergast Isaac B. carpenter, house 168 Merrimack corp. 
Pendergast Peter, shoemaker, house 7 Abbott place, Cent. 
Pendergast Richard (Custom House, Boston), house Mt. Vernon, 

opp. Beacon, Centralville 
Penhallow Benjamin H. book and job printer, Wyman's Exchange, 

house 28 Third, Centralville 
Penhallow Lucy E. Miss, house 11 Kirk 
Penn William, Stott's Mill, house 23 Floyd 
Pennell Ada Mrs. house 16 Market 
Penniman Dean Mrs. house 75 Salem 
Penniman Franklin H. teamster, house 67 Salem 
Penniman George F., Boston Express, Merrimack-street depot, 

house 12 Butte rfield 
Penniman Mary Miss, house 43 George 

HOWAED FIRE INS. CO., ^''T^iutliXt'^tferi.z^r' 


Penniman Robert, teamster, bouse 4 Bleachery 
Pennington William F. painter, house 38 Fletcher 
Percival Maria F. Miss, house 68 Moody 
Pereuse Corille, laborer, house 8 Davidson lane 
Perham Foster, bookkeeper, 43 Market, bouse Dracut, near Paw- 
tucket Falls 
Perham Haven C. clerk, 166 Merrimack, boards Fifth, above Read 
Perkins Apollos, carpenter, house 180 Gorhara 
Perkins Charles, machinist, Mechanics' Mills, bds. 13 Suffolk corp. 
Perkins Charles, weaver, boards 35 Boott corporation 
Perkins Charles, painter, boards 37 Mass. corporation 
Perkins Daniel, yard hand, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Perkins Daniel F. machinist, house 254 Merrimack 
Perkins David M. dresser, house 20 Suffolk corporation 
Perkins Edward, grinder, L. M. Shop, house 134 Suffolk 
Perkins Ella F. teacher. No. 23 Primary School, boards 39 Tre- 

mont corporation 
Perkins Francis S. machinist, Mechs. Mills, Fletcher, h. 51 Fletcher 
Perkins George T. machinist, Mechs. Mills, Fletcher, b. 128 Moody 
Perkins Henry P. paymaster, bleachery, house 278 Gorham 
Perkins James W. house 39 South 

Perkins John D. photographer, 245 Merrimack, h. atMilford, N.H. 
Perkins Jonathan S. fishdealer, house Common, opp. Clark 
Perkins Major Gilbert, overseer weaver, house 39 Tremont corp. 
Perley Enoch T. carpenter, house Varney, near Mt. Washington 
Perley Thomas J. mason, house Pleasant, n. River, Centralville 
Perow Peter, shoemaker, 224 Merrimack, house 20 Moody 
Perrat Alfred, laborer, house rear 90 Moody 
Perrin George W. machinist, house 22 L. M. S. corporation 
Perrin Lewis L. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, house 9 Lowell 

Machine Shop corporation 
Perrin Mary J. dressmaker, Waraesit Bank building, house do. 
Perrin William, bleachery, boards 1 Madison 
Perrin William H. carpenter, boards Appleton Bank building 
Perry Alfred, mason-tender, house rear 92 Moody 
Perry Augustus, machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 
Perry Charles, shoemaker, 67 Middle, b. Lincoln, n. Chelmsford' 
Perry John, machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 
Perry John B. livery stable. Arch, house 10 Howard 
Perry Merrill, teamster, at C. B. Coburn & Co.'s, house 26 Cabot 
Perry Silas 0. moulder, house 55 L. M. S. corporation 
Perry Thomas, carder, house rear 69 Lowell 
Person Margaret, widow, house 1 Adams 
Persons Albert C. roU-coverer, house 50 Butterfield 
Persons Randolph, grocer, 214 Merrimack, house 228 School 
Peterson Rufus K. dresser tender, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
Peterson Ruth B. Miss, house 148 Suffolk 
Petit Pierre, laborer, house 10 Lowell 

REPUBLIC FIEE INS. CO. *a*.'„?S'r<seer3"*)* 


Petee G-eorge, laborer, boards 148 Central 

Pettes Harriet, widow, house rear 99 East Merrimack 

Pettigrew John M. stationery, boards 82 South 

Pettigrew Lyman, spinner, boards 43 Tremont 

Pettigrew Stephen G. stationery, house 82 South 

Pettiugale William, laborer, house 10 North 

Pettingell Edward, winder, house rear 12 Prescott corporation 

Pcttingell John, chimney caps, &c. Mechanics Mills, Dutton, house 

at Salisbury [boards 60 Appleton 

Pettingell Walter J. chimney-caps, cisterns, &c. Mechanics mills, 
Pettingell William, clerk, Howard House, boards do. 
Pevey Abiel, foreman, Lowell Machine Shop foundry, house 8 

Lowell Machine Shop corporation [S. corporation 

Pevey Frank S. asst. foreman, L. M. S. foundry, house 13 L. M. 
Pevey George E. solicitor of patents, 128 Merrimack, boards 8 L. 

S. corporation 
Phelan Arthur Q. clerk, Dutton, c. Lowell, bds. 50 Charles 
Phelan George, machinist, house 41 Fletcher 
Phelan James D. gardener, house 9 Davis 
Phelan Mary, widow, house 50 Charles 
Phelan William H. machinist, house 9 Davis 
Phelps Albro, operative, boards 114 Merrimack corp. 
Phelps Chester R. carpenter, house Nichols, cor. East Pine 
Phelps Lorenzo, supt. City Almshouse, house do 
Phelps Samuel, machinist, boards 72 L. M. S. corporation 
Phelps Wm. P. painter, 24 Prescott, h. 2 Webster ave. Cent. 
Philbrick Albanus, harnessraaker, house D6 East Merrimack 
Philbrick Caleb, baker, house 287 Central [Pawtucket 

Philbrick Calvin, city messenger, Mayor's ofiSce, house Beacon, n. 
Pliilbrick Charles H. concrete paving, house 5 Clark 
Philbrick George A. clerk, 17 Middle, boards 8 Austin 
Philbrick Ira R. bookbinder, 43^ Merrimack 
Philbrick Moses E. provisions, 243 Merrimack, house 8 Austin 
Phillips Ann, widow, boarding-house, 62 Lawrence corp. 
rhillips Henry, farmer, City Almshouse 

hillips James, house Seventh, near Bridge, Centralville 
Phillips John, Merrimack corp. h. River, n. City line, Cent. 
Phillips Josiah S. mailing clerk, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 159 

Phinney Robert G. beltmaker, house 3 Water 
Phippen John, watchman, house 12 Fayette 
Pickens John, dyer, 100 Moody, house 102 do. 
Pickering Cyras C. house 105 Howard 
Pickman David, machinist, Middlesex, house 4 Water 
Pickman J. J. student, 5 Barristers' Hall, bds. 4 Water 
Pierce Ashbel F. doormaker, Wamesit Mills, house 36 Rock 
Pierce Augustus, stonecutter, boards 109 Appleton 
Pierce A. S. Mrs. dressmaker, 28 John, house do. 

ATLANTIC FIRE INS. CO., "a'^tf fAr^seer^Jk? 


Pierce Charles A., miehinist, U. S. Car'riilge Co. h. 39 Willow 

Pierce Elwia F. bookkeeper, at N. B. Favor & Sou's, b. 36 Rock 

Pierce Eneline, widow, boards River road, Dracut 

Pierce Frank A. stonecutter, boards 109 Appleton 

Pierce Frank W. clerk, Adams, cor. Suffolk, bds. 16 Lagrange 

Pierce Henry M. operative, bds. 43 Lawrence corporation 

Pierce James A sashmaker, Wamesit Mills, b. 36 Rock 

Pierce James M. carpenter, house 70 Lawrence corporation 

Pierce John, painter, 43 East Merrimack, bds. 51 Mass. corp. 

Pierce J. Warren, machinist, house 16 Lagrange 

Pierce Nicholas, foreman, City Almshouse 

Pierce Olive, widow, house ^lammoth road, Dracut 

Pierce Samuel Gr. stonecutter, boards 109 Appleton [Cent, 

Pierce Samuel P. coppersmith, 8 Jackson, h., cor. Read, 

Pierce Thomas B. carpenter, house 21 Tremont corporation 

Pierce William S. carpenter, house 17 Marshall 

Pierce, see Peirce 

Pierson J. B. house 121 Cross 

Pike Albert J. hairdresser, Wamesit Bank building, h. 15 Queen 

Pike Paniel, painter, bds. 139 Merrimack corporation 

Pike D. Clark, teamster, 9 Thorndike, house 19 Queen 

Pike Henry C. dresser, boards 139 Merrimack corporation 

Pike Mary E. teacher, Bartlett School, b. 49 Third, Centralville 

Pike Mary J. house 49 Third, Centralville 

Pike William, blacksmith, house First, near Bridge 

Pike William, blacksmith, Gushing, c. Rock, h. 70 L. M. S. corp. 

Pilbro John, carpenter, bds. 61 Lawrence corporation 

Pillsbury Benjamin P. printer, " Courier " office, h. 1 Mill 

Pillsbury George H. physician, 24 Kirk, boards do. 

Pillsbury Harlin, physician, 24 Kirk, house do. 

Pillsbury James B. carpenter, house 26 Chestnut 

Pillsbury Richard C. carpenter, h. 86 Fletcher, cor. Franklin 

Pillsbury Sally, widow, house 86 Fletcher 

Pindar James H. clerk. Post Office, house 41 Tyler 

Pindar Laura .J. teacher. Moody School, boards 29 Chestnut 

Pindar Michael, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 

Pinder Albert, letter-carrier, Post-office, house at Tewksbury 

Finder Eliza A. Mrs. house 32 High 

Pinder Joseph, dyer, house 7 Clay 

Pinder Joseph D., United States assistant assessor, 2 Nesraith's 

block, house 29 Chestnut 
Pinder Thomas Mrs. house 4 Clark's court 
Pingree Henry B. painter, house 7 Lagrange court 
Pinicham George E. physician. Central, c. Jackson, b. 192 Central 
Pinkham James N machinist, house Andover, corner Clay 
Pinkham William G. clerk, 31 Middlesex, boards 25 Church 
Pinney Alden, farmer, house Pine, near Chelmsford line 
Pinney Charles M. carpenter, boards 33 Adams 


Fire and Life Insurance Ajsjents, 38 
Central Street. (See pages .'574, 375.) 


Pinney Samuel C. carpenter, house 33 Adams 

Piper Ann Mrs. house Lincoln, near Chelmsford 

Piper George W. machinist, house 24 South 

Piper Isaac B. house 4 Ash 

Piper {Levi T.) & Emery {Lendal B.), grocers, Pawtucket 

bridge, Dracut, house River road, do. 
Pitt John, carpenter. West, near Cohura, house do. Centralville 
Place David, sasbmaker, house 50 Rock 
Place Isaac, door, sash, and blind manufacturer, Wamesit Steam 

Mills, house 137 Fletcher 
Plaisted Asa R. tinsmith, 125 Market, boards 34 Franklin 
Plaisted Ira H. carpenter, house 34 Franklin 
Plaisted Joseph, house 34 Frankhn 
Planche Henry Mrs. boarding-house, 111 Central 
Plastridge Charles A. house Elm, near Sixth, Centralville 
Plastridge Salmon, coffees and fruit, 5 Merrimack House, house 1 

Ford, corner Cabot 
Piatt James, blacksmith, house 104 Merrimack corporation 
Plimpton Albert B. sash and blind maker, Wamesit Steam Mills, 

house 6 Favor 
Plimpton Betsy Mrs. boarding-house, 34 Hamilton corporation 
Plimpton Edwin H. C. boards 6 Favor 
Plimpton Henry, house Branch, near School 
Plumado Laura A. Mrs. house Lane, near Westford 
Plummer Charles H. mason, boards M. C. Page's, Centralville 
Plummer Elbridge B. machinist, boards 278 Middlesex 
Plummer John A. butcher, house River road, Dracut 
Plummer John W. boots and shoes, 68 Central, h. 75 Lawrence 
Plummer Wesley, weaver, house 39 Boott corporation 
Plunkett Francis C. physician, 5 Welles' block, house Button, cor. 

Plunkett Joseph, apothecary, Dutton, corner Lowell, boards do. 
Plunkett Michael, machinist, boards 5 Jackson 
Plunkett Patrick, cardgrinder, house rear 140 Lowell 
Plunkett Robert J. peddler, house 188 Gorham 
Poirier Edward, blacksmith, boards 394 Merrimack 
Poirier John, laborer, house Decatur-street alley 
Pollard Arthur G. (K Hosford S^ O).), 46 Merrimack, b. 46 Elm 
Pollard Joseph S., Custom House {Boston), house 46 Elm 
Pollard Rhoda B. widow, house 33 Chestnut 
Pollard Sylvester, printer, boards 150 Merrimack corporation 
Pollard Thomas, overseer, Merrimack Print Works, house 150 

Merrimack corporation 
Pollock Louisa, widow, house rear 61 Salem 

Pomfred James, at " Vox Populi" office, house Fulton, n. Coburn 
Pond Edgar, painter, boards 8 Prescott corporation 
Poole George H. spinner, house 22 Suffolk corporation [Church 
Poor Charles E. {Hardy Sj- Poor), grocer, 195 Central, hou^e 53 

HUNT <fc ELLiIOTT have facilities for placing the largest amouMt 
of insurance at short notice. Office, 28 Central St. (See pp. STi, 3^5.) 


Poor Henry, painter, boards 57 L. M. S. corporation 

Poor Lydia H. nurse, house 218 School 

Poor Thomas, B. & L. R. R. boards Branch, near School 

Poore Eliza C. boarding-house, 52 Boott corporation 

Poore J. Edwin, clerk. First National Bank, boards 2 High-st. sq. 

Poore Lucy Mrs. house 2 High-street square 

Poquette John, carpenter, house Howard's avenue 

Porter Albert D. clerk, 23 IMarket 

Porter Albert E. salesman, boards 4 Boott corporation 

Porter Calvin E. carpenter, house 41 Wentworth's building 

Porter Charles D. watchman, Boott corporation, boards 38 do. 

Porter Frank, operative, house rear 2 Dodge 

Porter Irving S. student, boards 35 Willow 

Potter Henry, machinist, house 1 8 Race 

Potter Henry IM. shuttlemaker, house 35 First, Centralville 

Potter James Mrs. boarding-house, 80 Market 

Potter John, printer, at " Vox Populi" office, boards 1 Mill 

Potter Joseph H. spinner, house 23 Massachusetts corporation 

Potter Joseph W. machinist, house 4 Ford, corner Austin 

Potter Solon M. bread-driver, house 360 Merrimack 

Potter William, overseer, Appleton, house 69 Appleton 

Poulson James, moulder, boards 75 L. P. S corporation 

Powell Hamilton, soapmaker, house 382 Middlesex 

Powers Azro, watchman, Appleton, boards do. 

Powers Charles P. watchman, boards 46 Lawrence corporation 

Powers Ellen, widow, house rear Coburn, near River, Centralville 

Powers Ellen, widow, house 14 Lowell 

Powers Hannibal {Orange Sf Powers), 11 John, h. 34 Chestnut 

Powers James, at Print Works, boards 19 Dummer 

Powers Joel, city assessor, house 98 Fletcher 

Powers John, Merr. Print Works, boards 55 Market 

Powers John, laborer, house 4 Carpet lane 

Powers John, machinist, boards 14 Lowell 

Powers John L. mason, house rear 255 Merrimack 

Powers Margaret, widow, house 20 Howe 

Powers Mary, house 24 Hurd 

Powers Michael, laborer, house 14 Lowell 

Powers Michael, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Powers Michael, peddler, house 30 Fenwick 

Powers Nicholas, carriagemaker, boards 18 Railroad alley 

Powers Patrick, laborer, house 19 Dummer 

Powers Patrick, operative, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Powers Thomas, blacksmith helper, boards 14 Lowell 

Powers Thomas, mason, house rear 100 Gorham 

Powers William, Middlesex, boards 24 Hurd 

Powers William H. woolsorter, boards 14 Lowell 

Powers William M. hairdresser, boards 38 William 

Prarie Isaac, laborer, house 3 Hancock avenue 

Farm Houses, Barns, and Personal i ropevty tUerein, insured for 
one or five years, by HUNT &, ELLIOTT, 38 Cienti-al »t. (See p. 374). 


Pratt Abbie H. tailoress, 105 Central, boards 227 Middlesex 
Pratt Amasa {M. C. Pratt 8^ Co.), planing, &c. Wamesit Mills, 

house 10 Buttei field 
Pratt A. Judson, cabinetmaker, boards 20 Appleton corp. 
Pratt Joseph W. machinist, bouse 10 Prescott corporation 
Pratt Matthew C. & Co. {Amasa Pratt), planing and moulding, 

Wamesit Mills, house at Middlesex Village 
Pratt Oliver, laborer, house 330 Merrimack 

Pratt Samuel C. bookkeeper, Nesmith's block, house 60 Andover 
Pratt Thomas, stairbuilder, house 1 Robinson 
Pray John J. mason, house 63 Massachusetts corporation 
Precourt Ansel, laborer, Wamesir. Steam Mills, b. 10 Middlesex pi. 
Piecourt Joseph, laborer, house 10 Middlesex place 
Precourt Octave, shoemaker, house 28 Salem 
Presby Mason W. watchman, house 316 School 
Prescott Alfred A. Mrs. house rear 97 East Merrimack 
Prescott Alvah, blacksmith, house 1 Lagrange court 
Prescott Augustus L. overseer, Boott corporation, house 64 do. 
Prescott Charles, planemaker, house 23 Church 
Prescott D. Moody & Co. {S. D. Butterworth) , stucco-workers, 19 

Middle, house 11 Elm 
Prescott Henry A. Mrs. house 14 Tyler 

Prescott James H. machinist, house 120 Merrimack corporation 
Prescott J. M. engineer, B. & L. R. R. 
Prescott Lewis S. soapmaker, boards 124 School 
Prescott Melbourn, engineer, S. B. R. R. 100 Middlesex 
Prescott Mills, Merrimack, near Concord river 
Prescott Mitchell, laborer, house 2 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Prescott Samuel D. folder, house 30 Bleachery 
Presho Mary, widow, house 51 Lawrence 

Pressey Howard R. teamster, at A. L. Brooks's, h. 29 Gushing 
Pressey James, boarding-house, 9 Central 
Pressey Thomas W. constable, 49 Central, house 217 do. 
Preston Erasmus P. shoemaker, house 13 North Franklin court 
Preston Henry J. cabinetmaker, house 37 Branch 
Preston John, copper-stampmaker, 111 Thorndike, house do. 
Preston Samuel W. shoemaker, 98 Merrimack, house 7 Decatur 
Price William, dyer, house Thorndike, corner Hale 
Priest Frederick H. operative, boards 23 Race 
Priest George A. bookkeeper, at H. & A. Whitney's, house 241 

Priest George W. {Boston), house 14 Merrimack corporation 
Priest jMary S. widow, house 23 Race 
Prince Edward, boards American House 

Prince Robert, manufacturing chemist, boards American House 
Prince T. T. painter, Middlesex, c. Pearl, house end of Burns 
Proctor Elbridge, beltmaker, at Whiting & Co. 's, b. 2 Franklin sq. 
Proctor Fred. W. boards Wilder, near Pawtucket 

HUNT «fc ELLIOTT will insure your Fiiriiitiire, Wearing Apparel, 
Books, Pictures, Silver Ware, «fcc. Rooms 38 Central St. (See p. 37*.) 


Proctor George H. blacksmith, house 70 L. M. S. corporation 

Proctor G. Howard, contractor, L. M. S. house 12 L. M. S. corp. 

Proctor Hannah, widow, house 14 Lagrange court 

Proctor Heman, blacksmith, L. M. S. house 2 L. M. S. corporation 

Proctor Henry B. carpenter, house 40 Rock 

Proctor Horace B. hairdresser and bath rooms, 32 and 34 Prescott, 

h. Sixth, c. Llewellyn, Centralville 
Proctor James Mrs. boards Loudon court [tucket 

Proctor Joseph W. gasfitter, 29 Fletcher, house Wilder, near Paw- 
Proctor Seward N. carpenter, 183 Central, house Loudon court 
Pucell John W. plasterer and stucco-worker, house 45 River, Cen- 

traMUe [h. :.'5 Chapel 

Puffer Asahel D. & Co. {Horace EIci), grocers, 32 Middlesex, 
PuflPer Freeman W. {French ^ Puffer), crockery, 115 Central, 

boards 111 do. 
Puffer {James F.) & Bradley {William T.), furniture, &c. 13 

Market, house Coburn, near Bow, Centralville 
Puffer Louisa Mrs. house 54 Tyler 

Puffer Stephen B. ( Wilder & Puffer), 12 Market, b. 11 Central 
Pugh Daniel, machinist, house rear 21 North 
Pulcifer Hervey, A. L. Brooks's, house 111 Appleton 
PuUen John A. machinist, IMerrimack corporation, house 161 do. 
Punifrey James, printer, house Fulton, Centralville 
Purcell Dennis, operative, boards 1 Adams 
Purcell James, spinner, house G8 Charles 
Purcell Joseph, clerk, boards 15 High 
Purcell Margaret, widow, house 1 Adams 
Purcell Michael, boards 83 Church 
Purcell Thomas, mason, house First, Centralville 
Purcell Thomas, laborer, house 46 Davidson 
Purcell Thomas jr. boltmaker, boards First, Centralville 
Putnam Adam Mrs. house 12 Lawrence 
Putnam {Addison) & Son {F. P.), clothing warehouse, 96, 98, 

100 Central, house Nosmith, near Mansur 
Putnam Eliza, widow, boards 52 Lowell jNIachine Shop corporation 
Putnam Frank P. {Putnam 8^ Son), 96 Central, boards Nesmith, 

near Mansur 
Putnam Jacob D. grocer, 5 Prescott block, house 10 Willow 
Putnam Perry, patternmaker, Broadway, corner Mount V^ernon, 

house 244 School 
Putnam Warren F. teller. First National Bank, boards 244 School 
Putney Charles, teamster, boards Liberty square 
Putney Mary E. Mrs. house 36 Charles 

QUANT GEORGE, carpenter, house 88 Merrimack corporation 
Quesey Joseph, grinder, D. Lovejoy's, house at W. Chelmsford 
Quigley Andrew, laborer, boards 4 Austin 
Quint Ira A. mechanic, house 41 Gushing 

If you ivaiit a first-class Fire, Life, or Accident Insurance Policy, 
call at HUNT &, ELiL.IOTT>i» Insurance Rooms, ^8 Central St. 


Quigley James, laborer, house Marion, corner Broadway 

Quigley Margaret, widow, house 4 Austin 

Quig ey Thomas, at Print Works, bds 115 Merrimack corp. 

Quigley William, laborer, house 4 Austin 

Quill Francis, laborer, house 27 Congress 

Quimby Alonzo P. painter, 71 Adams, h. Chelmsford, cor. Plain' ' 

Quimby Darius, watchman, house 3 Albro block, Cushing 

Quimby Enoch, machinist. Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house 128 

Quimby George, watchman, Prescott corp. 
Quimby James B. painter, 71 East Merrimack, house 13 Alder 
Quimby John H. watchman, Merrimack, bds. 140 do. corp. 
Quimby Samuel G. bootmaker, 69 Middle and 207 Lawrence, 

bds. 113 Merrimack 
Quinlan James, laborer, house 59 Gorham 
Quinlan John, laborer, house 8 Davis court 
Quinlan Michael, laborer, bds. 6 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Quinlan Murtagh, mason, house 14 Winter 
Quinlan Patrick, laborer, house 6 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Quinn Bridget Mrs. house 24 Jefferson 
Quinn Catharine, widow, house 9^ Adams 
Quinn Hannah, widow, house 19 Adams 
Quinn James, blacksmith, house 7 Theatre block 
Quinn James F. machinist, house 126 Lowell 
Quinn John, laborer, house 13 Adams 
Quinn John, clothing, 10 Merrimack, house 7 Hurd 
Quinn John, laborer, bds. 19 Adams 
Quinn John, dye-house, Hamilton, bds. 1 John-st avenue 
Quinn John, moulder, house 5 Wamesit court 
Quinn Joseph, blacksmith, bds. 64 Charles 
Quinn Mary, widow, house rear 31 Middle 
Quinn Maurice, laborer, bds. 19 Adams 

Quinn Maurice J. laborer, house 9^ Adams ^ 

Quinn Michael, laborer, house Nesmith, at Tewksbury line 
Quinn Neal, laborer, house rear 44 Gorham 
Quinn Patrick, operative, bds. 3 Tremont corp. 
Quinu Peter, grocer, 4 Salem, house do. 
Quinn Thomas, operative, house 1 Adams 
Quinn Thomas, laborer, house 19 Adams 
Quinn Tliomas, laborer, house 36 Middle 
Quirk Ellen, widow, house 16 Adams 

BABBITT JOHN, laborer, house 14 Mill 

Babbitt Patrick, laborer, bds. 14 Mill 

Bacicot H. Alphonso, carriage-painter, 201 Dutton, house 116 

Bacicot Joseph, laborer, house 318 Merrimack 
Bacicot Maurice, Hamilton, house 4 George 

stocks of Goods and Merchandise insured at. current rates, in lib- 
eral dividend paying Mutual Fire Go's., by HUmT <&. EILLIOTT. 


RacklifF Frank, watchman, Hamilton 

Rafferty Patrick, dyer, house 28 Cedar 

Rafter James, house 44 Salem 

Rafter Patrick H. clerk, 47 Lowell, bds. 44 Salera 

Ragan Daniel, mariner, house 37 Lowell 

Ragan Dennis, laborer, house 5 McCarry's court 

Ragan Dennis, operative, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Ragan Dennis, laborer, house 24 Jefferson 

Ragan Dennis, laborer, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Ragan Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Sullivan's yard 

Ragan Jeremiah, operative, house 7 McCarry's court 

Ragan John, laborer, house 6 McCarry's court 

Ragan John, bds. 23 Jefferson 

Ragan Mary Mrs. house Jefferson, cor. Lowell 

Ragan Patrick, laborer, house 70 Lowell 

Ragan Patrick, laborer, house 23 Jefferson 

Ragan Thomas, house rear 137 Lowell 

Rahell Patrick, operative, house 45 Chapel 

Railey James W. watchman, bds. 40 Walnut 

Raino Anthony, cardgrinder, house 2 Mass. corp. 

Ralls Catharine, widow, house 42 Lawrence 

Ramsbottom Thomas, blockprinter, house 1 Baldwin court 

Ramsdell Alanson, carpenter, boards 27 Tremont corporation 

Ramsdell Edward L. watchman, L. Hosiery Co., house 57 Fletcher 

Ramsdell Franklin F. painter, bds. 134 Merrimack corp. 

Ramsdell Joseph S. teamster, house 25 Bleachery 

Ramsdell William Harry, machinist, Mt. Vernon, cor. Broadway, 

house 1 Varney 
Rand Edward S. bds. 405 Merrimack [Merrimack 

Rand Enoch S., Boston Express, Merrimack-st. depot, house 405 
Rand Jane, widow, bds. 10 Warren 
Rand M. Abbie, variety store, 76 Central, house do. 
Rand Samuel, carpenter, house 223 Middlesex 
Randall Joseph, painter, house 21 East Merrimack 
Randall Robert B. salesman, 57 Central, house 10 Chestnut 
Randlett James E. carpenter, house Smith, near Liberty 
Randlett Mortimer B. fish-dealer, 177 Middlesex, house School, n. 

Ranger Elias H. carriagemaker, house 110 Central 
Ranger E. H. Mrs. dressmaker, 110 Central, house do. 
Ranger William F. carriagemaker, William, near Central, house 13 

Lagrange court 

Rankin , machinist, bds. 13 Franklin sq. [ ville 

Ranlett Newell A. auctioneer, 9 Middle, house 47 Third, Central- 

Ranlett Orrin B. clerk, Liberty sq. bds. 73 Cashing 

Ransom Joseph, operative, bds. 48 Chapel 

Rault Ferdinand, carpenter, house 2 Eagle block, Middlesex 

Rawlings Eben D. Mrs. house Broadway, corner School 

D^velliiig Houses, and Personal Property tlierein, insured for one 
or five years, by HUJVT &, EliLIOTT, US Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Rawlings Seva S. mason, house 8G Lawrence corp. 

Rawson George Mrs. house 158 Central 

Rawson R. T. teacher writing, 128 Merrimack, bds. 16 Bartlett 

Ray John, helper, house 15 Salem 

Ray John L. bds. 122 Moody 

Ray William E. upholsterer, 11 Middle, bds. 7 Oak 

Ray William H. cabinetmaker, 11 Middle, house 7 Oak 

Rajclie Joseph, laborer, house 330 Merrimack 

Raymond Damos, laborer, house 129 Mitkllesex 

Raymond Damos, printer, house rear 245 Merrimack 

Raymond Daniel, liairvvork manufacturer, 204 Merrimack, h. do. 

Raymond Hannah, widow, house 70 Fayette 

Raymond John, operative, liouse 148 Central 

Raymond John, machinist, house 16 Salem 

Raymond Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 63 Adams, house do. 

Raymond Liberty C. spinner, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 

Raymond Samuel E. clerk, gas office, house Poplar 

Raynes George W. {J. Raynes ^ Co.), 43 Central, h. 3 Centre 

Raynes Harry, clerk, 43 Central, boards 36 Lawrence 

Raynes Joseph & Co. {^G. W. Raynes)^ je.wellers and manufac- 
turers of silverware, 43 Central, house 36 Lawrence 

Read Drusilla Miss, tailoress, house 2 Middlesex place 

Read Enoch M. {Page, Kidder, ^ Co.), flour, Thorndike, corner 
Dutton, house at Newburyport 

Read George G. stonecutter, house 18 Westford 

Read Hannah and Betsey Misses, house 151 Moody 

Read jMichael, laborer, house rear 57 River 

Read Robert, house 20 Fourth, Centralville 

Read Robert Mrs. house 13 Anne 

Read Robert L. (D. Churchill i^ Co.), First, near Read, boards 
20 Fourth, Centralville 

Read William W. bilUards, over Post Office, house First, near 
Simpson, Centralville 

Read , paperhanger, at Fielding's, boards 28 Church 

Read, see Reed 

Reader Edward, agent, house 9 Oak 

Ready Ambrose L. junk, 65 Dutton, house 64 do. 

Ready Jeremiah, laborer, house 92 Gorham 

Ready John, laborer, house 3 Wamesit court 

Ready Michael, laborer, house rear 16 Winter 

Reagan Charles, cloth-room, Boott corporation, bds. 38 do. 

Reagan John, Middlesex, house 23 Green 

Reagan Patrick J. machinist, boards 155 Lowell 

Reagan Thomas, stonecutter, house 36 Marion 

Reardon Daniel, laborer, house 4 Cross 

Reardon John, fireman, house 20 Broadway, near Adams 

Reardon John, machinist, house 38 Dummer 

Reardon Patrick, machinist, house 4 Lowell place 

Merchants' A& Farmers' Mutual Fire Ins. Co., "Worcester, HUNT &, 
KLiLIOTT, Agents for Lowell and vicinity, iiS Central St. 


Reardon Sasan, widow, house 38 Durainer 

Revrdoa William, lab)rer, house ol Fenwick 

Reauld Ferdinand, carpenter, house 2 Eagle block, Middlesex 

Redding Lester B. niachinisr, house 12 Souih 

Redniund Charles, painter, boards 117 Middlesex 

Redmond James, laborer, house 10 Front, Centralville 

Redmond John, laborer, house 10 Front, Centralville 

Redmond Lawrence, marblepolisher, house 329 Central 

Redmond Margaret, widow, house 10 River 

Redmond Martin, bleacher, house 4 Kidder 

Redmond Philip C. laborer, house 21 Jefferson 

Reed A. Byron, boards 416 Merrimack 

Reed Ann, widow, boarding-house, 112 Merrimack corporation 

Reed Charles A. carder, Merrimack corporation, house 38 do. 

Reed Edward E. overseer, Boott corporation, house 74 do. 

Reed Greorge, house 1 Pearl 

Reed Greorge W. spinner, Merrimack corporation, house 51 do. 

Reed Gordon, machinist, hoase 46 Paige 

Reed Henry L. teamster, boards 124 School 

Reed John W. counsellor, 4 Barristers" Hall, b. 53 Butterfield 

Reed Jonas, house 416 Merrimack 

Reed Mary, widow, house rear 52 River, Centralville 

Reed Mary B. F. widow, boarding-house, 13 Suffolk corporation 

Reed Oliver H. blaeksra'th. housa 16 Tliird, Centralville 

Reed Ransom Mrs. house 2S Tyler 

Reed Reb3cca Miss, house at Old Ladies' House, 58 Moody 

Reed Robert, operative, house Whipple's block 

Reed Samuel, wmder, house 22 Bleachery 

Reed Samuel, laborer, house 3 Tilden court 

Reed Th )mas C. laborer, freight dtipit, hoas3 19 Qaeen 

Rsed WillardO., B. & L R. R. boards 217 Middlesex 

Ried Wdliam H. operative, Apple'on corporation, house 27 do. 

Reed, see Read 

Reenay Patrice, carpetmaker, boards 148 Central 

Reensrjerna Gjtthard, woolsortei-, boards 54 Appleton 

Regan John, laborer, house 35 Middle 

Regnier Frank, Lawrence corporation, boards 7 Cabot 

Regnier Kasimer, L )W3ll Michine Shop, boards 7 Cabot 

Regnier Louis, Lowell Machine Shop, house 7 Cabot 

Regnier Louis C. laborer, house 318 Merrimack 

Reid John, Appleton yard, house 3 Court avenue 

Reilly Bernard, grocer, 77 Church, house do. 

Reilly John, grocer, Suffolk, cor. Cross, house 66 Suffolk 

Reilly Mary, widow, house 66 Suffolk 

Remilard Gilbert, laborer, house rear 92 Moody 

Remilard Joseph, machinist, boards 42 L. M. S. corporation 

Remilard Matilda, widow, house rear 92 Moody 

Remington A. Judson, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 

Mercbauts &- Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Incorp. 1846, has al- 
■%vay8 paid liberal dividends ou expiring policies. (See page 374.) 


Remis M. Mrs. house rear 92 Moody 

Rendels William, shoemaker, boards Montgomery House 

Eeneault Pierre, machinist, boards 7 Cabot 

Eeno Alfred, laborer, house rear 6 East Pine 

Reynolds Amasa N. carpenter, house Railroad, near Halt 

Reynolds Bernard, house 79 Lawrence 

Reynolds Bridget, widow, house rear 12 William 

Reynolds Bridget, widow, house 90 Charles 

Reynolds Charles L. machinist, house 160 Middlesex 

Reynolds Daniel, janitor, house rear 18 Grand 

Reynolds Daniel, machinist, boards 4 Appleton corporation 

Reynolds Edward, flannel-finisher, house 19 Fayette 

Reynolds Francis, Hamilton corporation, house 64 Hamilton blk. 

Reynolds Gilman, watchman, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 

Reynolds Hamilton E. carpenter, boards rear 18 Grand 

Reynolds Jay, blacksmith, house rear 246 Merrimack 

Reynolds Mary, widow, house 19 Fayette 

Reynolds Patrick, house rear 86 Lowell 

Rhodes John, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 19 Hurd 

Rhodes John, jr. boards 15 Hurd 

Rhodes Matthew, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 13 Boott corp. 

Rice Catharine Miss, boarding-house, 12 Merrimack corporation 

Rice Cortis N. machinist, house 28 Franklin square, Suflfolk 

Rice D. Hall (Marshall Sf Hice), counsellor, 3 B irristers' Hall, 

houi-e 57 Bartlett [house 249 do. 

Rice (Edward C. ) & Bailey (Anson), provisions, 131 Central, 
Rice Edward H. clerk, boards 11 Auburn 
Rice E. M. Mrs. house 265 Central 
Rice Frank E. (/. W. B. Shaw & Co.), 44 Merrimack, boards 63 

East Merrimack 
Rice Harry R. reporter, " Citizen and News," boards 105 Gorham 
Rice Henry M. & J. provisions, 4 E. Merrimack, house 11 Auburn 
Rice Jonathan (^. M. S^ J Rice), 4 E. Merrimack, h. 17 Auburn 
Rice Mary J. Mrs. house 265 Central 

Rice Mary J. teacher. No. 7 Primary School, house 265 Central 
Rice Oscar, wireworker, boards First, near Bridge, Centralville 
Rich Susan, widow, house 26 Bartlett 
Rich Willie, carpenter, boards 7 Prescott corporation 
Richard Mitchell, carpenter, house 1 Dempsey's yard 
Richards Albert D. house 43 Willow 
Richards Amos J. F. painter, house 30 Smith 
Richards Farnham, peddler, house Austin, corner Perkins 
Richards John, overseer yard, Merrimack corporation, house 37 do. 
Richards Joseph, weaver, house 63 Lawrence corporation 
Richards Leonard J. building mover, house 90 High 
Richards Lewis, picker, boards 63 Lawrence corporation 
Richards Luther, superintendent streets, house 15 Andover 
Richards Martin, showman, house Waraesit Bank building 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Mass., Incor. 1836, pays 
50 per ct. dividends o\\ five year policies, and 4-0 per ct. on one year. 


Richards IVIichael, carpenter, house 1 Dempsey's yard 

Richaiils Naomi, widow, house 53 Hanover 

Richardson Abel, farmer, boards Hildreth, near Pearl, Centralville 

Richardson Abraham Mrs. house Water, corner Pond 

Richardson Albert J. sbuttlemaker, h. First, c. Read, Centralville 

Richardson Aide a B. (^Warren Fox Sf Co.), 57 Central, house 

43 Summer [Lawrence corp. 

Richardson Annie E. teacher, No. 22 Primary School, boards 25 
Richai'dson Asa, student, boards Hildreth, near Dracut line 
Richardson A. A. operative, boards 43 Lawrence corporation 
Richardson Benjamin F. engineer, Boston & Lowell Railroad, 

house 44 Fletcher 
Richardson Brothers (</! A. G. Sf J. A.), provisions, 179 Middlesex 
Richardson Calvin, operative, boards 2 Appleton corporation 
Richardson Charles, carpenter, house 6 Franklin square 
Richardson Charles H. machinist, boards 70 Massachusetts corp. 
Richardson Charles H., Boston Express, Merrimack-street depot, 

boards Hampshire, Centralville 
Richardson Daniel jr. carpenter, house 27 Walnut 
Richardson Daniel D. watchman, Lawrence corporation 
Richardson Daniel H. butcher, house Middlesex, west of Walker 
Richard.ion Daniel L. restaurant, 175 Middlesex, house Middlesex, 

corner Walker [mith, north c. Mansnr 

Richardson Daniel S. & Gr. F. counsellors, 55 Central, house Nes- 
Richardson D.ivid M. machinist, house 34 Middlesex 
Richardson Edward J. Mfs. boards 11 Sixth, Centralville 
Richardson Edwin, machinist, boards 111 Howard 
Richardson Elbridge G. piano-tuner, house 11 Sixth, Cent. 
Richardson E. Weston, carpenter, house 151 School 
Richardson Fayette, Lowell Machine Shop, boards 50 L. M. S. corp. 
Richardson Frank, cabinetmaker, 1:64 Middlesex, bds. IG Bartlett 
Richardson Frank L. (X. B. Richardson Sf Co.), broker, 108 

Central, boards Highland, corner Thorndike 
Richardson Frederick, yard-hand, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Richardson George, assistant superintendent, Lowell Machine Shop, 

house 4 Lowell Machine Shop corporation [Summer 

Richardson George, refreshment saloon, 16 Merrimack, house 49 
Richard.son (George) & Hartford {Daniel), sale stable, Warren, 

near Central, house 21 Charles 
Richardson George F. {D. S. Sf G. F. Richardson) , counsellor, 

55 Central, house Nesmith, south corner Mansur 
Richardson George H. boards 10 Merrimack corporation 
Richardson George H. clerk, Boott corporation, house 32 do. 
Richardson George S. watchman, Merrimack, house Maiden lane 
Richardson Hannah, widow of Ephraim, house Bridge, n. Hildreth 
Richardson Ira G. Mrs. house 122 Central 
Richardson James B. boarding-house, 10 Merrimack corporation 
Richardson John, laborer, house 68 Church 

HUNT «fc ELtilOTT, Agents for Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
Rooms, Prescott National Bank Bld'g, iiS Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Ricliardson John A. Gr. (^Richardson Bros.'), 179 Middlesex, bds. 

East Pine, near Carlton 
Richardson Julin B. grocer, Adams, corner Fletcher, house Willie, 

corner Fletcher 
Richardson John M. fanner, hoards Hildreth, near Pearl, Cent. 
Richardson Joseph L. painter, boards 102 Eist Merrimack 
Richardson Julian A. \Rlchardson Bros ), 179 Middlesex, house 

17 Thorndike 
Riehavd(^on Leonard, photographist, 29 Kirk, bds. 1 City Hall ave. 
Richardson Lewis B. & Co. {F. L. Richardson) , brokers, 108 

Central, house Highland, corner Thorndike 
Richardson Lorenzo, laborer, house 100 East Merrimack [Prince 
Richardson L. S. dry and fancy goods, 115 Merrimack, house 113 
Richardson Mary Miss, boards 85 Salem 

Richardson Merrill Mrs. house Hildreth, near Peirl, Centralville 
Richardson Nancy, house Hildreth, near Dracut line, Centralville 
Richardson Oakley E. D. carpenter, house Bridge, cor. Hildreth, 

Richard,-on Obadiah W. clerk, house Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Richardson ( Oliver A.) & Cutter {Abijah), gunsmiths, 60 Central, 

house 102 East Merrimack [mack 

Richardson Oliver A. jr. clerk, 106 Central, bds. 102 East Merri- 
Richardson Sumner, grocer, Hildreth, cor. Pearl, house do. Cent. 
Richardi-on S}'bil Mi^s, house 123 Gorham 
Richardson (Sylvester) & Smith (/>. i?. ), wood-dealers, 41 Salem, 

hou^e School, cor. Bowers 
Richardson Thomas L. overseer, Lawrence corporation, h. 25 do. 
Richardson William B. machinist, house 14 Walnut 
Richardson William C. weaver, Stoit's Mills, house 40 Water 
Richardson William W. clerk, Adams, corner Fletcher, boards 

Willie, corner Fletcher 
Richmond Charles B. paper-manufacturer, 80 Lawrence, h. Andover 
Richmond Lucia Miss, house 38 Lawrence 
Ricker Alphena Mrs. hou^e 238 Central 
Riclcer Charles H engineer, house 24 Wentworth's building 
Ricker Charlotte, widow, house 30 Chestnut 
Ricker Ebenezer Mrs. house 19 Chapel 
Ricker Fanny, boarding-house, 28 Boott corporation 
Ricker Freeman D. spinner, house 30 Chestnut 
Ricker James E. watchman, Merrimack, boards 140 do. corp. 
Ricker Josiah, fireman, house 60 Lawrence corporation 
Ricker IMary L. widow, house 7 Lawrence corporation 
Ricker Shepard, machinist, boards 8 Prescott corporation 
Rider Chester, spinner, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Rider George, at hosiery mill, boards 61 Lawrence corporation 
Ridley Hugh, stonecutter, boards 109 Appleton 
Rigney Edward, laborer, house 43 Goiham 
Riley Ann, widow, house 24 Massachusetts corporation 

HUNT &. ELL.IOTT, 38 Central St., Lowell, are Amenta for the Citi- 
zens Mutual (Fire) Ins. Co., of Brighton. (iSee page 374.) 


Riley Bartholomew, laborer, house 4 Wall 

Riley Bernard, wood-dealer, 25 Davidson, house do. 

Riley Bridget Mrs. house 19 River, Ceutralville 

Riley Catharine, widow, house 27 Front, Centralville 

Riley Catharine, widow of Patrick, house 115 River, Centralville 

Riley Catharine, widow, house rear 140 Lowell 

Riley Charles, laborer, house 31 River, Centralville 

Riley Daniel, tailor, house 25 Fenwick 

Riley Daniel P. carpet-weaver, house 34 Cedar 

Riley Edward, machinist, house rear 69 Lowell 

Riley Ellen, widow, house 18 Keene 

Riley Ellen, widow, house 12 William 

Riley Francis, operative, house Cross,. near Suffolk 

Riley Francis, operative, boards 115 River, Centralville 

Riley Frank, operative, boards 13 Central 

Riley Hugh, spinner, house 20 North 

Riley Hugh, laborer, boards 25 Davidson 

Riley Hugh, dyer, house 5 Theatre block, Lowell 

Riley Hugh, laborer, boards 34 Middle 

Riley James, carpenter, house 45 Chapel 

Riley James, laborer, at Gas Works, house 98 Adams 

Riley James, house 48 Davidson 

Riley James, currier, house Wamesit, near Lawrence 

Riley James, operative, house 4 Theatre block, Lowell 

Riley James E. variety store, 29 Middlesex, house do. 

Riley John, grocer, 77 Gorham, boards 15 Summer 

Riley John, dyer, house 58 Middle 

Riley John, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

Riley John, soapmaker, house 93 Merrimack corporation 

Riley John, grocer, Lowell, corner Worthen, house do. 

Riley John, laborer, house 29 Fenwick 

Riley John, laborer, house East Pine, near Nichols 

Riley John, operative, house 14 Keene 

Riley John, Lowell Machine Shop corporation, house 261 Gorham 

Riley John, laborer, house 66 Suffolk 

Riley Katie, dressmaker, 30 Lowell, boards do. 

Riley Lawrence, laborer, boards 30 Lowell 

Riley Luke, butcher, Middlesex, near Walker 

Riley Luke, stonemason, boards 2 Garnet 

Riley Mary, widow, house 53 Middle 

Riley Michael, laborer, house 107 Lowell 

Riley Michael, laborer, house 15 Davidson 

Riley Michael, laborer, house 14 Keene 

Riley Michael, carder, boards 73 East Merrimack 

Riley Michael, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Riley Morgan, carder, house foot of Livingston 

Riley Owen, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house 48 Middle 

Citlzeiis Mutual CFire) Ins. Co., Brighton, pays 50 per cent tlivi- 
deuds on one, three, and five year policies. Office 88 Central St. 



Riley Patrick, laborer, house 10 Lee 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house rear 69 Lowell 

Riley Patrick, machinist, house 27 River, Centralville 

Riley Patrick, marbleworker, house rear 140 Lowell 

Riley Patrick, laborer, house rear 12 William 

Riley Peter, laborer, house 20 Keene 

Riley Peter, machinist, boards Adams, corner Cross 

Riley Peter, Middlesex, house Sixth, cor. Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 

Riley Peter, laborer, house 36 Lewis 

Riley Peter, laborer, house Parker's block, Centralville 

Riley Philip, teamster, house 22 Davidson 

Riley Simon, laborer, house Fletcher, rear Cross 

Riley Stephen, laborer, house 118 Suffolk 

Riley Terrence, laborer, boards 13 Central 

Riley Thomas, laborer, house 1 William . 

Riley Thomas, turner, Wamesit Mills, h. Main, c. Lincoln, A. C. 

Riley William, at American Bolt Company, house Whipple, near 

Riley, see Reilly and 0' Reily 
Rines Greorge W. weaver, house 1 Lincoln place 
Rines John S. dresser, boards 39 Lawrence corporation 
Ring Dennis, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 
Ring Dennis Mrs. house 12 Lewis 
Ring Jeremiah, carpetweaver, house rear 194 Gorham 
Ring John H. machinist, house rear 18 Dummer 
Ring Michael W. laborer, boards 12 Lewis 
Ring Patrick, watchman, Round House 

Ring Thomas, at Print Works, boards 115 Merrimack corporation 
Rinn David, weaver, house 18 Cedar 
Riordan Patrick, papermaker, house 85 Grorham 
Ripley Albert, spinner, boards 46 Lawrence corporation 
Ripley Edward E. salesman, 96 Central, bds. 63 East Merrimack 
Ripley George & Co. {Joseph and Leonard Church), manu- 
facturers of cotton bats, wadding, and paper. Congress, near 
Thorndike, house at Andover 
Ripley Herbert B. wire-worker, house 3 Read, Centralville 
Ripley Thomas, farmer, house Westford, opposite Queen 
Risley Eli H. overseer, Chase's Mills, boards 256 Central 
Ritchie Catharine, widow, boards 44 L. M. S. corporation 
Ritchie John P. clerk, 23 Central, house 29 Bartjett 
Rix Benjamin F. Mrs. house off Methuen, Conantville 
Rix George W. section hand, L. & L. R. R. house Thorndike, n. 

stone yard 
Roach Bernard, stonecutter, house Crosby 

Roach Catharine, widow, house Adams, opposite Catholic church 
Roach Lawrence, painter, 1 and 2 Commercial square 
Roach Lawrence, machinist, house 15 Summer 
Roach Michael, operative, house Morrison's block 

Central Mutual Fire Ins. Co, AVorcester, Mass., HUNT &- ELLIOTT, 
Agents, Office 38 Central St., Iiovfell. (See page 374.) 


Roach Michael, operative, house Tyler's block, Centralville 
Roach IMorris, shoemaker, house 10 Howe 
Roach Patrick, laborer, house Lynch's block 
Roach Patrick, woolsorter, boards 84 Market 
Roach Simon, cardgrinder, house Tyler's block, Centralville 
Roach Thomas, laborer, house 17 Winter 
Roach William, boards Donahoe's yard 
Roane John P. stonemason, house 83 Gorham 
Roark Andrew, laborer, house 128 Lowell 
Roark Andrew, house 76 Lowell 

Roark Cornelius, Merrimack, boards 37 Boott corporation 
Roark Edward, laborer, boards 2 Garnet 
Roark Farley, laborer, boards 2 Garnet 
Roark Francis, laborer, house 17 Lee 
Roark Francis, laborer, house 4 Quigley's alley 
Roark John, house 32 Crosby 
Roark John, laborer, house 1 Cummiskey's alley 
Roark John, laborer, house 6 Front, Centralville 
Roark Michael, butcher, 39 Lowell, house do. 
Roark Miles, laborer, house 76 Middle 
Roark Patrick, provisions, 69 Lowell, house do. 
Roark Patrick, laborer, house 26 Lowell 
Roark Peter, laborer, house Jefferson, n. Lowell 
Roark Teirney, laborer, house 21 Lewis 
Roark Thomas, laborer, house 39 Lowell 
Roark Thomas, machinist, boards 153 Lowell 
Robbius Albert F. boots and shoes, 68 Merrimack, b. 14 Cabot 
Robbins Charles H. mason, house 90 Bridge, Centralville 
Robbins George, blacksmith, house 35 L, M. S. corporation 
Robbins Hannah, widow, boards Willie, corner Franklin 
Robbins Henry, carpenter, house 7 Lawrence corporation 
■^Robbins Jacob, house 182 East Merrimack 
Robbins John, mason, house First, Centralville 
Robbins Sophia T. widow, house 131 Middlesex 
Robbins William, section hand, boards 7 Appleton corporation 
Roberge James, doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 22 Grand 
Roberge Joseph, carpenter, house 118 Middlesex 
Roberts Charles, machinist, house 4 Suffolk corporation 
Roberts Daniel C. rector St. John's church, house 28 Linden 
Roberts George, machinist, boards 44 Lagrange 
Roberts Helen C. Mrs. house 18 Hui'd 

Roberts James P. machinist, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Roberts John, machinist, house 8 Ford 
Roberts John, woolsorter, house 5 Everett 
Roberts John L. teamster, house 40 Franklin 
Roberts Michael, house 54 Lewis 

Roberts Nathaniel, bootmaker, 6 Merrimack, house 38 Willow 
Roberts Samuel, carpenter, boards 69 L. M. S. corporation 

HoTT to provide for the comfort and support of oiir families after 
our decease is the earnest thought of every man. (See page 375.) 


Roberts Timothy, laborer, boards 54 Lewis 
Roberts Willard, Lawrence corporation, house 43 do- 
Roberts William, dresser, house 175 Merrimack corporation 
Robertson James L. gasfitter, house 16 Lowell corporation 
Robertson John, printer, house rear 43 Chestnut 
Robertson John, bookkeeper, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 14 Cady 
Robey Versil E. teamster, house 114 Cross 
Robie Royal H. house 129-2 Central 

Roltle Solon S. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 42 Branch 
Robiolel Elizabeth, widow, house 53 Middle 
Robiolel Frank, spinner, boards 53 Middle 
Robinson Alexander, finisher, house 45 Charles 
Robinson Alexander H. paymaster, Appleton Mill, h. 32 Lawrence 
Robinson Anstrus Mrs, house 71 Fletcher 
Robinson Benjamin, operative, house 3 George 
Robinson Benjamin, 102 Merrimack, house 7 Harrison 
Robinson Clarence W. clerk, with C. P. Talbot & Co. b. 7 Harrison 
Robinson Don C. moulder, Willie, corner Button, h. 27 Central 
Robinson Edwin A. weaver, Boott corporation, house 46 do. 
Robinson Ferdinand, house Middlesex, west of Walker 
Robinson Franklin J. clerk, 52 Merrimack, bds. 3 Mass. corp. 
Robinson Georgle Miss, bookkeeper, 3 Cushing, bds. 71 Fletcher 
Robinson James, spinner, house Lawrence, c. Lawrence-st. court 
Robinson James, laborer, house 10 Keene 
Robinson James, painter, house 76 Warren 
Robinson Mary Mrs. house 44 Paige 
Robinson Mary A. nurse, house 59 Fletcher 
Robinson Mary A. widow, house 54 Lawrence 
Robinson N. S. machinist, house 220 Central 
^ Robinson Pamelia, dressmaker, Merr. c. John, house do. 
Robinson Robert, house 15 Ames 
Robinson William, weaver, house 8 North 
Robinson William, yard hand, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Robinson WilUam, weaver, boards 70 Lawrence corporation 
Robinson William & Co. (A. Nourbourn), machinists, Mechanics 

Mills, house 24 Rock 
Robinson William E. dyer, house 19 Central 

Robinson , clerk, boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Roby Augustus B. machinist, Merrimack corporation, h. 74 do. 
Roby Royal, fireman, B. & L. R. R. 
Roche Michael, bleachery, house 62 Charles 
Rocheleau Alexandre, marbleworker, boards 2 Farson's court 
Rock William W. watchman, house 40 Walnut 
Roddick Thomas, Mass. corp. boards 9 Prescott corp. 
Rodliff Ferdinand, superintendent, Hamilton Manufacturing Com- 
pany, house 35 Appleton 
Rodliff Ferdinand jr. paymaster, Hamilton Manufacturing Co. h. 
39 Andover 

state Mutual Life Attsurance Co., "Worcester, Mass. A safe aud eco- 
uomical Company to insure in. HUIVT & £}L£>IOTT, Agts. (See p. 375.) 


Rodliff Horatio H. (Bennett Sf Eodlif), Moody, cor. Tremont, b. 
91 Salem 

EodlitF William, spinner, house 77 Lawrence 

Eodrigues Jose C. boards Merrimack House 

Eoo;an Bridget Miss, house 2 Dodge 

Rogan Patrick, painter, house 59 Adams 

Rogers Arthur E. jeweller, 25 Central, boards 314 School 

Rogers Bentley, operative, boards 290 Merrimack 

Rogers Caleb, clerk, 31 Market, boards 1 Merrimack corp. 

Rogers David Mrs. house 244 Central 

Rogers Eunice Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Merrimack corp. 

Rogers Felix, laborer, house rear 61 Middle 

Rogers Harriet A. widow, house 36 Bartlett 

Rogers Hugh, operative, house 50 Adams 

Rogers Hugh, dyer, house 3 Edgerly's court 

Rogers .Jacob & Co. (Frederic Taylor), hardware, &c. 166 Merri- 
mack, house 25 Pawtucket 

Rogers James, boards Montgomery House 

Rogers James, iilegrinder, house 193 Gorham 

Rogers John, rag-gatherer, house 23 Cedar 

Rogers John, laborer, boards rear 61 Middle 

Rogers John, boards 314 School 

Rogers John, laborer, house 300 Merrimack 

Rogers John F. cashier, Railroad National Bank, and treasurer 
Mechanics Savings Bank, house 23 Nesmith [Moody 

Rogers John Gr. (Stiles, Rogers, 8f Co.), 23 Market, house 167 

Rogers Margaret, widow, house 8 Union 

Rogers Martha, widow, house 18 Kirk 

Rogers Mary, Jefferson, near Lowell 

Rogers Michael, laborer, house 48 Adams 

Rogers Patrick, wireworker, boards 83 Church 

Rogers Porter, farmer, house High, n. Tewksbury line 

Rogers Rufus, clerk, 23 Market, house 314 School 

Rogers Thomas, laborer, house 30 Cedar , 

Rogers Thomas, laborer, house 20 Jefferson 

Roice Ruth C. widow, house 27 Fifth, Centralville 

Rokes .James D. clerk, 35 Merrimack, house 16 Marshall 

Roland Peter, spinner, boards 23 George 

Rolfe Abiel, freight agent, Lowell & Lawrence Railroad, h. Rolfe 

Rolfe Frank 0. clerk (Boston), boards Rolfe 

Rolfe Lizzie C. widow, house 64 High 

Rollins David B. moulder, house 27 L. M. S. corporation 

Rollins Frank E. clerk, Prescott Nat. Bank, b. 63 Mass. corp. 

Rollins George S. salesman, 51 Central, h. 155 East Merrimack 

Rollins Henry C. at A. Kittredge's, b. 34 Wentworth's building 

Rollins John L. house 55 Chapel 

Rollins Jonathan, mason, house 60 Church 

Rollins Joseph S. shoemaker, house 4 High-st, square 

Insure your life in tlie State Miit. Life \. Co. All policies are non- 
forfeitable by State law. HUNT «fc ELLIOTT, Agts. (See page 375.^ 


Rollins Pliny, spinner, house 17 Mass. corp. 

Rooks George C. carpenter, boards 1 Merrill 

Root Charles S. at Josiah Gates & Son's, h. 4 Ford, c. Austin 

Root George B. at C. B. Coburn's, house 68 Moody 

Roper Caroline Mrs. house 70 High 

Roper Francis, Middlesex, house rear 9 Andover 

Roper George A. clerk, boards 13 Apple ton corporation 

Roper George W. machinist, house 13 Appleton corporation 

Roper Nancy, widow, boards 13 Appleton corporation 

Roscoe Edwin, carver, house 105 Central 

Rose George, Middlesex, house 12 Water 

Rose Gilbert, receiving clerk, freight depot, house 255 Central 

Rose John, house rear 20 North 

Rose Maria Mrs. dressmaker, house 23 Kirk 

Rose Thomas, roofer, boards 54 Stackpole 

Ross Charles A. blacksmith, 173 Central, house 14 Walnut 

Ross James F. hairdresser, Washington House, h. 73 Lawrence 

Ross Thomas H. helper, 130 Middlesex, h. at Dracut 

Ross William, machinist, boards 9 Suffolk corp. 

Rothwell Charles, boards 9 Suffolk corporation 

Rothwell Fannie Mrs. house rear 219 Central 

Rothwell John, painter, house 21 Willie 

Rothwell Thomas, filecutter, boards r. 219 Central 

Rougban Mary, widow, house 26 Cedar 

Rourke Lawrence, carder, boards 80 Merrimack corp. 

Rourke Mary, widow, house 62 River, Centralville 

Rourke Patrick, machinist, h. 35 Suffolk, FrankHn square 

Rousseau Elzeard, doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 118 

Rowe Ellen, widow, boards foot of Ninth 

Rowe George A. watchmaker, 32 Merrimack, b. 63 E. Merrimack 

Rowe Patrick, operative, house 146 Lowell 
-Rowe Richard Mrs. house 72 Lowell 

Rowe William, trunkmaker, boards 52 Church 

Rowell Edward T. (3Iarden S,- Eowell) , proprietors Lowell " Cou- 
rier," Museum building, boards 43 Tyler 

Rowell Harriet C. widow, house Lawson, cor. School 

Rowlinson William, combmaker, Whipple's Mills, h. 119 Lawrence 

Roy Aglae Miss, dressmaker, 332 Merrimack 

Roy Basilide, fish, 166 Middlesex, h. 332 Merrimack 

Roy Napoleon, carpenter, bds. 332 Merrimack 

Roy Napoleon, moulder, boards rear 1 Hancock ave. 

Roy Narcisse, hiborer, house rear 1 Hancock ave. 

Roy William, carpenter, boards 332 Merrimack 

Royal Rose, widow, house 3 Crosby 

Rugg Amos, paymaster, Massachusetts Mills, house 40 Branch 

Rugg Chester W. umbrella and music store, 77 Merrimack, house 
Mt. Vernon, corner Bennett, Centralville 

MEEAGANSETT INS. CO. ""A'^^T^^^^^^' 


Rugg Frederick H. turner, bds. 382 Middlesex 

Rugg H. A. clerk, 77 Merrimack, bds. Mt. Vernon, Centralville 

Kugg Irene, widow, bouse 382 Middlesex 

Rugg Samuel S. machinist, house 16 Race 

Rugg Scott, cabinetmaker, boards 382 Middlesex 

Runals Robert K. grocer, 319 Merrimack, house 387 do. 

Rundlett Frank G. clerk, 2 Merrimack, house 1 Union 

Rundlett Kirk V. fireman. Stony Brook R. R. boards 1 Union 

Runels Daniel, watchman, Hamilton 

Runels {George), Clough (Stilhnan), & Co. (i\^. Davis and S. 

Sweatt), granite stone yard, Thorndike, near the jail, house 

99 Thorndike 

Rush , at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, bds. 19 Kirk [ton 

Rushford Edward, marblecutter, 165 Middlesex, boards 109 Apple- 
Rush worth Benjamin, machinist, house 7 1 Lawrence 
Rushworth Elizabeth, dress and cloak making. 111 Middlesex, h. do. 
Rushworth John W. gigger, house 7 Merrill's court 
Russell Alexander, mulespinner, house 19 River, Centralville 
Russell Alonzo L. grocer, 8 Market, house 51 Appleton 
Russell Ann, widow, house 19 L. M. S. corp. 
Russell x\sa C. milkman and produce dealer, house 39 Appleton 
Russell Charles L. machinist, L. M. Shop, bds. 5 Jackson 
Russell Cyrus K. grocer, 281 Merrimack, house 377 do. 
Russell Daniel W. agent, 61 Dutton 
Russell David, spinner, house rear 10 River, Centralville 
Russell David C clerk, bds. 51 Appleton 
Russell Edw. F. mason, house 8 Lawrence 

Russell Elizabeth H. Mrs. boards 9 Prescott corp. \ 

Russell Emily H. Mrs. house 3 Middlesex place 
Russell Harriet A. widow, house 20 Moody 
Russell James B. boards 29 Nesmith 
Russell James S. teacher. High School, house 29 Nesmith 
Russell Josiah, mason, house 215 Central 
Russell Leonard M. machinist, house 4 Evans block 
Russell Michael, machinist, bds. Adams, corner Cross 
Russell Samuel, machinist, house 107 Middlesex 
Russell Sarah N. widow, house 82 Moody 
Russell Sidney S. grocer, 149 Central, house do. 
Russell Stephen, woolsorter, house 30 Willie 
Russell William, painter, bds. 11 Mass. corp. 
Russell William A. J. brassfiuisher, 84 Middle, house 10 Market 
Rust John A. at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s 
Rutherford Robert, spinner, house 82 Church 
Rutherford Thomas Mrs. house 76 Warren 
Ruthford George, tinsmith, house 44 South 
Ryan B. Mrs. provisions, 53 Dutton, house do. 
Ryan James, at bleachery, house 329 Central 
Ryan James, laborer, bds. John-st. avenue 

PTPTri^r A Mn T\T'<;:! ha Assets $.560.000. HUNT & 

\JULi\ nutx\Su ilMO. VjU.) ELLIOTT, Agts. (See p. 374.) 


Ryan Jane, widow, house 5 Clark's court 

Ryan John, house 7 Kidder 

Ryan John, weaver, bds. 182 Gorham 

Ryan John, reedmaker, house 71 Church 

Ryan John Mrs. house 130 Lowell 

Ryan John E. grocer, 60 Market, house do. 

Ryan Martin, laborer, house rear 16 Appleton 

Ryan Mary, widow, house 5 Cross 

Ryan Mary, widow, house rear 20 Summer 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 71 Lowell 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house Jefferson, near Lowell 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house rear 31 Worthen 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 17 River, Centralville 

Ryan Patrick, laborer, house 5 Cross 

Ryan Thomas, house 7 Summer 

Ryan William, laborer, house Maiden lane 

Ryan William, laborer, house rear 20 William 

Ryan W^illiam F. machinist, bds. 69 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Ryden John, painter, bds. 328 Central 

Ryden Margaret, widow, house 328 Central 

Ryder James, painter, 101 Central, house 18 Abbott 

Ryerson Henry J. bookseller, 29 Central, h. 156 E. Merrimack 

SABOL FARENDA, laborer, house 17 Willie avenue 

Sabol Louis, carpenter, house rear 394 Merrimack 

Saddler Margaret, widow, house 94 Grorham 

Saint Cyr Edelmar, physician, 327 Merrimack, house do. 

Sails Edwin S. variety store, 95 Central, house 33 Bartlett 

Sails Harriet M. Mrs. house 33 Bartlett '' 

Salmon Daniel, laborer, bds. 1 Merrill 

Salmon Edward A. bleacher, house 14 Rock 

Salmon George F. machinist, house 69 Church 

Salmon Patrick Mrs. house 3 Summer 

Salmon William F. manager Lowell Hosiery Co., Mt. Vernon, near 

Broadway, house Pawtucket, opposite Fletcher 
Saltmarsh John F. stonecutter, house 164 Gorham 
Sampson John, laborer, house rear 42 Fayette 
Sanborn Amos & Co. {H. B. Bacon), watches, jewelry, and 
. manufactory of silverware, 25 Central, house 5 Kirk, corner 

Sanborn Annie E. Mrs. house 5 Carlton 
Sanborn (Proline Mrs. house 83 Appleton 
Sanborn Charles, house Holbrook's court 

Sanborn Ebenezer G. chemist, {No. BiUerica), house 4 Marshall 
Sanborn Edward P. ma.son, house 50 Howard 
Sanborn Edwin {Furbish ^ Sanborn), carriagemaker, Andover, 

corner Pleasant, house 286 Central 
Sanborn Elon A. overseer, Prescott Mills, house 3 Prescott corp. 

KAMEEICAN FIRE INS.CO.,"h^'It*^ t'^^otTfS^.: 


Sanborn Frederick P. photographer, 15 Barristers' Hall, bds. 11 
Lee [Paige 

SanboiTi George W. silversmith, 25 Central, bds. 5 Kirk, corner 

Sanborn George W. police, house 7 Myrtle, Centralville 

Sanborn Henry L. spinner, boards 26 Cady 

Sanborn John, overseer spinning-rooin, Hamilton corp. h. 36 do. 

Sanborn Laroy S. clerk, 131 Central, boards 26 Cady 

Sanborn Nathaniel C. photographist, 50 Merrimack, house 120 
East Merrimack 

Sanborn Olivia W. fancy goods, 105 Merrimack, house do. 

Sanborn Page, house 11 Lee 

Sanborn Priscilla A. widow, boards Nichols, corner Pine 

Sanborn Stephen C. house 26 Cady 

Sanborn Tlieodore A. mason, house 9 Myrtle, Centralville 

Sanborn Thomas J. police, house 9 Everett 

Sanborn Timothy B. operative, Lawrence corporation, bds. 17 do. 

Sanborn Warren J. carpenter, house Engine House, Middle 

Sanders Charles B. physician and surgeon, 7 Welles block, h. do. 

Sanders Edward, Merrimack, house 147 Lowell 

Sanders Elizabeth, widow, house 29 High 

Sanders John H. printer, house 23 Green 

Sanders Mary Mrs. house 74 Church 

Sanders Orpha, widow, house rear 69 High 

Sanderson Charles C. boards 22 Tremont corporation 

Sanderson George, carder, house 5 Clark's court 

Sanderson Nelson, carpenter, house 81 Massachusetts corporation 

Sanderson Oliver, laborer, house 22 Tremont corporation 

Sands David, operative, boards 38 Boott corporation 

Sands John, operative, boards 38 Boott corporation 

Sanford Daniel W. clerk, 179 Middlesex, boards 6 East Pine 

Sanford M. A. Mrs. boards 9 Cabot block 

Santry James, liquors, house 51 Fenwick 

Sargeant Benjamin C. bookseller and stationer, 158 Merrimack, 
house 37 Tyler 

Sargeant Henry W. harnessmaker, house 8 High-street square 

Sargent Ann, widow, house 6 Hurd 

Sargent Anna A. teacher, Edson School, boards 74 Mechanic 

Sargent Eben D. & Son. (U. B. Sargent), fish-dealers, Gorham, 
corner Appleton, house 16 Chapel 

Sargent Edward M. 4 Middle, house 33 Andover 

Sargent Elhanan W. machinist, Merrimack corporation, h. 56)e do. 

Sargent Emmons B. {E. D. Sargent^ Son), Gorham, corner Ap- 
pleton, house at East Chelmsford 

Sargent Frank G. clerk, boards Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 

Sargent Fred M. mail messenger, boards 33 Andover 

Sargent Frederick W. {Chase, Sargent, 8^ Shattuck), 5 Central, 
house Wanalancit, near Pawtucket [near Pawtucket 

Sargent Frederick W. jr. clerk, 174 Merrimack, boards Wanalancit, 

CAATM FTBT? TATQ Cr\ Assets $340,000. hunt & Elliott, 

L»Ui>l IN I 1: illil; li\ Oi bU., Agts., 38 Central St. (See page 374.) 


Sargent George M. carpenter, house 15 Floyd 

Sargent Harrison, blacksmith, house 14 River, Centralville ' 

Sargent John, rug-weaver, boards 115 Gorham 

Sargent John C. house 9 Tilden court 

Sargent John H. overseer, Lowell corporation, house at Dracut 

Sargent Joseph L, provisions, 4 Merrimack, house 82 Bridge, Cent. 

Sargent M. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 17 Chapel, house do. 

Sargent Reuben, farmer, house Coburn, near Hildreth, Centralville 

Sargent Stephen, tinsmith, house 9 Boott corporation 

Sargent Stephen P. house Middlesex, near Wilder 

Sargent Sumner, agent, house 17 Chapel 

Sargent Sylvester H. machinist, house 74 L. M. S. corporation 

Sargent Waldo, clerk, bloacbery, house Robinson, near Railroad 

Sargent Wareham M. mason, house 69 Fletcher 

Sargent William W. clerk, 7 Central, boards 56>2 Merri. corp. 

Satlers John, operative, boards 37 Massachusetts corporation 

Saunders Alfred S. overseer, Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 

house Tenth, corner Methuen, Centralville 
Saunders Charles H. painter, house 1 Westford 
Saunders Charles W. {Norcross Sr Saunders), lumber, Middlesex, 

house 8 Stack pole 
Saunders Dana, teamster, 24 Middle, house 27 do. 
Saunders Edward, laborer, house 147 Lowell 
Saunders Edward T. freight conductor, B. & M. R. R. boards 122i 

Merrimack corporation 
Saunders Eugene, currier, boards 6 Whipple's block 
Saunders Francis E. carder, house 1 Hamilton corporation 
Saunders George A. dresser, Merrimack corporation, h. 123 do. 
Saunders Hugh, laborer, house 60 Lawrence 
Saunders Jacob, clerk, 195 Middlesex, house 22 Marshall 
Saunders James Mrs. house Cross, near Suftblk 
Saunders Mary A. widow, house Maiden lane 
Saunders Robert, laborer, house 86 Suftblk 

Saunders Thomas, laborer, at Gas Works, house rear 38 Dummer 
Saunders Thomas E. shoemaker, 138 Central, house 90 Middlesex 
Saunders, see Sanders 

Savage Abraham, operative, boards 51 Merrimack corporation 
Savage EUery T., Merrimack corporation,. house 65 do. 
Savage GoS", weaver, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Savage 31argaret P. widow, bds. Bridge, near City line. Cent. 
Savage Owen, weaver, Merrimack corporation, house 51 do. 
Savory Charles A. physician, 6 Kirk, house do. 
Sawins Ruel, carpenter, house 39 Willow 
Sawtell Appleton B. engineer, house 29 Rock 
Sawtell Calvin, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop corp. b. 16 do. 
Sawtell Charles L. cook, 18 Merrimack, house 142 Lawrence 
Sawtell Henry I. machinist, house 30 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Sawtell Josiah, carpenter, house Sawtell place 

PTDQT AT A T'T PTDT? TATQ CH ^'^orcester. Capital $300,000 
liiXioiiNAi LriilljiiNo.UU.j hunt &.ELL,I0TT, Agents. 


Sawtell Josiah A. bridge-builder, house Sawtell place 
Sawtell Selden L. provisious, 68 Dutton, house 42 Willie 
Sawtelle Abbott A. & Co. {G. Van Dusen) , ^voy\s[o^s, Liberty 

square, house 29 Franklin 
Sawtelle N. H. clerk, Liberty square, boards 29 Franklin 
Sawyer Aaron, painter, boards Tenth, near Beacon, Centralville 
Sawyer Aaron C. carriagetrimmer and harnessniaker, 161 and 163 

Middlesex, house 55 Fletcher 
Sawyer Abbie, widow, boards 31 Wentworth's building 
Sawyer Alfred A. clerk, 366 Merrimack, house Mammoth road, 

Sawyer Charles A. boards 4 Appleton corporation 
Sawyer Clarina A. Mrs. boarding-house, 110 Merr. corporation 
Sawyer Emma C. teacher, VariRim School, b. 16 Fourth, Cent. 
Sawyer Francis A. clerk, house 149 Middlesex 
Sawyer Hamilton J. machinist, Broadway, h. 64 Butterfield 
Sawyer Jacob H. superintendent, Appleton Co. house Highland 
Sawyer John A. painter, boards Tenth, near Beacon, Centralville 
Sawyer John M. machinist, house Somerset 

Sawyer John P. cabinetmaker, house Tenth, n. Beacon, Centralville 
Sawyer Joshua, carpenter, house Seventh, near Bridge, Cent. 
Sawyer Luther D. house 173 Moody 
Sawyer Kapha W. farmer, house River Road, Dracut 
Sawyer Sophronia, widow, house 37 Bridge, Centralville 
Sawyer Sybil Miss, house River road, Dracut [Amesbury 

Sawyer Thomas C. carriage depository, 163 Middlesex, house at S. 
Sawyer William E. farmer, boards Tenth, near Beacon, Cent. 
Sawyer William S. bookkeeper at A. Bachelder & Co.'s, b. East 

Merrimack, corner Alder 
Saxon Alexander, Middlesex, house 2 Holbrook's court 
Saxton Michael, house 4 Little 
Sayers John, laborer, house 11 Adams 

Sayers Thomas, operative, house 10 Adams [Appleton 

Sayles Albert W. contractor, Lowell 3Iachine Shop, house 102 
Sayles Nancy Mrs. boarding-house, 115 Merrimack corporation 
Scadding Aaron, carriage-trimmer, house 142 Lawrence 
Scadding Alfred W. at H. Hosford's, boards 142 Lawrence 
Scalan Patrick, laborer, boards 13 Winter 
Scales Aaron, weaver, boards 3 Tremont corporation 
Scales Edward, upholsterer, boards 82 Merrimack corporation 
Scales Ellen Mrs. house 82 Merrimack corporation 
Scales E. stonecutter, boards Wamesit House 
Scales Francis R. moulder, house 44 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Scales Sally M. Miss, nurse, boards 66 Merrimack corporation 
Scales Sarah E. teacher. No. 40 Primary School, boards 82 Prince 
Scanlan Maurice, laborer at Gas Works, house 40 Adams 
Scanlon John, at Carpet Mill, house rear Mill 
Scanlon Patrick, pressman, house River, above Front, Centralville 

BEEKSHIRE LIFE INS. CO. ^^r^^^liT^^.Zl: f^Jr^^t 


Scannell Mary, widow, house 106 Suffolk 

Scarlett James, blacksmith, boards 114 Merrimack corporation 

Schofield Joseph, weaver, house 178 Lawrence 

Schoger Leonard, striker, house London, cor. Main, Ayer's city 

Scobey Jane D. widow, house 345 Merrimack 

ScoUin John, laborer, house Davis court 

Scotchburn Thomas, machinist, house 160 Gorham 

Scott Agnes, widow, house 88 East Merrimack 

Scott Alfred, livery and sale stables, 202 Middlesex, also (Litch- 

field, Edwards, Sf Co.), 127 Market, h. Middlesex, c. School 
Scott David, letter-carrier, P.O. house 1 Hudson 
Scott Elhanan W. Mrs. house Mt. Vernon, Centralville 
Scott G. Clarence, counsellor, 4S^ Central, house 47 Fayette 
Scott Hugh, woolsorter, Middlesex, boards 1 Hudson 
Scott Hugh, Middlesex, house 2 Pleasant 
Scott Isadore, machinist, house 5 Parson's court 
Scott James, jackspinner, house Bradley, Centralville 
Scott James, shoemaker, 14 Middle, boards 162 Gorham 
Scott James, contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, bds. 59 Appletoa 
Scott James, patternmaker, boards 11 Marshall 
Scott James L. moulder, house rear 90 Appleton 
Scott John, farmer, house Quebec, corner Manchester, A. C. 
Scott John, foreman, L. M. S. locomotive dept. h. 9 Butterfield 
Scott John, gardener, house 21 Andover 
Scott John, laborer, house 14 Abbott 
Scott John, carpet-weaver, boards Montgomery House 
Scott Marshall, painter, house 16 Abbott 
Scott Robert J. patternmaker, 235 Middlesex 
Scott Samuel E. ( W. A. Ingham & Co.), 167 Middlesex, house at 

Carlisle, Mass. 
Scott Thomas, machinist, house 20 Cedar 
Scott Thomas, soapmaker, Middlesex, house 6 Water 
Scott William, moulder, house rear 44 Howard 
Scott William, blacksmith, house 171 Gorham 
Scribner Charles, machinist, L. M. S. house Liberty, near School 
Scribner George F. contractor, L. M. S. house 6 L. M. S. corp. 
Scribner Louisa Mrs. boarding-house, 35 Lawrence corporation 
Scripture Isaac Mrs. hoase 227 Central 
Scripture Stephen A. bakery, 229 Central, house 5 Chapel 
Scruton Adna, weaver, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Scruton George L. shoemaker, house 127 Moody 
ScuUin Thomas, laborer, house Gorham, near R.R. bridge 
Scully Betsey, widow, house 26 Winter 
Scully Catharine, widow, house 36 William ' 
Scully James, house 117 Lowell 
Scully John, laborer, house 58 River, Centralville 
Scully Murtagh, machinist, boards 117 Lowell 
Scully William, laborer, house 7 Fen wick 

Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Hartford, Conu., IIUMT Jb 
EDLiIOTT, Agents, 28 Central St. (See pages 374, .375.) 


Scully William, laborer, house Congress, rear Hale's Mills 

Seacroft Amelia, widow, boards Lawrence, near Mills 

Searl Edwin T. job-wagon, house 247 Central 

Seari Leora, clerk, 97 Central, boards 247 do. 

Searle Charles J. machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 54 do. 

Searle Frances, widow, ve^tmaker, house 4 Race 

Searle John P. shoemaker, 145 3Iiddlesex, house 9 Perrin 

Searles Frances B. Mrs. boards 6(3 Thorndike 

Searles Frank E. weaver, boards 66 Thorndike 

Sears I. T. boards 30 Wentworth's building 

Sears Michael, card-grinder, boards 6 Jefferson 

Seaver George W. clerk {Boston) , boards 43 Howard 

Seaver John C. coach-driver, house Raili'oad 

Seaver William, Boston and Lowell Railroad, house 43 Howard 

Seede John T. clerk, 227 Central, boards 17 Market 

Seery Ann, widow, house 58 Hamilton block 

Seger J. M sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house Middlesex, 
near Walker 

Self Robert, painter, Lowell Machine Shop, house 81 Market 

Semple Mary H. 3Irs. house 27 Kirk 

Senior Catharine, widow, boards Grand, cor. 3Iarshall 

Senior George Mrs. variety store, 220 Merrimack, house do. 

Serre Thomas, operative, boards 4 Mass. corp. 

Severance Byron, second hand, yard, Prescott corp. 

Severance Elizabeth, nurse, house 26 Austin 

Severance George W. laborer, 39 Market, h. 9 Simpson's block 

Severance P. Smith, laborer, boards 34 Boott corporation 

Severance William H. spinner, house 8 Lawrence corporation 

Severence Elizabeth, widow, house 3 Carlton 

Sevrens Herod T. house 7 Hamilton corporation 

Sewall Samuel, Lowell Machine Shop, house 2 Oak 

Sewall Samuel, jr. clerk, Appleton bank, boards 2 Oak 

Sexton Ellen, widow, house 8 Congress 

Sexton John, laborer, boards 8 Congress 

Sexton John, pressman, house 1 Chapel 

Sexton Martin, operative, house 25 Walnut 

Seymour Edward, carpenter, boards 293 Middlesex 

Shackford La Forest L. harnessmaker, 45 Market, house 4 Pond 

Shackleton John Mrs. house 32 Crosby 

Shadduck George K. bootmaker, house 6 Pleasant 

Shalvay Bridget and Catharine Misses, h. Kirk-st. ave. 

Shanahan Dennis, laborer, house near 75 Lowell 

Shanahan John, laborer, house 49 Fenwick 

Shanahan John, laborer, house 12 Howe 

Shanahan Richard, watchman. Am. Bolt Co. house 2 Clark's court 

Shanahan Timothy, laborer, house 41 Tremont 

Shandley John, machinist, house 56 South 

Shandley Peter, laborer, house rear Cobum, n. River 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., Newark. Assets over $18,000,000. 
HUNT &. ELLIOTT, Agents, 38 Central St. (See pages 374, 375.) 


Shanley George, machinist, boards 95 Merrimack corporation 

Shanley James, mason, house rear 103 Gorham 

Shanley Patrick, operative, house 27 Summer 

Shannon Ann, widow, house rear 58 Middle 

Shannon Francis Q. laborer, house 18 Davis 

Shannon John, laborer, house 20 William 

Shannon John, boltmaker, house Prospect, near Kidder 

Shannon Thomas, la1:)orer, hous^e 2-4 William 

Shannon Thomas, laborer, house 4 Gieen 

Shanpy Patrick, laborer, boards 10 Lee 

Shattuck George W. {Gmtom House, Boston), h. 39 Pawtucket 

Shattuck Horace B. (^Chase, Sargent, Sf Shattuck), 5 Central, 
house Andover, near city line 

Shattuck Sewall, photographist, 19 Central, house First, above 
Read, Centralville 

Shaughnessey John 0. grocer, house Coburn, cor. River 

Shaughnessy James Mrs. house River, cor. Front, Centralville 

Shaw Edward, boards 112 Merrimack 

Shaw Francis E, clerk, Washington House 

Shaw George C. moulder, house 2(37 Middlesex 

Sbaw James W. B. & Co. {F. E Rice), dry goods, 44 Merri- 
mack, house Worthen, cor. Mechanic 

Shaw Jonas, spinner, house 10 Lee 

Shaw Joseph, carpenter, house Beacon, near Bowers 

Shaw Josiah M. carpenter, boards Beacon, near Bowers 

Shaw Major A. overseer, Prescott Mills, house 23 Prescott corp. 

Shaw Richard P. at Cutter & Walker's, house 25 Charles 

Shaw Richard W. machinist, boards 25 Charles 

Shaw Ruth S. Mrs. variety store, 125 Middlesex, house do. 

Shaw Thomas S. agent Suffolk Manufacturing Co. h. 1 Cabot blk. 

Shea Daniel, laborer, house 107 Lowell 

Shea Dennis, blacksmith, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Shea Eliza, widow, house 69 Adams 

Shea James, laborer, house 8 Adams 

Shea James J. A. machinist, boards 8 Adams 

Shea Jeremiah, helper, house 3 Pearl 

Shea Jeremiah, rag-gatherer, house 19 Winter 

Shea John, laborer, house 13 Green 

Shea John, laborer, boards 148 Central 

Shea Juha, widow, house 53 Fenwick 

Shea Mary, widow, house 41 Fenwick 

Shea Michael, laborer, house 126 Lowell 

Shea Michael, laborer, house 17 Adams 

Shea Michael, laborer, house 18 Winter 

Shea Thomas, laborer, boards 147 Lowell 

Sheahan Edward, bookseller and emigrant agent, 28 Gorham, h. do. 

Shearer Margaret, widow, boards 30 Suffolk, Franklin sq. 

Shed Caroline Mrs. house 18 Hurd 

Business tliat can't afTord lusnrauce is too poor to toWow. Wis- 
dom, prudence, experience, all say, Insure at once. (See page 374.) 


Shedd Catharine Mrs. house 25 Nesmith 

SheJd Frueuiaii B. {with E. W. Hoyt), 121 Central 

Shedd George W. carpenter, house 3 Groward place 

Shedd John Mrs. house 76 High 

Shedd Lydia C. widow, boarding-house, 7 Warren 

Shedd Mary L. Miss, house 158 Suffolk 

Shedd M. A. Miss, fancy goods, 74 Merrimack, bds. 76 High 

Shedd Wm. H. clerk, boards 7 Warren 

Shee Morris, laborer, house 31 Tremont 

Sheehan Bartholomew, operative, house 1 Swift 

Sheehan Dennis, laborer, house 1 Willie-aveuue block 

Sheehan Jeremiah, house 19 Winter 

Sheehan John, laborer, house rear 26 William 

Sheehan John, laborer, house 1 Putney's court ■ 

Sheehan John, carpetweaver, house rear 37 Cedar 

Sheehan Patrick, laborer, house 1 Jefferson square 

Sheehan Patrick, stonemason, house 18 Cedar 

Sheehan Peter, laborer, house Nesmith, at Tewksbury line 

Sheffield Andrew, roofer, house East Pine, cor. Carlton 

Sheffield Andrew Mrs. dressmaker, E. Pine, c. Carlton, h. do. 

Sheffield James W. police, house 1 Tremont 

Sheldon Abiel W. house 161 Moody 

Sheldon Alexander, laborer, house Lowell, cor. Jefferson 

Sheldon Arthur W. boards 149 Moody 

Sheldon George, machinist, house 35 Howard 

Sheldon Henry, gasfitter, house Fulton, Centralville 

Sheldon John, plumber, 8 Jackson, h. Bridge, opp Fourth, Cent. 

Sheldon Nancy M. widow, house 35 Howard [Centralville 

Sheldon Richard, plumber, 8 Jackson, boards Bridge, opp. Fourth, 

Sheldon Theodore P. house 9 River, Centralville 

Shepard Alba J. clerk, 43 J Central, bds. 63 East Merrimack 

Shepard Benjamin, overseer, Scott's Mills, house 1 Hudson 

Shepard Jacob, blacksmith, house 11 Prospect 

Shepard James, painter, house rear 15 Union [mack corp. 

Shepard John, overseer, Merrimack Print* Works, h. 155 Merri- 

Shepard John, painter, house 188 Gorham 

Shepard John, fish-peddler, house 322 Merrimack 

Shepard Luther E. counsellor, 43^ Central, house 7 High 

Shepard Orwin N. boards 11 Prospect 

Shepard William, stock-broker, 40 Merrimack, house 77 Cross 

Shephard Abram, overseer, Middlesex Company, house 9 Warren 

Shephard James, machinist, house 3 Water 

Shephard John, currier, boards Lincoln, cor. Chelmsford 

Shephard Robert, cloth-finisher, house 3 Water [dlesex 

Shepherd Robert Bruce, tailor, 5 Canal block, h. Howard, c. Mid- 

Sherburne John G. {Dodge, Sherburne, Sf Co.), 39 Market, h 

19 Tyler 
Sheridan Dennis, blacksmith, 163 Central 

HUBfT <fc EliLIOTT, Fire and Life Cusurauce Agents. Rooms, Tres- 
cott BTat. Bank Building, 38 Central St., Lowell. (See pages 374, 375;) 


Sheridan James, operative, house 46 Adams 
Sheridan James P. machinist, boards Court avenue 
Sheridan John, Lowell Machine Shop, boards G Appleton corp. 
Sheil;)ck Anthony, operative, house McCarry's coui't 
Sherlock Edward, harnessmaker, h. Broadway, cor. Marion 
Sherlock John, laborer, house 96 Adams 
Sherlock Michael, carpenter, h. 74 Wheelock's block 
Sherlock Patrick, lal)orer, house 93 Adams 

Sherlock Patrick F. harnessmaker, 45 Market, h, 7 Seventh, Cent. 
Sherman Aaron H, Mrs. house 10 Decatur 

Sherman Alexander W. (^H R. Barker ^ Go.), steam and gas 
pipe fitter, 8 Central, house 19 Decatur 
-Sherman Calvin G. machinist, house 323 Merrimack 
Sherman Charles H. machinist, house 10 Dodge 
Sherman Danforth, dresser, boards 11 Mass. corp. 
Sherman Dennis, laborer, house 9 Andover 
Sherman Edward F. counsellor, secretary Traders' and Mechanics' 

Insurance Company, 27 Central, h. 34 Pawtucket 
Sherman John, machinist, boards 40 Jj. M. S. corporation 
Sherman Lois S. Mrs. nurse, Lowell Hospital 
'^Sherman Mary A. Mrs. variety store, 158 Suffolk, h. do. 
Sherman Phelie Mrs. boarding-house, 53 Mass. corp. 
Sherman William F. (Boston), 31 Grand [Appleton 

Sherman William W. paymaster, Lowell Machine Shop, house 108 
Sherran Eliza, widow, house 66 River, Centralville 

Sherry Ann Miss, boards 8 Adams, near Broadway 

Sherwell Jesse, loom-harness maker, boards 61 Lawrence corp. 

Sherwood Daniel (Woods, S. 4* Co.), wire-worker. Bridge, opp. 
Seventh, Centralville, h. Mt. Vernon, c. Bennett, Cent. 

Sherwood Ludbee, Middlesex, houi^e 7 Abbott 

Shetland John, laborer, house rear 43 Salem 

Shields Ellen, widow, house 22 Linden 

Shields Michael Mrs. house 23 Hanover 

Shields Michael jr. painter, house 7 River, Centralville 

Sliinner Matthew, blacksmith, boards 14 Abbott 

Shinnick Michael, laborer, house 8 Davis court 

Shipley Samuel D. saslimaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 112 Cross 

Shipley Sarah L. widow, house 11 Tyler 

Shirley Charles H. boarding-house, 51 Mass. corp. 

Shirley Eliza, house 51 Mass. corporation 

Shirley Michael, laborer, house 4 Sullivan's yard 

Shirley Samuel H. printer, " Courier," house 66 South 

Shirley Sarah Mi'S. house 66 South 

Shirley William, farmer, house near 6 Tilden 

Shores Joshua W. carpenter, house 6 Linden [Howard 

Shorey Charles E. (Whithed S^ Shorey), QO Middlesex, house 42 

Shorey (John) & Butler (W. D.), curtain fixtures, Howe, bds. 
81 Central 

Boot aiid Slioe Factories, Klactiiuery and Stock therein, insurtd by 
HUNT & ELLIOTT, Insurance Agents, 28 Central Street. 


Shorey J. S. Mrs. house 42 Howard 

Shorey Lorenzo W. painter, boards 8 Hamilton corp. 

Shorey Moses W. millwright, house Chapel, near Wa'n \t 

Short Charles xM. Mrs. house 34 Lewis 

Short Edward, bleachery, house 8 Keene 

Short James, carpetweaver, boards Montgomery House 

Short Josiah E. ticket-agent, Boston & Lowell Railroad, house 101 

Short Richard H. clerk, boards 34 Lewis 

Short William, butcher, house Coburn, near Hildreth, Central ville 
Short William E laborer, boards 14 Mass. corp. 
Shortall John, weaver, house 1 Auburn 
Shovlin Margaret, widow, house rear 40 Lowell 
Shraudo D. mason, house 2*20 Middlesex 
Shufelt George A. variety store, Merrimack, corner Bridge 
Sicard Amable, harnessmaker, boards 5 Fttrson's court 
Sicard L. Napoleon, cabinetmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 5 

Far son's court 
Sidebottom Elizalieth, widow, boards 42 Boott corporation 
Silcos Fred, machinist, boards 59 Mass. corporation 
Silcox Lewis, machinist, boards 59 Mass. corporation 
Sillers Angus, shoemaker, boards 124 School 
Silsby Samuel E. express messenger, 4 Middle, boards 1 George 
Silver E'dward H machinist, boards 28 Thorndike 
Silver Frederick A. stonecutter, house 7 Railroad 
Silver Harvey {Silver ^ Gay), machinists, North Chelm^sford, 

house 28 Thorndike 
Silver Oren B. contractor, Lowell Machine Shop, hnuse 24 Lowell 

Machine Shop corporation 
Simeneau Edward, laborer, boards rear 120 Middlesex 
Simeneau John, machinist, boards rear 120 Middlesex 
Simeneau Joseph, laborer, house rear 120 Middlesex 
Simmons Henry, moulder, boards 119 Central 
Sirams Benaiah C. woolsorter, house rear 75 Cliurch 
Simonds Edwin (^Himt)on ^ S'monds), uiichiuist, 92 Market 
Simonds Franklin, laborer, boards 7 Appleton corporatinn 
Simonds Samuel B. bookbinder, 36 Central, house 23 Willow 
Simonds Thomas {Darant 8^ Simonds), 6 Middlesex, house at 

Simono Jeremiah, laborer, boards 5 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Simono John, operative, house 293 Middlesex 
Simons Theodosia, widow, house 105 E. Merrimack 
Simons Walter S. bill-poster, 57 Central (basement), house 113 

East Merrimack 
Simpkins William, house 186 Central 
Simpson Abby H. boarding-house, 6 Boott corporation 
Simpson Albert W. musician, boards 111 Central 
Simpson Alexander W. {Tewksbury), boards 120 Merrimack 

Cotton and Woolen Mills, Blacliinery and stoclt therein, iustired 
by HCJIVT «fc EL.LIOTT, Insurance Agents, 38 Central Street. 



Simpson Alvah 0. farmer, house rear Catholic Cemetery, Gorham 
Simpson Andrew J. & Go. music and musical instruments, 41 

Central, house 141 E Merrimack 
Simpson Benjamin F. physician, 5 Merrimack, h. at Pelham, N.H. 
Simpson David M. machinist, boards 9 Tremont corporation 
Simpson John, laborer, boards 19 William 
Simpson Odanathus, carpenter, house 8 Fremont, Centralville 
Simpson Robert, coffee manuf. 346 Central, house do. 
Simpson Thomas, dresser, house 9 Tremont corporation 
Simpson Thomas, laborer, boards 2 Reed's court 
Simpson William H. machinist, house 5 Abbott place, Centralville 
Sinclair Abby Mrs. house 46 Howard 
Sinclair Daniel H. police, house 4 Church 
Singleton Thomas, machinist, house 2 Carpet lane 
Sisson Lizzie Miss, house 15 Massachusetts corp. 
Skelton Mary E. hoarding-house, 113 Merrimack corp. 
Skiffington Michael, machinist, house rear 19 Dummer 
Skiffington Patrick, machinist, boards 123 Lowell 
Skillings David G. blacksmith and carriagemaker, 22 Bridge, h. 3 

Fremont, Cent. 
Skinner Abner Mrs. house 8 Lee 

Skinner Adelbert C. thread and trimmings, 60 Merrimack, b. 8 Lee 
Skinner Arabella, at 60 Merrimack, bds. 8 Lee 
Skinner David, boards 192 Gorham 
Skinner Smith, house Varney, corner Mt. Vernon 
Slade William, carpenter, house 17 Boott corp. 
Sladen Adelaide P. Miss, bds. last house on Prospect 
Sladen Alfred, clerk, 227 Central, bds. Swift 
Slater Joseph F. clerk, Appleton Mill, house 11 Appleton corp. 
Slater Matthew, engineer, house 9 Lngrange court 
Slater Thomas, laborer, hou.«e 10 Front, Centralville 
Slater Thomas, machinist, bds 9 Lagrange court 
Slater William Mrs. house 19 Chestnut 
Slattery Dennis, laborer, house 60 Fenwick 
Slattery Patrick, laborer, house 5 Madison 
Slatteiy Pat^rick, napper, house 22 Tremont corp. 
Slavin Ann, house 91 Gorham 
Slavin Bridget, house 91 Gorham 
Slavin Catharine, widow, house 62 Fayette 
Slavin James, Middlesex corporation, boards 62 Fayette 
Slavin James S. stonemason, house 169 Gorham 
Slavin 31ary, variety store, 75 Gorham, house do. 
Sleeper Charles W. clerk, L. M. S. corporation, house 53 do. 
Sleeper John, prop. Lowell & Framiugham stage, 84 Central, h. 

First, Centralville 
Sleeper Loring C. teamster, bds. 26 Suffolk corp. 
Sleeper Margaret, widow, house 45 Andover 
Sleeper Van Buren, clerk, 20 Central, boards 16 Wentworth's blk. 

Churclies, ■ cHool Houses, and othpr Public Buildings, insured for 
one or five years, by HUNT &, ELLIOTT, 38 Central Street. 


Sline Ellen Mrs. house 5 Quigley's alley 

Sline James, laborer, house rear 152 Lowell 

Sloan William, planer, A. L. Brooks's 

Sloan William J. carpenter, bds. 21 Treniont corporation 

Slocum Horace, wire-worker, bds. 16G Central 

Slocum John P. engineer, house Branch, near School 

Slowey James, labo'-er, house Railroad alley 

Slyne Thomas F. clerk, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 5 Lowell 

Small Charles R. conductor, S. & L. R. R. house 55 Church 

Small Frederick J. carpenter, house rear 3 Dodge 

Small Paul D. cai'penter, house 126 Cross 

Smart Charles E. teamster, freight depot, boards 298 Central 

Smart Charles H. bookkeeper, boards 14 Union 

Smart Mary J. Mrs. house 14 Union 

Smart Nehemiah, boards 6 Bangs block, Railroad 

Smiley John, carpenter, house 59 Butterfield 

Smiley Stephen J. moulder, house 29 L. M. S. corporation 

Smiley Sylvanus C. city crier, house 7 Garnet 

Smith Abbie H. widow, house 60 L. M. S. corporation 

Smith Agnes M. Mrs. house 12 Lee 

Smith Albert, designer, Hamilton, house 42 do. corporation 

Smith Alonzo D. clerk, 20 Central, boards 26 Massachusetts corp. 

Smith Alonzo N. travelling agent, house Cambridge, 4th from Hale 

Smith Amasa, sash and blind maker, boards 52 Rock 

Smith x\mos B. painter, house 12 Chestnut 

Smith Andrew, operative, house 20 Cady 

Smith Andrew, teamster, boards 278 Middlesex 

Smith xlndrew W. marble works, 155 Central, h. 152 Middlesex 

Smith Ann, widow, house 32 Lewis 

Smith Ann, widow, boards 37 Floyd 

Smith Arthur, carpenter, boards 1 Marion 

Smith A. H sashraaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 52 Rock 

Smith Bateson, engineer, house 79 Broadway 

Smith Benjamin A. carpenter, house 42 Water 

Smith Bridget Mrs. house 5 Wall 

Smith Bridget Mrs. house 33 Fayette 

Smith Caleb L. clerk, 44^ Merrimack, boards 148 Middlesex 

Smith Catharine, widow, house 1 Marion 

Smith Charles, grocer, 33 Fayette, house 9 Wall 

Smith Charles Mrs. widow, house 24 Race 

Smith Charles E. {John S. Jaques Sf Co.), shuttleraanuf. house 41 

Smith Charles G. teamster, house 100 Merrimack corp. 
Smith Charles H. hairdresser, 112 Merrimack, bds. 3 Franklin sq. 
Smith Charles H. boards Washington House 
Smith Charles R. tinsmith, 198 Merrimack, house 77 High 
Smith Christopher, operative, house 133 Lowell 
Smith Costillia, 89 Merrimack, boards 1 High-street square 

Is your Keal JBstate and Personal Property insured in reliable 
offices I If not, call on HUJKT & KLIilOTT, ^8 Central Street. 


Smith C. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 246 Merrimack, house do. 

Smith Daniel, spinner, house 19 Cady 

Smith Daniel B. {Richardson S^ Smith), 41 Salem, house at 

Hudson, N.H. 
Smith David E. marble-carver, 61 Dutton, bds. 113 Merrimack 
Smith Dorcas Mrs. liouse 9 Merrill's court 
Smith Dudley H. carder, Merrimack corporation, house 75 do. 
Smith Edward, laborer, house 78 River, Centralville 
Smith Edward, tinman, house rear 245 Merrimack 
Smith Edwin F., B. & L. R. R. boards 49^ Gushing 
Smith Elbridge G. showman, house 9 Merrill's court 
Smith Elizabeth J house 41 Tremont 

Smith Ellen Mrs. dressmaker, house o2 Franklin square, Suffolk 
Smith Francis, hosiery and laces, 49 Merrimack, h. 52 Paige 
Smith Francis S. job-wagon, bouse 27 Keene 
Smith Frank, machinist, boards 16 Market 
Smith Frank, clerk, boards 24 Adams 

Smith Franklin ( D. Gushing Sf Co.), 130 Middlesex, h at Boston 
Smith George, merchant tailor, 222 Merrimack, house 85 Salem 
Smith George, laborer, house Chelmsford, cor. Short [223 do. 

Smith {Geo. B) & Britton {R.F.), grocers, 135 Middlesex, house 
Smith Geo. C. carpenter, boaids 8 Chapel 
Smith Geo. C. Mrs. house 8 Chapel 

Smith Geo. F. overseer, at Richmond's, house 131 Lawrence 
Smith Geo. G. board.s 20 North Franklm court 
Smith Geo. H. machinist, boards Livingston's Block, Appleton 
Smith Geo. P. machinist, boards 63 Fletcher 
Smith Geo. T. house 8 Marsliall 

Smith Geo. W. {D. Cashing ^' Co.), 130 Middlesex, h. at Boston 
Smith Geo. W. machinist, house 60 L. M. S. corporation 
Smith Geo. W. Mrs. house 65 Gushing 
Smith Hannah, widow, house 309 School 
Smith Hannah A. widow, house 77 High 
Smith Hannah G. widow, house 49 ^ Gushing 
Smith Hannah P. confectionery, 47 East Merrimack 
Smith {Henry) & Martin {F.), tinware manufacturers, 128 Middle- 
sex, house at Dorchester 
Smith Henry Mrs. house 25 Nesmith 
Smith Horace, carpenter, boards 6 Parson's court 
Smith Isabella, widow, house 33 Willow 
Smith James, laborer, house rear 99 Lowell 
Smith James, Stott's Mills, house 26 Water 
Smith James, 3d, carpenter, house Hale, near Grand 
Smith James, laborer, house 9 Davidson 
Smith James, jackspinner, house 2 John-street avenue 
Smith James, machmist, boards 46 South 
Smith James, operative, boards 40 Lowell 
Smith James, operative, house 173 Gorham 

HUNT <fc ELiLIOTT will insure your Stock, Blacliiuery, Tools, 
Utensils, Apparatus and Fixtures, aS Central Street. (See page 374.) 


Smith James, nailmaker, boards 19 Common 

Smith James, overseer. Print yard, house Pine, at City line 

Smith James, teamster, I and 2 Commarcial st|aare, h Ghipel 

Smith James, Middlesex, boards 2G Hurd 

Smith James H. machinist, boards 8 Chapel 

Smith Jamas W. spinner, Merrimack corporation, boards 26 do. 

Smitli James W. operative, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 

Smith Jeniina, house 33 Willow 

Smith Jesse C. carder, house 33 Prescott corp. 

Smith John, 1st, boards 260 Merrimack 

Smith John Mrs. house Thorndike, corner Madison 

Smith John, loomfixer, house 89 Gorham 

Smith John, stonemason, house 20 Kirk avenue 

Smith John, machinist, boards 78 ^Market 

Smith John C. overseer carpenter, Merrimack P. W. h. at Dracut 

Smith John W. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 20 do. 

Smith Joseph, operative, boards rear 4 Dodge 

Smith Joseph H. physician, 2 Museum building, h 38 Bartlett 

Smith Joseph V. moulder, house 99 Appleton 

Smith Kate, variety store, 91 Central, house 196 do. 

Smith (Kilburn) & Young ( W. 31.), musician and billiards, 2 

Appleton block, house 110 Central 
Smith Lawrence, clerk, 11 Davidson, house 3-17 Merrimack 
Smith Luther, foreman at H. & A. Whitney's, h. 148 Middlesex 
Smith Lydia A. widow, house 65 Cushing 
Smith L. laborer, boards 278 Middlesex 
Smith L. S. stonecutter, Dattou, boards 112 Merrimack 
Smith Margaret, widow, house 19 Common 
Smith IMary Mrs. cloak and dress maker, 45 Andover 
Smith Mary, widow, boards 43 Massachusetts corporation 
Smith Mary, widow, boards 272 Gorham 
Smith Mary J. dressmaker, 110 Central, house do. 
Smith Mary L. Miss, house 16 Massachusetts corporation 
Smith Mary N. Mrs. house 20 North Franklin court 
Smith Matilda C. tailoress, house rear 61 Salem 
Smith Ma'.thew, laborer, boards 4 Suffolk court 
Smith Michael, laborer, house rear 30 Fayette [Centralville 

Smith Michael, carriage-painter, 163 Central, house Tyler's block, 

Smith 3Irs. , widow, house 204 Central 

Smith M. N. cabinetmaker, boards 17 Hurd 
Smith Newton, house Lincoln, near tannery, A. C. 
Smith Obed A., S. & L. R. R , house 49^ Cushing 
Smith Oliver W. carpenter, house SQ Church 
Smith Patrick, cooper, house 40 Lowell 
Smith Patrick, laborer, house 37 Floyd 
Smith Patrick, clerk, 40 Gorham, boards do. 
Smith Patrick, operative, boaids 4 Suffjlk court 
Smith Patrick, operative, house 40 Gorham 

Howard Fire Insurance Co.'s IjO^vell Office is at 3fo. 38 Central St., 
with HUJV r &, ELL.IOTT, Agents, (.-see page Sn.) 


Smith Patrick J. clerk, 24 Middle, boards 80 Market 

Smith Peter S. grocer, 17 East Merrimack, house 37 Fayette 

Smith Philip A. shoemaker, 122 SufFalk, house 3 SuSblk court 

Smith Putnam, physician, 154 Suffolk, house do. 

Smith Robert Mrs. house 5 Fayette 

Smith Rose, widow, house Tyler's block 

Smith Roxanna B. widow, h Livingston's block, Appleton 

Smith Ruth W. Mrs. house 20 Bartlett 

Smith Salome Mrs. house 14 East Pine, near Nichols 

Smith Samuel C. screw manuf. Harris's Mills, Broadway, house 

Smith Samuel F. sawyer, house rear 91 Appleton 
Smith Samuel J. patternmaker, house 77 High 
Smith Stephen A. farmer, house Angle 

Smith Stephen B. clerk (Boston), house 1 Methuen, Centralville 
Smith Stephen B. Mrs. house 26 Read, Centralville 
Smith Theodore H. engineer, bouse 3 Mill 
Smith Thomas, laborer, at S. Horn & Co.'s, house 22 North 
Smith Thomas, machinist, house First, Centralville 
Smith Thomas Mrs. house 4 Suffolk court 
Smith Thomas D. Mrs. house Marion, near Lagrange 
Smith Veasy, boards 14 East Pine 
Smith William, machinist, house 21 Willie 
Smith William, shoemaker, boards 85 Moody 
Smith William, mulespinner, house 4 Parker's block, Centralville 
Smith William A. harnessmaker, house 188 Central 
Smith William D. cigar manufacturer, 2 Cady, house 31 do. 
Smith William D. house Andover 

Smith William Henry, sawyer, house Tanner, Ayer'a City 
Smith William H. painter, house rear 124 School 
Smith William H. machinist, house 141 Moody 
Smith William J. machinist, house 21 -Tohn 
Smith William N. gardener, house 21 Union 
Smith William N. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Smithson David, machinist, house r. 73 River, Centralville 
Snell Clara A. house 29 Howard 
Snell Elizabeth L. widow, boards 420 Merrimack 
Snell Ethan A. clerk (Bofton), boards Ford, between James anil 

Snell John S. machinist, Arch, boards 29 Howard 
Snell Ora M. carpenter, 2(3 Middle, boards Ford, between Jamts 

and Pawtucket 
Snell Orah M. Miss, dressmaker, 52^ Merrimack, house do. 
Snell Orlando, carpenter, 26 Middle, house Ford, between James 

and Pawtucket 
Snellgrove Henry, machinist, Merrimack corporation, house 62 do. 
Snow Edward, operative, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Snow Maria, widow, house 15 Cabot 

HUNT & ETjIylOTT, 28 Ceiitral St., are Agjeiits for several of t^^^ 
best stock and Alutual Fire Itis. Co.'s (See pages 374, 375.) 


Soigny Raphael, carpeuter, boards 7 Cabot 

Soigny William, carpenter, boards 7 Cabot 

Somes William E. baker, 1 Fayette, bouse 93 East Merrimack 

Soper E. H. hairdresser, 2 Merrimack House, boards 33 Union 

Soper Joseph E. moulder, house 17 Lowell Machine Shop corp 

Soule William 0. weaver, Boott corporation, boards 44 do. 

South John, house 49 Lawrence 

Southwick George R. clerk, Tremont Manufacturing Company, 

boards 37 Tremont corporation 
Southwick John R. overseer dresser, house 37 Tremont corporation 
Southworth William S. civil engineer, Locks and Canals, boards 

81 Salem 
Spalding Augustus E. wood and lumber, house 25 Tyler 
Spalding Charles, stonemahon, house rear 18 Grand 
Spalding Charles P. student, boards 417 Middlesex 
Spalding David S. policeman, house 81 School 
Spalding E. G. boards 42 Wentworth's building 
Spalding Fitzhenry, carpenter, boards 6 Tyler 
Spalding Frederic P. clerk, Appleton Bank, bds. 417 Middlesex 
Spalding Haskell, house 6 Tyler 
Spalding Ira Mrs. house 270 Central 
Spalding James W. shuttlemaker, house 5 Goward place 
Spalding Joel, physician, Savings-Bank iDuilding, h. 51 Pawtucket 
Spalding J. Tyler {Boston), boards 51 Pawtucket 
Spalding L. A. Miss, boards 25 Tyler 
Spalding Noah, farmer, house Parker, near Chelmsford 
Spalding Samuel, laborer, house First, near Bridge 
Spalding Sidney, president L. & L. Railroad, h. 417 Middlesex 
Spalding Simeon Mrs. house Walker, corner Broadway 
Spalding Weld, house 1 Centre 
Spalding William B. boards 1 Centre 
Spalding William E. clerk, 227 Central, boards 6 Tyler 
Spalding William H. {J. B. Fielding ^ Co.), 101 Central, house 

270 do. 
Spaleny August, operative, house Chambers 
Sparks Catharine, widow, house 347 Merrimack 
Sparks Clorinda, widow, boards 8 Warren, corner George 
Sparks John C. blacksmith, and variety store, h. 342 Merrimack 
Sparks Richard H. painter, house 347 Merrimack 
Spaulding Addison, farmer, house May, cor. March, Centralville 
Spaulding Amasa M., Boston and Lowell Railroad car-house, house 

102 Howard 
Spaulding Doratha B. widow, boards 263 Central 
Spaulding George L. clerk, 44>2 Merrimack, house 38 Willow 
Spaulding Henry, blacksmith, house 1 Evans block 
Spaulding Henry A. beltmaker, house 66 Moody 
Spaulding Lizzie, widow, house 32 Bartlett 
Spaulding Samuel V. travelling merchant, bds. 9 Lawrence corp. 

state Mutual Life Assurance Co., AVorcester, Mass., Issue every 
desirable form of Life Ins. and Endo\vnieut Policy. (See p. 374.) 


Spaulding Sumner A. clerk, 11 John, house 13 Willow 

Sptar David H. clerk, 247 Merrimack, boards 120 do. 

Spearin Hiram, patternmaker, house 3 Tremont corporation 

Speirs James Mrs. house 67 Fletcher 

Speirs James, carpenter, boaids 67 Fletcher 

Spencer Ellen, widow, house 1 Howe 

Spencer James, laborer, house Gorham, near Congress 

Spencer Robert, moulder, boards IS Railroad alley 

Spencer William Mrs. house 401 Merrimack 

Sperrj Charles, mason, bouse Somerset, near Queen 

Spillane John, helper, house 3 Marion 

Spillane Thomas, laborer, house Lowell, corner Jefferson 

Spiller Hamden, expressman, Merr -street depot, house 8 Dodge 

Spofford Abram, machinist, house Mt. Vernon, near Sixth, Cent. 

Spoftbrd Chailes, overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 66 do. 

Spofford Frederick A. {Stickney S; Spofford), grocer, Bridge, 

corner Second, house 28 Fifth, Centralville 
Spooney Casper, laborer, house Howard's avenue 
Sprague Clarence II. currier, boards 97 Howard 
Sprague Cordice R. moulder, boards 97 Howard 
Sprague Henry D. ^Irs. house 81 3Ierrimick corporation 
Sprague Henry E. & Cn. (O.N. Gilbert), clothing manufacturers, 

Dyer's Hall, 13 Middle, house 44 Grand 
Sprague John M. {Conant &,■ Co.), Northern Depor, h. 26 Chapel 
Sprague Levi, contractor, house Mansur, near Fairmount 
Sprague Levi K. mason, boards Mansur, near Fairmount 
Sprague Nabby Mrs. house rear 44 Howard 
Sprague Thomas, moulder, house 97 Howard 
Springer -Jaines F grocer. Liberty square, house 73 Cushing 
Springer John W. patternmaker, h. 67 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Sproat Frank, boards 27 Wentwurth's building 
Sproule Cornelia \Y . clerk, '^9 Central, boards 156 East Merrim'k 
Sprunt Hugh P. clerk, 33 Central, boards 39 Lawrence 
Spurr Joseph M. clerk, 44 Jlerrimack, house 158 Moody 
Squires John, weaver, boards 54 Boott corporation 
Stack John, laborer, house 28 Gorham 
Stack Patrick, laborer, house 20 Winter 
Stack Thomas, laborer, house 28 Gorham 
Stackpole Edwiu A. upholsterer, 3 Prescott, house 30 Water 
Stackpole B. Frank, Prescott corporation, house 65 Mass. corp. 
Stackpole James, overseer, Piescott Mills, house 27 Prescott corp. 
Stackpole James A. weaver, house 30 Massachusetts corporation 
Stackpole Joseph H. weaver, boards 27 Prescott corporation 
Stackpole Michael, laborer, house rear 1 Swift 
Stacy Duane P clerk, at C. P. Talbot & Co.'s, house 9 Fourth, 

Stacy John R. house 7 Lowell corporation 
Stacy Lucian P. bookkeeper, C. P. Talbot & Co.'s, bds. 7 Harrison 

Life and Elnclo-wmeiit Assurance. Be sure and j»et the terms in the 
State Mutual liife A. Co. toefore insuring elsewliere. (See page 375.) 


Stafford Fred, painter, house 42 Bartlett 

Stancbtield Closes, carpenter, house 300 Central 

Stanchfield P. C. Mrs. physician, 300 Central, house do. 

Standish Elizabeth Mrs. house 226 Central 

Standish 3Iiles, B. & L. R. R. boards 226 Central 

Stanley Charles H. clerk, 109 Central, boards 13 Tbird, Cent. 

Stanley David, suspender-niMkcr, boards 2 Union 

Stanley Eugene, boards 13 Third, Centralville 

Stanley Franklin M. carpenter, boards 254 Merrimack 

Stanley George E. (Oorumt S^ Co.), teamsters, freight depot, house 

32 Third, Centralville 
Stanley George W. overseer, Massachusetts, house 13 Third, Cent. 
Stanley Jabez, Middlesex, house 2 Union 
Stanley James, tinsmith, house 2 Union 

Stanley Phineas, overseer, Merrimack, house Wilder, n. Pawtucket 
Stanley Stephen T. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 78 do. 
Stanley William C. carriage-painter, house 18 Elm 
Stanton Charles P. variety store, 75 Adams, house do. 
Stanton Edward, fireman, boards 12 Hamilton corporation 
Stanton Henry B. tinsmith, 8 Jackson, house 18 Walnut 
Stanton Michael, hostler, house rear 10 Little 
Stanton Patrick, woolsorter, house Newhall, near Whipple 
Stanton William E. Rev. house 35 Tyler 

Stanwood Sarah A. Mrs. boarding-house, 28 Massachusetts corp. 
Staples Arthur, machinist, boards 31 Willie 
Staples Benjamin L. mason, house 38 Franklin 
Staples George W. clerk, 281 Merrfciack, boards 120 do. 
Staples James, blacksmith, boards 138 Merrimack corporation 
Staples Nathaniel T. mason, house 31 Willie 
Staples Robert H. mason, boards 31 Willie 

Staples Theodore, overseer picker, Boott corporation, house 54 do. 
Staples Thomas E. operative, house 3 Boott corporation 
Staples Wallace, Boott corporation, boards 5 Burns 
Staples William H. ma.son, house 101 Cross 
Starbird Charles D butcher, house Walker, near Branch 
Stayner William, bobbinmaker, house 283 Middlesex 
St. Denis Moses, carpenter, house 3 Tilden court 
Steadman Mary A. widow, boards 5 Franklin square 
Stearns Aaron F. cabinetmaker, boards 4 West's court 
Stearns Amos Mrs. house 4 West's court 
Stearns Augustus C. cabinetmaker, boards 4 West's court 
Stearns Catharine, widow, house 62 Lawrence 
Steams Charles, boards 105 Gorham 

Stearns Charles, grinder, house 177 Merrimack corporation 
Stearns Charles A. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. Walker, 
near Middlesex [rence 

Stearns Elizabeth A. teacher. No. 5 Primary School, b. 62 Law- 
Stearns Erastus, carpenter, house 34 Fayette 

Parties desiring Fire or l.ife Policies in ]>Iass. or otlier Co.'s, can 
prociu-e tliemtlirougli HUKT <fc Ell LiIOTT, at lowest rates, (pp.374,375) 


Stearns James, spinner, boards 130^ Merrimack corporation 
Stearns Mary N. tailoress, bouse 43 Hanover 
Stearns Nathaniel, overseer, Middlesex Co. h. 76 Bridge, Cent. 
Stearns Rebecca, widow, bouse 341 Merrimack 
Stearns Robert, cabinetmaker, boards 278 Middlesex 
Stearns Samuel, carder, house 65 Lawrence corporation 
Stearns William, painter, boards 12 J Merrimack 
Stebbins Frank, operative, house 78 Wheelock's block 

Stebbins , carpenter, boards 278 Middlesex 

Stedman George R. carpenter, boards 15 Lawrence corporation 

Stedman John Gr carpenter, Lawrence corporation, house 15 do. 

Stedman, see Steadman 

Steere Leonard, L. M. S. boards 4 Massachusetts corporation 

Stekem Matthew, painter, house 14 Howe 

Stephens Alexander, moulder, house 24 Smith [Cent. 

Stephenson Alexander W. hairdresser, 184 Merrimack, h. River, 

Stetson Silas C. weaver, boards 22 Hamilton corporation 

Stevens Adelbert B. carpenter, boards 53 Hanover 

Stevens Alonzo B. finisher, Lowell Hosiery Co. house 26 Franklin 

Stevens Belinda H. boarding-house, 18 Merrimack corporation 

Stevens Benjamin F. machinist. Arch, house 51 Howard 

Stevens Charles, engineer, Hamilton, boards 24 do. corporation 

Stevens Charles B. {Griffin ^ Stevens), ^\ Cuahing, house 227 

Stevens Charles L. carpenter, house 30 Lawrence corporation 
Stevens {George) & Anderson (William H.), counsellors, 1 Bar- 
risters' Hall, house 40 Chestnut 
Stevens John W. helper, at Wm. Dobbins, house 205 Middlesex 
Stevens Jonas, machinist, Massachusetts corporation, house 40 do. 
Stevens Joseph, operative, Suffolk corporation, boards 5 do. 
Stevens Lafayette, printer, over Post-office, house 50 Andover 
Stevens Levi B. supt. Gas Works (Haverhill) , house Walker, near 

Stevens Lucy B. widow, house 8 Lawrence corporation 
Stevens Marcia Mrs. house 1 Chapel 

Stevens Mary E. Mrs. millinery, 131 Middlesex, house do. 
Stevens Ruth E. widow, house 53 Hanover 
Stevens Solon, power-loom harness and reed manufacturer, Fletcher, 

corner Western avenue, house 47 Howard 
Stevens Solon W. teacher of music, boards 47 Howard 
Stevens William, cabinetmaker, boards 76 Button 
Stevens William J. jig-sawyer, 239 Middlesex, boards 76 Dutton 
Stevenson Alexander, hairdresser, boards 9 Pleasant, Centralville 
Stevenson Finley, bookkeeper (Boston), b. 151 Merrimack corp. 
Stevenson Robert, machinist, house 151 Merrimack corporation 
Stevenson Thomas, boards 16 Bartlett 

Stewart x\lbion R. carpenter, Lowell corp. house 192 Merrimack 
Stewart Daniel, servant, at Dr. Burnham's, 31 Tyler 

Surveys aiid Estimates made for Insurance on Mills, Manufac- 
tories, and otUer pi-operty, at short notice, by HUNT & ELLIOTT. 


Stewart John W. tinsmith, 126 Central, boards 113 Appleton 
Stewart Levi D. cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, h. 2 Shaw's block 
Stewart Maria, widow, house 148 Suffolk 

Stewart M. M. Mrs. boards 91 Merrimack [Dutton 

Stewart Nathaniel Gr. harnessniaker, 8 Merrimack House block, 
Stewart Prude Mrs. house 64 Charles 

Stewart , laborer, h:use 10 Adams 

Stewart, see Stuart 

St. Grodard Mazirne, laborer, house rear 148 Lowell 

Stickney {Daniel) & Spoiford (Frederick A.), grocers, Bridge, 

corner Second, house 21 Third, Centralville 
Stickney Elvy, carpenter, house Broadway, near Walker 
Stickney Ira H , Merrimack, bouse 67 do. corporation 
Stickney James 0. tanner, boards 8 Prescott corporation 
Stickney Samuel W. president Railroad National Bank, h. 12 Kirk 
Stiles (Alba G.), Rogers (J. G.), & Co., flour, grain, and feed, 

23 Market, house 25 Varney 
Stiles Charles F. produce-dealer, 90 Middlesex, house 19 Smith 
Stiles John, clerk, 32 Middlesex, house 59 Chapel 
Stiles Julius A. machinist, boards 162 Suffolk 
Stiles Lewis, machinist, house -S Cabot 
Stiles Perry P. (Buttrick Sf Co.), 20 Market, house 2 Oliver 
Stiles Sarah P. widow, house 162 Suffolk 
^tiles Wilber A. overseer, house 2 Cabot block 
Stiles William Mrs. house 144 School 
Stillings Joseph B. mason, house 6 Ford 
Stimpson Charles M. moulder, house 7 Goward place 
Stimpson Daniel, machinist, house 47 Mass. corp. 
Stimson Lucius S. cigarmaker, house Lane, near Westford 
Stimson William A. machinist, house 131 Cross 
Stinson Henry M. carpenter, 240 Middlesex, h. 158 Gorham 
Stinson William A. carpenter, 240 Middlesex, boards 246 do. 
St. Jaques Joseph, laborer, house Chapel, near Charles 
St. John C. Marshall, operative, boards 44 Boott corp. 
St. Ledger Michael, Middlesex, boards 26 Hurd 
St. Ledger Patrick, laborer, house rear 12 William 
Stockbridge Silas P. laborer, house rear 61 Salem 
Stockman Edward, salesman, at Norcross & Saunders', house 

Middlesex, near School 
Stockman W. Arthur, clerk, 46 Merrimack, bds. 44 Bartlett 
Stoddard Thomas G. engineer, ^. C. cSt N. R. R. house 4 Tyler 
Stoddard Walter A. machinist, Mechanics Mills, bds. 4 Tyler 
Stokes John, machinist, house 8 Floyd 
Stokes Josiah H. bricklayer, house rear 69 High 
Stone Aaron C. machinist, house 48 Appleton 
Stone Abel H. machinist, house 9 Perrin 
Stone Charle.'*, house 59 Adams 
Stone C. L. Mrs. house 87 Church 

Increasing Annual Casli Dividenfls in tlie State Mutual Hfe A. Co., 
AVorcest*;r. Books and circulars free. HUKT &, ELtilOTT, Ageiits. 


Stone Edward, harnessmaker, 163 Central, house Cottage 

Stone Frank, carpenter, house 10 North Franklin court 

Stone Henry F. {Dodge, Sherburne, S^ Co.), 39 Market, house at 

North Chelmsford 
Stone Joseph, wlreworker, house Broadway, cor. Adams 
Stone Reuben E. teamster, house i-ear 56 Moody 
Stone William, machinist, boards 188 Middlesex 
Stone William E. fruit, &c. 218 Merrimack, house do. 
Stone Winslow F. machinist, at David Lane's, house 87 Church 
Stone (Zina E.) & Huse {S. W.), editors and publishers, 21 
Central, house 51 Chestnut 

Stone , carpenter, boards 122 Central 

Stone , machinist, boards 90 Middlesex 

St. Onge Joseph, carpenter, boards 11 Middlesex place 
Storer Newman W. & Oo. agents Florence sewing-machine, 42 Mer- 
rimack, boards 100 Appleton 
Story Jane, widow, house 64 Gorham 
Story Sherburne, watchman, bds. lo Tremont corp. 
Stott Charles, agent BjlviJere Flannel Mills, house 16 Chestnut 
Stott Charles A. flannel manuf. Wamesit Power Co. h. 98 High 
Stott George, spinner, house 69 Charles 
Stott John, clerk, Belvidere Flannel Mills, house 36 High 
Stott John, overseer, Belvidere Flannel Mills, house 15 Charles 
Stott Samuel E. agent, R. Kitson's, bds. 15 Charles 
Stott Thomas, woolsorter, boards 15 Charles 
Stoughton Lemuel, carpenter, house 129 Cross 
Stowell Alvin M. cardgrinder, house 56 Boott corporation 
Stowell Jonas, American Bolt Company, house 11 Abbott 
Stowell Martha, widow, house 54 Mass corporation 
Strang Frederick, paymaster. Chase Mdls, bds. American House 
Strang, Piatt, & Co. proprs. Chase Mills, Lawrence, near Whip- 
ple's Mills 
'Et. Pierre, Michael, laborer, house 822 Merrimack 
St. Pierre Pierre, laborer, house 322 Merrimack 
Stratton Charles H. salesman, 57 Central, house 61 Bartlett 
Stratton George A. brakeman, L. & L. R. R. house 53 Howard 
Stratton Jonas, millwright, house 140 Lawrence 
Stratton Torrey E. machinist, house 176 Merrimack corporation 
Street Owen Rev. house 141 East Merrimack, c. W^illow 
Streeter Harrison W. grocer, 7 John, h. Westford, c. Hastings 
Streeter Holland, carpenter, h. Liberty, opp. School 
Strickland John, shoemaker, house 48 Charles 
Strickland Pamelia C. widow, house 20 Pn^scott corp. 
Strickland Robert, shoemaker, Dutton, n. Fletcher, h. 41 Fletcher 
Strickland Robert, painter, boards 41 Fletcher 
Strickland Wm. H. travelling agent, boards 41 Fletcher 
Stuart John L. M. foreman, Geo. W. Harris's, h. 10 Race 
Stuart Sarah W. Miss, hoase 14 Ash 

Life Iiisurance f'»r $33,000, $.50,000, and $10!1,000, is not rare iio^v- 
a-days. Slirewd nieu invest in it. (dc'e State M. Life A. Co. adv. p. 375.) 


Stuart Scott, second hand, house 19 Lowell corp. 

Stuart, see Stewart 

Studdart John, laborer, house 19 Adams 

Studley George, machinist, house 33 Union 

St Ville William, carpenter, house Charles, cor. Chapel 

Suffolk Manufacturing Company, Suftblk, below Moody 

Sugden John, worsted spinner, h. Wamesit, near Lawrence 

Sugden Thomas, worsted spinner, bds. Wamesit, n. Lawrence 

Sugden William, woolsorter, house 177 Central 

Sugden William, dyer, boards 3 Crosby 

Sugden Wm. Mrs. variety store, 177 Central, h. do. 

Sullivan Ann, widow, house 134 Lowell 

Sullivan Bartholomew, operative, house 16 Winter 

Sullivan Catharine^ widow, house 119 Lowell 

Sullivan Charles, laborer, boards 104 Suffjlk 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house 62 Fayette 

Sullivan Cornelius, teamster, at A. L. Brooks's, h. 106 Suffolk 

Sullivan Cornelius, machinist, boards 88 Lowell 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 124 Lowell 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 14 Davidson 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 17 Adams 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 13 Spring 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, house 2 McCaiTy's court 

Sullivan Daniel, farmer, house rear 16 Dummer 

Sullivan Daniel, machinist, boards 57 L. M. S. corp. 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house rear 29 Fen wick 

Sullivan Dennis, moulder, boards 149 Middlesex 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house 40 Davidson 

Sullivan Dennis, at A. L. Brooks's, house rear 37 Fenwick 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, house Short 

Sullivan Dennis, harnessmaker, Dutton, n. Fletcher, bds. 23 Fayette 

Sullivan D. A. ( Waldron ^ Sullivan), Lowell Business College, 

Museum Building, boards 70 Suflblk 
Sullivan Edward, laborer, house 124 Lowell 
Sullivan Ellen, widow, house rear 16 Dummer 
Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 17 Adams 
Sullivan Ellen, widow, house 23 Fayette 
SuUivan Ellen, widow, house 104 Suflblk 
Sulhvan Ellen, widow, house 102 Suffolk 
Sullivan Eugene, laborer, house rear 3 Jefferson 
Sullivan Florence, laborer, house opp. 32 Adams 
SulUvan Humphrey, laborer, house 7 Union court 
SuUivan Humphrey, laborer, house 16 Dummer 
Sullivan James, planer, house 17 Spring 
Sullivan James, mulespinnner, boards 130 Suffolk 
Sullivan James, bootmaker, 7 Canal Block, boards 6 Kidder 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house 8 Jefferson 
Sullivan Jeremiah, Middlesex, house 62 Fayette 

hriVT <fc ELLIOTT, Fii-e & Life Ins. Agency, rep'g over §50,000,000 
Assets, 38 t eutral St., Prescott JMat. Bank Bld'g. (See pages 374, 375.) 


SulLvan Jeremiah, harnessmaker, Dutton, n. Fletcher, b. 23 Fayette 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, boards 14 Adams 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 44 Lowell 
Sullivan John, laborer, liouse at Lowell Bleachery depot 
Sullivan John, laborer, house rear 102 Lowell 
Sullivan John, laborer, house 93 Lawrence 
Sullivan John, watchman, Suffolk corporation, boards 5 do. 
Sullivan John, laborer, house 48 Fenwick 

Sullivan John, shoemaker, l-'arker's block, Centralville, house do. 
Sullivan John, laborer, house 3 Quigley's alley 
Sullivan John, stonecutter, boards Howard House 
Sullivan John, Carpet corporation, house 26 Lowell 
Sullivan John, operative, house 12 Jefferson 
Sullivan John, operative, house 18 Jefferson 
Sullivan John, bleachery, house rear 178 Lawrence 
Sullivan John J). Mrs. house 6 Jefferson 
Sullivan John W. 0. machinist, house 20 Summer 
Sullivan Julia, widow, house 2 Putney's coiirt 
Sullivan Julia, widow, house 40 Davidson 
Sullivan Margaret, vidow, house 20 Howe 
Sullivan Margaret, widow, house rear 19 Dummer 
Sullivan Margaret, widow, house 3 Putney's court 
Sullivan Mary, widow, house 48 Lewis 
-Sullivan Mary Mrs. house 39 Adams 
Sullivan Mary D widow, house 12 Cross 
Sullivan 3Iichael, laborer, house 41 Adams 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, house 70 Suffolk 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, house 4 Quigley's alley 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, at Gas Works, house opp. 40 Adams 
Sullivan Michael, currier, house 104 Suffolk 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, house 90 Grorhara 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house opp. 32 Adams 
Sullivan Patrick, moulder, house 19 Winter 
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house 12 Jefferson 
Sullivan Patrick Mrs. house 43 Adams 
SuUivan Philip, stonecutter, boards Howard House 
Sullivan Richard, laborer, house 6 Suffolk court 
SuUivan Sylvester, laborer, house 3 Putney's court 
Sullivan Thomas { Calif oriiia), bouse 15 Adams 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house 42 Appleton 
Sullivan Timothy, grocer, 178 Lawrence, house do. 
Sullivan Timothy, mariner, house 14 Lowell 
Sullivan Timothy Gr. laborer, house 3 Jefferson square 
Sullivan William, machinist, house 26 Gorham 
Sullivan William, operative, house 75 Lowell 

Sullivan , operative, house 35 North 

Summers Samuel, beltmaker, house 53 Boott corporation 
Sumner Mary Mrs. house 4 Fifth, Centralville 

SECURITY (FIKE) im,CO.,i''^lAotl%'vr%e^.S 


Supernan John, carpenter, bouse 8 Suffolk court 

Surprenant Hilaire, laborer, boards 293 Middlesex 

Surprenaut J. Battiste, laborer, house 293 Middlesex 

SutclifFe Henry, machinist, boards 90 Middlesex 

SutliflFe Thomas, machinist, boards 78 Market 

Sutherland James, machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 

Swain Charles J. carriagemaker, 22 Bridge, CentralviUe, house at 

Swain Oliver Mrs. house Pine, n. Wilder 
Swan Albert Gr. farmer, house end of Swan, near city line 
Swan Charles A. F. counsellor, 13 Barristers' Hall, house Metheuu, 

Swan Charles C. clerk, 41 Merrimack, boards 184 East do. 
Swan Daniel, boots and shoes, 41 Merrimack, h. 184 East Merrimack 
Swan Daniel A. clerk, 41 Merrimack, house 25 Bartlett 
Swan Joseph C. overseer, Mass. corp. boards 120 Merrimack 
Swan Maria Mrs. boards (3 Franklin square 
Swan Olive, widow, house 20 Congress 

Swapp Andrew F. a-st. superintendent L. M. Co. h. 132 Market 
Swasey Greo. S. overseer painter, Lawrence corporation, house 50 

Mass. corp. 
Swazey Almond L. picker, bouse 57 Boott corporation 
Sweatt Benjamin D. carpenter, boards 25 L. M. S. corporation 
Sweatt Jeiemiah, watchman, house 67 Merrimack corporation 
Sweatt Moses H. stonecutter, house 3 Bangs block, Railroad 
Sweatt Samuel {Eunels, Clough, S^ Co.), granite yard, Thorndike , 

house 85 Appleton 
Sweatt Warren O. carpenter, boards 19 Suffolk corporation 
Sweait Wm. repairer, at Norcross & Saunders's, h. at N. Chelmsford 
Sweeney Ann, dressmaker, 27 East Merrimack, house do. 
Sweeney Daniel, laborer, house Donahoe's yard 
Sweeney Daniel, machinist, house 42 Soutb 
Sweeney Daniel, shoemaker, 106 Market, house do. 
Sweeney D. F. hairdresser, 12 Central, boards 6 Willow place 
Sweeney Edward A. moulder, Willie, corner Datton, h. Common, 

near Cross 
Sweeney Frciucis, barnessmaker, bouse 68 Lawrence 
Sweeney Henry, laborer, Jacob Nichols's, Dutton 
Sweeney James, laborer, house 5 Sullivan's yard 
Sweeney Michael, laborer, house 6 Cross 
Sweeney Patrick, operative, house rear 23 Cedar 
Sweetser Adam N. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 4 

Goward place 
Sweetser Betsy W. A. widow, house 4 Goward place 
Sweetser Oliver S. machinist, house 4 Goward place 
Sweetser Sidney, at D. W. Home's, 85 School 
Sweetser Theodore H. counsellor, 43^ Central, house Nesmitb, 
beyond Mansur 

T> A PTTPTf TMQ nC\ Assets (Gold) §l,600,00t». Hunt «&- 
XAljiXiu iiXUi UO. Elliott, Agt's. (.'see page .374.) 


Swett Daniel jr. stencil-cutter, house Gold, near School 

Swett Edmund, coffin maker, 23 Prescott, house 358 Merrunack 

Swett John, carpenter, house Pine, corner Liberty 

Swett John F. moulder, house Chehnsford, near Hale 

Swett John H. house 8 Branch 

Swett Mary and Maria Misses, house 39 Bartlett 

Swett Samuel Mrs. house 12 Lawrence corporation 

Swett William L. carriagemaker, Pawtucket, near old canal, house 

Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Swett, see Sweatt 

Sykes George, tanner, house 8 F"loyd 

Sykes James, sawyer, house Manchester, corner Main, A. C. 
Sylvester George B. carpenter, house Gold, near School 
Symmes Henry, shoemaker, house 3 Middlesex place 
Symonds Dexter, constable, 1 Barristers' Hall, h. 103 Pawtucket 
Symonds Edward, machinist, house Bowers, near Beacon 
Symonds Heman M. roofer, boards 14 East Pine 
Symonds H. D. collector of bills, 55 Central 

TABER JOHN, farmer, house off River road, Dracut 

Tabor Calvin, miller, Whipple's Mills, house IG Mill 

Tabor John Frank, clerk, 253 Merrimack, h. River road, Dracut 

TafF Christopher, laborer, house 30 Fayette 

Taft Luther, weaver, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Taft Nelson F. {Dreio, Taft, Sf Welch), 126 Merrimack, house 
111 Gorham 

Taggart Charles L. clerk, 86 Merrimack, boards 34 Bartlett 

Taggart Leander 3Irs. house 34 Bartlett 

TagTie Hugh, machinist, house 39 Lowell 

Tao'ue Joseph, boilermaker, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 

Taisey Daniel, painter, boards 13 Central 

Taisey Lydia, dry goods, Gorham, corner Middlesex, house do. 

Taisey Robert, clerk, house 76 Dutton 

Talbot Charles C. fireman, Boston & [^owell Railroad 

Talbot Charles P. & Co. (Thomas, Edward R., ^•Julian Talbot)^ 
drugs and dye-stuffs, east end of market house, house Chest- 
nut, near Park 

Talbot Edward R. {Charles P Talbot 6f Co.), drugs and dye- 
stuffs, east end of market house, house at North Billerica 

Talbot Julian {Charles P. Talbot Sf Co.), drugs and dye-stuffs, 
east end of market house, boards Chestnut, near Park 

Talbot Thomas {Charles P. Talbot Sf Co.), drugs, east end of mar- 
ket house, house at North Billerica 

Talbot William F. clerk, 189 Middlesex, boards 43 Chestnut . 

Tallant Eben W. second hand, boards 47 Hamilton corporation 

Tallant Hamilton, machinist, boards 40 L. M. S. corporation 

Tallant Samuel B. spinner, house 22 Jackson 

Talty Timothy, laborer, house 59 Gorham 

GERMANU FIRE INS. CO., ^l^^i^rs:;. ^%?:, 


Tanered John, machinist, house Donahoe's yard 

Tansy Th ,mas, Naylor's Mill, house rear 1 Swift 

Tapley Jesse, timber-dealer, house 44 Branch 

Tapley Joseph Mrs. house 37 Church 

Tarhell George G. salesman, 100 Central, b. Robinson, c. Congress 

Tarbell Reuben Mrs. house 7 Garnet 

Tarbox Edwin, operative, house 15 Tremont corporation 

Tarbox John, yard hand, boards 54 Boott corporation 

Tarbnck William, mason, house Coburn, near River, Centralville 

Tarr Eugene J. clerk, 142 Central, boards 43 Tyler 

Tarr George J. house 43 Tyler 

Tattersall John, operative, boards Taylor 

Tay Sullivan Mrs house Methuen. Centralville 

Taylor Albion C. {Cook ^ T.), 48 Merrimack and 107 Central, 

house 30 Hurd 
Taylor Alfred, finisher, house foot of Pleasant 
Taylor Catharine, widow, house 15 Kirk 
Taylor Daniel G. machinist, house 43 Boott corporation 
Taylor I>avid, at Norcross & Saunders's, house 29 School 
Taylor David B. shoemaker, 207 Lawrence, house do. 
Taylor Fletcher, weaver, boards 46 Boott corporation [Kirk 

Taylor Frederick {Jacob Rogers S^ Co.), 166 Merrimack, h. 15 
Taylor Geo. Frank, laborer, boards 52 Fenwick 
Taylor George H. harnessmaker, 196 Middlesex, b. Ill Central 
Taylor George W. second hand, house Jackson, cor. Middlesex 
Taylor James F. carpenter, boards 172 Merrimack corporation 
Taylor John, beltmuker, Lawrence corporation, house Broadway, 

near Guard locks 
Taylor John, teamster, 9 ThorndiUe, house 230 Middlesex 
Taylor John, blacksuiith, 136 Middlesex, boards 38 Appleton 
Taylor John A. carpenter, house Pearl, Centralville 
Taylor John F. carpenter, bouse 12 Lagrange court 
Taylor John \V. carpenter, house 70 Moody [Cady 

Taylor Joseph, millinery and fancy goods, 116 Merrimack, h. 16 
Taylor Lewis S. {^Tuitle 4" Taylor), express, 4 Middle 
Taylor Lewis W. overseer, h«^use 65 High 
Taylor Luther, carpenter, boards 14 Warren 
Taylor Martha, widow^ house 52 Fenwick 
Taylor Mary Mrs. boards 30 Hurd 
Taylor Paris K. machinist, iiouse head of Worthen 
Taylor Samuel, operative, house 15 Tremont corporation 
Taylor Samuel W. carpenter, bouse 172 Merrimack corporatio'a 
Taylor Stephen K. watchman, house 11 Andover 
Taylor Tiumas E. carpenter, house 1 Union 

Taylor ( Wilfred P.) 6i Barker {T. C), manufacturers of chemi- 
cals, head of Lawrence, house 428 Merrimack 
Taylor William {Crosby Furniture Co.), Mechanic's Mills, house 4 

TJTl'k]? Pt T T? A TUT?T? TNfQ PC\ Boston. Assets S40.>,l»00. 
JllliL (S LljAinrjll ilNij. UU.jHunt&Elliott,Ast8.(Seep.374.. 



Taylor (William Mrs.) & Davis {M.P.), dressmaking, &c., 16 

John, house 124 Cross 
Taylor William, house 124 Cross 

Taylor William, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 113 Gorham 
Taylor William D. clerk, 319 Merrimack, boards 5 Butterfield 
Taylor William R. harnessmaker, 45 Market, boards 16 Church 
Teabo Joseph, lumberman, house 229 Middlesex 
Teague Patrick, clerk, 87 Market, house 89 do. 
Teel George H. moulder, boards 115 Gorham 
Teeling Arthur J. Rev. house Suffolk, near Catholic church 
Tefo Peter, cabinetmaker, house 3 Eagle block, Middlesex 
Temple Benjamin F. weaver, boards 49 Massachusetts corporation 
Temple Charles, founder, boards Pine, near Liberty 
Temple Emma, widow, house 84 High 

Temple Samuel, engineer,- L. & B. 11. R house 19 N. Franklin ct. 
Temple Thomas W. mason, house Pine, near Liberty 
Tenney Horace B. clerk, 189 Middlesex, boards 66 Howard 
Tetley Edward, Lawrence corporation, house 5 do. 
Tetro Addlphe, carriagemaker, near Pawtucket Bridge, Dracut, 

house do. 
Thatchei- George, bell-hanger, &c. 52^ Merrimack, house 77 Coburn, 

Therreault David, laborer, house 7 Middlesex place 
Thissell Andrew, farmer, house 9 First, Centralville 
Thissell Ciiarles E. carpenter, house 9 Fir-^t, Centralville 
Thissell D.m el Mrs. hou-e Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Ttiissell Eiui Amri, draughtsman, house 34 Rock 
Tliissell Frank T. carpenter, house Second, near Bridge, Cent. 
Thissell John F. shoemaker, house Tenth, near Beacon, Cent. 
Thissell Lydia Ann, boards Mt. Pleasant, Centralville 
Tbissell Philip, wheelwright, boards Wanalancit, near Pawtucket 
Tlioits Charles, dresser, Appleton corporation, house 5 do. 
Thoma Joseph, laborer, house 4 Davidson 
Thomas Cyrus W. carpenter, house 29 Willow 
Tdomas Edmund D. locktender, house Broadway, at Guard Locks 
Thomas Edward W. boards 11 Cabot 
Thomas Elisha A. watchman, house 16 Clay 
Thomas Francis, laborer, house 23 Adams 
Thom:is George S. hairdresser, boards 15 Fayette 
Thomas Henry A. boards 16 Clay 
Thomas James, carder, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Thomas Joseph, laborer, house 4 Knowles place 
Thomas Joseph W. Rev. boards 49 L. M. S. corporation 
Thomas J. Barlow, clerk, 51 Central, bds. 72 Merrimack corp. 
Thomas Marcus A. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 72 do. 
Thomas Mary R. widow, house 15 Fayette 
Thomas Philip V. carpenter, house 38 Boott corporation 
Thomas Richard, laborer, house 15 Adams 

TJnW A Dr> FTDl? T\TQ PH B«»stoM- Assets $3a.'i,000. Hunt 

nUVV AJXIJ riiiJiiliNo.bUij a. mnott, Ast». (Seep.374.) 


Thomas William, Merrimack Print Works, house 11 Cabot 

Thomas William H. machinist, boards 106 Merrimack Corp. 

Thomason Samuel, overseer worsted, Hamilton corp. h. 67 Fayette 

Thomes Mary Miss, house 9 Tilden court 

Thompson Abraham, machinist, house 1 Madison 

Thompson Alsie M. widow, house 95 Howard 

Thompson Alvin, carpenter, bds. 1 Merriara's court. High 

Thompson A. hom(ieoj»athic physician, 14 Central, house do. 

Thompson A. F. clerk, 268 Merrimack, boards 95 Howard 

Thompson Bethuel T. Mrs. millinery, 91 ^Merrimack, house do. 

Thompson Charles, carpenter, boards 33 Mass. corporation 

Thompson Clark A carpenter, boards 41 Tremont 

Thompson Edward W. bookkeeper, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, boards 101 

Thompson Edward W., Lawrence, house 214 Central 
Thompson Eliza Mrs. house 11 Green 

Thompson George H. overseer woolsorting, Hamilton, house 89 do. 
Thompson Harriet A. ]Mrs. house Chelmsford, corner Howard 
Thompson Henry M. blacksmith, house 7 Cabot block 
Thompson Tra, machinist, house 176 Merrimack corporation 
Thompson James, worsted spinner, liouse Swift, near Whipple 
Thompson James, laborer, boards 148 Central 
Thompson James B. carpenter, house 71 High 
Thompson John, weaver, boards 11 Massachusetts corporation 
Thompson John, weaver, house Broadway, near Adams 
Thompson Marshall E. botanic medicines, 268 Merr. h. 18 Tildea 
Thompson Mary Ann, widow, house 5 Edgerly court 
Thompson Netta M. widow, house 6 Floyd 
Thompson Rinaldo R. gasfitter, house 2 Hamilton corporation 
Thompson Robert Mrs house 28 Willie 

Thompson Roxanna, widow, house 133 Merrimack corporation 
Thompson Samuel, engineer Holt's Mill, h. 1 Merriara's ct. High 
Thompson Stephen L. carpenter, boards 7 Dodge 
Thompson Walter, weaver, house 9 Hanover 
Thompson William K. saloon, 42 Central, house 80 South 
Thomson Robert, machinist, boards 29 Charles 
Thomson Thomas, woolsorter, house 29 Charles 
Thorn Eli, mason, house end of Pleasant 
Thorn John, woolcarder, house 5 Clark's, court 
Thorn Mary F. widow, house Morse's lane 
Thorn Samuel, mason, house 250 Merrimack 
Thornby Joseph, spinner, house 6 North 
Thorning Cyrus H. folder, house 32 Bleachery 
Thorning John F. at Bleachery, boards 23 Bleachery 
Thornton Benjamin, laborer, houNC McCarey's court 
-•Thornton Bernard, dry goods. 111 Market, house do. 
Thornton Charles H. carpenter, house 177 Gorham 
Thornton Edward, Merrimack, house Llewellyn, Gentralville 

EEPUBLIC FIRE INS. CO. ^^Iffott^Ss'.'cseera'")* 


Thornton Henry R. carpenter, Bleachery, house 177 Gorham 
Thornton Isabella, widow, boards Richardson, cor. Beacon 
Thornton James, laborer, house Front, Centralville 
Thorp Fred, machinist, boards 13 Franklin square 
Thorp George, operative, house rear Coburn, near River 
Thurston Benj. proprietor Washington House, Central, cor. Church 
Thurston Edwin 0. clerk at R. Kit.son's, house 2 Ford 
Thurston Elijah C. tinsmith, 125 Market, house 2 Ford, c. Cabot 
Thurston George, Print Works, boards 1 34 Merrimack corporation 
Thurston George, laborer, house rear 270 Merrimack 
Thurston Joel M watchman, 259 Middlesex, house 30 Smith 
Thyne John, blacksmith, house 38 Bleachery 
Thyng Charlotte G. house 3(j Howard 

Tibbetts Charles G. spinner, house 39 Massachusetts corporation 
Tibbetts Henry Llewellyn, asst. salesman atNorcross& Saunders's, 

boards 188 Middlesex 
Tibbetts Joseph R. farmer, house Tenth, n. Methuen, Centralville 
Tibbetts William B. phrenologist, house Bow, foot Pearl 
Tibbin Robert, weaver, house Charles, near Lawrence 
Ticehurst James Mrs. house 186 Central 
Ticknor Henry L. carpenter, 26 Middle, house 26 Austin 
Tiernan Bridget, widow, house 33 Summer 
Tierney John, laborer, boards 94 Gorham 
Tierney Margaret Mrs. house 94 Gorham 
Tierney Matthew, spinner, house rear 13 River, Centralville 
Tierney Michael, laborer, house 2 Carolin's block, Fayette 
Tierney Michael Mrs. variety store, 12 Winter, boards do. 
Tierney Michael, at bleachery, house 12 Winter 
Tierney Patrick, laborer, boards 94 Gorham 
Tierney Patrick, house 48 Gorham 

Tierney Patrick, dresser, house Gorham, below Catholic cemetery 
Tierney Peter, teamster, boards 94 Gorham 
Tierney Peter, bleachery, boards 48 Gorham 
Tiifany Richard, loom-fixer, house rear 4 Livingston 
Tighe Edward, blacksmith, house 64 Adams 
Tighe Henry, laborer, house rear 20 Winter 
Tighe Hugh, laborer, house 7 Jefferson 
Tighe James, laborer, house 38 Davidson 
Tighe Lawrence, blacksmith, house 33 Common 
Tighe Matthew, operative, boards 1 George 
Tighe Michael, laborer, house 1 Wall 
Tighe Patrick, laborer, boards 38 Davidson 
Tighe Patrick, laborer, hou!-e 2 Wall 

Tiglie Philip, at Prmt Works, boai-ds 115 Merrimack corporation 
Tillotson Edward M. baggage-master, Northern depot 
Tilton Abraham (Boston), house 4 James 
Tilton Charles P. letter-carrier, P. 0. boards 58 Audover 
Tilton Charles H. clerk, house 18 Ash 

ATT AATTTf PTDF TATQ fH Assets $575,000. Hunt A, 
AiLAlMiU lililj ilMlO. tU.} Elliott, Agts. (See page 3740 




Tilton Edward, machinist, boards 14 Church 

Tilton Frank, machinist, boards 111 Central 

Tilton George F. machinist, boards 172 Suffolk 

Tilton George W. miller, S. N. Wood's, house Walnut, c. Chapel 

Tilton Herman N. moulder, house 41 Chapel 

Tilton John W. moulder, boards Walnut, corner Chapel 

Tilton Joseph, carpenter, house 308 Central 

Tilton Lucy, boarding-house, 21 Boott coiporation 

Tdton Martin V. B. painter, boards 46 Charles 

Timlin Patrick, laborer, at A. L. Brooks's, boards 252 Middlesex 

Tinker Henry W. harnessniaker, 45 Market, house 115 Appleton 

Tinker Law, shoemaker, 75 Central, house 30 Charles 

Tipping Kobert, section hand, house 4 Reed's court 

Tipping Thomas, dresser, boards 45 Charles 

Tirrell Alexander, carpenter, boards 5 Pearl 

Tobin Helen, widow, house 3 Marion 

Tobin James, cabinetmaker, boards 4 Wamesit court 

Tobin Michael, machinist, boards 3 Marion 

Tobin Patrick J. laborer, house 25 Tremont 

Tobin Thomas, moulder, boards 58 South [road, Dracut 

Tolman John C. grocer, 366 and 368 Merrimack, house Mammoth 
^^jajjlomas, grocer, 32 Middle, house do. 
'^H|HPIlmuel, laborer, house rear 44 Lowell 

Toohey John, bootmaker, house Parker's block, Centralville 

Toohey Margaret, widow, house 2 Morris court 

Toohey Patrick, laborer, house foot of Linden 

Toomey Dennis, laborer, house 5 Quigley's alley 

Toomey Jeremiah, laborer, boards 2 Water 

Toomey Lawrence, bleachery, boards 35 Bleachery 

Toomey Mary, widow, house 2 Water 

Toper Samuel, operative, house Broadway, near Walker 

Toper William, carder, boards 37 Massachusetts corporation 

Toppan Abner Mrs. house Third, cor. Mt. Vernon, Centralville 

Torbin Mary, widow, hou^e 3 Dummer 

Torsey James M. boxmaker, house 34 Willie 

Totman Edmund, carpenter, boards 12 Tremont corporation 

Totman Frank, boards 44 Bartlett 

Totman George, carpenter, boards 12 Tremont corporation 

Totman Stark, house 110 East Merrimack 

Tower James, house 209 Central 

Tower Thomas T. painter, boards 209 Central 

Towey George, weaver, house 4 Decatur 

Towle George E. pianoforte hardware. Arch, boards 11 Lee 

Towle Simon, photograpliist, 92 Merrimack, boards 16 Myrtle, 

Townsend Abel D. carder, house 242 Gorham 

Townsend George, butcher, boards Walker, near Middlesex 

Townsend Isaac, butcher, boards Walker, near Middlesex 

TTTTATT P^ 1?T T TfiTT I^"'* »"•* ^'*"e insurance Aafeiit.s, 3S 
iLUiNi (K JjLLiUiij Central street. (See pages 374, 3?5.) 


Townsend Nahum W. house Luther's court 

Townson James, house 91 Broadway 

Townson Philip, worsted sspinner, Harris Mills, h. 91 Broadway 

Tracy John, spinner, house 2 Lee 

Trainor Michael, laboier, house 14 George 

Trainbley Abraham, lahorer house Dempsey's yard 

Trambley Eli, machinist, house 92 Moody 

Trambley Jeremiah, laborer, houfce rear 87 Moody 

Trappier Louis, laborer, house 36 Davidson 

Trask Diogenes E. boxmaker, bds. 32 Branch 

Trask Harris C, B. & L. R. 11. boards 84 Howard 

Trask James T. teamster, house 32 Branch 

Trask Joseph H. teamster, house Bleachery 

Trask Oliver P. stone-contractor. School, cor. Boston and Nashua 

Eailroad crossing, house 6 Franklin court 
Traver Abraham, carder, Boott corp. house 07 do. 
Traver Henry J. carder, house 16 Tremont corp. 
Traversier WilHam, carpenter, boards 24 Davidson 
Travis Joseph, house 160 Central 
Tredou John, laborer, boards ii Middlesex place 
Tremble Alexander, stitcher, bds. 22 Grand 
Tremont Mills, Suftblk, below Moody 
Trenholm Charles, at J. C. Ayer's, bds. 15 John ''" '-' 

Trenholm Thomas A. at J. C. Ayer's, bds. 15 John 
Triml)le Matthias, house Lincoln Place 
Trimble Matthias jr. laborer, bds. Lincoln place 
Tripp George F. bds. East Merrimack, corner Alder 
Tripp John, roU-coverer, bouse East Merrimack, cor. Alder 
Trout Abby Y. Miss, house 14 Central 
Trow Elizabeth Mrs. boarding-house, 38 Massachusetts corp. 
Trow William, section hand, bds. 38 Massachusetts corp. 
Trowbridge George F. boards 159 Moody 
Trowbridge (George N.) & Kimball {B. J.) furniture manuf. 

Wamesit Mills, house 159 Moody 
Trowbridge George P. machinist, 237 Middlesex, bds. 5 Jackson 
Trowbridge John, carpenter, house 4 Clark 
Trowbridge Phiiieas P. shoemaker, house 5 Jackson 
Trudean John B. laborer, bds. 9 Middlesex place 
True Chapman H. carder, Boott corporation, house 71 do. 
True David, dyer, hou-e 2 Wamesit block 
Trueworthy Gilbert, Massachusetts, house 6 East Merrimack 
True worthy James B. overseer, Hamilton corp. house 46 do. 
TiumliuU James W. sawfiler, Merrimack, cor. Maiden lane 
Tryoii James, teamster, house Taylor 
Tryons Joseph, house 2 Howe 

Tuck Andrew J. dresser, Merrimack corp. house 71 do. 
Tuck Edward, president Old Lowell National Bank, and broker 

(Boston), house 6 Sixth, Centralville 

HUNT &. ELLIOTT have facilities for placing the largest amount 
of insurance at short notice. Office, 28 Central St. (See pp. 374, 375.) 


Tucker Bridget, widow, bouse 24: Jefferson 

Tucker Davis S., Appleton corp. house 7 and 8 do. 

Tucker Gordon F. {Keyes ^ T.), 134 Merrimack, h 39 Tyler 

Tucker Joel, operative, bds. 2 Suffolk corp. 

Tucker Michael, teamster, house 291 Middlesex 

Tufts Eben, boards Washington House 

Tufts Edward, treas. clerk, Merrimack Manufacturing Co. house 
33 Merrimack corporation 

Tuite Simon P. Mrs. house 69 Boott corp. 

Tulloek Robert X. silversmith, 25 Central, house 53 Summer 

TuUy Bridget, widow, house 56 South 

TuUy John, laborer, house 27 Fenwick 

Tully John, laborer, house 7 Union court 

TuUy John, dyer, house 85 Lowell 

Tully Michael, laborer, house 36 Crosby 

Tully Owen, stonecutter, house Crosby 

Tully Patrick, marbledresser, house Court avenue, cor. Chapel 

Tully Peter, Middlesex, bds. 26 Kurd 

Tully Thomas, laborer, house 137 Lowell 

Tumilty James, varnisher, house 44 VV est Union 

Tummelty Charles, Am. Bolt Co. bds. Montgomery Housn 

Tummelty Felix, bootmaker, 68 Central, house 25 Winter 

Tummelty Felix, bleachery, bds. Montgomery House 

Tummelty Patrick, carpet-weaver, bds Montgomery House 

Turcotte Esidore, laborer, house 5 Farson's court 

Turnbull James, at Print Works, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 

Turner Benjamin F. house 260 Merrimack 

Turner Daniel, carpenter, bds. 21 Boott corp. 

Turner Frank, watchman, Lawrence corp. 

Turner Frank D. bung-maker, boards 260 Merrimack 

Turner Fred. P. watchman, Lawrence corp. 

Turner Greorge F. {Morse ^ Turner), 133 Central, boards Wash- 
ington House 

Turner John, moulder, house Railroad, near Hale 

Turner Joseph (Atherton Sf Turner). Howe, house 29 High 

Turner William, machinist, bds. 13 Franklin sq. 

Turner William H. carder, Lawrence corp. house 75 do. 

Ttutle (Alonzo T.) & Taylor (L. S), Boston & Lowell express,4 

Tuttle Ann C. widow, house 41 Cushing 

Tuttle Franklin, overseer, house 17 Bleachery 

Tuttle George, printer, boards rear 105 East Merrimack 

Tuttle John H. wireworker, house Seventh, near Bridge, Cent. 

Tuttle John T. carder, house 178 Gorham 

Tuttle Merari, picker, house rear 105 East Merrimack 

Tuttle Woodbridge W. at bleachery, house 21 Bleachery 

Tuxbury Moses M. Mrs. house 37 Bridge, cor. Third, Cent. 

Tweed Robert, laborer, house rear 47 Market 

Farm Houses, Barns, and Personal i'roperty therein, insured for 
one or five years, by HUNT «& ELLIOTT, 38 Central fct. (See p. 374). 


Tweed T. Gibson {Oarleton 4' Hovey), apothecary, City Hall, 164 

Merrimack, boards 63 East Merrimack 
Twiss Benjamin P. carder, Lawrence corporation, house 6 do. 
Twiss James J. Rev. house 107 Gorham 
Twichell StiUmif, Mrs. house 91 Moody 
Twitchell Andrew S. machinist, house 73 Middle 
Twombly Joshua, carpenter, house 14 Bleachery 
Twombly William, operative, house 9 Suffolk corporation 
Twombly, see Tramhley 

Tyler Albert M. carpenter, house Central, corner Middlesex 
Tyler Artemas S. cashier, Preseott National Bank, and treasurer 

Five Cent Savings Bank, house 170 East Merrimack 
Tyler Charles, watchman, Mass. corporation, boards 27 do. 
Tyler Charles A. clerk, 5 Central, boards 121 do. 
Tyler Daniel B. painter, house 5 Ford 
Tyler David L. painter, house 126 Middlesex 
Tyler Ei)en, woolsoiier, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Tyler Jane S. R. Mrs. boarding-house, 9 Merrimack corporation 
Tyler John H. cigarmaker, 19 Merrimack, boards City Hotel 
Tyler Jonathan, house Park, corner Andover 
Tyler Rinaldo H. machinist, house 17 Cady 
Tyler Silas, house 20 Kirk 

Tyng Levi B. house Grand, south of Chelmsford 
Tyng, see Thyng 

Tyrrell Fiank H. boards 4 Church 
Tyrrell Joseph, junk-gatherer, house 22 George 

UMPLEBY JOHN, laborer, boards 3 Lyons 

Underhdl Ervin, overseer, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, h. 15 John 

Underwood Charles H. tinsmith, house 27 Adams, cor. Lagrange 

Underwood Frank, dresser, Lawrence, boards 5 Suffolk corp. 

Underwood Rebecca, widow, boards 9 Race 

Underwood Thomas D. farmer, house River road, Dracut 

Unsworth Henry, blockcutter, house 2 Hale 

Unsworth Henry jr rug-weaver, boards 2 Hale 

LTpham Amos Mrs. house 309 School 

Upham Nathan G. carpenter, 3 JO School, h. River road, Dracut 

Upton Frederick A. stonecutter, house Robinson, n. Congress 

Upton George H. machinist, house 14 Lawrence corp. 

Upton Henry, upholsterer, 7 Central, house 24 Branch 

Upton Jacob, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 

Upton Joseph S. overseer dresser, Lawrence corporation, h. 79 do. 

Urann Charles F. stonecutter, house 44 Paige 

Usher Alden A. carpenter, house 141 Moody 

VAILLENCOURT EUGENE, laborer, house 6 Farson's court 
Vaillencourt John, laborer, house Charles, corner Chapel 
Vaillerant Edward, laborer, house 129 Middlesex 

HUNT & ElililOTT will insure your Furniture, "Wearing Apparel , 
Books, Pictures, Silver Ware, &.c. Rooms SS Central St. (See p. .374. ) 


Vallequet William, carpenter, boirds 278 Middlesex 

Vallery Sarah, widow, house 116 Middlesex 

Valley Edward, hairdresser, 82 Gorham, house do. 

Valley Nelson, carpenter, boards 278 JMiddlesex 

Vanasee Charles, laborer, house 3 Shaw's block. East Pine 

Vanasee Josepii, laborer, house 1 Shaw's block, Pjast Pine 

Vance William, blacksmith, house 21 Moody 

Van Dusen George {A A. Sawtelle S^ Go.), Liberty square, house 

40 Franklin 
Vanslett Solomon, moulder, house 6 Goward place 
Van Tassel John, carpenter, Merrimack corporation, house 67 do. 
Vantine Charles, conductor L. & L. R. R. house 55 Howard 
Van Vronker Lucinda, widow, house 48 Chapel 
Varney Charles, machinist, boards 6 Massachusetts corporation 
Varney Chailes L. carpenter, house 316 Merrimack 
Varney John R. bookkeeper, at Isaac Place's, boards 52 Rock 
Varney Samuel J. Mrs. house 14 Ash 
Varnum Albert H. conductor, H. R. R. boards 44 Bartlett 
Varnum Atkinson C. counsellor, 2 Appleton block, house River- 
road, Dracut 
Varnum Benjamin F. Mrs. house Varnum, opp. Seventh, Cent. 
Varnum Charles F. carpenter, boards 44 Bartlett 
Varnum Daniel, house River road, Dracut 
Varnum Eliza M. widow, house 97 Salem 
Varnum George W. painter, house 18 Brown 
Varnum Henry C. house Varnum, Centralville 
Varnum James, boards River road, Dracut 
Varnum Jeremiah, farmer, housu River road, Dracut 
Varnum Joseph B. clerk. Bridge, cor. Second, Centralville, boards 

44 Bartlett 
Varnum Joshua, house Bridge, corner Sixth, Centralville 
Varnum Joshua B. farmer, bds. Bridge, cor. Sixth, Centi'alville 
Varnum Leavitt R. J. real estate, h. Bridge, c. Sixth, Centralville 
Varnum Lydia, widow, house Bridge, cor. Hildreth, Centralville 
Varnum Mary P. widow, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Varnum Rebecca S. widow, house 44 Bartlett 
Varnum Samuel, boards River road, Dracut 
Varnum Thomas, farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Varnum William H. (^Boston), house Varnum, Centralville 
Varnum William P. farmer, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Varnum, see Farnham 

Vasser Ebenezer, carder, house 31 Hamilton corporation 
Vaughan Melvin H. bricklayer, house rear 16 Church 
Vaughan Patrick, currier, house 92 Corham 
Vaughan Thomas, laborer, house 85 Charles 
Vaughn Frank H. clerk, boards 67 Pawtucket 
Vaughn Susan J. widow, house 67 Pawtucket 
Veanceour J. B. laborer, house 82 Wheelock's block 

If you want a first-class Fire, Life, or Accident Insurance Policy, 
call at HIJIMiT &, KLLiIOTT'S Insurance Kooms, aS Central St. 


Veevers Sarah, widow, house Clark's court 

Vennasse Charles, laborer, house 1 Buttrick block, E. Pine 

Veunasse Frank, laborer, house 1 Buttrick block, E. Pine 

Vennasse Joseph, laborer, house 3 Buttrick block, E. Pine 

Veo Frank, sawyer, house rear 45 Fletcher 

Veo Luke, baker, house Broadway, cor. Adams 

Yeo Peter, baker, house Morse's lane 

Verner Sarah, widow, bds 3 Pearl, Centralville 

Vickery Andrew, spinner, Lawrence corp. boards 5 Butterfield 

Viles Albert, gardener, h. Coburn, cor. Bow, Centralville 

Villery Joseph, laborer, house 2 West's court 

Vinall Asa C. carpenter, house 115 Thorndike 

Vinall Gr. A. W. dentist, 170 .Merrimack, h. 39 Chestnut 

Vincent Ann, widow, house 31 East Merrimack 

Vincent Paul, laborer, house Adams, cor. Salem 

Viney William, boards Washington House 

Viney William H. physician, 16 Tyler, house do. 

Vining i\.lonzo, carpenter, house rear 52 Fenwick 

Vining Ezra A. machinist, Merrimack corp. house 40 do. 

Vinton Charles B. waiter, American House, boards do. 

Vinton Horace Mrs. house Richardson, Centralville 

Vinton Leroy, carpenter, boards Richardson, Centralville 

Vinton Wilbur F. clerk, 96 Central, bds. Richardson, Centralville 

WABE DEBORAH R. widow, boards 7 Perrin 

Wade Henry C. hatter, boards 17 Hamilton corporation 

Wade Siiell 0. machinist, 84 Middle, house 7 Perrin 

Wadleigh John D. shoemaker, boards 2 Tilden court 

Wadleigh Julia A. Mrs. house 5 Tilden court 

Wadleigh Newell Mrs. house 5 Tilden court 

Wadleigh Phebe J. widow, house 17 South 

Wagner William, laborer, house 29 Worthen 

Wain Wright William, operative, boards 43 Tremont 

Waite A. L. & Co. produce commission merchants, Button, opp. 

Mechanics' Mills, h. Chelmsford, near Parker 
Waite J. K. clergyman, h. First, near Simpson, Centralville 
Waite L E. Mrs. house 159 Central 

Waite , machinist, boards 13 Franklin square 

Walch Horace W. spinner, house 85 Church 

Waldo Allen, proprietor Howard House, 211 Middlesex 

Waldron Elizabeth D. widow, house 131 Lawrence 

Waldron (Ira) & Sullivan (D. ^.), proprietors Lowell Business 

College, Museum building, house Coburn, Centralville 
Waldron Mary A. milliner, 24 John, house do. 
Walker Aaron, physician, house 153 East Merrimack 
Walker Alexander, overseer, Lowell, h. head Lawrence-street ct. 
Walker Benj. correspondent, J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, h. 20 Appleton 
Walker Benjamin P. carder, house 20 Prescott corporation 

stocks of Croods and Merchandise Insured at current rates, in lib- 
eral dividend paying Mutual Fire Co's., by HUNT «fc ELLIOTT. 


Walker Charles H. ( William Walker^ Co.), woolen manufacturer, 
80 Lawrence, house 11 Charles 

Walker Charles H. fruits, &c. 206 Merrimack, house 208 do. 

Walker Daniel A. fancy goods, 334 Merrimack, house 323 do. 

Walker Daniel G. ( William Walker Sf Co.), 80 Lawrence, house 
297 Central 

Walker Elizabeth Mrs. boarding-house, G Lowell coiporation 

Walker George P. soap manufacturer, 382 Middlesex, h. do. 

Walker George W. (Cutter S)- Walker), shoulder braces, 48 Cen- 
tral, house 83 Summer 

Walker John, teamster, house 2 Water 

Walker (Jo/m W.) & Hathaway {Geo. 11.), moreen manufac- 
turers, Whipple's Mills, bds. 9 Prospect 

Walker Mary, widow, house Western avenue 

Walker Ruel J. overseer, Boott corp. house 62 do. 

Walker Silas L. C. teamster, house Western avenue 

Walker Solomon, dyer, house 12 Willie 

Walker WiUiam & Co. (D. G. <& C. H. Walker), woolen manu- 
facturers, 80 Lawrence, house 44 Tyler 

Walker , Faulkner's Mill, house 21 Floyd 

Wallace Daniel R. weaver, Boott corp. house 48 do. 
Wallace James, weaver, house 3 Pearl, Centralville 

Wallace Lucinda, widow, house 130 Cross 

Wallace Stephen, mason, house 50 Church 

Wallingford Lyman J. tinsmith, house 49 High 

Walsh Eben, mechanic, house 24 Hamilion corporation 

Walsh Henry, clerk, 48 Central, house 30 Willow 

Walsh Horace W. secondhand, boards 24 Hamilton corporation 

Walsh John, worsted-yarn manufactory, Whipple's Mills, house foot 

of Crosby 
Walsh John, boltmaker, house 177 Lawrence 
'I . Walsh John Mrs. grocer, 118 Lowell, house do. 

Walsh Michael, laborer, 125 Market, house 28 Adams 

Walsh Michael, carder, house rear 47 Market 

Walsh Orin S. weaver, boards 24 Hamilton corporation 

Walsh P. Henry, stonecutter, house 55 Hamilton block, Gorham 

Walsh Thomas, laborer, house 14 Adams 

Walsh, see Welsh and Welch 

Walton Abner T., B. & L. R. R. house 6 Parson's court 

Walton Andrew C. weaver, house 48 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton Betsey, widow, house 4 Bay State avenue 

Walton Charles, machinist, boards 48 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton James, Lowell corporation, boards Merrimack, cor. John 

Walton Lorenzo W. weaver, house 61 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton Sarah, widow, house 61 Massachusetts corporation 

Walton Seth J. wcolsorter, house 58 River, Centralville 

Walton William, road master, B. & L. R. R. house 61 Howard 

Wamesit Power Company, Lawrence, near Whipple 

D-welliiig^ Houses, and Personal Property therein, insured for one 
or Ave years, by HUNT &, EliLIOTT, 38 Central St. (See p. 374.) 


Ward Catharine, widow, house 157 Lowell 

Ward Charles, weaver, Lowell corporation, boards 3 Welles block 

Ward Francis, mason, house 6 Appleton 

Ward James, moulder, boards 18 Charles 

Ward James 0. machinist, boards 96 Middlesex 

Ward Josiah P. grocer, 75 East Merrimack, house 21 Walnut 

Ward Julia Mrs. house 18 Charles 

Ward Luke, painter, boards 78 Market 

Ward Patrick, tailor, house rear 16 Appleton 

Ward Sullivan L. and W. G. and A. W. Burnham, dentists, 

Savings Bank building, house 143 Fletcher 
Ward Terrance, laborer, house rear 95 Gorham 
Ward Thomas, weaver, house 179 Lawrence 

Ward Thomas E foreman, R. Kitson's, h. 86 Fletcher, c. Franklin 
Ward Walter, house 23 Hanover 
Ward William G. (S. L. and W. G Ward and A. W. Burnham), 

Savings Bank building, house 1 James 
Ward William H. weaver, house 8 Cabot block 
Ward William S. gardener, house 2 West's court 
Wardleworth Samuel S. physician, 13 Andover, boards do. 
Wardwell James V. car-inspector, B. L. & N. R. R. h. 12 E, Pine 
Ware Lyman P. Mrs. house 47 Cushing 

Warren Charles H. clerk, 7 John, boards 7 Cady [cor. Howard 
Warren Emily M. teacher. No. 28 Primary School, h. Chelmsford, 
Warren Ezra P. butcher, house 19 Branch 
Warren Levi F. engraver, boards 7 Cady 
Warren Jeremiah, twister, boards 107 Merrimack corporation 
Warren John, tailor, house 43 A<lams 
Warren Patrick Mrs. boards 85 Charles 

Warren Rachel Mrs. house 7 Cady [h. Bow, n. Pearl 

Washburn (Charles D.) & Pearl (F. F.), grocers, 31 Market, 
Washburn Charles T. porter, American House, boards do. 
Washburn Horace, laborer, boards 134 Merrimack corporation 
Washburn Horace A. clerk, Merrimack-street depot tel. office, 

boards 29 Franklin square, Adams [h. 68 Appleton 

Washburn John M. suspenders and photographs, 100 Merrimack, 
Washburn Zalmuna, machinist, house 5 Prescott corporation 

Washburn , machinist, boards 29 Adam 

Washington John, operative, boards 3 Tremont corporation 
Washington Michael, laborer, house 14 Winter 
Wasley Frank, painter, boards 13 Lawrence corporation 
Waterhouse Benjamin, boarding-house, 23 Hamilton corporation 
Waterhouse Benjamin W. musician, house Forrest, cor. Stevens 
Waterhouse Kingman, carriagemaker. Arch, near Northern depot, 

boards Forrest, corner Stevens 
Waterman Levi M. overseer, Hamilton corporation, house 10 do. 
Waters John, carder, boards 172 Suffolk 
Waters William C. merchant (Boston), boards 12 Hurd 

Merchants' A Farmers' Alutual Fire Ins. Co., "Worcester, HUNT & 
KliLIOTT, Agents for Ijowell and vicinity, ^8 Central St. 


Watkins Helena C. widow, house Worthen, comer Mechanic ^ 
Watson Charles, mulespinner, bouse 18 Green 
Watson Charles E. F. bobbiumaker, Mechanics Mills, bds. Chelms- 
ford, corner West ford 
Watson Edward F. bobbin manufacturer. Mechanics 3Iills, house 

Chelmsford, corner Westfurd 
Watson George A. machinist, boards Porter, near Westford 
Watson George E. raachiiiisi, boards 1 iS Merrimack corporation 
Watson Hiram, overseer, bleaching-room, Hamdton, liousse 7 High 
Watson James, overfcer, Merrimack corporation, house 31>2 do, 
Watson Jobn, second hand. Carpet corporation, house 15 do. 
Watson Lycurgus K. bleaching-room, Hamilton, house 54 South 
Watson Lysander B. stonecutter, boards 27 Adams, cor. Lagrange 
Watson Patrick, laborer, house 46 West Union 
Watson Peter, cabinetmaker, 239 Middlesex, house 5 Spring 
Watson Samuel W. carpenter, house 157 Merrunack corporation 
Watson Shep:u\i, market-gaidener, house Porter, corner Westford 
Watson Thomas, operative, house 12 Union 
Watson William, hou^^e 41 Lawrence corporation 
Watson William jr. machinist, boards 41 Lawrence corporation 
Watts Tliomas H. carder, xMerrimack corporation, house 49 do. 
Waugli Archibald, slater, boaida f)l Worthen 
Waugh Fiank, boards 51 ^Vorthea 
Waugb John, house 51 WortUen 

Waugh William, slater. Mechanic, near Button, boards 51 Worthen 
Way Charles, clerk, 4 Merrimack, house 2:3 Tyler 
Way Mar_y E. teacher. Moody School, boards 22 Tyler 
Way Win. H. music-teacher, boaids 22 Tyler 
Webb Genrge, spinner, house 7 i-awrence 
Wel)b Jotin E. woodworker, house 171 Merrimack corporation 
Webb Lucius, Hamilton, bds. 3li Mass. corp. 
Webb Molvin O. machinist, boards 286 Central 
Webber J3enjamin N. {Buttrick ^ Co.), 20 Market, h. Highland, 

near (jorham 
Webbe:- Henry P. teller, Merchants' National Bank, b. 245 Central 
Wetiber Job P. house 245 Central 

Webber Maiy a.. Mrs. house 65 Hamilton block, Middlesex 
Webber Samuel, blacksiuiih, huuse b^ Htimilion corporation 
Webber Scott, stonecutter, house 10 Souih Highland 
Webber T. C. clothing and furnishing goods, 92 Central, boards 

American House 
Webster Abigail, widow, house 64 Church 
Webater Anne, widow, housc Livingston's block, Appleton 
Webster Calvin, farmer, house LiiiCulu, near tanneiy, A. C. 
Webster Cnarles F. weaver, boards 5 Hamilton Corporation 
Webster Daniel, machinist, house 61 Church 
Webster Ebenezer D. car[.enier, uouse 53 Hanover 
Webster Franklin Mrs. house Myrtle, cor. Sixth, Centralville 

Merchant'.' <&. Farmrrs' Itiu iial Fire Iiis. Co., lucorp. 1846, has al- 
ways ptiitl liOeral «livi«ie.t ■» oi» cXfjiriiig pol>cie.s. (Ste page 37i.) 


Webster George, carpenter, house 73 Bridge, Centralville 

Webster James E. watchman, house 41 Fayette 

Webster Joanna Miss, house 4 Fifth, Centralville 

Webster John G. painter, house 105 Moody 

Webster Joseph H. carpenter, house rear 52 Stackpole 

Webster Leander M. baker, boards 287 Central 

Webster Lyman 0. carriageraaker, 292 Middlesex, house 81 School 

Webster Mary A. teacher. High School, Anne, house Myrtle, cor. 

Sixth, Centralville 
Webster Peter T. card clother, house 12 Race 
Webster Rebecca, widow, boards 62 Boott corporation 
Webster Solon, machinist, boards 72 L. M. S. corporation 
Webster Wm. A. millwright, house Middlesex, n. School 
Webster Wm. P. {Butler Sf Webster), conn&eWor, 4 Museum bldg. 
Wedgewood Andrew J. weaver, Merrimack corporation, h. 44 do. 
Wedgewood Charles, spinner, boards 31 Hamilton corporation 
Weed Benjamin M. jr. at A. J. Simpson & Co.'s, 41 Central, 

house 96 East Merrimack 
Weed Geo. A. clerk, 41 Central, house 6 Merrill's court 
Weed Norman, house 29 Tremont 
Weeden H. H. clerk, boards 39 Church 
Weeks Augustus W. clerk, 32 Middle, house 191 Gorhara 

Weeks Cordelia I. boarding-house, 34 Massachusetts coi-poration 

Weeks Samuel, cigar manufacturer, 25 Merrimack, h. 37 Walnut 

Weeks William H. weaver, boards 5 Hamilton corporation 

Wehr Frederick, operative, boards 6 Appleton corporation 

Wehr Melissa, widow, house 6 Appleton corporation 

Welch Bartholomew, Middlesex corporation, house 30 William 

Welch Bartholomew, spinner, house 33 High 

Welch Charles A overseer. Merrimack corporation, house 69 do. 

Welch Dan Mrs. house River, near city line, Centralville 

Welch Edward, house 179 Lawrence 

Welch Edward, hairdresser, 130 Central, house 53 Lowell 

Welch Edward, spinnei:, house 82 Church 

Welch Edward, laborer, house 30 Cedar [Race 

Welch Ezra B. {Brew, 7 aft, S>- Welch), 126 Merrimack, h. 14 

Welch Frank C. tinsmith, boards 123 Merrimack corporation 

Welch George, house Lawrence-st. court 

Welch Horatio N. teamster, house 15 Elm 

Welch James, job-wagon, house 15 Paige 

Welch James, spinner, house 22 North 

Welch John, shoemaker, 122 Suffolk, house 151 Lowell 

Welch John, at American Bolt Company, house 177 Lawrence 

Welch John, laborer, house 55 Common 

Welch John, mason, house 12 Green 

Welch John, at bleacha-y, boards 113 Gorham 

Welch John, butcher, boards 153 Lowell 

Welch John, laborer, house rear 196 Gorham 

Middlesex niutaal Fire Ins. Co., Concord, Ulass., Incor. 18^6, pays 
50 per ct. dividends on five year policies, and 40 per ct. on one year. 


Welch John W. provisions, Lowell, cor. Hanover, bds. ISSLowel/ 

Welch Joseph Mrs. house rear 4 Pleasant 

Welch L. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 128 Merrimack, house do. 

Welcb Margaret, widow, liouse 38 Adams 

Welch Maria, widow, house 6 Pollard's avenue 

Welch Mary, widow, house 70 Wheelock's block 

Welch Mary, widow, house 179 Lawrence 

Welch Michael, painter, house 43 Salem 

Welch 3Iiehael, dyer, house rear 20 Howe 

Welch Michael, laborer, Itoaids 38 Adams 

Welcli Michael, bleachery, house 12 Mill 

Welch Michael E. hairdresser, 130 Central, boards 53 Lowell 

Welch Patiick, operative, house 22 North 

Welch Patrick, spinner, house 28 Davidson 

Welch Patrick, operative, liouse, 5 Dempsey's yard 

Welch Patrick, tinsmith, boards 38 Adams 

Welch Patrick, laborer, house rear 25 Middle 

Welch Redmond, laborer, house 13 North 

Welch Kedmond, carpet-weaver, house 179 Lawrence 

Welch Susan Miss, dressmaker, 1 Union, house do. 

Welch Willard C. overseer, Merrimack corporation, house 24 do. 

Welch William, clerk, 21 Merrimack, boards do. 

Welch William, laborer, house 43 Adams 

Welch William {Gal), house 4 Winter 

Welch, see Walsh and Walch 

Weld Chester F. machinist. 84 Middle, house Market 

Weld Harvey, gasfitter, 8 Central, boards 9 do. [Water 

Weldun Henry P. bobbinmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, boards 32 

Wellman George H. agent W'ellman's patent card-stripper, house 

4 Sixth, Centralville 
Wells Albert, weaver, boards 5 Suffolk corporation 
Wells Charles D. watchman, liouse 14 Brown 

Wells Charles W. clerk. Merrimack, corner John, bds. 12 Walnut 
Welis David, physician, Welles block, boards Merrimack House 
Wells Louisa M. house River road, Dracut 
Wells Nancy L. boards River road, Dracut 
Welsby M;iry, widow, house rear :'9 Middle 
Wenden Gustavus, Chase Mills, boards 191 Central 
Wentworth Charles W. iiiachini.^t, house 66 L. M. S. corporation 
Wentworth John, teamster, house 116 Cioss 
W^entworth John R. machinist, house 10 Lawrence 
Wentworth Joseph 13. machinist, boards 144 School 
Wentworth P. F. dressmaker, 250 Merrimack, house do. 
Wentworth ( 7a/?jo«rt) (!v: Jewett {Andrew F), counsellors., 170 

Merrimack, house 24 Lawrence 
W^entwortli Walter B. bookkeeper, 96 Central, bds. 10 Lawrence 
Wentworth William Frank, section hand, boards 45 Summer 
West Caroline ^L ^Miss, boards 260 Central 

HUNT «fc ELLIOTT, Agents tor Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. fe. 
Kooins, Prescott National Bank Uld'g, 38 Central St. .(See p. :i7i.) 


West Daniel Mrs. boards 260 Central 

Westall William, clerk, 4 Appleton block, bds. J. C. Smith's, Dracut 

Weston Camilla E. Miss, boarding-house, 7 Merrimack corporation 

Weston Charles H. steam-press plate manuf Arch, h. 6 Branch 

Weston Henry R. clerk, Bridge, cor. Third, boards 35 Boott corp. 

Weston Jesse K. card-clothing, house 198 Central 

Weston lluel L. painter, house 35 Boott corporation 

Weston Samuel, second hand, Lawrence, house 8 Coburn, n. Bow 

Westover C banning, loom-harness maker, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 

Wetherbee Byron, Lowell M. S. boards 44 Boott corporation 

Wetherbee Frank, proprietor City Hotel, 51 East Merrimack 

Wetherbee Polly, widow, boards 226 Central 

Wetherbee Sarali M. widow, house at Old Ladies' Home, 58 Moody 

Wetherbee Sophia P. teacher, Bartlett School, boards 19 Kirk 

Wetherbee Susan and Nancy, house 19 Kirk 

Wetzler Sohmion, Whipple's Mill, house Whipple's block 

Weymouth Deborah, widow, house 64 Lawrence 

Weymouth Frank H. machinist, boards 2"25 Middlesex 

Weymouth Harri.snn G. 0. boards 225 Middlesex 

Weymouth Sara^i C. widow. hc)use 225 Middltsex 

Weymouth Sarah C. teacher, P'ranklin School, bds 225 Middlesex 

Weymouth Warren, wood-worker, house Liberty, near Hastings 

Whalen Patrick, operative, house rear 6 South 

Wheat Frank H. S(jiimer, buards 27 Tremont corporation 

Wheat Maria S. widow, boards 28 I'reiiiont corporation 

Wheat Solomon, house 27 Tremont corpniation 

Wheeler Albert, giocer, 12 Tdden, house 382 Merrimack 

Wheeler Albert H. boards 382 xMerrimaek 

Wheeler Albert N., Lowell corpf>ration, boards 1 City Hall ave. 

Wheeler Anson, overseer, Lowell corporation, house 12 do. 

Wheoler Daniel, overseer, Lawrence corporarion, house 20 do. 

Wheeler Daniel C. shuttlemaker, house 33 High 

Wheeler Edward S. machinist, boards 161 Moody 

Wheeler Edwin, shuttlemaker, boards 4 Massachusetts corp. 

Wheeler Ellsworth E. shuttlemaker, house 12 Keed, Cent. 

Wheeler Frank W. insurance agent. Merchants Bank building, 

house 3 Fifth, Centralville 
Wheeler Harriet Mrs. mu^ic-teacher, boards 63 East Merrimack 
Wheeler Henry H. machinist, house 11 First, *'entialville 
Wheeler Henry W. boarcHng-house, 13 Central 
Wheeler Hiram E. clerk, 12 Tilden, boards 171 Moody 
Wlieeler John, whitewasher, house Canibridge, 3d from Hale 
Wheeler Joseph A. clothing, 174 Merrimack, house 99 Salem 
Wdeeler Josiah H. teamster, house 131 Middlesex 
Wheeler Lucy, widow, house 171 Moody 
Wheeler Sanford S. overseer, Appletun, house 73 Appleton 
Wticeler Si, teamster, house 131 Middlesex 
Wheeler S, Frank, blacksmith, Tremont corporation, house 25 do. 

HUNT «& EL.L.IOTT, 38 CbmUmI St.. Lowell, are A$.'eiit!i for the Citi- 
zens Mutual (Fire) Ins. Co., of Bri^Iitou. (Se« pufre .374.) 


Wheeler Willard A. carpenter, house 18 Bartlett 
Wheeler William, blacksmith, boards 80 Merrimack corp. 

Wheeler , house 6 Goward place 

Wheelock Andrew C. real-estate agent, 224 Central, h. 218 do. 

Wlielan Edward, laborer, house rear 6 South 

Wheian Martin, operative, house 5 Faulkner's block 

Whelpley Richard B. laborer, house rear 56 bloody 

Wheltou Daniel iMrs. house Suifolk, corner Broadway 

Whelton Daniel P. machinist, boards Suffolk, corner Broadway 

Whelton Joanna, house Brewery court 

Whibby John J. carpenter, house 5 Simpson's block 

Whipple Eugene E conductor, freight, bds. 13 Hamilton corp. 

Whipple Frank H. salesman, 126 Merrimack, bds. 13 Hamilton 

Whipple Oliver M. house Moore, corner Whipple 
Whipple Savrina, boarding-liouse, 13 Hamilton corporation 
Whipple S. Foster, clerk, 77 Merrimack, boards Mt. Vernon, cor. 

Bennett, Centralville 
Wbitaker Channin»'. draughtsman, boards 76 L. M. S. corporation 
Whitaker George Bev. house 17 Kirk 
Wbitcomb Arthur J. clerk, bleachery, boards 9 Walnut 
Whitcomb James M. tinsmith, house 9 Walnut 
Whitcomb Myron, cabinetmaker, boards 17 South 
Whitcomb Nancy, widow, house 22 Common 

Whitcomb Buel, sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, bds. 19 Kirk 

White Albert, printer, 21 Central, boards 1 Mill 

White Brothers & Kilburn (S. B jr. and W. H. White, and J. 
M. Kilburn), glove manufactui'ers, 67 East Merrimack 

White Charles, carpent:!r, Boott corporation, house 8 do. 

White Charles A. wireworker, boards 33 Massachusetts corp. 

White Charles F. boards 3 L Fletcher 

White Ellen M. teacher. No. 45 Primary School, boards 24 Chapel 

White George E. operative, house rear 56 Moody 

White Hannah and P]liza F. Misses, house 114 Central 

White Henry G. clerk, 163 Central, boards 24 Chapel 

White James, fish-peddler, house 32 Common 

White Jeremiah, carder, Lawrence, boards 75 do. 

White John, moulder, house Willie, corner Cross 

White John, job-wagon, boards 32 Common 

White John P. peddler, house 64 Moody 

White Josiah, clothing, 3 Central, house 64 Lawrence 

White Josiah W. clerk, 3 Central, boards 64 Lawrence 

White Levi E. clerk, 126 Central, house 188 do. 

White Mary A. millinery and lace, 81 Meiriinack, house do. 

White Michael, machinist, boards Adams, corner Cross 

White Nelson, carpenter, house 2 Eagle block, Middlesex 

White Philip T. Mrs. house 24 Chapel 

White liollin, inventor of fire-arms, house Rolfe, near Broadway 

Citizens Mutual (Fire) Ins. Co., Bri^titoii, pays .'>0 per cent cliTi- 
Aeiids on one, three, and five year policies. Office 38 Central St. 


White Samuel B. jr. ( White Brothers Sf Kilhirri), glove manufac- 
turer, 67 East Merrimack, house at Winchester 
White Sumner A. hacknian, house 26 Cabot 
White William, laborer, house 8 Wall 
White WiiUam, fit?h, boards 32 Common 

White William H. {White Brothers Sf Kilhurn), glove manufac- 
turer, 67 East Merrimack, house 24 Bartlett 

White Mrs. house 27 Howard 

White Mrs. taihness, house Lawrence- street court 

Whitehead Daniel, spinner, house off Merrill, near Taylor 
Whitehead Edwin, woolcomber, boards 5 Hamilton coiporation 
AVhitehead James, laborer, house 7 Merrill 
Whitehead William, machinist, boards 35 Gushing 
Whitthoin William H. painter, Boott corporation, house 24 do. 
\Vliiteley John, painter, boards 7 Fourth, Centralville 
Whheley Joseph, shoemaker, 13 Middle, h. 7 Fourth, Centralville 
Whiteley Joseph, machinist, house 3 Lyons 
Whiteside Edward, house 80 Middlesex 
Whiteside Edwaid J. finisher, boards 80 Middlesex 
Whiteside Johnson, overseer, Middlesex, house Stevens, n. Forrest 
Whithtd Darius, giocer, house 34 Howard [sex 

Whiti ed {Bariiisjr.) & Shorey {Chas. E.), grocers, 60 Middle- 
Whiting {Phineas) & Co. belt manufacturers, Middle, corner Shat- 

tuck, house Mt. Vernon, near Pawtucket 
AVidting Phineas jr. beltmaker, Middle, corner Shattuck, boards 

Mt. Vernon, near Pawtucket 
Whiting Sarah, widow, house 13 Tremont corporation 
Whitman (.'hristopher, hatter, house Walker, near Broadway 
Whitmarsh William H. beltmaker, house 84 Cross 
Whitmore William, stencilcutter, 28 Merrimack, h. 424 Merrimack 
Whitney Abby B. widow, house 22 Third, Centralville 
Whitney Abel, bookseller, 87 Merrimack, house 129 Gorham 
Whitney Albert {H. 4- A. Whitney), house 139 Fletcher 
Whitney Ambrose, shoemaker, 45 Menimack 
Whitney Amos, house Pawtucket, junction Middlesex 
Whitney Charles, teamster, house 39 Salem 
Whitney Charles, president Waraesit National Bank, Middlesex, 

htiuse 136 Fletcher 
Whitney Charles, loom and harness maker, bds. 7 Prescott corp. 
Whitney Charles, fireman, Boott corporation, boards 52 do. 
Whitney Charhs E. clerk, 23 Central, boards 3 Alder 
Whitney Charles F. machinist, boards 33 South 
Whitney Dexter, carpenter, house 11 Austin 
Whitney H. Mrs. house 3 Alder 
Whitney Harriet P. widow, house 31 Nesmith 
Whitney Henry, clerk, house 18 Marshall 

Whitney H. & A. lumber dealers. Western avenue, h. 139 Fletcher 
Whitney Isaac, boards 106 Howard 

Central 3Iutua] Fire Ins. Co, Worcester, Mass., HUNT «fc ELLIOTT, 
Agents, Office 'ZS Central St., Iiowell. (8ee pngc 374.) 


Whitney James S. patternmaker, 20 Middle, house 59 Chapel 
Whitney {John) & Mosher {D. W.), fish, 7 East Merrimack, 

boards 10 Prescott corporation 
Whitney John Mrs. house 33 South 

Whitney John A. clerk, 87 Merrimack, boards 129 Gorham 
Whitney John S. machinist, boards 44 Boott corporation 
Whitney Nathaniel F. hostler, house rear 18 Grand 
Whitney Rufus B. butcher, house Mammoth road, Dracut 
Whitney Wallace 8. pointer, boards 12 Chestnut 
AVhitney William M. carder, house 1 Hamilton corporation 
Whitney William W. spinner, house 54 Stackpole 
Whittaker Abbie W. Mrs. dressmaker, house 2 Railroad 
Whittaker David, boards 120 Merrimack 
Whittaker John C. laborer, house 164 Gorham 
Whittemore Isaac W. grocer, 45 East Merrimack, house 121 do. 
Whittemore Samuel D. blacksmith, house 34 L. M. S. corporation 
Whiiten Charles P. golden salve manufacturer, house 68 Fayette 
Whitten John M. carpenter, house 70 Bartlett [Elm 

Whitten William T. tin, gla^sware, &c. 28 and 30 Andover, h. 44 
Whittet Alexander H. gardener, h. off Thorndike, n. stone-yard 
Whittier Daniel V. bobbnimaker, house East Pine, corner Carlton 
Whittier Edward A. Rev. boards Branch, corner School 
Whittier Henry F. twinemaker, Boott corporation, bds. 79 do. 
Whittier Joseph W. cardmaker, boards Wilder, n. Broadway 
Whittier Louis, boxmaker, house 76 Westford 
Whittier Moses, twine manufacturer, Boott corporation, h. 79 do. 
Whittier Sarah, widow, boards 51 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Whittle Harrison G. 0. tallyman, freight depot, house 15 Smith 
Whittle Harry G. brakeman, B. & L. R. R. bds. 15 Smith 
Whitton Charles, cigarmakor, 19 Merrimack, boards 58 Fayette 
Whitton Jane, widow, house 58 Fayette 
Whitton William, cigarmaker, house Lynch's block 
Whitty John, grocer, 84 jMarket, house do. 
Whit worth William, American Bolt Company, bds. 248 Gorham 
Whooley Patrick, laborer, at Gas Works 
Wier Benjamin, loom-harness maker, house 11 Austin 
Wier Michael, laborer, house 4 Swift 
Wier Newton J. & Co. (i^. ^./ezre«), stoves, tinware, &c. 198 

Merrimack, h. 16 Fifth, cor. Read, Centralville 
Wiggin Andrew J. machinist, house 139 Moody 
Wiggin Caleb M. bootmaker, house 139 Gorham 
Wiggin Dudley, house 32 Andover 
Wiggin D. clothing and tailoring, 33 Merrimack 
Wiggin Edward, operative, boards 43 Lawrence corp. 
Wiggin George W. clerk, 5 Central, boards 24 Linden 
Wiggin Lewis, painter, boards 139 Gorham 
Wiggin Ozro A. cutter, 33 Merrimack 
Wiggin Warren A. carpenter, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 80 Howard 

How to provide for the comfort and support of our families after 
our decease is tbe earnest thought of every man. (See page 875,) 


Wiggin William, watchman, boards 51 Lawrence Corp. 

Wiggin William H. carpenter, 58 Rock, h. Willie, c. Franklin 

Wiggins Riley, watchman, Hamilton 

Wight Abbie, boards 15 Third, Centralville 

Wight Antoinette, boards 15 Third, Centralville 

Wight George H. machinist, 84 Middle, h. 16 Second, Cent. 

Wight James Mrs. house 15 Third, Centralville 

Wight Mary E. Miss, boards 25 Nesmith 

Wigley John, overseer, mulespinner, house Cabot, opp. Lyman 

Wilbur William P. house 154 Gorham 

Wilby Benjamih, shoemaker, 272 Gorham, house do. 

Wilby Thomas {Parr ^ Wilby), 130 Middlesex, house Lawson, 

near School 
Wilcox Albert, clerk, 37 Central, boards do. 
Wilcox Alexander B. house 4 Stackpole 
Wilcox Silas C. confectioner, 13 Middle, h. 6 Merrill's court 
Wilcox S. Jerome, jeweller, 29 Merrimack, bds. 27 Mass. Corp. 
Wilde James, overseer, Mass. corp. house 1 Prescott corp. 
Wilde John, spinner, house Lawrence-st. court 
Wilder Ambrose S. stamper, house 9 Bleachery 
Wilder Charles H. farmer, house Middlesex, near City line 
Wilder Charles W. boards Middlesex, near City line 
Wilder {Elias F.) & Pufter {S.B.), provisions, 12 Market, h. 

70 Appleton 
Wilder Fi-ank E. machinist, boards 70 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 
Wilder Henry H. & Co. brass-founders, coppersmiths, plumbers, tin 

and sheet-iron workers, 8 Jackson, house 36 Tyler 
Wiley E. J. painter, 9 River, Centralville, house 28 do. 
Wiley Life W. moulder, house 18 L. M. S. corporation 
Wiley Robert F. variety store, 84 Appleton, h. 1 Goward place 
Wiley Samuel F. carpenter, 15 Ash, h. 2 Merriam's court. High 
Wilkins Addison A. hostler, horse railroad, 53 East Merrimack, 

bds. 12 Fayette 
Wilkins Albert C. clerk, 96 Market, house 102 High 
Wilkins Charles, machinist, house 48 L. M. S. corporation 
Wilkins Frank, painter, boards 175 Merrimack corp. 
Wilkins George, carpenter, boards 52 Church 
Wilkins Harrison, foreman, D. Lane's, h. 3 Evans block. Railroad 
Wilkins Henry, jeweller, 73 Central, house 35 Fourth, Cent. 
Wilkins Henry K. house 274 Gorham 
Wilkins James E. clerk, 164 Merrimack, bds. 44 Bartlett 
Wilkins Martha E. teacher, Carter-st. Primary School, boards 274 

Wilkins Oren T. tinsmith, house 84 Howard 
Wilkins Rufus Mrs. house 274 Gorham 
Wilkins Sarah E. house 314 Merrimack 
Wilkins Sylvanus, watchman, boards 69 Market 
Wilkins Varnum, shoemaker, bds. 51 Mass. corp. 

state Mutual Liife Assurance Co., AVorcester, Mass. A safe and eco- 
uoinical Company to iusuieiu. HUJVT <&. GliLIOXT, Agts. (Seep.375. ) 


Wilkinson x\rohibald, at Gras House, h. Broadway, near School 
Wilkinson Richard, spinner, boards 100 Market 
Willand George K. gtisfitter, house Sta-ikpole, eor. Alder 
Willard Alvah F. machinist, house 65 L M S. corp. 
Willard Gardner L. machinist, 8 Central, h. River road, Dracut 
Willard George F. apothecary, Merrimack, cor. Worthen 
Willard Henry, gardener, house end North Franklin court 
Willett Albert, harnessmaker, 285 Merrimack, house Broadway, 

near Walker 
Willey George F. music-teacher, house 32 Appleton 
Willey James H. carder, house 29 ]Mass. corporation 
Willey Samuel, machinist, house 13 Brown 
Williams Andrew, carpenter, boards 278 Middlesex 
Williams Ann M. Mrs house 80 High 
WiUiams Benjamin J. counsellor, 56 Central, bds. Nesmith, corner 

Andover [6 Stackpole 

Williams Charles M. cashier of the Old Lowell National Bank, h. 
Williams Edward, carpenter, rear 61 West Union 
Williams Fred., B. & L. R. R. bds. 16 Wentwoith's building 
Williams George H. tinsmith, boards 80 High 
Williams George H. painter, boards Nesmith, cor. Andover 
Williams Gilbert T. jeweller, 29 Merrimack, house 15 Chapel 
Williams Hannah, widow, hou^e Westford, near Gates 
Williams Henry L. real-estate broker, 56 Central, house Nesmith, 

cor. Andover 
Williams Isaiah, watchman, Boott corp. boards 1 do. 
Williams Jefferson Mrs. house Chelmsford, near Grand 
Williams Joseph, Am. Bolt Co. boards Crosby, near Kidder 
Williams Joseph, striker, house 15 Lincoln, A. C. 
Williams Kendall, engineer, boards Middlesex, cor. Howard 
Williams Louisa, widow, boards 1 Boott corp. 
Williams Martha S. teacher, No. 9 Primary School, b. 218 Ceatral 
Williams Patrick, laborer, house 31 River, Centralville 
Williams Robert, boards 8 Prescott corp. 
Williams Samuel M. clerk, 29 Merrimack, li. 248 Central 
Williamson Henry, painter, boards 8 Sutfilk corp. 
Williamson John, Print Works, boards 3') Hamilton corp. 
Williard George, Merrimack, house 20 G,-.'jn 
Willis Albert H. carpenter, house 299 Co.i .al 
Willis John MiS. house 12 Water 

Willis Joshua T. machine-printer, h. 84 Mj.iimack corp. 
Willis Mary Ann, widow, house rear 4 Ploat^ant 
Willis Simon W. carpenter, house 102 Mill esex 
Willis Wdliam T. hosiery, house 50 Howar 1 
Willoughby Benjamin Lewis, 61 Merrimack, b. 65 Boott corp. 
Willoughby Elizabeth Mrs. house Lawson 
Willoughby John, miller, house rear First Baptist Church 
Willoughby Mary, boarding-house, 13 Tremont corp. 

Insure yotir life in the State Mut. Liife 'V. Co. All policies are uon- 
forfvitable by State law. HUNT &, EliLIOTT, Agts. (See page 375. ' 


Willoughby IMary E. variety store, 11 Tilden 

Willoughby Thomas, beltmaker, house Lawson 

Willoiighby William, machinist, boards Lawson 

Wills Daniel M. house 32 Cabot 

Wills John E. carpenter, house 336 Merrimack 

Wills John H. weaver, house 71 Lawrence corp. 

W Iman David, woolsorter, house 10 Chapel 

Wilman David jr. woolsorter, house 2 Lawrence st court 

Wilman Thomas, woolsorter, house 7 Pleasant 

Wilmore James, mariner, house 75 Lowell 

Wilmot James, watchman, hnuse 31 Prescott corp. 

Wilmot Willard W. pj'.inter, house 43 Bartlett 

Wilright Eugene, watchman, bds. 140 Merrimack corp. 

Wilson Agnes E. millinery, 27 Market, bds. 20 Lowell corp. 

Wdson Arthur P. law-studeiit, 43| Central, bds. 63 E. Merrimack 

Wilson Caroline P. nurse, house Somerset, near Queen 

Wdhon Chittendon. at hosiery mill, bds. 67 Lawrence corp. 

Wilson David, carpenter, house Bow, Centralville 

Wilson David, harness tier, house 58 Lowell Machine Shop corp. 

Wilson Edwin T. machinist, hou^e 86 South 

Wilson Franklin S. & F. T. carpenters, 244 Middlesex, house 45 

Wilson Francis T {F. S. &f F. T. Wilson), carpenter, 244 Mid- 
dlesex, house 50 Howard [ct. 

Wilson Frank T. bookkeeper, Rock, cor. Cushing, h. 5 S. Franklin 

Wilson Foster, carder, JMerrimack Corp., house 22 do. 

Wilson George W. {Flynn ^ Wilson), Fletcher, cor. Rock, house 
29 Union 

Wilson Gerry, farmer, house Beacon, near Richardson, Centralville 

Wilson Greenleaf, patent belthooks, house 222 Central 

Wilson Helen B. widow, house 204 Central 

Wilson James, designer, WiLon lane, house do. 

Wilson James, moulder, house R ver, Centralville 

Wilson Jane Mrs. house 18 Linden 

Wilson John, variety store, 212 Merrimack, house 210 do. 

Wilson John, loomfixer, Lowell corp. house 20 do. 

Wilson John A. draughtsman, L. M. S. house Varney, corner Mt. 

Wilson John S., Middlesex, house 13 Chapel 

Wilson Joseph, butcher, house Mammoth road, Dracut 

Wilson Joseph M. butcher, bds. Mammoth road, Dracut 

Wilson Joseph R. nmsician, bds. rear 49 Charles 

Wilson .Justus B. machinist, house 3 Lawrence corp. 

Wilson Kiiiiball .J. operative, bds. 138 Merrimack corp. 

Wilson Manila A. Miss, house 278 Middlesex 

Wilson Thomas, wood-dealer, house 62 Hale, near Cambridge 

Wilson Thomas, moulder, house 24 Clay 

Wilson William, Navy Yard, ( Charlestown) house 97 Thorndike 

MKRAGANSETTINS. CO. '^lo^rr^^^.^'^l^^nr 


Wilson William, woolsorter, boards 6 Clark's court 

Wilson William, carder, bds. 52 Lawrence corp. 

Wilson Wi.liam, Massachusetts, bds. ol Union 

Wilson William H. bookkeeper, {Boston), bds. 97 Thorndike 

Winchester Elhanan, boarding-house, 8 Suffolk corp. 

Winchester Samuel, blacksmith. Kidder, near Gorham, house 03 

Wing Alpheus G. house 5 Fifth, Centralville 
Wing Alpheus J. baggage-masler, S. B. 11. R., house 2 City Hall 

Wing Benjamin F. clerk, freight depot, house 11 First, Centralville 
Wing Dennis, laborer, house 42 Appleton 
Wing Edward T. clerk, 3 John, bds. at Tewksbury 
Wing Jane T. variety store, 10 John, house 5 Fifth, Centralviiie 
Wing Jolm C. dresser, house 40 Charles 
Wing True, provisions, 3 John, house at Tewksbury 
Wing Wiliard 0. clerk. 3 John, bds. ac Tewksbury 
Winn Alonzo, clerk, 37 Central, bds. do. 
Winn Bernard, laborer, bds. 17 Davidson 
Winn Charles E. boxmaxer, house 28 Cliestnuo 
Winn Charles H. machinist, boards 21 Race 
Winn Daniel K. physician, 29 Kirk, house do. 
Winn Dennis, boltmaker, house 42 Appleton 
Winn Edward, bleachery, house 3 Livingston 
Winn Ellen, widow, house Lane, near Liberty 
Winn John, laborer, house 64 Cnarles 
Winn Julia, widow, house 17 Davidson 
Winn Parker, shoemaker, houvse 21 Race 
Winn Peter, laborer, house 24 William 
Winn Robert, boltmaker, house 8 Appleton 
Winn Wiliard 0. watchman, Mass. corp. house 24 do. 
Winnek William G. {Barbank ^ W.), tailor, 53 Ceuti'al house 1 


Winslow , machinist, bds. 29 Adams [ct. 

Winter Fitz H. door;naker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 9 No. FranAlin 
Winter John B. marble works, 61 Dutton, house 18 Grand 
Winter Stephen, cabmetmaker, 264 Middlesex, boards 6 Mid ilesux 

Winton James A. clerk, 109 Central, bds. 110 do. 
Winton John Mrs. periodicals, and intelligence office, 59 Market, 

house do. 
Wirt Amos, dyer, house 61 Church 
Wirt William, painter, house 70 High 

Witham Levi. H. dresser, Hamilton, house rear First Bapt. Church 
Witham William C. shoemaker, house 65 Church 
Witherell George F. scone vvorker, and dealer, 165 Middlesex, h. 

117 Apple con 
Witherell William H. spinner, house 33 Tremont corporation 

LLljVrjLAND liSo. GO. J e1!l,IOTT, Agts. 'cseep. S?*.) 


Witbeiliead James, overseer, house 4G Massachusetts corporation, 

Witt Clark, carpenter, boards 40 Cabot 

Wolstt-nhohiie Francis E. moulder, house foot Hampshire, Cent. 

Woist.nlKiiiiie William, file-forger, house Seventh, n. Bridge, Cent. 

Wood Arthur E. bookkeeper, 46 Merrimack, boards 70 French 

Wood Charles, weaver, Boott corporation, house 70 do. 

Wood Charles, dresser, boards 3 Massachusetts corporation 

Wood Charles H. {Emerson ^ Co.), 143 Middlesex, house at 

Wood Charles R. boards 12 High-street square 
Wood Edward N. {S. N. WoodSf So7i), 43 Market, boards 102 

Wood Francis L. teamster, house 60 Broadway 
Wood George F. salesman, 90 Central, bds. 70 Boott corp. 
Wood Gleorge F. machinist, boards 54 Appleton 
Wood George H. watchmaker, 25 Central, boards 100 Appleton 
Wood Henry, wireworker, house Richardson, Centralville 
Wood Henry R. carpenter, house 14 Marshall 
Wood Hiram I), overseer, Boott corporation, house 50 do. 
Wood Horatio Rtv. house Liberty, opposite School 
Wood James, painter, boai'ds 8 Prescott corporation 
Wood John C. block-pi-inter, house 52 Miwsachusetts corporation 
Wood John G. machinist, house 54 Appleton 
Wood Lorenzo, supt. Gas Works, School, house 1 Perrin 
Wood Relief Mrs. boarding-housa, 49 Mass. corporation 
Wood Robert, veterinary surgeon, house High-street square, corner 

Wood Samuel, 43 Market, house 2 Chapel 
Wood Symuel N. & Son (Edward JV.), flour, grain, &c., 48 

Market, house 9 Centre 
Wood Sidney C, Massachusetts corporation, house 56 do. 
Wood Stephen, cook, 42 Central, house at Nashua 
Wood Thomas, at J. C. Ayer & Co.'s, house 1 Mason's court 
Wood William, overseer, Boott corporation, house 60 do. 
Wood William H. clerk, 30 Central, boards 2 Chapel 
Woodbury .\mos Mrs. house 25 Race 

Woodbury Horace D. machinist, house 40 Boott corporation 
Woo'lbury Hugh, weaver, Boott corporation, house 49 do. 
Woodbury Jedediah C. house Ford, near Pawtucket 
Woodbury John H. farmer, house River road, Dracut 
Wooilbuiy John W. Mvs. h. 59 Lowell Machine Shop corporation 
Woodies D. S. Mrs. house 20 Tliird, Centralville 
Woodies Elward S. clerk, L. M. S. boards 20 Third, Cent. 
Woodies Frederick, clerk, L M S. foundry, boards 20 Third ■ 
Woodman Addison, machini-t, boards 111 Howard 
Woodman John, blacksmith, boards 35 L. M. S. corporation 
Woodman Samuel, spinner, boards 71 Warren 
Woodman Thomas P. painter, Lawrence corp. house 16 do. 

N.AMERICAN FIRE INS.CO.,"^;;*^^'^ ^Llloir^- 


Woodman Watson, carpenter, house 108 Howard 

Woodman , B. & L. R. R. express-driver, boards 9 Central 

Woods Benjamin F. wood-tv;rner, house 6 Prospect 

Woods Charles H. painter, house 23 Common 

Woods Davis, operative, boards 1-48 Central 

Woods D. A. widow, house 23 Common 

Woods {Edward P.), Sherwood {Daniel), & Co. ( C. H. Latham), 

fine wire-goods, Bridge, opp. Seventh, Centralville, house 14 

Fourth do 
Woods Ellen, widow, house 20 Jefferson 
Woods Ephraim. weaver, boards 41 Tremont 
Woods Everett J. provisions, 320 Merrimack, boards 120 Moody 
Woods Henry S. clerk, 18 Central, house 24 do. 
Woods Leonard 3Irs. house 17 Tyler ^ 
Woods Mary Mrs. house 52 River, Centralville 
Woods Maurice, laborer, boards 20 Jefferson 
Woods Patrick, laborer, boards 20 Jeiferson 
Woods Thomas, house Pleasant, near Pond 

Woodward Alfred G clothing, 30 3Ierrimack, house 7 Third, Cent. 
Woodward Bixby, salesman, 288 Middlesex 
Woodward Carlos, painter, boards 140 Merrimack corporation 
Woodward C. S. dressmaker, 4 John, house do. 
Woodward David, clerk, 30 Merrimack, h. 39 Bridge [cor. John 
Woodward E. A Mrs. nurse, house Nesmith's block, Merrimack, 
Woodward George F. teacher, boards 26 Race 
Woodward George P. milkman, boards 13 Queen 
Woodward Hannah, widow, boarding-house, 114 Merrimack corp. 
Woodward Henry M. mason, h. River road, cor. Mammoth, Dracut 
Woodward Irving C. machinist, hou?;e rear 48 Charles 
Woodward John C. superintendent Water Works, house 26 Race 
Woodward Laurin A. grocer, 288 Middlesex, boards 15 Smith 
Woodward Lorenzo D Mass. corp. 45 Prescott corp. 
Woodward (Si/lvester) & Peabody (/. T.), carpenters, r. Fletcher, 

Liberty square, house 111 Howard 
Woodworth Artemas B. clerk, A. L. Brooks's, house 95 Fletcher 
Worcester Leonard & Son (L. A.), clothing manufacturers. Indus- 
trial Hall, house 62 Bartlett 
Worcester Leonard A. (Z. Worcester Sf So7i), Industrial Hall, 60 Bartlett 
Worden Elizabeth M. widow, house 3 Simpson's block 
Worrall Henry S. engineer, house 53 Fletcher 
Worsley Peter, spinner, boards 100 Market 
Worthen Bartholomew, house 39 Marion 
Worthen Ezekiel B. & Co. (aS'. IF. Locke), grocers, 216 Merrimack. 

house 41 Marion, corner Lagrange 
Worthen George E. clerk, 216 Merrimack, house 81 Cross 
Worthen George W. engineer, Lowell corporation, house 398 


fAMAT riDF TATQ nf\ Assets «340,000. HUIVT & ELCIOTT, 
VjUIN is > I liXih ii\ JJ. VJVij Agts., as Central St. (See page -374.) 


Worthlej Daniel E. machinist, house 164 Merrimack corporation 

Wor'hley George F. engineer, B. & L. R. R. house 23 Marshall 

W)^thl^;y Ljwis T. machinist, b. 164 Merrimack corporation 

Wright Amos D. hou-e 151 Mnody 

Wright Andrew C. jr. clei'k, 14 Market, boards 28 Willow 

Wright Andrew C. jr. moulder, boards 28 Willow 

Wright Atwell F. provisions, 195 Middlesex, li. 118 Appleton 

Wright C. & H. C. boots and shoes, 162 Merrimack, house 70 

Wright Edward W. machinist, house 60 Batterfield 
Wright Ehnira, dressmaker, house 14 Fayette 
Wiigiic Ezra W. carpenter. Locks and Canals h. 60 Butterfield 
Wright Frank 1^. clerk, 14 Market, boards 28 Willow 
Wright Franklin D. painteiT house 7 Wamesit court 
Wright George, boots and shoes, 94 Central, boards American 

Wright George E. machinist, Mechanics Mills, Fletcher, house Lou- 
don court 
Wrighr, George L. at bleaehery, house Moore 
Wright Hiipgood, boots and shoes, 51 Central, house 30 Lawrence 
Wright Helen M. Miss, teacher in drawing, No. 7 Savings Bank 

Wright H. C. {C.S^H. G. Wright), 162 Merrimack, h. at Lynn 
Wright James, bobbinmaker, boards 124 Middlesex 
Wrij^ht James J blacksmith, I'Jo Central, house 35 George 
Wrig'it John, teain-iter, boards 67 Bridge, Centralville 
Wright Jolui F. clerk, Button, cfir. Lowell, house 3 Oak 
Wright Joseph N. carpenter, Wume it Steam Mills, boards 1 Wil- 
low pi (ce 
Wright Judith W. boarding-house, 12 Hamilton corporation 
Wright Lucius F. moulder, boards 42 Lowell Machine Shopcorp. 
Wright Luoius M. driver, horse railroad, house 106 Middlesex 
Wright Luther, stonemason, house 4 Centre 
Wright Margaret Mrs. house 22 Carpet corporation 
Wright 31, ny P. physician, house 1 Willow place 
Wright Merrill S. boards Howard House 
Wright Mi i lard F. clerk, 51 Central, boards 28 Willow 
Wright M. J. and S. P. Misses, house 384 Merrimack 
Wrighn Nathan M. boots and shoes, 138 Central, house 239 do. 
Wrighr, Pelatiah J. doormaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, house 160 

Wright Richard, brassmouller, house Gray place 
Wright Sabra Mrs. house Pawtucket, near Fletcher 
Wright Sabra, teacher, Bartlett School, bds. Pawuucket, n. Fletcher 
Wright Sheffield H. machinist, 214 Merrimack, house 7 Tremont 
Wright Varnum B. sashmaker, Wamesit Steam Mills, h. 154 Suffolk 
Wright William Mrs. house 4 Clark's court 
Wright Wm. A. spinner, Merrimack corporation, house 47 do. 



Wright Wm. C. farmer, boards 15 Carly [Flefcher 

Wright Wm. S. clerk, Prescott Nnt. B:ink, b. Pawtucket, corner 
Wyles Wilham, carpenter, boards 27 Walnnr 
Wjman George W. raoukler, W Hie, corner Button, h. 11 Franklin 

square Adams 
Wyman James W. operative, hou-e 8 Mill [35 Fayette 

Wyman John IT. cahinetmaker, 1 and 2 Commercial square, house 
Wyman John H. wheelman, house 42 Ti-cmont [Fayette 

Wyman Stephen T. upholsterer, 1 and 2 Connnereial .•-q. boards 35 

YARIXaTON HARVi']^ J, second hand, bds. 13 Suffolk corp. 

Yates David, mulespinncr, house 9 Worthen 

Yates Miranda, boarding-house, 19 Suffolk corporation 

Yeoman Robert T. shot-maker, house 43 Tiemnnt 

Yore John, clerk, 17 East Merrimack, boards 37 Fayette 

York Chailes, boards 5 Boott corp. 

York Charles A. clerk, Merrimack, cor. Prescott. h. 49 Andover 

York Edward, butcher, boards Middlesex, near City line 

York Edward L. insurance, agent, 11 Barristers' Hall, house 66 

York Frank, operative, boards 13 Hamilton corporation 
York James M. carpenter. Lawrence corporation, house 16 do. 
York Joseph B. watchman, at J. C. Ayer's, h. 321 Merrimack 
York Mary A. widow, boaids 192 Gorham [Stackpole 

York Walter R. insurance agent, 5 Museum building, house 14 
Young Aaron B. overseer, MerrimacK corporation, house 42 do. 
Young Adaline W. widow, boards 123 East Merrimack 
Young Artemas S. machinist, house 3 Cabot block 
Youn!2: Charles F. bookkeeper {Bosto7i), boards Middlesex, corner 

Young Charles H. machuiist, house 123 East Merrimack 
Young David, operative, boards 3 Tremont corp. 
Young Enoch, weaver, Merrimack corporatir)n, house 127 do. 
Young Fayette, operative, hoards 3 Tremont corp. 
Young Francis, painter, hou.^e 29 Congress 
Young Geoige, operative, boards 31 Hamilton corp. 
Young George W. (Boston), house Middle.-icx, cor. Wilder 
Young James, machinist, house 11 Hanover 
Young John, spinner, bouse 10 Howe 
Young Mrs widow, house Common, near Cross 
Young Robert S. printer, boards 53 Church 
Young Samuel, Merrimack corporation, boards 71 do. 
Young Stephen L. carpenter, house Broadway, near G. Locks 
Young William Mrs. house Front, Centralville 
Young Wdliam M. (Smith Sf Toung), 2 Appleton block, h. do. 

ZIMMER CHRISTOPHER, gunsmith, 66 Central, h. Prospect 
near Kidder 

BEEKSHIRE EIFE Ir»lS. CO. El!LloTT**Ageiits.' (tieep.3;4.) 





Carried on from 1857 to 1865 by Adams, Sampson, & Co. ; since ISfiS, continued 
by the same firm, under the style of 


From this office the 

Has been issued annually for TWENTY-TWO YEARS. 





Each annually for some TEN or TWELVE Y'EARS. 

Cliarlesto'»vn Directory, Roxbury Directory, Fall River Directory, 

Taunton Directory, Salem Directory, Lynn Directory, La'wrence 

Directory, IVe^vbwryport Directory, LoAvell Directory, Man- 

cliester (N.H.) Directory, 

Each biennially for from TEN to FIFTEEN YEARS. 


In 1850, 1860, 1805, and 1868. 


In 1859, 1864, and 1867. 



The Maine Register and Business Directory, 


Besides the publication of Directories, a great deal of public business of a similar 
character has been done through this office ; some of it as follows : — 
Census ok Boston, 1850; Census of Boston, May l,s55; Census of Boston, 
June 1855; Census of Boston and Roxbury, 1805; Census of Voters 
IN Boston in 1857; Statistics of Industry in Boston, 1850; 
Statistics of Industry in Boston and Roxbury, 1805. 
The city has been canvassed twice annually for eighteen years for the Record of 
Births. An annual Census of persons liable to enrolment in the State Militia has 
been taken some eighteen or twenty times, and a Census of School Children thirteen 

S., D., & CO. offer for sale, nearly all Directories published in the United States, 
and some from foreign countries. 




Agricultural Tools. 


5 Central (see page 388) 
Fiekliiig& Bart lett, 136 Central 
Rogers Jacob & Co. 166 Merrimack 


CUMMISKEY P. 87 and 89 Market (see 

page 396) 
LENNON JOHN, 6 LoweU (see page 

LYNCH P. 41 Market (seepage 396) 
MURPHY DANIEL, 50 and 51 Dutton 

(see page 396) 

Ammonia Manufactory. 

McALOON A., Pleasant, Centralville, 
(see page 397) 


Allen H. W. & Co. Merrimack, corner 

Baiiey F. & E., Merrimack, cor. John 
BUTLER F. H. & CO. Central, corner 

Jackson (see page 398) [vimack 

Carleton & Hovev, City Hall, 164 Mer- 
Dows A. W. 185 Central 
Duncan W. W., Wamesit Bank bldg. 
French William H. 2 Central, corner 

Hayes Joseph R. 18 Central 
Hovt Eli W., Central, cor. Middle-CK 
KLNI-sALL CHARLES R., Merrimack, 

corner Central (see page 403) 
Lane L. C. 79 Merrimack 
Plunkett Joseph, Diitton, cor. Lowell 
Thompson M. E. 268 Merrim.ick 
Willard Geo. F. Merrimack, cor. Wor- 




Duildiug (see front cover) 

Artists' Materials. 

FIELDING J. B. & CO. 101 and 103 

Central, and 1, 3, and 4 Jackson (see 
outside ba.-k cover) 
Bank building (see last white page) 


Abbott J. A. 172 Merrimack 

Balch I. D. 8 Prescott 

PATCH E. B. 1 and 2 Commercial 

square (see outside front cover) 
Ranlett N. A. 9 and 13 Middle 


BRADT G. J. & D., Whiting (see page 

Cornock James Jlrs. 261 Jlerrimack 
Jeft'eries Thomas, 346 Central 
M(JRRLS MARTIN, 34 Paige, corner 

.Tolui (sec page 391) 
tral (>ee iiafie 398) 
Somes William E. 1 Fayette 



Appleton block (^ee page 353) 

6 Appleton block (see page 353) 

corner Middle (seepage 357) 
INGS, Shattuck, corner Middle (see 

rage 355) 

Carleton block, 136 Merrimack (see 

page 356) 

Merchants' Bank building (see page 


anU 2S Central (see page 354) 

Carleton block, 136 Merrimack (see 

page 356) 
INGS BANK, 26 and 28 Central (see 

page 354) 

BANK, Shattuck, Middle (see 

page 355) 

Middlesex, near Nonhern depot (see 

page 357 ) 

Bath Rooms. 
Proctor H. B. 34 Prescott 

Coimecticut Mutual Life Iiis. Co., of Hartford, Conn.. HCIVT &, 
JKLLIOl'T, Agents, 3S Ceutral St. (5L-e pages ::!74, 375.) 



Bed Comforters. 

FISKE WILLIAM, 3 Gushing (see 
page 413) 

Bedstead Machinery. 

CAREY & HARRIS, Broad way, corner 
Alt Verni)]i (see page 381) 

Bell Hangers. 

Curtis T. H. 129 Central 

Thatcher Gj -rgn, 5iJ Merrimack 
Trumbel .lames W., Merrimack, cor- 
ner Maiden lane 

Belt Manufacturers. 

GATES .TOS!AH vS:. SONS, 4 and « 
Mechanics buddiiig, Duttou (see 
front colored |)a<;e) 

Parr& VVilby, 130 Middlesex 

Stevens Sulon, Fletcher, cor. Western 

WHITING & CO., Savings Bank build- 
ing, Shattuck (see page 41:) 

Billiard Saloons. 

Barn ird I). B. 18 Merrimack 
Emery Hemy, M'^iri.nack House 
Evans H. C. 24 Cen'ral 
Foster \V. H. 159 Mi.ulli'sex 
Read W. W. over Post Office 
Smith & Young, 2 Appleton block 


A'jbott A. H. & .1. H. 292 Middlesex 

Burklev L., William 


rima^^rk (see page 395) 
Coward .lacob 15., Wam*sit Water Pow- 
er Cmnpany 
Drew John, 66 Charles [Dracut 

Drew & Oilman, I'awtncket ijridge, 
Flynn & Wils')n, Fletcher, cor. Rock 
Furl)isli & Sau'iorn, Audover, corner 

GLOv^ER T. P. 75 Market (see p. 393) 
Lee & Beigeron, Dutton, near Fletcher 
LIBBY .\L V. B. 75 Market (horse 

shoer, see page 393) 
LOVEIOY DANIlvL, R )ck, cor. Cush- 

ifig (sei page 414) 
Skiliings D. (i. 22 Bridge, Centralville 
Winchester S., ICidder 

Blank- Book Manufacturers. 

Central and 10 Market (see p. 402) 

Blankets and Flannels. 


Thorndike (..-^ee page obS) 

Bleaching and Dyeing. 


street (>ee page 370) 

Blind Hinge and Fastener. 

( Downs' patent combination for sag- 
ging blinds, see page 415) 

Boarding Houses. 

Abbott Dorcas C. Mrs. 17 Hamilton 

Allen .lames M. 109 Appleton 
Atwood Almira Mrs. 14 Hamilton corp. 
Bacheller David S. 11 Mass. corp. 
Bates Phuebe Mrs. 119 Central 
Beckwith Emeline S. 13 Boott corp. 
Bedell Ailam .VIrs. 17 Merrimack corp. 
Bennett Mary Mrs. 3 Merrimack corp. 
Biokford Abby C. 13 Merrimack corp. 
Brophy C. Mrs. bl\ Lowell 
Brown D. P. 3 Lowell corporation 
Bnyibee Wooster, 40 L. M. S. Corp. 
Burleitjh Anne M. 15 Merrimack corp. 
Cak'fSu-an .\iis«, 36 Boi>tt corjoration 
Calvert A. Mrs. 14 Lowell 
(barter Eliza E. W. 4 Boott c )rporation 
Chase Sarah E. Miss, 124 Midillesex 
Clark Dustin, 29 and 30 'amilton corp. 
Collins Lucy B. Mrs. 5 Merrimack corp. 
Danforth SaVah R 23 and 24 A'lpleton 

Diirant Ann M. 50 Moody 
Dntton I'hilena, 27 Boott corporation 
Elwell Miry E. 26 Massachu-etts Corp. 
Emerson W. 5 and 6 Hamilton Corp. 
Evans ary M. 1 L'lwell corporatio:i 
Fisk Levi Mrs. 79 Merrimack corp. 
Fog5 Nancy, 31 and 32 Hamilton corp. 
Fullerton S. J. Mrs. 16 Hamilton corp. 
Garland Nathaniel, 5 Suffolk corp. 
Giles .1. B. 63 East Merrimack 
Gilman Rufns S. Mrs. 3 Hamilton corp. 
Goodnokv A. M. 20 Hamilton corp. 
Gordon Jeannette, 120 Merr. corp. 
Gove Dana B. Mrs. 8 Merrimack corp. 
Hamb'et .Toseph, 138 Merrimack corp. 
Hart Almira M. 70 L. M.S. corporatit)n 
Heald Samuel M. 4 Hamilton corp. 
Henderson 8. •!. Mrs. 5 Lowell corp. 
Hird .loseph. 78 Market 
Holmes Sarah Mrs. 27 Mass. corp. 
Holt Albert E. 1 George 
Holt Lucinda, 37 Boott corporation 
Hopkins Eliza Mrs. 25 Hamilton corp. 
Hoyr H. L. Mrs. 44 Boott corp. 
Huiit Jlyra K 5 Boott corporation 
Kirabalf David T. 22 Boott corporation 
Kittredge Eliza Mrs. 68 Warren 
Lane Sarah Mrs. 96 Middlesex 
Lang Benaiah, 36 Massachusetts corp. 
Li) wrence \. C. 19 and 20 Suffolk corp. 
Libbey Eliza, 14 Hard 
Long Roxana, 1 and 2 Merrimack corp. 
Lougee Sarah A. 113 Gorham 
Lovejoy H. VV. 113 Merrimack 
Mansfield G. S. 61 Lawrence corp. 
Martin Mary S. 67 L. M. S corporation 
Mavnard K.liza Miss, 16 Hamilton corp. 
Maviiard S. A. Mrs. 14 Warren 

Mutual B.^ii< fit L.ife Iiis. Co., JVe-wark. Assets over $18,000,00U 
HUK 1' &. ISL.i>lOTT, Aj^eiits, 38 Central St. (See pages .374, 375.) 



McWade M. 80 Merrimack corporation 
Merrill Charles M. 4 Lowell corp. 
Miller George W. 10 Suffolk corp. 
Miner Augusta Mrs., L berty square 
Moody Betsey, 16 Merrimack Corp. 
Mooney Henry, 33 Hamilton corp. 
Jlorrison Hannah T. 4 Merriui;icU corp. 
Myers Ann E. 14 lioott corporation 
Osterhaudt S. D. 38 Lawrence corp. 
Pa^re P. and E. A. T4U Merrimack corp. 
Parker Aiken Mrs. ii .iackson 
Parker Kiiz:i, 11 'I'veuiont curpi>ratiiiu 
Parker Nancy L. 18 Appleton corp. 
Plimpton ISetsey Mrs.o4 Hanii.fon corj). 
Pressey .James, 9 Central 
Keed Ann, 112 Merrimack corporation 
Reed Mary B. F. 13 Suffolk corjioration 
Rice Catharine Jliss, 12 Merr. coru. 
Richardson James B. 10 Merr. corp. 
Ricker Fanny, 28 I'.oott corporation 
Rogers F^unice .Mrs. 6 Merr mack corp. 
Sayles Nancy Mrs. 115 .Mei-r. corf). 
Scribuer Louisa .Mrs. 35 Lawience corp. 
Shedd Lydia Mrs. 7 v\ ai-ren 
Sherman Pluieoe, 53 Ma-s. corporation 
Shirley Charles H. 51 Mass. corp. 
Simpson Abby H. 6 B lotr corporation 
Stanwooil Sarah A. .Mrs. 28 Mass. corp. 
Stevens Belinda H. ISiMerrimack corp. 
Tucker L). S. 7 & 8 Appleton corp. 
Tyler Jane S. R. Mr.-. 9 .Merr. corp. 
Walker Elizabeth Mrs. Lowell corp. 
Waterhouse B. 23 Hamilton corp. 
Weeks Cordelia I. 34 .Mass. corp. 
Weston Camilla E. 7 .Merrimack corp. 
Wheeler H. VV. 13 Central 
Whipple S. Mrs. 13 Hamilton corp. 
Willoughbv Marv. 13 Tremont corp. 
Wilson M."A.278 Middlese.K 
Winchester E. 3 Suffolk corpoi-ation 
Wood Relief Mrs. 49 .Mass. corporation 

Bobbins and Shuttles. 

JAQUES JOHN S. & CO., Whipple's 
Mills (shuttles, see page 408) 

Parker and Cheney, Wamesit Steam 

WATSON E. F., Mectianios Mills (bob- 
bins and spools, see page 413) 

Bobbin and Shuttle Tools. 
ELLIOTT EPHRALM, First, op. Read, 
Centralville (see p;ige 414) 

Boiler Makers. 
DOBBINS WILLIAM, Dutton, near 
Mechanics Mills (see page 407) 

Bolt and Screw Maautacturers. 

American Bolt Co. 210 Lawrence 
Smith S. C, Harris' Mids, Broad .^ ay 

Bonnet Bleachery. 
Flanders C. R. 96 .Merrimack 

Bonnet Wire. 
HALE B. S. & SON, Wamesit Power 
Co. (see page 404) 



Central & 10 Market (see page 402) 
rimack (see page 4) 
S.^RCiE.ANT B. C, City-government 

building (see page 5) 
Simonds S. B 36 Central 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Claik Jacob, 140 Central 
Oog._re«lial I ^l'ederick P. 51 Merrimack 
Ell wards (Jeo. C. 40 Merrimack 
Gordon Wm. 32 51ernm;ick and 78 

.ludUins .1. ,Jud~on, 6 .lohi 
AiEKKlLL JUsHL'A & SON, 37 Mer- 

li MMck (^ee page 5) 
P>ersou H. J. 29 Central 
SAKGF].\N r 15. C., City-government 
biiiLliiig, 158 .Merrini;ick (see page 5) 
SHEAHAN El) .VAL'l), 28 Gorham (see 

page 31.5) 
Whidioy A!iel. >-7 Merrimack 
Williauis G. 1 . IJ .Merr. (statiO'iei-) 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Alex Peter. Dutton, near Fletcher 
Baiiey M. 6 Warre 
Benson .1. VV. 82 Ceniral 
P.errj' Charlt-s R. 339 Merrimack 
Brady Frank, oU4 Merrimack 
Burler S. B., Simpson's i.iock 
ButterwoTtli John, 300 Central 
Cooi.ev William .1. 138 Lawrence 
Daltoii Michael, 46 Gorhain 
Farvvell J. R. 5 Warren 
Favcr J. B. 168 Centrsd 
Flanders H. R. 302 Merrimack 
H' Ison ({. 222 Sliddiesex 
Hovey J. & W., Bridge, n. River, Cent. 
Kent .James, 224 .Merrimack 
King .lolm, 2) East Merrim.ack 
Lamphere A. .L 222 Middlesex 
Leavitt William B. 78 .Mood ■ 
Loker William L. 156 Aliod esex 
.Maguire Andrew, 43 .Middle 
Martin R. 1 Adams 
.McDermott .L 78 Middlesex 
.McE holm William, 28 Lowell 
.McLees Thomas, 145 Middlesex 
.\leileii J., Fietcuer, n. Dutton 
Melvin B. F. 8 Prescott block 
Moore J. N. 63 (~'harles 
Quiinby S. G. 69 Middle 
liaymond J. 63 Adams 
Roberts .>J. 6 Merrimack 
Smith P. A. 122 Suffolk 
Strickland Roi)ert, DuUon. n. Fletcher 
Sullivan John, Parker's block, Central- 
Sweei>ey 1). 106 Market 
T.-ivlor David I',. 2(i7 Lau'i-enee 
Williy r.ei.jainin. 272 Gorhain 

B >ot and Shoe Manuf icturers. 
Adam- Eiios H., Prescotr, c. .Merr. 
Kent .Limes, 2 i4 Merrimack 

Bu»iues>> that taii't affoifl Iii>«uiaiice is too |i<roi- to '"ollnw. "W g. 
<loiu, prudence, experience, all Sii> , Iit^ure at ouce. (See page .■<74 ) 



Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers. 

ADAMS BROS. 45 Merrimack (see 

page 387) 
Berry Ohas. R. 339 Merrimack 
Boardmati L. H. 34 Central 
Brady Frank, 304 Merrimack 
Chase Lorenzo, 7 Tilden (ladies') 
Cramer William, 12 Tilden 
Crane George & Son, 120 Central 
Dearborn & McMaster, 98 Merrimack 
Donnellv John, 7 Canal block 
Dooley Edward, 337 Central 
Flanders H. K. 302 Merrimack 
Griffin Joseph W. 18 John 
Harvey E. A. 35 Merrimack 
Homans .1. H. 63 .Merrim;ick 
Huntoon Moses C. 224 Merrimack 
Kittredge Duni-l, 14 Middle 
Lake A. 3 Merrimack 
Logne B. 193 Middlesex 
Lovetc S. 204 Merrim;ick 
McLaughlin Bros. 116 Central 
Merrill A. .\. & Co. 6 Central 
P ummer .John W. 68 ('antral 
Robbins Albert, F. 68 Merrimack 
Swan Dtiiiiel, 41 Merrimack 
Whitelev J. 11 Middle 
Wright C. & H. C. 162 Merrimack 
Wright George, 94 Central 
Wright Hapgood, wholesale and retail, 

51 Centi al 
Wright N. M. 138 Central 

Botanic .». edicines. 

Dows A. W. 185 Cential 
Kelsey Hugh, 29 Kim 
Tliompson 51. K. 268 Merrimack 

Bowling Saloon. 

Page A., HukI, corner Central 

Box Makers. 

Brooks A. L., Mechanics Mills 

Davis Asaliel, Mechanics Mil's, plain 

and fancy wood 
D.ivis & M"lendy, 259 Middlesex 
Norcross & Saunders, ageats, Middle- 
PEASE GEO. W. 2 Appleton block 
(paper, see page 400) 


BAGHELDER A. & CO., Mt. Vernon, 
near Broadway (see page 410) 

Braid Manufacturer. 

DUG!) ALE JAMES. Willie, rorner 

Broadwa\ (id[)acca, see pige406) 

Brass F unders. 
WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 .lackson (see 
inside back C'lVi r) 

Bridge Builder. 

SMWtell J. A , Sawtell place 


Dearborn H. H. & Co. 28 Central 
Richardson L. B. & Co. 108 Central 
Shepard William (stock, &c.) 40 Mer- 

Building Materials. 

dike (see page 410) 

Building Mover. 

Richards Leonard J. 90 High 

Bung Manufacturers. 

Vernon, near Broadway (see page 


ADAMS SMU'H, Walker, near Middle- 
sex (see page 399) 
Blodgetc 0., Chelmsford, near Parker 
.Tewett Francis, Middlesex, n. city line 
Starbird Chas. D., Walker, n. Branch 

Cabinet Makers. 

Crosby Epliraim, Mechanics Mills 
ics Mil's (see p;ige 405) 
HAUVER LEVI, 11 Middle (see page 

Hill Henrv E.. 239 Middlesex 
Marshall & Crosby, 264, and rear 239 

sit Steam Mills (see page 408) 

Cap Makers. 

Baker C. E. Jlrs. 3> Canal block 
Card Clothing Manufacturers. 

HOVVE & GOODHUE, 90 and 92 Mar- 
ket (cotton and wool, see back col- 
orefl page) 

KITSOX '., Worthen, corner Dutton, 
maniifacturer of cotton machinery, 
aid needle-pointed card clothing, for 
carding flax, hemp, jute, and manilla 
(see back colored page) 

dle (see page 413) 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Barclay C. P. 224 Middlesex 

Bennett J. C. 200 Dutton 

BEXNEfT J. W., Miildlesex, corner 

Grand (see outside tront coyer) 
Berry Theophilus D., btevens, near 

Chelmstord line 
Brown Cliesley, 241 Merrimack 
BrcAvn H. A., I'hon dike, near Hale 
Brown Mvron C, rear 55 Gorliam 
DAVIS BARTLcTT, 3-2 School (see 

page 400) 

Hl'lVT &, El.f.iOTT, F'ire and Life insurance Agcnt«. Booms, a'res- 
cott Kat. anikk rtiiildiu.x. J*'^ <'t'i»tral ""t., L.o\vel'l. (See pages 374, 375.) 



Dow John D. 75 Market 

Emery A. H., Fletcher, near Whiting 

Enright & Fleck, 77 Market 

Farnham George B. 242 Middlesex 

Foster Jesse, 18 Salem 

Fowler George L. rear 55 Dutton 

Furnald N. G. 23 Middle [393) 

GARDNER A. B. 15 Middle (see page 

Griffia J. Edwin, 1 Howe 

Hamblet G. 20 Middle 

Harmon Mo<es, 67 Middle 

Haseltine George W., Central, corner 

Hil-on William C. 11 Ford 

Holt Daniei, Howe 

Hood Abram K.. Willie, corner Rock 

Horton John F. 24 Prescott 

Howe H. C. & J. F.. Wamesit Mills 

Howe H. F., Second, Centralville 

HOWE JOHN, 283 Merrimack (see 
page 392) 

Howe Wm. G., Myrtle, Centralville 

Jacobs F. I'., Second, cor. Read, Cen- 

Leonard George, 288 Central 

Mathes A. 13 Prescott 

Merrill & Calef,26 Middlesex 

Noyes John F. 137 Central 

Page Jona. & Co., rear 34 Charles 

Pettingell Walter, Mechanics Mi Is 

Pitt John, West, Centralville 

PROCTOR SEWARD N. 183 Central 
(see page 391) 

Snell O. 26 Middle 

Wiggins William H. 58 Rock 

Wilev S. F. 15 Ash 

Wilson F. S. & F. T. 244 Middlesex 

Woodward & Peabody, rear Fletcher, 
Liberty square 

Carpet Manufacturers. 

PANY, Market (see page 365} 

Mcdonald JOHN, lO Hale, near 

Thorndike (see page 388) 
Naylor Georg-), Wamesit Power Co. 


Adams, North, & Co. 7 Central 
Benner Bros. 3 to 6 Prescott 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, c. Lowell 
(see top of calendar page.) 

Carriage Manufacturers, 
Abbott A. H. & J. H. 292 Middlesex 
Convers Samuel, 163 Central 
Furbish & Sanborn, Andover, corner 

GILSON L. G. 75 Market (see p. 394) 
GREEN & LYMAN, 285 Merrimack 

(see page 402) 
Hill Bros. 130 Middlesex 
Jenkins .Joel, Arch 
McCOY E. P., rear 200 Dutton (see 

page 392) 

Ranger W. F., William, near Central 
Sawyer T. C. (depository), 163 Miildie- 
sex [ville 

Skilling<= David G. 22 Br dge, Ceuvral- 
Swett William L. 69 Pawtucket 

rimack (see page 395) 
GLOVKR T. 1'. 75 Market (see p. 393) 

Cartridge Manufacturers. 

U. S. Cartridge Co., Whipple's Mills 


Lawrence George T. 3 Spring 

Cement, Lime, and Brick. 

HORNE D. W., Fletcher, cor. Wes-ern 

avenue (see page 409) 
LIVINGSruN WM. E. 9 Thorndike 
(plastering, hair, and laths, see 
page 410) 

Chair Bottomer. - 

Flynn John, 352 Central 

Chamber-Furniture Manufs. 

ics Mills (see page 405) 

mesit Steam Mills (see page 408) 

Chemical Manufacturers. 

Appleton N. W., Lawrence, foot of 

TAYLOR & BARKER, Lawrence, n. 

Wamesit Power Co. (see page 413) 

Chenaical and Soap Works. 
McALOON A., Pleasant, Centralville 
(ammonia, &c., see page S97) 

Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic 

AYER J. C. & CO. 105 Market (see 
page 418) 

Cigar Dealers. 
Conant H. A. 194 Merrimack 
Emerson W. R. 157 Middlesex 
Emerson & Co. 143 .Middlesex 
McN'abb J. 8 Merrimack 
^TcSol•ley Patrick, 3 Bridge 
MeehanB. F. 17^ Merrimack 
Noves Henry H. 139 Central 
Weeks S. 25 Merrimack 

Cigar Machines. 
Heald I. A. 207 Lawrence 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Cahill C. S. 22 Prescott 
Emerson David G. 128 SutTolk 
Emerson W. R. 157 Middlesex 
Flood Peter H. 19 Merrimack 
Hemingway J. H. 77 Central 
Murt J. W. 77 Central 
Patrick S. C. 34 Merrimack 


Assets -$675,000. Hdat , 
Klliott, Agts. (See p. 374.) 



Smith William D. 2 Cady 
Weeks Samuel, 25 Merrimack 

Civil Engineers and Surveyors. 

Baker R. W., City-Hall building 
Osgood William F. 65 Butterfield 

Claim Agents. 

Blaisdell Charles R. 3 Canal 
FRYE & MOORE, Mansur's block, 49 
Central (see back cover) 


Adams John G. ( Lv.) First, near Read, 

Crudden Peter (R. C.) 17 Apnletoii 
Davis .Joseph B. (F. B.) 47 Bridge, 

Edson Theodore (E.; Merrimack, cor- 
ner Kirk [traiville 
Foster Eden B. {C. T.) 32 Fifth, Cen- 
Garin Andrew (French R. C.) 8 High- 
street square 
Guillard*:joseph (R. C.) 8 High-st. pq. 
High William C. (M. E.) 67 Bridge, 

James Horace (C. T.) 3 James 
Jones S. F. (M. E.) 18 Tyler 
Morse Frank R. (B.) 176 Moody 
Morse H. \V. 52 Elm 
Norris Thomas (K. C.) 17 Appleton 
O'Brien John (K. C.) Suffolk 
Stanton William E. (B.) 35 I'vler 
Street Owen (C. T.) 141 E. Merrimack 
Thomas J. W. (S. A.) 49 L. M. S. corp. 
Twiss James J. (Uv.) 107 Gorham 
AMiitaker George (M. E.) 17 Kirk 
Whittier Edward A. (B.) Branch, cor- 
ner School 
Wood Horatio, Liberty, opp. School 

Clock Repairers. 

Curtis T. H. 129 Central 
McHugh James, 49 Market 
^luiray James T. rear 20 Winter 
Thatcher George, 525 Merrimack 
WRIGHT S. H., Menimack, corner 
Maiden lane (see page 394) 

Clothes Cleaner. 

Lansing D. M., Prescott, u. Merrimack 


( See also Gents' Furnishing Goods, also 

Aarons C. Mrs. (second-hand) 121 

Bowers Artnur E. 33 Central 

5 Central ^see page 388) 
Fox Wan en & Co. 57 Central 
<iage & Jewell, 1 Canal bl<x:k 
■Grover & Harvev,31 Merrimack 
Halberstaii L. 54 Mid(ilesex 
Hn-shfield Herman, 20 Central 
Huse H. E. 4 Canal block 
Kimball 0. H. & Co. 2 Canal block 

Kurtz F. 113 Middlesex 

O'Hearn J. 50 Central 

Putnam & Son, 96, 98, and 100 Central 

Quinn J. 10 Merrimack 

Richardson A. B. 23 Central 

Webber T. C. 92 Central 

Wheeler JoseiJi A. 174 Merrimack 

White Josiah, 3 Central 

Wiggin D. 33 Men'imack 

Woodward Alfred G. 30 ilerrimack 

Clothing Manufacturers. 

Fletclier Simon T. 263 Central (vests) 
Green George W., Prescott, corner Mer- 
Mansell J. N. 5 Simpson's block 
isprague & Gilbert, Dver's Hall, 13 

Worcester Leonard & Son, Industrial 

Coal and 'Wood. 

{See also Wood.) 

Adams R. 0. 15 Prescott 

BENNETT & RODLIFF, Moody, cor. 
Tremont (see page 408) 

HOR.NE D. W., Fletcher, corner West- 
ern avenue (see page 409) 

Kiltredge W. 32 Middle 

LIVINGSI'ON WM. E. 9 Thorndike 
(see page 410) 

McGuirk P., Suffolk, near Lagrange 

Coffee Mills. 

Simpson Robert, 346 Central 

Coffin Warehouses. 
Brooks J. W. 19 Prescott 
Gordon & Currier, 23 Prescott 
Hanavor Terence, 24 Gorham 

Symonds H. D. 56 Central 

Comb Manufacturers. 

Drake Alfr.ed (machine wool) Whip- 
ple's iMills 

Kowlinson Wm. (machine wool) Wliip- 
ple's Mills 

Commission Merchants. 

2 Mechanics building, Dutton (see 

page 403 ) 

Market (see page 399) 
Page, Kidder, & Co., Thorndike, corner 

PATCH E. B. 1 and 2 Commercial 

square (see outside front cover) 
STILES, KOGEKS, & CO. 23 Market 

(see page 390) 
Waite A. L. & Co., Dutton, ojjijosite 

Mechanics Mills 

Confectionery, Fruit, &c. 
{See also Fruit.) 
(see page 402) 

CoUon and Woolen Mills, Macliinery and Stock ttiert-in. insured 

l>y lltiAT &, ELL.IOTT, Insurance Agents, US Ceiitrul Street. 



Brown H. 145 Central 

Drew John V. 330^ Merrimack 

Hall E. W. 52 Central 

Heald John, 17 Central 

Hiklreth Sherman V. 47 Merrimack 

Mison R. E. 79 Central 


(see page 399) 
O'Conner John, Dutton. cor. Fletcher 
PAGE DUDLEY L. 37^ Merrimack 

(see page 404) 
Walker C. H. 204 Merrimack 

Confectionery Manufacturer. 
PA(iE D. L. 37i Merrimack (see page 

Consulting Engineer. 

LEAVITf E. D. Jr. 136 Merrimack 
(see page 358) 

KELTY JAMES F. 41 Lowell (see 
page 401) 

WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 
inside back cover) 


NICHOLS 6c FLETCHER, 146 Central 
(see page 390) 

Corn Cake Manufacturer. 
MANNING WILLIAM, Broadway, cor. 
School (see page 405) 


GUSHING D. & CO. 130 Middlesex 

(galvanized, see page 406) 
MACK S. G. 123 and 125 Market (see 

page 417) 

Cotton Bats and "Wadding. 
CHURCH H. C. 23 Central, corner 

Middle (see page 409) 
FISKE WILLIAM, 3 Cashing (see page 


Cotton Goods Manufacturers. 

(see page 367) 

foot John (see page 362) 

Jackson (see page 366) 

north end SuHolk (see page 363) 

Vernon, near Broadwav (see p. 372) 
ket (see page 365) 

Merrimack and Concord rivers (see 

page 36») 

north end Dutton (see page 361) 
Suffolk Manufacturing Co. Suffolk 
TRE.MONI" MILLS, Suffolk, below 

Moody (see page 364) 

Cotton Openers and Cleaners. 
KirSON RICHARD, Worthen, near 
Dutton (see back colored page) 

Cotton Machinery. 
KITSON RICHARD, Worthen, n^-ar 
Dutton (see back coloied page) 

Cotton Waste. 
CHURCH H. C. 23 Central, cor. Middle 
(see page 409) 

Crockery, China, Glass "Ware, &c. 

Clough & Bovnton, 80 Merrimack 

FRENCH & "PUFFER, 113 & 115 Cen- 
tral (see outside back cover) 

NASH J. W. & CO. 126 Central (see 
front colored page, opp. title) 

NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, cor. Low- 
ell (see top of calendar page.) 


(See Lawyers.) 


Cook E. G., Tanner, corner Lincoln, 

Ayer's City 
Eaton George W., Willie, c. Broadway 
Ingham John, near Mount Vernon, cor- 
ner Broadway 

Curtains and Fixtures. 
FIELDING J. B. & CO. 101 & 103 

CenLial (see outside oack cover) 
Shorey & Butler (fixtures) Howe 

FRENCH & PUFFER, 113 & 115 Cen- 
tral (see outside back cover) 

Gerry Gustavus A., Merrimack, corner 

Gladwin S. F. 128 Merrimack 
Johnson A. T.12 VVent worth's building 
LAWKENCE A. & G. W. 9 John, cor. 

Lee (see outside back cover) 
Lawrence Samuel. 32 Central 
VINALL G. A. W. 170 Merrimack (all 
work done at reasonable prices, and 
warranted to give eatisfaction) 
Ward S. L. & W. G. & A. W. Burn- 
ham, Savings Bank Building 

Desk Manufacturers. 

ics Mills (see page 405) 

esit Steam Mills (see page 408) 

Die Fitting. 
GROVER A. 134 Middlesex (see page 

Doors, Blinds, and Sashes. 

FAVOR N. B. & SON, Wamesit Steam 
Mills, Dutton (see page 405) 

HART J. W. & CO., Mt. Vernon, near 
Broadway (see page 412) 

Cluiic-nes, !-chool Houses, and other Public Buildiugs, insured for 
one or five years, by HUJXT &- EL.L10TT, ^8 Ceiitial ^street. 



Kelley William, Mechanics Mills 
Peabody J. G., Waraesit Steam Mills. 
Place Isaac, Wamesit Steam Mills 
Pratt M. C. & Co., Wamesit Steam 



Adams H. S. 52^ Merrimack 
Beaman R. W. Mrs. 19 South 
Blake C. M. Mrs. 10 Nesmith's block 
Burbeck Hattie L. 121 Central 
Burgess A. D. Mrs. 43 South 
Cady Francis Miss, Carleton block 
Chamberlain S. Jlrs. 280 Merrimack 
Chase Ni^llie A. Miss 2 Appleton block 
Clark E. D. Mrs. 158 Middlesex 
Clark Julia Miss, 6 Tildea 
Currier A. 21 John 
Dav A. W. 105 Central 
Drew E. Mrs. 166 Central 
Elliott S. G. Mrs. 29 Bridge, Cent. • 
Fogg A. C. Miss, 3 Canal block 
French Lizzie, 3 Canal block 
Gallagher Ellen Mrs. 17 Race 
Gi-ahara M. Mrs. 12 South 
Guy S. & J. 21 John 
Hall C. D. Miss, 88 Merrimack 
Horn C. Miss, 43^ Merrimack 
Howell Marv S. 94 Gorham 
Hussey A. E. 52J Merrimack 
Libby A. Mrs. 93 Merrimack 
Lother S. A. Carleton block 
Macdonald Marie, Savings Bank build- 
Marshall C. A. Miss, 15 Central 
Marsh L S. 52^ Merrimack 
Marston S. 114 Central 
McManus Nancy Mrs. 13 William 
Mellen C. M. Mrs. 124 Central 
Messer A. D. 52^ Merrimack 
Molloy M. A. Miss, 72 Central 
Jlorse" Maria M. 24 Austin 
Moulton Fannie R. 95 Central 
Jlowe G. S. Mrs. 5 Mill 
Murphy Catharine, 30 Lowell 
Narey Sarah A. Mrs. 1 Livingston's 

Page S. E. Miss, 5 Wentworth's buildg. 
Pearson Elizabeth B. 129^ Central 
Perrin Mary J. Wamseit bank bldg. 
Pierce A. S". Mrs. 28 John 
Ranger E. H. Mrs. 110 Certral 
Reynolds C. L. Mrs. 160 Middlesex 
Riley Katie, 30 Lowell 
Robinson Pamelia, Men-imack, c. John 
Rose Maria, 23 Kirk 
Rushworth E. Mrs. Ill Middlesex 
Sargent M. A. Jlrs. 17 Chapel 
Shelfield A. Mrs. East Pine, c. Carlton 
Smith Ellen, 32 Franklin sq. 
Smith C. M. Mrs. 246 Merrimack 
Smith Mary J. 110 Central 
Snell 0. M. Miss 52i Merrimack 
Taylor & Davis, 16 John 
Welch L. A. Mis. 128 Merrimack 
Welch Susan, 1 Union 

Wentworth P. F. 250 Merrimack 
Whittaker Abbie Mrs. 2 Railroad 
Woodward C. S. 4 John 

Dry Goods. 

Abbott & Fames, 132 Merrimack 
Brennan M. & Co. 56 Merrimack 
Brown Joseph S. 54 Merrimack 
Collins B. F. 84 Merrimack 
Cook & Taylor, 48 Merrimack, and 107 

Dick Peter, 19 Market 
Drew H. C. 142 Central 
Drew Taft, & Welch, 126 Merrimack 
Folsom J. P. 44J Merrimack 
Gage James U. 52 Merrimack 
HiUon H. W. & Co. 36 Merrimack 
Hosford H. & Co 46 Merrimack 
Keyes & Tucker, 134 Merrimack 
Leland Willitiin, 250 Gorham 
Leonard M. Mrs. 262 Merrimack 
Marin & Hight, 138 Merrimack 
Montferrand L. T. 2 Welles block 
Richardson L. S. 115 Merrimack 
Shaw J. W. B.& Co. 44 Merrimack 
Taisey L., Gorham, corner Middlesex 


Chambers C. 2'.2 Gorham 
Clifford Weare, 2 and 4 Andover 
Crowther C. H., Lawrence, near Whip- 
ple's Mills 
Pickens John, 100 Moody 

Dyewoods, Drugs, &c. 

TALBOT C. P. & CO., City Market 
(see page 409) 

iEJating House. 

RICHARDSON D. L. 176 Middlesex, 
opposite Northern Railroad Depot 
(see page 398) 

Edge Tools. 

LOVEJOY DANIEL, Rock, cor. Gush- 
ing (see page 414) 

Embroidery Stampers. 

Leland Thomas, 74 Central 
Moxley P. C. Miss, 252 Gorham 

Emigrant Office. 
(see page 395) 

Engine Builders. 

Burgess T. F. & CO., 235 Middlesex 

Engineer (Consulting.) 
LEA VITT E. D. jr., Carleton block, 136 
Merrimack (see page 358) 


Merrill G. B. (wood) 37 Merrimack 
STONE & HUSE (copper plate) 21 
Central (see page 386) 

Js your Keal Estate and Personal Property insured in reliab]« 
offices! If not, call on HUJXT & ELLIOTT, 38 Central Street. 




mnck-st. depot (see pasje 40-3) 

FLETCHER H. 84 Central (see page 

Tuttle & Taylor, 4 Middle 

Fancy Goods. 

(See also Variety Stores.) 
Abels S. 3 Welles block 
Adams M. W. Mrs. 61 Merrimack 
Barnes S. J. 66 Merrimack 
Bartlett H. J. 118 Merrimack 
Bellei^le 0. J. 288 Merrimack 
Danforth Sisters, 22 John 
Davis B. F. '0 Merrimack 
Griffin ^. P. 11) Merrimack 
Halev M. M. 102 .Merrimack 
Harris A E. 105 Middlesex 
Hutchins Elvira R. 117 Central 
Knowles Kros. Central, c. Merrimack 
Leland William, 250 Gorham 
Marcy L. 332 Merrimack 
Maynard C. L W. 76 Merrimack 
McGill James, 62 and 64 Jlerriraack 
MoUoy M. A. Miss, 72 Central 
Ogelvie N. J. 85 Merrimack 
Richardson L. S. 115 Merrima-k 
.Sanborn 0. W. 105 Merrimack 
Shedd M. A. Miss. 74 Merrimack 
Taylor Joseph, 116 Merrimack 
Walker D. A. 334 Merrimack 

Felting Mills. 
Lowell Felting Mills. Paw tucket, Moses 
A Johnson, agent 


Market (ground plaster, and super- 
phospate or' lime, see page 404) 

File Manufacturers 

ASHWORTH S AGER & CO.. 2 Fletch- 
er, near Dutton (files and rasps, see 
page 406) [; rn depot 

Hiscox A. J., Middlesex, near North- 
Fire Arms. 

tral (.see page 3'j9) 


Cotton & Moore. 11 Preseott 
Foster H. S. 310 Merrimack 
Hitrht R. S. 326 Merrimack 
K dghts J. H.201 Central 
MAXAHAN C, Coburn, C-ntralville 

(see p-^ge 397) 
Perkins J. S., Middlesex, cor. Howard 
Randlett M. B. 177 Middlesex 
R.)V Basilide, 66 Middlesex 
SARGENT E. D. & SON, Gorham, cor. 

Apjjieton (see page 395) 
Whitney & Mosber, 7 East Merrimack 

Fishing Tackle. 

tral (see 399) 

Flour and Grain. 

ket (=ee page 404) 

Market (see page 399) 

LIVINGSTON W: E. 9 Thorndike (see 
page 410) 

N. E; Flo'ir Co. 29 Middlesex 

NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 144 and 146 
Central (see page 390) 

Page, Kidder, & Cj., I'horndike, corner 

STILES, ROGERS, & CO. 23 Market 
(see page 390) 

Wood S. N. & Sons, 43 Market 

Fluid (Petroleum). 
Market (see page 419) 

Fruit, &c. 

(.9ee also Confectionery.) 


(see page 402) 
Bracket L. S. 52^ Central 
Brown H. 145 Central , 

Goddu John, 298 Merrimack 
Hall E. W. 52 Central 
Kenneson M. J. 80 Central 
Mason R. E. 79 Central fGorbam 

Morse & Turner, 133 Central and 6 

(see page 399) 
O'Conn'er J., Dutton, Fletcher 
Page Charles A., H. K. R. station, Gor- 
Plastridge S. 5 Merrimack-house block 
Stone William E. 218 Merrimack 
Walker Charles H. 206 Merrimack 

MACK' S. G. 123 and 125 Market (see 

page 417) 
NASH J. W. & CO. 126 Central (see 

front colored, opp. titlepage) 
WILDER H. H. & CO. 8" Jackson (see 

inside back cover) 

Furniture and Feathers. 

Adams, North, & Co. 7 Central and 28 

Betmer Bros. 3 and 5 Preseott [391 
HAUVER LEVI, 11 Middle (see page 
Mehan J. & Brother, 24 Preseott 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, cor. Lowell 

(see too of calendar page.) 
OFFUTT & F.A.IRGRIEVE, 33 and 35 
Market, (new and second-hand, see 
page 419) 
PATCH E. B. & Co. 1 and 2 Commer- 
cial square (see line on front page) 
Puifer & Bradley, 13 Market 

Hl]VT <fc ELLIOTT %v511 insure your Stock, MacUin<-ry, Tools, 
Utensils, Apparatus and Fixtures, aS C'eiiti-itl Street. (See page 3;4.) 



Furniture Manufacturers. 

ics Mills (see page 405) 

HAUVER LEVI, 11 Middle (lounges, 
see page 391) 

mesit Steam Mills (see page 408) 

Pur Goods. 
Barnes C. C. & Co. 114 Merrimack 

(maiiuf. ) 
Bascom Wm. 162 Merrimack (manuf.) 
Harris A. E. 105 Middlesex 

Gas and Kerosene Fixtures. 
FRENCH & PUFFER, 113 and 115 

Central (see outside back cover) 

Market (Symonds' patent burner, see 

page 419.) 

Gas and Steam Pipe and Fixtures. 
tral (see outside front cover) 
Hallowell Bros., Allen's Mills 
Proctor Joseph W. 29' Fletcher 

Gas Light Companies. 

American Gas Light Co., M.W. Kidder, 

agent, 16 Hurd 
Li)\VELL GAS LIGHT CO., Middle, 

corner Shattuck (see page 359) 

Gas Machines. 

tral (see outside front cover) 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 
Bowers A. E. 33 Central 
Brazer W. P. 47 Central 
Burbaiik & Winnek, 53 Central 
Critchett & Kimball, 123 Central 
Davis & Larkin, 99 Central 
Fox Warren & Co. 57 Cetjtral 
Oilman A. 156 Merrimack 
Grover & Harvev, 31 Merrimack 
HODGMAN B.'30 Central (tee outside 

front cover) 
Lederer B. & Co. 5 Appleton block 
Putnam & Son, 96 Central 
SJIITH GEORGE, 222 Merrimack (see 

back colored page) 
Webber T. C. 92 Central 
Wiggin D. 33 Merrimack 
Woodward A. G. 30 Merrimack 

Glove Manufacturers. 

White Bros. & Kilburn, 67 East Merr. 

Grist MUls. 

Market (see page 404) 
LIVINGSTON WM. E. 9 Thorndike 

(see page 410) 
STILES, ROGERS, & CO., French, 

opposite Anne (see p:ige 390) 
Wood S. N., Wamesit I'ower Co. 


Bancroft S. 2 Merrimack 

Barry E. 88 Lowell 


Merrimack (see page 394) 
Benson C. Mrs. 58 Lawrence 
Bergeron Louis N. 8 Cabot 
Blair E. R., Broadway, corner School 
Blake Patrick Mrs. 11 River, Central- 

Bohonan & Fletcher, 189 Middlesex 
BROPHY J & M., Lowell, c. Dummer 
(see page 396) [3'-'l 

BR ! ANT D. 110 Middlesex (see p:ige 
Burrows Valentine, 49 Gorham 
Butterfield & Butler, Dracut, near Paw- 
tucket Bridge 
Buttrick & Co. (wholesale) 20 Market 
Callahan Charles, Bridge, near Front, 

Central vi lie 

l>age 396) 
Car lin T. 8 Howe 

Middlesex (see pnge 389) 
Cheney George S. 149 Central 
Churchill Sheldon W. 58 Middlesex 
Clark Michael, 19 East Merrimack 
Clement E. A. 273 Merrimack 
Clough Walter S. 8 Tilden 
Collins .Fames, 68 Lowell 
Colwell Philip, 68 Gorham 
Corner .lohn & Co. 306 Merrimack 
COSGROVE .JOHN, 272 Merrimack 

(see page 397) 
Coulson Samuel, 60 Gorhnra 
Courtney P. & J. 104 Suffolk 
Dempsey Patrick, 47 Lowell 
I) vine Patrick .1., Andover, cor. Water 
Dexter S. K. 113 Thorndike 
Donahoe .James, 66 Gorham 
Donovan & Co , 227 Central 
Doyle T. F. 10 Adams 
Eacott William, 28 Water 
Eaton .Job S. 255 Merrimack 
Emerson Luther, 8 East Merrimack 
Farley Owen, 74 Gorham 
Farrell H. 49 Dutton 
Felch S. A 93 Broadway 
Frawlev P. O. C, Gorham. cor. Moore 
Freeman C. W. & S. 22 and 23 Frank- 
lin square 
Fuller .Jason, 65 East Merrimack 
GIBSON BROTHERS, Bridge, con er 

Paige (see page 387) 
Greenwood Brothers, 208 Lawrence 
Hall C. & A. P., Andover, c. Fayette 
Hardv & Poor, 195 Centi-al 
Hartwpll .1. D. & Co. 251 Merrimack 
HEBEKT L. 190 Middlesex (see pnge 

Heland Hannah Mrs. 24 Adams 
Hemenway Marshall, 221 (Central 
Higgins James, 141 Lawrence 
Ingham W A. & Co. 167 Middlesex 
Jones Charles M. 88 Gorham 

Howard Fire liismrsmce Co.'s tioweil Office i^i at. No. '28 Ce«ti-al St. 
with HUJVT & EL.L,IOrT, Aijeiit-.. (.'See page 374.) 



Joyce Mary, Wamesit. cor. Abbott 
Kpves Patrick, Lowell, near Hanover 
Kilev T>awrencfl, Lowell, cor. Lewis 
Kile'y Roger, 141 Lowell [rence 

Knowles "Thomas, Wamesit, cor. Law 
Laiid & lliller, Bridge, corner Third, 

Lee Michael Mrs. 119 Lawrence 
LENNON J. 6 Lowell (see page 397) 
Leonard .Tohn, 8.5 East Merrimack 
Lynch .T., Suffolk, near Broadway 
Lynch John, 1 Adams 
Manning Daniel W. 30 Adams 
MARREN JAMES, 34 Lowell (see page 

Mathews & Lake, Lowell, c. Worthen 
McAloon William, 69 Gorham 
McCabe James, 1 Whipple 
McCann John, 40 Gorham 
McCartv John, 12 Lowell 
McDnif'John Mrs. 15 River, Centralville 
McGuirk P., Suffolk, near Lagrange 
McNabb John, 8 Merrimack 
McNamara K. Mrs. 25 Wamesit 
McSorlev Alexmder, 80 Middle 
Mealev & Guvton 308 Merrimack 
Mollahan Peter & Francis, 64 Charles 
Moonev Christopher, 11 Davidson 
NICHOLS & FLKTCHER, 144 and 146 

Central (see page 390) 
O'Neill Bernard, 81 Gorham 
Orange & Powers, 11 John 
Owens James, 50 Gorham 
Parker & Forbush, Middlesex, corner 

Patnaud Joseph, 328 Merrimack 
Pearson John & James M. 3 Savings 

Bank building 
Persons J 214 Merrimack 
Piper & Emery, Pawtuckat bridge, 

Puffer A. D. & Co. 32 Middlesex 
Putnam Jacob D. 5 Prescott block 
Quinn P. 4 Salem 
Reilly B. 77 Church 
Keilly J. Suffolk, cor. Cross 
Richardson J. B., Adams, c. Fletcher 
Richardson Sumner, Hildreth, c. Pearl, 

Riley John, 77 Gorham 
Riley John, Lowell, cor. Worthen 
Runal« Robert K. 319 Merrimack 
Russell A. L. 8 Market 
Russell Cyrus K. 281 Merrimack 
SHEAHAN E. 28 Gorham (see page 

Smith Charles, 33 Fayette 
Smith Peter S. 17 East Merrimack 
Smith & Britton, 135 Middlesex 
Springer J. F., Liberty square 
Stickney & Spofford, Bridge, c. Second 
Streeter H. W. 7 John 
Sullivan T. 178 Lawrence 
Tolman J. C. 366 and 368 Merrimack 
Tomev Thomas, 32 Middle 
Walsh J. Mrs. 118 Lowell 
Ward J. P., East Merrimack 

Washburn & Pearl, 31 Market 
Wheeler Albert, 12 Tilden 
Whithed & Shorey, 60 Middlesex 
Whittemore I. W."^ 45 East Merrimack, 
Whitty John, 84 Market 
Woodward L. 288 Middlesex 
Worthen E. B. & C x 216 Merrimack 
Wright A. C. 14 Market 

tral (see page 399) 


Aruda Frank 0., American House 

Barth Daniel W. 70 Central 

Bennett G. H. 191 Mildiesex 

Benson S. W. 2 Prescott block 

Bonner L. H. 12 Central 

Brooks W. F. B. 276 Merrimack 

Brown Jonas E. 181 Middlesex 

Burton A. P. 22 Central 

Clifford Charles F. 112 Merrimack 

Courtemanches P. 72 Middlesex 

Donovan Timothy, 10 Adams 

H pgood Harry, Central, cor. Church 

Largess M. 2 .Merrimack House 

Levy J. 154 Middlesex 

Lewis W. 2 Bridge 

McF^nroe L. S. 4 Central 

Pike Albert J., Wamesit Bank building 

Proctor H. B. 32 Prescott 

Ross .1. F. Washington House 

Stephenson A. W. 184 Merrimack 

Vallely E. 82 Gorham 

Welch Edward, 130 Central 

Hair Restorer. 
AYER J. C. & CO. (Hair Vigor) 105 
Market (see page 418) 


Medina Emanuel J. 94 Merrimack 
Raymond Daniel, 204 Merrimack 

Hardware and Mechanics' Tools. 
Adams C. E. 173 Middlesex 
Batchelder A. G. 94 Howard 
Butcher John, 17 Middle 

5 Central (--ee page 388) 
Fielding & Bartlett, 136 Central 
Rogers Jacob & Co. 166 Merrimack 

Harness Makers. 
Allen J. G. 46 Central 
Brabrook Joseph A. 45 Market 
Butman S. L. 196 Middlesex 
Convers Samuel, 163 Central 
Hatch George S. 8 Merrimack block 
Sawyer Aaron C. 161 and 163 Middlesex 
Sullivan J., Dutton, near Fletcher 
Willett Albert, 285 Merrimack 
Hat Manufacturer. 
HINES C. G. 170 Merrimack (manu- 
factures to order Dress Silk Hats 
from new stock, or make* over Old 
Hats into fashionable style j 

HUiVT &, ELblOTT, 28 reiitral St., are Agents for sev< ral of tlie 
best stock and Mutual Fire Ins. Co.'s (See pages 3:4, 370.) 



Hats, Caps, Furs, &c. 

Brazer William P. 47 Central 

(see outside front cover) 
Lederer B. & Co. 5 Appleton block 
Putnam & Son, S6 Central 
Webber T. C. 92 Centrnl 
Wheeler J. A. 174 Merrimack 


dike (see page 410) 

BROWN DARIUS C. (patent) Church, 
corner Warren (see page 373) 


HORN SAMUEL & CO., School, near 
corner Middlesex (see page 390) 

Hoop-Skirt Manufacturers. 
Blood S. .\. Mrs. 7S Merrimack 
Cheney VVm. Mrs. 168 Merrimack 


Cahill Owen, 56 Gorharn 

rimack (see page 395) 

LIBBY M. V. B. 75 Market (see page 

Horse Stalls (Patent). 
BENNEFT J. W., Middlesex, corner 
Grand (see outside front cover) 

Hose Manufacturers. 
Mechnnics building, Dutton (tee 
front colored page) 

Hosiery Manufacturers. 
F. Salmon, manager, Mt. Vernon, 
near Broadwuy (see page 372) 


American House, Charles Going, 86 

Central Hotel, George W. Mark, 278 

City Htjtel, Frank Wetherbee, 51 East 

Howard House, Allen Waldo, 211 Mid- 

Lafayette House, Thomas Heathwood, 
Middlesex, n'^'ar Walker 

Merrimack House, Henry Emery, Mer- 
rimack, corner Dutt m 

Montgomery House, .1. Cusack, 344 

Wamesit House, Samuel T. Dresser, 
187 Middlesex 

Washington House, B. Thurston, Cen- 
tral, corner Church 

Housekeeping Goods. 
Market (^ee page 419) 

Ice Dealers. 
Pawtucket (see page 398) 

Ink Manufacturer. 

Billings .T. T., Bridge, corner River, 

Insurance Agents. 

biiilding (see page 378) 

CHURCH HENRY C. 23 Central, cor. 
Jliddle (see page 376) 

COOK .JAMES, 49 Central (see page 

Davis J. B. & Son, 27 Merrimack 

Dearborn Elbridge, 98 Merrimack 

Devlin .Tohn S. 49 Central 

FOLSOM J. S. 21 Central (see page 

HUNT & ELLIOTT, Prescott National 
Bank Building, 28 Central, fire and 
life, (see foot-lines and pages 374 and 

Manlev F. E. 87 Merrimack 

Benefit Life Insurance Co. of New 
Jersey) 37 Merrimack (see page 380) 

Norcross N. W. 21 Central 

Page I. Henry, 49 Central 

S HER. MAN E. F. 27 Central. Agent 
for the following companies : Spring- 
field Fire and Marine, Lorillard's, 
Home of New York City, Yoiikers 
and New York, and Merchants, of 
Hartford, Ct. (see page 377) 

S riCKNEY S. W., Railroad Bank, 136 
Merrimack (see page 379) 

Walker G. W. 48 Central 

WHEELER FRANK W. (life) Mer- 
chants' Bank building (see page 378) 

York E. L. 11 Barristers' Hall 

York W. R. 5 Museum building 

Intelligence Offices, 

(see page 398) 
Morgan Ebentzer, 314 Merrimack 
Wmton John Mrs. 69 Market 

Iron and Steel. 

Butcher .John, 17 Middle 

Iron Foundries. 
Cole & Nichols, Dutton, corner Willie 

Moodv, superintendent, Dntton (see 

page 371) 

Jewelry and "Watches. 
Hallett M. G. 153 Central 
Ordway H. M. 86 Merrimack 
Raynes Joseph & Co. 43 Central 
Richardson L. B. & Co. 108 Central 
SANBORN AMOS & CO. (manuf. and 
wholesale dealeis) 25 Central, corner 
Middle (see front colored page) 
Wilkins Henry, 73 Central 
Williams G. t. 29 Merrimack 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co.. Worcester, !»Tuss., Issue every 
desirable form of Life Ins. and findo^vment Policy. (See p. 374.) 



Junk Dealers. 
Dodge L. C. 54 and 55 Dutton 
Hapgood Kplii-iiim & Son, 43 High 
Langley S. & \V. 24 Middle 
Nugent M. 16 Gorhain 
Ready A. L. 65 Dutton 

Kitchen Furniture. 
NASH J. W. & CO. 126 Central (see 
front colored page opp. title) 

Knife Manufacturer. 
LOVE.TOY DANIEL, R .ck, corner 

Gushing (see page 414) 

gent, agent, Graniteville, near Low- 
ell (see pages 426 & 427) 

Lace Leathor Manufacturers. 
GATES JOSfAH & SONS, 4 and 6 
Dutton (see front c lore J page) 

Laces, Embroideries, and Dress 

Emerson P. H. 69 Merrimack 
Skinner A. C. 63 Merrimack 
Smith Francis, 49 Merrimack 


Abbot Julian, 81 Central 

Abbott James C. 43^ Central 

Bent William H. 56 Central 

Blaisdell C. R. 3 Canal block 

Boardman H. W. 5 Barristers' Hall 

Bonney A. P. 43,^ Central 

Brown & Alger, 55 Central 

Butler & Webster, 4 aad 6 Museum 

Caverly & Gove, Post-office building 
Corliss H. G. F., Museum building 
Cowley & Allen, 75 Central 
Crowley Jenmiah, 75 Central 
Davis John, 49 Central 
FRYE & MOORE, 49 Central (see out- 
side back cover) 
Griffin George A. 55 Central 
Hadley S. P. jr. Police Court 
Howe & Greenhalge, 49 Central 
Keyes J. B. 49 Central 
Kimball J. C. 5 Barristers' Hall 
Knowles J. A. 2 Appleton block 
Ladd Jonathan, 132 East Merrimack 
Loughran James, 3 Canal block 
Marshall & Rice, 3 Barristers' Hall 
McEvoy J. F. 43i Central 
McNamara Owen. Museum building 
MOORK ALBERT M. 49 Central (see 

outside back cover) 
Reed John W. 4 Barristers' Hall 
Richardson D. S. & G. F. 55 Central 
Scott G. Cltrence, 4'i^ Central 
Shepard Luther E. 43i Central 
Stevens & Anderson, f Barristers' Hall 
Swan Chas. A. F. 13 Barristers' Hall 
Sweetser Theodore H. 43i Central 
Varnum A. C. 2 Appleton block 

Wentworth & Jewett, Wentworth's 

Williams Benj. A. 56 Central 

Leather Belting. 

Dutton (see front colored page) 

WHITING & CO., Savinirs Bank 
building, Shattuck (see page 412) 

Leather Dealers. 

BROWN WILL ARD A. 88 Market (see 

Xage 410) 
TES JOSIAH & SONS, 4 and 6 
Dutton (see froi.t colored page) 

Letter Cutter. 

GROVER ARISTON, 134 Middlesex 
(see page 400) 


City Library, City Hall 
Edwards Geo. C. 40 Merrimack 
Mechanics', Mechanics building 

Line and Twine Manufacturers. 
CLARK JEREMIAH, 96 Middle (loom 

harness twine, see page 414) 
HALE B. S. & SON, Whipple's Mills 

(see page 404) 

Liquors and Wines. 

Armstrong James, 93 Market 
Chalmers & Co. 9 Merrimack 
COSGROVE JOHN, 272 Jlerrimack 

(see paere 397) 

(see page 396) 
Kane G. F. 81 Market 
LENNON JOHN, 6 Lowell (see page 

LYNCH PATRICK, 41 Market (see 

page 396) 
McNahb J. 8 Merrimack 
MURPHY DANIEL, 50 and 51 Dutton 

(see page 396) 

Livery Stables. 

{See Stables.) 
Locksmiths and Sawfllers. 

Curtis Thomas H. 129 Central 

Haskell J. H. 30 Prescott 

WRIGHT S. H. 214 Merrimack, corner 

Maiden lane (see page 394) 

Locomotive Builders. 


Moody, superintendent, Dutton (see 
pnge '371) 

Lookiug GHass and Picture 

Gordon & Currier, 23 Prescott 
McGirr J. 284 Merrimack 
RUGG C. W. 77 Merrimack (see page 

Life and KndoM^ment Assurance. Be .'^iire and ;s;et the terms iu the 
State Mutual Life A. Co. boiorc iusuriiig elsewhere. (See page 375.) 



Loom Harness. 

{See also Feed and Harness.) 

BROWN D. C, WaiTen, cor. Church 
(see page 873) 

HARRIS GP:0. W., Lawrence corpora- 
tion, and Broadway, corner Mount 
Vernon (see page 381) 

Loom Pickers. 
KIMBALL MOSES F. 92 Market (see 
page 411) 


Brooks A. L , Dutton, corner Fletcher 
Davis & Melendv, 259 Middlesex 
HOWES & BURNHAM, Dutton, near 
Wamesit Steam Mills (see page 403) 
Norcross & Saunders (agents) Middle- 
sex, office 16 State street, Boston 
WHITNEY H. & A., Western Avenue 
(see jiage 412) 

Machine Blacksmiths. 
Merrimack (see page 395) 

Machine Knitting. 
BROWN ADA MISS, Hale, n. Lincoln 
(see page 401) 

Machinery Manufacturers. 

AnT^rican Bolt Co. 210 Lawrence 
CAREY & HARRIS, Broadway, cor- 
ner Mt. Vernon (see page 381) 
KITSON R.. Worthen, corner Dutton 

(see back colored page) 
LANE DAVID, Fletcher, cor. Cusli- 

ing (see page 416) 

Mills. Broadway (see page 407) 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Cushing, corner 

Rock (see page 414) 

Moody, supt. Dutton (see page 371) 
ROBINSON WM. & CO., Mechanics 

Mills (see page 415) 
SARGENT CHARLES G., Graniteville, 

near Lowell (see back colored page) 
SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 

near Lowell (see page 411) 


Atherton & Turner, 23 Howe 
BARKER H. R. & CO. 8 Central (see 

front cover) 
Bradshaw J. L., Wilson lane 
Burch .1. 324 Merrimack (job) 
Cadv George L. 237 Middlesex 
CAREY & HARRIS, Broadway, cor- 
ner Mt. Vernon (see page 381) 
Burgess T. F. & Co. 235 Middlesex 
Davis Asahei, Mechanics' Mills 
ELLIOTT EPHRAIM,First, opp. Read, 

Centralville (see page 414) 
HAMER .1. W. 237 ^Middlesex (see 

page 410) 
Huntoon & Simonds, 92 Market 

LANE DAVID, Fletcher, corner Gush 

ing (see page 416) 

Mills, Broadway (see page 407) 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Cushing, corner 

Rock (see jiaje 414) 

Moody snpt., Dutton (see page 371) 
MURKLANl) W. & J. W. 82 Middle 

(see page 405) 
Perkins Francis S Mechanics' Mills, 

Pierce .Tohn N., Howe 
ROBINSON WM. & CO., Mechanics' 

Mills (see page 415) 
Sawyer H. J., Broadway 
SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 

near Lowell (see page 411) 
Stevens B. F., Arch [depot 

Wt^ston C. H., Arch, near Middlesex 
WRIGH r SHEFFIELD H. 214 Merri- 
mack (see page 394) 

Machinists' Tools. 

Cadv Georse L. 237 Middlesex 

(see page 407) 

Moodv, snpt., Dutton (see page 371) 
ROBINSON WM. & CO., Mechanics' 

Mills (see page 415) 
SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 

near Lowell (see page 411) 

Manufacturers' Supplies. 

CLARK JEREMIAH, 96 Middle (see 
page 414) 

CO BURN C. B. & CO. 2 Mechanics' 
building, Dutton (see page 403) 

Dutton (see front colored page) 

Bank building (see last white page) 

TALBOT CHAS. P. & CO., City Mar- 
ket House, Market (see page 409) 

Marble "Workers. 

Andrews William, 181 Central 
Smith A. W. 155 Central 
Winter J. B. 61 Dutton 
Witherell George F. 165 Middlesex 

Bailey Thomas D. 51 Hanover 
Cady Lyman, 12 Cady 
Coburn & Park (stone), Dracut 
Hutchinson S. K. 21 Nesmith 
Ilsley A. 9 Queen 

Kittredge Luther (stone) 4 Butterfield 
Messer Abiel (stone) 72 Bartiett 
Moulton John L., First, near Read, 

Page M. C, First, n. Read, Centralville 
Russell J. 215 Central [tralville 

Sanborn Theodore A. 9 Myrtle, Cen- 
Sprague L.. Mansur, near Fairmount 
Staples Nathaniel T. 31 Willie 

Parties desiring Fire or l.ife Policies in Mass. or otUer Co.'s, can 
procuretlieintliroiighHUKT&KLJLtOTT, at lOAvest rates, (pp. '^74,375) 



WOODWARD HEXRY M., River road, 

cor. Mammoth road (see page 400) 
Wright Luther (stone) 4 Central 

Mat and Bug Manufacturers. 

Green Joseph. 8 Hale 
Mcdonald JOHN, lO Hale (see page 

Cadv William R. 242 Central 
Kels'ey H. (botanic) 29 Elm 
Knapp C. F. 4 Mechanic 
Mowe George S. 94 JHddle 


Corbett John C. 103 Pawtucket 
Garland J. P., Wilder, near Middlesex 
Russell Asa C. 39 Appleton 

Millinery Goods. 
Ambrose A. Mrs. 119 Market and 107 

Blanchard A. JL Mrs. 99 Merrimack 
Colburn A. A. Mrs. 1 Welles block 
Crowley Daniel, 108 Jlerrimack 
Crowley J. Mrs. 122 Merrimack 
Donovan Marv A. 17 Market 
Elliott R. A. Mrs. 61 Merrimack 
Folsom C. B. 73 Merrimack 
Furbish & Home, 83 Merrimack 
Gage Wm. H. Mrs., Carlton block 
Hall M .ry A. 5 Welles block 
Huntley Curtis Mr*. 97 Merrimack 
Huntley E. J. 90 Merrimack 
Knowles C. C. 101 Merrimack 
Lord H. M. 27 Market 
McGill James, 62 and 64 Merrimack 
McMahon M. D. 93 Merrimack 
Stevens Mary E. 131 Middlesex 
Taylor J. 116 Merrimack 
Thompson B. T. .Mrs. 91 Merrimack 
W'aldron Mary A. 24 John 
White Marv A. 81 MeiTimack 
Wilson A. E. 27 Market 

Mill Wrights. 

Coburn Daniel, 35 Walnut 
Fitts Isaac N. 7 Willie 
Holt Daniel, 25 Howe 

Model Make 8. 
Bradshaw J. A., Wilson lane 
Crane John E. 20 Middle 

BACHELDER A. & CO., Mt. Vernon, 
near Broadway (all kinds and styles, 
see page 410) 

Music Dealers. 
RUGG C. W. 77 Merrimack (see page 

Simpson Andrew J. & Co. 41 Central 

Wail Manufacturer. 
Lishon E. (horse and ox) 136 Middle- 

Notaries Public. 

(See Miscellaneous Dejmitment.) 


Atwood Marv, 47 Hanover 

Corlis Florelfa Mrs. 340 Central 

Faunce Enmia Mrs. Favor 

Cxoding Betsev, 39 Walnut 

Gilson Lucv D. 4 Walnut 

Hayward Sarah Mrs. 29 Walnut 

HiU Eliza, 18 Bartlett 

McEntire Ellen, Branch, near School 

Moxlev P. Mrs., Congress 

Poor Lvdia H. 218 School 

Robinson M. A. 59 Fletcher 

Scales Sally M. 66 Merrimack corp. 

Severance Elizabeth, 26 Austin 

Wilsr)n Caroline P., Somerset 

ADAMS SMITH (neat's-foot) Walker, 
near Middlesex tsee page 399) 

COBURN C. B. & CO. 1 & 2 Mechan- 
ics' building (whale, kerosene, lin- 
seed, &c., see page 403) 

KENDALL JONATHAN (whale, lard, 
lubricating, and other kinds) 1 Sav- 
ings Bank building (see last white 


Johnson Jonathan, Merrimack House 

Organs and Melodeons 
RUGG C. W. 77 Merrimack (see page 

Adams G. W. 55 East Merrimack 
Barnes Horace B. 241 Merrimack 
Brown & Carter, 200 Middlesex 
CROWE M. 129 Lawrence (see p. 393) 
Emerson Nathan, 43 East Merrimack 
FARSON & CROOKER, 151 Middle- 
sex (see page 392) 
FIELDING J. B. & CO. 101 & 103 
Central, 1, 3, and 4 Jackson (see out- 
side back cover) 
Hall Charles, 30 Bri igp, Centralville 
Hayward Clark, 16 Middle 
Keilev Wm. & John, 2 Salem 
Kittredge Abner, 10 ^Middle 
Kittredge A. L. 4 Appleton block 
Livingston Alfred J. 164 Middlesex 
Lovejoy E. W.. Dntton, n. Fletcher 
MoiTilTN. W. 197 Goi-ham 
Parks George, 173 Central 
Phelps W. P. 24 Prescott 
Prince T. T., Middlesex, c. Pearl 
(}uimbv Alonzo P. 71 Adams 
Quimbv James B. 71 East Merrimack 
Wiley Edward J. 9 River, Centralville 

Bradford J. VV. 285 Merrimack 
Freeman S. K., Arch 
Lynch Alonzo K. 136 Middlesex 
RACICOT H. A. 201 Dutton (see page 

Surveys and Estimates tnnde for Insurance on Mills, nianufac- 
toiie*. and other piope. ly, at sliort notice, by HUNT & EL.L.IOTT. 



Andrews L. M. 37 Market 

{Portrait, tfc.) 
Howes Snmuel P. 112 Merrimack 
Lawson Thomas B. 8 Savings Bank 

(Scenic. J 
CROWE M. 129 Lawrence (see p. 303) 

(Sir/n and Ornamental.) 
CROWK M. 129 Lawrence (see p. 393) 
Lvnch Alonzo K. 136 Middlesex 
Phelps W. P. 24 Prescott 
RACrCOT H. A. 201 Button (seepage 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 

COBURN C. B. & CO. 1 & 2 Mechan- 
ics' building, Duttoii (manufactur- 
ers' supplies, see pasre 403) 

FARSON & CROOKER, 151 Middle- 
sex (see paoje 392) 

FIELDING.). B. &C0. I01& 103 Cen- 
tral, 1, 3, & 4 Jackson (see outside 
back cover) 

Bank building (see last white page) 

Kittredge A. L. 4 Appleton block 

Paper and Paper Bags. 
CHURCH H. C. 23 Central, corner 
Miildle (see page 409) 

Paper Box Maker. 
PEASE GEORGE W. 2 Appleton block 
(see page 400) 

Paper Cop Tube Manuf icturer. 

Douglass Robert, Arch, n. Middlesex 

Paper Hangings. 

Brown & Carter, 200 Middlesex 
FIELDING J. B. & CO. 101 & 103 Cen- 
tral, 1, 3, and 4 Jackson (see outside 
back cover) 
rimack (see page 4) 

Paper Makers. 
RICHMOND C. B. SO Lawrence (see 

page 407) 
Ripley George & Co., Congress, near 


Paper Mill Bars and Plates. 
LOVEJOY DANIEL. Rock, corner 
Gushing (see page 414) 

Paper Warehouse. 
CHURCH H. C. 23 Central, cor. Middle 
(see page 409) 

Passenger Agent. 
(see page 398) 

Patent and Enamelled Leather. 

Hubbard & Bluke, Tanner, Ayer's City 

Patents, Solicitors of 
Crane John E. 20 Middle and 46 

Court, Boston 
Pevey Geo. E. 128 Merrimack 

Pattern Makers. 

Crane John E. 20 Middle 

Flint Joseph K., Mechanics' Mills 

HILLS ELIPHALET, Mechanics' Mills, 

Dutton (see page 401) 
MURKLAND W. & J. W. 82 Middle 

(see page 405) 

Periodical Depots. 

Clark J. 140 Central 

Gnnlon William, 78 Central and 32 

Mason R. E. 79 Central 
.Morse & Turner, 133 Central and 6 

Williams G. T. 29 Merrimack 
Wiuton Jolm Mrs. 59 Market 

Photographists . 
Cross A. B. & Geo. W. 27 Central 
Eaton A. B. 15 Barristers' Hall 
Emerson 5L W. 89 .Merrimack 
Gilchrest G. C. 92 Merrimack 
Gilchrest G. E. 88 Merrim.ic 
Haskell W. G. & Co. 103 Merrimack 
Kimball A. W. 245 Merrimack 
Richardson Leonard, 29 Kirk 
Sanborn F. P. 15 Barristers' Hall 
S.\NBORN N. C. 50 Merrimack (see 

outride front cover) 
Shattuok S. 19 Central 
T<.wle Simon. 92 Merrima'^k 
Washburn .John .M. 100 Merrimack 

Members of the Middlesex Xorth Dis- 
trict Medical Society, and who are also 
members of the Massachusetts Medical 

Aldrich E. B., Merrimack, corner John 
Allen Nathan, 12 Hurd 
Bass William, 129^ Central 
Burnham Walter, Central, corner Mid- 
Dickey Hanover, 15 Hurd 
Fox Lorenzo S. 2 Welles block 
Gatje Daniel P., Lee, corner John 
Gilman John H. 8 Welles block 
Graves John W., Lowell Hospital and 

Central, cor. .lackson 
Green John 0., Savings Bank building 
Holt Daniel, 15 John 
JeW'itt Jeremiah P. 22 Kirk 
Kidder Moses W. 16 Hurd 
Kimball Gilman, Merrimack, corner 

Leighton W. H., Merrimack, c. Worthen 
Livingston Alfred, 26 Thorndike 
Nickerson Franklin, 5 Savings Bank 

Increasing Annual CasU Divislends in tlie Staf*" Mutual Life A. Co., 
Wol-cesttr. Books and eUcxilars free. HUKT «fc ELiLIOTT, Agents. 



Osgood George C, Merrimack, corner 

Parker Hiram, 17 John 
Parker Jloses G., First, near Bridge, 

Pearson John W. 16 Hurd 
Pillsbury George H. 24 Ivirk 
Pillsbury Harliii, 24 Kirk 
Pinkham George E., Central, corner 

Plunkett F. C. 5 Welles block 
Sanders Charles B. 7 Welles block 
Savory Cliarles A. 6 Kirk 
Smith* Joseph H. 2 Museum building 
Spalding Joel, 6 Savings Bank building 
Wells David, 1 Welles' block 


Day Thomas J. 34 Willow 
Dows Amos W. 185 Central 
Park W. M., Museum building 
Thompson M. E. 268 Jlerrimack 


Chandler H. 6i Hurd 
Chandler L. 62 Central and 271 Essex, 

( Homceopathic.) 
Packer E. H. 1 Wentworth's building 
Thompson A. 14 Central 

Masta Joseph A., 170 Merrimack 
Moody J. D. 179 Central 

(Other Physicians.) 
Allyn Rachel H. 34 Church 
Avery F. S. Mrs., Bridge, corner Tenth, 

Buswell Albert, 16 Central 
Chase George F. 118 Middlesex 
Cowles H. L. G. (clair.) 37 Willow 
Hall Mary A. 27 Kirk 
Harmon J. M., Welles block 
Henotte C. 298 ilerrimack 
Hobart Anna L. Mrs. (clairvoyant) 4 

Jackson William, 13 Andover 
Jenness L. W. 55 Merrimack 
Larochelle P. 116 Middlesex 
Parker Daniel, 7 Barristers" Hall 

mack (see page 402) 
Simpson B. F. 5 Merrimack 
Smith P. 154 Suftblk 
Stanchfield M. Mrs. 300 Central 
Viney Wm. H. 16 Tyler 
Wardleworth S. S. 13 Andover 
W nn D. K. 29 Kirk 
Wright Mary P. Mrs. 1 W'iUow place 


Foote Warren S. & Co. 275 Merrimack 

Hedrick George, 36 Central 

KUGG C. W. 77 Merrimack (see page 


Pictures and Frames. 

(See Looking- Glass and Picture 

Planing Knives. 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Reck, corner 
Cuahiug, (see pvge 414) 


Market (ground, see page 404) 


Middle (see page 389) 
WOODWARD HENRY M., River road, 
corner Mammoth road (see page 400) 

Plasters (Medical). 
Novelty Plaster Works Manuf. Co., 
Elm, near Gorham 


WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 
inside back cover) 

Pop-Corn Cake Manuf. 
MANNING WILLIAM, Broadway, cor. 

School (see page 405) 

Pop Corn Dealer. 

EATON S. C. 107 Howard (see page 

Powder Dealers. 

NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 144 and 146 
Central (see page 390) 

tral (see i^age 399) 


Bennett J. A., City Hall avenue 

Chase & Hildreth, 9 Savings Bank 

KNAPP & MOREY, 44 Central (see 
page 385) 

MARDEN& ROWELL, Museum build- 
ing, near P. 0. (see page 384) 

PENHALLOW B. H., Wyman's Ex- 
change (see page 3>6) 

Propeller Printing Office, oTer Post 

STONE & HUSE, 21 Central (see page 

Produce, &o. 
BRYANT DANIEL, 110 Middlesex 

(see page 391) 
Buttrick & Co. 20 Market 
Dexter S. K. 113 Thorndike 
Hancock Levi, 76 Dutton 

Market (see page 399) 
Lovejoy E. 134 Central 
Nichols G. N. & E. 1U9 Market 
NICHOLS & FLETCHER, 144 and 146 

Central (see page 390) 
Russell A. C. 39 Appleton 

Life lusiirauce for $33,000, $50,000, and $100,000, is not rare noW" 
a-days. Slirewd men invest in it. (See Slate M. Lim A. Co. adv. p. 3r5." 



SAWTELL S. L. 68 Dutto-i (see pnge 

Stiles C. F. 90 Middlesex 
STILES, ROGERS, & CO. 23 Market 

(see page 390) 
Waite A. L. & Co., Dutton, opposite 

Mechanics' Mills 


Bailev Fred G. 69 Etist Merrimack 
Bellamy & Murpliy, 68 Middlesex 
Blood & Mitcliell,"Liberty square, Ad- 
ams, corner Suiiolk 
Bowman & Bailey, 3 Gorhan 
Boyntou .1. M., Middlesex, c )r. Howard 
Brierton Edward, 99 Lowell 
BROPHY J. & M., Lowell, cor. Dum- 

mer (see page 396) 
Brown William, Gorham, n. Congress 
BRYANT DANIEL, 110 Middlesex 

(see page 391) 
Burtt J. Albert, 31 Middlesex 
Cliase Ira M. 253 Merrimack 
Corbett Michael, 65 Gorham 
Corner John & Co. 306 Merrimack 
Courtney William, 47 River, Central- 

Cusack John, 344 Central 
Daly Zebedee 8. 38 Fletcher 
DOWNING E. T. 98 Middlesex, corner 

Pearl (see page4!»l) 
EACOTT MAT I HEW, Bridge, near 

Second, CeutralviUe (see page 398) 
Eaton VV. 364 Menimack 
Flynn John, Dummer, near Lowell 
Fosdick L. G., Cabot, corner Salem 
Giblin Martin, 61 Market 
Gradv P. 148 Lowell 
Gray'D. S. 205 Central 
Grimes Andrew, 122 Lowell 
Haviland & Brother, 348 Merrimack 
Hunt E. S. 96 Market 
Kelley Simon, 67 Gorham 
Kidder and Hosmer, 196 Merrimack 
Lappen Thomas, 62 Gorham 
Laughton A. A. 113 East MeiTimack 
Lord O. 193 Central 
Lynch Bros. 97 Gorham 
MANAHAN C, Coburn, near River, 

Ceutralville (see page 397) 
McCarron James, 167 Gorham 
McCoy & Farrington, Li berty square 
McGlone T. F., Church, cor. Lawrence 

(see page 396) 
McKi>sock & Davidson, Bridge, corner 

River, Centralville 
McVey M. 11 William 
Melleii Patrick. Aiidover. cor. Water 
Miles James, 71 Market 
Moses S. T. 28 Bridge, Centralville 
O'Connor & Flynn, 66^ Charles 
O'Neill J. 18 opposite 40 Adams 
Owen William N. 50 East Merrimack 
Philbrick M. E 243 Merrimack 
RiceH. M. & J. 4 East Merrimack 
Rice & Bailey, 131 Central • 

Richardson Bros. 179 Middlesex 
Roark M. 39 Lowell 
Siirgent .J. L. 4 Merrimack 
Sawtelle A. A. & Co., Liberty square 
SAWTELL S. L. 68 Dutton (see page 

Welch John W., Lowell, cor. Hanover 
Wilder & Puffer, 12 Market 
Wing True, 3 John 
Woods E. J. 320 Merrimack 
Wright A. F. 195 Middlesex 

Pump Makers. 
COLBY AMOS, 25 Howe (wooden, see 
page 395) 

Quilted Bed Comforters. 
FISKE WILLIAM, 3 Gushing (seepage 

Kail Manufacturers. (Stair.) 

GRIFFli^ & STEVENS, 61 Gushing 
(see page 395) 

Real Estate Agents. 
Goward Francis, 71 Summer 
Goward Z. 116 Appleton 
Hubbard Josiah, 3 Canal block 
iManahan J. F., Branch, cor. Loring 
Morgan Ebenezer, 314 Merrimack 
PATCH E. B. 1 & 2 Commercial sq. 

(see front cover) 
Shepard L. H. 43^ Central 
Varnum L. R. J., Bridge, corner Sixth, 

Wheelock A. C. 224 Central 
Williams Henry L. 56 Central 

Keed and Harness Manufs. 

BROWN DARIUS C, Wurre;i, corner 

Church (see page 373) 
CLEWOKIH W. & SON, 84 Middle 

(see page 404) 
HARRIS GEORGE W., Lawrence corp. 

and Broadway, cor. Mt. Vernon (^ee 

page 381 ) 
Stevens S., Fletcher, cor. Western ave. 

Kefreshments, Oysters, &c. 

Callahan James, 5 River, Centralville 
Flood J. C. 65 Market 
Hale Mary J. Northern depot 
Howard H. C. 21 & 27 Merrimack 
Ingalls 0. W. 13u Merrimack 
McDonough John H. 73^- Charles 
Meserve Eben, Merrimack-street depot 

(see page 399) 
Page Abram, 112 Central 
KICHARDSON D. L. 175 Middlesex 

opp. station house (see (>age 398) 
Richardson George, 16 & 18 Merrimack 
Thompson W. K. 42 Central 

KoU Coverer. 

KIMBALL MOSES F. 92 Market (see 
page 411) 

JkTJNT & EliLiIOTT, Pire &, Life Ins. Agency, rcp'g over §50,000,000 
Assets, 38 Central St., Prescott Nat. Bank. Bld'g. (See pages 374, 375.) 




(See also Slaters.) 

BENNETT J. W., Middlesex, corner 
Grand (Warren's fire and water 
proof, see outside front cover) 

Kittredge J., rear 45 Clnipel 

Boyle P. 10 & 14 Gorimm 
Cochran Geo., Dutton, cor. Wamesit 

Donovan M. 14 Merrimack 
Hird Joseph, 78 Market 
McQuade F. 8 William 

Sash, Doors, and Blinds. 

(See Doors, Sash, and Bliiids.) 

Sawing and Planing. 
BACHELDEU A. & CO., Mt. Vernon, 

near Broadway (see page 410) 
Brooks A. L., Mechanics' Itlills 
Norcross & Saunders, agents, Middle- 
sex, office 27 State, Boston 
Pratt M. C. & Co., Wamesit Mills 
WHITNEY H. & A., Western avenue 
(see page 412) 

Scale Makers and Dealers. 

gent, & Shattuck, agents), 5 Central 
(see page 388) 

Knowles J. A. jr., Mechanics' Mills 


{See also Miscellaneous Department.) 
Folsom Mary F. 73 Merrimack 
Lowell Business College, Museum 

JlcCoy James M. 60 Merrimack 
St. Ainie's, Savings Bank building 

Screw Manufacturers. 
ALDRICH M., Mechanics' Mills (wood- 
en, see page 411) 
American Bolt Co. 210 Lawrence 
Cadv George L. 237 Middlesex 
HASIER J. W. 235 & 237 Middlesex 

(ship and jack, see page 410) 
Peabodv & Co., Allen's Mills 
Smith S. C, Harris Mills 

Sewing Machine Improvemen^is. 

Bradshaw J. A., Wilson lane 
Sewing Machines. 
Carter N. C. Kiy Merrimack 
Critchett & Kimball, 123 Central 
Davis Asluiel, 111 Middlesex 
Dearborn & McMaster, 98 Merrimack 
EUGG C. W. 77 Merrimack (see page 

Storer N. W. & Co. 42 ]\Ierrimack 
WRIGHT S. H. 214 Merrimack (see 

page 394) 

Shear Blades. 
LOVEJOY DANIEL, Gushing, corner 
Rock (see page 414) 

Sheet Metal "Workers. 

GUSHING D. & CO. 130 .Middlesex 
(see page 406) 

Sheriffs (Dejmty.) 
Bancroft .1. y Barristers' Hall 
Clemence W. H. 10 Barristers' Hall 
Hopkins James, 43| Central 


Coburn Shuttle Co. First, opp. Read, 

JAQUES J. S. & CO., Whipple's Mills 

(see page 408) 

Silver-Plated Goods. 

FRENCH & PUKFER, 113 & 115 Cen- 
tral (see outside back cover) 

SANBORN AMOS & CO. 25 Central 
(see front colored page) 


Hovey Cyrus, 86 Merrimack 

Silver-Ware Manufacturers. 
SANBORN AMOS & CO. 25 Central 

(see front colored page opposite title) 

Goulding Robert, 56 Dutton 
Waugh \Vm., Mechanic, near Dutton 

Soap and Candles. 
CURRIER JOHN, Lenton court, rear 

40 Charles (see page 401) 
HORN S. & CO., Middlesex, c. School 

(see page 390) 
Marshall & Corbett, 103 Pawtucket 
McALOON A. (soap). Pleasant, Cent. 

(see page 397) 
Walker (j-orge P. 382 Middlesex 

Soda Manufacturers. 

Bartlett & .Munn, 52 Middlesex 

WATSON E. F., Mechanics' Mills (and 
Dobbins, S'^e page 413) 

Spring-Bed Manufacturer. 

Chase Dexter, Broadway, cor. Mt. Ver- 


Butters G. S. 19 Church, near Central 

Carter C. B., Paige, opp. Bapt. Church 

Conant J. E. 170 Central 

Davis B. F., .Middlesex, near Northern 

Flint Oliver W. 112 Moody 

Going C, American House 

Hadiej John, Worthen, n. Merrimack 

Leavitt Daniel G. 32 Prescott 

Merrill Eitwin, Paige, near Bridge 

Morse H. 0., Monument Square, Merri- 

Norris G. W-, Warren, near Central 

Perry J. B.,- Arch 

C17riTTDTTV (1?TD17'\ TATQ fA Assets $3,000,000. Hunt 



Richardson & Hartford, Warren, near 

SCOTT ALFRED, 202 Middlesex (see 

page 390) 

Stage Office. 

Sleeper's Lowell and Frainingham, Si 

Stair Builders. 

GRIFFIN & STEVENS, 61 Cushing 
(see page 395) 

Stamp, Stencil, and Steel Letter 

Glover William B. 8 Merrill's court 
GROVER A. 134 Middlesex (see page 

Parsons & Gibby, 3 Fletcher 
Preston John, 111 Thorndike 
Whitmore William, 28 Merrimack 

Steam Engineer {Consulting) 
LEAVITT E. D. Jr., Carleton block, 
136 Merrimack (see p. 358) 

Steam Press Plates. 

DOBBINS WILLIAM,- Dntton, near 

Mechanics' Mills (see page 407) 
Weston C. H., Arch, n. Middlesex depot 

Stone Cutters and Dealers. 

Coburn & Park (quarries) Dracut 

Runels, Cloagh, & Co., 'Ihorndike, n. 
the jail 

TRASK OLIVER P., School, corner 
Nashua R. R. (see page 391) 

Witherell Geo. F. 165 Middlesex (mar- 
ble and granite) 

Stoves, Grates, Tin Ware, &c. 

Costello T. & Co. 118 Ce.itral 
Duston Harlow, 12 Merrimack 
Foote J. L. & Co. 279 Merrimack 
MACK S. G. 123 and 125 Market (see 

page 417) 
Mead Matthias, 37 East Merrimack 
Mehan J. & Brother, 24 Prescott 
NICHOLS JACOB, Dutton, c. Lowell 

(see top of calendar page) 
NASH J. W. & CO. 126 Central (see 

front colored opposite title page) 

Market (see page 41if) 
Page J. Y. 265 and 267 Merrimack 
Wier N. J. & Co. 198 Merrimack 

Stucco -Worker. 

Middle (see page 389) 

Super-Shosphate of Lime. 

Market (see page 404) 

Suspender Manufacturers. 

Churchill D. & Co., First, opposite 

Read, Centralville 
Cutter & Walker, 48 Central 
Crush J. S., Hale, corner Howard 


PENHALLOW B. H., Wyman's Ex- 
change (see page 386) 

STAR LABEL CO., F. G. Sargent, 
agent, Graniteville, near Lowell (see 
pages 426 and 427) 

Barnes Emily R. 4i) Central 

Tailors and Drapers. 

(See also Clothing.) 
Barnes Henry H. 5 Canal block 
Benden Frederick, Hale, n. Chelmsford 
Bennett William S. 11 Central 
Birnbaum R. 155 Middlesex 
Burbatik & Wiiniek, 53 Central 

5 Central (see page 388) 
Costello Michael, 164 Central 
Delany Thomas, 74 Market 
Doyle" Moses, 58 South 
Gilnian Alfred, 156 Merrimack 
Halberstad L. 54 Central 
Holland Michael, 3 Prescott block 
Lancaster S. 1". 104 and 106 Central 
Leslie E. C. & Go. 4 .Merrimack House 
Murphv John, 47 Market 
CNeafHugh, 1 Hurd 
SMITH GEORGE, 222 Merrimack (see 

back colored page) 
Wiggin D. 33 Merrimack 


ADAMS SMITH, Walker, near Middle- 
sex (see page 399) 

Cook E. G., Tanner, corner Lincoln, 
Ayer's City 

Tea and Coffee Stores. 

Hughes John, 51 Market 
Johnson J. B. 12 .lolm 
jMorse .^ Turner, 133 Central 
Plastridge S. 5 Merrimack House 


Wright H. M. iMiss, Savings Bank 

Bennett S. C. 20 Hurd 
Foote Warren S. 275 Merrimack 
Hill Asa V. 25 Willow 
Hunt J. Miss, 27 Marion (piano) 
Lennon Joseph G. 30 Lowell 
Morrison John F. 30 Appleton corp. 


Assets (Gold) $,• l,6O0.00 ». Hunt &. 
SUlott, Agt's. (See page 374.) 



Stevens S. W. 47 Howard 
Way William H. 22 Tyler 
Wheeler H. Mrs. 63 East Merrimack. 
Willey George F. 32 Applcton 

(^Private School.) 
Folsom Mary F. 73 Merrimack 

Harrison Bertram, 37 Andover 
Rawson R. T. 128 Merrimack 

Telegraph Ofaces. 
Brickett H. W. agent, Merrimack-street 

NorUiern Telegi-aph Co., F. Hanscom, 

manager, 4 Middle, branch-office at 

Merrimack House 

Ticket Agent. 
Brickett H. W., Merrimack-st. depot 

Tin Can Manufacturers. 
WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (Sar- 
gent's Oil Cans, see inside back 


{See also Stoves and Tinware.) 
NASH J. \V. & CO. 126 Central (see 

front colored, opposite titlepage) 
Smith & Martin, 128 Middlesex 
Whitteu \V. T. 28 and 30 A^idover 
WILDER H. H. & CO. 8 Jackson (see 

inside back cover) 

Tripe and Pigs' Feet, 

ADAMS SMITH, Walker, near Middle- 
sex (see page 399) 

Trunks, &oO. 
Allen J. G. 46 Central 
Burgess E. 38 Central 
Knowles Brothers, Central, c. Market 
Marriott Jolm, jr. 58 and 60 Central 
MoUoy George, 15 Market 

Twine Manufacturers. 

CHURCH H. C. 23 Central, cor. Mid- 
dle (dealei', see page 409) 

CLARK JEIIEMIAH,96 Middle (loom- 
harness, and tauc}', see page 414) 

Umbrellas and Parasols. 
RUGG C. \V. 77 Merrimack (see page 

^ See Miscclkniemis Department, p. 'il'i.) 

HAUVER LEVI, 11 Middle (see page 

Offutt George & Son, 135 Central 

Variety Stores. 
Alcott \. 296 Merrimack 
Allen G. W. 1 Tilden 
BanfiU J. 119 Middlesex 

Barnes S. J. 66 East Msi-rimack 

Rartelle C. A. 189 Central 

Berry John B. Mrs. 70 Middlesex 

Besse J. V. 14 Tilden 

Brewster John L. 13 Tilden 

Brown Alice, 97 Ce-itral 

Burgess R. H., Liberty square 

Carlton A. Mrs. 2 Tilden 

Cavanaugh 'I'homas, 173 Gorham 

Clark Jane, Broad wav, cor. Mt. Vernon 

Clark J. 140 Central" 

Clark William H. 147 Central 

Cook William G. Mrs. 325 Merrimack 

Coughlan B. 338 Jlerrimack 

Devlin James, 24 Gorham 

Donahoe M. A. Mrs., Parker's block, 

Drury Thomas, 77 Charles 
Eastman Daniel, 11 Merrimack 
Elliott Edmund, 29 Bridae, Centralville 
Evans W. 290 Merrimack 
Faunce A. B. 362 Merrimack 
Fisher A. Mrs. 219 Middlesex 
Glidden N. A. 36 Middlesex 
Gormlev P. 15 Hancock avenue 
Hall .John, 22 South 
Hall L. B. 114 Middlesex 
Herrick E. S. 174 Suffolk 
Hill E. W. Mrs. 49 East Merrimack 
Hobbs Ruth A. 71 Merrimack 
Hodgman A. G. 6 Decatur 
Huntley John, 93 Moody 
Ineham R. & Son, 1^7 Central 
Johnson Mary Mrs. 21 Market 
Lamere A. 15 Merrimack 
Lamere John, Parker's block, Bridge, 

Livingston Jame? H. 105 E. Merrimack 
Lvnch Abbie S. Mrs. IHl Middlesex 
Marble C. H. 830 Merrimack 
Martin A. R. Mrs. 6 Tilden 
Mayberry Eliza, 76 Middlesex 
McGovern F. Mrs. 1 East Merrimack 
McGuire Cornelius, 25 Summer 
McKellar David, 115 Market 
McLaughlin James, 58 Gorham 
Morse & Turner, 133 Central 
Norcott M. E. 344 Merrimack 
Rand M. A. 76 Central 
Sails Eilwin S. 95 Central 
Senior George Mrs. 220 Merrimack 
Shaw K. S. Mrs. 125 Middlesex 
Shufelt Geo. A. 1 Merrimack 
Slavin Mary Mrs. 76 Gorham 
Smith Kate, 91 Central 
Sparks John C. 342 Merrimack 
Stanton Charles P. 75 Adums 
Sugden William Mrs. 177 Central 
Tierney Jlichael, 12 Waiter 
Wiley "R. F. 84 Appleton 
Willoughby M. E. 11 Til ien 
Wilson John, 212 Merrimack 
Wing J. T. Miss, 10 John 


MACK S. G. (i^obinson's patent) 123 

and 125 Market (see page 417) 



Assets SI, OOit, 001). Hunt <&, 
Blliott, Agt's. (Sjee page .374.) , 



Veterinary Surgeon. 
WOOD EOBKRT, High-street square, 
corner Bartlett (see page 3&9) 

"Wadding and Batting Manufs. 

CHURCH H. C. 23 Central, corner 
Middle (dealer, seepage 409) 

Ripley Geo. & Co., Congress, near 

"Watch Makers. 
{See also Jewellers.) 

Carter E. B. 83 Central 

Coburn H. 143 Central 

Hallett M. G. 153 Central 

Lyman Roland, 93 Central 

Johnson Jona. 1 Men-imack House 

Rowe G. A. 32 Jlerrimack 

SANBOUN AMOS & CO. 25 Central 
(see front colored opp. title-page) 

Wilkins Henry, 73 Central 

"Water Power. 
LOCKS & CANALS, Proprietors of. 

office Mechanic (see page 360) 
Wamesit Power Co.j Lawrence 

"Water "Wheels. 
SILVER & GA^ , Norch Chelmsford, 

near Lowell (see page 411) 
"W heelwrights. 
GILSON L. G. 75 Market (see page 

GREEN & L\MAN, 285 Merrimack 

(see page 402) 
McCOY E. P., rear 200 Dutton (see 

page 392) 

Window Blind Supports. 
CLARK JEREMIAH, 96 Middle (see 
page 415) 

"Window Caps. 

CUSHING D. & CO. 130 Middlesex 

(see page 406) 
MACK S. G. 123 and 126 Market (see 

page 417) 

"Wire Goods Manufacturers. 

Caly Geo. L. 237 Middlesex 

BRUWN DARIUS C, Church, corner 
Warren (heddles, see page 373) 

HALE B. S. & SON (for galvanic bat- 
teries, &c.) Whipple's Mills (see page 

"Wire Workers. 

Hildreth H. A. 10 Central 

Woods, Sherwood, & Co., Bridge, opp. 
Seventh, Centrulville 


Adams R. 0. 15 Frescott 

AMY WILLIAM, old Jnil Yard, Dut- 
ton, near Mechanics' Mills (see page 

Bailey Alvah W., Bridge, opp. Seventh, 

BENNETT & RODLIFF, Moody, cor. 

Tremont (see page 408) 
BROWN H., Chelmsford, near Hale 

(see page 401) 
BUCKLEY MICHAEL, Gorham, cor. 

Union (see page 394) 

289 Merrimack (see page 401) 
HERRICK & PEABODY, First, near 

Read, Centralville (see page 392) 
Hill E. A. 341 Middlesex 
Laiham E. E. 55 Appleton 
LEONARD A. W.,Jackson, near RouLd 

House (see page 387) 
LIVINGSTON W. E. 9 Thorndike (see 

page 410) 
Richardson & Smith, 41 Salem 
Riley Bernard, 25 Davidson 

"Wood Mouldings. 
BACHELDER A. & CO., Mt. Vernon, 

near Broadway (all kinds and styles, 

see page 410) 
Pratt M.C. & Co., Wamesit Steam Mills 

"Wood Turning. 

ALDRICH M., Mechanics' Mills, Dut- 
ton (see page 411) 

COLBY AMOS, 25 Howe (see page 

HILLS ELIPHALET, Mechanics' Mills 
(see page 401) 

"Wood "Working Machinery. 
CAREY & HARRIS, Broadway, cor. 

Mt. Vernon (see page 381) 

Mills (see page 407) 
ROBINSON VVM. & CO., Mechanics' 

Jlills (see page 415) 

"Wooden Screw Manufacturers. 

ALDRICH MILTON, Mechanics' Mills 
(see page 411) 

Wooden "Ware. 

Barney Alfred, 247 Merrimack 

.NJerriaiack (see page 394) 
NASH J. W. & CO., 126 Central (see 
adv. opp. title-page) 

"Wool Burring and "Washing 
SARGENT CHARLES G.,Graniteville 
near Lowell (see back colored j)agej 

"Wool Sorters and "Washers. 

Carter Albert D., Whipple's Mills 
Carter W. C. & Co., Whipple's Mills 

"Woolen Goods Manufacturers. 

Belvidere Manufacturing Co. (flannels) 
Howe, corner Lawrence 

Chase Mills (fancy cassimeres), Law- 
rence, near Whipple's Mills 

.HOWAKD FIRE INS. CO., ''''T^h^i::i^^t^'ts^r' 



Faulkner L. W. & Son, Grove, near 


CO., Jackson (see page 366) 
Holt John (flannel), Howe 

CO., north end Suffolk (see paa:e 363) 

Thorndike (blankets and flannels, 

see page 388) 

Market (see page 365) 

page 369) 
Navlor Geo.^ carpets), Wanaesit Power 

Stott Chas. A. (flannels), Lawrence 
TALBOT CHAS. P. & CO., City Mar- 
ket House (flannels, see page 409) 
U. S. Bunting Co., Whipple's Mills 
Walker Wni.'& Co. 80 Lawrence (cas- 

simeres and tweeds) 

Worsted Machinery. 

LANE DAVID, Fletcher, cor. Gush- 
ing (see page 416) 

ROBINSON WM. & CO., Mechanics' 

Mills (see page 415) 

Graniteville, near Lowell (see back 

colored page) 
SILVER & GAY, North Chelmsford, 

near Lowell (see page 411) 

Worsted G-oods Maauf. 

Bracket S. R., Whipple's Mills (yarn) 
DUGDALE JAMES, Willie, cor.Broad- 

way (yams, &c., see page 406) 
Pearson Samuel, Whipple's Mills 

Townson P., Harris Mills, Broadway 
Walker & Hathaway, Whipple's Mills 

(moreens and fancy dress goods) 
Walsh John, Whipple's Jlills (yarns) 
Wamesit Worsted Co., Wliipple's Mills 



CLARK JERI:MIAH, 96 Middle (knife- 
ting and tidy, see page 414) 

DUGDALE JAMES, Willie, corner 
Broadway (fancy worsted, chinchil- 
la, &c., see page 406) 


The public are cautioned against ever 
paying money in advance to any persons 
claiming to he connected with us, or our 
publications, as our Agents never take 
any sums, however small, in advance. 

SAMPSON, DAVENPOET, & CO., Directory Publishers, 
47 Congress Street, Boston, 





Carried on from 1857 to 1865 by Adams, Sampson, & Co. ; since 1865, continued 
by the same firm, under the style of 


From this ofiSce the 


Has been issued annuaUy for TWENTY-TWO YEARS. 





Each annuaUy for some TEN or TWELVE YEARS. 

Charlestown Directory, Roxliiiry Directory, Fall River Directory, 
Taiiutoii Directory, Salem Directory, Lynn Dii-ectory, La^vrence 
Directory, Neivbnryport Directory, Lo-well Directory, Man- 
chester (N.H.) Directory, 

Each biennially for from TEN to FIFTEEN YEARS. 


In 1856, 18C0, 1865, and 1868. 


In 1859, 1864, and 1867. 



The Maine Register and Business Directory, 


Besides the publication of Directories, a great deal of public business of a similar 
character has been done through this office; some of it as follows: — 
Census of Boston, 1S50; Census of Boston, May 1855; Census of Boston, 
June 1855; Census of Boston and Roxbury, 1865; Census of Voters 
in Boston in 1857; Statistics of Industry in Boston, 1850; 
Statistics of Industry in Boston and Roxbury, 1865. 
The city has been canvassed twice annually for eighteen years for the Record of 
Births. An annual Census of persons liable to enrolment in the State Militia has 
been taken some eighteen or twenty times, and a Census of School Children thirteen 

S., D., & CO. offer for sale, nearly all Directories published in the United States, 
and some from foreign countries. 

i>ir3e:ctoiiy office, 

S^^^JVIPSOlsr, DA.VENFOK.X, &c CO., 

City Charter approved, April 1, 1836. 

City Government 

Annual Election 






18 TO. 



Frank F. Battles. 
Charles L. Hildreth. 
Hapgood Wright. 
Charles A. Stott. 

Edward F. Sherman. 
Amos B. French. 
John Q. A. Hubbard. 
Addison Putnam. 


Albert A. Haggett, President. 

"Ward 1. — John H. Durgin, jr , Benjamm Patch, Patrick Keyes, 

Samuel G. Ladd. 
Ward 2. — Phineas Jones, John L. Moulton, Patrick Cummiskey, 

Daniel G. Skillings. 
Ward .3. — Henry P. Perkins, Matthew Donovan, Albert A. Haggett. 
Ward 4. — Epaphras A. Hill, Hilary P. Carter, Simeon G. Lytbrd, 

Michael Corbett. 
Ward 5. — William O. Fiske, Willard A. Brown, James D. Hart- 
well, Jeremiah Crowley. 
Ward 6 — Alpha B. Farr, William Kittredge, Lucien P. Stacy, John 

Cihi Clerk. — Samuel A. McPhetres. Chosen in Convention of the 

City Council, on the first Monday in January. 
Clerk of Common Council. — George Gardner. Chosen on the first 

Monday in January. 


Messenger. — Calvin Philbrick. Appointed by Mayor and Aldermen. 

City Treasurer and Collector. — John H. McAlvin. 

Auditor of Accounts. — George Gardner. 

Superintendent of Streets. — Luther Richards. 

Cioil Engineer. — Richard W. Baker. 

Librarian of City Library. — ISIarshall H. Clough. 

City Solicitor. — George Stevens. Office, Bai-risters' Hall. 

City Physician, and Superintendent of Burials. John H. Gilman. 
Office in Welles Block. 

Superintendent of Public Buildings. — Lorenzo G. Hovre. 

Assessors of Taxes. — Caleb M. Marvel, Chairman, ?ov 1869. New 
Board not chosen. 

Water Commisdoners. — James B. Francis, William E. Livingston, 
Henry H. Wilder. 

Overseers of the Poor. — Jonathan P. Folsom, Mayor. Charles A. Stott, 
John Q. A. Hubbard, Aldermen. Patrick Keyes, Phineas Jones, 
Henry P. Perkins, Simeon G. Lyford, Willard A. Brown, Alpha B. 
Farr, Common Councilmen. The regular meetings of the Board 
are held at the Almshouse, on the last day of each month. 

Superintendent of the Almshouse. — Lorenzo Phelps. 

City Marshal. — Bicktbrd Lang. Office, west end of Market-House 

Deputy Marshal. — • Charles P. Bowles. 

Day Police. — Jesse Huse, Benjamin G. Mooney, Henry Marshall, 
Jacob G. Favor. 

Police Officers and Watclnnen. — Levi Brown, Captain of the Night 
Police. Squire L. Bailey, Allen P. Bickford, Theopiiilus C. Blais- 
dell. Andrew Blood, William Bodge, Otis Bullard, WiUiamL. Clark, 
Alfred Day, John Dougherty, Asa F. Esty, Wm. P. Farrington, 
Jacob G. Favor, Orra A. Fletcher, Augustus B. Foss, David H. 
Goodime, Harrison H. Fuller, Wm. M. Lee, Isaac L. Libby, Wil- 
liam M. Locke, Eliphalet JMillcr, George W. Sanborn, Thomas J. 
Sanborn, James W. Sheffield, Daniel H. Sinclair, David S. Spaul- 
ding, James E. Webster, M. J. Garrigan, Thomas Ingalls, Mason W. 

Constables. — Bickford Lang, Calvin Philbrick, Thomas W. Pressey, 
Daniel G. (xreenleaf, Josiah Hubbard, Bradford Marvel, Dexter 

Health Commissioner. — Bickford Lang. 

Truant Officers. — Bickford Lang, Jesse Huse, B. G. Mooney. 

Tythingmen. — The Marshal and Police Force. 

Janitor of Huntington and Jackxon. Halls. — Warren Fletcher. 

Surveyors of Lumber. — Lorenzo G. Howe, James N. Morse, Joshua 
M. Hadley, Stephen C. Davis, Luther Smith, George W. Kelley. 
Samuel Newhall, Patrick Maguire. 
Fence-Viewers. — Lorenzo Phelps, J. M. Hadley, Isaac Page. 
Field-Drivers. — Bickford Lang, George Webster, Charles P. Bowles, 

Henry Marshall, Frederick Faulkner. 
Pound-Keeper. — Sylvester Crosby. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures. — John A. Knowles, jr. Office, 
Mechanics' Mills. 

City Crier. — Sylvanus C. Smiley. 

Weigher of Hay and other articles. — Hiram Whitney, Henry B. Bai- 
ley. Office, Thorndike, corner Western Avenue. 
Measurers of Upper Leather. — Willard A. Brown, John Q. A. Hub- 
bard, Nathaniel W. Frye, GeorLre W. Eaton, Revilo F. Cook. 
Measurers of Grain. — Samuel N. Wood, James Berry, Henry B. 


Surveyors of Plastering, Brick or Stone Work, and Painting. — Richard 
W. Baker, Joshua M. Hadley, Luther Smith, Cyrus Latham, Sam- 
uel Newhall. 

Inspector of Milk. — George E. Stanley. Office, at Conant & Co.'s 
Express Office. 

Inspector of Bale or Bundle Hay. — Sydney Davis, at City Scales. 

Weif/her of Coal. — Sydney Davis, at City Scales. 

Agent for the Sale of Pure Liquors. — Charles R. Kimball, corner Cen- 
tral and Merrimack Streets. 

Undertakers. — Calvin T. Chamberlin, Terrence Hanover, Daniel 
H. Gordon, George W. Abbott. 

Inspectors of Petroleum Oils. — David Chase, Weare Clifford. 

Fish-warden. — Wm. McFarlin. 

Superintendent of City Scales, and Measurer of Wood and Bark. — 
Sydney Davis. 

Measurers of Wood and Bark brought by water or railroad into the City. 
— Luther Smith, Samuel Newhall. 


Directors. — The Mayor and President of the Common Council, ex 
officiis, and the following persons, chosen by concurrent vote : — 

Ward 4. — Charles Kimball. 
Ward 5. — William F. Salmon. 
Ward 6. — Francis Brown. 

Ward 1. — William Hardman. 
Ward 2. — Gustavus A. Gerry. 
Ward 3. — Josepli S. Pollard. 

Librarian. — Marshall H. Clough. Chosen by concurrent vote in 


On Accounts. — Aldermen Putnam and Battles. Councihnen Carter 
Patch, and Hartwell. 

On Claims. — Aldermen Wright and Sherman. Councilmen Stacy, 
Perkins, and Crowley. 

On Commons. — Aldermen Hubbard and Wright. Councilmen Dur- 
gin, Jones, and Stott. 

On Fire Department. — Aldermen Stott and Putnam. Councilmen 
Brown, Perkins, and Cummiskey. 

On Lands, and Buildings. — Aldermen Hildreth and Battles. Coun- 
cilmen Carter, Farr, and Moulton. 

On Military Affairs. — The Mayor, Aldermen Stott and Wright. 
Councilmen Durgin, Jones, Donovan, Corbett, Fiske, and Stott. 

On Printing. — The IMayor, and Alderman Putnam. Councilmen 
Farr, Keyes, and Skillinsrs. 

On Public Instruction. — Aldermen Battles and Hildreth. Councilmen 
Stacy, Patch. Vacancy. 

On Sewers and Drains. — ylWermen French and Hildreth. Council- 
men Kittredge, Hill, and Ladd. 

On Streets. — Aldermen Sherman and French. Councilmen Fiske, 
Hill, and Donovan. 

Board of Health. — The Mayor, Aldermen Hubbard and Putnam. 
Councilmen Lyford, Cummiskey. Vacancy. 

On Water Works. — The ilia«/or, and Alderman Stott. Councilmen, 
to be filled. 



On Bills in Second Reading. — Aldermen Battles and Hubbard. 

On Enrolment. — Aldermen Sherman and Stott. 

On Licenses. — The Mayor., Aldermen Ilildreth and Putnam. 

On Lighting. — The Mayor, Aldermen Stott and Hubbard. 

On Police and Police Stations. — The Mayor, Aldermen Wright and 

On Repairs of Streets. — The Mayor, Aldermen Sherman and French. 
On Setting Trees. — The Mayor, Aldermen Wright and Hubbard. 
On Weights and Measures. — The Mayor, Aldermen Wriglit and 



On Bills in Second Reading. — Councilmen Kittredge, Hartwell, and 

On Enrolment. — Councilmen Lyford. Stott, and Crowley. 
On Elections. — Councilmen Ladd, Moulton, and Corbett. 
Clerk to Committee on Streets, Sewers, and Drains. — Richard W. Baker. 


Ward 1 — Warden, Edward B. -Collins. Clerk, Lucius W. Hun- 
tington. Inspectors, George A. Saunders, Henry I. Sawtell, Rich- 
ard H. Short. 

Ward 2. — Warden, Daniel R. Wallace. Clerk, Edward Bailey. 
Inspectors, Chas. H. Burgess, David Chase, L. R. J. Varnum. 

Ward 3. — Warden, George Hobson. Clerk, Wm. H. Loughlin. 
Inspectors, Eli W. Hoyt, J. Frank Paige, Samuel E. Stott. 

Ward 4. — Warden, Benjamin F. Goddard. Clerk, Charles E. 
Adams. Inspectors, Edward P. Dennis, Jacob Baron, Henry C. 

Ward 5. — Warden, Daniel Swett, jr. Clerk, I. Henry Paige. In- 
spectors, Charles Hubbird, Baldwin T. Peabody, Franklin D. 

Ward 6. — Warden, Leonard Brown. Clerk, Samuel M. Chase. 
Inspectors, Alpha B. Farr, Edward S. Hosmer, D. Hall Rice. 


Jonathan P. Folsom, Mayor, and Albert A. Haggett, President of 
Common Council, ex officiis. 

Term expires January, 1871. Term expires January, 1872. 

Ward 1. — Albert L. Fisk. 
Ward 2. — S. W. Stickney. 
Ward 3. — Wm. E. Stanton. 
Ward 4. — Abram French. 
Ward 5. — H )race James. 
Ward 6. — JohnA. Goodwin. 
Chairman, Jonathan P. Folsom. 

Ward 1. — George F. Scribner. 
Ward 2. — Joshua Merrill. 
Ward 3. — Ephraim B. Patch. 
Ward 4. — Wm. H. Anderson. 
Ward 5. — Sewall G. Mack. 
Ward 6. — Joseph H. Smith. 


Vice- Chairman, Samuel AV. Stickney. 
Secretary, Charles Morrill. 

Superintendent of Public ScJiools. — Charles Morrill. 
Ward 3. — E. B. Patrh, elected by Mayor and Aldermen to fill va- 
cancy. Term expires January, 187 L 


On Accounts. — Messrs. Folsom, Haggett, Stickney, Patch, and Scrib- 

On School Houses. — Messrs. Patch, James, Scribner, Merrill, and 

On Teachers. — Messrs. Anderson, Stanton, Goodwin, James, and 

On Reports. — Messrs. Goodwin, Haggett, Anderson, French, and 

On Books. — Messrs. James, Stanton, Anderson, Goodwin, and Mack. 
On Penmanship and Drawing. — 'Messrs. Haggett, Fisk, Goodwin, 

Merrill, and Scribner. 
On Music. — Messrs. Stickney, James, Patch, Anderson, and Haggett. 
On Salaries. — Messrs. Mack, Folsom, French, Smith, and Stanton. 



Albert A. Haggett. — High; Primaries 13, 20, 24, 31. 
Albert L. Fisk. — High; Primaries 11, 12, 23. 
George F. Scribner. — Mann; Primaries 22, 23, 26, 41, 44. 
Samuel W. Stickney. — Green ; Primaries 1, 3, 8, 29. 
Joshua Merrill. — Varnum ; Primaries 46, 47, 48, 49. 
Wm. E. Stanton. — Colburn ; Primaries 4, 27, 33, 42. 
E. B. Patch. — Edson ; Primaries 7, 19, 21, 39. 
Abram French. — Franklin ; Primaries 17, 28, 34, 50. 
Wm. H. Anderson. — High ; Primaries 5, 6, 15, 30. 
Horace James. — High; Primaries 2, 32, 40, 45. 
Sewall G. Mack.— «irtlett; Primaries 10, 36, 38. 
John a. Goodwin. — Higli; Primaries 14, 16, 25, 37. 
Joseph H. Smith. — Moody; Primaries 9, 18, 35, 51. 

^^ Office of Superintendent of Public Schools. — In City Government 

1^" Office Hours. — Fro n M ir •.\ 1st to O 'too '.r 31-st, inclusive, one 
hour after morning session ; from November 1st to the last day of 
February, inclusive, one hour after the afternoon session. 

I^° Regular Meetings of this Board. — On the last Monday in each 
month, at 7^ o'clock, p.m. 


High School, Anne and Kirk Streets. 

Principi.1. — Charles C Chase. Assistants. — Levi S. Burbank, James 

S. Russell, Elizabeth McDiniels, Mary A. Webster, Marietta Mel- 

Bertram Harrison, teacher of Penmanship in High and Grammar 

Geor^je F. Willey, teacher of vocal music in High and Grammar 




Bartlett School, Clark Street. 

Principal. — Samuel Bement. Assistants. — Marianna B. Kent, Mary 
E. Pike, Caroline E. Holt, Ceinantha R. Niehols, Mary C. Gard- 
ner, Sabra Wright, Sophia P. Wetherbee. 

CoLBURX School, Lawrence Street. 

Principal. — Fidelia O. Dodge. Assistants. — Elizabeth W. Frost, 
Susan M. Andrews, Hattie C. Critchet. 

Edson School, Highland Street. 

Principal. — Perley Balch. Assistants. — Nellie M.Hunt, Mary F. 
Carleton, Mary F. Dana, Olive W. Beane, Maria C. Swan, Anna 
A. Sargent, Mary A. Balch. 

Franklin School, Branch, corner Middlesex Street. 

Principal. — Amos B. Heywood. Assistants. — Sarah E. French' 
Abbie F. Woodward, Sarah C. Weymouth, Emma L. Crosby. 

Green School, Middle Street. 

Principal. — George F. Lawton. Assistants. — Ruby F. Howe, Ellen 
S. Barrlll, Alice H. Thuston, Nettie E. Carleton, Emma L. Pavey. 

Mann School, Lewis Street. 

Princ'pil. — Samuel A. Cliase. Assistants. — Nellie M. Gallagher' 
Laura F. Howe, Celestia P. Chase. 

Moody School, East Merrimack Street. 

Principal. — Josepli Peabody. Assistants. — S. Lizzie Dean, Diana 
M. Huntoon, Helen A. Haggett, Laura J. Pindar, Sarah E. Bailey, 
Mary E. Way. 

Varnum School, Myrtle Street. 

Principal. — Daniel P. Gallouoe. Assistants. — Harriet Bradley, 
Sarah A. Bradley, Clara A. Hanaford. 


No. Location. Teachers. 

No. 1. — Middle Street, Florence E. Davis. 

No. 2. — School Street, Sarah A. Hadley. 

No. 3. — Paige Street. Abbie G. Watson. 

No. 4. — Chapel Street Lucy F. Carleton. 

No. 5. — Elliott Street, Elizabeth A. Stearns. 

No. 6. — Middlesex Street, Abbie L. Davis. 

No. 7. — Chapel Street, Mary J- Rice. 

No. 8. — Worthen Street, Martha A. Franklin. 

No. 9. — Church Street, Martha S. Williams. 

No. 10. — Merrimack Street, Martha A. Neale. 


No. Location. Teachers. 

No. 1 1. — Cross Street, BeUa V. McAnulty. 

No. 12. — Tilden Street, Eliza Merriam. 

No. 13. — Carter Street, Clara J. Nichols. 

No. 14. — High Street, Harriet A. Hadley. 

No. 15. — Middlesex Street, . . Elizabeth B. Merriam 

No. 16. — Fayette Street, Carrie M. Garland. 

No. 1 7. — Branch Street, Sarah C. Fiske. 

No. 18.— Central Street, Eliza Cowley. 

No. 19.— Charles Street, Isabella E. Horner. 

No. 20. — Carter Street, M. Ella Wilkins. 

No. 21.— Chapel Street, Sarah L. Gates. 

No. 22.— Lewis Street, Anna E. Richardson. 

No. 23. — Tilden Street, Ella F. Perkins. 

No. 24, — Hovvanl Street, Ellen A. Bridge. 

No. 25. — Higli Street, Aurelia L. Howe. 

No. 26. — Salem Street, Nellie M. Howe. 

No. 2 7. — Lawrence Street, IMarv E. Drew. 

No. 28. — Grand Street, Emily M. Warren. 

No. 29. — Middle Street, Jane E. Horner. 

No. 30. — Elliott Street Mary E. Hardman. 

No. 31.— Powell Street, Abby D. Gates. 

No. 32. — Adams Street, Ellen F. Coughlan. 

No. 33. — Lawrence Street, Maria Osgood. 

No. 34. — Branch Street, Lizzie S. Lowe. 

No. 35. — East Merrimack Street, Clara A. Emerson. 

No. 36. — Cabot Street, Mary A. Beard. 

No. 37. — Favette Street, Lucretia A. Day. 

No. 38. — Cabot Street, Mary O. Kidder. 

No. 39. — Charles Street, Helen C. Frye. 

No. 40. — Rock Street, Sarah E. Scales. 

No. 41. — Lewis Street, Clara L. Gates. 

No. 42. — Lawrence Street, Lizzie M. Hadley. 

No. 43.— 

No. 44. — Lewis Street, Mary L. Hill. 

No. 45. — Rock Street, Ellen M. ^Vhite. 

No. 46. — Myrtle Street, Ella A. Bailey. 

No. 47. — Myrtle Street Miranda W. Bradley. 

No. 48. — Coburn Street, Leora L. Upton. 

No. 49. — Fourth Street, Centralville, Marcella ]\I. Patten. 

No. 50. — Branch Street . I^lvira L. Currier. 

No. 51. — Church Street, Mary J. Alger. 


Chief Engineer. — Weare Clifford. Salary, ^1400. 

Assistant Engineers. — William W. Bates, Charles H. Arlen, Samuel 

AV. Taylor, Charles W. Marriott, John G. Crockett. Secretary, 

George Hobson. 

GexVeral Butler Steamer, No. 1. — Middle Street. 
Weight, 5,600 pounds. Foreman, Henry W. Burton. Assistant Fore- 
man, C. C Berry. Clerk, A. J. Cummings. Engineer, James J. 


Torrent Steamer, No. 2. — Middlesex, near Grand Street. 
Weight, 6,200 pounds. Foreman, Ruel F. Britton. Assistant Fore- 
man, John E. Leavitt. Clerk, Frank Britton. Engineer, George 
Maddocks. Driver, William Hyatt. 

Wamesit Steamer, No. 3. — Middle Street. 
Weight, 7,650 pounds. Foreman, George F. Salmon. Assistant 
Foreman, James F. Taylor. Clerk, John A. Moar. Engineer, 
Torrey E. Stratton. 

Relief Steamer, No. 4. — Warren Street. 
Engineer, Willard T. Roberts. 

Hose Company, Ocean, No. 1. — Warren Street. 
Foreman, Charles W. Burgess. Assistant Foreman, Chas. H. Holden. 
Clerk, J. H. Stackpole. 

Hose Company, Mechanics, No. 2. — Cross Street. 
Foremmi, William A. Fifield. Assistant Foreman, John F. Hurlburt. 
Clerk, A. P. Holt. 

Hose Company, Excelsior, No. 3. — Central, opposite Union 

Foreman, H. E. Clough. Assistant Foreman, James E. Hill. Clerk, 
J. H. Knights. 

Hose Company, Mazeppa, No. 4. — Fayette Street. 
Foreman, E. S. Hosmer. Assistant Foreman, William King. Clerk, 
Edgar Hapgood. 

Franklin Hook and Ladeer Company, No. 1. — Middle Street. 

Foreman, Hiram N. Hall. Assistant Foreman, Benjamin S. Ireson* 
Clerk, Charles A. Welch. 

There is included in the Fire Departniont, Rocket Engine, No. 2, at 
Ayer's City ; Engine No. 5, on Fourth Street ; Fire King. No. 6, 
at the Almshouse, — which are manned, when needed, by volunteer 

At tiie date of the last report of the Chief Engineer (March 31, 
1869), there were belonging to the Department, 7 engineers, 127 
firemen, 7 engines (including four steamers), 14,100 feet of leading 
hose, 204 feet of" su-tion hose, 10 hose-carriages, 1 hook-and-ladder 
carriage, 2 fuel wagons, 7 horses, 8 hooks, 26 ladders, &c. The 
corporations have 18,500 feet of hose and 350 force-pumps. Tlie 
city has 16 reservoirs and 100 hydrants, and 22,156 feet of water- 
pipe laid through different streets. 

There is connected witli the Fire Department a Firemen's Fund As- 
sociation, intended to relieve firemen who may be in need of assist- 
ance. The trustees for 1869-70 are Chief Engineer Clifford, 
As.sistant Engineer Hobson, and the Foreman and Assistant Fore- 
man of each Company. 


First Congregational Church {Orthodox). Merrimack, above 
Worthen Street. Organized 1826. Pastor, Rev. Horace James. 
Clerk, Andrew Liddell. Sexton, Samuel M. Patterson. Sabbath 
school held in chapel ; Superintendent, Thomas A. McMaster. 


John Street Congregational Church {Orthodox). Organized 
May 9, 1839. Pastor, Rev. Eden B. Foster. Clerk, J. C. Wing, 
Sexton, C. H. Robbius. Sabbath school held in church ; Superin- 
tendent, George Stevens. 

Appleton Street Church (Orthodox). Organized December, 

1830. Pastor, , Clerk, Joel Powers. Treasurer, 

M. Hemenway. Sexton, Francis Brown. Sabbath school hold in 
basement church ; Superintendent, James G. Buttrick. 

Kirk Street Church {Orthodox). Organized May 21, 1845. 

Pastor, , Clerk, Philetus Burnham. Treasurer, A. W. 

Burnham. Sexton, Webster W. Morse. Sabbath school held in 
basement church ; Superintendent, M. A. Johnson. 

High Street Church {Orthodox). East Merrimack. Organized 
January 25, 1846. Pastor, Rev. Owen Street. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Samuel A. Chase. Organist, Geo. E. Metcalf. Sabbath 
school held in vestry ; Superintendent, John K. Chase. Sexton, 
Samuel Willey, residence 13 Brown Street. 

First Baptist Church {Baptist). Church Street. Organized 
February 8, 1826. Pastor, Rev. Wm. E. Stanton. Clerk, H. W. 
Tinker. Sexton, Thomas E. Saunders. Sabbath school held in 
church; Superintendent, George A. Weed. 

WoRTHEN Street Church {Baptist). Organized 1831. Pastor, 
Rev. Frank R. Morse. Clerk, Adelbert M. Huntoon. Sexton, 
J. B. Johnson. Sabbath school held in church ; Superintendent, 
John A. Wilson. 

Branch Street Baptist Church {Baptist). Branch Street, 
Organized July 1, 1869. Pastor, Edward A. Whittier. Clerk, 
Frank Howard. Sabbath school held in chapel; Superintendent, 
Franklin Cheney. 

First Freewill Baptist Chrch {Freewill Baptist). Paio^e 
Street. Organized 1833. Pastor, Rev. U. A. Morehouse. Treas- 
urer, A. L. Russell. Sexton, Frederick Munn. Sabbath school 
held in vestry; Supenntendent, Jesse Blake. 

St. Paul's Methodist-Episcopal Church {Methodist-Episco- 
pal). Hurd Street. Organized 1826. Pastor, Rev. S. F. Jones. 
Secretary, Frederick T. North. Sabbath school held in church ; 
Superintendent, Horace J. Adams. 

WoRTHEN Street Church {Methodist-Episcopal). Organized 
1841. Pastor, Rev. George Whi taker. Clerk, Henry llealey. 
Sexton, Samuel Chapin. Sabbath school held in vestry ; Superin- 
tendents, Foster Wilson and F. E. Jewett. 

Central Church {Methodist-Episcopal). John, corner Paige. 
Organized April, 1854. Pastor, Rev. Wm. C. High. Secretary/, 
N. J. Bacheller. Sexton, George W. Fullerton. Sabbath school 
held in church ; Superintendents, M. A. Benner and A. W. Far- 

Free Chapel. Middlesex Street. Minister at Large, Rev. James 
H. Collins. 


First Universalist Church {Universalist). Corner of Central 
and Green Streets. Organized July, 1827. Pastor, Rev. J. J. 
Twiss. Clerk, J. W. Nash. Sexton, Sidney Davis. Sabbath 
school held in vestry ; Superintendent, John B. Hunt. 

Second Universalist Church (Universalist). Corner of Market 
and ShattuL'k Streets. Organized 1838. Pastor, Rev. John G. 
Adams. Sex'on, Thos. H. Watts. Sabbath school held in vestry ; 
Superintendent, James B. Trueworthy. 

First Unitarian Society (Unitarian). Merrimack Street. Or- 
ganized 1832. Pastor Rev. . Clerk, John H. McAlvin. 

Sexton, Alfred Scadding. Sabbath school held in vestry. 

St. Anne's Church (Episcopal). Merrimack Street. Organized 
February 26, 1824. Rector, Rev. Theodore Edson, D.D. Clerk, 
O. E. Gushing. Sexton, Wm. Dugdale. Sabbath school held in 
chapel ; Superintendent, I. W. Beard. 

St. John's Church (Episcopal). Gorhara Street, north of the 
Court-house. Organized 1860. Rector, Rev. Daniel C. Roberts. 
Clerk, Henry P. Webber. Sexton, Russell I. Ayer. Sabbath 
school held in chapel ; Superintendent, Henry P. Webber. 

Second Advent Church. Mechanics' Hall. Pastor, Rev. Joseph 
W. Tliomas. Clerk and Treasurer, A. Bissell. Sexton, Daniel 

St. Patrick's Church (Roman Catholic). Fenwick Street. Pas- 
tor, Rev. John O'Brien. Assistants, Rev. Michael O'Brien and 
Rev. Arthur Teeling. Sabbath school held in church; Superin- 
tendent, Mrs. P. Moran. 

St. Peter's Church (Roman Catholic). Corner of Gorham and 
Appleton Streets. Pastor, Rev. Peter Cruden. Assistant, Rev. 
Ttiomas Norris. Sabbath school held in church; Superintendent, 
Rev. Peter Cruden. 

St. Joseph's Church (Roman Catholic, French). Lee Street. 
Pastor, Rev. Andrew Garin. 

St. John's Church (Roman Catholic). High-street Square. Pas- 
tor, Rev. Joseph Guillard; Assistant, Rev. George Burke. 

Lowell Sabbath School Union. Organized July 4, 1836, 
The members are the pastors of the evangelical Churches, superin- 
tendents and teachers of the several Sabbath schools. An annual 
meeting is held in Huntington Hall, and quarterly meetings in 
churches. Officers for 1869-70: President, Rev. W. E. Santton. 
Vice-President, C. U. Latham. Secretary, T. A. McMaster. 
Treasurer, John A. Wilson. 



South part of City. 
President, William A. Burke. 
Trustees, Garret J. Bradt, John L. Cheney, Stephen Gushing, Hocum 

Hosford, Samuel K. Hutchinson, Ephraim B. Patch, Josiah G. 

Peabody, Isaac Place, Addison Putnam, Levi Sprague, Edward 

Tuck, Edward F. Watson. Clerk and Treasurer, John H. McAlvin. 

Superintendent, Thomas Paul. Price of unfinished lots, $35 ; 

finished and graded lots, about $150. 



Organized in 1836, for the purpose of furnishing medicine and medical 
advice to the poor, gratis. Secretary and Teasurer, George J. Car- 
ney. Ph_>/!ficians, Dr. F. Nickerson, Nortliern District. Consult- 
ing Physicians, Drs. J. O. Green, C. A. Savory. 


This is an Association of past-members of the Lowell High School. 
They hold an annual levee in July of each year. Organized 1863. 
Regular annual meeting holden first Thursday of January in each 
year, at 7 1-2 p.m. President, Theoeore H. Sweetser. Secretary 
and Treasurer, Daniel A. Swan. 


President, J. G. Peabody. Vice-Presidents, C. Kimball and Edwin 
Shepard. Treasurer, J. N. Pierce, Jr. Secretary, Chas. R. Kim- 
ball. Trustees, William Hardman, W. W. Reed, John W. Smith, 
D. P. Galloupe, Joshua Memll, Abijah Cutler. 


Hospital, Merrimack, Corner Pawtucket Street. 

Organized in 1840, by tlie several manufacturing companies, for the 
benefit and medical care of those in their employ who may be sick. 
The agents or superintendents of the several companies are the 
Trustees. Physician and Superintendent, J. W. Graves, M. D. 


Converse Hall, Gorham Street. 

Organized for benevolent purposes. Regular meetings, first Monday 
in the month. President, James Owens. Treasurer, Terrence 
Hanover. Secretary, Francis O'Neil. Officers elected annually. 


Free Chapel, Middlesex Street. 

Organized 1843, for the purpose of aiding the worthy poor of the 
city. Office hours from 4 to 5 o'clock, p.m. Order-box at the 
door. Officers, \^Q9-10: — President, John C. Palfrey. Direct- 
ors, D. S. Richardson, E. B. Patch, Peter Anderson, F. P. Apple- 
ton, J. A. Knowles, C. II. Wilder. Secretary, A. E. Bowars. 
Treasurer, M. G. Howe. Minister at Large, Rev. James Collins. 
Collector, Matthias Purkhurst. 


Organized February 4, 1867. 

Reading-room, Library, and Hall, Barristers' Hall, Central, comer 
Merrimack Streets. 

President, Sullivan L. Ward. Vice-Presidents, Cyrus H. Latham, 
Henry AV. Tinker, Oscar N. Kyle, Nathan W. Frye. Correspond- 
ing Secretary, James G. Buttiick. Treasurer, Charles II. Abbott. 
Recording Secretary, Samuel Se wall, jr. Auditor, J o\\n K. Chase. 
Librarian, George E. Lovejoy. 


Mechanics' Building, Dutton Street. Incorporated 1825. 
President, Jacob Rogers. Vice-President, Tliomas F. Burgess. Sec- 
retary, Pliiletus Buniham. Treasurer. J. W. B. Shaw. Trustees, 
N. G. Furnald, W. D. Blanchard, J. V. Keyes, J. H. Sawj er, F. 

F. Battles, N. W. Fiye, C. L. Hildreth, Jabez Edwards. Dirtc- 
tors of the Library and Reading-room, Chairman, Geo. F. Rich ird- 
son, Charles Mojrill, Z. E. Stone, C. C. Chase, Charles Kimball. 
Secretary, William Hardman. Librarian, Natiianiel Hill, jr. The 
Association owns Mechanics' Building, in which is a large hall. 
Their Library contains over 10,000 volumes, and there is in the 
building a spacious Reading-room. There is also connected wiih it 
a Cabinet of Natural History. A course of public lectures is given 
annually, under the auspices of the Association. Annual meeting, 
first Tuesday in April. Quarterly meetings, first Tuesday in July, 
October, and January. 


No. 58 Moody Street. Organized July, 1867. 

President, Mrs. Ged. Hedrick. Secretary, . Treasurer 

Luther J. Eames. Auditor, George Hedrick. Trustees, Mrs. C. 
P. Talbot, Mis. Cyril French, Mrs. Wm. N. Owen, Miss Maynard, 
John A. Buttrick, William North, A. L. Brooks, E. B. Patch, S. 

G. Mack, and a Board of not less than filty Patrons, to be chosen 
from the various religious societies in Lowell. Annual meeting of 
the corporation on the first Monday in October. Matron at the 
Home, Clara Gowing. 

The " Home " is situated at the corner of Moody and Tremont 
Streets, entrance 58 Moody Street. It is now fully organized. 

Religious services are held there every Sabbath, by several clergy- 
men of the city. 

Visitors will be received Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, from 
2 to 5 o'clock, P.M. 

Application for admission, as inmates, should be made to the Board 
of Officers, or Patrons. 


Adams Street, near St. Patrick's Church. 

Lady Superior, Lady Diseree, assisted by several Sisters and teachers. 


Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity, High-Street Square 
Lowell, Mass. Established May 1, 186 7. The Hospital is now 
open for the reception of patients of both sexes and of all denomi- 
nations. The hospital is attended by the ablest physicians in the 
city, under whose professional and personal charge the Institution 
is conducted. 
On Sundays, visitors will be admitted from 1| o'clock to 4 o'clock in 

the afternoon. 

On Thursdays, from 10 o'clock, to 12 o'clock, a.m. ; from 1 o'clock 

to 4 o'clock, p. M., and from 6 o'clock to 7^ o'clock. 
The Hospitcil closes at 7| o'clock in the evening. 



No. 27 Appleton Street. Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. 
A free evening school is held every evening, except Saturday and 
Sunday evenings. Sister Emerentiana, Sister Superior. 

Hall, 55 Central Street. 
Organized for the literary improvement of its members. Regular 
meetings, Wednesday evenings. Treasurer, James Loughran. Offi- 
cers chosen semi-annually. 

Ancient Order Hibernians. — Organized 1867, for benevolent 
purposes. Meets second and fourtu Mondays of eacli month, in 
hall. Central, corner IMarket Street. President, C. F. Callahan. 
Treasurer, Bernard O'Neil. Officers elected annually. 



Incorporated 1855. 
Embraces the city of Lowell, and towns of Billerica, Burlington, 
Chelmsford, Dracut, Dunstable, North Reading, Wakefield, Tewks- 
bury, Tyngsboro', Westfbrd, and Wilnungton, though persons 
from any part of Middlesex County can become members of the 
Society. The exhibition of the Society takes place annually the 
last Thursday in September, on the Fair Grounds, comprising 
about fifteen acres, in the southern part of the city of Lowell. 
Officers for 1869-70: — Pre.sM/e?z?, Jonathan Ladd, Lowell. Vice- 
Presidents, Wm. E. Livingston, Lowell ; Moses Tajlor, Acton ; 
James Eustis, Wakefield ; Andrew Spalding, Groton. Treasurer, 
Henry A. Fielding, Lowell. Secretari/, E. T. Rowell, Lowell. 
There are two Tru>^tc€s Irom each town in the district, the Lowell 
meml>ers being E. B. Patch and Henry Emery. Annual election, 
Wednesday preceding the last Thursday in September. 

Embraces the city of Lowell and several of the towns in its vicinity. 
Officers for 1869-'70; — President, Joel Spalding. Vice-President, 
Levi Howard, Chelmsford. Secretarij, John H. Oilman, Lowell. 
Treasurer, N. B. Edwards, Chelmsford. Curator and Librarian, 
Franklin Nickerson, Lowell. Annual meeting, last Wednesday in 
April. Quarterly meetings, last Wednesday in July, October, and 


Comprising Lowell and the neighboring towns. Meetings are held 
quarterly in some place within tlie district, at which there are ad- 
dresses and discussions. Officers for 1869-'70: — President, Asa 
Clement. Secretary, James G. Buttrick. Treasurer, Joshua Mer- 


Aqua-Bentian Lodge, No. 122 I. O. G. Templars. 

Meet every Friday evening at Lyceum Hall, Middle Street. 


Golden Rule Lodge, No. 87 1. O. G. Templars. 
Organized 1866. 
Meet every Ihursday evening at Templars Hall, Museum Building. 

Star Light Lodge No. 113 L O. G. Templars. 
Meet every Monday evening at Templars Hall, Museum Building. 

Mystic Tie, Temple of Honor, No. 5. 

Instituted Nov. 16, 1868. 
Meet every Wednesday evening at Templars Hall, Museum Building- 

Ekina Temperance Association. 
Middle Stieet. 
President, Patrick Kelley. Treasurer^ James Enright. 

St. Patrick's Temperance Society. 

Hall, basement St. Patrick's Cliurch. 

Organized 1868. 

President, Rev. Michael O'Brien. Treu»urer, Rev. Arthur J. Teeling. 


Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 

Hall in Tyler's Block, Central Street, corner Market. 

Meetings held: ]\Ierrimack Lodge, No. 7, Monday evenings. Me- 
cliauics' Lodge, No. 11, Wednesday evenings. Oberlin Lodge, No. 
28, Tuesday evenings. Monoiiiake Encanijinient, No. 4, second and 
fourth Thursday evenings in each month. Wanaalaiicet Encamp- 
ment, No. 39. C. y., J. A. Sawtell. H. P., G. W. Adams. S. 
W., Gtorse E. Pinkham. ^'., N. S. Grienleaf. Treasurer, N. B. 
Favoi- J. W., H. D. \Vood. Meetings, first and third Thursday 
evenings of each month. 


\_Hall in Ne.nnifh's block, John Street . Officers elected in October.'} 

Massachusetts Consistory, S.-. P.-. R.-. S.-. 

Instituted 1859. 

/.•. S.\ C.-. in C.-. S. K. Hutchinson. Lowell. 1st Lieutenant- Com- 
mander, \^'nl. North of Lowell. 2d Lieutetiaiit-Commaiider,Josvph 
Bedlow of Lowell. Treasurer, Joel Spaldmg. Secretary, Henry 
P. Pirkins. 

Mount Calvary Chapter, Rose Croix, 18°. 

M. . W.-. ^ P.-. M.-. W. F. Salmon. 

Lowell Council, Princes of Jerusalem, 16°. 
M.: E.: S.-. P.-. G.-. M.: Charles Kimball. 

Lowell Lodge of Perfection, 14°. 
T.-. P.-. G.-. M.-. Frederick Frye. 


Pilgrim Encampment Knights Templars. 

Instituted October, 1855. 

E. C, Hocum Hosford. G., Geo. W. Bedlow. C. G., C. E. A. Bart- 
lett. Treasurer, J. P. Folsom. Recorder, Arthur G. Pollard. 
Meetings, Wednesday evening after full moon. 

Ahasuerus Council of Rotal and Select Masters. 

Re-organized December 23, 1856. 

T. I. G. M., RuelJ. Walker. R. I. G. M., Sager Ash worth. /. G- 
M., Atwell F. Wright. M. of Ex., William North. R., E. B- 
Howe. Meetings, Monday evening after full moon. 

Mount Horeb Royal Arch Chapter- 

Chartered 1826. 

H. P., Frederick Frye. K., S. S. Fuller. S., A. K. Lynch. Treas- 
urer, J. P. Folsom. Secretary, R. W. Baker. Meetings, Monday 
evening on or before each full moon. 

Pentucket Lodge. 

Instituted 1805. 

W. M., S. S. Fuller. S. Ward., Albert B. Hall. J. Ward., John E. 
Downs. Treasurer, R. J. Walker. Secretary, Eliphalet Hills. 
Meetings, Thursday evening on or before full moon. 

Ancient York Lodge. 

Instituted 1852. 

W. M., Albion J. Dudley. S. Ward., Albert A. Haggett. /. Ward., 
N. C. Sanborn. Treasurer, J. C. Abbott. Secretary, R. W. Baker. 
Meetings, Wednesday evening on or before full moon. 

Kilwinning Lodge. 

Instituted 1867. 

W. M., Jona. P. Folsom. S. W., Hocum Hosford. /. W., Chas. A. 
Stott. Treasurer, H. H. Wilder. Secretary, Chas. A. Kendall. 
Meetings, Friday on or before fuU moon. 

William North Lodge. 

Instituted 1868. 

W. M., Theodore Adams. S. W., Atwell F. Wright. /. TF., A. K. 
Lynch. Treasurer, George F. Scribner. Secretary, Edwin Lam- 
son. Meetings, Wednesday on or before full moon. 



Captain, Isaac B. Pendergast. 1st Lieutenant, Lyman B. Manning. 
2d Lieutenant, G. W. Pelsue. Clerk, James A. Conner. Armorer, 
H. W. Allen. Armory, Market House. 


Ca/)tow. James M. Torsey. Ist Lieutenajit, A. J. Hall. 2d Lieutenant , 
E. W. Bartlett. Armory, Market House. 

PUTNAM GUARDS, Co. G, 6th Regt. 

Captain, Albert Pinder. 1st Lieutenant, . 2d Lieutenant, 

Chas. H. Ricliardson. Clerk, Frank B. Wright. Armorer, Albert 
T. Green. Armory, in Market House. 


Captain, Matthew Donovan. 1st Lieutenant, John O. Grady. 2d 
Lieutenant, Patrick Cummiskey. Clerk, John W. O'SullIvan. Ar- 
morer, John Flood. Armory, in Market Honse. 



Office, Merrimack Street, opposite Central. John A Goodwin, Post- 
master. James H. Pindar, Chief Clerk. Samuel M. Bellows, 
Loring H. Austin, Edwin H. Cooke, George Hobson, Assistant 
Clerks. Charles F. Tilton, Albert Pinder, Edwin A. Howe, Wil- 
liam G. Brady, James A. Moore, David Scott, Letter Carriers. 
Office hours, from 7, a.m., to 8, p.m. Mails sent to Boston, Nashua, 
Concord, and Manchester, N.H., three times a day; to Worcester, 
Lawrence, and East, twice a day ; to New York twice, to Fitchburg, 
and places on the Cheshire Railroad, and North of Concord, N.EL, 
once a day ; to California by overland daily, and by steamer on 
the 10th, 20th, and last day of each month; to Pelham and Wind- 
ham, N.H., and Concord, Mass., on Mondays, Wednesdays, and 
Fridays. Foreign mails, three times a week. Letters are delivered 
and collected in the city, by carriers, free. 


C. C. Esty of Framingham, Assessor. George W. Coburn, Benjamin 
Goddard, J. D. Pinder, Assistant Asses-^^ors in Lowell. Office, 
No. 2 Nt?smith's Block. Gen. Geo. H. Gordon, Collector, office, 
7 Court Square, Boston. George Hedrick, Deputy Collector, office, 
36 Central Street. James G. Buttrick, Deputy Collector, office, 7 
Court Square, Boston. 


[See pp. 359-372.] 


Office, Museum Building, Merrimack Street, opposite Central. Road 
opened March 1,1864. Capital, $100,000. Directors: — Wil- 
liam E. Livingston, President. Robert Wood, Vice-President. 
John A. Goodwin, Treasurer and Clerk. James Noxon, Syracuse, 
N.Y. ; Joel Thayer, Skaneateles, N.Y. ; G. N. Kennedy, Syracuse, 
N.Y. ; Albert Wheeler. 



Suffolk Street. Capital, S600,000. Thomas S. Shaw, Agent. Pay- 
day, week after last Saturday in eacli month. 

Whipple's Mills. Com. 1865. D. W. C. Farrington, Agent. 


At Whipple's Mills. Inc. 1865. Capital, $150,000. D. W. C. Far- 
rington, Agent. This Co. controls the water of the Concord River. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency. — William A. Richardson, Cam- 

Register of Probate and Insolvency. — Joseph H. Tyler, East Cam- 

Assistant Register of Probate and Insolvency. — Isaac F. Jones, East 

Clerk of the Courts. — Benjamin F. Ham, Winchester. 

Assistant Clerk of the Court. — John J. Sawyer, Somerville. 

Registers of Deeds. — South District, Charles B. Stevens, East Cam- 
bridge. North District, Ithamar W. Beard, Lowell. 

County Treasurer. — Amos Stone, Charlestown. 

Overseers of House of Correction. — James M. Usher, Medford ; Thomas 
Rice, Jr., Newton; G. D. B. Blanchard, Maiden. 

Shei-ijf. — Charles Kimball, Lowell. 

Deputy Sheriffs. — Luther L. Parker, East Cambridge. Lowell W. 
Chamberlin, Charlestown. John B. Moore, Concord. Joseph G. 
Bannister, Framingham. Andrew Bobbins, Groton. Benjamin 
L. Howe, Groton Junction. Jonathan Whittemore, Hopkinton. 
Charles H. Robinson, Hudson. James Hopkins, Jefferson Ban- 
croft, William H. Clemence, Lowell. John H. Clark, Melrose. 
John T. White, Medford. Daniel B. Lovejoy, Reading. B. F. 
Lewis, Townsend. Eben W. Fiske, Waltham. Horace CoUamore, 

Jailers. — Charles J. Adams, Cambridge. Charles Kimball, Lowell. 

Messengers at Court House. — James Hurd, Lowell. Chas. C. Bur- 
dakin. East Cambridge. 

Master of House of Correction. — Charles J. Adams, East Cambridge. 



Law Term, at Boston, first Wednesday of January. Jury Term, at 
Lowell, third Tuesday of April. 


Civil Terms at Lowell, second Monday of March, and first Monday 
of September ; Cambridge, first Monday of June, and second Mon- 
day of December. Criminal Terms, at Cambridge, second Monday 
of February, and fourth Monday of June; Lowell, third Monday 
of October. 



At Cambridge, first Tuesday, second Tuesday, and fourth Tuesday 
of each month, except August. At Lowell, third Tuesday of Janu- 
aiy, March, May, July, September, and November. 


At Lowell, first Tuesday of February, April, June, September, and 

At Cambridge, first Tuesday of January, March, May, and October; 
and second and foui-th "Wednesday of each month, except July; 
and on other days by special assignment and adjou.-nment. 
County CominissLoners. — Joseph H. Waitt, IMalden ; Edward J. 

Collins, Newton; Leonard Huntress, East Cambritlge. 

Special Commissioners. — William F. Ellis, Ashland ; Samuel 

Staples, Concord. 

Times and Places of Meetbuj. — At Cambridge, first Tuesday of 

January, and first Tuesday of June ; at Lowell, first Tuesday of Sep- 

Commissioners of In^oloency. — Theodore C. Hurd, Framingham > 

George Stevens, Lowell. 

Public Administrators. — Duncan Bradford, Charlestown ; Jonathan 

Ladd, Lowell; George Stevens, Lowell. 

Masters in Chancery. — Joseph H. Tyler, East Cambridge ; William 

S. Stearns, Josejjh H. Cotton, Charlestown ; Arthur P. Bonney, Charles 

F. Howe, Lowell. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers, — Alpheus R. Brown, Na- 
than Crosby, George Stevens, S. W. Stickney, John F. Rogers, 


Commissioners of other States, residing in Lowell. — California, Charles 
A. F. Swan. Connecticut, Edwin A. Alger, Jonathan Ladd. In- 
diana, Jonathan Ladd. Illinois, Jonalhan Ladd. Iowa, R. B. Cav- 
erly, Jonathan Ladd. Kansas, R. B. Caverly. Maine, R. B. 
Caverly, Samuel Lawrence, Charles A. F. Swan. Micliicfan, Jona- 
tlian Ladd. Minnesota, Jonathan Ladd. Nevada, Charles A. F. 
Swan. Neio Hainpshire, Edwin A. Alger, Joim Davis, J. C. Kim- 
ball, Jonathan Ladd, Samuel Lawrence, Charles A. F. Swan, Wil- 
liam P. Webster. New York, R. B. Caverly, Edwin A. Alger, 
Ciiarles A. F. Swan. Ohio, Jonathan Ladd. Rhode Island, Charles 
A. F. Swan. Vermont, Alpheus R. Brown, Jonathan Ladd, Charles 
A. F. Swan, William P. AVebster. Wisconsin, Jonathan Ladd. 

Notaries Public. — Edwin A. Alger, Joseph H. El)-, John A. But- 
trick, George J. Carney, Samuel W. Stickney, Abel Whitney, Geo. 
Stevens, Lowell. 

Coroners. — Jefferson Bancroft (special), Thomas W. Pressey, Jere- 
miah P. Jewett, Lowell. 


Room, Court House, Gorham Street Established 1833. Justice., 
Nathan Crosby. Special Justices, George Stevens, John Davis. 
Clerk, Samuel P. Hadley, jr. Sessions are held for the trial of 
criminal cases every day, at 10 o'clock, a.m. Civil terms, first 
and third Mondays of each month. 



[^Including Justices of the Peace and Quonim, designated hy a* ; and 
Justices throughout the Commonwealth, designated by af-j 

Julian Abbot, James C. Abbott, *Edwin A. Alger, William H. An- 
derson, Nathan Allen, Otis Allen, David O. Allen, *Jefferson Ban- 
croft, James Bailey, Squire L. Bailey, Charles E. A. Bartlett, 
Frank F. Battles, Ithamar W. Beard, \Vm. S. Bennett, William H. 
Bent, Amos A. Blanehard, William D. Blanchard, Charles K. Blais- 
dell, Morrill jNI Bobonan, fArthur P. Bonney, George Bragdon, 
Gerrett J. Bradt, *Alplieus R. Brown, T. F. Burgess, fBenjamin F. 
Butler, John A. Butlrick, George J. Carney, Enoch B. Carter, 
*Robert B. Caverly, Allred H. Chase, Jeremiah Clark, Lorenzo D. 
Cogswell, James Cook, Isaac Cooper, Horatio G. F. Corliss, Charles 
Cowley, John E. Crane, *Nathan Crosby, Jeremiah Crowley, John 
S. Devlin, Luke C. Dodge, Luther J. Eames, Alpha B. Farr, David 
C. G. Field, Horatio R. Fletcher, Jonathan P.'Folsom, James B. 
Francis, Abram French, Josiah B. French, John F. Frye, George 
Gardner, Silas F. Gladwin, Thomas G. Gerrish, Gustavus A. 
Gerry, Alfred Oilman, fJohn A. Goodwin, Benjamin Goddard, 
Dana B. Gove, Francis Goward, Frederick T. Greenhalge, George 
A. Griffin, *Samuel P. Hadley, jr., Amos B. Eleywood, E. A. Hill, 
Joseph S. Holt, James Hopkins, Hocum Hosford, Chas. F. Howe, 
Lorenzo G. Howe, John Q. A. Hubbard, Elihu S. Hunt, John B. 
Hunt, Lucius W. Huntington, *Andrew F. Jewett, Francis Jewett, 
Jeremiah P. Jewett, Jonathan Johnson, Moses A. Johnson, Joseph 
J. Judkins, *Joseph B. Keyes, fCharles Kimball, J. Chellis Kim- 
ball, John F. Kimball, *John A. Knowh s, Jonathan Ladd, T. L. P. 
Lamson, David Lane, Cyrus Latham, Cyrus H. Latham, Alvin 
Lawrence, Ambrose Lawrence, George P. Lawrence, Samuel Law- 
rence, f Peter Lawson, John T. Lee, William E. Livingston, James 
Loughran, Simeon G. Lyford, *Sewall G. Mack, John F. Manahan, 
Joshua N. Marshal], John B. McAlvin, John H. McAlvin, *John F. 
McEvoy, George F. Morey, Samuel A. McPhetres, Albert M. 
Moore, John N. Moore, Horace E. Morse, Benjamin G. Mooney, 
Alanson Nichols, Frank A. Nichols, William Nichols, *\ViIliam 
North, William L. North, Francis H. Nourse, William F. Osgood,. 
*Ephraim B. Patch, f Josiah G. Peabody, John Pearson, John N. 
Peirce, jr., Henry P. Perkins, Major G. Perkins, Abiel Pevey, 
George E. Pevey, Joseph D. Pinder, Joel Powers, Samuel C. Pratt„ 
Asahel D Putfer, *Lucien P. Sfacey, *Thomas W. Pressey, John 
W. Reed, D. Hall Rice, Edward C. Rice, fDaniel S. Richardson, 
George F. Richardson, Jacob Rogers, John F. Rogers, Chester W. 
Rugg, *William F. Salmon, Benjamin C. Sargeant, Joseph L. Sar- 
gent, George F. Scrlbner, * Alfred Scott, *Luther E. Shepard,. 
William Shepard, *Edward F. Sherman, John W. Smith, \Vm. 
S. Southworth, *George Stevens, fSamuel W. Stickney, Holland 
Streeter, Charles A. F. Swan, *Theo(lore H. Sweetser, Wilfred P. 
Taylor, Edward Tuck, Artemas S. Tyler, A. C. Varnum, Aldis L. 
Waite, Benjamin Walker, Daniel R. Wallace, Edward F. Wat- 
son, James Watson, * William P. Webster, Charles A. Welch 
fTappan Wentworth. Abel Whitney, William T. Whitten, Henry' 
H. Wilder, Charles M. VVilliams, B-njamin J. Williams, Samuel 
N. Wood, Andrew C. Wright, *Hapgood Wright. 




Of principal cities in the United States containing a population of over 10,000, according to 
the census nj I8fi0, except Michigan, 1864, Iowa, Massuchiisetts, Minnesota, JNew Jersey, 
Neiv York, lihode Island, aiui Wisconsin, 1805, and Washington, D.C., 1867. 

Albany, N.T 62,613 

Alexandria, Va 1 2,654 

Alle<;hany, Penn 28,702 

Ann Arhor, Mich. (est. 1869) 10,000 

Auburn, N.Y 12,567 

Augusta, Ga 1 2,493 

Baltimore, Md 212,418 

Ban-or, Me 16,408 

liinghamton, N.Y 10,092 

Bo>ton, Mass 220,570 

Bridgeport, Conn 13,28.3 

Brookhaven, N.Y 10,159 

Brooklyn, N.Y 296,378 

Brunswick, N.J 14,671 

Buffalo, N.Y 94,210 

Cambridge, Mass 29,114 

Camden, N.J 18,313 

Charleston, 8.C 40,522 

Charlcstown, Mass 26,398 

Chelsea, Mass 14,403 

Chicago, 111 109,260 

Cincinnati, Ohio 161,044 

•Cleveland, Ohio 43,417 

CoUanhus, Ohio 18,544 

Concord, N.H 10,896 

Covington, Ky 16,741 

Davenport, Iowa 14,068 

Dayton, Oliio 20,081 

Detroit, Mich. (est. 1869) 90,000 

Donaldsonvillc, La 1 1,484 

Dorchester, Mass 10,729 

Dubuque, Iowa 15,814 

Elizabeth, N.J 17,373 

Elmira, N.Y 13,130 

Evansyille, Ind 11,484 

Fall River, Mass 1 7,525 

Flushing, N.Y 10,813 

Fond du Lac, Wis 11,031 

Gloucester, Mass 11 ,938 

Harrisburg. Penn 13,405 

Hartford, Conn 29,168 

Haverhill, Mass 10,660 

Hempstead, N.Y 11,764 

Hohoken, N.J 12,976 

Hudson, N.J 13,151 

Indianapolis, Ind 18,611 

• Jersey Citv, N.J 37,371 

Kingston, N. Y 1 7,296 

Lancaster City, Penn 1 7,603 

Lawrence, Mass 21,733 

Lockport, N.Y 13,937 

Louisville, Ky 68,033 

Lowell, Mass 31,004 

Lynn, Mass 20,800 

Manchester, N.H 20,107 

Memphis, Tenn 22,623 

Mill Creek, Ohio 13,844 

Milwaukie, Wis N Y641 

Mobile, Ala 29,258 

Morrisania, NY 11,691 

Nashua, N.H 1 0,065 

Nashville, Tenn 16,988 

New Albanv, Ind 12,647 

Newark, N. J 87,413 

New Bedford, Mass 20,863 

Newburgh, N.Y 17,389 

Newbury port, Mass 12,980 

New Haven, Conn 29,277 

New London, Conn 10,116 

New Orleans, La 168,675 

Newport, Kv 10,046 

New])ort, R.1 12,688 

Newtown, N.Y 13,891 

New York, N.Y 726,386 

Norfolk, Va 14,620 

North Providence, R.I 14,553 

Norwich, Conn 14,058 

Oswegatchie, N.Y 11 ,091 

Oswego, N.Y 1 9,288 

Paterson, N.J 24,893 

Peoria, 111 14,045 

Petersburg, Va 1 8,266 

Philadelphia, Penn 565,529 

Pittsburg, Penn 49,217 

Portland, Me 26,341 

Poughkeepsie, N.Y 16,073 

Providence, R.I 54,595 

Quincy, 111 13,718 

Reading, Penn 23,162 

Richmond, Va 37,910 

Rochester, N.Y 50,940 

Sacramento City, Cal 13,785 

Salem, Mass 21,197 

San Francisco, Cal 56,802 

Savannah, Ga 22,292 

Schenectady, N.Y 10,680 

Smithfield, R.I 12,315 

Springfield, Mass 22,038 

South Park, Col 10,610 

St. Lan.lry, La 10,346 

St. Louis, Mo 160,773 

St. Paul, Minn. (1865) 12,976 

Syracuse, N.Y 31,784 

Taunton, Mass 16,005 

Toledo, Ohio 13,768 

Trenton, N.J 20,508 

Troy, N.Y 39,293 

Utica, N.Y 23,686 

Washington, D.C. (1867) 105,831 

Waterburv, Conn 10,004 

Watervleit, N.Y 27,279 

Wayne, Ind 10,388 

Wheeling, W. Va 14,083 

Wilmington, Del 21,258 

Worcester, Mass 30,05 8 

on...55Y k,sre ...., 12,756 

BANKS. 353 



Capital, $300,000. 

J. A. KNOWLES .... President. 
J. F. KIMBALL .... Cashier. 
8. SEWALL, Jr Clerk. 







Annual Meeting, Second Tuesday in January. Dividends, First Monday of April 
and October. Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

j6®~ Dividends payable in Boston collected without charge. 

City Institution for Savings, 


Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 3 to 4 o'clock, 
and Thursday and Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 o'cloclc. 

Quarters commence on the second Saturdays of January, April, July, and 




















Incorporated. 1850. - - - - Keorganized. 1865. 

CAPITAL, $300,000. 

CHARLES B. COBURN, President. 




Charles B. Coburn, John L. Cheney, D. S. Richardson, A. B. Richardson, 
Elijah M. Read, E. F. Sherman, Hapgood Wright, Robert H. Butcher, 

John K. Chase, Charles Stott, Benjamin Adams, 


Discount days, Monday and Thursday; Dividends payable first of April and October. 

Bauk Hours, 9 to 12, 2 to 4. Shut Saturday, P. M. 

Sight Drafts and Orders on Boston collected without charge. General Banking 
and Exchange business done on most favorable terms. Drafts drawn on New York. 


Five Cent Savings Bank. 


Keceives Deposits in sums of 5 cents to $1,000. 

Opposite Middle Street, First Floor. 

Open every afternoon, except Saturday, from 2 to 4 ; and Tuesday and Saturday 
evenings from 7 to 9 o'clock. Quarters commence first Saturday January, April, July, 
and October. 

HOEATIO WOOD, President. 


F. F. Battles, Nathan Crosby, Sewall G. Mack, Elijah M. Reed, H. Hosford. 

John W. P. Abbott, Benjamin Adams, Chas. B. Coburn, Joseph A. Brabrook, 
Thomas Talbot, John P. Kimball, William A. Richardson, Hapgood Wright, John 
L. Cheney, William F. Salmon, John Holt, Oliver E. Gushing, John C. Bartlett, Chas. 
H. Burbank, William Walker. 

ARTEMAS S. TYLER, Treasurer. 

DAVID H^ALET, 2d, Clerk. 

BANKS. 355 





Discount Days, Mondays and Thursdays. Annual Election, Third 
Tuesday of January. 

Incorporated as a State Bank, March 11, 1828. Authorized to commence business 
as a National Banking Association, June 22, 1805. 

CAPITAL, $200,000. 

EDWARD TUCK, President. 


FRANK. N. CHASE, Clerk. 


"WiLLARD A. BRO^^^f, Jonathan P. Folsom, John Waugh, 

Albert G. Cook, Joel Spalding, Phineas Whiting, 

Luther W. Faulkner, Edward Tuck, William H. P. Wright. 

The Lowell Institution for Savings, 


And is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon and 



"Vice Presidents. 






GEORGE J. CARNEY, Treasurer. 
liArRIN MARTIN, Clerk. AVILLIAM liAMSON, AVatchman. 



Carleton Block, Merrimack Street. 

I]NCOIlI»ORA.TEI> 1831, IlEOIlG^NIZEI> 1865. 

CAPITAL, $800,000, 


S. W. STIOKNEY, President. 

JOHN F. EOaERS, Cashier. 









Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. 




Open every afternoon (except Saturdays) from 2 to 4 o'clock; and on Thursday and 
Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 o'clock, 

WM. A. BURKE, President. JOHN F. ROGERS, Treasurer. 













BANKS. 357 




CAI^ITAL, - - - . !^S^0,000. 

ABTHTJR P. BOWKTEY - . - . President. 

GEORGE B. ALLEN" .... Cashier. 

•WARBEN P. PUTNAM .... TeUer. 

J. B. POOE .-..-.. Clerk. 






A.nnual Election in fTamiary. 


3Iiddleseoc Street, near Northern Depot. 


Oapital, #300,000. 




ALMY J. PLINT, Clerk. 



H. C. HOWE, 

Annual Meeting, third Tuesday in January. Discounts, daily. Dividends, 
first Monday of January and July. 



Merchants' National Bank^ 


43 1-2 Merrimack Street. 
U. S. Depository, and Financial Agent of the United States. 
CAPITAL, $400,000. 

Converted September, 1804. 

HOCUM HOSFORD, President. 

JOHN N. I»I3E:iiCDE:, Jr., Cashier. 









Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. u4«?mai iWee/in^', second Tuesday in January. 

E. D. LEAVITT, Jr., 

'Prepar'es Plans, Specifications, [and Estimates, for Mills and 
Machinery ; and gives especial attentio7i to designing and 
superintending the constttcction of Steam Engines a7id 
Boilers, combinivg maximum econoniy, durability, and 
efficiency, and adapted to eve^y variety of sei'vice. 

Room 6, Carleton Block, 



[Olflll GlS-llfiHT (OlIFMy! 

Office, Middle, corner Shattuck Street, 
CD^-lDlt^l, ^300,000. 

Commenced Lighting, January 1, 1850. 
SEWALL G. MACK, President. 


William A, Burke, Jacob Mogers, 

Levi Sprague, S, W. Stickney, 

James B, Francis, George Motley, 

JOHN F. ROaEKS, Treasurer. 

D. B. BABTLETT, Paymaster. 



XjocI^s cfi? Gsiicxsiile 


Oflice, IMeclianic Street. 


JOHN T. MORSE, Treasurer, 

J^lSdlES B. FRA^N^CIS, Agent. 
NOAS R, HARLOW, Paymaster, 

This Company control and manage the Water- 
Power of the Merrimack Biver, at Lowell, 
and also carry on works for 


Pay-day on the Monday after the last Saturday 
of each month. 





]¥orth £nd of Button Street. 




F. B. OROWNINSHIELD, Treas., 60 State Street, Boston. 
JOHN 0. PALFEEY, Agent. 

BENJAMIN PATCH, Paymaster of MiUs. 
HENRY BURROWS, Supt. of Print Works. 

WM. HARDMAN, Paymaster of Print Works. 


Looma . . . 

Females employed . 
Males employed 
Yards made per week 
Cotton consumed per week 
Yards Dyed and Printed 
Kinds of Goods made 


Frints No. 30 to 37 

Pay-day on tlie Saturday before the 16th of each month. 
This Corporation runs five Mills, besides the Print Works. 




Amory, foot John Street. 


CAPITAL, - $1,200,000. 

EIOHAED D. EOGEES, Treasurer, 

60 State Street, Boston. 

A. G. Cumnock, Agent. 

GEO. W. BEDLOW, Paymaster. 

Spindles .... 

Looms .... 

Females employed 

Males employed, including mule-tenders 

Yards made per week . . . 

Cotton consumed per week, in pounds 

XT- J e n A A ( Drillings and Sheetings, N 
Kinds of Goods made. | - j^^^^ p^j^« Clo 








14. Sheetings, Shirt- 
hs, 30 to 40. 

This Company runs 5 Mills. 



Lawrence Manufacturing Co., 


CAPITAL, - - - $1,500,000. 


12 Pembei'toii Square, Boston. 

T. L. P. LAMSON, Paymaster. 

Spindles 70, A3 2 

JfOotns ....... f, 7/-^ 

JECnittitiff Machines ..... 253 

Females employed ..... /,880 

Males em,ployed ..... 350 

Yards made r)er 7i^eek \ ^^0,000 Cotton Cloth, 

laias maae per 7i^ee/c . . ^ 6,000 doz. Hosiery. 

Cotton consumed per week, lbs. . . . 90, 000 

If'ool co7isum,ed per week .... /,000 


Slieetiug, Shirtiug', Priutiug- Cloth, Cottou and Merino 

JVumber of Mills run by this Company, Five ; and Dye Houses. 

Payments close last Saturday of each month. 



Incorporated 1830. 

CAPITAL, - - - $600,000, 

WILLIAM A. BURKE, Treasurer, 



JOSEPH S. HOLT, Paymaster. 

SPINDLES ....... 28,000 

LOOMS ........ 836 


MALES EMPLOYED ...... 180 

YARDS MADE PER WEEK ..... 130,000 




Number of Mills run by tills Company, five. 

Pay-day, w.eek after last Saturday in each month. 


Lowell Manufacturing Company, 



Caintal, - - - - $2,000,000. 

D. B. JEWETT, Treasurer, 28 State St., Boston. 

THO.^AS SAMPSON, Jr., Clerk, 28 State Street, Boston. 

GEORGE C. RICHARDSON & CO , Selling Agents, 

96 JOevonsJUre St., Boston ; & 113 & 113 Worth St., N. T. 

SAMUEL FAY, Superintendent. 
AMOS A. BLANCHARD, Paymaster. 


12,500 Worsted and Wool, 2,816 Cotton. 

258 Power Carpet, 124 Cotton, 50 Stuff Goods, & 60 Lastings. 

Females employed., 1,000 ; ]>Xa,les employed, 4l?50. 


Yards made per Week, { 4,500 yards stukf qoous. 

Cotton consumed per week ..... 4,000 lbs. 
Clean Wool consumed per week .... 63,000 lbs. 

Mlannfaetixve Carpets, Slieetingss!, StiifT 
Groods, and Shoe Lawting^s. 


Pay-day, weelt after tlie last Saturday In each moiitli. 



UllTOK niiMnDIII^'l) CO. 



, Treasurer, 


OLIVER H. MOULTON, Superintendent. 

FERDINAND RODLIPP, Jr., - - - Paymaster. 

Spindles - - 51,268 

Looms .__--.- 1,350 

Females employed ----- §50 

Males employed ------ 425 

¥ards made per week - - - - 225,000 

Cotton consumed, per week, lbs. - - 60,000 

Cleaned W^ool consumed, per week, ll»s. - 10,000 
Yar<ls dyed ------ 16,000 

Yards printed ------ 160,000 


Delaines, Worsted Yarns, Nos. 26 to 44, Cotton 

Flannels, Prints, Ticks, Stripes, Sheetings 

and Sliirtinffs, 5 to 53. 


Pay-day, second week after last Saturday in each month. 


ipp^ifii mmfmi, 



CAPITAL, - - - $600,000. 

GEORGE MOTLEY, Treasurer, 


J. H. SAWYER, Superintendent. 

A. H. ROBINSON, Paymaster. 

Spindles S3,208 

Ijooms 714 

Females eraployed 400 

jytales employed ISO 

Yards made per week • 160,000 

Cotton consumed per week, lbs '?'0,000 

IManufacture Sheetings, Drillings, and Shirtings, 14 to 20 

Number of Mills run by this Company are Three. 




Junction of Merrimack and Concord Rivers, 



CAPITAL, - ■ - $1,800,000. 

HOMER BARTLETT, Treasurer, 60 State Street, Boston. 
FROTHINGHAM & CO., Selling Agents, 59 Franklin St., Boston. 
AMOS RUGa, Paymaster. 

Spindles e7,&72 

Hiooms 1,878 

ir-emales employed 1,300 

Alales eixiployed 400 

Yards made per week: 540,000 

Cotton, consmmed per week, lbs 180,000 

IK!in.ds of goods made .... Slieetings, Sliirtings, Drillings. 
Numbers of Yarn 8 to 2V 

Number of MiUs mil by this Company, Six. 



ERASTUS BOYDSN, - - Superintendent. 


These Mills belong to the Massachusetts Cotton Mills, and the Sta- 
tistics are included in those of that Company . 




Incorporated 7830. 

CAPITAL, - - ■ $750,000. 

RICHARD S. FAY, Treasurer, 

G9 Federal Street, Boston. 

PERRY, WENDELL, FAY, & CO., Selling Agents, 

69 Federal Street, Boston. 

G. V. FOX, Agent. 

WILLIAM C. AVERY, Superintendent. 

ALBERT A. HAGGETT, Paymaster. 

Spindles, 16,400. 

Looms, 250 broadcloth, 50 narrow. 
Females employed, 320. 
Males employed, 427. 

I 13,000 6-4. 
Yards made per week, < "ifiOO 3 4. 

( 2,500 Sq. Shawls. 

Clean "Wool consumed per week, 25,000 pounds. 
:KUST>^ of goods ]>£A.1>E : 


Pay-day, Friday after the fourth Saturday in each month. 




Bleachery St., in soath part of the city. 


CAPITAL, - - - $300,000. 

SJIMVEIj a, SJVEIjIjIJVa, Treasurer, 


HEJVR I* P, PERKIJVS, Paymaster. 


MALES EMPLOYED . . . . .360 


YARDS DYED PER ANNUM . . 15,000,000 

AJl Grades and. Styles of 


Pay-day, week after last Saturday of each month. 


Ml sa#p, 



CAPITAL, - - - $600,000. 



ANDEEW MOODY, - - Superintendent. 

WILLIAM W. SHERMAN, - - Paymaster. 



Cotton Machinery, Locomotives, 

Machinists' Tools, Mill Work, &c. 

They have JPour Shops, Sraithy, and Foundry. 
Pay-day, Tveek after last Saturday tu eacli month. 



Mount Vernon Street, near Broadway. 


CAPITAL, - - - $100,000. 

C. P. TALBOT, President. 

H. HOSFORD, Treasurer. 

W. F. SALMON, Manager. 



J. 8. & £. TTRIOHT & CO., 

No. 140 Devonshire St., Boston. 



33. O. ^ H O -^TV 3Xr , 

Manufacturer of 



Also Patentee and Sole Manufacturer of Improved 

Patented INItg Heddles^ 

Warraoted not to catch the Warp Thread in the eye. 

Patented May 21, 1867. 


(Near the Middlesex Mills,) 

The subscriber, in calling the attention of Manufacturers to his PATENTED 
"WIRE HEDDLE, can confidently recommend it as the best adapted to all kinds of 
weavin? (Woollen, Cotton, or Silk Goods) of any Wire Heddle now in use. The eye in 
this Heddle is near perfection, if not perfect; the warp thread will not catch in the 
twist of the wire which forms the eye, and the warper knots will pass freely through 
the eje without injury ; and has given the most perfect satisfaction wherever it has 
been used. 

Orders solicited and promptly executed by 

D. C. BROWN, Patentee, 

Sole Mamtfacturer and Proprietor, 


The undersigned cheerfully recommend D. C. Brown's Patented Wire Hed- 
dle as superior to any which has come to their knowledge : — 

George Crompton, Crompton Loom Works, Worcester, Mass. ; Davis & Furber. 
Wool-Machine Makers, North Andover, Mass.; W. H. Salisbury. Agent Washington 
Mills, Lawrence, Mass.; Edward Barrows, Agent Merrimac Mills, Dracut, Mass.; 
William C. Avery, Supt. Middlesex Mills, Lowell, Mass.; Isaac Farringtou, Proprie- 
tor Eagle Mills, Lowell, Mass.; A. H. Chase, Chase Mills, Lowell, Mass. 

We, the undersigned, are using D. C. Brown's Patented Wire Heddle, and 
are satisfied that it is the best Wire Heddle that we have ever used : —^ 

S. S. Fuller, Overseer of Weaving in Cloth Department, Middlesex Mills, Lowell, 
Mass.: H. Butterworth, Overseer of Weaving in Shawl Department, Jliddlesex Jlills, 
Lowell, Mass.; O. W. Kenison, Overseer of Weaving, Pemberton Mills, Lawrence, 
Mass.; Thomas Clegg, Lawrence, Mass. 



Rooms, Pkescott National Bank Building, 


Authorized Agents for the following Companies, with combined Assets of over 


Capital and Surplus, 


(Fire) Insurance Company of New York. 

Capital and Surplus, 
»1,600,000 (Gold). 


Insurance Company of San Francisco. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Fire Insurance Company of New York. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Fire Insurance Company of New York. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Fire Insurance Company of New York. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Providence. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Insurance Company of Cleveland. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Fire Insurance Company of Hartford. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Fire Insurance Company of Hartford. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Insurance Company of Boston. 

Capital and Surplus, 


Fire Insurance Company of Boston. 



Fire Insurance Company of Worcester. 

Cash Assets, 


Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Worcester. 

Cash Assets, 


Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Concord, Mass. 

Cash Assets, 


Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Worcester. 

Cash Assets, 


Mutual Insurance Company, Brighton. 

Cash Assets, 


Assurance Company of Worcester. 

Cash Assets, 


Insurance Company, Pittsfield, Mass. 

- Assets, 



Insurance Company of Hartford. 



Insurance Company of Newark. 

Parties desiring Policies of Boston or other Companies, either Fire or Life, can pro- 
cure them through us at the lowest rates. 

Surveys and Estimates made for Insurance on Mills, Manufactories, and other prop- 
erty at short notice. 


GEORGE F. HUNT. (See opposite page.) george m. elliott. 





Incorporated 1844. 


It has no stockholders, as many falsely called Mutual Companies have, to take the 
lion's share of the Income. All its assets and all its income are the property of the 
policy-holders alone. 

It has a Cash Fund of $1,000,000, 

and a large surplus over and above all liabilities. 

The Massachusetts Law gives perfect security to the policy-holders, and makes every 
policy issued absolutely NON-FORFEIT ABLE ; securing to every person all the 
insurance he pays for. Ch. 186, Laws 1861. 


If for any cause the annual premium is not paid at the time when due, the Company 
will continue the insurance according to Massachusetts law; or, at the option of the 
assured, will either pay back the surrender value of the assurance, or will give a paid- 
up POLICY for such proportion of the original policy as .the assured has paid for. 

Ecouomy is tlie great feature of this Company. The State Mutual 
Life Assurance Company uses in expenses less of every hundred dollars paid in 
than any other of the six Massachusetts Life Companies, and less than any one of forty- 
five Life Companies from other States doing business in Massachusetts. See Muss. Ins. 
Com. Hep., 1869. 

All its surplus is divided among its policy-holders annually, on the contribution plan, 
begiiming with the second premiiun on every policy. 


The Interest on the Invested funds of the State Mutual Liife Assurance 
Company for the last fifteen years has more than paid all the losses by 
death during that ijeriod. 

This fact shows the great prosperity and success of this Company, although it is not 
as large as many others, because its business has been restricted almost exclusively to 
New England, while that of other Companies has been extended almost over the whole 

How shall I know which is the best Company ? By inquiring of the thousands of 
honest men who are insured in this, they will tell you that 

The State Mutual Life Assurance Company, 


is one of the oldest, safest, and most economical Companies in the United States ; 
and, consequently, the cheapest in which to insure. 


HUNT & ELLIOTT, Agents, 

28 Central Street, Lowell. 

GEORGE F. HUNT. (See opposite page.) george m. elliott. 




23 Central, corner Middle Street, Lowell, Mass. 


.ETNA Insurance Company, - - Hartford, Conn. 

Capital and Surplus, $5,400,000. 

HiKTFORD Fire Insurance Company, - Hartford, Conn. 

Capital and Surplus, $2,300,000. 

PHOENIX Insurance Company, - - Hartford, Conn. 

Capital and Surplus, $1,600,000. 

INTERNATIONAL Insurance Company, - - New York. 

Capital and Surplus, $1,200,000. 

NATIONAL Insurance Company, - - Boston, Mass. 

Capital and Surplus, $700,000. 

PUTNAM Insurance Company, - - Hartford, Conn. 

Capital, $500,000. 

INDEPENDENT Insurance Company, - - Boston, Mass. 

Capital and Surplus, $400,000. 

NORWICH Insurance Company, - - Norwich, Conn. 

Capital and Surplus, $300,000. 

ROaER WILLIAlMS Insurance Co., Providence, - R. I. 

Capital and Surplus. $200,000. 

Policies written in the above Offices, on Churches, Dwell- 
ings, Mills, and Machiiiery, Stores and Merchandise, on 
the most favorable terms. 

TRAVELLERS' Insurance Company, - Hartford, Conn. 

Capital and Surplus, $1,200,000. 

Incorporated for the purpose of effecting all kinds of Life Sc Accident Insurance. 



Traders' and Mechanics' 



CASH ASSETS, $290,000. 







0. B. OOBUEN, Pres. E. F. SHERMAN, Sec. and Treas. 
Office, 27 Central Street, Lowell. 

Home Insurance Co., of New York. 

CASH ASSETS, $4,343,234. 

Lorillard Fire Insurance Company, of New York. 

CASH ASSETS, $1,637,066. 

Yonkers and New York Insurance Company, of New York. 

CASH ASSETS, $601,500.00. 

Springfield Fire and Marine Ins. Co., of Springfield, Mass. 

CASH ASSETS, $936,450.00. 

Merchants' Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn. 

CASH ASSETS, $454,386.00. 

>e®= Insurance effected to any desirable amount, in the best Companies, at current 

E. F. SHERMAN, Agent, 




utual Sife 

insurance go. 

ASSETS, OVER $26,000,000. 

IVxiiiiljering IMLore thiaii 60,000 M:eml>ers. 

Total Claims by Death paid to June 1, 1369, over $8,500,000 

Total Dividends, " " " " 6,000,000 


Surplus divided equitably among its Policy-holders in Annual Dividends. 

11,960 Policies issued, insuring about 
Income received and accrued, 

- $39,000,000.00 

During its last fiscal year, this Company paid in dividends to the living and on the 
policies of its deceased members, Two Million Two Hundred and Forty-Five 
Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty-Two Dollam, and at the same time added 
more than jFfi'P Million Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars toils 
accumulated capital. 

j9eg= The whole Record of this Company has been one of prudent management and 
prosperous advancement. Among the older and leading Life Insurance Companies, 
its average ratio of expenses to income has, through its entire history, been the lowest 
of any. 

Over $10,000,000 of its Assets have been loaned to Policy-holders, amply secured 
by values of Policies, and its investments are all of unquestionable security, including 



Ratio of Assets to Liabilities, as computed by Oommissioner Sanford, 
Surplus, Dec. 31, 1868, as computed by Oommissioner Sanford, 

- 141.23 


The Strongest Mutual Life Insurance Company 


General Agent for Middlesex and Essex Counties. 

VIRGIL G. BARNARD, .... Soliciting Agent. 

Office, Merchants' Bank Building. 




JAMES K. FELLOWS, President. 

JAMES COOK, Secretary. 


Jonathan Tyler, Benjamin AValker, A. R. Brown, John Nesmith, George Stevens, 
W. E. Livingston, AVilliara H. Wiggin, Abram French, Alden B. Buttrick, Charles A. 
Stott, Jacob Robbins, William P. Brazer, J. C. Abbott, E. B. Patcli, J. K. Fellows, 
Amos B. French. 

JAMES COOK, No. 49 Central St., Agent for 

CITY FIRE INS. CO., OF HARTFORD, CONN., Capital & Surplus, over $600,000 
MARKET " " NEW YORK, " " ' " 650,000 

NOKII I AMERICAN " " " " " 800,000 

HAXOVEU " " " " " " 700 000 

ALBANY-CITY " ALBANY, N.Y., Authorized Capital, 1,000,000 

Surplu8,over 200,000 

MERRIMACK M. F. INS. CO., OF ANDOVER, MASS., Cash on hand, over 70,000 
CHARTER-OAK LIFE INS., OF HARTFORD, CONN., Assets, over 0,000,000 

Annual Income, 2,500,000 

efl'ected in this Company, on either Stock or Mutual Plans, with or without notes, 

at the lowest possible rates. 

New-England Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

Accumulated Fund, December 31, 1868, 


JOSEPH M. GIBBENS, Secretary. 

W. W. MORLAND, M.D., Medical Examiner. 

Directors. — Sewell Tappan, Marshall P. Wilder, Charles Hubbard, George H. 
Folger, James Sturgis, Francis C. Lowell, James S. Amory, Homer Bartlett,'Benja- 
min F. Stevens, Dwight Foster. 

S. W. STICKNEY, Agent. 

FRANKLIN NICKERSON, Medical Examiner. 

S. W. STICKNEY & J. F. ROGERS, Commissioners to qualify Civil Officers. 

S. W. STICKNEY, Notary Public. 



Life & Fire Insurance Agency 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co., Springfield, Mass. 

ASSETS, OVJER $1,200,000. 

Home Insurance Company, of New Haven, Conn. 

CAPITAL, $1,000,000. 

Niagara Fire Insurance Company, of New York. 


Manhattan Insurance Company, of New York. 


Merchants' Insurance Company, of Providence, R.I. 


Bay-State Fire Insurance Co., of Worcester, Mass. 


Commerce Insurance Company, of Albany, N.Y. 

CAPITAL, $400,000. 

Western Insurance Company, of Buffalo, N.Y. 


Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Co., of Quincy, Mass. 

CASH ASSETS, OVIiR $200,000. 

Dorchester Mutual Fire Ins. Co., of Dorchester, Mass. 

Jeremiah S. Folsom, Agt., 31 Central St., Lowell, Mass. 





37 Merrimack Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Total Receipls for 1868, 
Total Assets, January 1, 1869, 

$5,856,545 78 
16,425,227 01 

A Dividend of Return Premiums of fifty (50) per cent has been declared on tlie Life 
Policies issued prior to January 1, 1868, applicable to the premiums paid In 1867; on 
ordinary Endowment Policies of the same year, forty (40) per cent; and on Non-For- 
feiting Endowments, thirty-three and one-third (33J) per cent. 

The Directors have also ordered the payment of the Twentt-Second Dividend 
(that DECLARED IN 18GS), to the members entitled to the same, as their premiums be- 
come due, during the year 1869; those holding Scrip to be allowed the same as cash 
.n payment of Premiums, and where there is a Loan, the amount to be credited thereon 

LEWIS C. GBOVEB, President. 

EDWABD A. STRONG, Secretary. 

BENJ. C. MILLEB, Treasurer. 






Also Manufacturer of all kinds of 



Cor. Mt. Vernon St., Lowell, Mass. 

Orders solicited and promptly attended to, and all work warranted. 



Patent Wood-Working Machinery, 

Corner of Broadway and Mc. Vernon Streets, 

Bed-Post Lathes f Soil Lathes, Baluster Lathes, and Bed- 
stead Machinery ; Chair Lathes and llachineri/, Bob- 
bin Lathes and 3Iachinery, Job-Tumitig Lathes, 
Shuttle Maehinery, Boring Machines, Mortis- 
ing Machines, Corner 3Iachines, Slat Bound- 
ers, Jig Saws, Belt Satvs ; 

Tenoning Machines, Buzz Planers, Surface Planers, 

Glue Joint Machines, for long and short work ; 

Self-feeding Circular Saws, 

Adjustable Hangers, Pulleys, and Shafting. 

Our improved A(^ustable Hanger, with Self-Oiling Box, was awarded the 


At the late Middlesex Mechanics' Fair in this city. We are constantly making 
new and improved machines. 




Nashua & Lowell Railroad. 

United with the Boston and Lowell Railroad, connects at Nashua with the 
Wilton Railroad, and with the Concord Railroad. 

Incorporated June 23, 1S:^5. Depot, Middlesex Street, Lowell. Opened for travel, 
October 8, 1838. 


Connecting witli the Nashua and Lowell Railroad at North Chelmsford, and 
terminating at Groton. 

Incorporated in 18.45. Capital Stock, $.300,000. Opened for travel, July 1, 1848. 
Depot, Middlesex Street. 
Officeks. — George Stark, Manager. J. B. Winslow, General Superintendent. 


Incorporated March 27, 1846. Annual Meeting, first Monday in January. Capital, 

F. H. Nourse, Local Superintendent, Treasurer, and Clerk. Office, Middlesex- 
street Depot. 

From Lotvell* to Distances. Prices. 

Mace's 3 10 

Tewksbury Centre 5 15 

Shed's Crossing,! or Almshouse Station ... 6 20 

Ilacjget's Pond 10 30 

LawrenceJ 13 40 

* Connects with Nashua and Lowell Railroad. 

+ Connects with Lowell and .Salem Railroad. 

% Connects with Boston and JIaine Railroad, and Manchester and La'WTence Railroad. 

Season Tickets between Lowell and Lawrence, three mouths, $18.00. 


Incorporated in 1848. Opened Aug. 1, 1850. Capital, $400,000. Annual meeting on 
Tuesday after first Monday of January. 

Officers. — George Stark, il/wnaj/er. J. B. AVinslow, General Superintendent. 
F. H. Nourse, Local Superintendent, Clerk, and Treasurer. Office, Middlesex-street, 
Depot, Lowell. 

From Lowell to Distances. 

1 .... 

Whipple's Crossing 

Tewksbury 5 

Shed's Crossing, or Almshouse Station ... 6 

Burt's Mills 8 

Wilmington Junction 9 

Wilmington 10 

North Reading 14 

Paper Mills 16 

Phelps Mills 18 

West Danvers 18^ 

Proctor's Corner 20 

Peabody, (South Danvers) 22 

Carltonville 23 

Salem 24 






View of New Depot in Boston, on Causeway Street. 

The Boston and Lowell and Nashua and Lowell Railroads operate the Stony 
Brook and Wilton. Lowell and Lawrence, and Salem and Lowell Railroads. 
GEORGE STARK, Manager. JOHN B. WINSLOW, Superintendeijt. 
Offices at the Depot in Boston. CHARLES E. PAIGE, Freight and 
Passenger Agent. Office, Middlesex-street Depot, Lowell. 
Incorporated June, 1830. Open for travel, June 1835. New Depot at Lowell, 
corner of Merrimack and Dutton Streets. 

Season Tickets between Lowell and Boston, not transferable, and payable in 
advance, are given for three moiiths, for $30 ; six months, $60; and one year, 
$120. They are not to be used on express business, and entitle the bearer. 
to carry nothing but strictly personal baggage, or such parcels as may be taken 
in the hand without incommoding other passengers. Other articles, or mer- 
chandise? are not to be taken as baggage, except at discretion of the conductor, 
and by paying extra. 

Package Tickets to Boston are sold in packages of 10 for $7.50. 

Lowell to Miles. Fares. 

Billerica Mills 41 

Billerlca and Tewksbury 7 

Wilmington 11 

North Woburn Hi 

Woburn Watering- Place 16 

Ea>t Woburn 16i 

Winchester 18 

Medford 21 

Boston 26 


No charge for children under four years of age. Between Boston and 
Lowell, second-class fare, 70 cents. The above rates are five cents less than 
the fare when taken in the cars. 



L o >v e: i^ X 

iAiL¥ eouei 


The largest and most widel3^ circulated 
daily paper in Middlesex County. 

• Published every afternoon (Sunday excepted) by 




Has a circulation more tlian t'tvice as lai-;£;e 'as any otiier dally 
paper in Middlesex County. 

TERMS, $6.00 a ycnr, in. advance ; or $0.50, if not paid within three 
months of the time of subsrrihitif/. 

Lowell Weekly Journal, 


lluseum Building f - Merrimack Street ^ 

(Three doors west of Post Office). 


Is larger, and has a wider circulation, than any other 
paper in Middlesex County. 

It pays particular attention to COUNTY NEWS (liaving correspondents in all 
the towns); and also to the AGUICULiTrRAL. 1>EPARTMENT, which gives a 
large amount of original and selected matter from some of the best agricultural 
writers in the State. 

Teruis, $2.00 a year, in Advance. 


Of every description, promptly executed^ 




This Establishment is amply provided with all the means for executing 

Letter-Press Printing, 



THE jyj^^TJLrY 


IS PUBLISHED AT $5,00 PER YEAS, and is one of the best 
Advertising Mediums in Middlesex County. 

The Weekly American Citizen 




No. 44 Central, nearly opposite Middle Street. 

This paper has ahvaj's made local and county matters a specialty, and has for many 
years lield its rank among the best Massachusetts journals. 








This Establishment, which was commenced in June, ISlii, is one of tlie very largest 
and best in Massachusetts, for the rapid, perfect, and ecnnomicul execution of JOB 
PRINTING, in its various branches. Its facilities are inferior to no other tirst-class 
office in New England. 

Manufacturers, Merchants, Mechanics, Insurance Companies, Banks, Lawyers — in 
fact, all persons requiring Printing done neailyand promptly, on terms as loio as any 
man can live and pay Ins honest debts — are invited to call, and examine the numerous 
specimens (both plain and fancy) of the work of this Office, which the proprietor will 
take pleasure in showing tliem. 

(E^= DEJ\NISO]V'> TAGS for sale at Manufacturer's Prices. 

" THE AllT I»RESX:ilVATl^'E.' 



No. 21 Central Street, Lowell, 



PRINTING OFFICE (outside of Boston) IN 



An independent Family Newspaper, commenced in 1840:— Stone & Husk, propri- 
etors and publishers Terms, $-'.00 per annum, in advance. The circulation ol Vox 
P(JPULI is larger than any other paper in Lowell. 

4®" This office, which is the oldest and by far the largest in Lowell, is kept thor- 
oughly supplied with every material necessary for the prompt, neat, and economical 
execution of LETTER-PRESS PRINTING. Having the most 


in use, the proprietors feel assured that they can compete successfully with any other 
establishment in tlie prompt and neat execution of all work Intrusted to tliem, and at 
as LOW PRICES as can be oilered anywhere. 

Special tttentiou given to Priiitiujs^ for Cotton and Woollen Manu- 
facturing E2$tabli^iIllnen(8, M* rcaniilc, Banltiug, 
and Business Companies. 



^larriage and Visiting Cards, and Circulars, of the latest styles. 


S. W. HUSE, 



Dealers iu 

Fine Boots and Shoes, 


%SSiSbiSi"'- ! ZO WELL, MASS. 



At the Railroad Wood-Yard, near ihe Roand Honse, 



"Which will be furnished when desired, 


Orders may be left at No. 25 George Street, 

Or at B, C. SargeanVs Book Store, 




wismiii titm 

Also, Kerosene Oil, <fcc., 4kc, 

Corner of Bridge and Paige Streets, Lowell, Mass. 




Meadow River Manufacturing Co.; 

JOIini McUOi^AliD, Ageni, 



Made of Coir, Sisal, Berlin, Manilla, and "Wool. 

Mats of any pattern or size promptly made to order. 





iiiiiETi mm fimmu 


Chase, Sargent, & Shattuck, 

MfiiCimilT TillOiiS, 







Chase, Sargent, & Shattuck, 

Importers and Dealers in 



Pipe, Pumps, Bnckeye Mowing Machines, 

Agricultural Tools, &c., 



Agents for Fairbanks' Scales. 


Gr, J. & D. Btt^DT, 




All orders thaukfully received and promptly attended to. 

li^OBERT WOOr>, 

Veterinary Surgeon, 


Treats all diseases of Horses, Cattle, and the lower animals ; performs Surgical 
Operations ; cures all curable cases of Spavin, Ringbone, Curb, Splents, and the like. 
Orders promptly answered. Address by mail or telegraph, as above directed. 
4®- Refers to all well known horsemen in Xew England. 


201 Middlesex Street, XJO^vell, Mass., 


West-India Goods, Groceries, 



Plain and Ornamental Plasterers, 



Whitening, Coloring, and Whitewashing done at short notice. Orders through 
the Fost-office promptly attended to. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

WEST-II¥»IA 0©0»S, 





Manufacturers of 

Hard, Soft, Soda, & Ammonia Soaps 




Near Corner of Middlesex and School Streets, 



iiBMISSIOl ■■Bil41f S^ 


FLOUR, aRA.IM, FEED, &c., 




Livery, Boarding, 


Middlesex St., 

Near ]\oi-thein Depot, - - - L,O^VEL,L., MASS. 

Constantly on hand and for sale horses of all kinds; also, bought and sold 
on eommlssion. 





Manufacturer of 




Dealer in 

I^IS3^, cfcc , 

Beef, PorlSp 


Bakery, 34 Paige Street, cor. John, 


L. o ^v e 1 1 , Mass. 


All orders thanknilly received and 
promptly attended to. 

And Choice Family Groceries. 



183 Central, nearly opposite Tyler St. 


Contracts for New Buildings taken. 



Repairing, Hemodeling of Buildings, 
Stores, (^o., attended to. 

OLIVER, p>. trask:, 



Corner School Street and Nashua Railroad, 

""^ LKVI HAUVER, "" 

Lounge Manufacturer, 


All kinds of Furniture repaired in the most thorough 
manner. Mattresses, I'ew Cushions, and Cushions of all 
kinds, made over, or new ones furnished. 

Upholstery done in the most thorough manner. 


JVo. 11 3Ii(lclle Street, - - _ _ _ LOWELL. 

JSS' Work warranted, and prices low. 



E. I>. I\lcCO^i^. 

Rear of 200 Dutton Street, 


Wagons built to order, and repairing of all 
kinds done in a thorough manner. 

House aiid Sign PitiiiteF§, 


/^%jj^/^^^^x Grainers, Glaziers, and Paper-Hangers, 

and dealers in 

^■'^^No. 151 Middlesex Street, - - Lowell. 




Hard and Soft TKTood, 

Fir^t Street, near Read, 






Ornamental Painter, 

no. 129 lawrence st. 

zow£:ll, mass. 

Glazing, Graining k Paper-Hanging. 


Of all kinds painted at short notice 
by experienced worknieu. 


'"" k BllllDER, 


All kinds of Job Work 

attended to. 


Dealer in all kinds of 


SyWiT'EID <Sz TJlSrSA.-^77"EID. 

The sheds at this yard are large, so that I shall keep on hand at all times a good 
stock of the best Sawed Wood perfectly dry. Wood sawed any length to suit custom- 
ers, and delivered in any part of the city at reasonable prices. 

Old Jail Yard, Button Street, near Mechanics' Mills. 

s. c. EATOlSr. 




For sale in large or small quantities, and at fair prices. 





No. 75 Market Street. 

Jobbing of all kinds promptly 
attended to. 

M. V. B. LIBBY, 


No. 75 Market Street. 

Particular attention given to Shoe- 
ing Horses that interfere or 






ri^i/^^ AND EARTHEN WARE. ^^ 

i-j^^i^^f^f- '^^ ''™'^* ''-i 


Mass. =V 

M. A. Barton. 
George Butterfield. 


314 Slerrlmaclc, ]V. cor. Maiden 

Dealer in and repairer of 

Setving- Machines, 



Clock Repairing, and small work gen- 
erally, done with neatness and despatch. 


Dealer in 

West-India Goods, 



Also, Kerosene Oil, <Scc. 

IVo. 190 lUiddlesex Street, 



Dealer in best qualities of all kinds of 

HARD & SOFT \rOO]>, 

Gorham Street, cor. of Union, - - Lowell, Mass. 

Orders promptly filled, and Wood delivered free iu all parts of 
tlie city. 



Ornamental Painter^ 

201 Dutton Street, - - Lowell, Mass. 

L. a. aiLsoN, 






[Successors to Thomas Pkatt,] 




Pratt's Building, - 61 Gushing Street, 




Pump Sr Block Maker. 

Wooden Pumps made to 

order and repaired at 

short notice. 

Also, Turning of all kinds. 


Dealer in 



TRIPE, &c. 

Fruit and Vegetables 


Also, all kinds of Country Produce 
sold ou Commission, 





Carriage Ironing, Machine Blacksmithing, 

«&c., <fcc. 






Dealers in all kinds of 

Fresh Fish, Oysters, Clams, and Lobsters in their Season. 

every thing usually kept in a first-class Market. 

Bookseller and Emig^ration Ag^ent, 


Passage and information furnished for the Inraan, Cunard, Glasgow, and National 
S. S. Lines. Also, Dealer in "W. I. Goods and Groceries. 




Wholesale and Ketail Dealer in 

Wines & Liquors. 

Also, Agent for the celebrated 


87 (St 89 Market Street. 

». IfllJKPIlY, 

Wholesale Dealer in Foreign & Domestic 


Also, Agent for Pale & Amber Ale. 




Importer and Dealer in 


Sole Agent for M. Fisher & Co.'s XX 

and XXX Amber and Pale 

Ales, and Porter, 

No. 41 Market Street. 

J. & M. BROPHY, 



Ham, Poultry, 

C so ICE 



Cor. Lowell & Dainmer Sts., 


Dealer in 


Pigs' Feet, Sausages, Tripe, &c. 



LiOi;vell, Itlass. 


Dealer in 

West-India Goods, 





Of all kinds. 





Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 



"Wines, Liquors, Cigars, &c. 

Pale and Amber Ale, wholesale and retail. 







Choice Family Groceries, 

IViiies, Liquors, Cigars, &.c.f 



ARTHUR McALOON, Proprietor, 




Also of best qualities of Hard and Soft Soaps for Family Use, and Scouring-Soap 
for Wool Washers. 

Orders directed to residence, 


will receive prompt attention. 


No. 6 LO"WEIj1j street. 

Sole Agent in Lowell for F. Jones's Portsmouth celebrated 

x:22:x: a-OLiDEKr ^^kti:) /^iveber, -a.le. 

Choice Family Groceries, Wines, and Liquors constantly on hand, and orders 
promptly attended to. 



Dealer in all kinds of 

J5* :Fi. JEI &> :£s: I'lesn, 

Including Halibut, Cod, Haddock, Mackerel, Lobsters, Oysters, and others in their 
season, also in all kinds of Country I'roduce, 

Ko. 3 Coburn, near River St., Ceiifralvllle, Lowell, Slaas, 





And Crackers, of all kinds. 
Bakery, 229 Central Street, 


F. H. BUTLEE & CO., 


4®» All orders th.ankfully received and 
promptly attended to. 



Cor. of Central and Jackaon Streets, ! 


Intelligence and Employnnent Office, 


American House Stage-Office, 



Also general Passenger Agent. Tickets for sale to all points East and West. 


Opposite Northern Jtailroad Depot. 
Ikleals served at all hours of tlie day and evening. 



Served to order at short notice. 


94 PawfBJcket !*it., t,OU t:LL, TI iS*^. 




Butter, Vegetables, and general Provisions, 
Bridge Strett, ------- CeiKralville, 






Neatsfoot Oil and Tallow, 




Orders for bulchering Hogs attend- 
ed to at .'-liort notice. 



For the sale of all kinds of 



P. r. LiTCHFiKLD. B. Edwards. A. Scott. 


JOHX F. KniBALL, Esq., Cashier Appleton National Bank, Lowell. 
HEXKY FAKXUM, Nos. lOS and 110 Faneuil Hall Market, Boston 
O. WHITE, Conductor Vermont Central K. H., .St. Albans, Vt. 




37 Central Street, Lowell, Mass. 

05=" Particular attention given to the manufacture of Ice Creams, Jellies, 
Wedding and other Cake. 

E^^ Parties eupplied with Oysters, Scallojied, Stewed, or Raw, on the most 
reasonable terms. Orders promptly attended to. Strangers visiting the city can find 
Refreshments at every hour of the day. 




Also Dealers in Cutlery, Shooting and Fishing 
Tackle of every description. Powder, Shot, Percussion 
Caps, &c. Fishing Hods made to order. Guns and 
Pistols of all kinds repaired in good style. 







steel Stamps, Alphabets, and Figures, 
Stencil and other Dies, Branding Irons, 
Stencil-markiug Plates, &c., of any size or 
style of Letter, Manufactured and Fur- 
nished to order. Also Die Fitting and 
light Job Work. 







Brick-work, Plastering, and Mortar Stone-Work. 
""cement work and whitewashing done to order. 




Builder & Contractor. 

All Kinds of Job Work 
ETecutetl with Promptness, 


8liop 302, Ke.sidence 300, School street, Lowell, Mass. 



Chelmsford St, Wood W, 


Chelmsford, near corner Lincoln Street, 
Lovrell, Mass. 
Sawed Wood of all kinds and of any di- 
mensions furnished to order. Also Stove 
and Range Coal. 
;8S= Please give me a call. 

Hose, Socks, Mittens, &c., knit to order, 
by Miss Ada Brown, Hale Street, Lowell. 


Manufacturer of 

Soaps, Candles, & Tallow, 

Wholesale and Retail. 


Rear 40 Charles St. 


Dealer in 

Beef, Pork, Lard, Ham, 



Fruits, <&c. 
No. 93 Middlesex St. 


Dealers in all kinds of 


Sawed or Unsawed. 

KiNDLixos sawed any size to suit customers, and delivered in any part of the 
city. Prices reasonable. 

Yard, 289 Merrimack Street; Eesidence, 60 Moody Street, 


No. 41 LoTTell Street, X^OAvell, ]VIass. 

[C?" Kew Barrels of every description made to order; also Cooper- 
■^' 'i^ ing and Repairing of all kinds. 

Cash paid for Flour Barrels, Kerosene Oil Barrels, &c. 


Wood Turner and Pattern-Maker, 


LOWELL, m:a.«h. 





Manufacturers of 


— AND — 

emorandum Books. 

All kinds of Ruling done to order. Books and Magazines 
Bound, and Old Books Re-Bound, at short notice. 

49 Central, & 10 Market Sts., Lowell, Mass. 


Mas the pleasure of announcing to Ms friends and to the 
public that he has just opened his 

Office, No. 327 Merrimack St., Lowell, 

Where he will continue to practise as Physician. 

Dr. St. C. hopes that the experience he has acquired during nine years' practice 
amongst his numerous patients in Montreal will deserve for him public patronage. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Foreign & Domestic Fruits, Nuts, 

Pickles, Preserves, Condiments, Confectionery, Cigars, &c. 


InQ-welly - - - - Mass. 


!J85 Merrimack Street, LoveH, Klass. 

Repairing of all kinds done in a thorough, manner. 



Oir-iriCE S : — 

Merrimack-Street Depot, - - LOWELL. 

No. 33 Court Square, - - - BOSTON. 

Ijeave Loivell, 7 ; 9 1-2; 12 1-4; 2 1-4. 
Leave Boston Office, 7; 10; 13; 2 1-2; 4; 6. 

P. W. JONES, Superintendent. 

C. B. COBUEN & CO., 


Sperm Whale, Lard, Kerosene, Coal, Olive, and Linseed Oils, 


Mianxifac-turers' a-iid Painters' Supplies, 




Dutton Street, - - near Wamesit Mills, 


H, C. Howe. J. F. Howe, C. Burnham. 


Druggist & Apothecary, 


Family Medicines, and Physicians' Prescriptions put up at all 
hours, day and night. 





37 1-2 Merrimack Street, under J. Merrill & Son's Bookstore, LOWELL. 

JFrstivals, &c., suppl'n^d at reasonable prices. 





Ground Plaster and Super-Phosphate of Lime. 


Also, Flour and Meal constantly on hand, at our Mill in North Chelmsford. 



liO^vell, ]?Iass. 

Manufacturers of 


Also, all descriptions of 

Silk and Cotton Covered Wire, 

Manufactured to order, 



Crosby Furniture Company^ 

Manufacturers of 

Black Walnut Chamber Sets, 


All the above are complete and ready for use. Parties can ordi directly from the shop. 


Mechanics' Mills, Duttor Street, 

LOWELL,, m:asis. 


W. & J. W. MURE.^ND, 

Pattern Makers and Machinists. 

Mechanical Drafting, Models, Looms, Jacquards 'rd-CuUiiig Machines, Winding 
Frames, Warping Mills, and all kinds of Light Macl^-'ryi built or repaired. 

Straight and ScrolSawiuf/, 

No. 82 Middle Street, - - Lowell, Mass. 

Particular attention paid to building our neW^truction of JACQUARDS, of all 
sizes. Also a new and improved (PIANO) CA'CUTTING MACHINE, which may 
be run at any time by foot or power. 


Manufacti^ *^f 

IttrSf Sa^ & Bliiii. i 



Wamesit Steam JVls, Dutton Street, 



M ^ "N" "' I N" G- ' S 

jjctured by 

TTlTillia Manning;, 






Daniel Gushing & Co., 

Manufacturers of 

Galvanized Cornices 


General "Workers in Sheet Metals. 
Iron Roofs, Sparkers, 
\ Dust Trunks, &c. 

130 lMII>r>X.EfS!p?C STREET, LOWEEIL,, MA.81S. 


Fences, Geometers, 


Manufacturer of 

Alpaca Brads 8^ Bindings, 

25. 29. 53. 61. 6. 69, 73. 77. 81. 85. 93. 

A; all kinds of 

Pancy Worsted Yarns.hinchilla and other mixtures. 
Corner of Broadway W illie Sts. , Lowell, Mass. 

S. ASHW^h"& CO., 

m mm 

JS^o, 2 Fle\er Street, 

Near Mechanics' Mills, - - Lowell, Mass. 

A good supply of Best Cast Steel F^n hand, and orders filled at the earliest 
moment. Particular attention paid to Ke-c^g qj^ Files, which are warranted equal 
to new for use. 

Otders ?> ?/ express or of'i<'>'> jironi7}tltf attended to. 

L O W L L 

Umteella, Parasol, PictuFrame Manufactory 

Established i^y^ 

Manufacturer, Wholesale i^^^^^ Dealer in 
Umbrellas, Parasols, "Walking-Canes, jre-Frames, Sheet Music, 
Musical Merchandise, Pai\itings, Eng. Looking-Glass Plate, 
Picture btiashj ° 

Dealer in Pianos, Organs, and Melodeons. _ ^s of all kinds to Let, also 
Tuned .ind Repaired. Umbrellas and t^arasois ry^^ ^^^ repaired. 

Ornamental Frames made to order. uiiQino Sgii(ii,jg (jg^e. Canes mounted. 
Agent for inileox & Oibbs' Noiseless ^j^ ,,.g^,j„,^ Machines. 

77 IMerriiiiaclt Street, j^^.^^ Mlass. 




TILJLNIImImA papkr. 

Oifice at 80 La^w^rence Street, 
li O W E L f . . 



Are prepared to furnish 



Stills and Tanks of Every Description, 

Button Street; near Mechanics' }lills, Lovrell. 


Jtepairing done at short notice. Second-hand Boilers on hand and 

for sale, 


IMC ^1 o JbL 1 n. 1 f5 1 , 




Wood- Working 3Tachinery, 

Harris's Mills, Broadway, LOWELL, MASS. 






Spindle pat. Oct. 20, 1868. Tip pat. Oct. 27, 1868. 

Also, Manufacturers of Patent T-vi^igt Socket Tip Shuttles, and Patent 
Grooved Cop .Spindles, 

At Whipple's Mills, Lawrence Street, LOWELL, MASS. 






Wood and Coal, 

Corner Moody and Tremont Streets, 

Wood sawed to order, and Sawed Wood constantly on hand. 

4®=- Order Box at G. T. Williams's Jewelry Store, Post-Office Building. 
F. E. Bennett. H. H. Rodliff, 




Show-Cases, Secretaries, Desks, Pulpits, &c. 

Wamesit Mills, Lowell, Mass. 







(OE, WOOD, 111, MD CliSli'T; 

Fletcher Street, cor. Western Avenue, Lowell, Mass. 
(Residence, 6 South Highland Street.) 

O. F. TALBOT & CO., 



Chemicals, and Dye Woods; 


Dyers' Drugs and Manufacturers' Articles, 














Moulding L Planing Mills, 

Broadway, - - Lowell, Mass. 

Manufacturers of Rosewood, Black Walnut and Pine Mouldings, Straight, Cir- 
cular, and Elliptical, of every description. Window Frames, Brackets, and all kinds 
of House Finish. Planing, Matching^, Grooving, Scroll Sawing, &c., done to order. 





Plaster, Bricks, Hair, Laths, 





Manufacturer of 

Ship & Jack Screws 

235 & 237 Middlesex St., 


Manufacturer of 

Upper & Factoff Lealhef, 

Dealer in 

Oak and Hemlock Sole Leather. 

Cash paid for Calf Skins. 

No. 88 Market St., 






Constantly on hand a large assortment of all sizes of PINE, SPRUCE, and OAK 
BUNGS for Oils, Spirits, Vinegar, Beer, Molasses, and Tar Barrels. 

INSPECTORS' PLUGS, of every description, for Butter, Beef, Pork, and Lard, &c. 

A. BAOHELDER k CO., Proprietors. 

SILVER & gay" 






Gearing J JfMachiuists^ Tools^ STc,^ 


Harvey Silver. Ziba Gay. 


Manufacturer of 

H jf^ IM 33 

— AND — 

Bench Screws, 

Cabinet & Piano-Forte Makers' 

Wood. Turning neatly done at 

reasonable rates. 

Mechanics' mills, I>uttoii Street, 



Leather Loom-Pickers, 

Second-liaiid Card Clothing, &,c, 




A^^HITING <fe CO., 

Manufacturers of 



Corner of Middle and Shattuck Streets, Lowell, Mass. 


Calf and Kip Lacings, Belt-Hooks, Rivets, Pegs, Roller-Cloth, 
Loom-Strapping, Cotton- Spinning Banding, &c. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all kinds of 

Western, Canada, and Northern 



Pine, Cedar, Spruce, and Hemlock SHngles, 


Western Avenue, nearly opposite Wamcsit Steam Mills, 


HiEAM Whitney. Albert Whitney. 

J. W^. H^RT & CO., 

Manufacturers of 



Mt. Vernon Street, near Broad^vay, 






Of Every Description, for Cotton and Woollen; 


Particular attention given to Cards designed for Kappiug Woollen or 
Cotton Clotli. 

4S^ All orders by mail, or. otherwise, will receive prompt attention. 


Mamifactiiriiig^ Cltefiiii^t^^ 

Whipple's Mills, head of Lawrence Street, 

Extract of Indigo, Carmine Bine, Pyroligneons Acid, Acetate of 
Liinie, Iron-L,iquor, Red- Liquor, &,c. All kinds of 


For Dyers' and Printers' use, on hand and made to order. 
W. P. Taylor. T. C. Barker. 


Mechanics' Mills, cor. of Dutton and Fletcher Sts., Lowell, Mass. 

King Filling, 
Carpet •' 
JJrawiiig " 
Warper " 


Fine Fly Frame Sobhins, 

Hhibber F. F. " 

Higgins's S. " 

English " 

Tivister " 

Woollen " 

Uussey " 

Warp Bobbins, 
Bing " 

Throstle " 
Winder " 

Carpet- Wp.*' 
Hoop-Shirt " 
Ming-Quill " 

Pins, Dowels, and all kinds of Bobbins and Spools used 
in Cotton, Woollen, and Silk Manufactories. 


Manufacturer of 




Ladies', Gents", and Childreu's Hose, 



Civil and Mechanical 


Designer and Draughtsman, 

For Machinery and Inventions, 
A'o, 61 Water Street, - BOSTOK. 




Manufacturer of Improved 

Of all numbers, for Loom-Harnesses and Rotary Sewing-Machlnes. Plain 
and Fancy Twine for Warps, Nets, and other purposes. 


BANDIBiG, for Ring, Flier, and Mwle Spinning. 

Prompt attention to all orders. The Best is the most profitable. 

96 Middle Street 

- - Lowell, Mass. 


(Late Lovejoy & Butterfield,) 

Paper-Mill Engine Bars and Plates, 


^ L S O 

Planing, Stave, Shingle, and Moulding Knives, Logivood 

Cutters, Shear Blades, 

Matcher Bits, and every description of Pattern Knives, to order,. 

Corner of Rock and Gushing Streets, Lowell, Mass. 

All Orders and Patterns, or Letters of Inquiry, addressed as above, will be promptly 

attended to. 


And Manufacturer of 

Bobbin and Shuttle Makers' Tools, 


Centralville^ - - Lowell, Mass, 



i>ow]vs» coM:miv ATioiv 

Hinge and Fastener for Windo^w Blinds. 


Patented September 22d, 1868. 

With this Hinge it is impossible for Blinds to sag. The bottom part extends the full 

width of the Blind, and receives the Fastener Latch about midway. It requires no 

mortising or cutting of the Blind. They are very easily put on and adjusted. 

Address JEREMIAH CLARK. Manufacturer, .... LOWELL, MASS- 






Also, Manufacturers of 


(From the latest improved English Patterns). 


PIANINO, and all Jcinds of Job Work promptly attended to. 

Corner Fletcher and Button Streets, Lowell, Mass. 






Wool i Worsted Machinery. 



— ALSO ,— 

Fay's New Improved Atmo^ipheric Cotton Opener, 

Superior to any other in market for opening and dusting cotton. 

WOOL CARDS of all Dimensions now in use. 




CARD GRINDERS, with Traversing Emery Cylinders. 



2, 4, 6, and 12 SPINDLE DRAWING. 

NEW'ENGLAND COMBERS, for Coarse and Fine Work. 

CARDS for Carding RAG STOCK into LAPS for BATTING. 







:i!! T ! HT i r";' l ' l | ii "| | '!i" |i H|" l 'n' l|l|'iii " l ! 



Galvanized Cornices, 

i;i::,' :;:;ii!,i;Liiiiiiii(' 




IRON ROOFS, &c, &c. 

123 & 125 Market St., Lowell, Mass. 






To its IVatural Vitality and. Color. 

Yielding to frequent and urgent solicitations from persons 
in all parts of the country who had experienced the virtues of 
our medicines, we began, several years ago, a series of investiga- 
tions which should lead to the production of 

A really efficient Hair Restorer. 

After the most exhaustive researches into the diseases of the 
hair and scalp, and their remedies, aided by eminent chemists 
and physiologists, we have the pleasure to offer the public a prep- 
aration which cannot fail to win their confidence. It combines 
the most desirable qualities of the best preparations extant, with- 
out their objectionable ones : the result of a determination to supply what should be 
both effectual and harmless; whereas many of the Hair Restorers in the market are 
feared as dangerous. The large number who have tried the VIGOR speak of it in 
unqualified terms of praise, expressing the fullest satisfaction with its results. 


Rendering the hair soft, pliant, and glossy, and perfuming it with a new odor of rare 
delicacy, much admired by all who have used it. On account of these peculiarities, it 
is already sought by ladies whose hair is so abundant as to require only a rich dress- 
ing. It excites the scalp to excrete its moisture, so that, after the VIGOR has dissi- 
pated, the hair is kept soft by this, its own proper unguent. 

Such a hair-dressing as we now supply has been long desired; one which could 
be relied on to effect known results, without being offensive or injurious to the hair 
or the general health. Where a preparation is not needed to reproduce nor to color 
the hair, the use of the VIGOR will be found highly beneficial, as tending to keep up 
the vitality of the growth; and, as a dressing, is superior to any in the market, and is 
surely the best we can produce. To many, the preservation of this great natural orna- 
ment is so much an object that we know we are meeting an urgent want when we 
supply a safe and agreeable dressing which beautifies the hair, if it is abundant; pre- 
serves it, if decaying; and restores it and its beauty, when they have been lost. 


Dr J. C. AYER & CO., 

Practical and. A.n.alytical Clie mists, 

XjOW"EIjnij, IVE.A.SS. 

PRICE, $1.00. 
Sold by all Druggists aud Dealers iu Medicines everytvliere. 




Dealers in New and Second-Hand 


Upholstery, Painting, and Repairing promptly done in neatest manner, 


Wholesale and Retail Agents for Symonds' Patent Burner and Petroleum Fluid. 

33 &, 3S ^lAliltET STREET, 


]>i:.a.]:.i:r ix hard A.^n soft piiiiri: A.Tin spr^jci: i^uucbeb 

Dry and ready- worked ; also dressed to Order. Deck Plank for Sale. 


Manufacturer of Gutters, Conductors, Mouldings, and Battens for the Trade. 

Sizes of tj utters. 

Sizes of Con- 
ductors, IJ, 2, 2i, 
and 3 inch bore. 

Mills at Port Norfolk, Mass., and Burlington, Vt Letters and orders, address to Box No. 11. 
Mechanics' Exchange, 22 State Street, Boston, Mass. (hours ftx>m 12 to 1 p. M., daily); or D. L. Wight, 
Agent, Burlington, vt. 




Steam-Power Book & Job Printers. 

*** Card-plates engraved, and Civds printed in the tnost fashionable 



4@= Frinters to the City of JBoston. =ffi8r 




Paper -Manufacturers' Materials, 

FELTS, ^V^^1RES, <fec., 

42 and 44 WATER STREET (Simmons Block), BOSTON. 




24 School Streetf Boston. 

Where can be found every 
description of 

Fine Card Engraving, 

^such as Invitation Cards, 
" Reception," "At Home," 
^and " Cliurcii Billets," for 
Nveddings. A clioice va- 
riety of WEDDING EN- 
ES, &c. 

Also, MoMrning - Cards, Note Paper, Envelopes, and 

Illuminated and Lace Papers for Bills of Fare. 




(Successors to M. J. Whij}ple iS; Co.) 



Mathematical Instruments, Sheet Wax, 

And all Materials for M^ax Flower making, 




Patent Gas O^oirernor^ 

At the late Fair of the Mass. Charitable Michauics' Association, 1869. 

General Agent for 



For the State of Mussachusetts. 

OFFICE, No. 10 Howard St., 

WlthRussKLL & BniKK, - - BOSTON. 

J. C. BARDEN, No. 15 Appleton Corporation, 

Will promptly attend to all orders at Lowell. 

It has a Leather Diaphragm, with valve attached ; it is finiple in construction ; it can 
be easily applied to the Meter; it will govern all the lights attached to it; it will pre- 
vent allblowing at the burners ; it will require no attention after being set ; it will save 
15 to 40 per cent of Gas. 

N. B. — The passage-ways through it are always as large as tlie distributing pipe. 

The Gas Companies are applying the same principle to street lamps, for their own 

References in Lo-well. 

Lowell Machine Shop Tremont Mills, Dr. J. C. Aver & Co. The Appleton Company. 

The Hamilton Manufacturing Co. The Boolt Cotton Co. 

Statement of the Consumption of Gas at Police Station No. 3, Joy Street, Boston: 
From March 15 to October 15, 18G8, inclusive, was 121,000 feet. In 1869, corresponding 
period, with Governor in use, 72,700 feet ; saving 49,200 cubic feet. 

Statement of Gas Bills of E. B. Peirce, Bowdoin Square Dining Saloon, Boston. In 
1868, without the (^^overnor, from March 1 to Sept. 1, $642.35 was paid for Gas. 
Corresponding period 1869, with Governor in use, $432.09; saving $210.26 in seven 

Statement of Consumption of Gas through one Meter at the Parker House, Boston : 
From JIarch 1 to Oct. 1, 1868, without Governor, was 1,016,900 feet; while the corre- 
sponding period in 1869, with Governor in use, 866,200 feet; saving 150,700 cubic feet in 
seven months, 

^f^" Mead the above, and be governed accordingly. 



American Hardware and Hollowware, 

< » « » > 



Successor to Bat.lakd & Stearns. 

Nos. 12, 16, and 18 Bromfield Street, Boston, 



Planished & Japanned Ware 
Bronzed Iron Goods, 
Ice-Cream Freezers, 
Cane Chairs and Settees, 
Table and Floor Mats, 
French Fenders & Bellows 
New Fluting Machines, 
Clothes Wringers, 
Eiectro-Silicon for polishing, &,c. 


lostoii UrMral anti Surgical loitnmL 

Table and Pocket Cutlery. 
Scissors and Nutpicks, 
Fine Plated Ware, 
Fine English Trays, 
English Steel Fire Sets, 
Garden Tools, 
Wooden Ware, 
Carved Bread-Plates and 

Water Coolers, 
Bathing Pans, 
Toilet Sets, 
Britannia Ware, 
Custom Tin Ware, 
Chinese Gongs, 
Cooking Utensils, 
Quilling Scissors, 

The Boston Mkhical and Surgical .Fmuknal has been issued every week, 
in an unbrokt-n series, since tlie beginning of February, 182S, — its seventy-seventh 
volume closing January 30, 18()8, and the period uf its existence being exceeded by 
that of only one Medical Journal in the United States. The commencement of a new 
series, with such alterations and improvements as might be called for, and which were 
unsuitable in a consecutive series of volumes, has for several years been under con- 
sideration. The beginning of its fiftli decadi' uf years, in February, 18(38, furnished a 
ht opportunity for a change of this kind, and Volume I. of a new series was then 
commenced. It is printed in a form of sixteen enlarged octavo pages, weekly, in 
double columns, the original communications in smaller type, and comprising about 
one-fifth more reading matter tlian heretofore. It will thus, it is believed, compare 
favorably, in general appearance and amount "f matter, with any other medical peri- 
odical of t)ie country. It is now under the editorial management of Luthee Pakks, 
M.D., assisted by H. H. A. Beach, M.D.; aiui contributions are lurnished by many of 
the leading physicians of Boston and vicinity, as well as of other parts of the country. 

While mo^t of the old features of '' The Journal " will be preserved, it is hoped 
that enough of new will be added to make it more valuable to the physician than ever 

The Journal will continue to be issued every Thursday. There will be two vol- 
umes in a year, beginning in January and July. A monthly series will also be issued, 
on the first of each month, for distant subscribers, and others who may prefer it to the 
weekly series. Price, for either series, $t.OUa vear, payable in advance. Orders by 
mail promptly attended to. 

DAVID CLAPP & SON, Publishers, 

Boston, January, 1S70. 

334. VTasliington Street. 

Oiflcrs for all J^hifls ,>f HOOK A A I) JOB PMIATING promptly 
(ittendffi to intd neatly executed. 





ttlioucjijt 3ioii pipe^ 



Thoroughly proved by hydraulic pressure, and war- 
ranted sound. 





96 L 98 North St., Boston, Mass. 

Manufactory at North Dighton, Mass, 



Manufacturer of all descriptions of 


Engine-Turning, Polishing, Springing, and Repairing of all kinds. 




N. B. — Cash paid for old Gold and Silver. 


No. 225 Washingtoti Street, Boston, 

Importers, Jobbers, and Retailers of 


Offer tlie richest goods imported, aud tlie Choicest and Cheapest 
of American Manufacture, at 


225 Washington Street, Boston. 


20 Washington Street, - - Bostoii, 




" Indestructible Card Arithmetic," 

for the Little Folks. Also, " THE HANDY COOK-BOOK," for Young Housekeepers 
— being questions and answers in the Art of Cookery, with " A SCRAP BOOK FOR 




13 and 15 Tremont Street, - BOSTOJV, 

Besides a complete assortment of articles intended for tiie exclusive use of the 
Medical and Dental professions, have always in store, at the lowest prices, a great 
variety of the following articles, suited to the wants of the general public: — 

For trcntnieitt of lUsrasfS of the 
Thront and Lani/s. 

Apparatus No. 15, Pat. March '2-i, 1S08, and 
JIarch IC, 186!». 
All its joints are hard-soldered. It canuot 
be injurtd by exhaustion of water, or an\ 
attainable pressure of steam. Is compact, 
portable, and cheap in the true sense of the 
word. Also a {jreat variety of Hand Appa- 

For Treafniftit of C'lt'irrh, 

jfUt Oifffr*-!!! Varieties at 
$1.30 to $3 50 each. 

In using the Atomizer and Nasal Douche, 

the patient should apply to liis pbysi- 

ciau for the proper remedies. 


A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BEST PATTERNS from whicli to select, to meet 
the requirements of each case. If convenient, persons requiring Trusses should 
call at our establishment, where they can have a suitable Truss carefully fitted by a 
competent and experienced person familiar with the anatomy ot liernia. When a call 
in person is impracticable, a careful description should be sent, stating whether the 
rupture is on the right or left side : also the measure around the person two inches 
below the top of the hip bone. If the rupture is at the navel, the measure should be 
around the body at the navel. 
N. B. — Ladies attended by those of their own sex. 


For Varicose Veins, Swollen Limbs, and Weak Joints. Of these goods we have 
several classes of silk and cotton, po.ssessing diftereut degrees of elasticity, the stout 
silk being- usually tlie most satisfactory. The sizey are lull length (of leg), three- 
quarters, half or knee hose, knee-caps, and anklets. Also Elastic and Spring Abdom- 
inal Supporters Shoulder Braces Suspensory Bandages, Apparatus for Weak Ankles, 
Bow-Legs, Club-Feet, &c. Also Crutches of various and most approved kinds; 
Syringes, Kubber Urinals, to wear on the person day or nigiit, for males and fi-males; 
Galvanic Batteries, Heariru- Trumpets, Auricles and (.'onversation Tuoes for the 
Deaf; together with many other articles for use of the sick an i invalids. 

A Gold Med.\i, has lately been awarded us by the Middlesex Mechanics' Associa- 
tion, as will be seen from the following report, signed by a leading Xew-Englaud 
Surgeon and Physician : — 

" 1503. CoDJiAN & Shurtlkff, Boston, Mass. One Case Surgical Instruments 
and Atomizers. 

" The Committee have no hesitation in awarding for this superb exhibition the 
highest premium. * * * The various other instruments for Inhalation of Atomized 
Liquids, and for Local Anaesthesia, were all apparently faultless, both in design and 
workmanship. The exhibitors are regarded as more esp'-cially deserving of the 
highest token of merit for having produced nothing^ except of their own manufacture. 
Gold 3Iedal. (Signed), Oilman Kimball, M.D., Chairman." 

Ijiberal Discounts to the Trade. 
















F. G. SARGENT, Graniteville, 



coi>'Z'piic3-i3:t i>E3sr id I Into. 







o p 




5! • • Hd 

5: • • Ed 


* ^^ b 

? *^ 

2 O 

m !^?! fed 

1 ;:•: g 

5 • ■ ? 

? - • !^ 
* Q 

o., 5d 











' V 







For Sale by Printers and Stationers generally throughout 

the 01 




Paints, Oils, Varnishes, 



Freiicli Plate & German Window Glass, 


Artists's Colors & Materials, Carmines, Lakes, Bronzes, 

Oold Leaf, Silver Leaf, and Dutch Metal, 

iritrainarine Blue, and English 

Orang:e ITIiiieral. 

.^^e?a Salem Zead Co.'s TUliB WJSITB ZBA1>, 

French and American Zinc, Oraining:-Colors, Spirits 
Turpentine, Spirits Be^^sine, Potash, Soda- 
ash, and Sal-soda. 

Roller Cloth, Clearer Cloth, Brushes, French, Fnglish, 
and American Ciilues, €iums, Slc. 


Sjierm, Whale, Lard, Tallow, Olive, Castor, Blettched Mecca, Parafflne, 
Illuminating , ILnbricatinij, and other Oils. 


TO O R, 13 "B E. 

No. 1 Savings-BanVi Bviilding, 

Comer Merriniack and Shattuck Streets, 



"Sears' Cviilcling^," 

Washington, Corner of Court Street, Boston. 


The whole surplus divided among the Policy-Holders. 

Organised as the Exponent of the Non-Forfeiture Latv of Massachusetts. 

GEORGE P. SANGER, President. 
GEO. B. AGER, Secretary. ELIZTJR WRIGHT, Actuary. 

F. HUNNEWELL, Superintendent of Agencies. 
JAMES C. WHITE, M.D., Medical Examiner. 


John H. Anthox, 
Samuel Athertox, 
William A. Atkinson, 
George B. Acer, 
Ekastus B. Bigelow, 
Nathanii-l J. JJradlek, 
Eben Bacon, 
Joseph W. Balch, 
Charles U. Cotting, 
William Carpenter, 
R. Stuart Chase, 
Jonathan Ellis, 
George D. Edmands, 
Nathaniel Harris, 
William Hilton, 
Henry O. Houghton, 
Francis Hunnewell, 

Liverds Hull, 
George C. Lord, 
KoBERT Johnson, 
George W. JIkssingek, 
Nathaniel C. Nasu, 
W. Morris Orem, 
George Parsons, 
Sampson Reed, 
James Ritchie, 
George P. Sanger, 
WiNGATE P. Sargent, 
Chauncey M. Shipman, 
Amos W. Stetson, 
Alexander Strong, 
Ambrose K. Shurtleff, 
Amos P. Tapley, 


I. HENRY PAGE, Agent, 
No, 4:9 Central Street, - LOWELL. 


47 cojvghess strebt, boston, 


Carried on from 1857 to 1805 by Adams, Sampson, & Co.; since 1865, continued 
by the same firm, under the style of 


From this office the 


Has been issued annually for TWENTY-TWO YEARS. 





Each annually for some TEN or TWELVE Y'EAKS. 

Cliarlesto-»vii Directory, Roxbury Directory, Fall River Directory, 

Tauulon Directory, Salem Directory, L.y»ii Directory, l,avvreiice 

Directory, Ne^vbiiryport Directory, iLo^vell Directory, Maii- 

cliester (K.H.) Directory, 

Each biennially for from TEN to FIFTEEN Y'EARS. 


In 1856, 18(30, 1805, and 1808. 


lu 1859, 1864, and 1807. 



The Maine Register and Business Directory, 


Besides the publication of Directories, a great deal of public business of a similar 

character has been done through this office ; some of it as follows : — 

Cknsus <»k IJo.sToN, 1850; Census of Bo.s'jon, May 1855; Census of Boston, 

June 1855; Census of Boston and Roxbuky, 1805; Census of Voteus 

IN Bos'ioN IN 1857; Statistics of Industry in Boston, 1850 j 

Statistics of Industry in Boston and Roxbuky, 1805. 

The city has been canvassed twice annually for eigliteen years for the Record of 
Births. An annual Census of persons liable to enrolment in the State Militia has 
been taken some eighteen or twenty times, and a Census of School Children thirteen 

S., D., & CO. offer for sale, nearly all Directories published in the United States, 
and some from foreign countries. 













Metallic Lickers-in, Worsted Combing Machines, 

OpeniMg and. Cleauimg SlacliLiues, 




Clotjis, Caf simoics, Testings, 




(Two doors below first Congrt gational Church.) 

All Kinds of Garments made to Order. 



■*• r/S^: 

M:A.NXJFA.cnrGrRER of 


Of the Different Patterns, — WALKER & HACKING, LORD & BROTHERS, 
TAYLOR, LANG, & CO., &c., with valuable patented improvements. 


Shoddy, Rag, and W'lste Pichers, and Saiting Machines; Needle- 
point Card-Clothing, for Carding I'lax, Hemp, 
Jute, Totv, &c. 


H. H. WILDER & CO., 






€lii]i§oii^i§ Cone FMrnace. 




Lowell, 91ass.^ 







IVos. 90 and 92 Mai-Ret Slreef, Lowell, Mass. 


:m: .^ 2sr xj i^ .A. o T xj R, E :fi , 

131, 139, & 141 CON&EESS STREET, BOSTON, Mass. 
J. IM. COOIi. 


The public are cautioned ar/ninst ever paijinrf tnonei/ in advance to 
anij 2>er«o/i» claiming to be connectcfl with us or our publications, as 
our Affents never talce any nunis, liou-ever small, in advance. 

SAMPSON, DAVENPORT, &. CO., 47 Congress St., Boston. 



^ ^iVi^fv" Vr.\ aces &c., ^f' Biarksi^e St, B<br)k« 


AND s:l.\'_R-PLATED WAi^'.S, 


No?.c 113 a.: 115 Cc.tfral §lr«et, - - ^.©♦W^^'i^ Sk^m 

A. -«. i-'Rli"NCH. 

AV. i-VKT- 

i \i 

mj. A. & G. W. LAM^y-^ 2 


-*' .' » ' hiiif-rir-' ndipt< m i" pre., .i? a: vf f/^e"' | 

awav >d «/. H'.>ove, and c le •■ • 'ted ' . ;lio.- vin,' t 
- .ul; uoh &(iis to cr"'- ' 


. .., V.', ■ f'' 

... A. 

^t^' u 

■ \ 

^ ^ ■■»'i» 'n"» » B i n if u<n. 


'►^■W*^'"** '«Pii»T'"